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of tTvery nuHdtng In the vicinity Wl
r-overed wlrh epeetatora, who wre al
mot hysterically esclted !n maehlne
bird approached.
On the roof of the Olmbel store, be
sides official ""r of the Afro
Club of Amerl.a, Pr. Ilnry Woml
house nd Secretary Scott Sin. lair, fM
a Urge Prty of friends of the four
tHrrhs. MMfcaff They sat uncomplain
ingly on 'amp i :lr tn I ha Improvised
grand eland and partook of cooling re
freshments until the lookout shouted
Tbara Uiy come'"
flie three men traveled at an alddide
of lr faat until they r . 1 Harrlaon,
. J. Than 'hey MM down to S90
fot. Th engines of all the msrhlne
ssrr working perfectly nnd the men
rr making a faat gSOO Ovtf th rail
road tr.k and across Ult meadows.
In plt of the air current th ma-
hias bshaved beautifully and ther
waa ntvar a bucking moment along
th route. The flrt machine went over
Kllsabeth, V J., at 301. th second at
to and tha third at 3. 10. Th led:ng
marhln was miking tarrlflc speed,
while the other lu seemed to b enn
servlng their p.er for a later buret
It in Imposslbl for thoae on the
around to aay which of the contestant
aaa in the lead Ther waa no meant
hy whlrh the machine might
Rob!non ws the favorite with th
cinwds that wst hed th Mart He
took a more d!re-t route toward New
ark when he left New York man flia
ha nlhere and went away at .1 faater
lip He la pronaiuv ine leane. in t.
u.ht. mi reiKi'tr'l from hliabetn
for circle around Philadelphia, after ,
which the aviator are due to com
down at Kalrmont Park, wher- they will
be antertatnd by Muyor 'levburn of :
The thre biplane ra"cd OVf New i
Urunawlrk. N. J. at J.l. S BJ nnd .137. I
nil flytntt well They had covered a'mut I
nB-th!rd of t! e distance and were dying '
Jut about In Hamilton'! time.
One of the aeroplane came to earth )
at Whitehead Mill at J..V. I'. M
Aeronaut Narrowly Escaped
Death Several Ways in
Tumble With Balloon.
Howard Banned, eighteen yeara old. an
aeronaut who haa bean thrilling At
lantic City by hla parachute "Jump"
(rom a balloon .5e feet In air. waa near
death laat night when the parachute rt
faaad to release from th balloon.
Th big envelop waa carried clear
acroa th elty aa Bennett made futile
ttmpta to braak out the parachute.
A a a laat chance to aava hlmaelf Urn
nett cllmaed th ropa from hla trap,
going up hand over, band, over the para
lute. Had the release acted then ho
ould have been dashed to death, In
ane the folds of the parachute would
nave been hindered from apreading by
hla grasp.
Ho finally punched a hoi In th bal-
oon with a knife and climbed back to
ila trapea Bennett mlued by Inch
nly being daahad to death again! tha
toot of tn lalatid lloux aa the balloon
leacended. He w again rlo to death
when the ana bag auddeuly coliapaad,
throwing him Into the water, enveloped
in the silk. Boat put out from ahor
and rescued him.
That aaa pretty close," he remarked
to hi rcat-uer, aheu he was pulled
aboard. "Has an) body got a cigarette'"
Thoa he due id the raacue of Mr ba.
.ooo and parachute
ITK8T RA' K-I'urse, lno. two-year-old,
five and a half furlongs. -Itnd
and dun, 100 (Byrnei, to 1, 3 to 1 and
to a, llrt; Jttme Pockery. M (dor
Ion), 7 to 1, I to 1 and 3 to 2. second;
lift, au igchuttl'igen, jo lo I. I to 1
md 3 tn 1, third. Time, I II I'as.idena
Vueen, Klamiiia, Mail Itlvrr, Auto Maid,
Q T-iro and Hamilton also ran.
BOOMD RACK Purse o"0; ItOOplO
hae four-year-olds and upward,
a lort courae -Thlstledale, Ml iMcAff).
. to i, j (o I a- I even, aon iry line
lenglhi, 0( Abe. 150 t Boyle). Jl to ft,
I to 6 an I out, aecond, Mytlc Ieglit,
!.! (l)ayton). to S. 7 to 10 and out.
third. Tlme-S Oil Z-'j. Illnna Ken . an out.
Hugh Wynne and JudaT OrOBlC alao
ran and hnlhd aa named.
THlltli BACK Puraa, gWl three-'ear-old
and upward, six turlonqa--Night
Kail, ko ilugglns), I 10 1 t to 10
and 1 u 3, first. Korma. k. lot id irdonl,
I to I, I lu i an I out, pi a neck, ac
nd. O, at. Miller, 111 (Burn), 7 to 3,
4 to I and 1 to 3. third. Time, 1.19 1-5.
Moneri?, Iiuiuenr. Minnie lirlg' t and
Urn 1.. also tan and fl:uhed ea nemeil.
FOUBTH r ACK-Canadian Vporta-
art Handicap 11,101; ihre-y ir-old
ofwaps, o.otr ..... i.icnui.-eisr
Chavrtai. too i Wilson ), Mo 1. I lo I and
to ... eon t.y nur a length. Lahore,
IN (McCaheyi, r, t I, : lo 1 and even.
aecond. Meridian, II. (Koorntr), i to 1.
; to 1 and even, third Time, I U 1-5.
Bab R.. Vn. Plate (llaaa and Or aaa-
mere aleo ran and Hn.hl i
1 -
Do You Know
Who This Is?
Do you
who thit t?
It ii a man whi, i
I . i ,
l.at entertained and
unuGed you more
hfcn half the ahovs
ou ever went to.
ItisO. rUNXYi
America's greatest
liort atory wriler.
Every aummrr for the pa it few years,
the Evening World has puloiitud u affiog
of O. HENRY'S hort ito.iea. They
wort the ort that Intrrrtted evrryonr,
brilliant, amusing, dramatic, HUMAN.
O. HENRY received from $500 to $1,000
apiece for them.
The Evening World will print a aerie
of the loot and beat of O. HENRY'S
hfjet atoHet. beginning Monday. Be
on the lookout for them.
Former President Makes Sur
prising Statement at the
Steel Trust Inquiry.
rOnttnued from First rg )
of th Treasury took varlou aotlona.
some on hi own Initiative, aom by
my direction.
"Late an evann( I wai Informed
that two representatives of tha Steel
Corporation wished to e m aarly tha
following morning, tha preen object
not blng namud. Naat morning, whll
at brakfal. I waa Informed that
Messrs Krlrk id f.sry wer waiting at
th office 1 at one went over, and, aa
th Attorney-'tenrrsl, Mr. Bonaparta.
had not yat arrived from Baltimore.
where he had been passing tha night. I
,, , ,,,,, K, lhe Heoretary of
Male, Mr Knot, whu also lawyei.
lu J""1 u
which he did.
Before tha cloae of tb Inter
view, and la the prenr of th
tare gentlamaa earned, I dictated
not to Mr. Beaapart, aetttng
forth actly what Mara. rrtck
and Oary had propoaed and -
actly what I Had anewered ao that
ther. might a ao poaalblllty of '
"Thla not waa published In a Senate
docuini.ru while 1 waa -'in President,
and la already apread on tha minute
of your committee. It run aa follow '
"Rkall I .a. A ., MallMa
Th Chairman, ftttt a you Ilka. Mr
Mr. Kooaavalt With your parmlaalon I
Will trad It.
Th Whit Ilouie.
Waahlngton, Nov. , 107.
My Dear Mr. Alturny-(lnral :
Judge E. II. aa, v aad Mr. H. C.
Krloa, on behalf of the riteel Cor
poration, have Juel callad upon me
Thy .rate that ther la a certain
bualneaa firm (the name of which I
have not been told, but which la of
real Importance In New York bual
nea circle) which will undoubtedly
fail tills weak If help la not given.
Among Ita aaaata ar a majority of
th aecuritle of tha Tennaaee Coal
A , . p 1 1 atlon ha been trgently mule
to the Mtel Corporation to purehaaa
thla atork aa the only meane of
avoiding a failure. Judge Oary and
Mr Kr.ck Informeal ma that aa a mere
bualnea tranaaction tiiey du not cam
to nurchaee th atork; that under
ordiber.M Ircuuntaiu t they Would
not roi. udar purehaa ng the atark,
becauae but little benefit will coma
to the Bteel Corporation from tha
putxliaae, that they are aware that
the purehaa will be uaed aa a han
dle for attack upon them on tha
ground that they are striving to aa
cure a monopoly of the bualneaa and
prevent competltlon--nt that thla
would repreacnt what could honeatly
b aahl, but what might rickleaaly
and untruthfully be aakl.
They further infoimud me. that hi
a ma'ter of fact tha policy of th
company haa been to decline to ac
quire more than ) pr cent, of tho
atel prnpertlea. and that thla pur
pnae hua been praavrd In for aev
oral year past, with the object of
preventing theaa accuaattona, and a
a mitter of fact their proportion of
tel prnlaTttl haa hiBhly danreaaed
u tha: It I below thla iO par cent .
and the aruulaltlon of the property
In qucetlun wll no ral It above
I" per cent.
But they feel that It la tmmenanly
to their Intrreat, hi to th Inlrrnt
of very reaponalble bulnee man,
to try to prevent a pant.' nnd gin
araJ Induatrlnl amaaliup at till time,
and they arc willing to go Into thla
tranaaction. which they would not
otherwlae go Into, becauae It aattM
th opinion of thoae heat fitted to
ex;lrea Ju lgment In New York that
It will be an Important fu.-tor In
preventing n break thill might be
ruinoua; and Uiat thl hua been
uiit'd upon them bv the combination
of (he moat ri'aponalblc lianker In
New York who ar thu anua-ed In
endeavoring to aava the aituation.
BtM they aaavrted they did not aajgn
la do 'hi If I atatcd that tt ought
not to bo done 1 anewered that
while, of courae, t could not advlae
them to take i he action prupoaed. t
felt It no puMle duty of mine lo tn-terrMie-
anv ohee(lona. Sincerely
Hon I'htrlea J Honaparte, Attorney-General.
"Mr. Ilon-iparie received thla note In
about an hour and (ha( aume morning
h came over
(o ekntn!ede Ita re-
celi.l, arid aJld that my answer a
,he only t.rot"-r answer that could hav
aaon having leaard both lo (lie
; ia and lo the uee-la of lh sliuatl in
I ne stated that the baal situation had
been In no way rhnrd. and that no
1 luffldent ground existed 'or prusecutlna
( Coriioratlon.
I "Rut I wlaa tt OUMnctlj nadr.
to ,ii that I sctsrt purely on my
own initiative aad that the reapox
nihility for th act waa solely mla
1 was UKi'iialrly ucg ..tinted with lh
situation Ui NtW Voik. The WOTd
panic means rear, unreasoning rar,
to s'op a panic it Is necessary to restore
conn-lev g; anil at th moment the
o-oalled Morgan latrt avr th
vail wrm -uiuu , ,h.u w , n ,oi,
h0,J th, COBBa,u., u( th, uylt
of V Tork, not i ly tb uilna
popl, nt tb tmme iaa maaa of mtn
and won.aa who . '. iinsll tnvofJt
mailt or had aniaU (srng In th banka.
and truat oompanla.
"Mr. M irgan "ni Ml aao"1nta were,
of eourse, fighting hard to prevent the
loss of confidence and toe pir.1- d:(ruat
from Increasing tn U h a degree as to
tirint any siJjior H Ananoinl lntltutlon
down, for this would prohi.blc hav
Iwen toltoajygd by a general, and prob
ably world-wide crash.
"The Knlrkrrbooker Trust Company
had already failed and runs had begun
an or were rhrsstened aa regard two
other big truat cnmpaiilo. Tha ooan
panlea were now on th ngniing Una,
and It was to th tntrat af everybody
Roosevelt Telling How He Stopped Panic in 1907,
and Why He Sanctioned Steel
"3fn Gnry nnl Mr. Frick came to me becauae
thry knew tlutt they could not buy the Tennessee
Company If I opposed them. Whether or not 1
directed an injunction or whether 1 merely smid
they couldn't do it, they couldn't do it.
"My responsibility was complete. 1 cannot
put it stronger than that."
"1 wish it distinctly understood that I acted
purely on my own initiative and that the re
sponsibility for the act was solely mine.
The result justified
panic was stopped, public confidence in the sol
vency of the threatened institution being re
stored." - PrOlfl Col. Roosevelt's testimony to-day before the
( )onfrtssiontl t lommittM,
I -1 A jjttjjL ,. HL al tt A. t. ..
gLwgaaafcalag - I
to strengthen them, In order that the ;
Ituadon might he lavml.
"It waa a atattar of general
hnowlsdg and baUef that thay or
tb individual protulaaat la thaat
held th eeourltlea of tk Teaaea
aao Goal aad Iron Company, whioh
aaa art si a had no market value, and
war naalaan aa a ouroe of atxtagta
In the icrgacy. Tha Btaei Oor
poratlon aeonritiea, on the contrary,
ware laasaadlataly marketable, their
great value being known aad at
aalttaa all ova tb world a th
event ehowed.
'Th propoal of Mar. Frlck and
Oary was (hat th Steel Corporation
ahould at once acquire the Tenneaace
Coal and Iron Company and thereby
ubtllu(. among th aaaets of the
threatened tnalttuttons (which by tht
way they did not nam to me) ae
curltlea of great and 'mmedlate value
for securities w.'ilc) at th mument
wr of no value,
"It waa aaoeaeary for ate to -elda
on the Inataat before tb
tcck Bachaag i :eaed, for th
ituaucn in Raw York waa aaek
that ary hour might be vital, aad
failure to aet for even aa hour
might niak all nbqunt effort to
aot uttoiljr usslsss
"Tro-.u th beat information at
my dism sal X belltved (and ba
llave) bat tb addition of th Tan
aeeaee Coal and Irou proptrty
would only 1.. crease th propor
tion ef th Steel Oompany'a hold
ing by about 4 per cent., mak
ing tham about 6s par cent. In
stead of about ca par oent. of th
total value in tb country; an ad
dition which by ltaelf lu my judg
ment (ocucurrad tn, I may add,
cot only by th Attorny-Oaeral
but by every oompeteat lawyer
with whom X talked), worked up
charge In th Ugal statu of the
Steel Corporation.
"Kurtheruioie, 1 believed that the ac
tion was emphatically for (he general
good, (hat It offered (he only QhnnO
for arresting the pinlc, and that It
would probably an eat the panic, AH
"I answered Mean-. Krl.k and Oary
a set forth in niy published letter, to
the CaTeol '.hit I d:d not deem It my
duty to trrr, (hat Is, to forbid lie
notion tsitieh more than anything alao
In actual fact - i .0: (he situation.
PANIC OF 1907.
"Tb rult JuatlfUd my Judg
ment. Th panl waa etopped, pub
lic oonftdnca1ln tb loleeney of
tb thraateala Instit,.- Ion being
"In ddrn ally T may mention that
when I w.ia to Birmingham laei sprint;
e er man I mel without ex ei.tlioi. who
was competent lo t.aiif, Informed m
voluiitnr.lv i .at ihc ragultl uf the action
tikin hul Keen of ih utinoHt benetK Ii
Birmingham, and therefor to Alabama
th,- induatryi having nrr-flted t,, tn eg'
traordlnary '-"i:!e. not only from (he
Standpoint of th business bul from
the gtnndpolnl of the community at
large, and of th a worker by tin
Ohengo In ownership.
"The rriulta of tha action X took
were beneficial from every stand
point, em. the action ltaelf at th
time when It waa taken waa vir
tually nereeaary to tbe welfare of
the people of th TJnltsd Statea.
"In my judgmani I would have teen
derelict In my duties. I would have
"'own myel! a timhl and unworthy
public offlcar If In thai extraordinary
riali I had nut acted aa I did aot. In
every euoh crlla the temptation to In
daelelon, to non-aetloa, la great, for
aSeUMI cm nlivava be f,iund for non
ae(ion. and action mean rlak and the
i artainiy of blame io the man who act.
Hut If the n in ll W Tthy his salt ha
f ill do his duty, ho will give the peo
!e the benefit of the doubt, and act n
any Way which tV.elr Interata detnaTid
and whloh is pot affirmatively pro
hibited hy law, lit head l'g the likelihood
that he himself when the erlsla la over
gnd t ie danger pissed, sjrl be assailed
f f what he has .lone.
"Bvefy etep I took In the matter was
op in as the day, nnd was known In
detail a' the moment to all people.
The pre contained full aocouuts of
the via t to me of Mersrs. Fi Ick and
Oary, and heralded widely and with ac
clnmal ft the reau'ta of that visit. At
the tlm the relief and rejoicing over
who had beta done were well nigh
"Th danger was toe 'ng" 1
an too appalling for man a b
willing to ooadema thoa who were
my judgment. The
euceeaafrl la saving tham from It.
Rut X lu.ly understood and ex
pected that when there waa ao
longer danger, when tbe fear had
forgotten, attack weald ao
made upon me.
"If I were on a allboat I ahould
not ordlnsrllv meddle with anv nf fhe
gar: but If a udden squall struck us. '
and th main sheet Jammed, so that the
boat threatened to capela, I would1
unhesltatlngly cut th main sheet, even
though ( war sure that the owner, no
matter how grateful to m at th mo
ment for having save, hla life, would
a few weeks later, when he had for
gotten his danger and his fear, decide
io sue me for th value of the cut
Mr Stanlev asked a long and ora
torical iiuestlon regarding the morality
if Wall atreel.
ejgr. Chairman," aald nr. Boo.
vlt la th meal acute falsetto
whloh he u la hla happiest mo
menta, "plea polat to some one
elae than myeelf If you wish the
opinion of aa s-x-p-e-r-t l-a W-a-'-l
Th nttfllSnOt In the room, which had
filled to a lam within ten minutes after
Mr. Hooaevett arrival burst Into a
shout of laughter, aa It had after his
Characteristic parable of the cut main
"Our only object. Mr Chairman," said
Mr. K.iosevelt, "Wat to check .ne panic
until peop'i got their heals."
"IM.I (Jury and Krlck tell you that
the real trouble waa that a banker here
In Wall street, who had been guinhllng
heg par. Km beg pardon dealing in
tii-ks on a margin we have another
name for It In my part ol the coun
try" "Vou are not hurting mv feelings.
Interjected Mr. .loosevclt with a flas
Of the famous teeth Everybody roaret
"Did you know that this banker,
Schley and a certain wine merchant,
one Kessler. had been gamb Ing be
yond their mean?" ask. d Mr. Stan
ley. "Did they tell you that the fight
wiis not to rave any ureal hank or
Iftlgt company, hu' to av the gam
bling broker and the wine agent?"
"Mr. Ci airman," wo the answer.
"I'm not sure bill that I may then or
nli.ee have heard th name of Hch'ey
Hut never until this Instant have I
heard th nam or K-e-a-s-l-e-r."
I .Slighter.)
All o. .Mr. Stauley'a efforts (o ge( Mr.
HuoseveK (o say what he would have
done hal he known about the Inside
truths of (lie T. C. A I. Block ninrke'
troubles met with smiling refusals to
I lis wer.
"lit course," said .Mr. itooseveit, ro
paktedly, "I cannot answer a hypo
thetical ioetlon
who had reiwatedlv obiai ted to Mr
', ...... 1 ' ... .7. ;
.-ililll, J n i.i iin'ii.i ,, laia, irun.DU ,rii
there was no danger to hla clients lu
any anawer Mr 'toosevelt mlgiii make
and quit.
In bis earlier testimony Mr. Ilooae-
vell rell-rated that he only knew tuat!
a greu hanking lntere-t" n In peril
and Dial lis failure would niear gen
eral ruin.
"Did you know that th great ma
jority of the stock of T. C. A I was
loeke 1 up In the strong boxes of able,
responsible .nun. and that it was only
a gamblers' minority which caused tns
r'Uuatton?" v
"1 did not," said .Mr Roosevelt.
"Coi. BooaevelL" sTiid Mr Uttlaton,
"I take it .our notion was taken dls-
tlnotly to end a panic and (hat you were
not COfl Otr had With ore reserves an I
sue. i Ihlngl w.ilcn would be acuutred by
,ue T C, i I purchaae"
"Wer- you to'.d-I WlU try to um
narlse Mr. Ss'hley' testimony curren tly
that a certain hanking iirm uid u larg
i nount of collateral tot whloh T. .'. a
I, was a small propoi llobi, and that un
it a steel bondt wuio eujbatitUtad for It, a
trui company would fan?
"1 think not. 1 wa of the impres
sion thai at loaat one irtisl eom)iany
n :ld fall If thu subelltutlon were nut
Many of your question." said Mr
RooVlt to Mr. Utiie(on, (ruculently.
"git in to seanlilna In the hidden do
miln of iiiullve. Now, look you here.
Ther are two partible Illustrating my
attitude at t Mr Prick and Judge
l uv, t follows:
"If I were on a ship In a storm and
thsie was nsed to haul In a rope, I
would welcome the aid of any h-u--k-y
JBgtaMaaaaaaeaWaaaeBa M
Individual without regard to his moral
"Aga.n. If a row of houses were hurn-
?" a"" " " nain man owned prop
erty at the unburned end, I would ex
peel him (u (urn In and help put out I
the file, partly because he hud a kindly;
feeling for his neighbor and partly be
cause he wanted In se his n-w-n house I
laved. That'., what I'd ak him (n dc I
Bt'T I Bhouhl not aak him to analyse
lu. mixed mot'vea." (Lauchier.)
In answer to Chal man Stanley's
question whether the rabbling of T. C.
& f, hy the I'nlted Slates Steel Cor
poration W is or was nut In the Inter. -a-of
the Rooaevelt policy of conservation
Of ores, Bo,, the witness said:
"I mnat lefrr vou to mv messages to
Congress on the tTtr1e, amlohi you
may remember, were not rc!vd with
u-n-b-o-u- n-,l-e-d enthus'.ustii."
Mr. Stanley askesl if the St -el Cor
poration ought to be divined from
Iran portal! in,
"I go further than that. 1 would ex
ercise direct control ove thla big cor
poration -the S'.eel company.
"Mr. BaJry and Mr. Frtok cam
to in bcd they kuw that thy
oonld not buy th Tr.ns Com
pany If X opouasd them. Whotlicr
or not X directed an lnunctl.-.n ot
whether X merely a d they couldn't
do It, thsy oanldn't do It.
"Of oour. lr, thy kuew I was
Xrtdnt of th UuUd gtatce. That
waa why they cam to m Thy
wouldn't for a moinut hav (onrl.t my
advto or gMtrrl il as an individual. X
vurt von o .,ndrss d that X kr.ow
tt. X was acting for th country.
"My rsp:nalutllty v.-.at complete.
X oannot put It trongr than that."
"lerOSI what you hive taamod since."
be ran Congr eesmaii sterling "do
"From what T hav learned sine, my
dear air," gerly Interrupted Mr
ROOflfVOlt, "I ii'11 ibsolu'elv certain that
very thin I d'd, was nliolu(ely rlg'K
and proper, and not only that ll WO lid
have been w.-i. nlgll Brimlftgl for me to
haw done anything tlit!"
Tho Ujokv.U palm slapped on tho
table With such force (hat every mem
ber of the commit! lumped.
"Hut If Mr. Schlev says I" 11 that he
mitrht not hive failed anvway"
"Just one sao merit, lo ttgpoao of that.
I If Mr Sehley reallv believes to-day that
' he did not know then that he was iro-
inr: to fall, then, my dear eir, he wai
i the o-n-l-y man In N
I d-l-d-n-'t know it ' Thmt
Ion the table laughlOP,!
York who
(Mlam bang
I vo" rr:iUv ,hlnl( th,t n 'n',"
'fnllure was imminent"' asked Mr. lit-
i. ton.
"Sir, 1 did We may apply the quo
tation from Kmcrson which you. sir, 0
v-e-r-y well remember:
11 tile He I H awf llilr.lt he slarcth
An.1 if lh,- -' i el lh nk ha tie -lain
"What difference did It aakt Th
panics was u state or mind, I had t i
act or not net without going Into the
exact st iflsclcs of the facta which
caused that Mat of mind."
Culling Mr. I! oeevelt' attention to
Judge oary' advocacy of Government
c ntfOti Juilge Mai ker of t- -rgia
"Do you think you convene. 1 .fudge
"I hope so," replied the former I'rrs
ldent, with mo -k meekness. "I aa;
glad he said It. If 1 had laid It I
might have been accused of S-o-o-l-a l-
' Vou have been accused of ti'.!"'
"If not, my dear sir, tt is U.s
only th(ng. o fr a X know, thet
X have not hn uc, usee of "
"My views on the subject"
"I am familiar with your views.
Itlht" said Jud .'e flarkar. "aa a member
of Congress."
"Kroin maagl," said Mr. ltoosevelt,
chokliijf wl'h laughter, "which were
re'i ivod hy a into members In n way to
sin .t Hint they were sue fully
d-l-s-s-t-ni-b-1-l-n-g their gratitude."
"Mr. Hoot-evelt," aald Mr. Stanley,
"wc wisli to thank Bou, who have held
the exalted office or PrMldMl of the
I'nlted States, for th high, sense of
honor which led you to come here, ei
freely, i"o oourtwouely, SO prompdy, and
for the very gn-at f.-anknaaa whloh has
characterised yuur anawera to our queer
Trust Grab
Hon We th .' t you. sir."
"Mr. Chairman," eaid hfr. Roos
volt, "an a-Prsldant i merely a
citizen of the United Statee Jnet
, Ilk any other eltlxen, and it la Me
plain duty to try to help tb com
mittee and reapoad to its Invlta-.
tlou, Jest ss anybody lse would
respend. Qeut.'etnan, X thank you
for your courtey."
Hy a common Impulse the memhefs
of fhe committee roae; the spectators
roae: the committee waa declaresl a-l-lournesl
for ten minute, while Mr
Rootiowit, shaking rsindt and slapping
IhOUlder Fight and left p.iaaed out.
Rl ( ORD8 t.lVi:
When Ihe tumult nd the shouting of
'he Roosevelt incureioii hail dle, out
of the Congre-s.onal steel hearing at
City Hall lo-day, the commitlao re
convened to Hetetl to I'res.dent Schwab
of th Bethlthm Steal Company, for
merly president of the Carnegie com
pany and th. United Slates Steel Cor
poration. Following The Kvenlng World's ex-
eluilv Information In its eariior
edition to-day, Chairman Stanley
showed that the rummlttee lias been
raaehllkj Into h minutes of the various
OOrporatlont Inquired about bv the com
mlttOO, Mr- Sdinicv had bofOT him a
j looae-leaf book, the covers of which
WON fustened together by a little allver
padlock Whloh waa nol locked. It con
tained th nilnules of (he dlrec(ors of
''nlted State Steel In 1901.
I nner the dale of April 10, Mr. S(an
j ley found an entry, union he read to
' Mr. Schwab, about us followa:
"Mr. Oayley is Id lit thought that th
' Steel Corporation ougrht not to pay
' hlghM rules Without l.beral rebates "
I Mr Bohwab grunted uncomfortably.
Mr. Stanley went on reading:
" 'Mr. Schwab said he thought better
rates could not he had. J'reahlent
s hwab "that's you"-"-'aald he did not
believe the I'nlted States Steel Corpora
tion could get good ra(es from a cer
tgltt railroad a other steel companies
liecause they were hacked by certain
financial interest.' "
Mr. Schwab was sitting on the small
of his ba. ii and a sickly, uneasv tntllt
thOWOd that, fr the first time, lie
j .t at ease with himself and the
1 committee.
I "Keel a little farther," Mr. Stanley.
' he said.
"There Is no more," said Mr. Stanley,
almost tearfully.
"I'm so g!a 1," .ald Mr. Schwab, with
a sigh of relief, which was ho sincere
that there was a spontanesitis and pro
longed roar Of ytaPathtlO laughter.
The session was further enlivened hy
n tilt hctween Chairman ijtsnley and
representative Danforth. Mr. Dan
' irth didn't like the unctuous accent
Mr. Stanley put In ome gSBttgOt h
Ws leailmt from the minutes
"Art I ' ItaUog In too minutes,
Mr. Oh airman T" fit aaksd.
"What's tuat?" edited Mr. Stanley,
who ia ii toiloiifly '. odds with Mr.
I i.mforth.
"There arc Hall t In your voice, an i
I wanted to kno If thsy wer honest,
rowlld Mr. nnnforth.
"The '"heir," shnutsal Mr. Sunley In
vole ' hat w.m trained by thoutlng
from peak to pk or the nine Moun
tain of Kenlueky, "usaorotandi thu
hit elocution la being criticised. Tin
OhOir rbes not give a DAMN' l'ndr-
Mr. Danforth hall rotst and glared
gcroM "t Mr. Htnnley, who didp't
'i Inch.
'The oommltte will now be In or
ill r," he ea' I wlwn Mr DtUtfOTth t J o
fell Aid the hearing went on.
The rommltttt adjourned at I o'clock
and will meet in Wanttlnrton on Tu-
dfty to hear Ooorg tv, 1'erkltia.
Srwbnrg's Kg I'oai master.
WASIIIN'iiTON, Aug U.-rroldent
Taft lo-d,ay sent to the Senate the
nulllln StsSS "I Frederick W. Wensel as
l'osdnuster at Newburg, N. Y.
Animal Springs Upon Her and
Claws Her Chest, Refusing
to Be Shaken Off
A man ruahed Into a cigar atnr
Third avenue about noon to-day and, ,
finding Ijvwren-e llealy. the pilot of
th flrboat Puane, handed him a note. ',
TM no,, waa m H.aly'. al.ter'a hand-
writlnt; and read "Kor (Jod' MIUi I
find I.itv quick."
Thoroughly alarmed
Mealy rurhed
to hla home at No SI Third avenue
and there ha found that hla mother.
Mr. Mary Hevly and hla aleter, Nina,
lied locked themaelve In a little bed
room off tha parlor. Mr, llealy waa
bleedlnu from a numlier of. wnunda,
nnd her arm and ahouldera were
frightfully lacerated. Th g'.rl waa ao
paralyzed with riljrht that he could
hardly artleulat", but he flna'ly man
aged to ejaculate "The cat Mike."
Mr. Henly, who had wooned, n i
ro ight to, and then M told her aon
that the r big, o.ange colore.) tomcat
nad attacked her nn.l that ahc had
fought a dcaprrate buttlt. for her Mfal'tOI
with the maddened unlmal In the kitchen ' T
uf her home. Mr. Hafjly and Nina had
bfM to the Adlrondacki and fwlumad
I onic thl BOraJfiaT, The tomcat, which
had iieen pre.-ente.l to her when It naa from con aaaion ol i ,. I rain ..n I lacf
a kitten nine month ago, had DMn I Stlona all o er hla body. Sadie Seliaald;
Mod for by Lawren .lur.nK hla or, twmty-t.v tuhl uld, ol No. 48f
mother s absence, and he iiud fed the I aire. t. waa cut by a Hying frag
animal moat every
When Mrs. Lgwranei cr.tcrod
kltcnen she found M ae
Had near the
stove, und greeting him u:ie stooped
lown and Dgtn to airoke his head
Without a sound the tomcat turned on
Mrs llealy and aank l(a teeth Into her
eft band. Mrs. Healy OhOOk t.i cat
off and backed away When th cat
Jumped at her again and bit nOf on the
eight arm.
Tin time It would not oe ahaic n off. i
It sank lis leetn deeper an I de, p ,n l
clawed Mrs Heal) a c.icsl and lac, in- I
dieting wound after wound. Nina, who
was In the front ,.art of tne house, did J
Slot hear her mother' cr.es, and tile'
first tb girl knew abOUt (he battle was I
when Mrs llealy came mailing Into to
parlor. The two so.n n locked t.ie.n- i
-elves in the bedroom, anu than alls.
He aly tainted from pain.
Nina ran through tne ivtniiow aril at
ltltipl1 lu IhOUt fur help, bul tne found
t.iat nor vohe waa palwlyaed. Si c tiled
ggSln and aaln, but uttering no sound
th hastily tOtibbltd a note and thfOW
It gOWn to the stieet, where It uttracle.1
i it attention of the foiui.y ice man w ao
ran and foutu' Lawrence.
The tireman IM to the street and
found "oil. eman Va.eaay of ihe gsMI
Twntyond treet station to whom
n lold the siory. The polloeaaan raced
up the tour tlighta uf sta.rs With gun
drawn and when tht two man entered
th kit hen they fount "M.ke" sitting
at the window i-Ue calmly llckinx his
iiaws. The policeman fired a aim: at the
. at. which fell from t: e window to thu
roof of a ono-Otory eMension. T.here
ii liowlid and kicked until the police
man cllmned up and beat ll lo dta
With ais .lub.
Mrs. llealy was removed to tho Wll
Ikrd PaykW Hoopltkl and an autopsy
will be performed to glooovw whthr
th est had rabies.
KIIIST HACK. Four and one-half
furlong; $260 Charley Brown. 119
(OtlllM), even, 1 to '2 and I to I, first;
Norma Qirl, 101 H'arroll), 20 (o 1, I to
1 and 4 to I, second, Hetty Kuller. 10H
iMInderi. 4 to I, 3 to 2 and 2 (o T
third. Time, US. Kxtiroprl ale. I.ucky
I Hoy, Bill 'Jimti, Hattaon. RldgolMd
also ran.
She "N I) RACB Four and one-h.il:
furlongs; purse fBO. Tommoralro, 111
I (Murray), i to i. won; Ague May, 100
l(Tumr), IS to 1, 6 to I and 3 to 1, sec-
lirnd; King Pin, W7 (Dryor), to l t to 1
and even, third, Time. 1,04, Coal Mlio .t
l'e.ter ePnder. Clay and Plo "loo also
1 ran and flnlehed aa name I,
rillHI) RAOEVxPurg HSO, three-yeur-olds,
illlng. five furlonits Donovan. IM
Kirlffln), 3 to 1, fl to f and 3 to I, Breti
Itustlcana. ll (C, White). 4 lo I, "2 to 1
and even, second; Fleming, MB i HorJ
manl, 3 to 1, 3 to 2 and 2 to 3, third.
Time, ins 4-6. Billy Harnea, Gllplan
Bd Bob. Bn Doubl, r'iom Baaehy and
lietrolt also ran.
FIFTH HACi: I'liiaiH IJviO, lire-year-
Oldt and upward, aelllugi five fnrljnss.
Kd. Keek. Ill (Howard). (I to :.. I to 2
and out, first; I.ady Ktna. !i (Bergwn),
4 to U even and 1 to It, secound; Lady
Orlmor, icr. (Dryr), T to I, 3 to l and
even, third. Time, 1.01. Ilud.is. Hlslei .
Qulnoy Hele, Mupletop ant' Sevmour
Bktstlv Hlao run
MAID8TONH. Knglend. Aug S Th.
fl. rmantown Crlrkel Cluh won It firs'
ytctory f ltd gmSUoh lour to-day by
,', fc.it n the Mote CrlOlMl C-lub by
eight w list. To the Attierl an tota
of HO gCOrvd In th ftrsl Innln.r ytr
ilsy lh Mote Club replied w ith :il? r n-,
und. following on, uui.e- ,,u, ne viisre
rtqulrlng only Bv tnuu to win.
At Fountains & Elsewhere
Ask for
Thi Original and Qsnulns
Tha FoQd'drink for All kgtt.
Al restaurants, hotels, and lo'intaint
Oeaictout, invigorating nd tustamtng.
Kwep it on your sideboard aj home.
Doo'l travel without it.
A ffwks: Innck prepared Is a nstawt.
Take no ImltnHon. Jm ay H0RUI1'
lm Mo Qomblna or Trumi
anquisheJ He rrttd to Have SmU
fered Heavy l osses in Hiellt in
DisputeJ Territory. J
OlTATAQtm Kmador. Aug. 5,-AP-ud
nc to gdVlCtl received here to-da
battle waa fought between Colomaiana
mA !.., tronn. In raouata. a
large, unorganlied territory In commhu,
and the Colomblanc were defeated with
' great loaaea
Caque-.a, where a bi:tle I eald to have
been fought between Colombian an.1
Peruvian (nope, I in dlatrtct. th own
rshlr of which ha been In dlapntr
:me the learr.ingaajlant of (he EouaoVu
boundary, parntlni( that country from
Colombia at th north and eat an!
iru at thtnouth. II lllll llllll rglllWfcll
moved tier ooundui y lin a conaldarahle
dli.uice Into the larntoiy of Kcuadoi.
irr u Wla)l1 tnl th tiact ceded I.)
ana1 Id occasional flMMt MI;M tkf
troop en the f.ontlaia, and alao of 4l
fr,andlv tamonitrat.aai uulnl IM iu-
rvi-n . , . r- hm mi 14 laawi en iBNg eaaaeeajeaaai
a Koitjta and Kalflga.
Lad Ti sed It in the Air After Find
ing It on Street Is Nov
in Hoipttal, nt
Charlie VaTttritpan, thirteen year
old, of No. 47t Canal Itroot, rmind a
one-poui:d naval shell on the atrect lu
day, and to aUnUOl th klda who ver.
vaihernl in front of hla lather s candy
tt-ed H into th air.
ahell exploded wii-n It atruck th.
Idott ilk nnd Charlie wna thrown to the
ground unconaclo-.ia lie waa lemove-l
lo the Hud aon Streil Hoapltal aufferlhg
pleecg of the ahe" erg found lodgeti
'In hi,. r, . r .h.. . . .......
lanrt one large fragment in (lie ice cream
l)niiin anliiimliia trier Park.
KVK. N Y.. ii5 ii.-Th boly of
William re Lana, who wa-s drowned
hfr last night, was shipped to hi
ho ne nt Pie isanr vllle to-day. I.ane.
who was thirty years old and a nephew'
tenter sheriff ChwrlOl M I.ane, was
IPOI ling the week-end here. He was a
goal swimmer and when ne returned
i here from New York City after dark
vestt-r.lav he went to the beach. He
,-,i a considerable distance under th
aorf ire of (he water When lie failed to
enrue up. n alarm was sounded, and
Thomas WiilHms put out In a rowboat
md re -overed the
For All Kinds ol
Although rutlrurs ansa and Otetaaset ttt
Kid br ,'rwiei snd iienir- eesnrwtisrs, t Ubtsal
aispis ef each, with :-se i . k .t on ttis ear
em! ueatcrta ef sk'a r-id I'etr win he st., pe
bo. spylUaliuB la ' Culicuraat' iiaul. ti. lira
UBAON. uddniy, an rldw. Aug. 4.
IIUI, KM Si A. bel'ord airs at Juha V
B, Lasen, In ier tilth fear. i
Ifuneral aervlcct at ISinertl church
Frank B. Campaell Duiiuins. ait ws
ggd si.. Sunds) tvalag al T o'clock '
Interment private,
I i
Belore Selecting
Your Apartment
"Apartments to Let"
Advertisements In the
Dally and Sunday World.
Time, Energy and Money
The VVorld's"Apurtmcnts to Let"
Adverthfinents Offer Vou tha
LiMdiest Vuileiy of Selection.

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