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thm. and behind that statement -m
thl lg-nlflcnt remrk mail by Li lian
Oranam to th Kvenlng Wnild
"WO never mad My effort to kill
Stokes. Do you utippo that If any
on had wanted 10 kill him that the if
foot would have failed In that Utile
All morning the t-' n I p:i ! of Ihe In- ,
lercatltig I UaM waited at the Tombs Fo
lic Court for the unlng of a MIMH ,
who Wa Id he examined. The nltness
never ram, and while th unit wa In
progress th two girl and their sltr.
Mr. John HlngiStnn, chatted pleasant
ly with the waiting party.
From that rhat then- eame the dire
Statement of Mr, ItSgMM -hat MM
hll the key to ihn entire case, and 1
that upon Iht t'.lmoiiy would depend '
th rraehlng of the rH,.e story.
I am the maekxl battery in thla
-aee, ne sain. M when I te I t
story the entire atory told by Slukea
nlll fall flat. I know the whole ias
but I can't tell you now what It Is.
Walt until I do and there WUi ba a
.iiatinn that w-in keep vuu reporter!
mrllng all MMM and wlntei. too,
Tha Hltle Conrad girl came :r with
an Intimation that Mm would .nee a
herg of attempted attack to unfold
when her time r-ame to talk, but she
would not furniah any advan e par
Irwtari. After the Ion watt all the persons
inlareited In the I aa flocked into tha
inner ilrrle before Magistrate rresrhi
and stood expectant while Clark Jor
dan, of cnunael for the Hi la, tOat the
Court that he had made two effort,
to get VVUfurd Hurt, a n.gro lleVltOf
boy employed at the apart uenl houae
In which s ke, waa ahot, to aipear
for the Caajrt,
"W believe hla testimony la ioiport
ant on Juat one subject," said Mr. Jor
dan. "We Ifeall ask Your Honor to
discharge (l.ese defendaMg be I ,se the
fan at ahown here and lb -urround-Ing
rlrnimilan r seem to ihow that
lhar II nut sufficient e Idvnce Q war
tant you in holding t.iexe girls for tha
'.rand Jury.
"I do not think It la necessary to call
Your Honor'a attention to the many
d.screpanclc In the teallmony of Mr.
Stoke,, but wa do wish t,. emphsaii
th fart that It appear there waa a
great dealre on the part of eoiiielmriy to
get theao letter.
' The fart that a detective !n th em
ploy of tha row . --I. went
Into Ih room of theae defenditnt, and
committed a rrlm In order to get thtirt
may t,e taken indicating that they
were of auftl Inii importance a have
led Mr. Stuke, to make uch an gttampt
lo get them upon Iho Ml UlM of hi
vialt that (hooting would have been
Mr. Jordan aaked that the cn h
adjourned until Tuesday, for th pur
poe of hearing thla witness and of
hearing auih argument a Blight ha
Alatant District-Attorney Sullivan
aid he would not conaent to any aort
of an adjournment. While he apoke
black boy came In the room.
"There ! your (levator boy now,"
aid Mr. (Sullivan.
"No; that I not the boy w want.
W want tha bay who took Mr. btokee
up In hla elevator to the girl' rooms."
"Where'e your colleague r aakd th
Court of the negro.
Man. what, rah?" MM th darkey.
When It waa explained that the Court
ante J to know what had become uf
!h other elevator hoy, th newcomer
said he had been to his home but could
not find him. Then th Court wanted lo
know what the defense expected to provo
by the boy
"We propoa to !in by htm tht
when Mr. atioke cant Into hi elevat r
he did not tell Mr. blokes, 'Cm right
up. you are expected,' but that Stukea
told (he boy 'You need not eiinuu:. ait:
1 am eapecteH." Tho difference In the
two atatementa la apparent and the bo)
will directly contradl-t Mokes on tht
point '
"The Court want, to give Ih de
fendant all possible chance to prant
Ita ea." ald Maglar.,te flaw III,
"and I will let thl rio go over unill
Tuady tnornlng at 10 o'clock hrp.
but It mut be att!1 at that time."
The girl did not lo,e any tlm In
getting away from the l ulldlng There
had been a anaaklng linpieoilon that
they night hav lo pa, the week and
over th way In th Tomba.
It wa evident after th adjournment
of the hearing to-day that the attor-1
neya for the accused allow girl have
fulllnformatlon about Ih nine letter
which were taken from th glri'a apart
ment and which hava nut aa yet ap- I
paared In evidence. But both lawyera
and both glrU atradfaatly refused to I
give any lntlmatlun uf the chaiactr of
ih note.
"It would Mm manifest even to tna
mod ordinary lu.ud," am Mr. Moon,
"that If clgotcen letter war lu a
package and nine of them were pro
duced In court uud tht other nine spir
ited away, jme reason was prebent.d
by the letters themelve for not wish
ing to have them mad public."
"Of course I know the character nf
the ronteuta of the mlsa.ug letters." sail
Lillian Graham, "but It really would hat
do for me lo make any atataiantl aboul
hem. 1 i annul disclose oar defn,
rou. know."
The girls expect they will be released
Tuesday upon tha existing ball of f.Viio
In each of their cases, upon which Rf.
frele Marrastl of No. tin Kat On
Hundred and aix'remh street Is surety
Asalstant Disti let - Attorney Hulllvan
MMIVa notice he would l!y for Increased
oall, hut the attorney for the defense
do not anticipate any addition will je
Magna'.c's Condition Stationary,
but "No Positive Cause
for Alarm."
PARIS. July a. The condition of
John Hates has not Improved alnce
yoalerday. HI physician. Dr. Kdmund
Li. (ji os. describe the stata of th
Laanarloan nnancler aa alatlonarv. hut
nat giving positive oau for alarm.
The physician last night had aald that
th Illness of ih patient waa aarloua,
o.t that be waa progjeaalng toward re
covery .
New York City's New Bathing Pavilion at Coney Island
Saturday Next is f ixed
City Officials for Reception
of PuMlc.
OveniilK WOTlfl S T .Ofl.Cf rigtlt
for the People Is at Last
. The Municipal naming Pavilion St
Coney Ilia lid. with aci-oniinodath.ni fo
rT.uOO bather a dav, will b ready fo:
Uin public net! Saturday. Toe men'a
able on th main floor will M opne
on that day. according to t he report
made to-day to Boroigh Trealdent Al
fred K. Steer, of llrooklyn by th
Brooklyn Commie, loner of PtaWM
, Work,. btWlfl II. I'ounda. Work la
bwlng pugtltl forward with th earnet
hope Of getting th bath golnat full
! blatt before th hot wthr pll la
over. Th thr-tory ti-rr eOttS build
Ink on the wet end of Sea side Park
wa begun laat March. The opening
nil! mat k the SMMM of The Kvi-nlng
World a ( ampalgn again, t tha bathing
houae truat. whloh haa thrown every
poaslhle obntai lu In th way of th
"I thould hv thai tliere la a week a
work aiiejd on th Interior of th
building," said Crank II. Uulmby, the
architect In cnarg of th work. "Three
rarloada of locker, got in thl, morning,
and they will tx Initilltd at on . All
that we require now on the m'n floor
la to get th oflV till niture Into place),
WTth thl port: in of the building op -n
tlx oil; can accommodate S.ouu bather
a day.
"The l.VW room for women l ather,
will not be finlM.cd for a cou;ile of
week. They ira built of romreln and
Itrcl. flnlthcd In white enamel, and an
absolute, v sanitary. In tha enti-
country bo finer oiumialnlion, fot
imi iialners are pru ,ded."
money Nakoao,
Alderman Alt iler .Mi ycher ha
lUOOOOdod In getting USM needi Ml i
for riiulpment of tli halh provided by
tho Boar." of Katlinale. Aa the fai ior
of tne rtaolutloti pa,o.i by the Board
i Aldermen which resulted In tha ap
propriation of the lU'T.WX) lo erect the
bathing MViliMa ilia Utile BrOWMVtilt
rP I ha, fo lowed the piojec;
With unerring pafglbtaUO.
"I called upon Mayor uavnor bafurtl
the Hoard met, and got hi, approval for
the luai-"a of the special rOVG . I
bond ntided to ciulp tlm pav ilion," laid
Mr. Iareachnr. "Co ptrollaf ProoMl
gaat lent hla MMMMMS alo, and n
i now mat the c'.ty'i nu.i y
i -cnt upon th ;!.dlng will not b !
waited. Tue NMN III bt uaed to buy
la llfehoata and establish an rmerg- I
vncy hoepltal on the oeach. We expect
IS have four llfe-aavi 1 work.ng I D
the I , who I, . 1 IS a dav ea h.
Altogether, the city l have evny-
four MUpieyMt In 'he bathing pavilion.
"The MalgfM of the city t clmrge I
10 renta a day for the use of the lockora '
and the room la moat proper. Llkewiau,
the deeleloB of the City not to handle 1
bathing aults. If the nty waa to handli
euita. It would hav to go into the
laundry bueineas on the aide. The city
hatha are Intended for hnrdworklntr im -chaulcs
und their fainllie. people wh)
are expected to prefer to own their gulta,
Private QMOgfM have alrwady made
ajipl, ai.ua to the City for the privilege
of going on the cliy property aid lent
su.ta thara to the public ut 10 cent for
adults und u cents for children.
"Only tl. women bather have private
rooms. Km the mala there have been
provided 6.UV locker. With the l.frOU
room for women, there will bo ac
commodations for 1,7m bather. Aa
aumlnK that each bather remains in tho
water mil longer than two and a half
hours. ;,uuu bather can be tuken 0M1
of In a sutgl day, making thu baths
th largest in the world."
"In the nuUg 10 UoO of th hatha
there are si IMkatS, to a compart
ment Ruperlntandeni of rubiic liuiid-
Ing llocard U Woody of Brooklyn,
who taM d reet charge of lb baths,
I ha decided that ench male be admitted
in a . uiopai iment, one at a time. Thu
tliii lo, , . will liav to wall In turn
t.l.ll.. Ih, ii. I . - .- i ... ..K.o
,. , ..
all are In tho water, i blfl .iii.hi.hi , ,
Is mode to Insure Hbsoluto daceucy."
The iiiles for the municipal balhs
acre read to the Hoard of Kailmulu at
ih raguaal of Horoi.ith President Hteera
Only l orough l'resldent Miller of the !
Ilionx aeemrd lo aa anything funny
tn th programni. H claimed mat
:l, e prohibition with reepect to eating
In lb bathing pavilion wa an InfTlnga-1
titriii ujion personal liberty. Mr, Miller
Itood liana In his opinion.
The necessity of gi eater beach ac-
conirnodatlons at Corny Island Th
Evening World'a fight In connection
with It Umand of a five-cent tare
fioin th city to th aeaahore haai
cught tho attention of ihe memiiera
a. .... n ..... , .a tat.i . . . . .
ui hid w i u ui i.n.iiiiuie. omptroiier
arandrgaat believe that now 1 Mi
time to fcot niter the beaches,
"Praaident Mltchel of the Hoard of
Aide! men haa been requested by the
Corporate stock Huuget CobmbIIIoo to
confer at once with the ownera of the
seaside properly onto a view lo en
larging .s. aside Park, liu euid. 'The
commute will alao Immediately con
aider tne retaking of any of the beach
property now Ultgally held by iirlvuts
'i l inembers t the Corporate liu lad
i Commit tea in Barough . resiusm ale-
Aneny, ''omptroiiar iii Mr. m;
: chel. Mr. Mltchel Is alio chairman or
I ,, . . . ,
, the sp al cum mi lee a . ald lo f j -
, , . ... , ., . -
low out Ihe llaggMtlan Ol tne Hoard ,,f
I Ald.erme
io a ijJirs in inriui inj
propel!)' and Ih rial of the burntd
area at tney Island, aad annaa It in
Conay Island Park. Ilia atsoclatee cn
this committee are the Comptroller and
Borough Praiideui Steera.
to Open After 6 Years' Fight by Evening World
- - '- mmm "vwwww'wAw tm0i00t0i000i0)0k00)0l&&&&001ttt0m0t0&tmi0i SpSSSXl1 r. XSJ r.rMM r. .-. ,ym , , ,x i - tsr.r.rfr -u-u- Ln.ri.n-ajruun.i-i.n.ii.i ij-jxjij-.ro"U-.i
i BiaswBOKSB
.roctpaa. M , J P Tfl MADll ADH
f wa V Ul
Rules to Govern the Bathers
At New Municipal Bathhouse
The hour ol admittance will be from A. M. to P. M. All bathera shall
les out of the w.iler at 1 P. M., and IM building will o closed at ' P. M.
A . harge of ten cent will be made for the use of room or locker 'room
lot annu a only and lockura for incni. An additional tan cent will be charged
aa a depoalt on keys, which will be rounded to th bat nor If th key 1 re
iJtnui t..c e.ime day.
Herniation suits must be worn by the bathera, excepting that boya under
len year of ug may use bathing trunks. Clean colored trunk and aulta
Smoking, leering or protracted lounging, disorderly conduct, boisterous
or profane language prohloited. The eating; of lunch In room I alao pro
hibited Accommodation I provided for tha chocking of valuable, and tha city
of Nov.- York cannot be held liable for the loaa of the property of bathera.
Hal her taking away key or other property from this bathhoua ar lia
ble to urresL
Hull playing or other gamca that Interfere with tha comfort of tho bathers
on the DMch prohibited.
Bathari ura regno,. ted not to etrew the beach with paper or other litter,
but to place them In thu boxes provided for the purposo.
All complaints aa to lack of proper attention or courtesy upon tho part of
anv emplojeo should bu made known tJ the manager at once, or In writing
to the .Superintendent of Public lluilduig and Offlcee, room No. :9, Municipal
Building, Brooklyn.
cnisr RACK Two-yoar-olda; $tfi; flva
rurlonMi Now.Rlvar, 107, IDIffginal
to ltl. I lo I all, I otfti on b one lengt.l,
Wood Dovo, ".., i Hell i ; to een and
1 to fi, r.ond. Da' May, inf., (Oold
rtota) to to 1. it to I and even, third.
Time, i.oii-;, i,,od Latghton, Miss Joe,
Hanaok, Communiat, dold Porn, tlad
Jacket alao inn Hcl llni-iied aa named
BBCONO RACK Btccplechaae llanll-
cap. fou:- ar-oida and upward. .'.' i .
short nourae M vatic Light, It'.' (Allan),
6 to a, 1 to I and out, won hy throe
length!; Racobrook, im iDupaa), i to i.
to and 4 to a. aecoial ; Copley, lis!
tl.ovei, :n ... I. il to 1 and .' lo I, third.
Time 1.01. orderly, Nut and Octopus
alao ran and finished a" named
Third It o Thr yearo-ldl and up;
1400; one pjilla and savant) unls--
t in ti la. .in iuoidateini, m to m n
and n 10 a. won hy one length; ComptOn,
MM iShuttlngar), ;t to i. t to :.. l to
second, i heck, is; iSteelei. I( to 1. fi to I
nod ;: lo I. third. Time. 1.41 1-."c Night
fall. Boundafi Oraola also run und fin
ished lis named,
roURTH kai'k Heiing. three-yaar
olds and upward 11. Ml; s. fut'lungs
Royal Meteor, in (SblUlaali u to i .
l in 3 and ant. won by a aoee; aaby
Wotf, li iDlgglnsi, to I, to I and
I to :'. on, i rotiort, lnj (ShattllVgar),
II to in, 1 to ll and OUt, third. lime
1.11 W
Danrield and 'reelaml alao tun and
"a"0 " SSOJiad
First It. ice- Tnrae; for tam-yeiir
i ru'e nd n half furlongs Tourtal
i Wilson i. Srat; sir Blalae, 101 (Thornaa),
second Mack B tluhankai loi lOooae),
third Time, LOOM spiite, 'iiiiie'
Nigntmuie, c'on Curran. t5aUah ami Hit
Mai ion alia rim Mniueis paid Pailf.
1st, itralght, fill 70 place show, M.T0:
- l' Rl ilsc, phtoa, H.Wl show
sskioankO, ShtW, H S)
i i aaXMM - .
..-. M.
Ilalher Drovvaett at asbnry Parla.
ASIU'ltV PARK, N .1 . .Inly I. Olto
tailOh. aged twenty on . a plumber of
No. HOD) North Thlrtainth stret. Phil
adelphia, was drowned thla morning
In the surf off Ihe Casino. With hi
brothsr ln-lw. Irving llaixht. ho wnt
n bathing irore tl.e gaarde went on
1 duty al 7 o'clock. The Philadelphia!!
I were caught In the current and swept
off their lest, llulg'il munaged to
catch III Ufa rope, hut eilauoh was car
ried acuuiJ and drunnud.
I Peril Restores Girl's Socech.
,,, ,. . , .
1 Mi- M cedes Hili , wa i. alKtaen. of
, , .
Freaaonl, u loi liar pewer iieoch
. ... ... . , .,, ,, , ,.
ika eicltemenl whas lootmnate a,
taken III,
ahe was bathing yealeiday on tin
Pacific ooasti w en he had a narrow
cape from drowning, after which she
found she could talk again.
1 r an . X SaaaHaaL ... .
a. Ih- entriea fur Monduv'a eanaa are
UM follows:
I'lllsl' live-- Purv. ImiviiMiMl; Utt and
ball liidaiuu Janw Dm ken . 10.1. ami K.,
lo.t. Mem Baa in. Uaariler, put KaiiehlH
to.: Mil I. r. !-! . On l ull. 107. I raessT Has,
lo, Mnck, ni;: Inriui. 1 ciwr Op, I 111
sanbrsi r, lit.
HKi'DNp race s.ttuig ttares nar-oMsi sis
bid in, lirai.dnllnr n in, r.vi. m. H.
MSB, It:', bile Michael Ml; I r.,,,.
Iill: In asniue, 1 01: Rerclru 104; clay, lot,
nulla. I04j llenrr lot. Maraal. MO
Ism. ramtsiii io
I'lllllli IIAI'I Mllng; two rear eld t. .--
ti". aa a ball mi :o, fgioo
Oil Tliina. la". Near) Uralrr, 10ft; Dorlill
In.', 'il lil Mine. Ins kadla Ifuiplro, llo. Kit'.
;. ll" Boa oi j. ,i,ii,. no, uaaasoa, 110,
Alulne. llo. alftr) Knni. no
KllkTH RACI Haadlaip, rkas iat allk
one mile ,,.! alxnjMtll. Lolatu los Civnuii
1(a); h.iriiuk. in. Am Dm no, lieltee
Mr.et, IKI. 11,1 i,,r, HI
nPTH II MM. PUre. tasae v.ar aldl and .
oii mil ami wienn Milton B Ilk.
a 'l '''lo I'rlute. HI. OlWia, lib.
aiXTH SITS Meiltai Ikias leal sai ,n,i aa
OM mil'' ami an eiihtl. Its Id oihii. tut Hste:
us,-;, 1 act . On..pn VUnrnerllr UHl
M: Ada I), Walker, ... I'amlJe, li
loo, Mella. Ill I'Her Pender, lil
.Mrctite all sain-e
w.aiitei esaar, Itaei Iist.
New York.
Daniel, cf
Waiter, rl
Martlet, an.
Cree. If.
Knlglii, a.
Cha,e. II,
r.ar.luet, 3h.
Hialr, r.
I'lichei, p.
White Ros
r)otagtiart)', if.
Lord, lb.
I'ullaluui, rf.
Ilodl". cf
MoConnall, i
Zelder, Ih.
Tannahlll, as.
Hulllvan, c.
White, n.
I'uiplr-Kgn and Sheridan
anoa n.nou.
to Tbs Bvala World i
Clilt AHll, July l-r.i, HlasailanJ.
II jilay i gtmOa, Th, Waglhar
plasty warm enoug to satisfy ivir
onn b t (hi tvarm sun did not ajfgat
R " c o' - . in let. a l.ccjuae I ore
pli ,: col brets bloliig a.-ross t
i repareiioaai nuve neen iui 'or on
gl :'e inise i , nwds of ! ara on al
11 '" "ar ; lo-mori ow The laat
lin e i le Itlhlind0tl were here the big
plUkt was flllel to ih l)i, I;, b,,i Ihia
time Charlie com ke exp eu to have
in pack a 'ew of the eager rooters on
th in ' o that thv can all see the
,, . . .
MaaManBssLil - at ' - vT". I I I Swaa aasa
aT aVllw w
Robinson Easily Beats College
Mate ( josmell in Quarter
Mile Event.
A lllghlly larger
BAT, N. Y , .lulv
crowd gavthl 1 here i
... ..... lu.,., ., . lit i , ui.,1 rt. A
c Airnrrtlng rhamplnmblpi t :an ha,'
heretof ue attended Ihe Rerle of gwlm-
mlng events. T ie weather irmdi'l.i.i
were Ideal fo,' good per r,,rma nee Oi'yl
a I Ugh I Waatarly wind prevailed, and!
the water was as antOOth as could t,e
wished for. CoUage svcliiimera from .ill
nf the Raatem InatftUtloni acre on
Thev wre ell gather"! in one of the
lu"ge taittl located . lose to the luilkiiead
and many of them sal along the float
awaiting the start of cie InUroolleglete
Quarior-nUla race, Dick Fraaelle, tin
y, ims New fork A. C star, who la be
Uevad by many to be the probable sue
ansassvi in nm arw kbdwh, oeiievoo HI i
ehaaieai fair of gireaklng the laltar'a
ICO-yard ptralthtsway record. I
In the first event of ti e d'iy, the
Intercollegiate 440-yard swim. Robin-1
on or f rinceton ieo oy ., yearda at l'oo
yards, at 4i yards he adlcngt'iened
hi lead 2.1 yitnl and swimmlni; aaally.
ilosmell. also of I'nn eton. pulled u
In time to finish In He nnd place.
The puMMtarleai
44oanJ iBtaemlajglat riiam i"".l,i,
Won li
lt a
I il RoMnme l'n'ei..n r
i.omii.ll. I'rle'rtoi. aaeoad; .1.
arlrama tl.iel. Time. Uni .':
VV. II ,r hn. I'et.u
OOTan! N tic.' tV-m kj i llsrold, I'ltr
r ; J. .1. I'urren. i itv A. t'.. en.u l. J V Man
kg, ge York A. i' . thinl. Tlaae, lai. 08-Sa
Clou Win, nl rickel.
IX1NDON. July K Bton defeated Mar
row hy three wickets In the untiuil
cricket match at Lord's to-day.
Rich Clubmen Become Caddies.
Wealthy pluyera are acting as cuddle
on the Lenox (Jolf Cluh I'nks because
of a atriuo of union caddl'.'S who want
a live-cent raise.
They have l,een unable 'n use other
hoys haesuai t:s regular caddlea i
sault litem.
Woman 178 Days on Horseback,
Afler a trans mtlnontal horaeh.X'k
r.de las'.ng 171 !.,,, Nan .1. Asplnwall
rescued BlIMbeth, N. J . and !a on her
way 'o New or.t lo-aai
B.ie has a let:
Ironi ti e Mayor nf
flsn Kranrts'o to Mayor uaynor. "tie
says th urei'e,; rtlacOmiforl of har ulp
wa from Jeuey mosquitoes.
Bees Block Street Traffic.
A awauni of bees Blacked Main street
I near tha Underpaaa at Hprlngfle' 1.
I Uasa , and for quite a while podectrui s
and horse remained oui of the locality,
I The bee n.i.look th clang of loco-
ot v boila for an attempt lo hlv;
them "'! eettled on shru'.hory
In rSe
e,.'ii unii in: itoj oo -i. -v . '-
Member Of Choir for 75 Years.
Mi, u.nn.t Tattle, .gihi-nin rosrs
old. who ll dead at Uthan: nonn., for
seventy -nv year waa a ininvber of tno
Seymour rhureh choir.
During all this tune she haa not
missed a alngla Sunday.
8, 1911.
i v mi inuu' 1111
New York.
Sheckard, if.
Mhulta. rf.
Ftofmati. in.
Zi m merman. 2b.
J, Doyle, 3h.
Tinker. .
Oooda, cr.
ArCier. c.
M Intyre, p.
Klem and Hren-
lie core. If.
, U Doyle. L'b.
SnndKrn. cf.
! Murray, rf.
I Merkle. lb
Hiidwell. ss.
Kietcher, lb,
Myers, c.
Ifarquardi p.
I'mplre Messrs
nan Attendance, 15.900,
i !
B The to,, of pitching the Olant back i
into the lead fell to Maniuard, or rather
Hlchard de Marouli this aftcrim n, and
there were I weniy-fl ve thousand fans
on hand to i.ee the Itulie go. The entire
new grand stand w ohtlgaTad tight
iritii spectators. There were only a lew
lank apac in the bleacher and Hie
sun went iiri.ler A cloud Just aa the bell
rang. Kvirythlng wa lovely for the
aftaittOOtl'l pastime. Mclntyre did In
I pitching for 'hirafn.
The I'uhH took a lead of two runs In
the second Inning a a result of had
playing on t ie pari f the Olunt. J.
Doyie walked, hut wa caugM napajni
off nrat. In the t n down Aterklo
I rfropped the Imp nd he slid back to
afety. Tinker walked, and both run
ner advanced on (.(node's aacnflc.
ln"i.r then ull.nn.ia u floUt .Inul,. - -
Iween BrldWell and Fletcher, s-oilng
Doyle and Tinker Mdniyte hit a dou
ble pla. Two runs.
llrooklyn Pltlaburfl
iav j,sim , f
Dauber! 'lb,
wheat if
fooley! as.
coulaoa). rf.
I'arev, If
lacii. of.
Byrne, lb.
llunt.r. II,
Miller. Sb.
vviiiMin, rl
Simon, c
LlaSald. p
and Kmslir.
y.liitmermrtit, db
Smith, Uh
Hergen, '.
gohardt, i,
empires-. Ciary
N. V . July . Perfect liaseliail weather
und lite announcement lh.it the Dodg ra
and the Pirates would come together
in the i.liud Kama of their erle at
tracted another nig half .holiday crowd
lo this park to-day. Just ocfore Ihe
Dahleultes came on Ihe field l'resldent
Charley Khheit racelved a telegram
from Prewldent Lynch of the National
League notifying him ht he had aus- I
panded Capl. John lluminel oif the
Dodier for three day for using I
abusive language to I'mplre Prary In
,'csieidui a game, ft ml ft was sent In
to cover second base In Hummel's pla e, 1
w. ; Tooiey veil to abort. Big j
Schar.lt, who ha been pitching good
ball for Duhlen's men recontly. did the
twirling, while Lielleld tosd them up
for the Pirate
Th first run of the game w mad I
by the PlPStai in Hi second. rVaSnar I
smsshed a liner .lust Inside the foul
line in left for a hnm ran. Huntr i
bunted, but wa thrown out hy ,1m
merinun. MlllOr'l Isninili r aVSI taken
care of by Zimmerman and Daubapt, I
WIIou beat out a hit In front of the
plate and atole econd. Tooiey threw
out Simon. .
First prize QC 'Z.'C
tjcfumtsm-f nr homz
$1.25 the caoe of 24 bottles
I one cent bottle more than
; the ordinary beer. A little
higher in prico a great dea!
i higher In quality.
Shake-Up Follows ;i Conter
encc With Waldo at Police
I Icadquarters.
After a three hour," I0flft f II e 1 e
twen comiiissioner Waldo, DfJMlU
iMiirtilaarlotK'i- In. lahorty and Inspector
F.dward T. Hop e, at I'ollce lteudiiir
lr to-day n i lerou chrage In tha
DblaWtlll Ilireaii were aMOUMSst.
ksven lleiitetian', were taKen from d
teetlv duty and tt.tirnd to WOTg at
elation In uniform. They were.
Kennla K Costlgin, WWHun B Matiaf,
.Ime J, I'llr.glbbon. Wllllain .tone
(fhe ptelot expert i. John Ml Mullen, J,
T. Noble and Charles Farley.
Costlgan and Mgher were regiirdell
a the confidential men under t'apt. '
RtJMtMi who pri ealed Inspector '
Hiighea and waa ledned In rank and'
j sent to Staten lalgnd for making false
sl.nemen-.a in i'ep.i.jr . -snaweiiHwi
Twelve first grade detective were
reduced to he pnrrolinen and assigned
to tramp th ildewalk tn i nil form. They
Joeph A. Dally, Hnry P. OtwaM, I
, Wlllluin Miller, K. W. Dungat.v Patrick
II. Donnelly, .1. K. I pton, Walter HM-
lain, fleorge Iile. I). .1. Hilev, Thomas
J, i 'urran of Manhattan and John I, I
Sullivan und J. J., Kogarty of Brook
i isv. i 1 I 'ungate,
O.innelly, Bllcv . ',r--
ran ami Sullivan
wero promoted only
I ten day ago.
Four Heniten tit -George F. Arfkei.
i Raphael Schulum, .1. J Crenan and .lohn
Hennesy were brought Into th btirevi;
also threa aergen.it, Joseph D. i'an
tlllon. Otto Raphael arid Patrick Shea.
SANTA BARBARA, Cat . July l.-In
spite of assertions from company of
flciala and ship's officer to th con
trary th pas. ngcrs of the wrecked
steamer Santa liosa, who arrived hare
early to-day after a thrilling battle i
with the breaker that smashed tha
stranded hlp, declare that more than
four sailor lost their live. One hun
dred and ninety-two passengers aro all
that have been accounted for so far,
any the mirvlvors. There wero JO on
tn atamer and many of th reacuod
aa,l to-day that the missing onee went
down to death when the aurf battered
life rafte to pieces.
Pew of the ablperaostad voyagr have
recoveresl from the nerve-racking atraln
of the battle with the breaker In the
dark night. Many of the reacued !
women are still hyterie4 and are under 1
' th care of phyotclane.
Mnv c? the parnra wer rh-
ment in their denunciation of th ship s
officer who refined to land the pas
senger on eftr the Santa Rosa
groundesl r,ar Point Araruello. Capt.
Pari, who waa making M flret trip a
pom men dor of the veeael. declined, they
say. to listen to the plea of the pas-
engers who dentred to he put aehore
before the gale areas yesterday evening. !
He replied to entreatle. It I ald,
wWh the tatement thl he hasl re
ceived Instructions from the Pacific
Coall Hleamsaip oflclatl to permit no
one to go aehore until It became ab
solutely necessary.
Even whan the sea became wild It I
claimed the Captain was reluctant to
set and not until he waa actually forced
to did he ugr- to aend a life line aahar
so that the peeaenger might be sent
from th steamer tn the oreeche buoy.
J. I) Collin, one of li e passenger,
mad thi Ma lament :
"It waa exactly t So when a hug
breaker eraoked the vei amidahipa
At i o clo k ah amllt In two. Th peo
ple aboard her were then huddled In
the forward section. Hven tiin we hd
difficulty In foralnS the captain to land
to peengr, and II waa 10.M before
the iuat meinl,r al the crew waa taken
trom thl esel :n the :.; hue buuy. If
I had iiad a gull I certainly would have
shot the chief officer and aeveral of hi
asslutants Thcie w no occaalon for
itsnh unreasonable delay."
At Fountain A Clwhr
Ask for
Tht Original $i ImmiIm
Tht Food-drink for All An.
Al restaurants, hotel, and fountain
Delicto us, ttrvtgor atang and luetanme.
Keep h on your sideboard at hbtne.
Don't travel without it.
A aajkk Incb prapartd is mhIb.
Take do haiUtioa. Jort tar HORlia r
Im Mo Oomblmm or Trumt
' C'ltMrtlKLI.. luOdenly. July I, MAItr .,
belord wife of trm lute John Campbell.
'unrl from her Isis rsaldenee, as7
utn v., cn Sunday at l i' at. lnir
maut I'aivary.
t or
iuiu4 erneiea mu
yua Morld will a Ualau el lu
U' laloruiatwa bureau, ludlaar
lleg Aread. Ark aavwi l.urld's
l iilui, ullk., uuttliM! craia lista
lit. btu.diiu liunq I lunjui U-
".ST' U:i wwae-s
jnilaa o( the
Bolte Was I Unconscious and
Police Nrrested His Op
ponent in i-ifcht.
a result of a ten-round boxing
M het't 11 e.etil'ig In the Brig V
Bmi h Atl.Icti, i lab, Surf iven it
and Set unlearnt li s reet. Coney Iglat, 1
ran.' Unite, known n lao'U'B Slfcl,
aa "Xkl" BoltOi ll in I'oney lla-rl
HoMHl !!.. . It wia feared it
RrM Ml kkull a fractured, but c
ant! nation folaj i'ms "I no ouch
injury. Hr.lte MM lO-day he waa fe
Ing all riglit 11 is s iffe ring fro i
cranial iieuvmorliag,,, however, und w.i,
he laid up Mflti time.
"JlghtlBI .1 k" Lsundji who has aon
reputation as a aelterweia-lit fight.'.
a arrested to-day, CfelflM with ts
a. lit on rtolie. hi the CMC Island
Potlca Court the M agist ale held him
a thoul ball for an tsaitalnatlon Mon
day. Betn.en ii gnd l,SM persim tndi-d
tne affair at Ih BrMfblM Peach At!i
latM 1 laS laat Blaht, The go betwec
Holle an I lund;. wis down as the ata.-
por form nana of t:ie a von Ing, it wa
finished about ILH o'clock.
It v. as not known until 1.15 o'clock
thla morning that Bolta had boeu
Injured. 'Dun an aRsbUlan e wai Mm
moned from Coney Island Hospital,
and Dr. llraliofi, who responded, was
told the lighter was suftcr.ni; from tho
heat. He was then In a g mi-conscloua
l.un.ly. who Is twenty-four year old.
married and live at No. u.'ij Twenty
first street, llrooklyn, expressed ur
prlse this morning when Informed of
Holie s condition.
Soap and Ointment
Although ruttcure Soap and Otaimerrt are
told by druggUrta and dealer erywhar.
postal to "Cutlcura." Dept. Q, Boeton, will
iwure a liberal sample of each, with 33-p.
booklet on the car of the skin and hair.
Make the Liver
Do its Duty
Nine lines in are when the User is right th
aaeaaarn aoa Dowels are n
early bi (irmly
pel a lary liver to
do a duty.
Cures CaaV
Heealache, anal Distress after Eating.
aaamll na. Small Dee. Saaell Prase
Genuine aauabeu Signature
LAUNimv-ii,vjm i 7irZaom
mm I vrt t-rtvi
.dfl r IIVER

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