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TMM MMgAJIg WUKLU, J;' KID AY, jaaKUAKX 10, 1911.,
No. 6 THE SPENDTHRIFT, By Eleanor Schorer
they fot hng very well Jut th ssm. ! js
Ml" r'M.i ned shroud for anout a year
pent I1"1, returned to her home In
PlalnJIeM and put the remaining 1700
In bank.
QOSSOWgkl MM fOllOWM to tTits coun
try nd , KtTIM Mn. C'r.scolifkl until to
p!i! t. when he Imd picked up enough
BlWjItttl t propose, nnd he wan I -ceptei.
They rOrg married four day
Uter, nnl then It wax do.-lded that they
MotlM return to Poland.
QotMWtM WSJ trivet the $710 to buy
MOkeSt, .nil ho did not return. HI
'bride also ffilSSIil hW wedding dress
Goszewski, Nahbed in BlW- 'VSm"1. tM by Kn, Mry
t . f n , . Redmond .r PJalnftelc: thai the latter
ml, HaCI I ICKCt tor 1 Olatia had received ., iiliuein fimii OiwMWial
asking her to I Itot hint at Clay ntreet
ill His Pocket. 'mid Manhattan avenue, Brooklyn, tMI
night. Mr. It d inond did not nppcnr,
but Kn dMMfMkl BzrO levOfal poll e-
Mr Martgn cgseolskl of rintnfVM, mM did and r'mv got OeailwMI. Me
N. J., became a widow a little oveg. tig WUj! K""n'' "fr8"
n.iu a nceer lor iv. r; e in nil pCKet.
yea: aao. Beelde n nn, tin elgh'
I yrirs el I. her husband f; her tl.ROO
' fi'ie and ;ier on took a 'rip to Eurono
to see friend at Wahoiva, Russian
Poland, whir her parent had been
Illiln't Die Prats I amir.
Jdr iBBt Wands "f NI Lafayette
menu, ltrooklvn. denl,l last night that
"MUM ' randy had Ml Ml ng t do with
tie death of hr thlrteen-i e.n -old daugh-
Whtle Mr. Ozcols'rtt wa In Poland ,.r, Kdng, who win reported to have I
he met Oeorge Oozewkl. -Mr from ptomaine poisoning Indured In '
Cxacoltkl could not speak Polish and that way. The child na a victim of
iJoszewkl could nit speak BngltSbi hut cerebro-rplnnl meningitis.
Stomach Trouble
Mrs. E. W. Foster found great relief by taking Duffy's Pure
Malt Whiskey for an aggravating stomach trouble.
Now she recommends it to her neighbors, and is making
many new friends for this wonderful tonic-stimulant.
Kn.stnii(liilc. Mass.
"1 stnrtod usinp Duffy's Pure Moll Whiskry four years
ngo for stomach trOUDtfJ (tlM (MtnC norvo of tin- stomach),
ami 1 have bean very much benefited by its use. Ever since
1 have taken it as a general tonic, although my stomach is
very, vcrv much better( thanka to DufTy's Pure Malt
Whiskey. 1 have KCOnnenoJed it to n great many of my
friends. One of tl'eni, Mrs. BtHlmand Lincoln , of Easton,
an elderly lady, found grenl help by its use."
Youn sincerely,
Mrs. Edwin W. Poster.
Por more than half a century Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey has been
before the public, nnd to-day it is better known and more widely;
used than ever hefoie. 'I his is due to its Oreal curative qualities and
to the friends it is continually making of those who after years of j
luffering aril miser have been made strong and vigorous and who
tell their friends aid neighbors of their good, fortune. Professional
men. business men and men ami women everywhere use and endorse
it because it has given them health, strength and vigor when they
were sick and run don n. W e have thousands of letters like I he above
which are hut the outpouring of grateful souls who have been relieved J
of suffering ami who openly acknowledge the great medicinal value
of Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey.
Pew diseases inflict upon their victims greater suffering than do
dyspepsia, indigestion and stoniai h troubles. If yon have dyspepsia
or indigestion in any form do n t ruin your stonineh with drugs,
hut use
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey
a medicine for all mankind. When taken nt mealtime it stimulates
the mUCOUl surfaces and little glands of the stomach to a healthy
action, thereby improving the digestion and assimilation of the food
and giving to the system its full proportion ol nourishment, J his
action Upon the digestive process is of great importance, as it brings
hive to Whom He Has Pro
posetl Occupy Box but
Fail to See Him.
Threatens to Kill Her, Then
Flees Through Open Win
dow and Fscapcs.
; beard a noire on the second floor. Con
fident that the sounds were made by an
Intruder, the courageous nun neverthe-
i lesa hastened upstairs.
' As Plstcr Ajratha opened the door of a
front room a man about five feet elpht
Inches In height, shabbily dreicd and
wearing a black slouch hat, was search
ing a bureau drawer. hue alie was
calmly regarding the thief, he drew a
revolver and pointing It at the nun
threatened to kll! her If she made on
With the revolver still levelled at her,
the man backed to a window, through
wnlch he climbed to ttie roof of a porc.i.
From this lie Jumped to the ground and
disappeared. He took with him 115.75 be
longing to one, of the slater.
to all the tissues mid organs ol the body tlx
their sustenance and indirectly to
j the whole system, strength and
! vigor. It makes the old feel young
i and keeps the young strong and
, vigorous.
CAUTION Wbsn you ask your druggist,
grocer or dealer for Duff y 'r. Pure Malt Whiskey
be sure you ft the genuine. It is an absolute
ly pure medicinal malt whiskey and in sold
IN SEALED BOTTLES ONLY - never in hulk.
Look for the trnd-mrk the "Old Ohtmllt."
on the lab"! and make sure the sen! over the
cork If unbroken. Price $1 CO a Igrg bottle.
Wrlto Btadlasl Department. The Duffy Kilt
Whikey Co . P.ochester, K. Y.. for doctor's
advice an t n illustrated modirsl huoktet,
contalnin' testimonials and rulea for health,
both sent Iree.
nutriment necessary to
Th five prettiest girl In O.nvr NY '
Tork at in a box at the X Theatre i
last n!rht .nd watt-bed "TJtS J'lcd
Ktvsh of the five wore a dtsmond rlnq
pn th fourfh flnyer of her risht hand
n4 all the rlnfia WSTS ldent! -al.
When the Piper wjmi'i pip!.; the fstr
snaMa csat longing and vsry curlott
aaoa down in the orebsstra shi re tat
S man who could not determine w'.Kh ,
of the five gboaU be hte for he h id
proposed to all once upon a time.
Prle beauties are usually disappoint"
lnT whan you Actually eee tlu.n. 1 hej
look well In photographs and they
rji.d well In print, but It' better not to !
see them ejid to keeip one's Illusions
The Mlseea Jta,i!ett8 BarSjarSi Anna
O'Halloran, Ksthryn Kurs, -''I'll C.
Wllleon and Ellaabeth Jacobs. ROWSVtTi
tiro exceptions, for they raprS :t all
tiiat Is charming, gay and natural In
joung American girlhood and thoj ni"
brtter looking tlian their pnotOgr(
Eince tiieir raSfJMS have boon SSRCfOl
nted wltli Mr. J i k JUt. bur- ii
bacht .us and man and women all over
th luuntry H ive written thtrn.
'I've h id forty-two lettoTS tlili weok,"
aid Miss Bcrgi re, a vivacious blonde.
"One mail way out in Ontario said he
i i til I would !,:. out and ' arry
I ISA, fur though In; wasn't eood loo .Ing
hftfcli suro !. had a fine, blsb nsturf
tllCt I VOUld app.c -lute."
'VII (lis I'cujile in t!ie nslg'.iborhood
have been i.i ti) SJ4 if i rsallj 901 t '.'
tins, even tin pacinian auowsi' put in
M;g O'Htlloraili wsi Is dltttiviuliatd
u RlUtfil (ST uer lush u for bsi tissuty,
Hiie i". turtnsrmori the oaiy sin on
I ru 'V..O hue neve. louoUsd i. e .icam
be? tits.
T5:t box f'iil of bVs.tty wa a (oeusstflg
p...rt for mos: opws -tlasseo du;:.is the
tvening, nJ aftcf the poftbrmouce tj
mntsrlts "behind the loeaes" were re
vealed to liie young ladiati b u even
under the New Theatre's revolving
'age t'.iey could mt nni thai ol
young man at whole ipvltsUon liie
had conic, who paid ever.. ;Mn, -Including
diamond rings, In SdVSnoe, yet
Who was now l.er.; to be laan.
While the Plsters of Bt. Domlnb-k,
whose hme Is at No. Ill Boulevard,
Weehawlien. N. J., were at their devo
tion'' In S:. Lawrence's Church, nearby,
about T.bO o'cloeit last evening, Sister
Ag.athi, who w'as olono In the house,
Vt'nnisn .lumps from Himlnir.
Daisy Hudson and her husband, Levy,
had a disagreement In their home on
the second floor of No. SSI West One
Hundred nnd Twenty-sixth atreot, this
morning, and the woman Jumped out of
the front window. She was taken to
Hnrlem Hospital with Internal Injuries.
Hudnon fled. Tiiey JrS negroes.
Ei g fcz
i A j
Two ev '! nun or! iila.'
PARIS, Feb. 1". tier.. Ilippolyte I.anc
lols. Senator from 'lourCoe-tt-Moielle,
and Henri da Bsgnlgfi S pOOt.,Wor yj.
tarday elected mombsrs of the Prench
Aoademy In suocosslotl to "..ia d
Bsauregard and Viacouint do Vogue, dt-ataajsaV
absolutely no
word to express
the efficacy of
for bicalaisg up
!HMfLi If fiW !,t'l . li'rJi
Mi is iiii )id i .-, -H mm iiw.-j jt- afy K" 'mYuml
gSMatfaVVBaT2BaSBKrr'n atrarm. scetiitr itMsakWmWmMecmWmwmmtnacanitKi
BED with
of 100
worth or ncRcriANoi
x rirwri
S Our Credit Terms
750 (no??
10. - - 1502
15oo , . j00.o?
25 n 3W
5 "fw.i
mail bottle is sufficient.
. -
1 Ursfc. jra
He Solves the lBargaiii" Problem
TbOltftl AUd4tn Wal QUlta wealthy,
"Save" wis hN Fft BlWtUl nim?;
Well hs k.at.v tbit ny ipimttbrtft
Wai in moflty m?.t!rs Isms.
Whsti at Islicd lo ttnj low pricn
Of "things intcil" lie would i!f t
I Out hi World Ad "Unip," srhlcti
mowed nun
BArgilm 1 1 8 whn Mldom met.
That The v.'nrld la the great I of all bars In marls Is 1 IftWb
th raiot t'.isl Th- World '' 18.0)1 .r " A . laet year-nior
l,v 47.! than the if..r,i'.i puhl .1 in am. Till! SIX OTIIK.II Now Vor
inornii g nnd Hun. lay BOVi . ,: 1 '1 i.M HI .N I il
K "li e
n cnt
how ti
Lexington to 3d Ave.
59th to 60th St.
' The
Special Hosiery and Underwear Values!
Present selling records in our hosiery and underwear departments are unprecedented, due
to the most important price reductions on worthy kinds of hosiery and underwear. Take
ndv;.tt,iirc of the savings by putting in a supply for the family. You will proit handsomely.
Women's Splendid Stockings
Woman's Past Black UssmltSI Hosiery,
nil Sites, t pnirs for ISc; pnir OC
Women's Imported Full Fashioned Cot
ton, plain blacks ami unbleached, split
n'lrs. also plain gauze lisle- m Mack and . n
tun, 3 pairs Pat Met pah 1 "C
Women's Pint Silk Hose, with linen heels
nd ties, itiirtly first quality, plnin gauze
lisle thteail with silk hand emhroul
erics, nil sizes. . pairs for SI. 00; pair OOC
Women's fasl llhtck, rUfS Silk Tiirend
Hosiery, full fashioned, with 4 inch garter
welt; all sizes. .1 pair for $1.50;
at the specml price, per pair j"C
Men's Underwear
50c nalhi'lfttttiti Shirts f Drawer,
plain or hue ribbed, made from
the finest combed Egyptwm
cotton; alt sires, special, each ZifC
$1.00 Men's Silk Finished I nder
wear; nlso Silk Lisle llndcrwetir;
choice pink, sky and white,
nil ize; sprcial, each . 4ifC
Children's Fine
Male Thread
Stockings, lxl
ribbed hose; black,
tan nnd white; all
(lie . .1 " , n
forJSct pr. l C
('hlldran' tleavy
Klbbed Cotton
S 1 01 kli ills . double
knee, all sises;
3 prs. for 20c ; -
p,ir C
Women's Silk Vests
Pure silk Milnnese veat, plain or
with silk hand etnbroideriee, in n
variety of style, pink, sky nnd
white; one of the very best values
ever offerrd; value J.OO,. ,
special at Jl .0
Men't Cotton, Lisle and Silk Half Hose
Men's Fast Black and Colors, fine gsuge
cotton, full aenmle; all sites, .1 pairs for
15c; apecial at. per pair OC
Men's Fast Black nnd Colored I. isle Thread
Hose, made with linen heel and toes;
all tzes. .1 ialri for 40c; pair l4C
Men's Fine Silk Half Hose with cotton heels
and toe; choice of tan, navy, blue, gray,
lavender, dark green nnd blacks, all .
ize, 3 pair for 78c t pair 4C
Men's Purs Thread Silk, full faahioned;
choice of pvire ailk feet or cotton iplicing;
in a variety of colore and black; 3 0
pairs for ft .00; pair JOC
1 iir rr 1
women s underwear
Women'a die Union Suits; lisle
thread, wide or narrow knee, cuffs
lace trimmed; an exceptional ngt
vnlue at the special price iclfC
Women's 29c Liala 1 hre.nl Vcats,
nil sizes, includinp eatta large; good
quality, at the very cpecial
price of, enrl'. I OC
Zlll IMIMI M.ll l.l s
Sale of Black
Velvet Ribbons
In nil width. From the No. 1 for
runnitiR throup.h lace for trimming
dresses to No. 40 for hair bows, etc.
No. 1, 10yds. for 45c; per yd. 5i
No. 1 J i, 10 yds. for 55c; pei yd. be
No. 'J, 10 yds. for hSc; per yd. 7c
No.il. 10yds. for 75c;pcryd. He
No. 4, 10 yd, for BSC) per yd. 'i
No. 5, 10 yds. for II .tB t per yd. lie
No. 7, 10 yds. for 11. M per yd. 1 It
No. U, 10 yds. for 51.70; per yd IHc
No. 12, 10 yd, for $2.20 ; per yd. Mc
No. lb, 1(1 yds. for $2.40 ; per yd. 25c
No. 22, 10 yds. for $.V20; per vd. esc
No. 40, 10 yds. for $4.40; pe. yd. 45c
IH OOMIMill Al.l V -
Sale of U. S. Flags
made r,f the best quality all wool.
I'nllM States Standard llunttna:
SSI ft RSo 1 tx ft S3. 1
::. rt si.39 I sx 1 2 ft. . . gs.39
4xi; ft gi.ss 10x1;. ft. sv.hs
lal rt. ... sa.es I
Klog poles of hardivti'Hl with hal-
S ft.. 40c. 1 to ft.. SOo.! lii ft., SOo.
Rrafketa for poles, 38o. eevch.
m imMniiinii
A Sale of 25c
Veilings at 10c
A splendid collection of Tux
edo and large mesh veilings in
a Rreat variety of different de
signs, will he t.ffered to-morrow,
Saturday, in cur Veiling Section
at the very lew price nol ed aho ve.
Girls' $5 Coats, $2.95
(iood-hyc Sale of Girls' Coats, formerly
priced at $5.00, at the big reduction
noted. Sies 6 to 14 years. All hand
some, Stylish coats; in kerseys, cheviots,
nnd mixi tires. Colors navy, red, brown,
green and gray. Every one a bargain.
Girls' $9 Coats To-Morrow at $4.95
Ottia' Coat, formerly $8.00 and $9.00. Price to-morrow
about One half, Wrllrut and well made coots of fine caracul
cloth, velvet, corduroys, cheviot, kerseys and mixtures.
Colors red, preen , blue nnd brown. Sizes 6 to 14 years.
Girls' $12 Coats To-Morrow. $6.95
Girls' Coat, formerly $10 to $12. Coot of clnss and
character made up of rich caracul cloth, velvets, plushes,
cheviot, kerseys, mixture, (be. Color red, blue, brown,
flic. Size 6 to 14 yenrs.
Misses' $15 Coats To-Morrow. $8.88
Distinctive, handsome cont for misses 14 to 18 years.
Made up of fashionable caraculs, plushes, cheviots,
kerey, oic. Colors navy, brown, tan, block, flxc. Sonic
huve popular Presto collar.
None of the above C. O. D. None on approval
None exchanged. No moil or phone orders filled.
Sd Flo,, nutll t. ttoeUoe.
'" 111.00 in No 1 1 i .1 v -
s. ' i IY
1 mm
- Ill ohm IM, i M.I k'
Women's Initialed
6 in a pretty OQ
box for awifC
They nrc of good quality and have
n dainty little nttial la the corner.
An extra special vnlue for to-morrow,
Snturdny, only. M.m riom.
Sale of Women's Silk & Kid Gloves
1,000 Palll lh billion Mousqtle
tulre Silk GloTOS, double finger
tips, in block, white, pink, iky,
tan, champagne, navy and
gray ; worth $1 .00; special . 59c
Msln PI.. BIHIi St Sfrti i.
1,650 I'ulrs Silk Lisle Cloves.
mnujqiietaire hupe; 16-button
length! a regular 59c glove; 1n
speciul lor Suturday fjrC
2,100 Pairs Two-clasp Kid Cloves,
in black, white, tan and
gray; a regular 89c glove oUC
Toilet Goods
Extra Specials:
Dr. Snow Beef, Iron and Wine, con
tains the Iluest sherrv wine and irue
ettrart of boef. full pint Isiitlo. ISe,
or 3 for 4Se
Or. soon Hosedale Cold rreain.
nourishes and preiwirveii the skin; I
oz. opal Jar ISe
Dr. BMO l.l) . "rlne. nenrnln and
Kn... VTater t'niiioound, for whit
ening and softening th skin. Itl-ox.
Imitle ISe
Toilet sloai, largo asturtments. finely
milled and most tlollgliiftilly per
fumed; ulue 10c per cuke, special,
per liox of t hree cakes Se
Tnolh Hrushes, plain and waved
hacks ; value iipO'.i.'ir special ... ISe
Imported Sail Scrubs, solid wood
backs, aborted gray and llck brl
tlen; value '2'ir: neclal. . .' .Oe
Dr. snow Peroildc of Hydrogen, 4
oz. hottln . . Se
li r Smtw Amber Petriilruui Jelly,
abftolutelv pure j 4-07 .jar Se
III 00 MIM. II M 1 s
Women's 4. 00 Shoes Men's Good Collars,
Last Chance at $2.60 6 for 40c; 12 for 70c
The Sale Closes To-Morrow EveninR.
nf&- puteni iolt, with velvet, i rnvenette or
9 1 I kid topsi also all velvet and velvet with
If satin topti SUOde bOOtS and tun button
and DltlCherSi $4 griulcs; oil ottertd
out urday at $2.00.
- I Women 's S3 Shoes or SI. 8
Vwl0 Vv hul ton nnd lii. e -ho nee and un to tho-
VW IlllllUle .,1 i .N . vm lily ot select lentil
' w
0 viel kid. i. uit. hi nnd laoo; suo guo
IIIBtet Vll HlCU ,lliir..ni,.im ti ,j m .
s' il.M Shoes, $1.10
sni.n tali Muebers, ilsst I
to . 'i
Mannish style, with
i tout , durabls soles.
Continuing Our Very Special Sale.
Great Values. Don't Miss Them.
n so" I
aV '
S BM I W! J. ' V
Girls' $U9 Shoes, $1 1
Here are 1 1
of the sale :
Brands Lion, Royal, Triangle and many othets.
Styles 50 of them all new nnd hi-hlv desirnble; In-
eluding close lock I thapet, variou heights, nieaV
uni an. I low turn it 'tig nnd stai Un collars.
Sizes Kettulur and qui rter, ranging :ror.i l -i to 20.
The collar are nil perfect. II t tale is t'ncilitated
by convenient arrangement and extra ; aiespcopte.
Men's Cutis, 6 Pairs tor 4(c. ' '. i'rirs for 70c
All Cars Transfer to
Lexington to 3d Ave.
59th lo OOjIi
Remarkable Offer
for To-Morrow Only
Our Great Lincoln
Birthday Sale of
$450 Walters Pianos, $225
$5 Down and Thereafter $l Per Week
No extras. On lustpayni cnt cf 5 S we deliver the piano to yom home.
Vou cann u bate n piano elsewhere equal to the KaCPlztlfi for Itsi than
$4i.o cashi SO yu make u clear saving of at least $225 besides you make the
beat piar.o Investment in the world.
In tOM quality the Walters Empire Tiano is pre-eminent, in construction
it is without n peer, in artistic designing and artistic make-up there iino piano
in the v-'oild ct anywhere near its price that can iiual it.
Walters Empire Pianos Arc Built to Last a V.fdime!
The cates ore doable veneered, cross bunded nil the way throiH'. :; bird's
eye mn,lr lined, solid bfast trimmings; the keys are of selected Ivor . a ;s are
putent covered; trirrmings und pedals are solid has;.
f.. ll DOb
i r Mi'ti tu
i-rnt leMMflsJVpa w will f frt if
liUan un ru.brt.l)tl Nil !, tli'V
fiMt r.jl'bff
Highest Grad WaltWI I'ianos Offered in this
Sate at a Saving to You ol id to ov i
fft ,S) li A. w
ni si ... . vy
Ml Hf. i . II V. i
' '. J-'i ! Qui f. 11 .
I "llllll' It iilli i 'w
or SHUO. siM i ;
i - I, .,e J"
Sl'T .
. iilllll
. , . . I..-1 iBii rlsTi
IM ' S JH Si
1 II ., OH". I
'ii .Hi.i cover;
Beware of Piano Frauds
Don't Buy a Piano Link .. li lira's li. Ma er i Name.
li', eitauaelji , Unger.no tu eirvtinw t ptaaa in., i ard h nn,lr
a '. . seaw.
i, . I It i It
.a ic in .. a nanus , ,-ng
uleno with nftfts K.Miibling gn.'d i.u; hut in rvftlii- it it nothing
nui t .-imftii omuBvis-iftl I'liim in i mu. iun-1 I,,- i ,..iv for tliel
a mi ..i.i q .i inert tiate inr plaao be..mr. pvtnotlr BSSlSS
'. I I hi i i .! 1 owl ' ntaao i ear
i u li 1 1 u n I i n .-, i ,. uwy am wortliletK. utherwla paoul
wu.ll'l net part mli uues.
ri. ii.iik.. -i su r. .it.iu vn.i le o. jiu yuut " l iaaa
I p o ii Re que st
w Bit, :M Kiner.
it 5(ari of it flam olatMltua iiupniuiijdacs' -Ltx. lo 3d Ave., S9th to SOth St

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