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FPOI.irF HF.m? F.NH A flF, IN
wKATiinn iinin r im ri-iiu,
Commissioner and Deputy
i lawn i MxjKcn m
Weeks, is Report.
Detective I lead Intimated Th it
His Superior Might ,-l eak"
Informatii m.
It waa declared a! Police Headquar
tare to-day that Police Commlaaloner
'roiiey and Deputy Pollet Commla-
loner Plynn an- at loggerhead, an.)
tuat they have not apol.en to ei h
tiler for two weeks.
The (get Iha I Commlaalaner Cropaay
oontteued to tranafar man out of Poiie
HaadjQuarteri who have been detailed
there by Plynn Is construed a an oien
declaration af war. Tn-iiny Mr. Crop
say removed Idc ut. William S.illiv.in
from detail at haadqoartera, thereby
reduiltiK Mr. Klynn' Inside detail ftoui
IB to live.
The trouble between th two nnUm
oim iaia .--a: 'ii a ,-u uiQmis, ,(M I
Cropgey demanded from the former Bee.
ret Service a'ent a Hat D( all the man
tie iiud on ho. -ret aaatgniuente. Plynn
refused to : n - i this iim. He decla-ed
to his aopartof that whan Mayo Qajmat
put hlin ill .hat., of the Detective
Bureau lie aaturad dm thai he would
hav a free hand, T fact thai lie had
had a free hand, he agkti wa- reapuna.
ibl for the many Important arreatl
nude. Ha never eould have proceeded
,galnt Hie Black Hand kidnapping gang
ettccea fully if he ... i not kept .he
knowledge of in tecrei ggstgnmanig tu
Ciopse,- Fiares Up.
At thta announoemeni Conimlaaloner
Cropaay llare.1 up, He told Klynn Hint
he wai I ead of the department and aid
n right ta know of every detail al every
brnnoh of the dopgrtniattti Plynn re.
toned t!iut Mr. Cropaay hud batter lake
h complaint dow n to the City Mar
The Oommlaalonar dkl not go down to
the City Hall, hut ha got right after
it? In Id detail al Police Headquarter
that ha oouM roach, Umt weak ha Iran.
fertvd out at lieadq larter
Murphy and Mnden. To-daj
a change in ph inalda data
Tun he i oniampl i other
rap a -s i
of deek
datalia made by Plynn ian th
iraraal prediction at neadoitgrtert t
Flynn Protects Sleuths.
in t.viiiff Commlaaloner Cgppsey ;
reason why he shoitlil not reveal the
n ni - of iiia detective on leoret det'illg
Mr. Plynn Mid ha feared thai thej
would auffer pergonal harm if thai
nature or i t..-i- work became known.
Plynn said ha intended to pi tact hi
nun. hk ha wan reaponslbie at ii r.r
their Itfaty and for the (Uocefl of . Il r
work. Tblt Intimation thai Comml.
glgflgr Cropapy might permit a "leak
aarvad further to enrage him.
It wa almoat midnight when ih . .. n.
mlgfloner called al Police Me Jquarte -laal
falu. la.i. Mis rlill w entlreli
unexpected. Cgpt, Thotna it. Murphy
uud two ueutenanti ware ina 'hnre
They were amaitd to ee tin- commie-
Men1 r at tliat lale hour.
Cropicy T.anferrcd Botli
The commlaaloner demanded m M ir.
pay th.ii he prepare a Hat of iieutentti
who ware equipped tu iaie liarge of
Haadquarteri In iha aheap ..r .ii.
Plynn. Plynn ii off duty at the : n
Cgpt. Linden and Cgpt, Murphy re
Plynn'i ieUction to tuna charge of ih
bureau In hli abenoe
Moth lhee vaptainii have been tran.
tarred by Mr. Cropaey( on of
guiiiK to Brookln ami thu other :. .
Bronx. The lranfr tu Lieut, tfullh i
i ald to he the firs; tr i Mfer of the
l.x Heutenaiita pareonally lelected aj
Klynn to gaaiat liliu in hi mo Im
p-jrtanc pork.
lanwablp ttraata i ader git.iHMi nail
on rbargf of Mrlnnlng vti.-n.
a laxandar V, I 'a t
luantrl lea, taamthl
Hollenlo Steamship
tis and Win im
ngontg for fha
'ompgnti which
oparute heia'een Itrooklyn tr.ul Uri
and Turklah portii wire urreatad to
da by I'nlted Btatei Maraltale.
They wn held in t:.,i)U0 hall i.uh
by L'nlled sum s commlgtloger Morla
ut ii itlyn, charged with laving been
In ponaplrnoy la tmuggle into th.
oui.t John KUadee. a (Jrgek aliun.
lonfat leor.
cpyifM i:i i, bj m ttmt i'miii.. . i s
Co. The r Vork .
i. Roberta Hill's Physician
Says She Is 'iti a Preca
rious Condition."
$2,ooo Fine Promptly,
i Musi May in Prison
Till Monday.
A pr
mer in tin. Tombi an lenience
hv ,lti,!', Martin f i s-miuuli.iv fnr
..a i. i. . .
W I ' J "IIIIHEHIDm II) ,1- -
cle. or ;-n'!e,i Slate Marshal Ranked
Roberta Mengoa Corwln Mill. eoitapai
utterly in her . til to-day after her BrM
nigh: n prison.
The daughter of the rnney leland re
ur; keeper and sportsman, who once
'" on friendly terms with people well
known In New York an lety, wan ait..-
gather i vercomt by the diaacare of
li.-lnn I'-'.' fit-.! unttiiiii smiiKgler to Se
aam la jail, though iha gantanoad
for only five day.
Consistently with iha plea of her
counsel. Edward Lauterbnch, iiefnre
Judga Martin yesterday that he was
garloual) ill and In no (tat ta undergo
Imprlaonmanti Mra, Hill barana so in
t-day that other prisoners railed the
attention of the warden to her. He
vlaitad Call No. It, ahere she. It locked j
up, and ai once tan that her ooBditlon
w .i - erloue,
Doctor Had to Get Order.
Her own pliyairlan, Dr, Q, w. Colby.
of So. ins Kaal T
:, was
,. ., ona lie went to the Tombs, nnl
i.-ieii,.., i, i i i
onrr.uii.il by an junbound order
.. ,i. ,., ... iiiii, . .I,,.-
of Marahal Henktl that she wa to have
n communication with any on. even
by note, without a tpeelg) order from
. ie Mar .al. Mr. Colby had to go to the
Federal Build ng to gel lurh an order.
"Mr Hill It In a very .; re -arious
condition," aald Dr. Colby) as no left
the Tomha. sue ! mlTarlng from tier.
vo is ti'- -tori i
rrla gnd need tha cloaeat at-,
rhe quit, unnaceaagry dclgy
In reaching i which was eguaed by
my ' ng -ompelli i t-i .i to the Pederal
hulld ix and awilt the Manhal'a con
fenlenee in lgn an -u- li t. did no do
her any good. Ii i not for me to
rltlclga her enttnce, out .: I not
beln 'irrled out huinanaly. cgrtginly."
Having pleaded guilty t hgrng
brought into thli port, without paying
duty, a falilo a and Jewelry worth
ghoul f.l.in"1 in Kuropoi ho was -en-lenced
to pay a tine of I3.08Q and to be
held in the cuatody or me United stue
Marahal, William iiinke, iigtll .. m.
Ph went tn prlton In a 'dark ribbed
silk cogi rottum. a large Ida -:: ill
covered hut, front which a long ostricu
white plume hung, a great mink boa
and .i huge mink muff.
Hefne -he was taken to th Toatbt
He paid her MiOW fine, thu obviating
t e neoeilty of Nerving thirty dyt
; .'iie or .. Iiin' tiie pgupor'g Oath. The
p pi payment wa remarked In lien
.'' Ike fact that her lawyer, l.dward
I. niter. i . in pie nllng for the liipj.
Hon of a tine, said l,a rllen: would
endeavor to 'gerapg togetbor" enough
to nay it,
Maid L sed Arrcit.
Ti.e Oovernment has taken ?eps for
forfeit ire the MMa coat an.l Jewelry,
but Mr-. Mill will Hglit that Mitt.
But tin' t "!! with bar maid
Mrs. IIIII would now le free. She had
tmugg'ed iha rn.it patt thn cuttom
Inapooi 1 - u the pier by having it
wriap I ;i in P old coal of Amen an
make, ra riled a -mss gar arm. The
jewel -. hu go- lately home and wore
Igverul days Than .a ine the q-.tarrei
With tht maid. The latter woman want
to the Cuitom Houaa and told what
she know. Insfie. tors Inggdgd the 11:11
apartment, eized ni gnois and ar.
llJ Mrt Hill Ibt Wg held latt.000.
" Circulation Books Open to All.'
Declare They Have Located
.Mod. Know Their Motive and
Are Read- to Seize Them.
Belief That Prominent Person
Was Baek of Gang W ho
Ruined Scott Mausoleum.
ifill to TM Y-m tiff Wati4),
Pa., ro t. it -Dctlv QlllMn
: Parblna
ad' (ha dttttf tan-
t i m .it-t tf tin
M otl mc-UMltimi in
dc I trrd t i-tl.iv (hat
ma It iit t lie . je tif-
worhirrg !.. lot I
daaecratlon of i
I ttie .-ine:er he
arret Would li
:' ra night.
He tinted that he and hi man bnoa
who tiie dapradatora ara. whre they
ate and ran lay hgttdt on them at any
Il l gen-rally liel avad now that the
'mm who win probably he under urroei
hefore 1 iie day enns were hut the hli v-
i hugs of some mnn of poaltlOII uu.l In-
' H:n.nee .n.l l iu. I 1 1. i-enl ...-icilin i ...
t ;e whole affair 1h et ta route. Th.v.
they were ordered to jiet none hut the
hoily of V. I. Baott la Ih. theory ill
which aanta ol tiio daiaetlvaa era a r
h x. All the bodtea are positively i.n n
tn he In the mauMileuni.
Know The Votive.
Tiie dele Uvea claim thai the mOtlVg
nr iii. vandal s daflnltaly oatabllabad,
but tii.it it cannot he u.vulgad until
the proper 11 na comat,
I'nllowliiK a i.ight or general t'tlvlty,
the datactU'e wne out early this morn
ing and before it o'clock had gone t
the cemetery and reanterad the tomb.
They wati-hrif the removal of thi
body of Mrs. Anna W Mn'oliom to a'
ln.'ai undartgkor'a aatabllahmanti where
:t was pla 1 in a new raettel and then
taken li-i k to the t imb and placed In
on.- of the crypta. The bodle of Don J
greaentgn William l.. Scott, John Van!
MoCollom ami Richard Toarnaend were i
replaced in new caakat yaeterday and
eaiiii in the mguaoieum t.na morning,
ii-.w the body of Mm Anna MoCollom,
euppoeed to iiave beau itoleen from tiie
flcott maugoleumi wai dtaoovared wa
tail to-iU by Mr C II. Strong, lite
of the deid woman and .laughter of the
iate Congreaeman William i.. goott.
"OatactiVO Parking Mil hll on.'- s-IJ
yi tv. Slronir. -,Wt-rir :o i le to-uli wi'i
me late yaeterday to make a thorough
Ogam notion of I lie plgCgi and we fu -nil
i lha -ody of Mrs. Anna MoCollom, my
gunli at first balleved to have nean
I stolen. Tho body was In a i rypt which
hind never bean uaed, Thlg vault wti
behind tiie door, and was partly ro:.-
leah-d from view when the door we
opened, a - waa the ona during our fir I
- - .
visit Wednesday evening, gfter the dea.
r rat kin . r the mausoleum was ranoHed.
: in the imsijy examination or the piai i
I made then my husband and I overlooked
i this i ompartmokti
Firs: Scirch Exp' ned.
"Wa looked only lu tht Vgult thai nl
emu lined hodlea We saw Hint the body
1 of my aunt waa missing and naturally
I believed that it had bean removed ft am
.tin' Intnl. 1 as warned uuain.-t J I,
lurblng tin- interior of th.- tomb before
,111. arrival of detectives, as it was
'feared valuable cluei would be deitrny.
ad 'i'liet fore. my Ingpeutlon wga
'tn. rely luparAcigi, Tha detoctlveg gJau
grrtvad too lata Thursdgy to moke a
I i igh ina;sjctl n ol the tomb at that
I time.
It was only ii f ter a s
two hours yesterday, du
open i nearly uii t u
rch of i
im; win
i uaed i
III wo
i. .i. i itad beau sealed, that ar dlacov-
i : d lha right one. Tin- Dover of the
ri i 'ontalnlng Mis plut'ullom' hudy
had been cievarly repla ed. s . thai it
liregentad the '-aim- appegrgnca at nth
. s a hi -1 ii.ni not been tamper d wtUt.
The l:ody of my father, William fu.
gcott, had not bean touebgd, lthougn
thero gfgi a a fw mgrkg on t lie crypt
gOVgti My moihe cagggt ht heuu
imiicu partly fn m ta uimo, uu it arag
not hiokeu into.
"Tiie i -K: . -.at tin nit tie jr;i of
my uunt wa i almoat dam du lied, hut the
hnly had ii"-. ueen removed i iitii.i
containing tin- bodies of John m Collom.
m, laid Townsand and hi baby, Anna
Town je. id, weru nut lltrmud. Silver
na ri:e-plat,-.s and urti.i'i I- wuie
front agvamli
aieioiiers -h nij : i in an i i nivainioal i ili.t orator
ramalned silent ooiiueriiing tht affair t ,-,,.,. inia , ,
bacgUgg we we: Intent ...i catching lha) myu A, tt
i nulls, .lll.i we leete tnllV I o-d 'h it hi . , ,-.
... .. i . -.. Cu i ly of Tlpperarj
i 'ut" art talk of tii out
rage j (CtnUnued uu Second Pag
Long Missing
Thought in Road u Heo
When He Took Sudden
xuik Steadil" .
fill I. viiKi.l'il I , Keli II
Rat . Patrick John it in, .i
inp of
Philadelphia and Ueti ip rll
rv ! unlu. d ed a I as i.VIo,
i i of 11 nn-
11, el
nuon at the arehepli opal n dden
this oily,
The di at i of the Ar Ii n -'ion
h i a dlatlnct shock, a- t ie pre it.
thought mi i a nta la rei'uvery,
making bra r light igal
All t lg win ii a.. ihOWed - .-a i .
inn ii laal ntght, when III con
changed in'' the w irae
lie ank gra i i i. . t m
retorting I oxygen : kisitji
At I! o'clock Oils efternon
tllghtli tn i - is mi " '
The ell I I in ; ; -lo ir I Uet
housuhoi 1 W Itch In' ..."
Hi Rgputgtlen N attsnal.
Arrhi.lehop Ryan was com ilerrd ' 1
gr an- of the line of Ulshona i
IrchblNhona that lutve occupied
Bfplaoopal f Plilladrlphln since if
en -II in ai llflg. Ills rcputatl 111 ' i
nntlongl and in ilt home city tie g
goeordad n populgi recognitloti that ft
tunpgaaed I iat of any of i- predeeea
'ir. he having been mi Ihe frlnidllen
I teptnt with men of sil religious di
1 nomine 1 1 ft. He 'a i ne u( t a- fort
In tin- i 'a' i-ili
Inn n lu
It-el i. ni.
r ,
I 'en.
' r 'ml '' ' . .'If-
.A..M.M.. ....... anaawggngna
Girl and Her
Now Admits
)eput) Commissioner Driscoll
Siys He Hound Foody Drink-
inj! in
II''. Ill) S ll I Mil.
I .lent. 'I'ii k
Bridge pol
lllg i It lilge
I'o d- ,,' '
in w ii s upei
1 'ummlru
i in
i' -
' to-
ru ikl
d h
Patlier f "n
ti mi, fathi . of
. an.;. -Iat.- for at i
here tu-night ai I
Hi grd
Keb. ll.- .l.
"iti Banns rd
or of Ni .v v.
I of , tigttl
Y. Ban
' io di- I
I .lllli...
a re lolng go alb t
M i. na. i .-I'.itliii.i. ami i. ..
II -eVi.n
.iii lla. .
I ii-Ii.ii 4 II I hi- HW'1.
1 1 tturul li.ul li i...i. gi id
Kmm I'll 111 '
v ' . III lllli
a i .
It.. . T.av m II - iniu I'siO.
U ,lu
I II ir-i
. m
lor 'ia.rfr - I ' '-' awtl i
nrs.a'- - - '.'i u '" '
in rti
,i i M -
ill uaisllvt I'hiiki mat
era AGA
fsstrtU oa -all.
"Circulation Books Open to
They Will Wed
; StnreT
l )elib-
ei itch ( lonimils Suicide.
fled in 1 1 of ai. , .: urt
n .in agek -mi and g
ill i Iqto i at i lonei v
.'I i in iYankenbuh, ..t
ivi n ie, tnla gflei n ma
in ai oenkuTfe,
i i e-i iiim iu i ergl lie
i len-ren linlfi
I le r I'll" -l n
. wl.h
I 11 ll ill : i
' ink.
- '
ii 1 ie ope ni n f
ii - iglna ii a?ioa
. .. i
egmlng, t he a umai
a -
I nma'
left ear,
n an I lul
ran mi, fron
'I t
ippeil over On
nun and cell i
d .
an. i n I i ml, Malinlua ' ' 1 1'"
Hnai fttgty-aevent atreat algtlon tan
. her a d. lie looked i ' i i'- stare and
'iw l a- man Then lie s tinman. I no
nmhulunct from i -.- Pre tyter tn iia
pita i ir Ti 1 ' gfter h turrled e
uintnatloui - 'i t t 'j.- tn i a hni died in
- an-i. 'i ii i was removed ' the
rhe nm'. aaa of light con)Pleglotg I
t a 1 am muatgche an-l light ha.rl
treakad a i i gray, lie "r i e
ilioea a i go ita, both black, lie m
about fegl i Inch toll and of me
I ght.
W III! H-ltnln
Suitor of Long Missing Girl Says She
Will Be Produced When Mother
Arrives From Europe on
the Pannonia.
Admits That There Was Opposition on Part
of the Family. While Denying All
Responsibility for the Girl's
Hpe-iai from n staff CorrogpowOgnl of rim M taking wsaM I
All Win: CI'IY, N. ., t-fb. 11. "As soon us Dorothy AniuW is
found 1 will marry her, providing; the Arnold family contents. I catitwt
place my hands upon her right now, but I feel v-itie that as stH)n as
Mrs. Arnold arrives in this country to-morrow mi the Pannonia the where
about s of Dorothy Vrnold w ill no longer be .i mystery."
This itatcmenl wis made to-day b) George S. Griscom jr. In his
room hi the Hotel ( Ihalfonte. The middle-aged Pittsburg bachel t. who.e
name has been linkeJ so much with that of t lie mishit; New York heiress,
ummoned several newspaper men 1 1 hi- room and in the presence of
s lather made the lUvlaration.
Griscom wai anxious to get ihe statement "H his mind. Before
lie began the conversation he wi- nervous, an.l paced ah ut the room ex
citedly. ".i. Georce." said his indulaent gray-haired father, lookinc an-
provingly upon in- forty-two-year-old hopeful, "the best thing to do is
1 to tell them all you know and have it ended.
"BJiTTF.R Ti:i.L B VBR YTH1NG. ' 1
"Gentlemen," s.iil the old lawyer, turning to the reporters, "you
can't appreciate how distasteful this is to me, being hounded by you
, newspaper men, so I guess we had belter tell everything we know, which
i isn't much, an.l have it ended."
Voii fellow a geva botbgrod tu
peculiar Bngllgh drgwllni gecant,
n ii i. i guest mi iniiat know igl
us. anil an lha! you wuu'i n'V me
her "
I "WheiT" In1 was aaked
I s goon iis atta Is ftiiin-l Sow, 1 don't reiliy know
ah alte I. The fan la. I Mas lerrlbl) o llnl tliat we were here
Mr.- Af . Id 'i lltlg, ainl tflgl ii in I' ilencedl) unplaagMt, for you
Kn ,. ( ,.0, no Igy th ugs thai I w ml I Ilk 10, 'tn I I wautej to tell you
I I would marry her, bui then I had lo keep illeni
An, undnntand ran. i lon'l knon where -h" is to the extgn: that I
. .ill lav nr. liaiis mi her al thlg 'ulnu . I an lualtlvg she will bo
' faun '. aoon, i-n a'hen htr Miu'her una bar, which I and t a'and will be t
I morrow
"Undtrntgnd mgi tun. I waa lu no ay ttponglbln for her going awgy.
it'-fore I niarrv her I m tut n'" thb ' if x n ! I fgiully, and I will
, t. ll '.on now that thi're have been objection '.u
ie trnoldg."
Th'. attgemeni rgugad th reporters
.'.,. , .0 i .-ein-.l il.iv atier .la- io the
detalla of the father of the ml- Ing girl
ing family 111 "
in l
bean im nttgehmgnt
between Url o
a lid I lol o' A' Ii"'
ttter hi ton N
I,, S'llllrt.
i-i made hit atati
a!d thai on regale
mapti tha fath
w hy neither he
yetrdai wa lhal tin
Mi - Arnold befoi t th.
in New " I.
.1 II I I II I.I
a. nie an) stall ni nt,
Wa agpe " lo k i M
. .1. ll.-.l
sa- alien
I Wl
tii meeting III oi 1 ur
"Vhlle wa expe t to
ur n i or mora." he
may receive a ineosagt
lla) here a da
nlded, "Qgorga
to legt e at an-
in n il' "
"Will maaaage be from Nee
or PhtUdglphU'' he ttkad
"i'ii gntwgr 1 fl'- ftthar,1' -aid
i oui r 'tin Line' . all), I -an
Vot k
r mint lo-Mulili MiAlf (lea.
: DITI o Nl
to rtrgth," aald (irla nm Jr . with h s
lim it ie h"i I will tnatry Miss Ar
bern hgg bean an gttachmairl between
Will lei! j
hat I will marrv
n .. . on t part ti
th im - iag i i. ne fr n, but
I expa one, I . Ut you iiiow when
. t - onto
N father '-i: sun would explain
i. s l . xi. Ii d a mi sae.
Orlacom denied iat he waa to ho
i" ned here to- Mr. Arnold and th
t. hut Im in illati ly after the In
lervlew with the reporters the eilr
I i 'ii it n nm ad tlii' they would re
main a' the Chalfonte over tfunday, aad
addi I "maybe we ma stay a Jay or
la1' ti .w i le irge waa all uaed
Up I k1 night after the trying day In
Nag - k and thai was the reason b
kept "it of tiie -laat of you men."
Kept Close to His Room
I : I t a- interview thl sfternaon
tu il y truolg't admlrei hod '"n a
piUone. in room The only eom
a inlcgl i h i i i 'i i the outer world
a i ' ' . ,- a I i ..1 ii. father, but
lie wa afraid lie telephone, H
even ref eil waiter arha cgr
in in uer

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