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One Bring) Airship in La Prov
ence for the Chicago
Sh Is Mme. Simone, Who
Was the First in the Part
in Chantecler.
1e stsrunentp La Prnvencs of the
Prem-h. lint from Havre tikx1 at '.
I look t Ills morning. Among the p:i
"nfwi on board were three nMMtJ
.viators wno will participate In the In
ternational Aviation meet at rlilcngn on
Aug. II. They acre rtomaln dressier,
. ' o will use a CartlM biplane; (lenrge
Mestaeh. who brought with Mm a
Marane. and Krnest Mathals, who will
' a Farman biplane.
The Marane machine haa maile a
record of ljo kilometres per hour. The
I'urtlas biplane which Hrrssler will um
'iss made 110 kilometres nn hour and !i
Id to be one of the fastest flying nis
chlnea ever constructed. Tha three
nvlatnre will leave for rhlrago Monday
,.nd afier the Chli'agu meet expect to
tly at BtMM and In thin nelfrhhorhond.
George C. Tyler, gencial manager for
I.iebler at Co.. returned from a tilp to I
tht Sahara De.ert, where he went to
r-.udy local color for the coming are
ductlon of Itol.eit liltrhlns's play, 'The
'iarden of Allah." which will be pr i
duced at the New Century Theatre nt
an early date. Mr. Tyler aa aico.n
ranled by Stake Manage'- Ford of the
Llehlor forces find Mnrange, scenic
artist, who Is prena nn :-t the scenery for
t lie production.
Mr. Tyler said lie had closed a con
nect fcr the appearance In this country
of Mme. Simone, who was tho original
hen pheasant of "I'hantecler." She will
ha starred in an adaptation of Rostand's
scent play, 'My Lady of Plea III! "
The American adaptation has been uiado
by LottiS Parker.
Other passengers were Mrs. Itohert
Macon, wife of till American Amhiisss
rtor to Trance, and her son and Prince
l.udonlc I'ignadrtll d'Arngnn, an at
tache of the Sua id -h Legation at Wssh
Ingtnn. Lust Wednesday the ship passed wltli
ll ten miles of one of the Israest Ice
bergs that has ever been seen. Thorn. n
miles away from It Hie passengers felt
a very prrcrptl'jlr el L8ge ,r, taaipar
ture while tlio ship was In Its nelgh
ixnerlsl h) Ttie lorn-. ( W.al.l 1
ALBANY. Aug. I .- Lieut, Lewla Lnn
dls and Ids little delaehinen' of three,
which Jiopes to fortii he nucleus of
an east side regiment, Arrived at Al
bany abort ly before noon to-, lay. Lieut.
Lsndls announced that he and his troop
had Ilea tea all previous rOOOrdl for the
march of a detachment Iron' New Yoi k
to Albany by more llian aevcntoen
hours. They left the City Hull In New
York nt .' P. M. Monday, In addition
to hrcaklne; the re nrd, t ley broke In
four pairs of bfakjd-aan russet shoes.
The little ndlltai v squadron fallel to
rind Qcv. I 1 x at the Capitol, hut they
obtained an audlenc" with Commander
McKay, tin- (ioii-rnur , military socre-
tnj From iiiin t'n-y learned that it
would lie impossible for them to get an
aiinury on the east (c unless IlieOin
slltulliin was amended and several new
laws were pissed by the Li-i .'slut ure.
Cemmander McKaj advised Lieut
Lalldis to see I'ol Austin of the Kluhth
Keglment and ask ,..-i iiiii.Hloti to he re
paired Into tha reglmenl an a le Derate
battel! oi This would
i 'onimandei McK.n ,
lineal ble, eulil
I he regiment
bud only
nt ib
quota of 1 OH sj
l.snr IMsed sail Snum Almat
Thru Weill Indcr.
William K. Lane, thirty years old. of
PleuHsinville, N. V . son ol V. Iii'-e d I
I. sue and nephew tne lute Charles
M. Lane, who was sheriff of V
cheater County, was drowned I" four
feet of water at Itye Uracil last night
lie hlied a bungalow al lha Beach laal
Thursday utid expected to stay until
Monday. He took dinner In New York
esterday afternoon and i cached Kye
lteacli at 6.80 o'clock In the evening,
undressed and walked i the be h h
About tifty people saw him tnttr the
water. He was diving about and swim
ming under water ami when he turiliy
failed to come to the surface Thomas
Williams, keeper of lentonada I land.
rushed In and pulled him out. I ir.
diaries W. Walker of Itye and others
worked over the body, but could not
revive him. The body was taken to
I'laaaaiitvllle last night by permission
of Coroner Prennan or New Itochelle,
Do You Know
Who This Is ?
Do you know
who this is?
It is a man who
lies entertained an I
amused you mo;
thun hull the show,
ou ever went to.
America's greatest
ihoit story writer.
Every summer for the prist few vents,
t he Evening World has published n serieu
of O. hXNRY S short stories. They
were the aort that interested everyone;
1 rilliunt, amusing, dri n am , HUMAN.
O. HENRY received froi.i $500 to ;-,l ,000
apiece for them.
The Evening World will print a series
nf the Inst and beat of O. HENRY'S
hart stories, bt ginning Monday. Be
on the lookout for tlirrr .
Jumping Jack in George
Friars Pulled String, So He ll Dance Again1
Learned at Frolic That
He Wat Still Good, So
He'll Give the Old Time
Steps in "The Little
But It's Killing Work, He
Says, and if He Hadn't
Stopped When He Did
He Would Have Been
HKH l-'.'H a lively Ml of news tleorga
M I'ohsi. Is gnin-r to dance agsln
The recent Friars' Frolic, pulled
the string, end the Jumping Jack In him
hsi. been restless ever since. fso lie
spent hi vacation between desk and
piano rattling off "The Little Million
aire." one of those little fellows that
hump Into everybody- every time he
moves he makes a noise like Ice clink
ing In a gl iss awfully busy spending
money hurries along -transgressions
and that stuff -song -good girl that
needs the money gets It dance
There you have the play as lt au
thor outlined It to me. The dancing
will come In time and be along the old
familiar line.
"I know only four steps, you know,"
aid the modest dancer, twisting a
mile, twirling a stick and corking an
eye at the parting In his hair. "And I
thought I had sent them to the stnre
hnuse for good and all, but the Friars'
Frolic brought 'cm out. You aee, I
teHessI out now good 1 was."
Don't take this seriously. It was the
man am ling at the boy'a toy. George
M. Cohan has rhsngc.t greatly In the
pasl rew years He haa "quieted
doan." He nn longer comhtnea the Im
pudence nf youth with the arrogance
of talent. His manner suggests that
he has illmh.Nl down out of the glaring
frame of the electric sign.
"I feel us though ft like to do a little
daiiclii galn, that's all," htf explained
Hut a will take me at least four weeks
to get Into shape The day after the
lirst rehearsal of the Frlara' show I was
so lame I could hardly walk. My whole
body felt as though IOd Die toothache,
It was the BnN time 1 had danced a
stop since a year ago last January."
He heat a reflectie tattoo on the floor
with his stick.
"If I hadn't slopped then." he added,
looking up with nothing but seriousness
In his eyes, "I'd he dead to-day. Thorn's
no doubt about that In my mind. Danc
ing was killing me. When I closed with
'The Yankee Prince- in Detroit 1 was
down to lie pounds. To-day f. weigh 147.
That's the answer.
"No," he reflected, "I couldn't have
stood It much logger, Dancing tears
you down fearfully. Them's my sister,
for Instance She'll never damn again.
It's Billing work. The last two or three
years I was at It I felt dead and dopey
all the lima. I lived on milk and eggs,
couldn't eat any solid food. Now I can
eat five or six meals a day- If my friends
Klve me the chance."
Hut with only tho glimmer of a smile
he turned again tc the serious aide of
"I had worked like the dickens and I
needed a lest. That was tho only thing
that saved me. Any one who dances for
a living shouldn't work, I beileve, mure
than six or seven months a year
made the mistake of playing through
six summers In addition to the regular
seasons. I've often wondered how QoOOf
stands It. She looks perfectly well and
strong. Ot course, her early training
probably has a good deal to do with It
1 bud danced from the time I was a
kid, but alweye hard, never with any
idea of training myself carefully.
"I never dreamed Iheu," icc.iiied
Cohan, "that dancing could hurt any
one. It-it It will knock you out .f you
keep nt '.: constantly. 1 don't mean
'Meiry Widow' waltzes and that sort of
tlifng, but the strenuous kind that is
looked upon ns typically American. It's
too active and It Isn't nutujal. No one
can stand 't very long "
"HOW l"ng are uu going to keep at It
this time?" I asked.
"1 shall play only fifteen or sixteen
weeks." he answered, "nnd I'll not go
out of New1 York OXCOPl to open In
Hartford. I'm through with the road.
He was ser.oua about It. In fact,
fjeoigc M I'obnii has become ser.oua
aboi; rveiytii ng. es Inlly play writing.
"I'm the highest bug an playwrltlng
yOU ever r iw-,' he earnestly assured
me. "1 don't care a fgp about going
on the stage mjaelf except to do H little
sotig-an '-dunce now- and then. I'm a
terrible aotor wlthou. music, I kuow
1 in not mere whon it Oomoa to acting,
and i d oi t wmit to try to fool any
body. Hut 1 do want to write a good
play, lust In satisfy myself that I've
really a tOm I -bed something. My one
gmbUlon is to write a pgy Willi a big,
sound Dots' lii It, w; ether t'a fur 'e,
i uiied.- or u serious play. What I
should like io to most of all la to write
a comedy with a serious vein runn.ng
through it, a play that would entertain
an audience and then send li home
with something to think about, some
thing real gnd human and true. Hut
I'll have to be sure of myself first. Now
that i have my own 'opr'y house I may
be utile to (gl 'n' Play prisiured tf I
ever write It. While I'm waiting for
the big thing to hattPQB 1 ahull pruu
abl. open the house Qgeh season by ap
pearing In a mua'cal piece H it as
s.nd ooforoi i m through with tha road
At I UM I think 1 am Of course you
never Dsn 'ell in this buslnce. For all !
know, 1 may find myself one of these
days loor ng for a Job at IfaaaMr.
A LHA NY, Am: r. -On July 1 re
sources of 141 State ssvings banks re
porting to the Htate Hanking Depart
ment were $1. 751, sill, 001.17 ar.J ue
gmoUQl due depositors was ll,59l,L'2 1,
557 (I. There were l,lllfl open ac
count. During tha year 41,i:i.550.t4 were
deposited and 1405, 249.771. 5 -ware
withdrawn. Interest credited and pan
tmniin'. 4 to ir.r.s 4 ' I s
wssiewseeew. -s v - - ' - -- -- - .... . . .. r- 1 ssssTssjsSasaajSsssaMssasassssaSassMsJM
jl " ilOsi Terfi OFiK tq
yf TNeJ PlAsVO
(Continued from First I'age.)
rapid rate. The motoi inan of No. tKI
ducked a fttttllgda of brlekOc nnd when
he went under his dashhoai l lie f illed
to see a barricade of stone across the
truck. In front of him. The car hit the
barricade. There was a crash of break
ing glass as It struck. The other cars
In the resi- piled on the wrecked rat
and then a mob of strikers attacked
'he strike-breakers
The police rescued the news after a
hard light. Then PollfsMMII Henry
Kohrg chased nnd clubbed Hey Hen
nessj. a strike sympathizer. One
strikebreaker who went Into the butter
and egg store of Kimball Ai Company,
at No. 43s Kourth avenue, was followed
Into the place. The strikers found that
Kimball hud taken some policemen in
his wagon during ho strike and they
tieat Kimball.
Another strikebreaker was chased to
the yard of William J. DrlVOTi at No.
21 Eighth street. The mob waa about
to get him when Mrs. Driver saw his
peril and Opened her gate for the man
to tnke refuge In her home. The mob
threw stones through the windows of
tho house.
wiiiium stokes, s strikebreaker ( who
took out car No. 387 on the Smith street
line, ran Into a truck near 'resident
mid Smith streets, and after the police
learned that u horse attached to the
truck hud been Injured and the truck
detnegotV the motorman wot arrested
tor yooMogg driving,
1 1, - street railway ivopla did not al
low una or sovciial fgllUFOO to di t.-r
them from attentptlna t" ope rate, T lay
hlllt a car at -.li o'clock out toward
COtMy Island. The cur was loa.le.1 with
women and OkOdOfl When it reached
Ninth street and Third avenue. At
t H ..it point 11 wa." surrounded by strik
eis. The ;aaacnger.-i Jtirnpod from tno
Policemen aurro untied it. Bui they
did not stop two nun who .lumped on
the front of the car and prooeetlod 10
pound the motorman, WbUo the ntm in
front slugge.1 the motorman, gnotbor
look charge of the conduct or.
"Oh, hell, 1'vo got enough of thla
business," yelle-l the motoriiiAn.
Are you w.l.Ing to go back.'" ggktd
the strikeCH.
"gsj real thin; you know," replied tile
Then he lurned tho Controller levar
sod h.iclvtd the car to sbg barns at
Smith and Ninth siroot.
.More thun iou iiu-n, gromOD and chil
dren took part in the attacks. The
slilkera expect their ngl.t to be taken
up by national labor leader
New efforts were made after noon te
get the cars i - the Smith street Hue
ruiintnii t'er No. 47, with James
ltrown as motorman, got as far us
Ninth street and Fourth avenue when
it was topped by cars that had been
abandoned when their crews were, at
tacked. Car No. f.13. In charge of Motorman
Arthur Junes and Conductor Jack
Davis, both strike-!.: e.ike r, we.it up to
the same Jam, lu spite of the fait that
Jones was struck on tht Jaw with a
stone. He stuck to tht job until the
stalled line gtoppgdl his "ir.
A Mr was sent the. a :h towsid
OotMy Island n tew mtautot Later, At
Thlrte. iit.i t.iet and COMe) Island avu
nue lha itltkori attaclitxl It and bruits
lha window - Jht police guard g 't the
car ItUMIICb and the strikers hid In
sewer pipe, and wa.U'J for Its return.
I When It came bac. it was held up at
Blgteemh street end Coney Island ave
nue, lha trolley rope rrt. the remaining
Cohan Won't Be Still; i
windows broken and a barricade of
stones placed a toss tne track.
Then the strikers talked with tha
motorman and eotttfltOtOf and succeeded
In getting them to leavo the car and
go with the union men.
MM men said they would take off their
coats for Dennii Sullivan i one of their
superintendents, and declared they knew
that the company wanted lu get rid of
hiin, will, li was ..lade a part of their
At C li ii DaKgdb avenue car reached
Coney Island tha first MMa U In tho
morning. At Ml a second car reached
toe Island..
James Williams, a painter, living at
Cotsty Island, was the first passenger
Injured. Ho was on cat No. ;7S of the
Smith sir I dne. At Ninth street and
fourth avenue u mob attacked the car.
Stones were thrown and windows
smashed. 'Vllllama was thruwn to the !
pavement. His right shuuiuer was dls- I
located and he was cut about the fore
head. Policeman Velte dispersed the
CfOwd W iuini was taken to Hi.
Thoinss's Church, where lr. Liong
worthy of Se.iey Hospital dressed hia
wounds and he went home by the R
K. T.
A mob led by Mrs. Anna Heckler of
No. 513 Couri slice-., attacked a car In
charge of Kdward Davis, conductor, and
Arthur BuraOi motorman. The mob
wreckul the car and slightly hurt both
employees. The woman was arrested
and wl.h hei were taken the three union
men who were later given Workhouse
Inapcotor Robert Dooltyi in charg of
the Blgbtb Inspection District, In which
the greatest trouble Is 'evident, began
touring his district in an automobile uf
1i r I be strlhu alaumed dangerous pro
portions. He ordered all the, reserve
area In his district on patrol duty and
tun the QueOM reserves to guard the
barn at Da KeUb ami Covet t avenues.
The iiiui who work from this barn are
not on bi.ii.c. hut It Is learvd the strik
ers wul utlaik the barn during the day.
Franklin nveoua cars run about an
hour be'ween Coney Island and New
York, making one li.p, but when tne
crews unved at tbu islund again the
nap, ail union mem berg, rafuaad to ojsMn
si their cars, again. They declared tBe
had received orders Irom the union olll
c.als to quit. An inspector of the trolley
Company persuaded Uis men to take the
cars hack to the barn at Malbono street
and Franklin nveuue. Brooklyn, whe-e
they hid started earlier In the day.
The Coney Inland and Hr ooklyn Com
pony Is not a pan of th D. P.. T.
system, and the latter is nut affected
by the strike, tsoopt thai Us travel
probably will be largely Increased by
the former patrons of the C. I. 4k B.
There are two unions repiesented
anionic the employees of lha company.
On tho three Hues affected by the strike
the employees ure affiliated with tho
Amalgamated Association uf Street and
KUOOtriC Hallway Kmpioyce of Au.er
lOO. Eu.ployees of thu DoKnlb avenue
line are affiliated with the Knights ot
Labor, and tho are itlil at work, and
aooordini to tne oontylny odloltti have
signed mi agreement to continue run
ning tholr cars.
The strike la due to a wage dispute,
dating lack to June 30, when the men
salved (or an lucieasc, which ths com
pany i of used. Thu wattes on all lines
of the company have been -J cents an
hour foi a day approximating ion hours.
Thu mull asked 2i cents aa hour.
After conferences beta - o the rcpre-M-ntuttves
of the mun and company of
liclals the company offer, id to r..ai tha
tame Khsll as the Uiooklyn Itapld Tran
sit Company, which has a sliding scale.
Ill men gattll , trOW 'U to W cents
an hoin , accord. ng to length of service.
Ths Coney Island and Uiooklyn men In
sisted on a Hat rate ot 2S cents an hour,
which the company refused.
Tba uuetUon ol striking Immediately
csme up first at
meeting early yaa-
terdrty morning
In a lodge torn at
Ninth atreet and Third avenue, when
the men discussed the entire situation.
Out of 400 men affected less than one
half attended tha meeting, and when a
vote was taken some of lliem were
silent. The vote stood SO In favor ol
striking to 7b against, ihe woulu-l-e
sinkers winning by a bare majority of
four votes.
The eltmnesa of attendance and vote
resulted In a call for another meeting
This time tho vote was decisively In
favor of a s'rlke, and when it came
time for the crews to take their csrs
out on the day runs they refused to
work. The strike caught Ihe company
Hyde and Tuekerimn Very
Evenly Matched "Kid''
Carter Wins.
QpSslsl I" Tile 1 enins War! I.)
Auk. 5. The final In the first division
and . ol tin. . in the thruc other sets
Constituted the pn. ei amine for the third
and laet day of the Shlmiecook Hills
tlolf t'lub's imnunl tournament. The
weather was again perfect, without
prospect of showers.
Plrs: honors lie between James R.
Hyde, Brooklyn, and Walter It Turker-
mun. Washington. Hv.le Is a brother of
Miss Lillian Hyde, woman metropolian
champion, ami like her, n mighty driver,
lie gained his early experience In the
Vein team, nnd last May reached the
siMiil-nnals In the Met i oKlltun cham
The cmi-uni in ine second te! are
between l'lilllp i arter. .New York, the
boy won hi, ami K. B. Ml urges. Man
hattan Club, and Reginald Brookt
Newport, and Ilairv II. Ilollns Jr.,
Westhrook The tlrst set llnul was at
W holes.
Tuckerman played with great I tend!
nets, going out and was 1 up at the
turn. Features were the 1- Tuckermai
made oil the second and Huh, one eac.
below par. Card Ilrat half:
Tuckerman, out. .a H 4 4 II 4 5 f fl gl
Hyde, out 4 4 -t 4 o 4 5 tj 40
Tuckerman aeld his eveness, too, com
ing in, maklngo nly one slip, and that
on the fourteenth. Hyde picked up on
the twe.lfth.HOh 1s rival did not play
out that set. Card last half:
In 15 4 I I I I I I 41 -SO
In 0 4 5 4 4 4 5 5 4 I0--X0
Kid" Carter won his second set match
1 up by playing the home hole In fine
style, driving the green, so lie was able
to make a par I. In the other miatch In
that division Holllns beat lirooks 4 up
and 2 to go.
Third Set- Keglnald Flr.cke, Hhtnne
cock Hills, beat A. P. Alvord, Nassau, .!
up and 1 to go. Chester QrllWOld,
Princeton, beat A. l Travis. KniMewond,
I up and 1 to go
Fourth Het Dr. O. C. OotklM'i Siiln
BtOOOk J I Ills, won trom W. W IV11, y
ker Meadow, by default.
I'ltn AY AVORI.U WAsrTI u cut It
Harlem's Little Italy Awakened
by One, Other in Down
town "Bomb Zone.'-
Vanishes in 1 euement Shelter
ing Twenty Families Not
Black Hand Cases.
Two bomb throwers got busy aarly
to-day, ona In Harlem and one at
Twelfth atreat and Avenue A. the
"bomh tone." Two stores were wrecked
and ISO tenants living above them were
driven In panic to tha atreet, where
hundreds ot neighbors Joined them.
Police reserves were needed to calm
the excitement. No one was hurt. The
police believe both were "business
caaes," Instigated by trade rivals and
not by the "Black Hand." Both vic
tims deny receiving any Black Hand
threats or demands.
Soon after Philip Bsrok opened a
butcher shop at Nos. 186-1W Avenue A,
three weeks ago, mysterious hints came
to him that If he didn't get out of ths
neighborhood something would happen,
tin didn't est out. end at 5 o'clock thla
morning a bomb was exploded against
the front of the store and broke most
of the glass In the neighborhood,
threw Jo0 persons living on the upper
floors of the live-story tenement Into a
panic, and created such excitement In
the nelghbrohood that a fire alarm und
a call for the police reserves were s -nt
A feature of this case was that a
policeman saw H e bomb thrower. Po
liceman Sties, on fixed post at Avenue
; A and Klcvcntii street, saw a man go '
' out of Tweiftu street Into Avenue A !
! snd hurl someth.ng over on the aids- j
' I If
An Instant later ihsrs was an ex
plosion that rocked ihe neighborhood,
followed lirst by crxshlng glass,
screims of women and the tiring of !
many pistols, the usual way of attrsct
tOf the police :n that section.-
The bomb thrower threw his hands
in from of hia fact as the bomb went
off, and then ran. In his High', he
Iroppcd hia cap, which Lie police are
holding as a possible clue.
StUs took alter the man. who went
west on Twelfth street. The policeman
had his pistol ready, but a wagon passed
and s reened the fugitive long enough
to save hi in He ran up into No. 4-7
East Twelfth street, a double tenement,
In which there sTS twent; or mere
families. He couldn t bo found.
In the meantime there was wild com
motion in and kbOUl the house where
the bomb had been exploded. Hol.ce-
man COMon heard the crash, and when
he reached the scene men, women und
children were coming down the fire
escapes In their night clothes. As
precaution Conlon sent In a lire niurin.
Thuse wno nadn't readied the street
when the flremer arrived were assisted
down ladders. ,
The bomb thrower uptown threw his
missile In the doorway of the grocery
of rtaverlo Feducla, at No. SIS Kast One
Hundred and Seventh street, wrecking
the front Of the etors and throwing
that part ot Harlem's Little Italy Into a
fever of excitement that Was not 'pulled
until the police bttd worked among -.he
paulc-sti delicti crowd for an hour.
Policeman Adams was on Ixod post
"peg post," to Hi;" tho police oarlancs
for tho new- stationary duty at Second
nvonuo ami 0n Hundred and Seven tfi
street, when he vvai almost thrown off
hia feet by a teiritic SXPlOBlon, In a
moment scores of windows wcre thrown
open and excited tenants began shoot
ing revolvers.
Simultaneously the doorway of the
five-story tenement at No. 3.18, on the
(round floor of which was Feducla's
grocery, was choked with a wild mob
of panle-strlcicen tennnts rushing to ths
street. The. stnlrways were not wlda
enough to accommodate the men,
g union and children who sought to get
out, and some took to the tlre-esi-apos
to gel away before another bomb could
There are sixteen families, about one
hundred persons In all. living In the
tulldlng, and every ono 01 them was
In the street In a few minutes.
Tho bomb wrecl.cd tho front of Fedu
cia's store, seuUei'lug the stock from
the shelves all 0V0f the vicinity. Tne
damage Is estimated at about 1200.
Laborers llegln Construction uf
ilrldue nt Mxtv-aefonrt street.
evenly .fly laborers began to-day
the erection of t' 10 platform which will
bridle Lexington avenue at Sixty-second
street, where the actual digging
for the new subway Is scheduled to
start early next week. It will take sev
eral davs to const runt this platform,
which will be seventeen feet high and
completely uovei trie Intersecting
streets. Traffic will not be Interfered
The work Is In charge of Superintend
ent Dtiruel McManus of the llradley
Contracting Company. The reason for
beginning the work at Sixty-second
street Is that one of the stations uf the
ventilating system, which will he one
of Its mOOl (tnptirtnnt features, uTI bs
located there.
llaeon Sails (or Home.
LIVKltPOOL. Aug. 6 Robert Hacon,
the American Aninaxaador to Francs,
ssiled for New York 1 -daj on ths
steamer Campania.
Dr. Doty's Attorney Says He
Has Usurped Powers of
the Real Prosecutor
I Lawyer George, Oordon flattie, assocl
ate counsel for Dr. Alvah II Doty In
; the Investigation of the doctor's admin
istration of Quarantine, commenced the
proceedings In the County Court House
, to-dsy with a vigorous protest on be
half uf Ilia client against the activities
Ml Lawyer Charles Dushklnd. He In
sisted Mr. Dushklnd had usurped Ihe
' powers of the real counsel of 'ononis
sloner Bulger, appointed by Gov Dls to
, conduct the Investigation
Commissioner Bulger replied, with
some warmth, that he propoed, despite
the criticisms of the public or press to
carrji on the Investigation himself snd
al mg hia own Ideas of procedure. Mr.
1 Bulger also took occasion tc Indulge In
a number of caustic remarks concerning
the position tsken In the Investigation
, by the city's Department of Health.
: which had. he said, greatly delayed and
1 all but refused to furnish him with
j the records and data A slmlliar crltl-
clam was msde regarding the State
Board of Health's attitude concerning
Mr, Hattle hetran by reading a lengthy
statement. He said Mr. Dushklnd hsd
claimed to be acting hi a public-spirited
cltlxcn, while at the same time he
had admitted he represented a news
nn. ns a dlont, Man" cf his reten
tions, Mr. Bolt la asserted, were obvi
ously naked for publication purposes.
Inslr.nl of acting fairly lu nn unpre.l
11. II ed manner, he sHld. Mr. Dushklnd
1 had shown a partisan spirit, asked lead- !
Ing iU"stlons and had even uttrmpted .
I to put words In the mouths of wit j
nesses they did not Intend to utter.
This had gone so far, sa d Mr. Hattle,
that lir. Waller liensel of the Health
Deportment was n impelled while on
the u ltnis stand to in-otest hk licet Mr
Duslikind's construction of his an
swers. "I rerret to sny thit T have never
seen so unfair a pronrcutlon." declared
Mr. Hattle. "and I respectfully protest
against the uttltude lie has assumed ut
this hearing."
"1 appreciate the desire of other peo
ple to tuke my place In this Investiga
tion." comm-ticcd Mr ItuUer slowly In
reply, "nnd WbUo 1 enve every i Iffta re
gnrd for the pregg, tl1 I do not purpose
that the press or sny one else -all dic
tate Btf activities In t ns mutter. I pro
lease toat .. ce proceedings shall be con
tinued -nidi, the rules of the Huprem.
Court I 1-ave hnd some ttouhle netting
nome evidence ami records from the emi
nent lOntlOtnOfl of toe Hoar 1 of Health.
Tne Sgms condition lias ohtnived ult'i
the records ot the .tate at Hoffman g
and. T'.je more ore have oonned IbO less
we have gotten, but we a SI ..ot. prcr"
lsd this data.
I appreciate, too. this over-.eal upon
the part of some people, and '. might
I observe, it Is liable to do more larni
than good, I s.hnll conduct this he.ir
I ing fairly and properly, no matter how
much eminent gentlemen of the press
and the doctors may tuke Issue wl'h
'Mr. Duslikind haa ns much ng.it
here as the mueu eminent couifsei in
thla country, hut. aa I said, I will con
duct this hearing nlong my own linos
and according to my own Ideas of
, ,,w,ter and dignified Investigation "
I r'OLOIt VDO PIUHtML Aug 5. C. O.
Hendricks, the New York broker who
hemorrhace as the result of
attempting to escape from the mad
dened horse ridden by Lieut. H. M.
THgle, Colorado National iliiard, which
ran down seven persons during the
carnlVOl parade Tuesday, died last
veiling. He wns thirty years old,
Ho cane to this city for his health
some time ago, but l.-uvlng Improved eo
rapidly he was to have married he wa"
0 have marrl.-d within a few days. He
was nnffagad to mi-s Ornoo Aldan of
OLIVIA, Minn , AW. " Kdwa-,1
Corry, after helng rejected by Miss
Cora Wolff, went to-dsy to tne Wolff
home and killed his w.secthcort and her
father, William Wolff. Then In shot
and killed himself.
lll.lllill Melnl UorUers locked OuT.
Li" 1 1 'SI'', Saxony, A us. '.-Ten thou
sand motel WOrkOfl here nnd 9,000 In
tin- Thui'inglan dlltHOt wore locked out
to-oay because some of the men had
trunk. The national organisations of
employers a'ol employees have taken up
the conflict with a view to 11 settlement,
a fnllu.e to reach Which will. It Is ex
pected, cesult In a lookout of i!5,000 men
st Dread on and Chomnittv
Atlmann Has Hsrslei Lseoel.
8NTIAOO, Tuba, Aug. R. Henry L.
Stlmson, American :4ecrstary of War,
and his party proceeded by train to
Havana to-day. They were escorted 10
the railway station by Provincial Uov.
Munduly and a detachment of ruralas,
headed by a band.
No More
Waterbuf, Ant., Cock rnarliea cannot
and will rot atriy Of coma wher
1 Until.
Safa, N'onpolaonou, but H I' It K .
gSoltl In 10c, and t& ( ana, at (Jiacn
hut-Siegpl -Cooper'a, Macy's and Urug
a,nd Grocery Htorta, or write
Nat'l Exterminator Co.
486 Broadway
Woman Tried to Leap Over
La Provence's Rail and Man
Acted Mysteriously.
A man and woman, about whom there
appears to be considerable mystery,
were removed to Kills Island this afttr
noor frort the French liner La
Provence. Purser Beaufort saya be
understands that they will be married
there In order to he admitted to the
country. They were looked ns prisoners
In their first cabin stateroom when the
Provence docked to-day and appeared
on the passenger list as "Mme. T.
Vlceros snd Mme Vlceros." The pur
ser explained that this probably was
due to an error. V t'rcros being the
man of the party.
They cane from Havre and It was
learned their ultimate destination Is thd
Argentine HepubllC. The" ba but one
piece of hand hagsage.
Pnssengers slid thai while shout two
days out the woman attempted to Jump
overbosrd, and hince then she. had been
detained In the stateroom. The man
explained that she hud suffered from
scarlet fever before they left Havre and
at times had lieeti somewhat ileratigets.
Husplclon was directed to them among
the passengers by the man introducing
the woman as his sister. Hoth the
customs and Immigration officials are
puxded by the case and are trying to
solve the riddle of who they nre and
what they are. The Immigration Inr
spectors decide 1 It would lie Just as well
to examine Vlceros us his companion as
to his sanity. The Argentine Consul
h is also been sent for.
WASHINGTON, Aug I. Tba general
arbitration treaties were made puhlb
by toe Senate this afternoon. They
provide for .submission lo The llagu
tribunal of a.i queatlong impossible to
setlie by diplomacy. Ku' h case shall
be the silt.. ten of a special agreement.
a joint high commiasion of inquiry
Is created t- w hich all controv ci slea
shall he referred, It" members must
aacertaln tin- facts and decide what
submitted to arbl-
T.ie commission
is iieu power to
administer oaths
und examine wit-
ROCh party to a controversy is en
titled to POprSSOO In t lOH by an-i irent.
The treattel were a nt to comm.ttae
by tha denote.
Cterninn l-lmpress Hero erliirs.
BERLIN, Aug Rmpreaa Auguau
Vlctora has recovered rapidly from her
attack of tonetlltla and was able to
wai't out to-day. s a result the Km.
noror will Join the F.mnress ut Wll-
hettnghohn at once.
Make the Liver
Do its Duty
Nine times in tea when the User it rigbl tha
stomach and bowels are nfoL
tion. Sick r
Handsche, and DU trees aftar Eatiaa
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Genuine Mbsss Signature
for iIil' golden profits that time
and experience have taught lie in
a judidoiil Real Iistjte invest
ment ;
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Sale oilers to be made through
the advertising columns of to
morrow's Sunday World and
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out one of the many rare bar
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