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WHir.F; NI5W ViiKK'S u.lways-iiii-th'-sp.it ami milsy rrny of rubbernecks
were BdMrlM IW the great ncival ttgh'.eT, Hi fnmt of tht City Mall yes
terilsy I OOttldB'l hrlri going I, nek A ShOfl span tn th PI ptlon I Haw
given to rmr own (lg'itlnK Ai'mlral Dnwey. My, lint tho pSsSBlS ravel over Dpwey!
They Barnr -.ins about Mm, Thy namej cljnretti's after him. There were
Dewey pM kct knives, Dewoy barlier shops, Peary cafes, Dgwgy stories for boya
Jul' Do we)' OlWwlBg gum fir the Klrl. It was lewv,from night to morn.
. Then a rnmmltt tniul- lilin a ireaetit of a house, and as a graceful tribute
to a gTae-t'Ciil Woman he pi i nr.'itwl It to hla wife. This did not Involve the actual
transfer of the measly old house, but It meant the wreck of lee's popularity
, The lilee!" laid the fatwlta. "Just think of it-thlnk of him giving hla wife
Anil forthwith the bowling outfit orletl, "Ii.iwn with him!"
And rlonn It was'
Of all the flikle people In the world Hie American are moat pronounced. And
"The Girl of My Dreams," a
Musical Piece, and "The Real
Thing," a Comedy.
1A pity of It la that the very fact of their change of attitude in the oaae of
Dewy wiu, brought about by his apontaneoua act of kindliness.
iaTll waer a ticket for a ride In the new subwsy that If Admiral Toffo cava a
burn of Metropolitan Towera to hla rood wife tho Japaneaa people would meat
MA the pier with a hurricane of "Hansal" and a silver cornet band would
hamd ,ho parade to lead him to lionalo's Boulavo Orove, where fbey would fill him
full of aakl.
jihay re bo odd-the Japa ara!
from the Battleship Connecticut
a copy of the Fleet Review puh
"hr aboard. The question of the pre
docnlnatlnK race In the prize ring serine
to .be burning up Hie sport In the
navry One man seta forth hla vlewa as
follow :
, "Who -was the Vlnk' who sprung
all this stuff about the Irish being a
fifhting ra e an. I producing all the
cha..npn' in the squared circle? lie
irraat have had r.ita In hla garret.
I think when It comes to handing the
palm to any nation aa rtoxers you
will have to take your hat off to tha
Germans. Take a look at the lead
tng Uphta In the prise ring for the
past few yeara; they line up tome
tWng like this:
Jar Jahnana. Naato. Btanlrr Ketch!,
BHlT PUke, German. Polish.
Flank KUus, ua Ad. WoWtaat. ,,rmm
KCMs-kout llrowii, l,an Houca, Osmsn.
Hrrmaa. Hallo, Hurt, ifrmu
aVJ Ki I'nun. Onnu. .Itro Klrnn, ltaliaa.
Huso Kill, Italian Ahe Attell Jaw.
SUB LsiilET.ini. NasTO. Junou CJabbr,
Faoay McFerland Hamas.
Irish. Jobenia Toulon,
Bettttn Nelson, liane. HwedeJ lereian.
Gael Morrts, (iwnian. Oven jlnran r.nsli.h.
"Jred IV, lab. ti. .. Bob Moht. IVihamtan.
"Take a look at the middleweight
Malon: Tlllly Papko looks like tha
atta and onlv champion and he'a as
TVutoh as 'kraut.' If anybody can
link sturdy Utile Ad. IVolg-ast It la
Xjionkout Brown (Valentine Braun),
tha New York artuare head,
"A lot of Hibernian fight followers
win cry 'Pansy McKarland.' who, al
though a good one. Is In a class by
Whs Irish hold up John L. Sulli
van, Jack DampSay and Ja.-k MoAti
l.ffe as a hand that can't he heat b
any other nationality, which la quite
true. But one must conalder that
when these three Vliamps' were In
tlit-lr rline the Irish were practical
ly the only nationality indulging In
fisticuffs as a profession. As soon aa
the Uormana and other nationalities
took a hand in tho gamo the number
of Irish champions and near-chnm-plotia
begin to decrease tint 11 to-day
there Is not one Irlah champion In
the game and but one or two first
"As an ardent follower of the game
It taenia to me. although I am not a
Gorman myaclf, that the flaxen
haired Teuton, who decades ago had
all of Northern Kurope throwing up
the sponge, has again come Into his
It Is surprising; with what ease aome
people can get In bad hy writing of
things about which they know little or
nothing. How Wolgast. Knockout Brown
and KmlHng Hilly Papke are classed aa
Hermans la beyond me. All were horn of
mixed parentage under the American
Mag. Aa to those two shining light. Al
Kaufman and Sailor Burke, I don't think
snytHXly give a rap.
The Irish are not doing much in the
professional prize ring nowaday. They
have grown wlaer with the advance of
education. They are making their money
through other channela, ao they buy the
beat seats In the house and watch the
sluggers from other nation wallop away
ln the ring.
MT PRFXTARIOfH FRIFJVD Park Oomtnlaelonef Stover 1aa emerged from
the gloom of mediocrity with a brilliant Idea. He haa shipped to Mayor
tiaynor half a dozen bay tree set out In gTcen painted tubs which some
gaafu of ornate mind has placed at Intervals along the balcony of the City Hall.
W was a great thought. It brought me back to childhood when 1 stood In
from of tho City Hall to-day a id gazed on tho new treeH up on that balcony.
Tho general effect suggested one of those toy house I used to build with
Mocks and decorate with those little emerald grren treea that oaimo with a
Noafci'a Ark. ,
Hut hist! Don't discourage Stover ho seen. to be thinking at lat.
OTIVITtlSrt of tua new theatrical
aenson will begin next week
with two production, one a mul
cal plo-e and the other a light comedy
In whlrf! Henrietta Ornsman I to ap
pear. "The Olrl of (My Dreama." by Wilbur
D. Nesblt. with music by Otto Hauor
bach and Karl Hoschna, heglna an
engagement at tha Criterion Theatre on
Monday evening. A company headed by
John Hyams and Leila Mclntyre will
alio Include Ray la Rcyoe, Kdouard
Ihirand, Irving Brook, Harold
Perclval Aylmer. Allco llllla
Lee and Carrie Bowman. The title rasa
la that of a little Quakeress whose ro
mance begin when she nurses back to
health a cynical toachetor, who haa bean
Injured In an automobile accident. "The
Olrl of My Dreama" was produced out
of town last aeason try Joseph M. OeiteaY
Thursday night 1 the time aet for Hen
rietta Crosman appearance at Mazlna
lll'Vtt'e Theatre in "The Real Thing."
Cath.lne Chlsholm Cushlng'a first play.
Tha asory of the comedy has a thor
oughly domestic alda A dashing, ath
letic popular girl marries a young fel
low, who admire these very things la
her. But when children come ahe settles
down and devotes all her time to house
keeping and the caro of the children.
The husband s.'d enjoys outings, and aa
the wife la too busy and haa too many
cares to accompany him, he la obliged
to find another companion. The altua-
tlon Is beginning to causo the wife un
happlness when her slater, a young
wjdow, paya her a vltt end gives her a
little lecture on her changed appearance.
The wife at once proceeds to ms-ke her
self look more attractive and compel her
husband's admiration. Mia Croman
will have the role of the widow and
Minnie Inipree that of the wife. Othere
In the caat will be Marlon Kerhy, Frank
Mill. Albert Brown. Mao M scomber
and Alliene Morrlaon.
a a
The season of Russian ballets st the
Winter Garden, with Gertrude Hoffmann
and the Kuaslan dancers, will be re
sumed on Monday night.
1ew Fields will continue the run of
"The Hen Pecks" at tho Broadway The
atre on Monday evening.
There will he several new features tn
the Sunday night cabaret performance
at the Follea Bergere.
The D.inclnal !rl," by Henry Arthur
Jonos, will be preaented by the atock
company at the Academy of Music.
Ruth St. Denis will give "The Cobra"
and "The Nautch" dances at Hammer-
slcln's roof garden, where the I 1 1 1 will
also imlude Yvette. violinist; Ou Kd
war.la's Schoolboys and Girls, Will
Rogers, lasso thrower; the Five Plros-
coftls. Jugglers; Taiclano Lucca, the
double-Voiced singer; Bery Brother".
mody c.wllsts; Sherman, Kranzman
and Hyman, Gordon Brothers, A. T.
i Moment, cartoonist, and Bedlnl and Ar
The Fifth Avenue Theatre will have
Nat Wills. Lai Tltcnmb, singing eques
trienne; Trovato, violinist; Clark ond
Bergman, singers and dancers; the Da
Vole Trio, acrobats, and Hennlrg"e aH-
A.mons others at the American lloof
Garden and Music Hall will be George
v.. Davis, monoloartati tho Pantsar
How to Keep Your Figure
rij srn.r.rs-v-uv-JJJrrr-u-l 11 - - - -i'i- iiiaa mmm.
Third of a Series of Articles by Prominent New York Physicians for the Wcmen
Readers of The Evening World. ,
"Brain a W$U at Body
Mutt Take Exercise to
Keep Property Trained
Down," Say Dr. Anna
Freedman Mental
Condition Affects Corpulence.
T11KRF, SHOULD HF a convention of White Hopes called o bo held In trial
room at Police Headquarter. Then a member of the Polh-e Strong Arm
Squad ohould 'Imi pttghad In and the door locked for a rw minute.
A funenil parade, with a hearso for each White Hope should be held In
raadliic. Destination PottaTg1 Field. No flowers.
Thn the Strong Arm man ahould be allowed an hour's rest.
I havo aaan that Strong Arm Squad at work.
rJ3 BBART-SORI Mothkiis of
the great human hive eaat of the
Bowery should know that there Is
air for their sickly children to le had
foa4he asking on the city blir recrea
tiolflpler. foot of East Third atrcet. Here
Is a communication giving the d Stall I of
thlg.exccllent work:
T'U1 you be good enough to give
publicity to tho fact tiiat the De
jairtment of Health has a clinic
tor babies rick with summer com
plaint on Fast Third Street Pier,
dally from 9 to 11 A. M. and from
X to 4 P. II, 1 huve the A. M.
liOTirs, and a I have an expert
liurae to help me this year I can
take care of mora oaseg per morn
lag than waa possible during the
last three summer. Don't think
T want any advertisement I don't
I'm Jut Interested In kiddles. The
mother never even find out my
name, ao that you aee I havo no
cSjJeot except to have as many get
the benefit of tho facilities we have
ns possible. The service of the
nurse, medicines, excursion ticket
and my services are all free.
'I Vary truly vour.
&o. sm But s vanttanth tree-..
of cards In "cutting" In plno hit Is
set by agreen ent. in ma l pia iai t ne ,
cards have the relative talua t i y -foaB3ln
plav in. tha ga na during or
l.eMra which the " it" la mads. In
pinochle tho ten pnt is higher tlia i a
king, but n king o! trump will beat.
..uiir of three i m Whsil they are not
trumpa. Therefore In "cutting" where
there la no f trump th ' eg
Mioujd be high.
The opener on ' I Irfta. p 'Iter
discovers ! In C cal da, A bet
the hlfiest h I ' le the pot,
9 bets all hards ltd W I a
wttta? J- FRANKLIN.
No. 13 Baal One 1 1 t In I and
Twent r-aevanth I ' feat,
t tho ooeui U .-. Hi'. I l io Tr.anv
cards had bean serve i to
h.avo with ua thl evening that In
imitable observer. Mister Hoff
mann, who .haa been out of tho world
for some time. Let him tell It:
l'.':.i ;.' WVKM4 WURMA l
Hello. Mr. Kelel I'm back from
my var atlon In Phlllle, and am
gratly astimlahed the way that
the Ice TTOSt Is makklng It hot for
us New Yorkers In r.ty abslns. Bye
Oolly, If I liat Power of Attorniiy
I wud rummlt everybody wot la
conncxed with the Ice Troat to the
BlactNlC olialie for life.
A Fgsamplo: My Misses Toemnn
give lirr toIay u 10 ct. ptgOg Ice
the slae of a ('ole Stores Bgg. and,
addon Inaolt to Injuria, oarrlea it
up In a pair Icetong, wereae
lb. Tapper Pag wud hav served the
purpua aa well My atlsaeg, swal
lerlng her Indiltnatlon, tho Icoman
"no onnerata.1 Knglls," was mad at
roe tho rest of the arfternoon le
rosa I dldent Ugh I him for a big
Piece Ice, but aa Im aonburned,
witch Is a sore afiare, I went to
my KtU'lie and amy vent to my feol-
Ins In the ah- , of this hire letter.
bless the TrO ' With re, poet,
That weeshy little piece of Ice which
stung your l&ndlgdy Mr, Hoffmann wa
as big as a Slngor Building alongllda
the dines worth they hand out In
VorkTllla, The pit o of Ice for ten-a-da-cent
Is only big enough for a rlcki y
when It cornea Hp the dumbwaiter.
If You Are Fat Avoid
Candy and Pastry as
You Would the Plague
Don't Be a Glutton
and Don't Starve Your-self.
Says Tney Arc Becoming So l.oved
Thej Will Soon Be Out of
Public Life Forc'ver.
LONDON. Aug. 6. John Purroy
Mltchel, arriving on the Olympic, an-
nounci 1 his Intention of remaining In
London aeveral weeks studying rapid
transit, health and police conditions
compared with Now tYork, all of which
he believes to be Infinitely heller here.
Mltchel was anxious to know It, then
had been any "fresh outbreak from
Oaynor on the subway" while he was at
sea. otherwise ho mill lua r,. snoots to
the Way or, auylng, "He needed a vaca
Hon, but wouldn't take one so long as
1 remained titers to be Acting Mayor "
"The Levy Election bill," lie mild. "In
aured Tuminany'a hold on city affaire."
Trio, ncrobats; Sam (loldmati, the Tora jft gpoke feelingly of Dlx, saying. "The
t.'amllv. .lananose enullit rlsts and nim-
blers; the Ionian Sisters, the six Tele
bll! went through our beaut. lul lAglsl t
ture, mianfully aaaisled by the Uovornor
phone Olrls, and Joe Dcmlng In "The j par(, Uah alaQ pok( of
Travelling Man
the proposed new Tammany charter, but
aaid; "We're not worrying; the uaynor
At Hrlghton Peach Mimic Hall Will jjurphy crowd is doing so many thing
bo Ous BdWarOSTS uign riyere, "rM . (0 makp thi' rllUens lovf timrn mil miti
Watch the leroat ltlc.iaros, tieorg.e ,hv .mi k,, frover eliminated from
Maclt a wl Mercedes Iorenxo, PYad Ham- j Nttv v0,g pulilln life."
ell and Kids, the iiootoiaoit viuarist, jr Prendergast, ba taldi would prop.
Van Hrotbers, gymnasrs. Joe .laciumn, .i.lv i0i hirn either In London or Paris,
I am f.vcntv-threo years of age
and h'io pn ambition to become a
baseball playe:'. Call yon tell bow
I can ic" h my a nbltlon. I play
any DOaltlOlli but WOUM Hle to be
come a B.e.ind baseman.
Manairer, Mohawlt B. B, flub, No. 135
Wall One Hundred and Forty
aeron 1 street.
Ton ogn't baoORM a lasohall plnver
thri-ugh a correspondence school.
You've got to bat your way up. ltlch
ard. All our tur went tha hard route
m In the 1 to the 1:s. Keep running round tho
draw before pl.-ki-tg tli.-m n nil1 table j lota and so-n uy you niay bo a mg
and cal'i d attantl n to tha fact ha I leaguer."
would bo eutn.c I ti .a Me in -take , In tho mean time got a Job, so aa to
, certified. 1 . mlshl be il na by allow- bo aura of the eats.
Olivers or tiioi
i of tha avar-1 HFXitv W, ItALONRY, Brooklyn.-
.IraW Into the
picked up the drav
foul and I di I
the hightit clean hand iliou.J take Uib I wcaltl
list, and Heinliarot a itenowneu
The bill at me ;ew nriv-ni,m i iw
tre, Hrlgllton lleaoil, win innuini i i no
aaaa Ilajali In her Egyptian nance, nuu
Plsl.cr. cartoonist; Balk Baker, Hinging
comedienne; H Francis lwoiey na o
r'.nne Hales. 1'Jdwln Holt In "Thr Maid
and the Manicure." and nert now am
and F.lfle Lawrence In "The Stage Man
ager." The Dragon's Oorge, the Pneumatlo
Tube and the Watered Chutea are
among the cool, refreahlng rlda to be
enjoyed at 1una Park. Coney Island.
A new pavilion for mother and chil
dren has been COnitrUCted on the beach
at steuj-iechaae Park
Reginald d Koven's romantlo comic
opera. "The Hed reamer, win oe
Ivan by the A born Company at Palis
ades Amueinent Park.
SasBHl Wliea Rrrlln 1. earns Iden
tity of Ileraelf and Prlaoe.
BF.RI.1N. Aug. t 1-lna Cavakerl'a
residence In Herlln was abort and n
latlonal. She left eKiiln the beginning
of tha week with Prince DolgorouM, ac
cording to Uerlln gossip.
Siie na fu-lou at her Incognito be
ing discovered, c specially by many
AmarlOMI l th Hotel Ilristoi, and ac-
isd the hotel staff of revelling hr
IdenUty. Thll was untrue, for she wa
reoognlaad by a dnsan paraoni and the
Prince Is too tall and robust a person
to escape recognition.
Hh Is still travelling under the name
of her companion, but her whereabout
are unkno.vn.
where the two will make
of forelirn subways.
a brief Study
By Marfurritr Mooer MnrnhmU
Mam ana yon keep yawr Bgaref
Dr 1C. Helen Knight, one of Hie
trlbutor to The Kvenlng World't aertea
of irrterrtswe on thla absorbing topic,
counsels the reducers to eat sparingly,
avoiding atarcSiea and sweet, and to
egerelae. Dr. Klmer Iee, on the con
trary, recommends that the fst patient
eat sis meals a day, tn:t that the diet
be conflned to fruits and vegetables.
When 1 dlscuaaed the eubjeot with
Dr. Anna Freedman, she ampnaaiseo
atlll a different point.
"To avoid as unhealthy oor
awleaee. I beUevo that the brain
mast tasks ssereUs aa well aa the
body," she declared. "Blare me
ttterl 1 phystoal aaarcUee are nop
aaongh. One most think vigor
ously and nss one's mental energy
to Ma fullest oepacdty If one would
keep 'trained down.'
"A very obvious proof of the truth
of thla proposition la continually ahown
Il Is 1 lie ease of the thin, worn out
person who Is Irving to get fat and
strong. What put htm in nia jirrom
ondltlon? Not physical strain, In nine
ases out of len, but worry -mental
overwork. And what do the uooiors
tell him? To eat and Bleep and repa.r
the wasted body tissues, yes. but more
ironortant than all that, to atop tf.ltiK-
He must keep his Oram as na
live aa posslbls If he wants to put on
"Tiieo the reverse aide la tinqueatlon
ahlv true. The people whose bralna are
v..io,,nv unused are likely to
ever an unwel ome Increase In their
avolrduools. Tho thin.
la to brace up and
uMaaaaai in HOTEL GETS NO
nvmnn ms '
"Take the tightly-corseted tr.it Srtlll
r.. .i who la one of the eom-
mOtsMt MgbU 1" oor houl corridors
df what does her dally mentai exerciee
eonslstT in wakes up at 11 and won
ders If It WlU ba too warm for an after-
noon motor trip. ha incomes slightly
"g.ute.1 over a trivial Indisposition of
h small dog. She motors and remarks
that It's terribly dusty, and really a
sar is sitting to be a bore. Mm drawag
for dinner and consider quite thought
fully the gOWnialM la to wear. It. the
svsnlng shs sMhsr viait the Ughteet
of light ahosra or gossips al some din
ner party or. possibly, yawns over a 10
.... .... sine, than ahe retires. With
ha addition of a certain amount of
e ircf il thUklng ub.,ut the nuinoious
thing she will have to eat. that la tha
average extent of her mental lalajr.
What that woman needa Is aome
real braln-WOrk. Supposing alio doesn't
hve. to earn her living. For bar own
sake, she should take up some tu.ly,
, torslga language or Sociology or po
litical economy-It really floaan'l matter
what. She sliould put tn at least a
couple of hours' work on It every day
of lo r life. She should cultivate opin
ions, and do her own thinking, Instead
of nr opting ready-made Judgments on
everything from ruchlng to religion,
pjhs Would ho surprised at the r sulta."
m ' . JLW
"There Is one other thing shout which
those who fear incrensel flesh should
be eeiitlmed They ought to shun el-
Icohollc .Irlnks of every kind tor these
ere great fat-producers. Particularly
the praotloe of taking wine after din
ner Should be abandoned
"The verioua fade for reducing, such
aa baking, aweatlng and tha like, are
worse than tiBalese, been use they are
apt to Impair the general health with
out effecting the desired result of thin
neea. A combination of mental and
physical aotlvlty la What Is required."
In th good old-fashioned
days of our grandmothers thty
depended upon medicines made
from the rooW and herbs of the
field to cure disease.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound, that standard
remedy which is made from
r)ts and herbs for woman's
ill-, had its origin in this way.
For thirty years it has been re
tlt'oming its promises written on
the label of every bottle by
cumin thousands of women of
feminine ills. It's a good honest
Uiry have to do
a eompnsn aran
"Put you believe In pbyslclsl exer
cise, too, do you not?' I asked.
"Tag, Indeed," ss i l tha doctor," only
everyone apeaka of that, and I wanted
lo dwell on an aspect of the ease not
ao usually mentioned.
"Pereoaauly, I think every weav
es, whatever bar etattoa tn Ufa,
abonlg go anongh work every ear
to give bar body the proper ainonx
of eaeroiee. Snt evea tha wage
earners should not neglect head
work." "Now wtial are your suggestions as
to the proper diet?"
"Sweets in all forma should he t Igldly
taboo. Candy la particularly bad. t
think the race would be tinn ti hotter
off If the secret of confectionery-mak
ing were forever lost. A very little high
priced candy, made of the best and
purest materials, will perhaps not harm
the perenn m normal condition. Rut
tlitse inclined to corpulence should
avoid It ao they would the plague
l'aatry In every form and rich, sweet
cakes must also be given up.
"nut for the rest I believe In trust
ing pretty PjtMh to tha discretion and
common sense of the Individual, or
couree one ehould never over est, even
If one la unite thin. Tho worst thing
shout gluttony la that It la cumulative
In its effects. The more you est the
more you want to eat, and even It you
do not grow fat the food Wall not as
similate and there la Indigestion and
all aorta of trouble. Three nieale a
day are enough for anybody, and no
meal ahould conalat of more than
three or four courses.
"iiiphallsslly however. I do not
believe la tho etarvatton diet, even
for very stent pets owe, St la simp
ly weakening, and tho ays tea needs
to bo streagthened In order to
threw eg Its oniiiaxahraneea of sur
plus fat, It is not natural for peo
ple to fast, and It la certainly not
oure for obesity.
"A dally bath la an excellent thing,
either cold or hot. seeordlng to In
dividual preference. It keeps the foroea
of the akin free and clear, and waate
matter In the body can be readily
given off.
The patient should aleep as much as
he chooses, but he ahould'nt lie abed
after w.iklng. That la another elothful
trtok which oauo women to become
sioiit. They dawdle In bed for a long
morning when tliey have already had
a healthful allowance of eleep, drinking
chocolate and reading their correspond
ence. "The morning Is always tha beat part
or the day. but It I particularly tha
lime for stout i- 'pie to be up and
about. They will feci more like work
ing then, and keeping 10 their regimen
of physical and mental exercise.
Marshall (lapp'a Cnllarboae
Broken la llnrdle Rare.
In tha race over hurdlea. Ihs last event
Of the day at the Heagirt and Hprlng
take Horse Hhow et Seagirt, N. J., yes
terday, Marshall t'lapp of Knglee-ood
was thrown at the last Jump and broke
hla collarbone. The race was won by
O. B. Alpen's Macedonian, easily the
best In the event.
Prince Henrv. ("lappa mount, waa
running third when the horae before
him lilt the atlcka and upset t.hem.
Prince Henry etruck the aomers.tultlng
hurdle, fell and threw hla rider heavily.
The principal event, the Oovrrnor'a
Cup for the best charger In the National
Ousel, we won hy Capt W A. Hryan
of the Hssex Troop, with First 'al.
J.aUc tn lillB.ll i I
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1 hiii ha:;. i is rm orry i ran t priuyour iiirnns emm
,l in- Mimilcl eltner I mo. u nuirni rue on in uppiy r n
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At IsU 1').1.I 111 .- .KHfajsUi ..!-. , - -
Inrtrnfti: A hl t a iMspoorrful of R4
Wty i 1U', Jy Itcii-jf In . a.t i .u.i . uf wUr
rtpvttl I m "ftrn i ti)- il k) ..u(ffi continue anl
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tdftci i ovtf 'lit- stim(.'ti tod bMili, will avflunl
mriidlU rUrt iml oon aCfict curt.
Ci-tltH HI I ' Ik I 'i rl 'I
in tho dliectMi
sssfAvv wU ftoouh aigfM,
you ausjitest.
sold sz cauaauRi, I x.
2:25 P. M.
lltlh St.
19 ' -
Prre tic -ts i our office or it the trsln fits.
net tetUfisi tsifA " I JAd
Hsj of SO toe will rofurul your money,
with irttrtft at tlie rate of !'S t aHAtd, at
our new elub house on ti property.
Over i o, ooo oo srorth of property
:old In three weeki. Vhll the " Garden "
and you will readily appreciate the came of
this tenia: k able sale. Don't waili (o lo-day.
Tre;,, water, rocks, hiil. and tUles make II
Ideal for Bungalows.
Cash prizes to tbots bulldlrtf.
forfeiture agreement Free dsed In
death, free carfare for one year
Macadam streetl, cement waist, water,
electricity, telephone..
$190 to $540
A Pew Htgaar.
$10 starts yoe, s tittle sack snesttk basse
you suing.
315 Madison Avenue, at 43d Street
rM Monthly f
fassVI Warts Mm. Cat ta U.iV Wfl
iftsada BEAUTIFUL kM
For tho Ntxt Two Years
Mir sraaa rldlculse. but tks ssieSiier at see al
will f .j'-j tun urousju iUk.ii jf 1ft feuuaisai 4 al
io wing the coao Uoa of tUB tie hemcu U wAtli
the P'lurtr. BttniM iubBF, wkWI U o
it.ni . ..igsl l rssit lodsisftUuBi m thl tftil
thro icl lln fr mi Minhlttftn to Coat? tiUn will
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isr- henrB. TnB
(VnTtnl-ntlT lo
Row. N Y -nil
. Tl r U ft tstirrn o thUsropBiU.
I'tll rTBtr1. ,1ft BDiaati! ft .IB i'BTtJ
Y 'iili IS ntntiTB npnn apBrfttlf. Of
luhwit i 1kiiw re -i " rt f nnBBI '-
i.t-i....Min In lirfi'- He tmh: Itt ub bpW !
oui1h1 b? fT ifliH pb:'b
$lt MssAbly tarries One ol These Boss:
I ..ur atiiu, sajSjSfeSi anJ Jtiacsen hrlux. 'sana
, 1 ,t,ir,s (l,lllixs J 19 "S'AJ,"t kats
rusla i" 1'" '' m M Tin la S asn. tin ,
tM't'IftiailJ "in, si."
riu, (SSnstni, tlnn wtu'-h
i 1 1 r - IS Ihs ;.s,t.
Tsm nh "L" 1
ft , t Atlsntlr as. sal
. Hlilistr Matioa
r, oBirrn,
Only I4.7IB
Only IMS Down.
A null. I, r
II; l.,.uas, ll.tvii. sua las sasMUfc
ii aas cn,r,' wnan einusai
." tttlm at I'arS Mom, ST. I.,
nbinj Matin. Stoo1ts, u
oa ee ike aeasertr. rASI
tviiu as Teens Bxaattaaes.
At lecwater
4fl UrrtU sse Im.ella UMh gt . I 1 num hi
onetlmiaw; oa .l..l IMKUBI. I'rt'" ft M: ,"h
is Beu t.. ,,. ,.i tli'i, ti caa v
lllit If fqiilr,.l TI'
ilHI). K'ttnitr. N J
.It H
The New Palace Steel Mr. MONTH'S
WVJuw mint Mil st Ls.sils. rtmrt flut. '
sat ei.rni r llniad n. Hml,'sl a. ; lr""'
BSSJSS i n.isTlv all sln-vl arj't w-ll
lull! III., f.lal. elau a, . tl'.'i . I'.-l ' el.l l.'.l.
aim lea hml ln,,.1.. SHa nn Orsnd a, , mnllu.
oijj H..ii. "U .,-i atai n, rauaia at C Isr.
efnt .1 till, tniiiran. l, A P...a P. O HH
U. Mimlri. N. J.
l.,. W. IS In it
u ao A.al .Marks
at, t. n . to t.i
. aTl ft. of t.
-I'I. It. HI 4.1 . M.
For itittrtwin a
2 hour, at B port
ism n. Y. r.M
Moslc. rat as.'
.Unlnf Br,latt .a
i nam bjsssi
DBr i,fs-?sM , hvibi ift-nn-r
Ml MrMMM, 9tirM; tBr 1m
On firo?B b t
tueW mr.nt nsm
I ii , i-iin. gig., po-irsl lots fthl Pl -'t,
All fnnitilno tvtv r ' - .it'itl :irn MAI. I'll
II. KM II, r..lsffwstr. N J
I CRWTa I ssBBsaarxse
laforeuiiliMi -aoe S4TS Sri"i
I it. 1 1
i iu
"tr. ORIRNT l,i. R. M !. I l M : Bn ca,
trr a in i u U' n .. i i- u 11 .,1 trio"'
sir uniKVT s -lit oat, W.lsl it. T P. Is.
Haas-'las- aW buffW
M. . Usturr S I' M. r. 14 it km H'd tr!
" I. ll l.i r. lf
Manch Chunk
nd Glen Onoko
Sft: 91.&0
Bellewood Park
SSLr $1.00
TnlM Iff, rr-nntvlf.nl. r
t uriiisnui Mini lirsiiruMc
hock it nnAcn.
dttlan rls lajug
1 .nr., fi u IM A M.
m ,
On flHIwiBi'B ihfls! trn.us fjrlll Irifs X
(I'mDSfl 1UU ettfttl
i 1 i Mir 1, f in
I M . li.liuJsi h.iitralM l.i hnut
tn.,lt. U fiJt A r 1 1 1 1 , I Hi 'Jl P U iisstlusslest
Oil HiindBVi rins IfstfB Bnmklin
busli a Htftttan i. the t e ruilnui of UM
Int. rbotvuth m ii. s , Bt fnOBBit Utii mm
iliirtiisx t fiitlro ir.
idOttQ nrAMf.
U. ,n 03. I iiT io.ua. ICS
4 01. 4 4.1. A m, 7 00. .0. u do P. af.
h ( hunk .
i .
llllllsau Klirr I nl.p I rain's on.
(IKI al Jrrin (It, .llalloB.
Specsal trtla. with parlur oa, Imim loot
ssl sift hi.. H f., 51, Ji'Vira, Hisask
At., sail. Nostras,! A,.. 8 44. a,. Kail N
V., H.4S A. M . lo, Mootauk; Rianoe b, toa
....... "SlliNNtX'ol'K "
X,a ftlork I, ami. raiumitif, 4 P. Vi,
Tickata oa aala. .-.mimao' ln Prtilsy st 120
II 'ee. Stb A. U Mi At A isd HUI.
U'l.a Ulan.l it. It. nai.oua, l.-ul asta it ,
i: ST S 7; Issts lHati.1 BBj n.d firaoaiiu
rials of tirhfta llmlirft Tl.r rlgl.t ii feaa,Kt
' lASiaiM tlis ,l.'urilon and rsdssei tlctata,
Mualfl and rvfm!.:!"-,', nil itratnar.
ON sUNHtrs aunsrS at, a mar Bliaatrd
rk ihiti riar ai. K.R.. i 0 a, al.
ft. ka.t aai lit, 14 i.T.. U. Saw hsitti
a . 10 ('. l II. t.ira dm .V. V u 00 I. H.
To hour. In Ntsr llauo. jkluaol. ItsfrseS.
mrsti ivtsts. II 00, rMldnn. HO Mats.
Sni-ntfiJ HjoniBr CHr f Low ail Ibbvm
o ?. it . ft rurkBdn it., lo.OO A. M.,
i Hi ', hi 1 1 1 iny su ur
iitif . II, I ti:n
1 ' ' ..i :..
dUB .N. I, I l' K
Ti gris, oo emm.
i. ' ,n '.'3 tTBBtd
Ttttsa i i s . ' ' nr. lor mBDidjtftMBl e4
T-'kgip t IMtra only on diy of oiruntBBi
Li, u.li. a so,
. a. v.av. a.
iCNllsie. Hataan a
a hi nil il in is a i
s?OXW : to C s4is H a. laW.
iTfoiun'l t'.,l- raft'hsi't. Wrllal'-4l
tilght-beging Yacht Uittoa,
Around Maahauaa la.ai.d. reet W, SlggS..
1(1 ,i ' 1,-tiuvr alsiard. T,l S44I Usasa.
i i- i hi. auuitu sv g, a
Best Sunday Excursion P I I P II 1.1 HP
Out of New York 1 a,lu Ultlv
Rriiinpnnri U AA Round
0 bt I III! " I
and Ketuni I I UU '"P
i' ..i
fait a.. . ...
. iiaodi. Sfalir.
vWWhMSM J Ml : n?VJ,r?is
t'omni" moui Twin Sortw btatl StitiSTtilp
II tH'l t l.KI). loiT'ti ah . it TWO h, ,ra
at B-l 1sn rt. I't T.lai.hos, 5700 Haak-usn
l.. w. itia si
I', al. Uallary. v. SO. 1 10 tl.it
iiT.ant. i ii siuai
aaaaid, La,
o. I... 1. A. M.I tSJft gSo
is. aier.at.
oiatavi atouiai ro
Rockaway Beach
t,. ' easaaaurs" lea, as I'm,
B, li. toil. Uaaoiu no
ovuiu rwrji
1,W. 1111,1 Bl., 1
1 M R,t , dkia
r al Sim . laaiH I'lar
i. no iii, i r.o a u kai
k-WCllWOOJ r,,,fi ll-, Tl-Vaa,,
Sight Seeing Yachts
Hi. i 'i. A Obaarratloii, aruioi 1 MaatialLaa lalaud.
Haili froas Haute,, I'w.Hoo h fair,. 10.40 A a.io.
ar. i nr. I . ' '1 itooa liiiii nniji
riSIS, 111,', Jan. 1.1ft 1', at., istvaraiui (
r,r. iiiK ii, i.
It. w. sit
n s. , a AS. ii 10 SO an I toss) A.S1
ft 36. IV 10.10 v t II to A. al7
i Bbatj-Jaaitftlt B-
is MftT H
M'Alf'i'MVi I 9 A.ksVl.
i. - I UU WBU t f . Wt, BU sABft
u . Mi ii. iii i Hig.Bi, ; fwa usssrisnftB mbj
tllUl'irB'.B liJlU. U.asi wU IvHl, rStJ ftBrd fMB
kt roWiMfjrft oT-.,wk ana
u.-k HI.. isBI lultos at i...yaaa. N. I.l ST
tloi.it mr - M Jsratr cltr. ft J.. at sa sV
liAxroiSDli ' JiwBJry dftaiTtnil; cnnvtOssBJal WsVh
H twrsr
Blanl., ' 'lit i -a re.i'iitatiis ea
II XV KEN San diamonds., iraslrf.
,wo o.i 4i.. u,ir lun.i. ouaa
SSO SI'LtMllll ., .nM uiano, S3 BoalalT, la
ctu.Ui.i '".. 00,41 aaJ 3ft abasU of stasso.
OOsTTI CO . II Own at, itoaslxa.
WANT4 WOfvK WOftDllto

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