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com: from homb
Lieutenant, Unable to Get In
formation From It, Or
dered It Held. iim
Disputed Moving Man's Bill j
and Jehu Hoped With
the "Music Box."
an rroga tU morning em lwir--lorn
I'vpo, alan-tlng illent and ml
tnertaly Maid ti door of tha Wo.t
n Hmdrart and Klfty-aeeonrt atreet
Vile atatlon. It arrived a l.lghlv
tar!l w)tn. and remalnM h
uum J.V it. ;,t . r wouldn't Ut It go
my 'n
Th trouble startel when John Will
iam, rM-k living at IflmtHm MM
mg Lexington avenue, bamilne l with
BMrtMn ot No. 2?7 t ona
lunjred MM Kurly-elghlh treet, an
ireamn. to MH th William
area ami pCMtM up tn a new homo at
So. ili Weat Ona llnn.lred ami Hev
ntytfventh ::.-.
WlUlam. aaya lm wai to pay Bbartata
u. mm- ma grita ju'o, oui fc'uvrlein
aria th.it ln ha taken tlirea invmory
intern OMTMI ati'l thai ha haa a per
ot recollection tluit William proai-
d to pay H7 for tha tranifar, litli
Ua for the piano
Anyway, I .t yet largay, hn all the
llllgma loipfllmanta ex pt tha piano
lad kaM .ifilr linlaied and towed.
-ibarlpln Magftttad that ha km a
(llniPae of aomc William money. That
fcaa the roamcn: when thing began
M Iiupjm o and even the arrival of Po
Icaman Murphy helped not at all, for
BbVttU nipped up, and down tba
meet went the Wllllama piano. Win
urn and (at Murphy being poor
i. osd and third.
Ubcrlcln drove to the nation and told
ia trouble, to Mahrr.
"Where are your wltneaaae?" alcl
latier, nho prefer the danionatrated
jto the unsupported aaaertlon.
1 PROM MlfiinURI
Til ahow you," ',! Kberlvlu, vanlab
tig haatlly. Ten minute later ha re
urned. li.Miul him rama three huaky
t.ntlainen bearing In the William tn
'There my wltnveai" ild Eberlein.
Maher acratclied hla head. II wa
bat admitting hla Inaldllty to get any
iiiig out of the wltMM when William
in1vel, puffing and aeven Umea madder
Jiaa hn had been at homo.
"I want that man urreited"' he de
nanded, pointing at Kberlela. "lie
Hole my piano!"
The upahot wa that In Night Court
Eberlein faced Magitr; IJutt. with
Aillla-m the cotnpUlnliig wltnea.
The atafcl.tiat emulated Holnmon. He
leerd Wllllama' (lory; then waved big
land and amid that It wa qnlta ahtml
-apparent to til in ahein! -that Mr. K!er
elti wa. not trying tn run the piano of
Mr. Wllllama. Mr. Kberleln, lie juj,
nlglit go.
Mr. Bbtrteln went with alaerlty. lis
ant mt haatlly, In tut, that when
Allium. rii"wed bla ilaliit and when
the Maglat ate and, after all, he bo
leaul he'd JuM talk to IJberleln and
irrauga for an amicable aatllemen'.
iliere waan't liny Hberleln.
Tfcen Wtlllatna tried to get Mahar to
t Um take the plni away, but Malur
labj ba had no order from unytxxly to
rt tt go an. I until hn did get an order
la waan't going t . let tt go.
Wtlllam aaya that In going to get
fiat Piano to day If he ha to appeal to
the Supi erne I "ourt.
"There la a performer In my famllv,"
le aaplnlned. "who 1 jut learning the
'abuaa urranjiBment of the Maiden
rayer.' It l un outtgga on art."
letth of h father. Rh 'an g'V" no
raggofl for gll M Itrtoui dlagapggif"
lie gfOnfkl Ml Wat' l htt h
week mi l haa lev r KM aV !"
fore. Che fe.it ho Iib met with fOUl
Ml Anna rirnt, a widow. No K1
RaW Illght. -third gtret. in heart
brogen over the .naapj.earan'e of )jet
flfteen-yer-iM aon J til 1 ' p. Kg left
lotnio eVpfemtier X, in I gttte then
no trnee of him haa been ontnlned.
HN mother aaya he win a good boy
nnd helped anipiiort her lm:e the
s"iiin' Daughter, Dnidi Him,
Scrum? Alarm and Two
Are Caprurcd.
Two men In a Miegfl at I'orl v.nf til
Mr-et and tfgtfltM ,iv w i".rKe
Htilrg ihow a roll of bill ine yattardsy
line all;ip-d a ItMM knife onrler hla
oat an I thiy went oil Soon Mir
tart ad Ht hH tmnt, Ko, IM i:at I'ot-
tv-tlfth atreet.
HIM ABM IdtMi OMrgt'g dgtlffbtcP!
ai on ih gtoep of I belt homg trait
Iiik for Mm, MM aaw Mm half a hlm k
awav gild -nt to meet him. The two
wet,. ending the front alep RfbM
on of I hi tiallei polled Hhlra ha- k to
the pavement ami the older ilnlibe.l
Mm thren Hmaa In Ihi loud
..;! Hhlra' eeream brought nld ami
the rcMMtfl Ib .l. but a-ere ciiiere1 In
. nail in Ball fortieth atreet by Pt-
trolmen Dubi an and Ininn of the Mact
I'lflv flrat tte' atiillon.
They aald they were ilulaepp Tlnnl
dn, twenty o ne year, and hla brother.
Angwlo, twenty-four, both of No tor,
Hggt Twaniy-ninth a'reet.
On ilggb of the knlfg partly aealpii
Hblr. In the police atatlon he poai-
llvaly Idantlflod the prtgonorg a hi a.-
n ilanta.
Mnrder In Newark.
"harlea KoMM, thlrtv.lx year old,
,.f No. 40 NI' holon rtreet, Newark, ille I
in. day In the i lty HoHidtal there from
:i frnetured eknll Korakl waa walking
opposite the OOtirt Hotttg l.'iat night
when he Wig gdtAokg I and stru.-k on tbg
head with nn Iron bur
"No BitsintM for a Ken Min," . t i a
BokM tti Hrieixl the
(Jtlicr Day.
"Running a rooming hooae l no b !
neaa for a r-a man," remarke.l Ctgortjt
1 rtol It ! n frlen.l n f.w dav. .no
"Bctwaon IllUntng 10 oompltlnti gnil
hualllng for rema I'm dttVCII glmoit
ItokW waa found dead to- l.iy In the
rooming bouae h OOlMlUCtad at No. 47;l
Wt)gf Tvmlyrlrf I atreet. He had i'om
mtttad lUleMe by Inhallm: ga.
Having uri umulated a ronipeteii'o In
the groiery builnea In Oreenwbh
'lllne. Htrldt rati red two enra tai
lit the ag of forty-five and went to
live with hla wife nil ehlidren In a
Pratt) utile hotata t No, 4119 Wret
Twentv-llrt atreet.
Mlenegi aoon pailed on hlni atid he
ggpraaaed hla determination to go lnio
bUglnaai again. Mr. Holdt n anted her
huatntid near home. She bought the
rooming btraaa at No, 473, tiro doora
awny and pla ", It In the hand of her
hi "an I, BoHl made a hualnaaa aue
caaa Of the rooming houae, but the taak
of maintaining it aid no! appeal to him.
lb aroe thi morning at I o'clock, hit
' nil hour. Wen' to t ie looming houae,
prooaadad dtraclly la 100m on th.i
top Hour, logiwd tiie door, (MtaM 1 thi-
Window ami turned on Ihe gHa. Alfred
llnrthigton, a MMimer. gmatlad gia anl
InvaaUgatadi Ha forcod lha goot of the
room from w-!ilch the odo; g'OCaadtjd
ind found Iloldt dead.
Effective Home Remedy
for Tuberculosis
II ll HriOVI ma.tlr n'h-ri tlif innart r
nffi ir4. , trip iiiviiv or n Mfl itnrltitu
It not rtl.1v !ririnfoiii' y 1 iporM v 1 j r It
lnvolrr tpotia' ion from lininc urid lrlnif
Hone urr ntniifltd but rtoA i an aafaiv
fturn RekftiAti'i ltfrr : i frwtif
tin ftuvlnai htrtni' nM-ai. Kor -xiin nl .
!l:M a!. A Mm nil ' Avp, i ptl mflrlil, K. J.
"Unt(flln In th ft.: 1 ot ItOft ' ron
trail (imI h vrv p-vi coM. tTilch lottltd
on inv I iihiri. At Iftflt I hnirnn 10 tn lur
ftajtum, nnl m v ntivgrjrijin thn ti!r1 mf
I in Sim at ' ' tn ('allfnrnln, Irnnto J
thl Urn I h , H'i. 1 in tak IVKinflii 1
Alter live. 1 t) erl at ho.tu ni l torn
mflM taiklnar It thdf :.-. ) In Octobor,
I iir ffH n la tmprtivta, ttnil h f lrt itoOH In
January, I tfli. I remjuni niv nnuJr n .
cupAtitiii. luivttiat aralne1 'jS toundt, fullf
roolorod to honlth, it now f i ro
In 1 mv mm ha OffOGtM, at ml I
raic ft priiia K knin' A Iterative r-n
hlHhlv. I hatvc teconitnt-n it lth MC0l
ifllt rMultfr."
( P1arr.ed ) W. M. TAT9M,
KrVnn'a aHerntlva la effeitlv In ttron
chit la. Aatlima. Ila? arfVOTI Throat IM
UOOal Truolea. anrl In tinhulldlnv ln va
teitn. Iioe not contain no!on DDlfttM of
hahit-fo'tnlnr lriiar. For aula hr ftll ifOptt
main airMl 1llkt lniat totee nr,d othfr It-ml-itiar
flrtirrlata - t for 1. . , of mi-ed
1 tom bii) writ tn I U n (.nhorntonr,
I'M iftalnhla. H.. for aihllthmal e Ulrica.
gThtfu nrr svwn facrs ridden in the nbov picture. Ctin you find them?
CONDITIONS: Ttao the outline of the neven fares concealed
in ine anove picture on this or a neparate sht
of paper. Write your name and address plainly and send It with the
picture not later than Mouday, October 16, 1911.
All Answering Will Rccme an Order by Mail for a Handsome Scarf Pin
This offer open to all NftBf within B0 miles of Now York. Only
one answer from the same family considered.
Story & Clark Piano Co.,
12-14 West 32(1 St., New York City
It ll act urflrT ' o rM In tUli
upea. trit bmti. may b t tn nn in. 'lp af
M4ri4MI ll. .ml l itrfrtleil.
An hn ..r tha Ah. rn-Hlna tight tar
ia laadarakrp f lha Hlnataantg a-
v-nibly lltrlrt' was liagrd In II , i
Mtoa I'mirt tn-dav Mag1l rgl Hon.
orfeiud tba 11,000 i ind In vruu ii nag
no ti i. t pnaad fcunlial nataahtnan
if No W W4H lino Humlred ami
Uevi mil tr...i. ana :,.) baau arraatad
ur voting lllegaliy on primary day, ua
laid to gppaar for examtnatloa, Tha
al Samuel Plalaehtnan waa in eottrl
irapiii'.J j, :,..! tl.a di fi-iiilaut
lid not atiaer
Mo i.loney Down
i-luh fln or ridkiiloualy iniall depoilti will attract Ilia Ineinerienced tiuyar. hut
ie anoppcn win ioo mr nonrit voiicerm llict jon'i drnw piuiicttl bliyari
Into a net nt Ingli pntei ami Iruiuiad londltlom. I'rmil of our traiglitforward
Ualingi li Imriie out I'V ll.c that wo am onu of I liu lamcit lurnlturo and
..ipel auirlMllara III tn Country, mailk to our cnoimoui purchasing golrai
WL arc cniilitt.i iu oiler ou tint '
Besl Credit system Ouc Low Price Cash or Crrdil
Oul-ol-lowu Deliveries Made by Onr Molor Trucks,
5y CWvtf Proacripilon Which Can
i iiici nt An) Drut
No Need to be Thin Now, as Re
port Show Hi.:. Method
taho Bits verv thin tir1
Hiirht i. nt to Ui o. 1 MiM.ii v iht in
ur uiiM.H-t t dl kM aaO i on iri
waa the normal! v rlvshy Tbinntiadi a
.uailv aoinuavntaxl w.a,M..,.
v-ak ieaa auti.i t un nitv to
lui.punilitlOI.. DlMUIIm .In I iiLM .. ,
I'at-i. . r. Uliiinat bv afrlriwn iiui
llVOture fA..meiuy w)m ri i-innknril In a
trtgM-rlptitffi wlui Urounl j( . elei at i . n !
'irm. i.e. .mi. .) - , ..t v ,i ..
affective, and rrllal'le tmtriiivn r - .
T dk: i Ij.f ll- !r 1- a ii ..,! . ) , ,
PfSflail) hmntefUHmi tw men and n mien
rwFj-ii u.c avail i. ur ihth'Ii umi nrtv Mv
vnu i niru it .
p..Ketlt'n rvfgtf Mi i i, 1, v r ',,,,, ,1
aKSSa. auma ..J l-uat. A v t il i ,,..-..t.-tl
Ivtvii.ai r m. lture tn man Oi v. nuui tn.
htraiih. iniirr.atlam. tini:iu and
Th- reader rho wlahea to add ftom tan
io ft.rt Hound IhouM not fall tj b.gtirt
a-llb thlfJ vaiua.j!n uriao riui lull .
aTVVt. obtain ut ai.v well at.rked druv
am. thr . . a r 1. 1 iM-!Ni!i :i 1 I
Btrsa oufi. ' ariM ut t-Jl-arti in an
ffl botlltt Tb ll add u:,9 UUIKf ciHTr onnd
Mai. cardie and In ti
SO'iM Tiitn udd m Odin ... i ,
fat. on. hi- onitioui ! ' .t oar
Inakr well and t ale one leaauo
lora eath rural one '
Drink plant, ut wau-r betwes nit-lla nd
arhr ti t etlnna Kim un thia n
,'aarularl v and of a cert i tnt v trnrn n i
'h aa Pound Will bf atldtal lo ti,n v' a 1 tf tl t
raalt wk. and ib munal liralfti ivill alto
UPlccr (Virlor Suite. Ufllq if dctt:n. rttra heny mahogmiv rinNIt l
irniur. lIiiv. ffat, liiuht i .1 : .iitii . dm u wnn taw at , ils h itn til
pluah, tutted; cofila und iiikU tu uiaUlii UldSSlrilps apritiga
aval ; a llltMli aled, uliu lb; at
Vlu, Bl 11.50
III . Bl 13.98
If 13,
Valua nn p
;i2. Bl L).: 0
79c 08c
nine l lo 11.11
H al
I life
Am lister
Carpi U
v it ii in wlthoul
S9c 98c
Valutlt. S to SI. .is
.1;1.';.'"u CDlTAiivS
nine i, gC
M.n, m dVaVB
8 $27.98
ud!ai 18.59
a: a, 3i.5o
Vr.''" ' '. I Value Tic.
Lord & Taylor
Fwndtd 1826
Have Arranged
A Special Sale of Double Width
"Satin Meteor Crepe"
in white, ivory and black, at the very unusual
, price of
$1.88 pcr yard
Regularly $2.50 and $2.75
A Special Lot of 24-inch
Imported Dress Velveteen
in the desirable street shades and black,
at 88c per ard
Regularly $1.25
Trimmed Millinery
Special for Wednesday, October 11th
Dressy Trimmed Hats
Values up to $35.00
Special Values in
W. B. Corsets
Fine coutil, gemi-girdle top, extra lung straight hlpgj
four hoae supporters.
Si 95 value W.00.
Augustine Corsets
Fine coutil, low bust, long straight hijir and back; four
hose supporters,
$1, 45 value $8.00.
Triple Life Augustine Corsets
(Guaranteed for six months)
Heavy coutil, medium long waist, straight hip rfTcct;
four hose supporters,
$1. 95 value W.OO.
$J. Qy -value fl.00.
$5. SO value $8.i0
Fine coutil. semi-girtllt? top, extra long straight hips and
back (Wahlon honing); six hose supporters,
Fine brocba material, medium long waist, circular gore
front, extra long bipa and Lack; four hose supporters,
Women's & Alisses Sweaters
Special Values Offered
Pllin and fancy weave, white, tan nnd Oxford,
$2.95 & $4.9S
Maids 1 Dresses
in Percale 95c & $1-25
In Chninbrny $175
InPercftIefancy trimined ntodebigfgf ( 95 $345
liroudWtt) & siOlli St.; 5U Ave.; linh St.
We (iive
Surely Stamp.
T Sixth Avc- 4 20th-22nd St.
We Redeem
Surety Stamp
Extraordinary Sale of Rich Cut Glass
Tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at B.80 o'clock and will continue as
long ai the lots lust- no mail, telephone or CO. I), orders.
O'N.lll Hanfi.Blar Sior-nmiit,
The Regular Prices of these
goods are from $4.0C to
$14.00 each.
Choice of any piece in the
entire collection
An Immense Assortment of Pieces in Lach Design.
$2.98 f
Tumlilrrs, rbryianthrmtim ami
pin-wbrel draign. . .6 for 2.
Shorlit Cup. 6 for 2. 98
Ire Crram Trayi, various
Sanrlwirh Plate
Oval Oranur linwl
Covered Butter Di.hei
Footed Fruit Howl
Irr Till-., aaiorted rutting
Table Call lirli,
Vaara, na.ortril ahapei and rutliuc.
Drrnntera, hindlrd and unhatidld
appiea. two-hnmlled; 0 in. siroa
l'uncn Itowl., various slge. aud rut
tinff. Hailed., aMorted cutting.
Chree Oiihes
Oil and Yinrgar Cruet.
8 & 0 in. Howl, in varioiu rutlioga
Celery Tiayj. as.ortrd shape
Kleetrolier.. and Catidihlini.
Jurj, Bjntnted itaai mill rutlinR.
F'ern ni.hrj, with tihir plated
lining,, 8-in. site.
Water Dottlei
Sweet Singing Hartz Mountain Canaries
$2.98, Instead ot $4.25
O'Nrlll llomeftiral.btag Store llniitnt.
Our first shipmiMit cif thfl Rpnuiin; Hart. Moiintnin Cnnano
haa arrivcrl ami WB will Bell them for l?.0H, Including n liniss
eafjt anil a complete ael f fiztuiea. Every nt of these birds
is idccted for iiml all WairaBted to he male hirds. hist
of fixtures H follows:
One Hartz Mountain Canary - One Solid Brass Cage
i Feed Cupi 1 Brfti,. Hook 1 Culllr Fi.b
l Bird BbiIi l PsokBOnvl l Cuttle Holder
1 Brass Spring 1 Package Seed 1 Hook on the Care of llirda
Complete outfit for 2.98. None sent, no mail orders.
Sewing Machine
a Bargain at $12
O'.Natll Mala Hl.ne lal onr.
Is huilt of oak with
well finished castings, in
dtophl ad style ; with i e
drawers with hrnss trim
mings; hall-heariii! stand,
liih arm and bed, orna
mented with hand-colored
design ; nickeled fare lilate;
leaser; automatic bobbin winder; self thread
ing ihuttle; selfsetting needle; double-action
feed fully guaranteed for ten years
and sold at the low price of $15.00; d1 O
durint: this sale at nly tfMm
Amciicttn Sewing Machines are Sold
on tlu Ecty Payment Club Plan making
it easy tor any one to buy them.
ad re
new Ihn
$14.98 Initial Dinner
Sets, $7.95
O'VHH llajiiiefiirnUlilnar Mtore naemmi
l Gold Initial Dinner bets
Ot J 00 Pieces.
y Every piece itli your initial in
j- i gold, and every nici e perfect,
frs-jt- French Lining; Dinner ! cts
rir- $35 values at $26.50
A rare chance to buy a dinner set like
this for guch a low price, every piece band
gotnely decorated in aaaorted border and
floral spray deaigm finiahed with gold.
100 pieces full .-i.e.
A Sale of Housekeeping Linens
Including Bed furnishings, Sheets and Cases
O'Neill Mala Itgtl leaned 1 lir.
For Quick Seli.nv 1 morrow
500 dozen Standard quality
Hemmed Muslin Sheets and
Viilow Cases.
72x90 size before hem
ming, regularly 4.k at 36c
01x99, Our "Surety"
Brand, regularly 95c, at . . 76C
90x99, Our "Strety"
Brand, regularly $1.05, at . . 86c
45x36 Pillow Cases, reg
ularly '21 1 at 16c
1 Case Soft finish Cambric,
yard wide, regularly 2.k',
at yd 17c
tr IJbeiiTJffPil 1 VOURCHOICE Of AMY OF f J "JHJl g)
. i-r a s arn
m ic w
J 6
X3 :
.gf S J a : -r BM gTa..K '
T '
They Scatter
Into more New York
City Homes and
O! fires than can be
reached thro,:;,h any
ot-icr iandjj news-paiicr
Sunday World Ads.

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