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Bobbie and Bessie in Search of fairyland
Admiral's Grandson Vsnishes
Between Glen Ridge Home
and This Clij
By Eleanor Schorer
Secret Service Agents on 1 1 ail
of Strangely Imperturbable
iW 7 i Ifli&i,)
Attends All Sessions and Never
Moves From Chair, Not Even
When Togo Arrives.
T'Mtaal tj?t Swrrt fturvlee min and
tnttd Slut" Steeil Corporation detec
lwa allae. are worried HH the mye
terloua Japanese who has edged hla way
into (he very MMMl aeavt of the on
graealonaj Investigation of the Hteel
Trn1 which hue bsesj going on for
I k at the lty Hall
Th orient' at ranger Is of ufiunlly
ca.rk skin He baa n narrow (Ml with
large features and .n eye an lna rut-
M a aculiit ujf ! Uu.ldha.
Kv,ry 1
crajr. fta.LT an hour t-r. r- the h-i ir set
'r tbs hser1:ig--sn(l that la Invariably
an hour batore they actually begin
the Jatn nw liu - me, smiling tin- i
personally nt other rly arrivals, Um
rurnlture and the picture on the wall
and hna pilled a tax I r cloan up to tha
ui tU aealOB ttel WtteaMgil git,
Tha Yellow Stranger never Invm that
eat onca ha haa talmn It. until Chair
man Stanley declares the committor ad-
J r ii" 1 or order nil outsiders out ba
cus of an eiscutlvn aeaalon.
Whan Admiral Tom arrived at tha
1 Ity Hall yrstenlay to rail on Mayor
ileynor, and City Hall Park waa
thronged w'th a ehnutln, puahlng mob.
and poll oe tingle were rooty-tooting ail
ovar tha ilce, the atrel Jap aat tlaht In
'la chair. A clerk of th oommlttae waa
curious over hie apparent Indifference to
tha ownM of the great Japanese war
rior. "DM you know." asked the clerk,
"that Admiral Toko I out there?"
"Taa." eald Ui little 1MB shortly "I
"You ran aee him from the window.
in look r
"No," aald tha mysterious on ahortly.
"If 1 leave thla aaat om one elan note
tna place. I mual be where I ran hear
oaotl word whenever It la spoken. I
must aee tha look on the face. Home
other time, when I am home I ran aa
tin Honorable Tuso. 1 thank you vary
Ho far aa la known theae are the only
words, except murmured apolo(1e,
which the Yellow Strang haa utterad
at the hearings.
At first tha Want ban of the rommltta
and the other wnu have gathered at
1 he hearings Uiouxht that the man waa
th valat of one of the millionaire wlt
neaaea. but tha captalna of industry
mm and want the Yellow Ht rainier
atuok to IUa poat. Somebod aaked him
If ha waa the reporter of a Japaneae
newspaper. He promptly took out a
pencil and began to lake not on Um
haok of an envelope, apparently fearing
thai If he rti-i not act like a newspaper
reporter he would In thrown out of hi
hoaen position.
After hi third day some of the aieel
people became Intrreated.
been fairly well founded
There nave
report for
several yeara that tbe nmhltloua nation- j
al plana of the Japaneu do not atop
with military projecta. They have com-
merrlai aplra without number. It .
eeemed likely to the Steel corporation!
repreeenlallvr al the hearing that the
Y'eiiow Stranger waa a representative.
of the Mlkadu'r commercial aet-rrt er
'le. Of course, there la nothlntr In the
1el hearing which la not open to all
tn woiid. There la no (oar that any
aocret of American Micceaa will be re
vealed by Lewi aa Ledyaid. Chaj lea
at. Schwab, joim a. Topping. Leonard
C. Hanna or any other of the Captalna
of lnduatry which will give the Asiat
ics any unfair insight over our eucreas.
The Intereat of the Steel corporation
and also of th l.'nlted state Govern
ment ib to fhtd out USt what System of
eeplonage th Yelljw fstrungcr repri
sent, and now far that systam exieitda.
To that end a United Sta; accrst
f Servlue InNesllgatlun wua begun I Mlef
day. lp to la nour o. -. n
' tha Yellow trnger had not dlvuiifed.
hi name, (.'losely as h follow IhS
teatlniuny at tbs hearing he suftered u
sudden dulneas of hla uudoi-stund. tig "I
Knglmh when quaatlOM were put lo
r And when the session tlnC.v j.Imh I
..t ilium, two dm reft ft ..
' i avller aliitK'l av ay ni til" Mli.fl
i nd at Uv upfciiiiiK th hMrlteef Uh
Itty (hny ulipi'tvl Into Ul CltJ HftH
.ifter hhn. If 'hi-y Uad lOtvftd I '"' Wy
tory of hlii mlMrion ilit itouthi
notuint . Hut th Ytltow Btnuigftr Mm
ad unioruK.ou of l.ih InttfMt lie h.itl
arouftod. lit picked out a chair, i ., f I
it over bjld tli wUntis chair and
'iiitn4Md hlniHtdf Into a yrlluw pun p-
ln n. K" to wult until Ull dtiU dut-
uf wiu ahoutd hogiii.
si Going out of to .'n for t'e a im
II mar may hevs jpbo WOlld aotll II
II to then., a' .. ." i ehsMgSd ' II
U otlen aa deetred. II
l Morn . f'tib, l 'J per v . .
YyBveiilt.g A'larM, frg, ;er w . II
Saarsiay Woela Sc. - e HunOg
X aaS seur snii'm bo ... w
Oaslee f
kX. HW Kill
1. Yon remember, DUMa and
Beaaln wre whlrllnR away over tha
ocean floor In a ana horao chariot Is
qu of Fairyland. Aa they aped on,
thoy aaw above them vha bottom
runjti of a rope lad 1t. 1 wondar
whera the top of tha ladder taf
aat 4 Ueaate. "Maybe In Fairyland."
anwworod nobble, "let a And out."
hoy nauKht hold of tha ladder
and bnaran to ollmb. At the top they
found themaelvoa in a very wonder
Followed Over Country From
Colorado He Is Arrested at
Rockaway Beach.
After purxtilt which lasted over four
yeara and extended from the beet-augar
rampa of Colorado, acroaa the Rooky
Mountain!, to Sleattle, Wash . down to
New Meiloo. and thence acroaa the con
tinent to a little curio ahop In Rock
away BegV Harry Taahtmotn, who
alao anawora to Ihe name of Muraca.
waa held to-day without bail to await
examination on a rharge of murder.
' aim and undisturbed by the aerloua
neaa of the accusation, the prisoner
entered at Olko Tunlyukl. daecendant
of the samurai, who had followed htm
aa relentleaaly aa a bloodhound, when
the amateur aleuth confronted Mm be
fore Maglatrate Ktunptirr In the Far
I rltaway police 'ourt to-day
In tha courtroom waa a awarm of
Japaneae. all member of the Kagoshl
Ken Jen, or Young Javaneae Society,
whoae members are all Japaneae college
men, and to Which the prlaoner, the
murdered man and the amateur aleuth
tielonged. "Banxal!" they ahouted
when the American deteotlvea brought
In a dreaa ault caae on which were
painted Initial whir, proved that
YtiHhlmnto waa alao Murara, the name
under which he waa aoughl and which I
e had ilenled waa hie.
'Phr ItOfy Of the amateur ditentlve'a
oountry-whle search reads like a ro
mance of old Japan, and beglna when
fiUfir1ft Tutayttkl and K Iluankl
were well-born atutlenta In tha Toklo
l'nl rally and detertnlntvl to come to
thla country to make some praotl.-al
teMt of a heel sugar process, vvhlch they
had worsen out in the laboratory. They
joimi tks bsel sugar camp at Oraolai
il nd there on Ihe night of July lit.
rjUT. Ibii-ukl waa shot. When the other
student rushed Into the lent, so Yunt
yukl told Magistrate Kempner lo-d.iy.
thai found Tashlmota standtng over
II isukl A the entered Yushlmoto
caught up the living man's wallet and
The polhe failed to find the mlsln
man, uni wiu-n titey givp up the sheas
meilibs: of the mt'ldrlc.l man's secret
korlety. the lining lapunese. derided
in act Word was senl to the lodge In
lienvcr and a lux mis lnioaed ution
. r. . - . .
each of the 1,100 members for a fund lo
he used In tracking the murd r. Y.m-
yuokl set out on the hunt w.th s fund
of severs! thousanda dollars.
,., .,,r, ,,r hl(, ,,, )n N(,w MMoa
,. he . . 1.. 1 1 ,,nu ... ti,,,.
yMblmoto had heard of his oomlng and
nt(j ,,.() ,,. ,,,, k, .,, llp th(, ani)
f0OWad I' to St. l.ouls. to Chicago to
Pittsburg, to Buffalo, but ulwava the
, h w. h,k.tlll fnr ,H,,
in Buffalo fanayuokl hoard that Taatt
,,,,. ,, ,,, M., Vlrl, , u- .,.
- lOWSd ni.o here
r more than a WSSk
he went to the various haunts of tin
Jupunese and watched every curio shop
and restaurant rim by them Then he
began a canvass of the shuffle-hoard
ramea. the tea room, the outlo shu;.
la aea 'by rseorti
Last night he was at Hoekawav
Reach, and there. the corner of
Oooafl and gsaslda avenues, hla long
MaVrca ended. Dotsctlvsl Ruddy, Walsh
and Murray of the llockaway Beach
station, arrested Y'aahlmoto after una
yuckl had told hla story,
Tho auuiteui sleuth ahowod .Manistr tta
KampOOl a letter from Sheriff S. J. lie.
OgfSS of Wels Count.!, Cel., accu. ng
Yoshlniotu of being lkluk e ri'sarei
am' cn thla he was held.
W A.MIIMiTMN. Aug r, -Effort of
the diplomatic corpa at Portau Ptlnce.
Haiti, to form a cnnmif.i. of publlo
safety have failed Article, Hi Minister
Kufhlss has reported to t:o. State De
lia on-nt that a ootitlict between the
opposing rsvolutlonary fagjUoni aet.ni,
I ne liable.
to-ki&tmrz. 1 fwtarr? mu fur
ful boat.
2. And the captain of the Wonder
Ship waa the Prince of the Hea
HaMae. "Where on earth do you
come from?" he asked ilesele, aa the
two children floppel down on the
dock In front of him. "From tha
bottom of the aea," answered Bobble
(for aometlmea boya apeak flrat, even
If It lan't very Rood mannara), "and
we are looking for Fairyland Can
you take tia there?" "I'm afraid
Returned Paris Shoppers on
French Liner Says Extremes
Will Be Rule.
Next winter's millinery will run to
hlsr and little extremes, according to
Mrs. O. F. Campbell-Wood, wife of the
Secrete! y of the Aero Club of America,
who returned from a chopping expe
dition In Fart aboard th French line.
Lai Provence to-day.
Mr Campbell-Wood, who was one of
the many flrat rabln passengers who re
fused to disembark when the ateamihip
arrived at har pier at 11.30 o'clock thl
morning, wore one of the big extreme
which she said would set the par for
fashion this winter.
"It does not seem that there will be
ny happy medium," aald Mrs. t'ump-bell-Wood.
"Those who can wear tiny
bonneta will do eo, but there are many
whose irullar alyle of beauty wll1 not
ahow to advantage in audi millinery.
Their only alternative then will b to
wear hata of the other extreme."
Mrs Hubert Karon, wife of the Ameri
can Ambassador to FrUOttj and her
ann Robert w ere passenger a on La
Provence. They will remain here only
a few week before returning to Pari.
Prince Ludowlck Plgnatelll d'Aragon,
arlon of the one time rulers of Antgnn
before Ihe great province! of OaOtllO
and Aragon were united Into the Sp.in
lah kingdom, also arrived on the Ln
He la young, good looking and rich,
hut alaa. ye fair mllllonalreaaea who
would wear robea of royal purpl and
0O rontttS of undlmncd tuatre. he will not
wed, and hoe sworn eternal vow o.'
1 srlbeoy.
"1 fefA e loved oner," said the Prlnce
of Aragon with bOjrtoh fiaaikncaa, an. I
I will never love again I um donu with
POmailOSI My one and only love was
an American girl. Miss Helen Hilton, if
thia rit. and i atir. bold her memory
sacred a the loVsllSSI of all thu fair.
We met In Paris and we became en
gaged This was onk) a ear ago. 1 am
not revealing leorole tur t was u in
the Oontlnontal papers. The lagasjo-
pasBt eas 'ookrn beoauss
rllablo relurlons differences
if Irrecon
llut it was
m ,.,.,.. 1 naVST love
j ilKain
. ...... 1. ......
1 I have met and esne.it to tuert line
, , .
n"1'" '(...rmliiK American glr.s. but
will BO no loniance. I have no
1 nerd for fur: una hunting and would
I nol stoop
to such a thing
My life
honooforth m be saesd in
and hunting "
This love proof noble stpinlard I
tblrty-AV cars old He is sjeudei and
ot medium height, well kmt mid mue
OttlfeT, and he Is i enow tied abroad ua a
nilghtv huulei'. While in America he
1 Will be thl guest of Robeli Ooelel Hs
expis'is to hunt some big gams In th
Cumidluti wilds bsfOrO returning to
simin. An emissary from youni Mi
i tloelet met him at the pier and will
escort him lo the tloelet villa at New-
port. He will al be u guest of Mrs.
Bolls b W. Wlllard aboard hoe hus
bands yacht.
BLOOM MM D. N I., Auk 5 am
tratir. '.vse for -oil Into the local post-
t Ifflci list Bight The thieves escaped
with sonii booty ut the robbery was
not discovered until this morning, post
tiftlce Inspector are al work trvlug to
find out Just what w its stolen, as many
letters wars rifled,
Win n til I'oet-i IffsCI
niornliiK II was fa ind
bad hen opened with a knife and the
ooAtonlt ovorhsulsd. aii ihe rsgl tend
unit steclul del very letters hud iieeu
ripped open and iinii sontonts thrown
On Ho lloor wuen ke) w - re not vatua
bit' lb stamp clerk's drawai was forced
1 JT w.ssos. ' t1" ' 1 V""rMX3Ut Tilftn ires' f-uvnmx-r- l r Jj JJ
not," replied tbe Baa Baby. "I'm
bound fOT the North Pole to call on
King Boreas. Perhapa be can tell
you how to get to Fairyland."
3. And after awhile It grow older
and the little ahlp had to dodge In
and out among Icebergs, like a stray
dog dodging automobiles. At last It
halted at a frosen shore near a huge,
glittering Ice palace. "Here we are,'
said tbe Bea Baby, aa they landed.
"There la King Boreaa's palaoe.
Prince Who Will Never Wed;
Shopper Who Brings News of Hats
ojen and S30 worth of potBjr tniTnpi
find Kmali hun? wfr tukn. Kntrance
Ml rflYctpd by Heiwlnic a three-uAvrter-Inch
Iron bur on a book window.
Cipt. Helix OfBdally Credited
With Highest Mark, Although
Hoxey Went HiheT.
1TTAMPKS, rVanOS, Aug. 5-sTapt.
Follx, director of the Military Aviation
school, ascend sd u.aao fen to-day. thu
breaking the faOOrd for helir'it attained
by aeroplane. The ascent was made ln
sixty-three minutes and tho aviator
planet down In twelve and one-half
The official record for altitude had
been held by M. L gagneux, who, at
Pan. l'rance, last I'eremher rose to u
heU.it of 10. HI feet. The 'ate Arch
Hoassy rsaohsd a bslght ot u 474 feet
ut lais Angalaa on Deo. M last, Before
1 Is larograpll hud Ik-imi examined and
the mark official! attested, the In
strument was destroyed In the accident
which cost Hoxaey Ids life five dtyj
nfirr his record undent.
John II. MeOoldrlOk Once Well
Kssws Polltlelaa in Rao sort.
The funeral Of John II M.t loldrlck.
once secretary of Tarn man) Kali and
g the Sam time the private secretary
ol herd Croker, was held from st.
Ilernard's church, on West t'ourteenih
Do You Know
Who This Is?
Do you
whe this is?
It Is a man who
has entertained and
ntnusrd you more
thun hnlf thr shows
'iu ever went to.
Il isO. HENRY .
Aniri'ca's greatest
short ttory writer.
Every stinunof lor the put lew years,
i he Kvin i. Win id bus ptlhllsht (I a scrii s
wag opsnod t'ls10' ,J- WEWetl J short storus. Thiy
bsl man) an il Wgro the aort that interested everyone;
brilliant, am using, dramatic, human
O. HKNKY received from $b00 to $1,000
apiece fot tbstn.
The Evening World will print a series
of the lost and best of O. HENRY'S
short atorics, begitmiua Monday. Bo
on ;nc lookout tor tucm.
where he keeps all the winds that
blow. Hell be glad to aea yon, I'm! posed to be. But the children oud
eure." Idled together and ehlverad. And
"I wlch we'd brought along our Hesate cried, uat a vary llttla. She
mlttena and ear muff s.' chattered waa a brave girl. Bat It lent easy
Beaale, "I'm awfully cold. "Perhaps
tt'a warmer Inside the palace," aald
Bobble, "come on."
4. King Boreas waa vary glad to
see the children, and he called out all
his 00 Id est winds to amuse them.
I For, at tha North Pole, the colder
street, at 10 o'clock to-day. Had "John
ny" McOoldrlcJt died twelve years ago
there la hi.ndly a oiurch ln New York
that would nave been large enough to
have held the people who would have
crowded In to pay their last respects to
hi memory. At that time he was as
well known aa any politician of the
present day, and was everybody's
To-day less than twenty-five neoDle
attended the funeral MrlvOOS, anil only
one. politician, ami he a Itepuhllcan,
William Halpln. Deputy ftoglster of
New York County, father Klernun cel
ebrated the low mass
HBaaVjl Bl
asaaaafl aaM
23rd Street 34th Street
Luiuiiiencinp: Monday, August Uie 7th
Showing of
Silks, Velvets, Dress Goods, Trimmings
and I. aces, new Autumn weaves and ccJuis.
SII.K Dl'PARTMENTS. In Both Stores.
"McCreery Silks"
Famous over half a Century
On Monday and Tuesday,
August the 7th and 8th.
10,000 yards of
inches wide
Fifth Floor, Twenty-third Street
Visiting Merchants and Buyers are in
vited to inspect our
2Jrd Street
you are, the comfortablar you're sup -
to be brave when you're cold clear
j through, is H? "Oh, I wish we'd
! never started on thla horrid Journey
to Fairyland," growled Bobble, "I'm
5. Just than King Borsaa's wife.
the Sun Queen, came Into tha palace
Toe entire price list was driven down
to new low records this morning on a
continuation of the furious liquidation
that haa been In progress all this week
Additional losses of from 1 to S point
were sustained In all etandard securi
ties. To-day'e losses come on the heels
of average decline of t points t .at
Mocks nave suffered thla week. Very
little aupport was visible, aa Reading,
Union and Northern Pacific, Atael and
Copper went scurrying down.
Steel was mad the target for the
blunt of the bear attack. Humors of
forthcoming startling developments to
be brought nut In the steel Investigation
caused considerable a took to be pressed
for sale
Heavy sales of Steel drove the stork
l.eh.w 74, a prloe cot reached slnco
The downward rush was rherked to
ward the end of th first hour, but only
a feeble recovery was established.
The I toeing Price.
Tul'. l.ialiMt ,.e.t Slut jest tit
storks nil of net clianff,. a ..in; n .-1 with
Mrdar'e fin.' flgusj". " ejus
Htfil Low.
Aaaal. Ootver
Am. Car At T i
Am. Cao
Am. Can !f
Am. Cotton (hi . .
Ain. Ice Co
Am Lissimotl.e
Am. Hm a ilf.
Am. H. a R. iS
Am. Sugar
Am. T. & T. QO
Am. Tori. Co. la.
A.. T. a .
Halt, a raiio...
Hs R'.'. Tran.
. ... I , I" PT . .
OWMlsB PariAe,
c . 11. a L. '
Cfhi. a s
I'onaal. Uai
1 .. : .v Hudson
nt. ISe. -urp.
' J;ri
(Jen. F.lrcUlc
Ut. Ncr lit
Inter Met
Inter Hat, l'f
Inter Paiier
K fl Southern. . .
Uhlgh Valley
tiiuii a Math. .
Mo., Kan. Il Teg.
Hoi rS
Nat. Id .
NoefoU ti Wert.
N V ten
Northern Pacific .
i hitarlo A Weat. . .
I'reeied Rtoel . .
Rv. steel Spring
Reeding .
Reic Steel
Black Dress Satin.
75c pei yard
vilue coo
Fall Collection.
34th Street
. i
ith rs-
ni - - oj - s, x nut li "as
1 1 1! .J I ICKCR
lo,.) i..; Mi - ILJ:TaaJeaCl e!31lMrat
1 i i STjMJKA
l? I'a 'i BEJl2ilZ" Xi
ins' iiw ills' - l ' Wil'llv'flB Til 1
Mgt, Bu Bh - h V H ' 'UP Tv.b i 1 VL
S'J, il IfJta Hi I I 11 i l!li!jJ-Ur ft tnB0 - mi .a,,
'iflsi Vii y sefSI,.
i f il i tSessSh fLi
ni" I'.ejv '''11, 1, 1 TOfftB 06 p ..oMiTTriTrrfir JL jA
'ajaj i MIllll " Hjjjjrc "
lh 'Slit 'lT i; j gHon Peck . ; ; $
1 hall. She gave ana look at tha poor.
shivering children. Then up aha
caught them In her warm, bright
arms. And, oh. It WAS good to be
comfortable again. They kissed her
glowing face and stroked her shining
golden hair till they were aa warm
aa toast "We'll aurely find Fairy
land now!" cried Bobble. For when
one Is in the glorious sunshine.
Fairyland always boo ma nearer than
at other times.
1 11.
it" . lalanit pf.
Sou a. 1'a.slfVo
South. Railaar
tun. j
Third A'vnu. .
I'nlon Pacifto. .
1171 S
21 as
72 t i
- 7,
S. Rutibei .
s' steal n:;;;.' 117
tah t.)..;.i 464
Ir Car Chsm IW.
11 I
32 H
EaVaS 14
tvr..h pf Kit
Wert. E. a If..., 7
Weat. t'n. Tel.. (Ot
ss Advance. TVrhri .
07 l
Capt. Oeorge E Haines of the former
yacht American, amid by ita American
owners to the llaytlen (lovernment and
re-chrlstened the 17 necembre. arrived
here to-day from Port-au-l'rlnce on the
steamer Prince Wllhelm IV. After the
yacht became the property of the llay
tlen Navy moat of the crew remained
ln the aervlce of the West Indian lit
puhllr. "We steamed about the Island, bom
barded a few grass huta and g larded
the ports from the Invasion of the
rebels." said Capt. M illies, "until our
ma. and water ran out. This wc OOttld
stand, but when the provisions Wars
cut off we left tho ship."
' esm aOaaaaaaaaaal
s 1
Took Only Small Sum, Al
though He Had Thousands
in Bank,
With only a few dollars a hie pilllkol
though a might bav drawn HO.0M had
h wuihed David L. Brain of Olen
nidge. N. J, left his home on the
wg ox July js and has not boost seen
slnos by friend Th Brain as are wall
to do and "a liberal reward" Is satver-
tlsed to-day for Information aa to
David's whereabouts.
William H. McDonald, a private Se
lective at No. a West Forty ossond
street, who Is tn charge of tbs ssereh,
says everything Indicates Bralae met
foul play He was single, twntyve
years old and bad a good bank account
As hs left borne his straw hat was
Ulted on th back of hla head and he
waa smoking prised pip. His rela
tives say hs bad no reason to leave
Tha missing man's father la Elgin
Brain, secretary of an automobile
company at No. 461 Fifth avsaue.
' l'BMU " arwnumoinajr in wievw v.
I mi-Aiitnirgi nr. line, u. o. A sen
era I alarm was sent out by tha polios
last nlghL
David Brains Is twenty-five years
old, stands six feet and one lrvoh ant)
weighs 1 714 pounds. When last seen hs
wore s blue serge ault, s signet ling
Inscribed mlh the Initial "D. U 3.''
and a straw hat, ln the Inner band ol
I which were the Initial "P. B." Hll
beard was trlmmod In the Vandyke
II' li i btb dnate of Harvard and
was engaged ln the Insurance business.
When he left hla home he had an ap
pointment with the minarer of a radia
tor company at No. 5J Broadway, but
did not keep the appointment.
"There Is something moat mysteri
ous ln thla case," anld McDonald. "Mr.
Brnlne did not have a rare In th world
an far aa any of hla friends know Ho
foot left nien Ridge and disappeared,
That Is nil that Is known yet."
Antoa Kill II In Jersey.
Figures compiled by Col. I-M ward f.
Cornell of East Orange, N. J Ss retery
of the National Highways Protectlv
Association, show that eleven persona
were klllSd and srvrnty-elght lnjurs.1
during July In New Jersey by automobiles.
earn- .
eon 1 I
1 r aal 1 a
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