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A Great Civil War Adventure lor Young People
By Capt. Cordon Parker
Prizes for Boy Scout Essays
THE EVENING WORLD will award weekly a series of val
uable prizes for the best essays (not over 250 words long) writ
ten by any school pupil on the lessons taught by the six pre
ceding instalments of this story. Read cacii week'sinstalments;
then write the impressions you have gathered from them. Do
not write the plot of the story, as some contertants have done;
but describe such lessons in manliness, pluck, patriotism, clever
ness, etc., a? you have gathered from the narrative. The teacher
or parent of each competitor is asked to write a line to the effect
that it is original and written without assistance.
Penmanship, punctuation, spelling and composition will be
considered in making swards. Essay3 based on each week's
instalments should reach trill office during the following week.
Ten gold watche? and ten silver watches will be awarded each week
BB aaaaiaaaaaia.
Oeerrtebt. tail, by Tin- Prrfi Puiihai.lng Co.
' ll'he Naw YurU World).
tnupsi.s dp ru;i t kino cHAtntni.
Mat lark, ftuli of ft it.m tr.anT, tea ta
Ma tao olauoft. IU Lara ... Hoh DaK - ' '
Ul trail wort. online. Ac, that he haa lian.nl
team toe I I a- a The ilul war ia a! Iia lii-isd
and aU three a .ir.- - r to lea.e lli. lluil
aun Kbar Mllllari A.a.liaa, at l (o ta ilw frit
lot reaatni ta ' i.. a I. a tiat MJ.ia pupil
ttat thne art . x; llxl from aciiool. T ier uallcra
thrlf military training ami their knowhdice "i
"Vr1 !? u" . 7 ' ' . "... :
eitat -Mai ana IUi ta lli l oloa irrm fti ii-'-' ,
fWl nrt Hi., r..i.f, ti, rati- a.,1, wurrr all : ,1
ea offiiar. Mai awl in on irauttei trlu learn
a eime of llii.. I--'" i.r"'-iil m -aiiraita.
a laWr . i.rtrat.a iht- Cimfi.lrrt,- Unci ratal
tan lUwahiniiork la gula, nf a lialf ltt -I h
BUda nioiauaiiivrr lav ai.il sat mas u place aa
Pint ta giie of !..' 'a Itaff nfMcrra. Hi) or.T
Mn u a rietrr mi'- a ronaerietloB thai upsm
Hh la-', plan to mnr tfOUSd the Anm of 1 1 iw
Ptrtonur and Imad.- IV Nurtli (la M.i tlope,
apimrntlv. barn th- riaimvalMlltv nl urn Ins
BBSS of tliln errat fro) ! to tha t'tii'1n rnii. Ili
ST tacoeniant aa hi- la about to atart la-k head.
Salter end la tnraiao He ,. i n la atanal
ba'.liain Ilia uiueom fire upon thi' liailixm.
etekiray to .mean tht pa t..m ana . hmi .uai
'Twixt Earth and Sky.
BI bullet rent, luckily, was In
the lower part "f 'he bag.
and It la aasi tsndsiwy
rle. A balloon can keep up
with a ri at on its lower sur
face when a hole half as
largo at Its top would collapse It,
nd. though several shois were flrrd In
response to the order to Are at the
gas bag, the balloon had by this time
rgien out of pistol rango. Max leaned
over the side of the anlnirdnn car and
looked down. After a few more Hhots
the men helow- seemed to have rgallsad
how useless It waa to continue ahooting
Now they etnod gesticulating; up at him
or ran aimlessly to and fro, shaking
their fists.
IThe balloon no lonaer rocketed t'P
Ifarrt. It hail act tied to a slower pace.
Vhth nothing on either s'.de by which
to gauge w hether he w as still rislnit or
not. he tore a scrap from the corner
of an old newspaper that was wrapped
around some obje t In the bottom of the
car. Then he tossed the bit of piper
Into the air. It fluttered downward with
a steadiness that showed him he was
atfll rising. "ow tho rroiip of excite 1
Son below him had dwindled to the
else of dolls The country all around,
lay stretched out i Ue a mighty, van-
OOlorea map. 10 soouiwar.i ne coin i
th wh't Tt-n's nf tho Army rtt
Northern Vlrwrlnla upt rs 1 nut Ilk a
mltlgpt vWaiw a mil n . a d Brker dot
hat w-fcs Lb'i ii IqutrtT9. Nar the
rimp bnd.ps of mnn wtrt l i 1 1 1 n u Thoy
1-V.kcl, like hln-'k." t f ny r tMlr-ji ' : I v
th cur. a hund t"1 fftr, railed a : trky
An fhr hit rt papr tn?ofl nvo th
9fi htirn alninisf mi!! In tho air
for n int.nt. Thon It VII riuirht by
whiff of v!n from th" -", h Rfid
blown nw.-iy. Th.' h-i:i-.. h i. r- ,. ,!.-
' to rlM ind hnd enlorol "f
th nystorloufl ulr i irrenta thai ara
aa plentiful and oontr.Try In the
uftpei atmoaphara are purranta( lldai
and fUIlcs in a body nf - ater.
Thin Kind waa from tho aouth an. 't
oliovosi the (pro it ' hag fantly north-
warel hfnn It Mrx arai OVOrj ' I
Moro win hotter lik than he id
laro'i to routit on. Th" w!nd tnlvht
havo hon from tho nnr'h and (hita
hive vwi-pt him tat-k Into thp enemy' m
ronntr.. n halnleM prisoner ir-, from
tte it mlaht have nrrio'i him far
out to pea. But 1 v WOftdfotia (fofnl
fortune It wfiM hoi'lnT him straight
north vrard toward hli nwn iino.
Altoa.1v ho rould Ini.iirlnn tho inv.rn
mont tf hli fallow aoldlera whan hi
alr-crr.ft ptmulkl ott!' wrarafulty down
in the middle f tho Colon oanap. Tnon
he bor ,?i t.t esamlne the balloon, Ho
tiad n''or ho fur r hi-t-ri ' ri -in-', nn 1 the
pii(rhUy rooiiitu' motion made him n
little nor.Pi.-k. Mo ret var, nt thai irreal
hotprht tho mnviiir.' it!r wai cold, and
he waa rla.l for tha protection ,r tha
wirm blue uniform fv-nt
Ho had not the f.!nt notion how
to control a hTiioon ifa remembered
reirllna" that it n'-nnl ll-.'h'ono'l hy
throwing out an1 ntv hat tho pnlnr
of pnmo cord or ,r,f ! ;i valve v i eh
would let out enouwh gag to enihte
the nr to fink earthward, A t in trio
of corrln win all arornd t r T it ho
hart no idoa which connected vltn any
Tho hallonn ntlM ronvo ' iwtv an .
ptea-ii'r northward F onk nv down nmln
Nfax '"lark could the cavnlrv trottlm
elontr undernoith, lo pint :p with It In
the hopo nf ontrhln-r t1 o hov when h
aJinnn ebon Id deaeend. He wondered
at flrat wh v thoy anv'i follow u chae
po aepmlnilv hopeloai Th. n. hh the
purtuora nntl nthor nh.pffn no t . . i
hoipan tn ffro-.v lark'' r .i;i i mora dli'-In -t.
ha undoratnod.
The baftoon waa aottltne;. Fvorv trin
ute It '!. sinking a little naror tho
rrnund. The hnlh h rip In tho I ken h
'ana lettlnir out too muh trap. Ani, nM
ono, aenoa of irioofui aoeurtty
At ha, thought hlmfolf nn only aif--
hut mlraoulnuniy started on hla way to
hli own ovinp. Pur. app ir.r,', ho had
merely pnH mmoi hia eaptun and ran
dtred It all the mo-.' eerl iln We tor
off a third aorap of t anor tn eruiire th
taeeti of tho gradual ' ": iant ho ii;i
n the flat ohto-'t, around wh ' ' the
heet of nowhpuprr had 1 ei wrapl i
came to view. It h.ih u broken hit of
looking KhiHB ahoait as 1 irge as a tn m a
hand, rtouhtlfsa hoard.' ' hy some s !d r
ai a ahavtriK mirror.
At once Ita posslHUHoa loapod to
Max's n-lnd. Htlll holding It, ho looked
about him to determine hla ex i -t 1 004
tion. lit tow him it rata had the foroot
Not a hut; miig beyond atood a tall,
b: a at eel plna traa a mare branohlraa pole
m nil hitrwli.i.1 f.t hvh - U IttoVi I, a
raootnlrod !t v.hs t bsae ' I In
vt-ea he had Darted from Rav :m
awnltlnr him,
Max nhouk tho !it ..r mirror wildly,
that its r fit -; : l of t lun'i ruye
might cat -h Oans'a eye. Tha oavalry
uioa beio a aa w lUe MBOtU t au4
raised yell.
"Uood:" muttered rinrk. 'That would
wnko nim f h" waa t i 1 1 sslecp."
lie llaahod tliti minor URHin, ualtiK
one of tim letters of schoolboy cods
hr and Ray n il Ih1 had devised In
the old Military Acadoniy Maya and
Which 'in or mother or them hud more
than ones Secretly uaad In, classroom.
Again and again tm M i .t,.-.l tne k1.1!k.
Jl,-i I tut j W ill ta.li-. ti nik.umi ...... nl
- . . -
ine nt ai .iiK rut it oi wo aiienn emuno
tin biH!t(Mi pi Ti '
At l.tat. to hi.x relief, he aaw Kny'a
Chunky flggro HajeSJ at the base of
i.i" true.
"Uo you -nti'h the signal?" he flashed.
Kay vtavtal his anna In affirmation.
"Hack," ftaihed Mix, 'hid and
watch the. mirror."
rtny die iiie,ired. Down swooped the
car Obliquely, aa thu dcploted ana Ijh.,'
proved weaker and weaker under th"
l ' welKht. Aral tho men below
apurred thek horsea to keep up with ita
erratic zixsaic night.
Max, oareleiaa now of what nilirht hap
pen to hint, kept on Hashing.
"I.ee la going- to tnareh up the Shen
andoah, Into Mnrylnnd, into I'ennayl
ania," he algnahed. ' He will give na
the al!p. Ilea making for New Vork.
He ; make a feint of"
Tin- balloon Struch against aim thing
with a Shock that flung Max off hie
feet. It hud. In Ita oblique dearent,
struek afaintt the top of the dead pine.
A rope beeume tatattctod In tho tTee
top an 1 the bag lurched ao Dtrllously
and hard at each grind puff that Max
In momentary danger of being
ahaken nut of tho rar like a pcb'alo
from a boot.
Tbere was no lime to plan. Shoving
the mirror Into his aleeve he seized tho
narrow, tntst-llko top of the tree and
ritmi to :t, x-iii.ii- fashion, with twining
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ao Blsultl la. hi. y. till liftlf, 1 m it la. a,
tUU taOtt.Nl lUUA-SCK MAMK hU HK'.I i
t int -i ..... null tinifthid; naaaaenirn u-
air I, 1. iaas iiiiruuniiliist, os a brauulul uiuie
mi, uuili i.f nstoa sea Hfassi T ri isa, .iai
I,-'- lur -.-inula, paiqutl fleuli as."4wooq turn
a:er, stair, sea. iltclncitr, tsaja l4aM: oa
l'i- rea Miayi one nior Irani r
areaa ilatloaj -rr'ni-i nt ra-ll ait(Bft In a' ia
lle f-r -1'- a-a !- Hi Men.
j7ll 1 I una LITitl II ILU I'ii-.aTwraaiejsi
Ui Uaai Wuili, ., t SAlilorlai iiujojs.
5 lUlaiiHHH and
l'l. .lift I
S Uala
arms aid lee. The balloon, freed of
his ef4gM, gars a final lurch thai lara
loose ti e tangled rope Then. Nit.i.lng
end l pplng di onkenlv like n pine
beetle. It blundered off northward over
the ti eefops - empty,
Mr-x una . -Mnglng for life to the
dead tfgatOP, The ravnlrvnieti reached
the bate of the tree anil awarmel
around It. One of ihem fired at the
clinging blue T .-ure at tho ton, A eo
ond man rolled:
"Anyone got a hatchet or an aixo?
We ll cut htm down."
Meantime, Mix had freed one hmd
enough to grasp the mirror again. And
once more he waa llaahlna Ma inessae
"tin to headquarters qul.-k with this.
It Is nil true I heurd It at I.ee's head
auartera At a ronfereneo, mo pina
to jrn S found na Into Pt-nneylvanl l.M
A bullet arnze.l his ehoii'der An
other gpattsrtd nsalnst the dead woo l
a' li ll (eat, lie flaahed on.
"'i w re-rulte pour In every dav
Whole army massing -Plvlaoni wlth-dta-an
from other poInts--.rtlllerv renr
ganlSgd Regimen tl railed In from de
fending le-iser places 68.UU0 infantry
ready to inan h thli In three dlvlalona
-i:.non cavalry and"
Smash! The looklne glass flew out
of the boy's awlft moving hand and
Shivered Into a hundred shining
anllntera A bullot. aimed for Max i
heart, had hit It.
"No uao waiting any lnnaer," mused
the lad. slinking hli numbed and cut
Angers. "Nothing left to alutial with."
Slowly he beinn fo shin down from
the dizzy hc-larV.. The task would not
ordinarily havo been difficult for ao
active a lad nut, Impeded by the
heavy lll-Attlng uniform coat. ho
made awkward work of It. Ills blue
Jean trotlgOflagg were cut to ribbons.
More thin one jugged tear appeared
In the arms and body of the coat ltsel'.
The hard, rough hart wna agonizingly
painful to arm! and hands and legs.
Lillian Russell's Warning:
Sore Feet; Bad Health
i.ti'ian RimmII ia ft phnsiclan marvel, Now
In mature rears, but having ur.-servrd ell
I the frefth teaii: jt vauth In the I'hlcaso
Tribune she says: -a'are. nf the fret (the
v.,-a...t wreel., here of the hod v I is
nUaaililti'.v eftftentl.il
to health." Con
stant I r r I t a tlnn
from eor- feet
often esuft.-a sar
Inus ni-rviiufl .Is
er.lera. sod netnlnO
linnes wrlnklee to
lh- face more cer
tnlnlv. Here If the
heat treat in e nt
knuwn to aclsnce
for alt foot nil -ai,
ta ft works
thrniift-h the t.oreft
sail i. n a the clause: "Dissolve two
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inaln of hot water, Koak the rest in thla
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ni.ieha! A I ' a-ueneftft .llaatit ..ira Instantlv.
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fiet. BWSatV feet. chllMalru Had froet
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UaUen i ue, lHeee AuitM I'afta
RtLiAliLr; inAS..xU Jfc,vtt.H..
H I i I. I.i i ;; tlON'THI.y I'WUi.Ma,
i I'M -ii ,i i : at i ii
Disaen i Lira, u l l JuUs .1. ttmne hi.
1.i!i.i.i:is, i,-,ri.i. 4tltts.ei peatesafsl iaT
urala a"':ej'fl, laiirnenlaiira !'.; irir,,i, ,n.
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I t I III-. .1, I.I.N. tuinuy IIOOS I. mill M .a
Sin I aita Pnift -Uilr, .."', 11 ,- , 1
Sti)tw'eflin 1 ant Litttoa.
reus' Mtaaai:.,j ialsnd. luo- W Hi
i -t :' :u eel afar annul 1 at Ml) 1
Patiea Line
Foe HJatdudi, latbrttht. Long Iir
I'ra 11 i ... . aslrlft r,-.urt,
I.i. ft, M11 ' 1 ,1 p, M.
I.i , eutkr) s So I', at,
aia.a., ,1.1, y, lerataaa
nui'i" luau bciM.ftu .... u 4ft ,j
UU..U. ol iu, - siiau metes, ii usarsnLft. 1,1
ft'?1. "J '' "a . ifta. IftSU aui ftnlft
. ,.u.iltL ..... i.ftc; .or -u,uio,..iu., .4
w, u,,,uft , 1 a, ij o;j a.
a. .
li'H li, " I ill I . li., -17a ,N I
a -1 1 ' Jenai ciLa .1 .. .
aratllluu .taiiuo
11 anilMiAN t I'ltlUIIT l'l Si
ni - ' tnwe, tn-l
! -.. rrtrcs r:i(n ' .rm
M ii,.,.. a.g l
i rv w m mm
1.1. irli?&' T,
As Mat began Ms des--ent a bullet
oral "-1 1 's forehead Th" wound w- is
a trifle, "it It seal hloml anllH Into i la
eyes, half blinding and Sickening hllSh
Ills brain swam. And It Would have
beOfl wondrous eniief to i-t ktmsulf g
Trn Ihonsh the "leitlna aro" would
hae meant Instant death Itut he fur-flPi-1
hlinaelf as llav had once done
with the memory of IhS did ,N.nae
"HRimtftM mf.avs irnLDlNa on
Iully, he noted IhSl t ie "r'ng had
ceased. KvManttjf Ida pursuers pre
fi tred to agtCh Mm alive if pntslhla.
Anil now that l.c wss Sliding and sl'th
er'ng rlown-virl Into th ir gtasp thi-y
wasted no more bullets on him.
After an eternity he looked down
ward to And hlasasif a -.li - tan rami
above ground. And In a grim ring sbOUl
the tree the confederate e.-ivaira nirti
awaletd Mm,
"The game's tip," he sail under ' I
lament h aa he alljiped limply In earth,
and I'm a goner. 9UI my news l as
gone through! What's one poor, bat
tered s;iy s life when tho Union la at
(To lie Continued.)
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Waterbury Way
if nuk.ni; tii.s pul.: rooljjtl dllltl detection.
PtopK rtmirk "WhU bciutlful letthl"
tiiinkirri all tilt time Ih.'y jr.' t lie tMth Nltttrf
give you, As it cannot sork looti or drop,
no one It tvtr wlstr, And youf (""ii how
yog rtlllll it' bcCIUM, unlike other p jtei,
this pU'.i' doll MQ cover the rool of th;
inoutli iti.i interfere with the tj";!.-. Tbll
wnnJerfu! r late is our own Mtcluitvi Inven-
4 1 4-4 1 c) Fti.ton :'.t., Brooklyn
CI -lr,r asst t.-rs,aie liniu , '
S' NUA S, 4 III j
spoken Laditt
Entrance 271 V. 125th St.
A Day of Deligl
Cold-Weather Nee
air IM
UlabOB atj le. i'iiiIi ) nr lacs
trim il .,,. nr h a ttirn-
iia'Pr ri'S rtli
oka of emh'l ami tm-ka
Irliiinuiil M plain nklrie -
aaift Mat
ii'K a I if
fitia ftiai.rtninr Pftl lf.' t. r-f :; a ana
tii-aaa A reals in fin na
ale IT
MthODi yoWn, Frni'h eml I.
tlait va lme. mnb ftntl
H . H i ttmt Ir-'i to f yn.
rt. .TiV
snow i hwrssntv -
( if l.rion nixt lain eoo l Yoke
and Krone h wiln tylfe -Urr
ami Mlb'y trim w Ith knd
without berthaa mtm to
A yuar rt-n .0
triiri of no l it I em by or
MC0 IllMrta w ltli uit'tlalUotit
Nklrt with item or h. a.
omli lial rllihoii Hnlah
no nit wit h ttllovt'i iml)'U
Ulrt rilt . to b rn
uhukIIv t'.ttiiof.' rt
OTIIVA sitiiitr DliKHflBl air.
Hklrte to mnt li ktrtWMf 2Uv. 10
CNII niaIAS Wi:;
11 tlitgrado ' nlatra
Itunlftfli KriMii lt ami
Pnnoen hiRti And low nerk
MM to .' rn ri'K SI 11 ...
in M,
CHILDREN'S ORl.ssi.S - Hal 1r
Ktnitl.nwn RtlMMM ami waUt
ilylet nswMt trlninunsa .HI
iin to fl ra rog. ci ait . . . j
All wool- tmx v and Rernrt, alui
alfph'Ttl clinks llaleatt at ) lita
w it Ii bralila r ilflnM wit h or
wUliutit 1 a In i l.-lt. 2 lo 6
jtare- rcfUlM . ulut $J.Utf. ...
BE WISE SAVE MONEY You may do it this week.
FALL SALES means A.OAiK SAVJNCS throughout entire store.
This is the last week, houever. . . Delay will cost you much money
So save money. Save it now.- Come lo-mortow
Come in the morning, if you can Remember, liEARN SALES
are bona fide.
89 ct Hopsacklngs.
BMkol iiilMin-'. tlM) 42-ltu h all w-o
irii.v CsMtor, 6Mlti OopvahMMI. Ma
win,. .tl. olive), myrtle, ranllnal. tcar
IH t. wltio, ii"' and dark nav, Idivrk.
85 ct. French Serges.
All WimiI M Inch nlao lniinrtil
u TSg," "SSSbiaa
t Mtor, aiirt, 'i:A-ie, re;,
M.-tif, iilire. ntlnal, M-'.n.
ILaratss, havj. Klu-i.
98 ct. Colored Messallrtes. ..59
lliefa am in fnos II Inch nil cnlurs
ami I it 1 1 ia IlKht suit dark.
$1.25 Crepe de Chines 87
DoublO wltlth 1'wninK ahadea. alan
hlut'k riofi. Iitratroui Nllknn fahrlrs thai
wnn novrr iinrju piipulai'
98 ct. Silk Marquisettes.. .79
-l....t. I.I....L .l.lts. snrl st.ll nssaw
rolora Jum iba ItUni fr tunics, kuwiu
nun an atyli-s nr iMvuriiaaes. Kstras linnry llnim crnsh -rnrletT of
7 1 .jet. iiosatti Outing Flannels, 51 ' '"ril, r; 17 "" h
Oraat aaaortnant of the dnsirahie piakl 19 ct. Turkish Towels 12
nml blua arliiia M varl.nn wlillha. II ail Hall white or cul'd borders
. ra r i n' f riiiRmt ur hum ini'il
12' -. ct. Dress Ginghams. . . 8i4 ,,
. !,:, k.. piaid., a.npt end ni..., . I 12 ct. H tick Towels . . . 8
ligbl and dark i-nli.ra V.r" .M.hl".' I'"4" fln,"h rrA
atnpaa bajruan iiumniwi.
I2 ct. Fancy Percales . 8 ka.98lrlshPolBtCurtslas. .3.50
eerj aiimn impi rrm imna. borUera, rim contra busutiful strlsa.
13 ct. w,u. Mercer'd Madras .10
I, lira" ..wrt meat dnnlrahln pallcrna,
lur -.nit'i w.il-ats, JIusmuii arOMOa ami
24ct. Moire Percailne?.
-1 1 U fllilali Lli. .. a. lilt . and all tints. I
f ir linlnaa iimi allpi under itraol uaai -
. ouini dresses
29 ct. Women's Aprons
f I nuliam allo r r r i m ! ir kitchen
lie, uUt aprons, of white ian plaJa or
tnu'Q tdli Uiid hrt'Malloa also routid
dotted .m !, MWlOl a,'. jIjh i mo y
trim d.
$1.C0 Leather Handbags. . 1.14
l.i-tti In r .rimlln iir.d UnlUC rl vt ti'd
fra m trnuruti' pm tM
25 to 3 ct. Oriental Lace .16
Met snn imIi'i.. t in .'i
alda fniis ami plaiting!
llMh riaflal fur
uhltn, t-ri-sni,
$1.98 FeaHvr Fdncs . 1.17
Unouftad aMAflcb wild bftrnatfcl fowl
muny r unidnu. Ion orrJ0t trim f r
Him newesjt bjgii ofown i.at
79ct. Men's Alic;htsh rt. . .54
, Koav. Bap fllJineltittu , nil. ami nlue
strlpna .'ii ini-iii-, I : rruiit turnovrr
I'.ill.i. liiirln-t bill al.--.i-, n i ttnlniiinl
u ii li luiii y brsld ; . . ;n i
25 ct. Men's Silk Neckties. ..16!
iipiia tnia ana narrow r ur in-hsuda
i puwost t ail atylaa
98 ct. Umbrell.i-, 66
-'i and ill inch faal bliek u-.tsaimt
ttll'l li.lt USl ll.. . -
49el Ernb'dScirl & 'quire, .34
Uaoa trlin'd oorourj umoroldarad
$2 W LIntn Pillow C.iM.. 1.68
"i". ",i'.i ,r,,,.l'"'h, ''''"'
$1.b'i Bid Spreidi 90
K .il ilss Bnavt oriMhet rln .d de
al, u MOinWd N Ir.na l
West of
9th Great Fall
To-morrow babies'
it for Mothers Pass the Word Alone:
.Hills for the Little Tots ;it Important Sovingi
No Mall or Tetepl Ordanloi Pkana
lint at Ir ftlllc ,-iilnrml ' fta'a I'-l a
trnata .!'-. I,, I, ra
rasularl) law j 2.15
Ntea in :i a-m. a I Mna
wartk l-4B j ZJiU
I .'iiiir a ml -.In r' White allwiml
Datlaae nniilur i -.llnra rtrMrt
iir lane trlnt'd abort roals are
in siaaa to .i ra rcculnrl) a i hh
nf M.ii Orepella, HiTKe. 1
Panel Hasknt . h, ,i
fofd Oofd and Henrteits side
Inn nr Invnrteil pleal hai'ki ftstslMie
trim il Willi lace lihhona, silk
liraliln. fur brads, Btr 5.00
WmftUf llnad ii nil aaii'i ii
or Nils alsea i, fl jmr,
values an M iimi 7 N
won in-, itri i. brook if
AllllMIK tlll'lll
WUla and oraam 1 1 k pnj-1
Una. Taffetas; Poau il ' a n,.
ami Pallia; slsn nnesl v,...i
Popllna, ('bevlota Itenrlettna, 1 .'49
1 iiaKiitinl,.. i iinl iirova, site i in
I ra ii 1 1 r ii 1 1 v lrliiiniiiliiillila.il
lirslila. ahirrlna- liuinl einli'y 35.00
ur tirikliiluji
nt rim' All w mil flrepella,
11,-nrli'lla ami III ilfnnl 'ord
K t i Mlk llnil.la. .Mi -l illliMift,
I n, i a Kllllllilia. oVr
l aim- $;, us
otti.r tattBfl Cloafca, I 'in t'l
Jalft PltSi
. 3.7
LEOQIN DR anvi rs
I'lalu ur fanry Mtllrh
claaril feet ui i i'
nirn nr i Bale PlSftf
r' bi j 38
Nainsook Slips regularly .if
Short Wliitaj Drcaaea regularly .6!i
Daisy Flnnnel Ktunian On-ssr ... rcirtilarly M
Itabin' licarxkin Capa regulnrly .98
Krrtirli and Fancy Hitch" Cnpa . . ntrnlarlv .!8
Slr.es t" Three Years HIKUlT DKMOUI
No Atall or Trlept.iine urdere.
Mall "r TeWihnne Or.lern for the PVillowlnir:
$1.19 Linen Table Cloths. . .82 $3. 49 --n Dress Skirts 2.00
Pur linen Itiihi I r. hr.l
for aii pymm
$t. 25 Linen Napkins ev- . . .84
Pllfi . .''ii futl hloarrh- fiMfd alaea stfid
jiu 'I'll- orin na, mntAiiung eioep
itoiial vaJiine
35 ct. Eiderdown Flannels. .24
Revtr ilbla J la tit. dark suid mrKliuui
color i 'O'liitnaiioiin iiidlatMuiBatdo for
bath robi room tiwaa and wrappers.
BH ct. Bleached Muslins.. 5i
I Ine quality .11, In. I, mirth H cis.
34c. Baby Blankets 22
Heavy cotton fleec while pink or
Lluo DOrdin ahull-aUtaciaOd cuida.
$4.98White Wool Blankets 3.25
I in, i fine aud Inivvy pink aj.d Mue
burdi-re silk hlndlniiB ikrmn bed also.
14 ct. Linen Towellings
, 7 ct Cotton Tassel Frint-e. .
I'r n llgbl co. .rings for curtains and '
or ' ihtk's
$7.9H D,,mk Portiere a
. : . 'T""-wi
ai t ,r, iiin-.li t til. U mi I linavr i-rlm.aiin
Olive, Mb- my rt ! man. tobacco
(riiiiti- or Klinp sdaea
$19.9M 1; ! 1 Rugs. ... 13.50
tteamless nil ayoarl Bruaaals nswsat
itrUWtal mnl all un-r IlK'lMil liatturtlft
la 11 fii-i
21 ct. Tab'e Oilcloth. .
1 1 neh , lulu ami colon
.. .15
nt'iit ttt Ins
45 ct. Bra.s Curtain Rod , .22
;ioit in. ii aith soda and la auras.
39 ct. Box Stationery. . . .21
VVhlaa ami blua MaraalUet Unon -latlor
ali. mi ibsaita and .ni anvolopoa
30 ct. Absorbent Cotton.. .16
ir-oa. .,, for IUri0aJ and family
$1.29 Joint ed D jII .
lawftfti ' urly
olftatiM v it pro
5to8ct. Pearl Buttons, card )
o an '. .- ..ii. mi plain ami f i.an i i i.i
I Of a holu
5 ct. Colhr Foundation', 2 for 5
I lo .'. .MM on .-.,-d .I.i :i -t and i-ttlf-
fmi f.-riua blai'a ialid WhitB ii-ttl
ala. i
7 ct P.-arl Soat).1:-
Pure arhlM Ituatlua 'mi ; and bMh
I 12'V' White E'nb-oi derie , ;
Oambrlo iiainH.,,.', and !.. cdam
a i i i., .ui , . in i, men.
20 ct. Wldt Ribbon ,r
j II.. d Wind. ,., , dor. fur ml
:,;:,"' 'i-,r' 'iMn '
ml Misery.
nd iiaolrn
lul To , a uinl h.i!
19 ck. Dre .sln ( Combs. . .11
Ulti.,.i hard rutibnr . i. ... ,.j or
Ooaran un l fine t tU.
Fifth Avenue
ti'arnorn r"l rotierl cmnnit )
Cardinal, Nnvy llman Kate Prta
rlhlion rnftl-lli dim III aelf
aiul nntritarlna innee ftlnoa 7
In V r rra II .'111 J
i' in . pnplln ami I'nrilr-rt 1
bilks Kreni'ii snrl fanrj ' s
styles hanray astte imm .nil ,
roeetlea alses Ur .1 rs. l.OC
ri a i M )
RmbroMfrMl an,i plain - r
Prrnrh i le rlhnni n
r.iftfftoa. ilaes fn H yre. f e2a
r ajMwna in j
Oilier l ap. nn i laaaeti ,19 119.98
All Hi- fasblonsble fabflfa ilaln-
flla trim 1 with m.ka nr lar,. nnit
I. rniil fsnn libbnna nr .Ilk hsnrt
iM,' ni. Frrni-M noeeltles raf
Ilk "llli Mariaft anil tiirnliarka In
rlaln-rni roinbinatlnns nf alilrrlnaa,
lur,. oblffon pi' atJnu'a antln rlhlion.
fHii hera and Itnuwn: slao the new
llu'a ( 'alia ami llniini ts.
iiabv BOYS hat:.
I'. ii Beaver ami
Nt usbfi Miiitft
nney, Turlmna nn.
.PR In A.
White red are) nUnaariltii
ii ll li i ,1 nti nr Mm i ouibln
uilnna lilrti nik ,,r asllnr
cfatlar in a m mi s i mi
lip, n fri.nl
all! II Milan
ra - rati la
aa Irili
.1, Ii
1 "ale M
White aMenlowa rink aiut i
blur rllilinn trim ,1 wtirrn. nt
tmiij uki laaMlaMi -nn . ai.tw .l
l.'p tn .'.vn Vaarsv
Illnek senrn or I'tntms-cored or
set-In plait - sirdln top or bat
rnculsr suit ettrn ilrrs
Heernucker end raunhrtra Ueht.
nn nun. piniteri or run I
urer coiisr- nil sisas.
$22.98 wana. pusn Coats 15.00
Hlnb blsek eeej plush I
sstln lined deep ssewli
atlk rroB oraamenas aa
ponami wnu tn coia i
$3. 98 Women', Hat. 2.50
Black and eolorod Tateva, saanJasV
rf. ,-te full drsraad laaasa aaaima
lur liens sad anted rw hlssat. mbj
and rural.
$1.98 Wmmmf SsVCTltcr CSOasta. tM
nai wiaui waasn pouar
buttons car. vfute.
man uaacaa.
nr.. iay ana aajnty hlaok, ava,
w I .tarts, brown hand emfd I
.ii ita ur ansa eouars
s ime hare China a
ban ld wl'h Ohautiny
lace yoke and oufts- all
$3.69 Messallne Waists. .2.17
Naey. srar blank tucks end aMa
ilalted frill soutache tarsidiu at
rever enib'd nrt yukee aUatasa.
4, $1.24 o.t,ko Petticoats
lllitvck ahirrexl and ruffled flounce
$5. 00 Women's Corsets . . 2.15
iriiirn, extra nne nnnsn Inae aaa
lart, and ribbon trlui'd sites IB to 80
i. O C a fy - .
, j.-v Buys owcater loaiS . Id.
ll, -si i WOOl and Wonted plain colon
Of In combinations -t tn It i-ara
$4. 50 1 $5. 00 Boys' Suits 3.00
Norfolk and Double tlriast -Chi'Vlul.-und
'sJialiutiatin iu.h itiial ur,,, strlpp
pi. i. Is um I duslrable fam-haa nii'illuiii
ami dark irari browns and um
Splendid!) '.;" i. -1 mm aud teo paUa
truuaur h to 17 yuan.
59 ct. Boys' f lats 36
Teddj Rah Rah mid ''uiirajn styles
cloth ii" f ill plain ur fancy liaud all
trajilad ooiora,
75 ct. Boys' Trouseri ... .43
Uloontar ami RDtekaf atylna ( hilota
Tar..,.. la a'id Oasalatores medltua sjtd
dark srai br.iwn ami olive faarlaa
in-, r r I if ... fill cut, w ll tuaala-
4 to In yi-ara
ki Boys Underwear 37
I rial Merino Mllr1. and DmaravBa
il.iublc alllcliuil a. .im.a also. -' to 114.
$Y98 Girii' Ser?e D-esses 3.25
Niavjr ami vrlno uUn pla 'N u'ltl t-ht-cktt
vory a' ii'.n-t i i l mudo 4 id u i iutie4
fl 10 U year.
! 6 93 Girls' Long ecats ..00
.it i uvvkHa ii,, .1 a. id medium
nn i'- rontvptaiiin ivlors taryi- hut
tuua sttylUhi win i.i geMittMli u to 14
$A W Girls' Ve vef Hats ,2.74
1 ine i lallt) lull ii'tm d aitin ur Mills
r,i. .-tea of flrc liniu. .iav. iurdlnal
and black.
29 ct. Children's D.-awjrs. .18
Uaaloa fUuud uood qualltl kuic.laer
boi-ltur at i lo w ell ni ado 1 to ll years.

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