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t. for th betterment of
Mr. Rrhwub admitted that erhan e
aa Prealflent of trailed Stataa Bteel
n Mn't nlv awar eerreta It wu
not then the policy to do ao.
Iolepn1ent manufacture and tha
truat do now Interchange Information
e . Mr. Schwab aald.
Than Mr. flrhaab went Into tha etory
3l tha building of the truat anA Ma con
irncee with Mr. Morgan and Mr. Car-
ale attar the dlnnar.
After tha dinner. Mr. Schwab eon
tlnuerl. "I went home to PItteniir; and
t ought no more about It. A few daya
later I had a telephone meaaage from
Mr. John W. Oatea. He aald that Mr.
Morgan, who aat at my right at tha
llnner. had been greatly lnteraete1 la
Ida auggeatlona I had mada. Ha asked
If I would meet Mr. Morgan at Phlla
1 Iphla the next day.
"I went to Philadelphia, Mr. Oataa
wna there. He aaw ma. Morgan waa
III. So I went to hla hnuae. There I
want over with him tha aubjact of my
speech at tha dlnnar. Mr. Morgan
.sked many queatlona. At tha end of
my talk he aeked ma to find out from
Mr. Carnegie If ha would aell and 'or
-vhat price.
'I did approach Mr. Carnegie. I tried
to Impress htm thai at hla age. with hla
many philanthropic Interest It waa
right for him to aell At length, after
eeveral daya. he agreed to eel). I rnuat
aay that I think Mr. waa re
luctant to aell Indeed, I know that
later he deeply regretted that he had
done ao."
Mr. Sciiwah put great stress on hla
Idea that the comMnation waa for eas
ing money In manufacture and In Im
proving quality of product not for tha
fixing of prlcee or restricting of pro
duction. "I held then, aa I do now." he aald,
"that any trust founo.l on the Idea of
monopoly of the Heel business w-ai
bound to fall."
Mr. Schwab discussed tha "genlle
men'a agreements' of the "old daya"
with Mr Stanley.
"I can remember no gentleman'a
agreement, " aald Mr. Sohwah, 'whloh
waa made for a definite period of time "
"They ware made to ba broken on
"Naually wnen in' party to the agree
ment felt like breaking 1L" (Laughter.)
"But on notlceT"
"Usually without notJca." aald Mr.
Schwab, vlth a frank bland smile.
There waa more laughter.
"Were not forfelta put up to enforce
there agreement?"
"Wound not rno.onfj penalty operate to
maintain suon an agreement"
"Not In tha ateal bualneaa."
Mr. Stanley aat up with an expraa
alon of astonishment
"Oh, Mr Schwab." ha aald, unctu
nualy. "can't I get Into tha eteel bual
neaa?" I T-eufhter.l
"I wouldn't let linn.ooo atand In tha
way nf a big contract," aaJd Mr. Schwab
"My dear fellow." aald Mr. Schwab
II anawer to another queatlon by the
dial -man. "I hava been In tha ateel
'islne alnre 110. In all that time
I heard every few montha of aurh
aa-Teementa. Moat were never conaum
nated. Some were. Some laatad a day,
aome a faw montha aoma only ao long
a. H took tha gentlemen aubaciiblhg to
the agreement to get to a telephone."
"Wasn't one raaaon for our friend
Mr. Carnegle'e unpopularity with hla
fellow manufaoturera at that time tha
fact that ha would not loin Id such
"Tea. Mr. Carnage eouM not build up
hit new huttneaa without keeping up
tha aharpeat competition and making
n'holraale aacrlflceo of pticaa."
The atidlanre had a lot of fun over
Mr. Stanley'a reciprocation of Mr.
Si'liwah'a bland and amooth manner.
If Mr. Schwab put In a drop of oil, Mr.
Stanley eplaahed a cupful hack at him
and Mr. Schwab came hack with a
harrel nf auavety. Aa for Inatance:
"Do 1 make myaelf clear?" aaked Mr.
"Not only clear" aald Mr. Stanley,
I'eatnlng, "hut convincing "
Ah. Mr. Chairman." rail Mr.
Schwab, "you pay me eo many com
pliment that you Incline me to con
fid astaJ."
"Ah, Mr. Schwab." folrlv Irradtittng
the room with hla amllc, "f wont your
i-nflden so. You know many things I
would like to know."
Mr. Schwab aald that the ateel In
duatry to-day hnd reached n state ao
nf.ir perfection that no great Improve
ment of method were to he expected.
New companies WOUld never he organ
ized. The future deelopment WOUld he
the extension of existing Industries
Also tlo oie fields In slaht are nil taken
tm and being worked exeej t In Mexico
Thla did got mean that the end wag
In eight. For Inatance, there are org
h-Hilea In Cuba which will keel: our eom-
pny and the Pannaylvanli Company
C'Onr for at le'tt '.'Mi venire."
Littleton ci osa-exnmltied the witness
en hla theorv of ggVlltg morn v hv hav
ing each mill furnlah Its roilucl to tta
own nelirhi'orhnod Mr. Bohwab said
that there mm-, he a certain "natural
I'mit" of product, eooeueo it is useless
to manufacture steel which could not be.
' Mut docs not that natural limitation
for"a you to fix prices "
"Prices fix themeelvea The price of
it K It tt v. tin it is it it it ; n it r it u It it u it
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XaBf 8 M " ' ' tfn " i' i- n it k i' i: ';
etaal ralla ho bM earter) la twelve ar
fifteen yaara, 12 a ton."
"What haa kept tha prtoa fixed T"
"Huppooe tha T'nlted Stetoo "teal Oor
Iteration war to say 'wa will aell ralla
at 122. what would happen T"
"Tha ethers would hava ta do tha
"Ho the economic consolidation you
hare daaerlbad haa reautted In urh a
altuatlon that tha company could fix
' wSrr
No. Oonrpetltirs would have to meet
a rut Rut they would not hava te
meat a raiae. If the Steel Corporal I on
raised prlcaa to 1 a ton the others
would not have to go up Tha Steal
Corporation could not maintain agch a
"Dn real think that sn egtanalon of
trade wsa heat achieved by a eonxoll-
datlon Of steel Interests '"'
"Ta "
Mr. Schwab told how ha built up an
exxiort wire bualneaa by shutting off all
efforta of the trust's mills In Pittsburg,
'h'.-ago and other placea to make
export wire and by devoting tha Allan
town, Pa. plant to that purpose
"The rate of wagree for labor." Mr.
Schwab aald. "haa ataadlly and con
sistently Incpeaaad atnee tha argantxa
tton of the United Stataa Btaal Corpor
"The T'ntted Statea need no prntwe- 1
lion axslnst the rest nf the world." re- '
piled Mr. Schwab to a tariff quaatlon
frrnn Mr. Littleton, "under equal con-
dltiona. tint If we are to pay aa much
for labor and transportation a we do
we do need protection. Our tariff la
not as high aa that of other countries!
making ateel. except Rngland. Rut wa
Band very little ateel to Kngland ICng
land uses vary little of It own ateal.
"The price of labor hero la twice a
great In Knaland and thsea times a
great ss In Mel glum and other foreign
' I there any reason why ralla should
be sold In Mexlro at Kit a ton aa against
tta here?"
"I do not want to aay. I know I would
not sell ralla In Mexico et 124 a ton."
Mr. Schwab said that the workmen
of the llnthlehem plant, excluding aala- I
nau Intl. rttiM luClu.ltog fjamaaaaj av
eraged It.ism n year. 11 u.eia eirn from
lir. to y a dan helpers f. a day, aju far
ss akllled labor waa concerned: machin
ists and brlcklayera from S2.7S to I', a
day. and common laborer ll.tO a day
all for ten-hour day.
Mr. Schwab admitted that blaat fur
nace men work twelve hours a day,
seven daye a week. It la necessary for
tha furnacea to be kept going contlnu
ously; but men who want to work only
six nays a weaa are cnearruny acoom- i
"Only," aald Mr. Schwab, "they de
mand to ba allowed to work aaven
Dlecuaelng tha dontalnn of Andrew
Carnegie to go Into the ateal tube bua
lneaa, Mr. Schwab aald that It wa not
a threat or a menace to other manu
facturer. "It came about fhte way. I had an
Idea that ateal tuhea could be made In
a new way rolled ae aeamleea tube
and not rolled flat and then bent and
welded. Mr. Carnegie wa In my of
fice one day and aaw plans my engi
neer had prepared. Ha looked them
over and then aald, aa ha often did,
'That's all light. Do It. Tou ought
lo do H right away. Oo ahead.' and I
"In other word," said Mr. Stanley,
"Mr. Carnegie had the money and you
had the ability"
'1 decline to anawer," aald Mr.
Bohwab, bluehlng.
"You bad the ability." pa ran at ed Mr.
Stanley, "and he knew vary well what
happened to the 'other feller' when you
got together."
Mr. Schwab blushed some more and
hook his head.
Chairman Stanley read from the mln-
utea of the National Tube Company In
January, 1901. recording a epreuh made
by the president, K. C Converae, to hla
directors, denouncing the Carnegie Com
pany roi violating all the traditions of
the trade by Invading the tube field
and whs a "menace" In the proaporlts'
of the Induatry. Mr. Schwab affected
to he greatly surprised. He never knew
Mr. Convirse felt that way about nor
mal extetialona of the Curnegl bualneaa.
He would not discuss It.
"If rails coud ba sold at home." said
Mr. Schw ab rh Judge Martlet t of
Ooorgll hi W a ton, and the aurplua
product could l.e fold ahroad at $24 a
ton, thus enabling our mills to run st
full capacity and ihus reducing cost of
roMUfgettir, I think It la good tiual
ne"s. I should favor I, always."
Of genUecnOfl'l agreements aguln.
Mr I hwab toid Judge Bartlttti
"A en' li 'men's axn einent was an nn-
dertaandlng that a number of manu
facturers sjt down together and agreed
that the price should bt X' dollars and
that each one should have a certain
share of the business."
'If a man broke an Agreement, he
was barred from entering another one""
"Ha, ha!" ohuoklad .Mr Schwab. "Oh
dear, BO."
The Qeorgla Congn as-nan looked
shockni ami pained.
"The economic,, predicted by you In
DUtllnlni your plan u Mr. Morgan,"
1 CongrOMfllM Younc "were real,
"More than reallxed
"lime ihe-e economies been allAretl
with the public?"
"Ill tills Way 1 The cost of materials.
labur and transportation have Increased
The prlog ha '', n kept down when
It nor.n it'' tnl,.'i' lave ::.me up
Mr. tobwab denounced hs 'Unquall
fledly false" (he a: uy that there was
uny 1 1 - 'iialit at the Hruv-eW c infer
Mot ol Bxlng price and dividing terri
tory. "A a matter of fct," aald he, "It
deem,, to m,. we wwit for a general
eM'lHl giiod llllli' "
"Mr. Bohwab," saM Mr. Btanby
solemnly, "la It not a long way to go
foi a good tttne? Must one go eo far
fioin home for a good time?"
' "r dngtneea," aald 'Mr Sebwah,
with aquaj SOlesnnHyi "sonietlm. s make
II n aMWry." Tl.cn he made as though
aj get under the table and every body
shouted gleefully.
"AnyWxMfi" leinan led Ju lge Mmtl.-tt.
who sesfnad to nilss the Joke, "you a 11
knew w hat you went for? '
"1 didn't." said the w- tneaa.
Mr. Bohwab laid etael could he mode
as nhaa p In this country aa abroad,
ven in 0OJ! petition wttn fortlgn cheap
littior and transportation Hut to r"
RnOVe tie- tariff would cause the In-
reus,, of foreign pistils and their ef
ficiency, eo that t) ay could overcome
'.'.' .' "...in ad'a:.!ae of orlanl
t:.t on
li w.is decided at the noon receas
thai the committee should alt to-morrow
to take the testimony of A. Itflrton
Hepburn, ('halrmnn of the Roard of l.
rectors of the Chase National liant,
egjd Piesldent of the New Vork Clesrlnx
House, and that It will then adjourn to
Washiuijton. Ueorge Wi Perkln will
loaiu in Waaliliigturi.
Home friction has arisen between thf
committee and OOUMel for the Steel
Corpuiallun over the right oX the objii-
Admiral Togo as
City Halt
mlttee to aee all the books of tha truat.
The committee haa asked for them,
ft. V. I.lndabury and n. A. Ileed for
United . ate Steel offered "abstract "
In executive session to-day the com
mittee agreed to "aak" for books one
mora and. !f refucd, to demand them.
The truat attorneya hold that th
rteolutlon of Conireas creating the
committee gave no authority to expos
to the world the Innermost business of
th company.
!.- i roahfd mm Hv Trie to Get
Out of Car.
Joinpli l.lnt AftPt'i. w;iri old, of
No. ao? 4,lirlBtophr Mr-cut, Brooklyn,
taken ihlii aftrrnoon to th Mtd
on Ktrit l iifespinir by Or. rc. uitm
lnjt frum a compound fi;iUiro of tti
right Ifff.
tasVVtttxl a licil..r,K,r boy cmplo'1
Uy the W i tern lnhn 4.,n.pHny arul
wan ni.ikhiK aomc stu -k ilrllvcrlcs. M
hai bMfdtd an tttVAtOf In l)v Bmptft
1 1 l 1 1 T il t n 17 at No. 71 I IfOftd way, ami w!iilc
wultlng for the -ar to itQgntl wan I00U
Ing ovr hi batt'h of conMxnm-'nii
whttn he miililcnly noUottf ftni that 'lif
hftd inlMHct OH Ml tOUf "f ilcllvcry. lie
triod tt gt cmiI ol the oar, but tha
at. titer hul doacil the autumutu' kiu I
iiinl tte operator hail 0ho1 tht vur up
the nhaft.
The boy'l leu waa eaikKlit in the Inner
K.iten wtiii'h (-lone butomattoftHy With
the outer otiea. The ear waa Itopped
after It ha1 rlaen ahmit ten feet, Tiie
Kate WJtt OponOtl "' Bll Iftd fell t
the floor of the oar Mconooloui
lii-enmn 0Brton uf thf Qroonwloh
ItrOii poll ' Ml.it Ion mhi In a 01 for
an ambulant'.
A buxom Austrian actress and a
RuMlail uliiger tu-duy uppeared befor
William n. QUobrlat Chief "f the Nai
uiallutloi BugagU of the In I led States
District four; and declared their Inten
tion of be Mining American citizen.
In the :.pil. itlon papeii, MN Anna
Hue, who is a laadliti mentber of the
QerneM Theatre Companyi gave her
address a at No. M West Sixty-sixth
struct. She was Imrti ut Innslnuck,
Austria, on Kol. 19, IH4, and cama here
from lUvie, Fiance, in tvt.ru.iry, 1104.
The singer, who after Mklng the pre
acrtbed oath waa given "ttret paper!,"
la Henry .Mandel llarcnWa't. regldenoe
at No, Hi West One Hundred and Flf
t'eth street He was bom on July IS,
iu-u i , i. n ..... I . ti ...
una esfwwsrl 1 1 ifin i m vw a. wc. ntauj,
In August, K2.
Wlfe of Charle tl. 'isles Aka
Final Paper la Ulrnree.
Mri Mary V date, wlfs nf rharles
" Oate. tliroug-h hr attorney, Anson
Irani, tasked JuitlOO HraOy In the Su-
preni Court to-4ay to sign a final de-
OTOO of tilt ore (a doff favor. There wj
no appeeran t on me pan of . ,., . or
his uttorneys, Hyrne A 'iniVieon, un.l
ilia matter ws marked default.
Mr. and Mrs Oatva war m.irrlud thir
teen yeans ago In St. Loul. und bae
no chlktrao.
He Left
After Official Call
Continued from First Pn-re)
piny oon attracted a great crowd. The
street car Una In Fort -second street
tlvil up and business in the vicinity
of the Knickerbocker camu tu a stand
still. When ths Admiral appeared he was
given a salute by the bugler of the
mounted squad, whloh he acknowledged.
Then he ollmbod into a i.ik automobile
with his personal attendant and the
escort assigned to him b the United
States and the Stale of New Vork.
.Mounted policemen look up their po
altlons in front of, beside ami behind
he automobile, completely eutTOUndlni
It and the motorcycle cops started
ahvir 'o clear the way.
Admiral Togo and his escort moved
eastward through Forty-se and street
to Sixth avenue, down Sixth avenue to
Fortieth, OUtWard to Fifth avenue and
down to the t'lty Hall by way of Fifth
ivenut, Waviticy place and Broadway,
rowde cheered the Japanese guest of
ie nation all the way. Many building.
a ere decorated with intertwined Amort'
'.in and Japanese. Hags. At No. 6ts
Hroadway, a Japan store, an assem
blage of about one hundred Jopedeee
yelled "llanxal" lOUd enough to be
heard half .1 mile. The Admiral aloud
up in his car, took off hla list ant
OoWOd hla acknowledgnu nt tu tils eu-
thuilnstlc cuuntrynien.
The party wa ten minutes late 1
reaching the city HeUL a gieat orowdi
attracted by a display of mounted I
'.Icemen bud assembled In 'ity H....
plaza. Admiral Togo, dragged In a
white uniform waa heartily cheered as
lie walked up th City Hall steps, at
tended by Third Assistant Secretary of
State, I'hanU.ur Hale and Cant, Tumpiln
pott u. . n
Th City Hull rnrrlrlors wet thrnngrJ
wltu curious rltlsen atiU tha nolsa In
t hp hulMIng was o great that I lie Con
gressional c'oiiiinlttli'e Investigating tin
Steal Trust, In aeaslon on th (con I
floor, gave up trying to do huslnes
Congrehainen Htmiiay, Kanli'tt an-1 Ian-
lOlth cllmlierl out of a WindOW In the
Oovernnr Room and vlew.l the arrive;
and departure of Admlr.U Togo from
GREETING by the mayor was
Thers was a delay of soma tliraa or
four minutes In admitting tha Admlrl
nd nl" party to th presence ol tha
I Mayor Tb rtcoptloo wa beld la tb
Myor'i private olflce and wa very
brief. Klve minutes after Admiral Togo
tarted on the return trip lo the Knick
erbocker Mayor Oaynor, In hla own
automobile, with an eacort of fifty po-
Ibemtn, left the City Hall to pay a re
turn call on the Admiral.
"Theio whs no aat speechmaklng,"
a ild tli Mayor, telling of the reception I
to Admiral Toiro. "We shook band 1
and I told the Admiral he waa as well
known In this country as In hi own
eomirjr, I called attention to the
crowds and enthusiasm hi proof of my
words. Hla response was brief, and
that I all there w to It."
1'pon arriving at tin, Knickerbocker :
Mayor (Jaynor was escorted to the attars
tera provided for AdflUfSl logo by Mr.
Hale of tho Stat Dcp.iritiient. The
Mayor s visit did nut last more than (He
minutes. He went from th hotel ba k
to the City Hall. The conversation fee
taeen hot Mayor and the Admiral
largely related to the coronation cr.
monlea In London
I'pon hla return to the City Hal. fol-
Owlai hi se. on I talk with the Japan
ese Admiral. Mayor Unynor aald: "I
found Admiral 'l ogo modeat and simple,
a a the rule with men of real ability,
who are never pompoua and so often
awkward and dlflldent. I hope our boy
got a good look at him. They are good
judges of men."
II was Indeed an Interesting party thai
went on the Seneca to transfer at sea
from the liner the little lighting violet
of the Japanese Navy. The trim dare
Uei detroyer was In command of (.'apt.
BV johnton. with JJeut. II. W. I
l-i iriat as executive, end Ueut. Will
iam P. Wishaar aa navigating officer.
She wa spick and span, and aa she cut
th water going down the bay the greet
ng party had a chance to get ac
nualnted. Up on the bridge four silent,
shadowy form In white stood watch,
taking the craft along on her official
niiaslun with a much care and atate
aa would murk tha advance to a naval
attack at a crucial amge of a great war.
In the party were Commercial Com
missioner A. Shldo. Conaul Gener1 K.
MaUunu, Commuider T. Hlraga, naval
attache to the Japanese Mmbaasy at
Washington: M Hanlhara, first i ro
tary of the Embassy; Dr. J. Takatnlne,
president of the Nippon Society; Lind
say Kussell, president of the Japanese
Society of America; Oen. Frederick D.
Grunt, commanding the l'epai tment of
the Kaet; f'apt. I'harles W. Fenton and
Lieut. Marlon W. House, hi alder;
i.'apt. Templin M. Potts, L S. N as
signed a special a. do to Adm.ral Togo,
Lieut. A. U. Cook. U 8. N.. aid to
Capt. Pott; Adjt.-Oen. William r
bocli of New VorU. reprasec. ng Qov.
DtSI Commander Uusscll I .ay nor.
York Naval Militia; (.'apt. MonOOfJ Mor
rl. Twelfth Infttiilry, N. o. 3. N. Y.,
and Chandler Hale, third ass. slant Sec
retary of State.
At Quarantine the cutter Calumet,
with Oen. Nelson II. Henry, Sur It
of the Port and a party of frlertas,
pulled alongside and the atnaller boat
waa used to niako the transfer of .he
Togo party from the Lu.tauta to th
Capt. Pots. Oen. Verbeck, Commander
Hlraga, Mr. Hanlhara. Mr. Hal and
Gen. Henry bourdol the . They
found th .'-dmlral with his a.de. Com
mander N. Tanlguchl, and the -le
valet that mude up Ins perso Usl attend
ance, ready for the chune. A pile of
little trunka and Page hud been plied
1 on deck ready for quica smiling, a
I the boarding parly reaohed t;ie Admiral
on the liner deck, where many passen
ger crowded to watch the ceremonle.
Mr. Hale Bgidl
"Admiral Xogo, I greei you in th
name of the President of tho United
states, and In me name of the n0
retary of state."
The Admiral bowed.
"1 greet you in u- name of th army."
added Gen. Grant.
Another bow from the little aa.lorman
of the Orlenl.
"1 greet you In the name of tho
United Stales Navy, and will be at
tached to your atari du. ig your : if
.n America,' ' aald Capt. I'ulta.
The Admiral looked critically at hi
new staff OfBoer. lie passed excellent
muster and the Admiral smiled an 1
"And I, Admiral, greet you In the
name of Gov. lux of New York, Who
bids ine aay that he regrets he cannot
personally welcome you," said Gen. Ve. -
There was r. hasty bow of recognition
and then t'.ie party went over the a de
of the nig liner to the little cutter
which DUffed along to the natty Seneca,
where a gangplank wa thrown out foi'
th advent of the tiny hero.
Mid n I tilt had passed by some time.
The lighte In the channel bl nked and
rent Incandescent raya ever the water.
There came a flash und a roar, hut the
visitor did not flinch In the face of
I fire, It waa the battery of RMhUghl
photographer! taking the Admiral as
he Mep-ied tn th" derelict destroyer.
Cap!. Jonnson Ktood at the ofllclal gate
a' ay of his thlp to do tt honor.
Then Amcrl a h id Its first glimpse
01 the man who dio the big trlek over
In the Japan Sea Picture a little man
nf icaroely more than five fee;, dres-el
.i tu ick mufti, wear'ng a mflttM'frfll
ored evofoessi huttoned under hi ohltt.
' gag patent leather shoes that know
the VeJeti topped with a blMh dei by
mil imlllng With the ber.lgti air that
in irks Jacob H. BoMfl when prealdllg
at n benevolent iesgion, and you have
pie m; ImpreeelOB of the greatest
ie lighter the men of his own time
ive over known.
In hla hand he carried a black cane,
crooked es to top and alight aa to
iretghl His blaok undressed kid gloves
were held tlght'y over the crook of th
a riiisi Hll'llli.
ouaraaiM-d lo r.ns tbs ""1 lua:
l uiu to ,,r RheuaistUiB. ac'aiira aaa
. nnis ns
nia fee uataUctue
facauul t-
l uto-JUlj !i.. ut turtsei WW" JM0-
Htaeuiaa a
a a ttiker. Maiisn
) Uru Olives.
eaenut. Sleaal
Olur. (.Initel
touper u., lath Olreet Olur. i.lnii
Kiui. It. H. Mmcs a Oe. aaO all Orua
slata Mil Si. -Mo. wi seat as well e
itrelel priep
Sell.- Til I trli. n Hi, II Mm. Sew Vork.
. , ...... jvnji
I Utlllvt-t UU.Ii I t.l ut 1
csne, as an ofllcet might hold hi white
gloves at th hilt of his sword. He
paused and smiled, then he bowed, hat I
in hand, to fhe little knot on the de
troyrr a deek. H i . face Is wreathed
with gray whiskers. A until mugtachf.
adorna his upper lip The lines of th
fnco ar soft and centie, the manner
that nf one who could upon occasion 1
be rigidly tern and terribly domineer-1
On might easily imuTlna that I
should he turn end hastily give a
nappy command, those of his own na
tion would J imp Into the see without I
waitlnK lo ask why.
Gen. Grant led hfm to the afi deck, i
where he ant in n circle of officers. He
gave full evidence that tbo who re-I
marked hi silence made no mistake.
Those who p-alspd his Enxlinh were at I
fault. Ha speaks the linguage with I
effort and does not grap Its meaning;
sTnen t Is meant to pieMaV
Commander Tanlguchl tond at bis
aid and Interpreted the queatlon of
those about him Gen. Grant sat at I
the Admiral' left and tried to talk aa
the destroyer aped along. But the Ad- !
mlral did not underatand what tha
General was eaying.
"I wlh that rotti stay In this country
may be pleasant and that you will arry i
away th mot pleasant rooollectlont of
It." said the General.
'Thank you, thank you," Interjected
the Admiral behind each word. Then lie
called hi aid to tell him what It waa all
about, and then, finding that he had
guessed aright, he again smiled and
bowed his thanks.
"Will you tell the Admiral that
France, Kngland and th United State
nave entered Into a treaty of arbitra
tion, even concerning matter which In-1
volve national honor, by which all con-!
troverles shall b decided by arbitra
tion?" Commander Tanlguchl waa aaked.
Bo repeated the question to hi com- !
mandlng officer, who looked at the deck
for a moment and said a few worda la ,
"He says. 'I am very much pleased to
hear It,' " said the Interpreter.
"Ivies the v.lmlral think Japan will tn
the future Join any such axree-ment?"
"The Admiral says," replied the Com
mander after repenting the queatlon,
"that this would not be a bad thing for.
japan to ao, but he wlahes to say that
1C duC3 Hot 1 tw -......, . ...... ...
question and that he 1 not a politi
cian." "What ar your Impression of the
harbor?" he waa aaked.
He looked hopcleasly up mnnz the
towering form tnat hut off even th
air, to aay nothing of th (tglit, and ra-
"I haven't een New York yet."
Then came un Interesting moment.
Those about him, full of th dove aplrlt
of the treaty signing, sought to get from
th hero of the Fast an expression to
the effect that war waa at an end
and that the trade of killing men In
battles by land and aea wa to be no
He heard the questions In silence,
mlled th .saddest sort of a smile a
though pitying the logic and the knowl
edge of history of his questioner, and,
after a moment of deep reflection. ald
But h looked a volume. And that
volume d.d noi have for its theme the
discarding of the uniform, the relega
tion of the sword lo the museum, or the
throwing away of any dreadnoughts.
"I saw the Delaware over at the
Coronation," aald the Admiral, getting,
like a cat In a airange garret, a trifle
mor acustnmed 10 hla surroundings.
"I was linpres-ed by Its sl7.a and power.
It Is a great ship The Coronation was
magnificent. It was a wonderful thing."
the description of what he had
een. Then Gen. Grant pointed out
that to the one side was Com-
munlpaw, at winch information toe
Ad ... .il murmured "Yes." The Gene
ral pointed out Hro.klyn, and the Ad
miral said "Yes," with a p'eased OffO t
that seemed to Indicate that he did not
think Brooklyn any nice topic to In
trude upon an early morning conver
sation lp under tha great brldgea came the
hip The Admiral leaned bark and
scanned the spans with wonderment.
H aaked their length, and was told
by one of hla countrymen none of the
Americana knew. TnO same Jap told
him that there waa nothing to aupport
the centre span, meaning to Indicate Its
sii'penalon nature. The Admiral was
Interested some more. He called to the
newspaper men and made this state
ment: "To the American People: Sap
plne t the realisation of one'p
hop, delre and xpotaUon.
I bar long dss.rsd to be In the
United Statea and therefore I am
happy. To-morrow, when I have
een mora In this great country, I
may have omthln mor to say."
"Was your voyage pleasant' asked
a military aide
"The weather was a trifle roiierh," he
replied) "but we lld not 'eel It on that
bis ship."
He wa now looking at the sky
scrapers, wltn the - ellow dots of 114 ts
Indicating the stories, one on top of t' .
other, reachlnx Into the low clouds. If,
wus amaged at the lght. He discov
ered that the llnhta In one big building
Kive it tho appearance of having been
; utted by a huce fire, nnd told his aide
of the dlicovery. He asked how the
island could hold so much weight, and
then heard with tnoro Interest that the
city stoci upon solid rock.
Again came the photographers and
tired another broadside at the Admiral
in. '. iuii .v iifvv and tuiMlnal i.tt'.i
ftMCit1 iMlllI an. mihI rrh U a l-l - t n i.
tuue rrirej,
tiltil JUH 1'iai inn' n hi i. mi
rhrllrinr nliu h will ui tht in
lliitriKt fUVOf. . . IM'
, M ' : l I! 1 CM I'l H Mil I " I II I I H
Tht nniiii miitKriiU iHiiiirtl-.ina mhtI
u ti i I daliM und lUr 1 luffs tin -iiimtI w a
1 1 nior i ea
u.iirt dUuia.nt y oil lrM
.( urarll u MtDlfl 'i. II
i rall t'Djov. . I'dt NII IMX
i i ( III i TliU la the Heaann for
inn lu f- and nr hair a ttor rrou nf
lurar, ripe ieA'hr. which, lot oritur! cd
wllli drIU ale uatir ermm nnd eurered
ultli yur iiiuri tniaiiiv milk
t Ihm wmle. makei a iiiont tie
i min ml treul. lit them.
i t n M IUX
Fark How and ( ortlandt etrret itora pen aviry evenlnx unlll II oVlock.
Ail uur otoiro oin riatui'duy evrulna until 1 I o'rloek.
Week-End Time Saver
The avlng of a little time la never
aiiprecla tel so much as wlien you
are makliiK really to flash t'" the
country either I'rlrlay or Bat rday,
Loft savxB veil mucti time In . :
ting your canuy to take away by
" " J .'7
having s-u- assort
ment of combinations all
ready for you
no his group He took It kindly. Som
of ihe American officer did not. lie
Mashing and the rosrlnx of the blast
nn getting on their nei ves.
TVs' Sene -a nearer! tht recreation pier
at Fast Twi nty-fourth street. There
Chief Inspector Max Schmittbeager and
a sped! detail of police were lined up
for t lie reception. The party came
shore and ent red automobile. In
the first wrnt Admiral Toxo, his 1de,
Cpt Potti- and Assistant Secretary
Hale. Tie rest ol tha party followod.
By ? o'clock the automobiles were on
their nay toward thi Hotel Knicker
bocker, and New York WOO houslnr her
great guest halt an hour later.
"Tiie Admiral usually sets up at I
0'Cle k." said his i.aval aide, "but after
Maying r' so late a h; has to-night
I don't iilnk l.e will be In such hurry
to get up In tha morning"
The official party mi busy to-dy
when It did come to llf. The prepara
tions were made for selng ti e Mayor
and for taking in such fast Junkets as
might be arranged before the leaving
of his train for Washington.
Man Who WorkeJ Trick in Brook
lyn Had Revolver When
The telephone was called Into play by
William J. Newman of No. M6 Fort
Green place, Brooklyn, a he went about
town getting tradespeople to cash
checks for him which afterward cam
back from the bank with "N. O."
stamped across their face The first
time he trie I to cash one of hi check,
on July IS, Mrs. Mary fjchlenck, wno
haa a hake-shop at No. 40V Myrtle ave
nue, refuaed to honor It, but on July 20,
five day later, the telephone bell rang
and when she answered, the man at the
other end said that he waa one of her
nefghbora and that Newman and hi
check were all right. Then Newman
came along and got her to hand over
' In good money. The same trick waa
worked on William P. Kedmund of No.
61.1 Vanderbllt a.'cnue, who parted com
pany with $10, and Monianex and Fe.s,
clear Hnlfra M iriMthn.h avenue. Were
. . at lilt. ........
! On July 16, he managed to gat hold
of one of Abraham & Si rails letIT
head, and wrote an order for two dla-
' Piond ring, on a Maiden Uane Jeweller.
slgn.ng the najne of one of the depart
ment store's tuyers. The Jeweller went
to the telephone to verify the order,
whereitrsin Newman fled. When Detec
tivea Murray and Koddy arrested him,
a loaded revolver wu found on him, an 1
to-day Magistrate VoofhOOO In the
Adams Street Court held ulm for trial
for grand lercrny and for carrying con
cealed weojmna.
llnrry Tail to Senator.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 4. Kear that a
coalition of Democrats and Insurgent
ftepuhllcan In Ihe Mouse mlitht he kbit
to pass the Woul THriff Itevi lon and
Farmers' Free Mat bills over President
Taft'a veto, ahould he make Bee of It,
caused Repreaentatlve John DWlght. the
Republican whip, to-day to send tele
grams to all the absent Republican
member of the House, urging : em to
hurry to WMblngton.
May Irrrln' Sea Weds.
DETKulT. Aug. 1 Walter Irwin, eon
of May Irwin, th comedienne, was
married to Miaa Ethel M. Thompson of
Ann Arbor In Bt. Paul's Church yester
day. Mr. Irwin Is now . Uetrolter, hav
ing come here nearly a year ago from
the Kast He la employed In an auto
mobile factory. The Uev. John Mc. 'er
ror, performed the ceremony
rhe National
Bat Killer
Stearns' Electric Rat and Roach
Paste the Standard Exterminator
For over thirty years Stearns'
Electric Rat and Roach Paste has
been the standard exterminator in
this country and today it is used all
over the world, for killing off rats,
mice, cockroaches, waterbugs and
other vermin.
It is ready for use. economical,
reliable and sold under an absolute
guarantee of money back if it fails.
At all druggists. Be sure to get
the genuine; 25c and $1 00. Stearns'
Electric Taste Co.. Chicago. 111.
sxfcsai.v aost rug hom
$1.25 the case of 24 bottles
one cent a bottle more than
the ordinary beer. A little
higher in price a great deai
higher in quality.
f Trade Mark.)
II err Ie a kind of 1- errant thai yua
i mii i-arry amniitl In vuur im kt ( --
nrlrl. I e-1 1 liiiii. ilnlry i imin
at linn is. win ill .Or. a uimuil. I I I -P
4ur pilttj I'OINU BOX JLW
H AN I I Mil 111 kIMHI S 1 hr-i'.-ul
1 1 i i, mi rn 1 1 if rich nut llf -Ma i rr.l
Micitr i r. Mm ttnd fa im . m: nuis. with a
v on I
II l sim Minor liiul
ill Mtll even the most
.vMc M
eandy lute''
lHid like) NeNsrlroile ruddlnc for
th i i iii dlunrr licre Im ,uur i ,ui.
to ul am It in i a-ul form. It Ik soiur-
tlilntt yen hut ae nre etire
thut after tota bate trlrt It W
you will wvunl u to have It Wwm if
rririilarly 101 Ml B( VI VI L
Car mut.
(. rh.reS 5l
PARK ROW &. M&esn
n C At . ty I e.K
6" tar Pultsnat
won M.- arw3tk
The apeolfled welfht In eaoh Inatance li.
eludea tha eontalner.
I Smoker's throat is un
known to lovers of the
weed who use Vernas
j Lotion.
Sore throaf, hoarseness
Free swollen glands, Inneilitis.
I f aala. I 'liptlieritic throats yield
promptly tn Vtftu i
I BottlC Lotion. Combines heal
I I o r votn i n g, (nothing qualities
dealer's ith the molt efficient
name antiseptic and germHda'
action. Incomparable in
II rases nf mnuth irritation.
SU st til Drat Stares ISc Ste, J1.00 f
Vernas Lotion
10 .
You may lay it to poor
light or close work, but
most likely you are
straining your eyes.
If you want to know,
have them examined by
Our Registered Physicians,
Oculists of Long Experience.
We Charge for Glasses Only.
Pc-fe-t K iting .U.s.,rs Low as $1.50..
vcnliMta' upuvutnH
223SisthAf..lahSl 217 B'dway. Aster HessM
150 Sixth A., Ud St. 101 Nssau An St
17 West 42d Bet 5th 1 6th At... New Terk
411 Fulton Su Cor. Bend St.. Brooklyn. I
Summer Price Reductions
Retimed Prices In Every Dept.
flonble heav)
Wnsen Wui
gn-'g Matt',
l-ln. Bra
Extra well mada
various woods
Golden Oak
Early Lngiisti
Dining Room
Cano m
We Furnish Homes Complete
Cash or credit.
2209 3d Ave., ,8iS,1
Tho Gift
And, Lika
1 hm,
Criiggit. j S()c-
lrtared by liirurpiirtttetl ft ntisls, X.Y.
III il l It MHS KI.I.h.N Ht t.cina. wits
of tu late Miehat-. Duloer, uauva or
Oeenly Vvesfora. freland,
Kunsral from her lot r10el80i -tttOA
Union St.. liriiolilj n. Ihtllot to .-11 Aanes'
Rttntan Oat In lie (':. . Hi.;-i ui
Hii I. "I. s's.. si. -1 it r. Mill, in i . u ji will
br effsieti 111 i : ; i eamraai meraloat
Au. , lotermsol Itoty Cross Ci mtey.
?S3)fJ)?3)fS'5.-5vS ft?ii.SiJtj(jaa
All loot Ujf tOUIllt UI lit I
Vrrtinrtl ut I hi- v 01 aa t
H Mil
ill ua
lUlrd at Uk i, i iu
' inn Ilarrita. I'ulltaaa i....
Ari adr. I':.ik I' i . r
I tHaw n on ice, nurthtvw
lir I silfi m' , mil t,i
t -'i Ill's h.. ' . tl.M- I
West Uinih and
lli-M i l ii O'fl 'avjt k '
i PS
ton Mi 'trt o)MM f'r HO i ivi
' ft..,. ,.. nrtnilnir of tli
-u ikaire . ...... ( juv lt
9MtUcfitdoni "
m mm . u 1 1 1 , . i
K 1

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