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WK ATJllill liwetllr.li fair tn-nlahl.
I. i in n i nsc ttlrrli fair tn-niBhl
" Circulation Books Open to All." I
" Circulation Books Open to All."
Copyright, Hill, by .'h Stm I'ubllsblog
Co. I The New York World).
Rmurirte the President Un-
recognized Through Crowds.
aarnitlfVni RnllHInor Hivlrirrvi
to Set High Standard for
Future Architecture.
Building coat IliVMi.OOO.
8lte worth HO.000,600
Estimated value of contents when
library Is complete, $l.,O0.
Total capacity of library, 4,000,000
liulidlng covers plot of l0x;;i) feet,
or M,I00 aqugrg feet
-More than I7u.(iii cubic feet of mar
ble used In construction.
Hm NO rooms gild hull and 7B miles
"f tv-wik shelves.
Packing of Tank In Sub-Cellar
Blows Out and Quickly
Clears the Building.
New Police Commissioner in Office,
Showing "23, ' Fateful tor Cropsey
(Specially Posed roDay for Evening World Stall Photographer.)
By Using Oxygen Helmet Leak
Is Found and Stopped
Whole Block Affected.
The Ideal weather thnt developed
Respite tha Bloomy official foracaati of
continued heat brought out a monster
throng on Fifth avenue this nfternoon
to witnesr- tin- dtdJcatlOTi of the greatest
public library In the world, a monument
to education which, when complete, will
represent an outlay of M) m.Om.
President Tift. Gov, I lx. Ma or Oay
nor, Andrew Carnegie and hoM Of not
nbics assiet.si in thi dodV atlon coram on
lea and a throng of more than 5",nno per
lona Jammed the region about llryant
rark and poured through the vast,
roomy spnre of the great marble struc
ture that the aged John Iligelow, presi
dent of the library, declared would set
a standard to the future architecture In
this country such as the Notre I lame
Cathedral eetabllahed In France six can
tiules ago.
A Secret Service Ruse.
a pi-ked battalion of M0 policeman and
eeveral squadron of mountsl men
were posted within and without ths
building when President Taft and h:s
party arrived front Washington shortlv
after 1 o'clock. Through a ruse devleed
by his Secret Servlco attendants the
Ires In: got Into the library without
attracting notice. Accompanied by .Ma
jor AratltbaJd Blltt. his military aide,
Mnntor Bacon of Georglg and hli iaore
tary, Mr. llllles, the nation's Chief Ex
ecutive arrive! at th" Seventh avrn'je
Pennsylvania Dapol at 104. lie was mc:
by his brother H nry w Taft. and John
D. Cndwalladnr, with whom he will tiino
Informally to-night.
Five automobiles, a squad of a dozen
mounted policemen and a flying squad
ron of bicycle poll emeu were waltln :
Outside. The automobllei were all alike.
Major uutt. Mi. EUllea and the Beerei
Birvle men plied Into 'he first three
cars an l President Taft, Senator BaoOn
and Henry W. Taft got Into the last cai .
The procession then started, the tnoun;-
ed nan blowing their wttlsUai as Uiay
galloped ahead.
The Lading trio .f cars, following th.
police escirt, proceeded up Seventh ave
nue 10 Fortieth street, cheered by the
crowds on the pavement, who mist", k
one of the Secret Service men for the
President. The car containing the Presi
dent shot across Thirty-fourth street In
to Sixth avenue and thence up to Forty
gaoond street unnoticed.
Then the S ;ret oat Out.
When Mr. Tift's lone a-nd nnegonrted
automobile reached the Forty ggOOnd
atreet entrance of the library he got
out and was half way up t.ne Htalrcase
before any of the great swarm In the
atreet discovered who he was. At the
Fortieth street entrance, where tho nvst
of the I'lcnl.lcnl's : irty 1 seml.irked
with great eclat, there waa thUnderOUl
The PrggtdMt went to the trustees'
room on the second lloor and ram. lined
there until he was Jolt, d by the otlier
dianxtaries, and the oaramOBlgg began
Promptly at 2 o'clock In the rotunda at
ti.e main an tT an OS of the library on
Fifth avenue t igra w invited quests
"vere Seated.
When al. was In r tidiness the banil,
Itu c I to the right of tli" speakers'
Piatform at the and of the great onyx
wallod room, urn It up the "Star
pangled Banner." Thin the doort of
tne truataon' rooni up gbovt. back of
tiia great bfgnonlng tnarbll staircase,
gpanad and the little group of guests of
honor, city gflolglg and direotOTI of the
library came out and marched down.
First came Director Kdward M. An
derson and John I., ''adw.ill i ler, then
C llowland Russell, secretary of the
library, and Bdwgrd W Mialdnai than
Mroctol John Bllllngg and Andrew
Pgrneglgj then Archbishop Farley In
full c.iuonlcals and HU.-iop tireer arm in
arm. than Mayor Gktynor and Truatte
But Newark (N. J.) Prose
cutor Questions Mrs. Pig
natelii'S Death Story.
(Continued on Becond Page.)
The r!e"M of a woman to protect her
homo and her lion -u- by killing a man
who s-uight to Invade the home was
tacitly conceded f-dny when Prose.
UtOr Wilbur Mott told n Jury at New
ITk, N. J., what the Stale would show
n t' e eis. wherein Mrs. rarmella Pig
nntrlll Is oha-sed with the murder of
nt..n!o Antorlo April H at her home,
x.i. .'.2 WIHowdala venue, Bloomfleld,
X. J.
Hut the FrogaoutOf had a strong
itrlng tied to his ooBeaaalon. He denied
hit any such fnots were to bo found in
the woman's rase. She had assert ad
that on the day of the killing she sont
ler little boy for the man aha killed
md that "he bad stabbed him when he
line to her home. The woman Inslst-
1 that she killed In defense of her hon
or. This state of thing led the Proa-
utor to sny to the Jury:
"If It cm bo shown here that this
ao.nan, who Is charged with taking
human life, was honest In her home
life and killed this man In protecting
her home and her honor 1 shall not
nava much to say to you us to what
our verdict shall be.
Hut," he continued, "the State will
hOW that Antorlo left his wife In Italy
and enme hero to Join this woman, who
id bean his iweathnart in the nM
ountry. When she learned that hi
wifo was coming from Italy to Join him
Iba openly displayed her Jealousy and
Mild that It was a question of her life
or his llfo If the wife cauie.
"The Kiatc will show you that the
Identical baby Which this woman holds
now In Iw-r lap was IhOWn by her to
many people with tho tsiast of its re
semblance to the man she killed, and
wa will ubk you for a verdl t of mur
der In the llrst degree, which Is war
ranted by the facts."
Tho selection of a Jury to try the
case required all of the morning, owing
to the reluctance of the veniremen to
larva on a Jury which Involved capital
punishment In tne case of a unman
Judge ThOtnaa A. Davis presides at the
After the statement of the case to the
Jury tho taking of testimony began.
i mo n iin I rawing our Mnkare,
Vorrla Tells Innate om m U lee.
WASHINGTON, May M, Only by the
adoption of the paper clause of the
Ite Iproelty agreement with Panada can
neap paper and the retention of the
print paper industry in the Pnlted
tatai be secured, according to John
Norrls, representing the American
Newspaper Publisher' Association, who
app. trad before the Senate Finance
Committal to-day.
"Tne Canadian provinces which con
trol the raw material of paper manu
facture," Mr. N'orris said, "are trying
to force American paper mills to move
to the other side of the boundary line.
They believe they ell starve out the
American paper makers. , whose domes
tic auvpltea are nearly !iautod."
For effectiveness In dispersing uest"
and employees a fire could not have
been excelled by ammonia fumes which
agl ap.ng from a pressure tank locate I
In tre aub-cellar, Invaded every Bjrgnnj
of the six-story Helmonleo restauran:
and hotel bulldln at Forty-four::,
street and Fifth avenue tills morning
Until the choking odor was shut Ofl
the building was completely deserted
Oni 'f thg employees, a laundress. ..
overcome, but doctors revived her.
Not only did the fumes of the an.
monla ipre.il through the Delmonl
establishment and drive out ever!
human occupant, but they permeated t!
atmosphere for a block arouisJ and
caused discomfort to pedoetrlane an I
persons in neighboring stores, dwellings
and upartmenta.
Blowa Out With a Roar.
Pelinonlco'a has Its own Ice and coo!
Ing p int. The ammonia supply is kep.
utile: pressure In a big tank In the
lowest of the cellars. At s.UO o'clock
this morning a gasket, or packing. In
the top of the tank blew out. allowing
the escape of the comprused ammonia
fume with a roar like that of escapln,
Thomas Maloney, the second englnee: ,
started from the engine room to renie I .
the damaged tank. He got aa far ai
the entrance to the sub-cellar, where ha
encountered a veritable wall of ove
powering gas thai almost knocked hp.,
down. Turning, Maloney tied for hi
lite for tho open air.
The funics of the ammonia progress!.!
upward rather slowly. but rapid I)
enough to cnuso considerable btlltling
In the guest rooms on the upper floors
Ueneral Manager Wilfred J. Taupier an t
Chief tierk John Hossong, with BlOiSt
ened napkins pressed to their faces
kept the elevator operators and bell
boye st work until It was apparent
that everybody waa out of danger.
L- undress Collapsea,
lles!.. N'r oli of No. ::i West Slxt;
alxth street, a laundress, was on the
top floor when the ammonia odor as
sailed her. Ibl made her way down by
tho servants' stairway and, naturally,
tho farther down she got tho more
dlfBoUlty she found In breathing. As sin
rea hed :he office, s.ie o d:. ipse. I.
The girl was earned out Into ths air
Dr Warren of N. H Ka-t Forty-fourth
street was summoned by tie:.horis. Po
liceman Italian of the Fast Flfty-flrat
street station also sent in a call to
Flower Iloapllal for an ambulance. Hr
n,ier responded and !:. I Of Warren
In restoring the Inundreaf to rtonavlua..:
nrss. In the mean time the tne-hanleal gtlfl
had conrludcd that the flee could n
ha abut off without outllda anatntnnre
Mr. Hoaaong telepinne t to I' re llsi
I'.iart. r. and from there a Mil'
waa ten I to Hook aid sadder impat
No. 2 at Fiftieth gtnat and UtXlngtOI!
This company is equ.p; ad with OSyge
alntitl for use in ovnrpowni ng amoki
.ni gasos. i. lent, ftowe put on ana ai
thi halmiti and went Into the luboallai
wblli his fallow-flrimen nttaohad a Una
hose to a starnipipe and turn.st
1 nay of water Into the lower pan of tile
ding. Owing to Ms gAfnniUlirli)
ftltb the arrangements of the .tgnkg.
...cut. Hov... waa unable to .o a'.o th
U la.
Maloney, tho engineer, then put on
;.o l.elmt. He was able to pgog the
IPO Vetlt ef till, fumes Wll . po tag id
I griip and bundles of wnitl. As tho
I building cleared tne tank was drained.
The dlaa! nation u' the fumaa wm
muuli slower than nad baan their pro,
gross through Die building. As huh ua
j possible ttie employ. lag venturisl hack.
Windows md door were open.. I,
trie fun and voiuillators were h'.irt.sj
at top ipgndi but onnaidnrnbli time
1 elap-cd before the atmosphere of Ntl
mor.ico's regained Its WOAIad purity.
You may ihtll Off tliu leak ai (ha
tank If you III.
lint tl ami II of gmmonlg w in n
I ger 'round Hill,
thus Warbled till pool laureate of Hook
uud Ladder No. J on t ie way to the Hi e
j nous.
m jr w a
0 1 0
0 1 2
Bnttnrlai smith and Clargai Mathaw.
son and Mey.-rs.
0 0
Bnttnrlai Cgmnlti and oih
i n and Millar,
, i 0 0
i (I 0 0 0
nmiflll Wlllllll and Archer; Brown
and Karldcn.
o 2 Z
Bittniiaa Harmon and Braanghan;
Heebo and M n an.
it port t IVAsblavton umi 0r
! r -it i ti Tub i iiiiruc 1 1 1 1 ,
Presented in' Banker. Agents Vw
( irder Sound Beach PI ice
Ilpetlal to The Bianlag Tfiaatl
TAMFORDi Conn., May St. -"Arcadia,"
In Sound Iteach, pren i.ted to tho
Agnaall Association of Naturalists two
. us ngo by J. Kennedy Tod, the
c.atil er, whoag country plica. Inues Ar-
di 0) i nt South Banch. muat be va
ealad by the gaaoclatlon.
Bdwnrti f. Blgalow, Preetdant of the
annociatlon. ha lived there since Ar
cadia was aatabllahad. carrying on ag.
perlmanta in nature work, publishing a
nitura mnFAllhO and se-k:tij- itudanti
for the study of nature. The outfit on-
lata of portable bulMlngg. it wm an
paotad Mr. Tod would finance the un
dartaklng, He is now in Qgnnvi. but
his agents here iiave gotlftnd Mr, llig.
low t: al lie must mo . I
Attoruey-nencral Aske.t Wha
Steps Have Been Taken
Against .John I . and ( thers.
W siUNOTHN', May El Information
ii to nil it sieps had bean laken for the
criminal prosecution or the offlcan of
he standard mi Coropnny under the
re ant decision of the Supreme Court
s ai damandad of tin. Atlornay-Qanaral
to-lay by Iba Senate, which adopted
without dlacunilon a raiolutlon of in
qu.ry ofii red by Senator Pomarann,
Tha resolution names st Ideally John
that the
J. Klynn. format I lap i 1
; miSHlotl'O' of New Vol k
1 the Secret Service, and 10'
dered to take obgl'ga I
New York City, WbUb ,
I formerly held,
Bnnvbtar Becelvaa Ilia Dleaatns
l It Hull.
Mayor 'lienors neweef aon-ln-law,
William Seward Wel.ii Jr. who alopad
to Wilmington. I,i., with QnrtfHd 'lav-
nor, onlli i 'o-d.y at city ii:,n. ii,. won I
iceompanlad ! hla brtda, Shi wa at-1
tlnad i" a m :. lad h i iWi skin of Uual
and a neatly lining juoket of thi aamal
Tic Mayor rnoelvnd them gmtllngly
Ho kissed his 'I i lighter md ahook hands J
wirh :is new on-lnlaw and than gnval
hla hlaaalng KTvery thing was Joyoua. I
It was tne llrt I km thi Mi"f Bid ion j
ung oupic alnoa their atapemont
foung Mr. an i Mri. Wnbb dapnriad
in., palm In t Mgyor'a otn a inn
.1 red
1 Ui VI "fid Irani llnrraii
!lu i on Ii
'I to - c.l" auU iii ler
..... l. u.. i.
is rooei '. ie a aad Slat, rsn lb msUmu.
j, i. . ... sua uwa uiUws.
II. It'c kefeller, W III! Ifn 11
Henry M Flnglnr. John D.
and Charles M Pratt,
Pomernni set fortti tbal tha
Conn in us did ilon da ad
stand ird mi Company, thlrtj thraa
constituent corporatloni and lev an in
dividual unltid i" form and affiot a
nomblnntlnn and eonaplred lo monopo
iir.e ami liuve monopollaad tubatantlal
pan of tha iinno i a among l ha Btatea
in raatrnlnl ol Iniei lata tr Ida in vbv
lati ni of lha Sherman Anil'Trult law."
He add d Under Hm provialung of
the act, If the defendant, or any of
timm, entered Into Bombing! ion if
monopoly In restraint "f trade, they are
amenable to orlntinil prosecution."
The reeolullon say.
"That tha ah irneyQonanil "f lha
United states : nd is Itarabj dlrtoted
to inform lha Sonata what, if any,
prosecutions have 'ecu begun or are
now pending ngalnii tho standard Oil
Company of Nan Jarniy or thi n-
itltuinl comp-inies ot individual dnfand
ants alKive gamed, or any of them, for
violations of sections one or two of the
Snerinan gajhVtrual law."
iier sBtli t ' la u He lrlp,
Mrs. ''. It. SI kw.-il, of No 0 We
Tblrtlath atroat. was a paaasnger in
the Kuii-'-r w lhalm d.-r Urooaa ulll
lo-day. sic went over with Mrs, j n
Harmon and F. Hgrmon. a ih i
she is ui. , then- twanly.fifth voy
age. In honor Of the runt the Hum.
buig-Auierl an Company praaentad her
wiia a Uvnr aav, Blltd Wits Bswiri
Police Commissioner Sent In His
Resignation Last Week, but Gay
nor Urged Him to Remain
a Short Time.
Joseph John on or Arthur O'Keefe
Likely to Be Appointed to the
Vacant Fire Commissionership.
Rhlnelander VN'alJn, fur the past sixteen months Hire Commissioner,
handed hi resignation to Mayor Gaynor al 1 1.40 o'ciiK-k this morning
.iiiJ was immedlatel) sworn in as mrnts . iner of Police, assuming his
new duties al noon, The term ol office ol James s. Cropsey as Police
inimissioner expired the rnomeni Mr. Wokio was sworn in.
it was upposed that Mr. Cropseya written resignation was awaiting
the Mayor .11 the City Hall this morning. Thai idea was dissipated late
this afternoon In l ewis ll. Birdseye, who acted as Mr. Cropsey's secre
tary in the Police I lep.irtment. Mr. Birdseye was ask ! ' for a copy of Mr.
; iropsey s letter of resigtwHon.
"There i no letter ol resignation," said Mr. Hir.tseye. "Mr. Crop
sey resigned to the Mayor last Thursday afternoon. The Mayor asked
him to remain It Headquarter! for the present I presume to allow time
lor the select! ii of a successor. I do not know that Mr. Cropsey had
any notice from the Mayor this morning that his resignation had been
c immlseloner WMo vai scarcely
New York.
Dnvore. if.
' Doyle, lb.
nodgi aii, ' '
Murray. If.
Merkla, lb
Brldwall. ss.
1 ie tin. lb.
Mayari, .
Matin w son. p
I 'nip. al Is lam and I myl
Baanhar. if.
' Igan, lib.
lies, ef.
ibiltaall, ib
lltehell. rf.
1 Irani, lb
It lxer, Si.
1 lark, c.
i ' Iliad In his new office w-hn he aent
for Chief C!,.rl Kip s"t Instr ited him
to prapnra Hia iHgfbli lists for promo
tions. He announced hla Intention of
pnmottng, ag soon a ponMMa, Ave
( naptnlna to hi Inspectors, twelve lleu
, tenants lo ho captains, thirty. two
I iergeants to be lieutenants and twenty
' seven patrolmen to I aergeante.
These promotions have been held up
for months. Mr Cropsey did not like
s' one of tiie man entitled to advance-
i t Commissioner Waldo will pick
lha tanking names on th lists aa he
lid In thi I'lre Iiepurtment.
Another thing the new Commlaalnner
I I waa to .pi.-r t at polioenien be paid
on tli it of the month lnatead of on
lha luth of the month, a reform that
(Speetel to The K.enH' World.l , 10 1 lag ofllceri have been demanding.
AM RR I (IAN UBAOUR PARK. HMW .Cnmmlaglnnnr WgJdn'g private aecre
fORK, Ma II Tha C nelnnatl Rada try I WtnfUld Sheaan, who acted In
ma le t'i r fl r- gppanrnnci Of t ia sea- th, same capacity to Mr. Waldo In the
son on ths Hilltop tids afternoon and rue Department Thi new Commls-
Lwen greil I ij a roowd of i fan .. n. r and Mr. Sheehan will keep the
i ' o inn I'unii-u on iruiivv snsiri inrouga
rles of t li ii for the Olgntgj us it thi piesa.
m t i d Wn0 ,0P n5vv Fro Head?
tnam down i i fourth place Uathew-
son wai ' plti I " n. rork Ul" 1 n.mie!or.er ldo when hi
and ha wm ippoaad by frank Bmlth, sworn In a Holloa Commlnatoner
lle ,.f t.l ' n Americana CntOhir Vera former l'lre Chief Kdward Croker
V. if thi il la ' il l n ' report in. I civil Service Commissioner James
for l itj i- 'day, as to- is confined to his Creel man. The presence of Croker at
room with n aevnra onai of tonalllttg. t ,., ,'.v i l( :i KVe rise to th rumor
ii lo, would ce appointed Un Com-
aOY WHO "LOST ' S 1 0.000
n i i i c Emmn mill TV ' ' " 1 ' 1 i" ' ' ! bam appointed
KiLL Ib l-Jwi.J uUiLII. , ..i inglnaar of Are
i I tan in the M iyor. When the Mayor
lleris ei Langai tha seven-ecu voar-old vva- askvsl if Croker WOUld go to the
mi boy. who claimed lo lava , i 0 gg Ktre Dnpwtnwnt, b ra
lost fM..i run unirusieo 10 ... .-are o, lh.. , dld BO, knu.
I I... possibility of the Mr. Croker to
to his care bj
, hrokei igs Arm In Wnl street to be de-
M.lil ',, Vtiil.oiMl Civ Itiink aboil,
, r I guilt! t gl '' I ""' Position of lire Commissioner Is not
ireeny 1 . ury befura luatl MoCall seriously gntartnlnad in city Hall clr-
i , n i:, h of me Supreme lag. I'irst Deputy Fire ComnMaatannf
fle i i Joaaph Johnson Is anal to stand In tile
Thi i gnveptid lha vardloi calmly, una of promotion to tha potltlnn va
' " '';! fntlier who ,..,.,, ,.v Mr Waldo, geend Deputy
mi nar Arthur O'Ketfii chancan
out ins trial, seeuml to take It vary ..... '
, , , ,,, are ionsidere.1 good, because he la a
Young Uangi . dafinu waa that he 1 Hrooklyntte and ou vir friendly terms
I Of I Ibl bill. with the .Mayor, who sad Ihli uftea-

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