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M a SI o'clock. Thrff other nr. Imma-
dtatait roitowtd
The rim started for Hi Turk ROD
terminal of Uronklyn llrldse. with orders
In mskr thai run nnd then turn (Of
full run 10 Coney Inland flic atari
nd nr. Iv nn hour lilrr than Pc s d. nt I
I w iiuff at tha railroad company had
Mwrtci la act M "Offing itooH undof
The four ours ant ba.k 10 th (wwfr
hnote at Nlnl'i nnd Smith street, nt Ml
o clo.-k without intilists tlnn up id thnl
paint a pntrc
.1 wmm tauawad tta nrai
.m A mount
tilth the Moond. Ths 'ither IWO 'vera
not . niic I oflli lafly,
Kor the first time ttnre the s'rlke he
a.ih. both the Kiinklln avenue and
Smith street IIOjOI were Wall OOtl
after thr runnlnc of ears bcitm tn-dav,
The atrlkera evidently siw thla tltUO
'Ion. and It i not laag bcfoio few
am lent taaleabs appealed ipoa tha
hnrlr.nn of trouble.
Tnev were loaded with costless and
hstlcss men. who tvere apparently
seeking .in outlying IOOI Wbora the
pollr protection was not euftl -lent to
prevent an inroad upon the operating
Cart Shaw of th Parkvlll police
nation bus aroared lha alntoen pa
doa"s attached t
his atatlon on patrol
duty for to-night an the strlkeis may
b propcriy aatched. Thay will look
ftar Coney Ielnnd avenue from l'ark
Clrclt, where tho 1'ranklln avenue cars
Join the tamllh street till on the long
inurnev to Coney, nut to Avenue N.
t. i. ------ ,.. time tint no -
iloa dogs were ever aent on lulu klml of ' Sullivan, former prcaldcnt of the Inatl
striko duty, and some of the policemen , tutlnn. waa Interested with him In real
are Inclined to the belief thai If any- estate operations and that money waa
tnlna aiarta In tha shape- of a street also placed to his credit, without se
i lot they will havo enough to do with- j r urlty of any kind, when It ws.i needed
out caring for the canine MOOclAtaO. to purrhaae prnpi rty.
Hut Capt Shaw Is determined that I Klllot lottiflod that f'harlen K. Ihin
tiiote dogs shall earn their keep and nelly, a brother-in-law of Sullivan, IUf
bg thinks riot duty na good as any for ' gesle.l to Rim some years ago Unit th
a dog policeman. two form a real extnte partnership. DM-
Cars on the Franklin avenun line were nelley mid him, he suld, that h would
run during the morning nt lniervMis of ntm -I! tha monqy that WaJ Mcdod.
, i.,.i ,,t ii, The par nerah p wus formeu and biial-
ten or twelve minute.. Instead of tha . pn ,.xtl,n(llv(, ,,,.
utual flve-mlnute headway. The line ..Xlm(, fr,n arti . .,, K1nti
was guarded by policemen. ery faw , rP9pimi, to direct nuestlons, "I real
passengers were In Ihe ears nnd ti e new i lui thai Pavld A. Sullivan, nnd run
men were not ringing up lares with any ' Uunnelley, was really my pirlner. Sul-
tegularly. The atrlke-ln t akers said they
d'd not expect thu llgln or the Job to
last very long.
Edward Carter. Secretary of Local No
M of the union, said tho organization
was frow ning upon all disorder and tell
ing the strikers not to do anything that
would bring the oubllo lu tho side, of
th railroad.
Lr. Maafleld. sanitary sup -rlntetident
at the otnee of the Hoard .rf Health In
Hrooklvn. denied a report t.iat the
board of Health bad sturted an limpec-
uon of the strle-br-akers' quarters at
the smith street car uarns upon u.a
complaint that they were unsanitary.
Dan Murray of No. MM Ninth street
u arrested to-day for verbal assault :
i.nni. a nnlleman. who ot dered him to1
move Irotn the corner of Ninth street
and Third avenue. It required half a
.loaon DOlljCemen to pry him loose from
an anclioiage against a saluun wnera aa :
look nfuge when onu iiatrolinje tried.
lo ajjaka the arrest.
C0 were running on the Smlih street !
line by ll.SO o'clock with fair regularity. I
Ti,. hM.inu .j,,.,.. .nhi minui..
and the cars were fairly well patro
nlged. The company had no trouble on
the line net ween Brooklyn llrldgu uud
the powei station In Brooklyn, where
moat ul the ttouble of Saturduv and
luaday took place.
Up to Iho time of the starting of the
cars the strike had tosulted In forty 1
persona being injiireil, me destruction
of a large amount of property In rolling
slock, and an almost cumplrle tleup of
the Smith street lines from Hrooklyn
Hrldge to Coney Island, the Franklin
avenue lines from WiUlarnahurg Hrldge,
the Hamilton ferry loop, connecting
with the smith street IIBOO, and the por
tion of De Kalb avenue trumc that Is
switched over tho Smith street Hues at
Prospect l'ark to' tho run to Coney
COWl'.S. England. Aug. 7. The
yacht Oerniunla, owned by Lieutenant
von llalhach und Krupp, of the big
Krupp Worka In Uermany. to-day won
the International Yachting Cup, de
feating Kriijieror William's Meteor.
King Alfonso's Illspanla and yacht
entered by King George.
I.AWltllM'K. Mass., Aug ; Alder
man Thomas M. Jordan of ihi- rlty has
men appointed an umpire In th.- Now
Kngland League by la oratory J. i .
Don't Be a
Hard Loser
If your missing article of value has
not Seen advertised (nr in The World,
do not consider It LOST.
Mtftlnl valuables advertised for in
The World are either pnunptly re
turned or are probably lost forever.
Nearly every New Yoil.er
lust and Found" Ads arc rlwms n vn
L051 anu rouua a. art aiis g.fti
the same consulcuous position in The
Cn hp fppMHl HHiriil Pa't "o'k Oiyt
a Pl.a ft IUI1A 1 M J
in nrii tact: 01 raw i c:ion iunaayi
lit Moralng World Glvrs ioM and
Icund" Kit. a tlrcuialioo in Srw
York lily ItMl.ilOO lirralrr Than
Cltaiaetlr Ihrough ANY (I I BI N
i ' ' (0
rjrooklvn Lawyer StVS Sullivan
Supplied Credit W ithout Se-
curity and Shared in Profits, i
Hi: OWfiS 0.000 NOW.
Organized Five Separate Com-!
oanies Because They Could
Borrow More Prom Bank.
All rcnl es'nie operators are not mite
so Inrky In srrttlnt; unlimited capital lo
sarins: big dcila wna Hubert ittllnt of
BrOoaiyn, ittnrncy and ml estate man,
who tatttfled to-dny before F-dward
I.nna 1 lodge In tha Investigation of the
enihnrrassed I'nlon Hank, formerly
known oa tha Mochan
I Bank, lrillot de. laiad
and Traders'
!"1"1" - ,MI'" Mettrod .hat David A
Jlvan took R great intcre! In every movn
1 made, and I alwgyi oonoultoa him on
every deal WfcOttOVOf money was ne'il
eil to swing a deal I merely notlllod
Hulllvnn of the amount and It would 'ie
deposited lo the aeroutlt of 'Olllicrt
VI Mot, nP"claJ,' "
The witness tcMllled that no security
was demanded for thl money. He
didn't know whether II camn from the
bank's funds or from Sullivan blmsatf
All profits, hw snkl, were paid to Hulll-
lie then told of dropping Donnelly
, rKall ,,,,,', f lv lrr,r(.nt
companloi to earri' on the liuslness.
Several of there companleH hntl dummy
Incorporators, he anld. and the capital
stock was. paid for by himself.
"Why d',,1 you uvgnnlze all these dlf
I ferent OOmOanJof to carry on the same
' 1 llgln eOS you had OarriOd on an one
Hen liitfarfi" is i. .1 A Hanoil.t v rou n
, ,, (!Ml,teln Who Is examining nil
t ncsse.
He a is., we could then gat more
money from the bank than If we were
doing hunlness n an Individual flrtn."
replied the WltnOag.
It Wai hi" ugh; 0U thnl Klllott o w ixl
the I'nlon Hanli 3),U0U nt th
time on two notes.
Iir .1. V.. It i'ii , a druggist, of No.
4l Kentmore street, tha chairman of
the depositors' committee, toatlflOd that
a Itfanaa man came to him recently and
asked htm to refrain from Ids aotlvlttea
111 pressing un Investigation of the
"This man told inc." said Dr. Ituhrer,
"that If I didn't let up, all McCooey
would have to do would be to say the
word and my luother-ln-law, M. Charles
AndtT-ioii, would lose his Job."
The wltneSI .aid that the McCoooy
referred ro syai John Mci'ooey. legdaf
of the Kings County Democracy. Ilia
bl -'t hi i - In -I v-. he said, was employed
in the Kings County Hoilding.
John II IfeCOOOy werit on the aland
shortly before artjourninant
is Charley . nt raon going lo .ose
hi! Job If hit brother-in-law. !)r.
Bonn . contlnuoa his activity in this
,i t-stlgaton?"
'1 never hoard of Dr. -ohrer," an
WOred HoCooay, "and 1 don't know
Charloy Anderson."
Charter Bematolni a lawyer, ivno.
with his brother, h i i repreeontod tha
Lincoln branch of thu Mochanlol V
Traders' Bank, loatlflad thai S2,00Q WUs
ditr1 Ills linn for legal services and Ihivt
ii gnd iii i brother ha i .'i.ooo in oats
lections to make for the lank.
"Do you know of any wrongdoing In
tiie cotid r.-t of the attain of the bank'.'"
he was asked.
"Opinions dtrfov." he answered. "If
you Btoaa mOhOy loaned at usurious
rates yga, BMI) time-, nut the hank
always got the banoflt and It was all
done in a jierfectly lawful way.'
F.mious Yorkvlllc Organization to
Botcrtaia at in Gnat
Annual Outing.
The cohorts of Hilly Shannon wl.l
travel to Wl'zel'a Qrovo to-tiionow fur
the rarly festlvlilis of tula tanner
Ttmnnn. district. Yorkvlllo Mot Its n
v irons donned gala uttlri .o-Jay in
readiness for the stt.-t p.... I
ceremonlea at the cherok o Hub, No.
".!! Kast Sevitity-ninLi street, where t ie
orgaaloalion ilwi's winds up i's an
nual affairs.
I -,'.ikl, r Shannon has arringol for a
long priigramni" of athletic events.
Champion Martin Hlieriilnn nnd other
famous athletea wlil conqsite. The
mernberh an I Iriend. of the Twentieth
Assembly Dlatrtal will mael at the foot
oi BJoal Klghty-alxth strict at 10 o'clo k
A. .V w here they will board the steam
ship Si: ill. Th OgOU! s'tiuiats a: e i ... d
i. led to rgtum at K o'clock, so thai the
parade formation win ha under way ai
" n,"". .
' " ' ' "' ireinea cnorus to sing
whl.. H,n, shannon mows" aihanaver
tha leader ahnws slgr.a of neglecting to
give tha nod lo the li ar, with the white
k' ' M pron'
BaOOO It'ills mi Ho 11 e VI n I'll Trip,
LnNi'i'N. Aug. I. Robert Bacon,
Americjii Ambaaoador to s" ranee, who
..si pl.innt d tn sail for New Vol 1. from
Lverpool on the s t en in e i i 'u in pn ula Sat-
urttay, .'i.angail lila plans und I'aWMNUaf
" - . -.'ay
Mill f'.ilmcr Was Aboard the
American When It L'ntcred
War one.
Ynnir Simon Arrives With
fi,ack b,1k With
(,),c1 '0'
Mrs. Charles D. Palmer, who was Miss
! Kntrlna Wright, a daughter of former
Secretary of War Luke Wright, arrived
j here ,o-day on the Allemanla after a
I Wrowlng experience In the Hay of
I'nrt-au-Prlnee. MajrU Mrs. Palmer
was aboard the yach: American, which
"iuuti me inngeni cut ny ine
ouiieta the revolutionists were firing on
the night of July 19 In order to cripple
the Simon government.
Mrs. Palmer and her husband. Capt.
I Charlea D. Palmer, were gueeti of
fcvan It. Iiek. a Wall street broker,
with Central Amerlran Interests, who
had been commissioned by ,he now
overthrown Simon government lo pur
chasn a yacht for the Haytlen navy.
He bought the American, once owned
by the lata Archibald Watt, and took
II down to Hay!, ...in.., 3. Jwlsi I
While tltey were on the Atlantic the
revolution broke out, and the Ainerlcai I
sailed right Into the thick of It. Uull-ii I
Whistled about the ears of the cruising
party. Mrs. Palmer had to hide behind
a small boat until there waa a lull in
the nring, when she made her escape
below decks, where she stayed unUI It
waa all over.
The most Important of the refugee
who name on the Allemanla was Antolne
Simon Jr., ai son of the deposed Preil
dent of the republic. He waa accom
panied 1 Antolne PiArr-M ii, ni ,. .num
ber of the Chamber of Deputlea, and '
they are en route for Parla with a blaik
satchel containing tUO.OOO. They rushed
aboard the Allemanla about a minute
before sailing time, and In the purser s
orllce th. y began to disgorge gold coins
from their pockets, piling It all into
the black bag.
Simon was asked whether his father
would Join him In Pans, but he de
clined to answer. Both men are typical
Haytlens with black aklna.
Mr. Dick said that the revolution was
due to woeful mismanagement and ex
travagance. He waa aure that the
Simon (Jovernment was not corrupt,
but simply Inetllrlent, and had aroused
the cupidity of the revolutionary lead
ers. The hardest fighting he saw was
that put up by his collie terrier, Sally
May, who has an uverslon for black
bare feet, and engaged every Haytlen
who came her way.
Another refugee on board waa Akaes
Itasmiinsen, engineer of the cruiser An
ton Simon, which came near to found.ir
Ing In the bay of Port-au-Prince with
the entire Haytlen army and navy on
Leconte, Now Reor,c;anizinjj Gov
ernment at Port-au-Prince, Is
Accused by ien. Firmin.
pout-MT-pniNcis, Kaytt, Aug. 7.-
len OtnclnnatUg Laooata, the revolu
tionary leader, maale a iriumphal entry
Into the capital yesterday, being ac- .
claimed by tha populnce. Arrangements
were made forthwith, for a Joint ses
sion of the He nn to nnd Chamber of
Deputies, which meeting as n national
assembly Were expected to elect l,e
COQtS President in succession to the
donoaod llmon. This was not In har
mony with the programme of flen.
Ahtonor Klrmln, tho rival revohitloniiry
lead OT i who Is expected here to-day
from PortO BlOOi nnd who has already
annoiin ed that be had been promise 1 ;
tho Pre aid en ty by Loconto,
Imiiiediately usm bis iirrlval Leconte
attended a te ileum at (ho Catloilial
conductod by the Archbishop. Later
he made a tour of the city, llnally en
terlnjt tha national palace to a salute
of 10) guns from all li e fortlfl.-uiious.
Later a now ministry wholly replacing
that of tho Hlmon uduiluistratlou waa
tentatlvily agreed upon as follOWai I
War, M. '.amor; Intetlor, Judge Cuu- !
vain; I'oreign Affairs, M. Oullbaud; pub.
Ho Inatruotion, Senator Laroahai Agn- 1
culture. M. Ballard i Flnai: s, Sansaiiou I
in t t l itis pahk, TORONTO, Oat, Am 7.
; Hie elitn... for tiiuu.rr.nl rscw sr.. 4. fnl, i
riHsrc itAi-K i-'io-
furl, .us.
Rxpatrl itf .
isi 1 ,. iiiirnia liiiru. till tiiild Kant, tirj
1. in k, llushla giieei.. M: (talis, 1117 Usj
M11 11.' Mosanl, BH; Tweat) Oos lie Bat!
Ir'ullil, na.
-l.iii.Mi RACR "ii sod a lull huloaas,
AlalsiutrtS, l"7 I' T l iara iu hiarirt l'lin
uenual, lla. Miii'. u. M'oedsi Wertrr. nt
'j, , ' '. ,fl" V',"'h
'I'liiitii tun; n. amt a imii i ,-
" '.-'. O"', llll, mil
l,.-.ti..is Mao i
a.-., in. I',
lo. I .auplete. 11.7 II. I. lit
mi ': ' ii. itli r. loo'i tedd) Bsai
rllSlUi'l. ill.
lu-.i, llatn.4ik,l. Ion
UK'. I',mi..d
l ot lll'll I.M t; Hi.' In.-; mill. 'Aa,.., M,
lOf, m .. 1011 'Klr-.i l nn. u , p.. ;.
Iu7. K.lliii r. Iot. taaa Oalas, lid dartila
M Its.. Shot, lis. I",. ,-, ftl
Ul I .1 Ii ICR tlt. I sua .'tteein'i 1111111
i',.ai Minsit riT lia .ul U'llradi In:' i ,.
Willi. Ut, la-'t. in.'.. Mim fUllaal, p..
i aisa, in. ; ii .-. r. 101 kast BSroaid, n,.
sit I . I ' I I IS Ara.tiiieil . IIS
-IXT.I BACt -l in ttofdujlf furl
.lirsd on: -t aiui-i. HM . Udj Rlna iq.
llujUlkis i, lUa. Kd K S. list. Maria .. b?l
Li Me :.. If... fUa Itaotrr, lo'J, II. a sa
lull, II ir i Itn ire. I IS
slit I sill It ' K I'm- fllllawga, , ,
UTi 'I'te U), tl'O, liiiisntat li.tuiai. los .;'
ii.. lor, lad lis. ( ni7, a., .ii.tiii, r.
line hamli Hill. Hal, UttlHse, IN; Iir W.'u
liui i ..i .. 107.
KHIHTII It v i ' K Kb. i.ulii.. Un.Uosaa
Km. suasa. use Vaaai lsi I'len,-. ins npi,
Itarni I'.'. Csrtill b, 107 Ciaarltu. in7
India lister. '"7. BSftmoat, In". MaDtitoa
. nttca lists i nM I'tai ntsi. atttaf stsori
In I tax.
MII.DI.1 IM'CH csTirn.
-i tem the i . .- Cttr Journal i
"What avaa thai :::,'.... ni. ol.l BKblAaa.
- talkthf about '" linutred tha languid
"Pi i Stlfe Patugoi...,"
',? iX-i 3' V ' In"
Capf. Palmer and Wife Who
Ran Into Ilaytien Revolution
( Xt'T, AND Ml-us
Busy on Train With Official
Business as He Hurries to
Talk in Maryland.
WASMINOTON. Aux. 7 To keen
the third enuHgenient he had made to
peak nt tin' Mountain Lake Park, Mil,
Chautauqua, President Tafi engaged a
special train to-day, bundled Major Butt
and a White House Hieni gi .1 r load' d
down with Important papara into his
private car and left Was litaftoa "t I
o'clock. Baforl he returtiK to-night tha
President will have travelled four hun
dred mllca.
All the wny to Mountain Lake and
much or that back tha President In
tended (o devote to keeping the Wheal!
of administration turning.
It was first arranged that the Presl
dent should leave the capital late last
night, arriving ut Mountain Lake eurly
to-day. In Ihut caso ho would have
spent most of the day there With
several ImpO'tani matters pressing! the
President daoldod that he eoul i not give
up a whole day, and tha ipecial train
was arranged for.
in bis private oar. with all the fa-
cllltles for messages, letters or opinions,
the Presidciil can save thu minutog of
daylight, though It will cost a few hun
dred dollars more.
7.-dn a speech nt Lie Mountain Lake
Pnrk Chautauqua here tn-il.iv Pre l
dent Tall explained In detail the mean
ing of tin- general arbitration treatl -hatveen
the Unltad states ami Qreal
Urllain and the Dnltod eltatel and
The President declared that tha fears
expressed by some Senators that the
enators' prerogative of ratifying
treaties would he endangered If these
treaties are ratified is graundleso,
(Continued from First Page I
Tlinmlns. n friend of mine, and t .; I
him the kola I w is In.
'I told T.mmins the bonks must be
destroyed. We tail ed about It a while.
nnd then Timmlus said It coubl In. fixe 1
without much trouble.
"In tho afternoon wo tnnti a trolley
Oaf to Itoche's road houoe gonr New-j
ark There w ,. met t .s man Walsh.
d ain't talk : uch to Walab, Tlminlns
tOOk Mill oft to OIIC side 'id tlxed Up I
Hie dcut. 1 don't know chit kind . f
an agreernerii he made, hut 1 kno.v
Wal-'i pionlseil In open the sufa, g'-i
out the hooka MM tlx It so thev would i
be daatro) 1 by fire.
"We hiied an automobile at Raoha'i
and came in to Jersey City. 1 ,.f;
Ttnunln- antl Walsh at l o'clock and
went home. Walsh aid he w.nild tlv
It so that not a trice of the books
would rente n un i it would appi ir thai
afablowers srreckad tha bullying and
eat It Oli lire.
"J khan i.'O -i 'hc.'iie bad it Hi wron .
as soon us I was sent for. At first t
IhOUght Wulsh bad been ,-,iiii' it. A' hen
I heard the truth that the r 1 1" dOVll
had been killed and that the were
still safe, with the evidence a lalnlt me
waiting to ba dug out. I c inaludad I had
best til: Lie whole story.
BronqVi varalon of the gfpe ir is ac
cepted by the police is generally true
Hut they arc tml certain gbuul man
mime l Tltntnlni having engaged in the
plot. Nor nre thev certain Unit Brown
was uni one of the two men seci t
Wordut in. the hotel propr ''tor. tti j .
Vicinity of Ihg OtVca ot 'be Long Dook
Milling L'uiPPan) at IU o'.lu.k las;
Chi. a go.
hackardi If.
HohtlltO, rf.
Archer, c.
Zimmerman, lb,
.1. Boylo, nn.
Tinker, ss.
Siibr, lb.
Hofnuui, cf.
Brown, p.
Vew York
Dovoro, if.
I.. Doylo, 2h.
Shodgrass, i f.
Backer, rf.
M.rkle, lb.
Heraog, lb.
Kletclier. ss.
Mocrs, c.
MiltheWHoll, p.
I'mplres 0Oay and F.rnslle.
OHtCAOO, Aug. 7. The Cubs were
forced to tight this afternoon and win
or give up the lead III Hie National
League i t .-. Johnny Mi lr aw and his
famous Olanta were here to tackle the
h olers, and Chant e g ive his men a
special workout before the game. Joe
Tinker, whose suopeneion was gn
noun, i d on Saturday night to last the
ramalndor of the season, but who was
declurctl In good atari. ling again yester
day, was book In his ol.l place at short
to-day. Tho Cuba Would be In a bud
Wl y to Mghi the Olantl without Tinker
huatliag trattnd Lint gborutop position.
The Cub- had only a hall game bad
on the Plr.it. n to-d y when they star ted
.'or the ball field. The locals nave bien
slipping fast In the list week, but
Manager Chance nnnuunteil thnl from
now on they Were out to tight In their
old-fashi'ini i -.'..I" ntitl stop the altimp,
Kevore w.ih hit on the back of the
bend by a pit hod bull ami laid nut.
When he came to he was replaced by
Murray, who went to flist on It. I..
Doyla walked, Murray going to second.
Bnodgraaa eafa when Doyla threw too
high I ; guler, pulling htm off the lug.
Booker filed to iheckard in short left
ami Murray was held on third. Merkla
forced mi udgrass at second, Tinker to
Zlmuit r.i.a ,i, and was ttoubleil at Hist.
Ztmniei man to S iler.
kihst RACE Puraa HH thrae-yaar-
oldl nnd up; selling; six and a half fur
longs. -Scat ie. plinpornal, 111 (Pora
hand), OVOn. S in .'. and out, first; King,
101 (Dryer), " to I, 1 to and out, sec
ond: Anna Cr sse. IOS (Bergen), even,
to fi and "ul. third. Time LIS, P.
Clark, Laura -v, Blgo, Leonard and
lalaton also ran.
BIOCOND 11A' 'I'l Purse MO; two-yeur-old;
selling; four and a halt f ui-longs.
Pony Olrl, 17 iC. White). II to I, 6 to 5
and l to :i. drat; Ooldfarn, HI (Burton),
10 to 1, I to I and to 1, s, coinl; Knlr-
vi. i. 108 (Iklrvln), I to i, ,i to 1 and "i
n s. r.iir. i. Time-ii.M i-s. Qardan of
iioseH, California Qxieen, Rldgatandi
Panclictte, tlrella, John l leek and
Akmena also ran.
THIRD RACK Pus.. gljfiO; ihree-.'ar-obl
nnl upward! live furionirs.--Almena,
i"i (C. Peak), 7 to l. I to 1 and
.1 to Ii Lady Hapsburg, nil (Olvona),
to :,, t to fi end '. to aaoondi Inapootor
Qanerali if (Burton), 7 to i, to i ami
even, third, Time L(M l-B. Agnei May,
Ruga l"if. DonaVdo, Height Star
bard Hall. Btlrkpln, Alarmed also ran.
rOURTH u.M'i: Puraa t:'.'r"; three
v far-obis en. I upward; relling; alx ami
onohdif fur lottos. Peter Pandaf, I'"!
(OrllTln), '. to l, '-' to I anil even, won;
John V., II" Hlr.indi, even ami 1 to 2,
ooooitsi! Clayt Ul (W, Oullon), (i to i.
.i to i and ii to s. third, Time, LHM.
Coal shoot. Lucky Kord, Miss Detroit,
Lower Mil lei and Oranson also ran.
PIjjTH RACK Puree I3S0, three-year.
olds nnd up; galling! .sir; furlongs.
Huauan, 101 (Bargen), :i to :, l to am)
out, Bret! larboard, mi (Bkorvln), i to
t, i to ii . ml out second; Hilly Barnes,
iii i Wilson i, s lo i, evan and i to j,
third. Tone. LOS. Qulney Belle, Bodkin,
j m Mallady, Ullplap uud Tom hata
also ran.
llnusiia Bargains In
t i. ' (Juiil ustrian Uccomit'il
i hi. in Specials
, 'racktr Jan
onden&ed Milk Ian
tltry in
. nn' .). 'nls
hoeolat$ ( um car Saucm
l. at at Salad Bowl .
Latg0 ( 'akt Plot, t
t;.n: nmii e Boat or I line ,
.niii Lnui (ii i ( ttfttl
Quantities Limited
Salt Biffins Monday
II ttl lllBthSI . bet. 7th A Sth
Head nf Trust Says More Came
Down River This Year
Than Last.
President Wrey M. Oler of the
K Dicker book Of I 'e Company, the le
gally deodorised successor of the Ameil
I" tea Company, was esumlned to-day
i.'f.rit M 007101 rata Afspleton nt the nis-ttirt-A
ttomey'a offloa by Assistant Dta-
I .ii n i-.. imrnev jit tning regarding the
shortage of (re In this city during the
hot Weather at the beginning of July.
The object of the questioning was to
learn whether ttie leg Miapaay tlellber
flt.lv withheld the neces-ar supply of
leg In order to keep up prices nnd em
barrass retail competitors who ord'nnr
lly bought from It at wholesale
Mr l Her protlueesl records of the Ice
Company showing that between June
U. nml July UaaTl year It brought
down t.i t te city aa.ars tons f leg and
that thla year in the ennie er1nil It
brought down 11,411, ordlniirlly the
company kept g reacrve tsf ;,!kon or
l.00t) tons at the river front. Thf pro
fbf Tour years, sal.l Mr. Oler. w. io
lAia.,200 on a tui.ltal of 11,100,000 ex
ClualVo of water rlghbs.
"I can g-lve you the figures month by
month," said Mr. Oler, sarcastically.
I "bocaUOa 1 want to allow the court
j what a wicked and grasping Corpora
J Hon We are nnd Just how we have
Oppressed the people of the 1'nlte.t
1 States. I'p to June 1 this year we
I faced a loag of ;x,on0. sin ,. July we
I h ive showed a profit of llll.n.l. . prtca
..: H.I0 a ion Is nacoaoary In older to
I avoid loss.
j "The I e business Is u rotten business.
Por six months In the year we have a
! lose. For two months we can hold our
! own, nml for the other four we look
tor u profit,
"Is It true," asked Mr. Iteming, "that
ICO companies tike business from enh
other In the middle of the summer''
How is thla done'.'"
"It la largely a matter of personal
ity." slid Mr, oler. "A mini who can
Jolly the eook and the Janitor Is able
to swing the families nn his route to
the books of the Ice company for which
he works. That's about all there Is
to gay about it."
New York.
Daniels, If
liamphlll. cf.
Chnaa. lb,
free. rf.
Knight, ss.
Kartaall, 3h
Qardnor, lb.
Sweeney, e.
I'al well, p.
Jones. 1''.
Buah, ss.
Cobb. ci.
i 'raw ford. rf.
j. Dolohanty, lb,
Morkartty, b,
O'I.earc. gb,
Srannage. c.
Summers, p.
I i n nr. 'Mullen antl O'Loiighlln.
YORK, Aug. 7. Klgbt thniiaan 1 or inor.
came to the Hilltop this afternoon to see
the Tigers and Hilltops begin their four
.lays' flglht. The Tigers are so popular
here t ml they drew better on Monday
than Cleveland did on Saturday. My
a. fining 'ills gahe the Tigers hail a
chun.'e to act ouck in tlrst place, and
they went at their work with a whole
hun.-li of snap antl vim.
your tea problem
for Iced Tea
. but ! . ,
I One hundred Slid twenty-two yeara H tj
i have ainiply eatiiblishcd mure firmly I Sj
M ibis American whiskey, A blond of I j (fi
ij the choicest old whiskies. Try It. D
I I'hll idslsOil N.w York Oilllniors II
aVwn 1 I I I II 1
I IJ.'Ij J Hmfififn i ' to th, I
K J . " 11 llOPPsil -LdJ -. .....j ..
I I -iih T ,,,,irfP!!0!ae ruri,,M,ett 9 id I
c iwcea ; iVe, .' . .,. .. ( hair ;
M n. 1 I ......... I labb "e malili JO t .Is. Oil, i
3 ll ,. 1 B '4 s.nrMan ' s I t III t a I , i II I'll I lire. I flinch
I IM I 1 t l 1 (TIHS I Vl NlNtlrs -i .1,,!,,,, I
.! LII o...i ijrtj.th.sji . iRSfc I
Women and Children Victims
in Crossing Crash on N.Y.
Central Branch Road
UTICA, N". Y.. Aug 7 -Four persona
were killed and one Injured when a
t'orth-hound train on the Btgeg Hlver
branch of the New York central Rnll
roa.i leaving Utlcg at 1,10 A M to-day
struck a wacori cnrrylng n party of
five at n. crossing lOVOH mllea from the
Those who lost their Uvea were: Mrs.
Philip Niiusbnum, thlrty-flve years ol.l;
her son Julius, eight years old; her
.laughter Bdlth, ten years old, all of
whom met death Instnntly. and Mlse
dOldgtOln of Rochester, who died after
lulng taken t.. a hospital In this city.
Jacob .Niuisbaurn, sixteen years old,
another son. suffered a broken leg. The
horses attached to the rig were killed.
The victims were on their way to
spend the day with u family in Floyd
when the ac ldent occurred. A hoy who
was standing near the crossing says that
one of the NaushHum boyg was driving,
and thai when lie board the whistle of
i i. approaching locomotive he whtppod
up the horses In an effort to get across
the tracks.
For some time the identity of the
family could not be learned, but a
muelc roll carried by one of the children
finally gave the clue.
Wife of former ( .insular Seerelnry
i lie Baaaalaatf,
Mrs. Kllen von tier Uneven of o. 3.M)
Broadway, wife of William von dor tfoo
ran, former secretary to the t'onsul-Oen-
eral of the Netherlands, was this after
no. hi committed to the rssychopathlc
ward of BelleVUe Hospital for five days
for examination as to her mental Con
di! Ion.
The warrant on which the commit
ment was made by Magistrate O'Conn r
was obtained on Saturday by Mr. v. in
der Hoavon.
tit ii Ku unvtp bv I
A I'lll.l Itll'UO.N.
i Ki t. I'kom on in.!, uk
iiniriinlfrtl to rfllf-ve the m'iBt ntuh-
bpra f t(lifiiuiai;Uiii, BelAljeJ ah 1
Nrurlttl. Writ for uiuiollrttsM fit'-timUt tn
tUnooiaUB from i r imiupni ist)pii ou tti.ow.
mi. oil AMI jBJtut II lKH.
lleBf i"iii A liil..-:. Ktilloli IkrilK ItOTff,
UrtMBttii iriti-l i ntirr t u.t R, H.
Mhcv ( o. anil nil druaiirist atil Nuriio
Of iaMll by Hi!! un rfftipt of prlri-.
-m i t .- 7 11 llrltir.m IIiiIIiIIiik. Nu lurk.
$3.50 SHOES wien
Atrialwiil convince
you that W.L.Doug
Ias $3.50 shoes are
the best in the world.
Stores In Greater New York :
su OU, tsM. a .
tl ii ear. 8th St.
sea n s. wt. ma at
leab u At, cur. aiiia.
I4.il b wall, near aiat
sea aa a... ni ovm
lad. Ikl At., uaat 8sd
'iiu JU A... uwr. Uuu
ill . ...el At,, est esse
laiiiti ii nvta.
. i.i r-i.iti At., our. aad.
4fj Kishib Ar.
m-i Kitftitli A.., ar, and.
ttu W lu.Vh St
sj.i i UiWAi olj.a eMCIMat
lOA llhialnif, aVfaSJ
i Uurutoa.
ioo li roadway.
a.MM 'ii j i way,
tlatM At.
Mewsrs tss iimal St.
ic nrit Aft, at
. lit.
-11 Va.-ea.fc aw
PitOI Miui Iti'u, 1. 't .t 1 licr.1 .M.iteriiil, uow $
1 u
Nan 1
ti Slip To vera, (.t-rmai
J. if t n. W.'U 1 1th St. IUmip
h '.aterin Co.. 1UJI V. Utfl
it, ; tnephona 8661 Chflae.
Write or p'miip, nun
with f'dl rlttf 9f BHmpl"".
All lost or round artl.-lea ad
if I 111 I be ll "i i.l hIII bs
lUlril ut 1 lit- V lU's tulon mi
lt on llun-un. Iulili-r Iftial lallnac
Arniiif, Turk HuH t World'
I i.tttttn (Mini-, northui'iat cur
iirr :iMli nt. mill Hi ii.ni u ,,t
World'a llurlflli Of thr.
Ut laniH BU, Hliil World',
HronUUn Orrirr. Ml WunIiIuk
tt ii. a.t.. Hrooklvn. fur 'to ditia
follow lug ihr tirlntliigr of th
sf ,
- lkka fjM
T .". I
Oxford Club
TRY Oxford Club
and you'll never
again say that
you don't like gin.
All blgkaglBH liquor
stores a B d 0g ttt.
Baird-Daniels Co
even with inexpensive
mountings, will he worth
their wefaot in gold if
you break your regular
pair while away.
We replace glasses without
the prescription, or re-examine
your eyes without charge.
We Charge for (ilassesOnly.
Perfect Kilting Glasses aa Low as $..V
Oculists' Opticians
Z2SathAT..ISthSt 217 Bdws. Aster Hoase
ISO Siith As.. 22d St. 101 Neseao Aaa St
17 West 4Zd Bet Sth A tth Area.. Mew Terk
4N Fnkeo St, Cor. Bend St., Brooklyn.
15 Jeweled
Railroad Time
Tn M lt HOWS SPK' IAL- TheB bisn
ftl' All . .ii Wdih'Iltfa lleaTf rttOt t lie UH
ii orttt 0 jcara Bfr ou full 1ft rub?
JfweMfHl, Buir.intdsl to run vf .thin and Mtp
ti)ro..d tirur ulo rciiiitjU a werkt. VV'athn
of tlii-t mqc ure Tlil lu Mar on all tbr Ariwii
CtD Murniull nnd laaT1 had to atatid tin hard
hshi' and fulfil th. rt-iiuiir mtM of i ' t r i
Tinif Siaum Sfrnm. it they have 'lour that
for Urfl imr whar vill they do with prooajr
an' (lor thirty yeara of ttndy to avll a
Mriftly fir-d flaw and atiurate Anu-rt an
v i it h Blinald he? ap' r"i .t ItojUiember
thva watt hta sail for $lo 00 in tha UattM
tatf. our prire at thin mt t 7. Wt hart
rr ral hti-idred and ffoirantM to refurul
. our moro'v if onaatiaf t torY In anr da?tafi
M uli lira, IMumouds, Jrirvlry,
180 aH roadway New York
open until 6 V. M., Pattirdaya lncludtd.
Furniture Stores
Special Prices for Chiffoniers
Kvery odd piece to bo sold at very low
prices, big assortment: Bird's Kye Maple.
Mahogany, Ooldag Oak, various stylet and
llnlsh. with round or fancy shaped beveled
Like Cut.
In All Woods,
All goods marked In plain brjures.
We Furnish Homes Complete
Cash or Credit
z209 3d Ave.,B.S&
IIISIMIHF. --On Saturday, Aug. .1 t At I
annii; iiisiii iti'. beioveti moihlr ..;
Mra Rita Burkl end Mia Ma:., Hlum.
l uii.ra. 1 1 on. ma reaiaanoa el ati
itiiiiHii i. i . ..ti.. l-iiu imi.., Ill Al.i i,, ,
St.. un i e - . Aug, s, :it It ;tt,
Itiinte lo Hi I'll ii nn ul hi Has.
lien at., Where a au.,-;un hleh nisu
rvquieni win b afftred, latsuueai
i. si vary.
UKU.I . JAH8I aaiLlaT. ase,i as ..,
i.r Owen I Rellly and iir, ..t Bitrni ..n
hretuti ..I iiu.n Btllly, aatlrt of lardali!
Malign, c'uuiiti caiaa, awl buabaad "i Nwa
ilecotaaock, i. i: . - . Oueult Main.
Kuntral finiu hie Isi. -ealuenct aou
Weal 1 tilth at.
u i ii.. .1,1 Jtraty city on lundai
a, uni. k uai t, i,, fsrid ..,
isie tVlllloan tvj i.. h
r lha
tritinaa are invited i" attend ihe
aerVlcM St her lale residence
4 2.1
..... .... . on aonfla
b 0 - .... k.
reglaf o
Is,-.- frsa r tavtrgj M i a vara.
Iut..au, AOS. . . .'. M.
iaiaaasiaaiia ir rrThiattiHlts'ts'Til'i '

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