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Interborough Manager, Sailing
on Celtic, Says City Got
a "Rotten Deal."
Countess of Dujley Says the
Women in Australia Can .
Vote, but Don't.
DnehMi of rteifoni. nn.i ;ie
i -
r bud lay, l wo of England'
boautlea, !iiiir,i f,,r south.
mp!..n to-rta, a h , vuic on the last
! of their long Journey eastward from
u-uiiiia, ntra ma Coantasa'a
,n man oi ivi.iiey, has just
i'f i"i t hree roar
' H Herat.
ervire S.s
Wft Duchess had baan
nh.e. I.. .. .
errdltad in
" n-wsnmper with an Interview
in iv'!!, i, decried marriage iieta-,.,
ABHrtcin millions nnd Rrltlah tltlr. and
nifcfe pointed and llst ,rn-inir allusions
SkF ln"rrl"'" ndlvorad pers
e;e OI.VI'.IIF'V Ml" lilt
to rwfer to
' tator'B new ronmn,...
Tjjio Du hes
r, ..... , t.i.imk aain any
"' wings atti . . ed to bar, she sail
her Inter, ewer, i woman, had mad an
l e etattmerita herself n the form of
IMarogatlons nnd i.ilcen the im.he.'
. . nii( ot- non-. ommtttal
nftlrniiit l e
iinswrva .ig
why," put .., tha rounttaa, -who is
C.ofc Astoi never heard of him."
!hr" " i woman luffragt
in nuairaiia tne ro'inleas ald "1
am ;
iiTf -a lUtrragt'te Women voir In Aus
tiTf.i, but i her.. 1 IKtlS Interest in!
Jhe said woman suffrage had no: j
iagprovd p dlt! s in Australia.
Vnther passenger on the Celtic was'
Fnaik Hedlev. aenerai muni ... I
'I thorough, A Inrce delegation of
MMlley'l friends a-:. I omployoea of the
Irfte'h, .rough gave him a noisy send off.
They covered the corridor leading to
hl statero.mi with confetti and stream
el's of colored paper and tacked Iiiter
"nrough placards on hla door. Officers
of the steamship company Interfered,
had the ("toward remove the placards
and pane- and reprimanded the enthu
siastic leave taker.
"if any one did a thing like that In
a subway station he'd be arretted,"
said one of the sir :n lip officials.
"Mr. ttedlejf mail.- I few terse re
marks fttout the new auhway.
J expect to he dead hefore It la fln
IsrMd," he said. "The city will tlnd
Itself up agal'is: a sorry proposition
before It la through In my opinion
the city got about as rotten a deal aa
in could want."
I'nlted states District-Attorney Wise
nnd Mr Wise were also on board
bound for a month's tour of the Conti
nent. When HSkod If lie waa going to
stlKatc atn .mtigii!in, operations I
the other side. Mr. Wise said: I
think w have smuggling pretty
sta.uprd out. The next thine we
I 11 have to so after H undervalue-
(iie.il Football Teams to Compete
and Lots of Other
ream of Gael! football kickers
district will figure Bl the an-
'tl'.IC '
It ill-
!l picnic and gamci of t tie men of'
nty t'avan In Celtic Park to-mono v
ifiernoon. Tne Corks an.' Kit. lares, i
DOBii tfBms piayini raining good games
i ins leason. will moot once mora when
K'sggfO will make dl I'erate effort
In get SVfD for the dOfoal by fori, at
i he Kni Ineers' t-.n;: la I Sunday
ga ue Is scheduled lor Ltd,
Tho Ar m.i lis ii'id Wexfnrds
N'-rtji Bgahnat Ihs doutii will Una jp
ul 4?.:'. Thcs'i not a ' classy us the
Cofm-Klldarts, these teams are u fast
and nthuslaal lo.
Th iwli be a Gaelic huiilng match
uelwcco i x.p. nnd tiie Clareinen.
whkii will prove another ex-citing card.
Tliia ill lie put on ai 6 V. .M., after
which there will be dancing until !
F. M
Anil full
orngn lOOMtOd Murder of
1 mil il n
for h Minute.
i'ntr.ilmnn Ultale r is ,e.l into the One
Hundred and Tvvcnty-slxth street sta
ilou today bearing an ob.'e.-t resembling
an lancleni soun bow'.
fajeutenant." ha Dried excitedly, "I
I link I'e fallen upon I murder mys
tery. 1 saw u bunch of kids at One
Kindred and Eighteenth street and
l'iipsaut avenue p'aving with this ob
edl and took It away from them. It
is the top of a s..ull."
The Lieutenant an 1 other offleera
gathered around Ditalc and examined
'he' gruesoniB pleoo of bone.
'.Must have been a woman," Dlta!1.
re.ru. i
i eroo
larked The piece of ikull was taken
Ihc lancet aid wnsoed off The dirt
oed an lnscrliitiuu In Indelible Ink
appeared. It read: "To Miss Loyan.
(rom Crank Martnn Cunningham, 11(1,"
"Oh, fudge!" said lutale. "Some medi
cal student must have made a present to
i Is best girl."
olea SU-
.. . li-.o i n The c.rlil will be
lUled at I lie Uorld' liiliirnm
II. in llurruiit I'lilltser llullillus
An site. Turk Iti.wi World's
I cl.n.o Office, inirlliwest i.r
Irr Msth si. and llrimdwavi
TVi.rld's Harlem Oftlce, 1 U
West 1'jr.lb l snd World's
Hr...'klii lim. e. Wi. tVashtns
t.in st.. Driinklvn. for HO dats
fell.... ins Ibe nrintlns of lbs
adi ertlsement.
'i''i ,'; 'Vit&ii&$$
John Jacob
At What Age Is a Woman Most
Announcement of Approaching Marriage Shows Ballot
Cast for Girl of 20, but Friends Rally Loyally Around
Attractive Woman of Twice That Age.
Discussion or the Age-Beauty Question by Evening
World Readers Brings Many Views "Happy Wife
of 30 " Is the Ideal of One.
OtSro'l mature Ideal urge the greater sympathy, the larger humanity, the
lroader intellectual vision of the woman of forty. But no one of these
three things, nor all of them put together, constitute beauty.
i lie lieaiity af youth la freshnese of
body, freshness of spirit. It la In the
smooth pink and white skin that no
massage can restore, no cosmetic Imi
tate except In the clumaleat fashion to
deceive the clumsy, it Is In the flsah
of D right and ardent and Inquiring
eyes that see life through a glamour
and caat (.Hmon. o,.e .. nr.
I hey ee. it Is In the Illusions It has
and the ll'ualons It Insphes. it la in
tbe slight curve, the quick step, the
Joyful ljugh. Kven in that very gush
ing exuberance that gels frightfully on
the nerves
of the older and more
poised women.
"If I had to Rive a man one piece, of
advice About choosing a wife." said
Karln Michael!., author of "The Danger
ous Age," theothcr day. "I would say to
him 'Take B girl with good teeth, for
good teth me:i;i good stomach, a per
fect digestion. User 'ore a goid tcmpsr,
and Hint Is the mot Important quality
In a wife.' "
It Is nsedlesa to say that If s good
temper Is a natural derivative of good
teeth, the beau'y of twenty is much
more apt to Qualify in tills respect than
her mature rival. And yet the cham
pions of the woman Ot forty are many
and vehement, Wl:nesa thla letter from
an Indignant RIB rf I ad man, written after
rending a man reader's tribute to ths
beauty of seventeen.
'That fallow who prefers ths seven-teen-
ear-old tvpe of l.eauty is a hack
number, a hand-nic-down," he observes
In most unparliamentary fashion. "I
am a married man. My wife la now
forty and a fir more beautiful woman
than when I married her twenty years
ago. Thes 'nun1? fellows know a ma
ture woman can fee at a glsti 1 their
ikM.MM.lnn ,h bJnahlaa cirl o:il
.... ... ,.,
Annth.r good word ll spoken for the
woman of forty by a matron In Protn
dence who admits that she will never
see forty nSaln avo by looking back
ward. "I thick a girl r.f ristiileen, If pretty.
Is far more lovely ti. an a woman of
forty, even If t' e latter la well-pre-ssrvedt"
she writes "The aces of forty
and fifty cannot bs compared With the
ages of eighteen and I .vonty-llve. The
. harms ar.,1 I sautlsi of the young girl
and the loBtUre wt.tltatt are totally dif
ferent. I think a. woman of fo ty or
fifty ten expo. : to p;ej. and be loved
by a man Of her own ue. If he is as
well preserved himself, out In my esti
mation there Is nothing fo ridiculous a
ior an ttderly man la marry a young
girl or for B young man to love un
elderly woman.
"I rm forty well ti-sed. I have my
own teeth ct and girlish shape, and 1
enjoy Ufa BB much BJ I used to nt
iliirty. I.on't you think there arc many
Ilka in. I 1 find f.iiilt with the men. I
ii:,d ihsm not so young us the nromon
whon tiey reach forty or fifty."
A totally dlffsrent view of the subject
ll l'urnl"hcd by a yong unmarrlcj
wo ngm
"My .deal is the niarrt , woman of
thirty. Tbt woman who has steered the
matrimonial craft through the fickle
waters of the first ffv years of wedde :
life Mfely Into the I arbor of content
ment and peace- -and that some tough
navigation and WhOBO face the :adl
ant beams of Welded Itliss l.lghthuuae'
I are reflect..!. Tha w.-.iian whose fea-
tuna have been softly moulded by the
loving caresses of little children and
Whose ear has been tuned by tl.elr little,
silly prattle; the woman who can sytn-
patiiixe w ith you; ti.e ...ie who Is neither
too young to understand nor too old to i
become irrltatod. a woman mgturs and
Sensible! bill luc er ..'uii to romp witil
her clilldren and by her buoyant spirit
endear rorself to them to her husband
and every one ele. e Is the woman
WhOB husband Is tiie ..ir e of conatani
envy au ong otlier m :i. es, women
may look their best at seventeen or fifty,
i.u' the mgrrlod womgn of tiiirty l the!
only kind that would stand a chance
with me If I were a man."
Still another reader casts a scu" ring
ballot to tl.4s effect:
At what age Is a woman most at
tractive? "Ask the m!ddlBgd wooer and he
will answer:
" "Tls the age of my bride so soon to
"Ask the son of the mlddle- i gel wooer
and lie will say:
" "TIs the age of my beautiful mother
across the sea, with her magiiiflent
patrician fa e that time has scarcely
"Ask ths poet snd he will snawer
" Standing with reluctant feet whsre
th brook and river meet'"
Astor's Answer to the Question:
"Y"r i " iiif"w'Vi'V'ryrvir-a-nT n n ninftnnnnni
At wnai age u a troman most beautiful?
Col. John Jacob Aator I the latent person to rata on
thla Interesting queatlon. for. by announcing hla ap
proaching marriage to Mlaa Madeline Force, the rich
eat eligible In America haa caat a vary decided baJlot
In favor it the beauty of twenty. And certainly the
photograph of the young woman he haa choaen la
very itrong argument In favor of the greater charm of
youth, whatever the attractiveness of the beauties of
forty, of whom "La Belle Otero," famous siren and
(lancer, has constituted nerself both the example and
the champion.
The Evening World readera who have ancntvi
Throws Them Off Veranda and
They Have Her Arrested in
the Dawn's Early Light.
All of Mlna Julia McMann's paying
guests answered the rollcall when
Magistrate llylan atarteil Die session at
Coney Island Police Court this morn
ing, but they looked more like the oc
cupants of a convalescent ward of
some hospital than persons who had
been rusticating for the summer at tbe
prim cottages "swept by ocean breeaes"
on the corner of (Vet I Twenty-second
street and Surf avenue.
tome hsd their faces bedecked with
courtplsster. others looked out through
eyea swollen and ralnbow-hued, and
still others hsd swollen noses and
scratches and bruises. All were eager
to display their Individual hurts to the
Magistrate, and Jo. nod In a demand that
Mlsa Mc.Munii be hanged oi drowned at
As nearly aa could he gathered from
the babel of tongues when all the board
ers began mlllng their tales of woe at
once, Miss Ul Mann played tbe role of
a female Hercules n: t:.e boarding
house last night, and Rive an imitation
of the class her. claanlns not is.
Vugean BtgblOS. Prom room to room
she sped, they said, driving her boarde:s
out Into the .street.
It all began over a row she had with
Sainu. 1 Ooldfarb, who halls from New-1
srk, and Unlike the rest of the boarders,
pays trom week to week. Toe others
are nil paid up to the end of tne season. '
Mlas McMann and Bamuel disagreed
over the nmount due for his entertain
ment, and gho went after Mm with a I
monks) - w rench.
Whan Samuel was Just about ending
Ml sen. mlcal BtUdli I Miss McM. n
msrie up her mind thai she didn't like
an) of Me.- boarders and decided that
" "us was annul it sne might lnsi
B well clean them all out. She did
Some of the men tried hanging on to
!'cr, but she shook them off as If tnev
v erc men- ntes :;nd swung at them for
Interfering with her. The whole neigh
borhood was regaled by the finale of
her "stun:." win h look place out on
the veranda, from which she pitched
each ot her Hoarders headlong,
The? all slept in nearby hoMa lasl
night, ami thla morning they declarer
their willingness to go away from there
If Miss Mi'Matin nul 1 rerun i to c,,. .,
month's rent aptoca. Magistrate
Dylan sil l he had nothing to do with
this. However he held her In V) ball,
Two awnings on the tenth floor of
th twelve-story Algonquin Hotel, No,
Wes' I'orty-fourtii street, Ogllght flrg
tarly this morning, evidently rom a
carelessly thrown c.g.ir end
b notified ths n'.tfht clerk.
A panser
and a -til!
alarm brought Knglne Company No J
but before the firemen's arrival em
ployeei of the hotel had put out the
' IBB The rooms were occopd by
John V. Deems, who wa asleep until
awakened b. th" employees.
Do You Know
Who This Is?
uo you
Alio this ir?
It la a man wh
hat entertained a:.
lUiUBcd you mc
han half the sho.i
you ever went t.
.'iiiirricfl's ateal
t-hort atory writ'
Every summer for the puat few ycti. ,
the Evening World hns pubiiahitl u ir riot
of 0. Hf lRY'S ibort stories, 'fhev
were the sort that interested everyon:-;
brilliant, amuiinn, 'IrBiuatic, HUMATJ.
O. HENRY reccivctl from $S00tO 11,000
apiece for them.
The Evening World will print neiic,
of the last and beat of O. HENHY'S
short stories, beginning Monday
on the lookout ot them.
ssssssaisisssaassasssjssai ssl .................... .-.-.-.-.r
Columbia Proceeding Safely
After Collision in Fog Off
Newfoundland Ranks.
The Anchor Un stenmshlp Columbia,
which dented her prow aitalnst hii Ice
l.crg off the coast of .ew roiindlund I .st
tVMlneMl.iy, is pro. ceding .i.ifely on her
voyage ami win arr'va ai her dock hero !
Monday, a ling lo wireless niessa;:.-,
received at tha oBce of i Una to-day. I
In one Of htl messages ( apt. Mitchell ;
Of the ColUmMa said:
ah well. Everything all
light and
we Brill dOCS eiriy Monday ill
Ig another measage the line:
per iIimit.i'.I tie daina:.' .lone by
lie nig as men! "g push In the uos '
The Columbia has on hoard alio pagson
Dr Stlmson's 17-Year-Old Daugh
ter Married to I lurry Potter
Fisli on March 4.
Announcement h:i been made of the
m..rr:a;o of Ml.i.s M.'iude Htlmson, aev-
Bgtaanyoarold daughter of Dr. and
lira. Chart w. Itttnaon of No, bj er
rortlBth street, to Ilurry Totter Vigil,
The ceri many w as psrforaied Marah
ia.-.t by tha lector of Trinity Icbool.
At Dr. Stlrnaon'l home it was slated
that the faniliv Aire at their country
ROOM in I.archmont BRd that further
di lulls of th m irria'e would he given
there. Hut at Larohmonl a servant Bald
thin every one w.is away on a vacation
h" could tell ruithlng about th"
Th announ-ement of the wadding,
made In an advertisement, simply gave
the name of tha bride, room It was
supposed he was a stun, in ,,i Trlnltv
School, since tba rector performed th
ceremony, but nothing could be learned 1
th. re about his Identity.
frank A HI e. an ex-convlct with
manv aliases, was arraigned before
I 'nitesl Stulef omiiils..ner athlelda In
the i',. lerai Building tOday On a large
Of f-uglng and esslllni poslal money-
ordstra. Inapaotor Boyle, who captured
MI0O1 credited Irim a It-it Isdng the nioet
..droit p.isii money. order lu.ef In the
. untry.
!nn tor iBoyts has bn "n she!
nn's trail sin e J'.iveni.bi.r lie got
t i"k of htm yesterdjy when he went
to a sub-. state. n at Mo, :tT:i .". nth BVB
n.ie tind ought to c.is' a monoyord r,
He preaented two banlcbooki i-raring
the name of James A. Igywla. Ho. h
stys 'hat Ttice ooiiterated the iianii's of
t.'ie roa.1 de: on. tor nnd Arite In the
i.ames of ih.. money-order he '1 id
tolen from tie mnlle
Boy had warned all the BUt)BtgtlOH
h i Inst the man and when h went
to the Ninth avenue taMon hB wws
naMied. It" w-is hold bv Commissioner
S lelda tti '..'mn nnd tn Bwail the 1 t'.on
of the Federal frand Jurv.
Rice la r'gifrterd N'o ':,Kl In the
Roatiies' 'iailiuN' and h. .r'.-l terni
In F.lmlrs Reformatory and on lllaolt
weH'B ls.tr
- ..m. uw-or. '
Announcemenl Settles Rumors
Long Current of Another
"Move Uptown."
Hiiiiior thnt D. ImonlCO'a restaurant,
g rifth aver, i ai I I'orlv-rnnrth street,
was to ehangB han. Is arid be moved
I further uptown have been stilled by
, Ihs announ mi that the manage
ment has llgOBd a new lease of several
' irs for the present site. The Then
ibire A. Havemerer estale owns ih.
properly, which has been occupied bv
raitgUrant since UN,
Several sit . hav been offsrsd for the
resnurant wlihln the pan few years.
and recently It was Understood half s
dogra well-known rOBtaurant men In
th olty were anxloua to aiqulr the
properly numiniii'in was licirpor
:itei in Novem .er, 1MB, with Mist, Jose-
P n C. DalmoMcO and M:s Jeanne It.
DelmonlOO as dlreetor. It is understood
thai Mil Josephine, who Inherited the
business, owns all the stock except
two shares.
T.ie rrsla n.int Is beinc decoraled and
Managini Dlrsctor Tauplst is now in
ilurope lookln". up novelties for the
Doming season of bgnoustlng,
Del onl o's has moved uptown with
society for thu past si" . nty-llve years,
and society la KrAtl v In ti rested in any
rumor affecting t:.e pii e Q real-grand
1:. others of the prOBBOt hucial ic; .
dined at the origin .1 place .11 Ueaver
street, fOUAdSd In WW by John an i
Teter DelmonlOO. In IM It moved lo
r'lfih avsnua and Courtsanth street; In
Hi to tfftll avenue snd Twenty .Uth
alreet and in IV.sl lo Its present alt.
win Bajdf 1
I n- M orrow
iii-ir A 11 11 11 m I On 1 1 mi
mt ( tilkitf INiiut.
win hold thttr third annual outlni lo
iiKinon' hi WM.f,' Orovti CoUagti
point. OotninltUlonM sValdo .ium x-
0IM94 the NUld froffl ' ' ti-!ii'irrow
MM .ilnjuf Kt ttf thftm will lj't.tr-1 tati.Lt
at thn fit of U 1 Kl Twtntyfotui
Mtreet at o' look In th niornliig, ttnU
tHit tot ttin grove.
TJidjre an ivtOAQ frthltttlt ovanta on
thn prfiif'immrt and two larye mMl
prill he devoind. COlninlMtOIICr Waldo
jnti Deputy ''immliiflloiiHr M-Kay will
ttland ha plrnlc, a win formr Deputy
'niunitiuiloni r Hukhi'i , woo :tn pu; up
a tne rv nip an ttiu trupfiy to hu
intfwtod for In a if.tm' of Waibal!
B 1 .ii rd Cti t'U-'d, tllty, dlwt tn the
Mnt! opolltun llo pUal oil itlm-Kwll'a
It-1 ind lut night from DjurltM he re
reivd yegtr lay uftT nOOn when h"
w r in du-.vn uy an tUtORMblta ambu-
1.' frotn thi Bnitfcanoy itoiipitai.
CaulflaUl w.i- cruHaind Tlttt avenue at
H . i:iy-lxth Mtri-'-t wi.-n the ttmlm
'..ik'", wlm-h whs K'tlnu 1 Vanty n.llea an
hour, Mtrii'-k htm, tKMktAaf hla hip and
tnuirlng him Internally He waa taJien
to the KnirrfcTenry Hoipltal and 1Ht
d tO lilHrliwell'it Island
CaulAeld lived at No. 2M Kmt Ninety
ISth street. Arthur Johiaon, driver of
the amfculanct, waa not arreetad.
Train Hurri.'s Staff tn Cbpper
Magnate's Rindl, but IL
SuCCUIIlbl to Pnrumonia.
Begin Life as i Cowboy, but
StHn Started Making Money
in Mining Ventures.
c.ksksv. . Ifealoo, Am 6 w
C, tJreana, the copper maanatp. lied at
I A M. to -it a He aurcumbed id Mn:i
pneiwnnnla. Whlrh de . rloped om it rrnulf
of tnturlen hf nuM-atiied in a rurmv
aooldv-nt hero Iim Monday lrath rnmn
shortly afti-r Ihf arrival ff a COfpf "f
ph velsrlann nod nurm-i. who waft runhrd
htre hy IpaHftl tr.-iln nnd atttOmoMt-H
from ki I'hwi Thaj broutht reppUvi of
oxvpreu and Bptflt thf lant few hOUfl
trvlrw t iHH-a t.ff tttal fnd. hut th.
Htiekon imui naatr rftlllad and pnaacd
away in the pfMOliaa f htl lf an t
chlMralii who had iMrn oonotantly at hti
i.afst laToitday Col Oraoafi wan thrown
fronih In t-errhiat- when hN ten in ra t
away Hie roftftl hour an. I t w . .if hM
1 rihn ayatfa f fi. t it -! I It. Titnrwlnv ffjaj
I aottta pnt union la conitltlon ilavelopad In
id lnni and a tMHHIIMIIM mum MMl to
M Paoo (r phyotctatti RnU nunii
Tii floeton hoardad ipat li i tntm
IVtllCh arrived lent nttrltl at Nn o. Art .
aflr a i nrd t rrakinu tilp ffOBI 1.1
pawn. At Naco tha parly, rarrylni lanki
of oyun, tttnk ailtOnioMtai and tp' '
aofaaa tha ii ml tat of wmift ti
i 'ari.iiH'ii
W. ilniiir, who i- title of Co.on.d
w battOWOtf Upon hint by an admiring
ririe f frlamti whan t" n:st baM i o
mako ntonay In large mwuntii waa ono
of thr m.is- unlqtti Affurai In Iftttor day
flnanao ."i.: mining! nts Qftani Coniol
hinted ( !ontapanj Ih Mid to he one Of
tho ilohaai propartloi in xtatanoa in
addition lie owned tfotd nlnoli mHllono
of aoraa of ranoh and tlmbar landi In
Mi-xh n, 1 .illrtiiula, dl orao prop Mat.
He pvoltald dlod poaeHMrtl of KH.it
For the p.iM- thlrttan yaart oi
Oteen ipant much of hit Itmt In Vow
York. I itaty ho hftd baah pro eedlns
alonp p- 1 r- Ttt T linen In btlKlnagl, a
etrnmte . p-1 len. t for Mm bOOatlM
manv inn tried ; a pill 111 (Ml hit prop
erttei and ho pnftl hundradt of fhon-
andi of doltart i Paw ) 1 1 ra ipo In
dafandlng Ian nUw.
rfd Graana wai born flfM-flve yaar
ago la IVattohaattr County. He wen
0 the Weal w .-n i boy( bl 'tine a ow
soy in Arlaonn and Maw Mastoo end
llvad thr advanturoui Ufa of hit '-lansi
But Inhaftnt in him tha mono)
unking In."' '1 ' Ifr Hived hln pav. Iii-
eM ad in hmd and nntlly tc un i nut tad
nnn!i ranch In Arlaona cloat t the
Maaloan Una. Me wai fttvorod by for
tuna anil rnado fMilderabla mone ,
in hia 00a toy dayi bo had travollad
all over 1 he tOflitOTlOt .iod nt bOTH
MetlCO He knew a !.t about mineral.
and bo wat tht poaaattor of knowlodgt
that tnormout atorrt of upper art
txtatod in thr itatt uf gonora There
wort mlnoi ttiort thai had baan workod
hy the i iidian- oantuHat tgo.
A tytKMcatt it CaJIforplant owned In
thr late IMfn an ItnnienNe tri''t of gTSS"
Ini; hind In t he State nf 'Stinorn. On
thM land was the mineral dopOtlt BOW
known at tho Oananao Mlna.
Thr In Wl of Mexico pro lde
tuieM to paaturo laodt do not carry
of mlnorata tho land may oontatn.
An 1
proOPOCtOr mav k on private lundH an I
lo ate for uohl. copper Of etlver.
Oraotta'a rlttlo ram'h wai on two Aid
i. ma elde of the line, the pagtUM land
of the Pet htfit lyndtOaiO wan on He
Maaioan oMa. Otrotwt fraqugally rde
ovjr the pi t,M1rtv uf tits rte!aThhorn. tn
ION he irot an Idea from hJ.a mln.ntt
kuuwledtcr Ui.il there Rllght b0 ' p.:
dtpotrttt on t ba SaAatiaa ranoh. i lo
proopocfend QUtatty and tn th and lo
r I tight mlnex. He put in hie otaJntfl
for tip pro party and tha Parkku tyn
.'.it', not kno whti anytihing atiuut the
OJttOflt t th mineial pOOKOi MfeM 0U1
rat hor t han tlx n i eon l-inn 4t1oi pn-
Soon af let (id. I ifieiie K"t f ne prop-
ert v hy jt ytng ngniliial oum BenatOf
Perk!na. who had iul an Inveatl
gatton of th.- minaral dapoalti to bo
made, aald
"I t.elt. v t tiat the itreatent OOMaf
In t it world hwve baail lOOtttOd
. anil th.it there )a OttOUgh OOppor
in vlgtit to rod not prlooi th world
i Orootit bad roiiKh hiit of buti
haa aatutanofa. it oamo kSaat in t
an1 nu t Mr!riun rnfn ricillotl n l-ha pro
notion of oompaalti. tin mada u itai I
ftonipany f J' nlnoai hiii than -"am
ha tni or fattUsfj thr '-anti la bull
Tui-ititrH, ptirctuurt maonliiary and ih
tctulpmont ti ttMvrj t at wotr riohti
Into niarki'i.i1'.' ataapt
ll.- wm thr ownar f vrv 'Hi a
the vm.ii iriar a ..r th rovnpati Baoapi
ih.. tew Hist In. aeVff. Hvti. t itittf
oMmt nun t.. ad .is ill rectors n.- whs 1
prodigal In hla ..fr..ns in ralM the n--saaary
raali ruis prodltrallty later on
paused him a raai atnouai of irotikla
nnd Iftnuni arable law suitn wltloti tooli
hwh hundreda of thottaaaTMe. tine of
the mow h approaohad waa TIio.ii as w
Lavraon The man who tntr . li l him
t n I.u a sun
IIV SO- hilt J
l,WA,ono, un. i . nv.
wan bbjMi baaed
II. ''..
Tl.i.t w.is a m
.'ol.mel A .nnipt
I) powiitlnt
un. i proved tn if
a I'oiiipri.mlse,
the pi -in. -Ill
re linanlt'llf to the
Won in WHO .1 ..I his
lie llrsi rom her',
.if vatimltlt aei Hi B
t-. I. tin, ii. i.-i.i- I. I .ir 'ir.ltti4 l i . .eii
mnn I'OPOf I Willi tt..ii s.inre of nlo.-k
Had Hi" w.nns woman hold on to them
sh ml. hare nul.l lliem for MM.MB,
the atni'k po4n la V. In 1MB, bttl she
Bold whtNi it reaohed B, rtalUlat l-s
tiraBtis waa niarfiod twleo. Mia wire
.mil WO Ohll'lteil m-r,. ul .1 1 h hfs.ls.lile
..iit.i ho died. His rooiyool oMM waa
born in the Waldorf Aartorla Hotel and
wan tha rst oMM ever bjartl In i ..il hns-
toln in Mfl . itv OraaBra mad, bin
liome eliliT ul the Waldorf or the All
Hi nla He WBO s1 Oil MtOS I areitt pul
of John W, Utto, who la lyina MM
1 1 .iiiy iii iii Parta
iii i.sti a ni.in named QoodmaB nallad
.11 Ihe I'.ilonel .il the fValdorf. lil.llllie.l
ii pl'l .1 iiit.iln-t lit ninpie ii.i ne an.l
demanded a lariTfl amouni of mo nay.
tli e and Goodman rod downtown
I er hi an I. tram. Good man hoi.i
plat 'i in bis pookot and pointed
;n flrceni ai Greene' oftce ha iiibii
ne.l (o .' mviij ii n. I bail n.. -i i.an ,u
reeted. w hen Thomas v latwaon or it,ston
waa wrltlraj the 'VYenalsd rtnanoa"
arth-les he eirnnd the III will of llrnene,
saV aaV. 'SB
2fm Kwttti 3'W) mii 35tli Strttta. Nm fork.
btere iLirotiiieirs :
Announce for the month nf August Important Sales of
Lace Curtains
Appropriate 'or Early Full hurmshinm
At Very Advantageous Prices
The First Sale will be held Monday. August 7fh
West 2 3d ami 22 d Streets
' It'll 11 U M 11 II It II l( It II II ( 11 U II 11 It R U II U U H t K H H H It H It U M U Wet If M X K 4atK
Plan Any Apartment You Please
. 7-" V "
For FKEl distribution m u . Tl:r ir d't Branch VHficmt, and
you muv quickly find thr very tort ' an apartment you .
For early copy of this comprchrnsivr and handsomely printed book
let by mail inclose 5 cents for posture. Address :
Room 103, World Bide-, Now York City.
win ninl tn rtnsfr,f( st-f t i Die
f s i .... i in lafrsoo. Tlaev
i ' mil il .1 fe itrlnka end sror -
'. U-nils i-vit .ifler.
in IIW M.sl in miners on Oreon'
property In Mexlej wenl on strike aol
... I .i I"! ..f viol. ',:onr prumpl'v
. .-ii: ir:n .i ii mom Amei
' rlin. om 'i.-.l It Into Mel' i
and i" I li lnt .i pltrhel Imt t ! Willi
,0OB Me. IPs !n srhl li sis'i-en en
I in
'iii! M.ikc Good Promise
Pna Monoptwa with
out AiJ.
Ml- Matll.lt Mi.lsant. sister of th
lal i I ti II Mi.lsant. fulfillsd hr Bram
ls.. this nuirnliiit n-hl'-h sh mads months
. thit sh w.iul.l li able to fljr a
nu. implant Hlin irl. nut her
on Hi- Ilnnpst... i'lnlns, and
tfcroa loot niuiits about two mllaa
l.plns ill. ii rif fool above the
Mit InnillnKs wen ... rlrver and ouc
oaaafal t int all t i aviators oo tha Mail
,-'.. . r"l her ski ti
I I Ibtwm also p.m. In for peel.,
slth his Uolaanl monoplan. Haroi.i
BlntlOy an. I llnri.l.l Knstner. two srett
Nnmin rtubinsa .f ManhatiBM. wars out
with ihi ,r iniinniil.i i.'s l.-arnlns; to fly
l.ittk onrliln I - .11 "V. I SO
Th atatOrWOni ..f Clearinar Hon
bnnks fur the we. k lsswe.1 to-. lay Bhovi .
thai the l.nnks hold . f..l.s reaei
in BBS SB of leiral rtvuirementa. Tril
ls s .le rense of ti Vsl,K0 In ths prn
portloast CBBh reserve sa comper.
a It li I tat week
V kaWt
' daaanV
bJom!iI IwUk
3 1
Mtms .i
i i 1 i 1
THIS drawing
show the great
space now occu
pied by the S. Lieb
mann's Sons Brew
ery, Brooklyn. 58
years ago it occu
pied but one small
Boor is sold sserywhaaob
Ccsta but $1 for 24 bo,
lias in Croator Now
in jour mind'a eye Then study the
illustratione, floor plana, description
rtntala, &c, of the
200 Multi-Family DwslHnf
Houses Presented in : :
The World's
Fall Renting Guide
To New York City
Apartment Houses
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