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Ex-Fire Chief
New Safety
Discloses to
Board Real
Cause of Disaster.
Declares Factories Are Built
Mostly of Kindling Wood
and Very Dangerous.
Fa-Thief Tinker of th Mfw V. K
I prtmer.t tn-lay declared 'it I meet
ln of the PSbllg Hufeiv UomiT.llil n.
iat a rliraretle ctirsl the tiro In tile
ASthg building ut Mm i, BfMel It
113 live. Chief Croker u the flrt
si lines hearl by the m tv board which
i m ; ; i' . t . . 1 at t BtlMSStlM or The
asTaBJSS World He said thu BMMI9
f.ictorle In New Yolk aero fit I r;ii
f'roker tnlke-l for an I. our to Atira'iam
I Kikud, counsel for t i Commlaston.
Acting Chairman Alfred i; Hmlti., Hob
"it E. DoejtlBS, the real eatate OBeratOf
MM builder. If rM Mi) Bj, Iir.ter. iocs,
lent of iii Women s Truiie Union
i ,gue, Samuel OoRiporOj of the Amort
ran Ptdorotioa of Labor um ABearably.
o.an Pfellllpa, Um bmmbbh of lb Com.
rrlaalon Ifi s'.'.f"'!"1 "e.
Chairman Wagner wax abaent (.n ar.
count of nines a wn H I m o n liren
lano, the amateur fireman, millionaire
and bookseller.
l-lx-i'lilc." Crokor said that Die Imlld
Infts of to-day were very mucu I Iter
than tlie Build na; of twenty years ao.
but weie BOM tlie toflf bona of them
r. reproof.
"They roll 'em llreproof" said lie to
swni. lie the public. They ran loud
after load of lumber Into a bulldtni
Until ther.'s a finest of lutniier In It;
until It s loaded up wllli kindling Ilka
on old ta-'Honed - tore. How ran audi
a building bt real fireproof.'
"If 1 hod my nay I'd not allow a
building ! be put up for factory pur
poaea that had any wood In It dnora,
window casing, trim all to be of metal
or of non-tiitlamabla uhviahe.
"Now there people have doors open
ing in, aa in tin- AOoba BuUdtnfl Rroi
tbey have tl vuloro marked Kxlt to
Cum of Klre, though tliey uug.'lt to
know that every elevator li Jmt a flro
flua; Ihey have partition of 3-h-lnoli
Pine tongue grooved, then windows are
'.iloclcc.1, pas-, .x.-wiiy are blocked. Ilia
M'apa that nobody but a fireman)
could uoe; they let their people smoke; '
let tiiem haw aim uae matches.
"left me tell you. air, that V or ti l 1
isn't anything with people like that aa !
Kali. at human Uvea. You go to lUOh
, pie and say to 'cm: Tor tin you can
i.x ttala place au that you won't have a
fire,' and thin is went you'll gel: Woll,
we'll take the chance.'
I'lu re ar poop! In this Bit who sr '
i'iffirent. I can lake you to department
torea where u man la (Uncharged for
bringing In a tiisto.'i, thoae people have
tire drilla, their men are an Interior tire
brigade; their women are all ussU'iisl
10 different lire t soapcr, door or slair
' uye."
"What la your experience with Ural
n MOb oarofutly guarded eitalallsh
StnUr' aaked Mr Klaus.
"They don't have fit..." ua the
grim answer. "Tbey duut want 'mi.
(Laughter.) When thy put aa much
thought and money Into tloi matter of
fir aa that them u.n t any tire That's
Fire-escapes. Croker said, aboiild be
supported on exieiisloua of Hie llooi
beams, and BbBUld be built out foiftl
f,et awuy from the walla. He sug
gested tnat the boot BrS'Saaapae .m
uglnablu could be mad by tnroWlBg
brldgia oorOsa I'etween corre. ponding
finer of bullillngs back to back on the
sum street, lie would penult no
nutters on windows leading to tlre
. i capes, and w ould compel OUttissI
uown such windows to the floor level.
"Time and Uf.'.t'n I've got Into a
oulldtng at night when we'd have to
;se crow bare and axes to pry our
selves Into the rubbish and stored-up
s:ocg In the hotel and passu. ays.
nd It Isn't niu.M tetter In the. day-
"lo cigarette a nuking a cause of
irgr aaked counsel.
"It started the Asrh fir," aald
roker They ran t make '.hem stop It
fhey em to th.nk It is a tonic."
"la It a stimulant- this cigarette
uiklng?" aaked Mr Klkus
r"ouldn't ay," grunted Choker,
j't uae 'em, personally "
'le eihltif reco ngftl Rood that ihe l'lre
.milssloner have power to close a
ulldlng which was littered with Hush
nd unsafe from tire danger.
Wouldn't that be summary?"
"The Uullding PopOTtnoBl dU do It."
aid Mr. LHiwIlng.
"Yea, avnd the Health DopgrtmaOt.
loo," added the witness.
"Claablluess is the best fire preven
tion," aald Croker. He drew a silent
landolap from alias Dielr lor the s.ate
"What 1a your opinion of fire grenades
aa a means oif flro prevention?"
Oh, I don't know ' sold Opokaf, "The
trouble W"!th that stuff Is that thOII
fellera lut liorosene and benalne u
to keep toe fire along. Iteuglar til a ex
tlitiulaheo of Usl anon that srtiout v.ater
or a chemical liquid arc good of cour,
lat I'm not in favor of tho grenades. "
escape for leilldln.T wil the "lira
I tower" nr In lept-idtni bnlMlM hlch la'
jt.u he, by ItrldgOl rrolI Hie building'
land i furnifhoJ aitb a eatittnaoitaatalr.
Way Ladder lire od ' iaa are use, ess
acaat aa aMi t HraiMit,
, 'Rut any ill g of the down.a4oui
yttanf" I
Th dhlaf J i.i ped S'loarely uiuul In
l:!a seat
' What a that"' lio . 1.
"I moan the va:em le whb h the
peipb. k. t Jnto a sled su m lis the 'helte
skelter' hooi-ihe. chute' device af
Idea" ire reaorta, " tSptalnd Mr Clkua,
l huYtlMly.
"(ii, s n," gold Crokor. "i' Bra n
rlaThl In many Western Plltad where the
school blllMIIMIB are ofll) three or four
stories h tl "
In ipOahlRI of Ore net Into which
paoplt ' BUM Jump to safety, Ooker eald
that he bad never kin them to fall
exisjpt In the Asehe BuiMUsI lire. The
utiva. tha ateei aprlSoii and the.
sirength of taelve men wer pft strong
ifioiigh i.i withstand the velocity if tha
talUni bodle from the ninth alory.
Tbara sraa no dovlcai araMtaabla, n
Slid, to eate'i people safely under such
ill'- in. M mice
How abottt the alblliLir grnove doVldi
we have spoken of?" aald Mr. Klkua
"I wouldn't wan: to BOHM down IwaWa
toilea In one." said the formt r chief, I
laufblni "No," I
i'roi.,-1- sraa BXrilBBd after he had ban J
told that tha commission would ask
him lo come barb when the BVktno
rdd all if. for the pursues of itvtnj
a ii e expert opinions
Bafora Crokar was callad Mr (i intpara
1 1 1 el.- a brlaf atatafnant of the irnpor-
tajVO of tlie I'ommlsHlorr work. Alfred
' It. Conklln, former Aaseml l man, start-
jer a ipaaoh danaunalna the stupidity ami
rBOklaaanaaa of yorsUnTnian and Bianu
fa. turers as well. He sabl he owned
I two buildings and had twenty-live ti
Mil. At about this time Mr. Klkus
i stopped him and asked him to all later.
Abram I BlkUB. counsel for tha cm-
rnlsalon, made a brief opening addraai
I alter Chairman Smltn ca' ed the com-
mission to order Ho outlined Ihe BUT
' pose of the heariio'.s.
The ergantaatlon of tht cornmlaaton
jeame out Of the puhl c sentiment aroused
by the flro In tin- Triangle Waist Com- trlct
, pany's factory, In the Atch Bttlldtng, in
WasbltiKton plai e, last Mori h.
j "They have be. n ask mi ever lnro
I that fire," said Mr. Mikus, in efe.-i,
1 "what Now York was 'golnir to do
' aibout It?' The wish of this communion.
Its experts mid inspectors, Is the bo
i ginning of the iniswor to Ibis question."
The flrt wltnes was former Klre
Chle' lilward !'. Crokor. Miss Hrei.r,
Mr. .''hiJUi, Samuel (iompor and Mr.
Pblillpa were present at the beginning.
In hi opening address Mr. Klkua said:
"This Commission must concern Itself
with the problem of huw to meet the
eel! that have arisen In the develop
ment of IndUatry out o( human wastage
that ha not only been needless but
often reckless and wanton.
"In September, ll'lc, there were over
laMOu factories In (Irealcr New fork i
alon with over fill's" emuloyeeo. In
Ihe State of New York tln re were over
C,(asJ factories and manufacturing es
tablishments employing over Kf.u.isw men,
women and children. The State census
of li'Ou showed the value of inanuf.e'
tlirtAf product In the St.ite of New'
York to be In the nelgliborhoo I of t2,
r.ia.'euO.OOO. The vast number of peiBona
illrtvtly and vitally affaatad. the im
portant Intel ests InVOlvadt viz., the safe
ty and health of hundreds of thousand
of Inhabitant and citizens of the Slata
Bonrblaa to maka this investigation ono
of the most Important that has vet been
underakeii and lertalnly one that
should be moat far reaching in lia re
sult "Tne necessity for such pm taction 1
itrlklnaly amphaalaad whan we consider
that the cerisus raparta of lsnf' show
thai "ti" average weekly earning of
man employed In all Industrie In the
stt ite ot nfaw York are but HLT! f
womoa only M.M ami of ehlldran tk"
Investigation Hampered by
Politics in Which Some Big
Men re Involved.
Dcniist, and Wife Seeking a Divorce.
All the Sign - Polnl to an In
quiry into tlie state Bank
ing Department.
Policeman Throws Him by a
Football I BCkliE and Ar
rests Him.
head and another fireman waa knocked
enselts. The fire waa undr control
in an hour. Thn daze was eon by
John D. Ronkefeiler, who telphond
tn town tn find out whr It v. a lo
cated lo.lt. ted n White Matrra.
Morrt and Lena Cohen of No. 306
Foryth treft, and Jennie Luretta of
Commerce treet, Hartford, Conn., wer
Indicted by the Federal Grand Jury this
afternoon on th charge of taking psrt
In tht white lave traffic. Their ball of
llU.MO til continued, and In default of
which they were sent back to the
Tombs. The girls secured by the agent
of th Department of Juatlce as wit
nesses agtlnst the trio are being hold In
th Moult ot Detention.
The most valunble result of 80 j eara
work at Civil Knginerrina; In the Tropica
was the important discovery of a simpla.
lmrniless herb that is au actual speciBc
for Diabctf. a disease hitherto consid
ered incurable. To i rovo that it will
(rive immediate relief in the most agara
v1ed case I will cnil n 30c. packaga
(one week's supply) for nl.v tSc- .
Write me to-dav anil lee how qinekly
Diabctol Herb will reduce the irwcino
grai itv and I he sugar, restore weight Mid
build up the system. HooWlet and diat
list, showinu proper foods for diabetica,
milled free P. V. Ames, bog 10$ K.
I Wliituey Polnl, N. Y.
to much potltlcl has been played In
Ihe various stig.s of Iha Invesllgatlon
Into the afr.ilrs of tin defunct fnlon
Bank ..r Brooklyn that parooni familiar
with lh Insbln worVlnir of HMlVlnl
powers tn the Coroiiifh of K'ngs an
ticipate tne la in bltig soon of a large,
lll-odored a '.'nd.il. The depositors In
ihe (fnlon it ink ara bacoinlna lwpa
llent over the la K of developui' ills
The small p.'imen's on aoOOUhl
T Inuring of ba separation suit aflln the Supreme Courl Mr. Ooft kov
Ms Mar. on flertlkov against her hut- iii'g cruelty an 1 n land uim oi'.
band. lr. Henlumln OartlkOV. a dentist I T; " meat In: :!,
stio moaes
Attempts to Pass an Alleged
Certified Check on
with oiiices nt On Hundrad and sei-
enlh lreet and Mid. sin a v. title, was
resumed la -day before JustVe ileraid.
u irge which
tllelr three year of
bus .and had never
any n nne nt all.
and nn isunl
Is :n it during
m irTlad life l.er
ssed her by
.i i
l it
liulle'e.l for Mnlutnln
M Illicit Mill,
Mollis Y.ini of No ISO laat One llun
drad and I'lrst street, arrested last
weok oti the ctuirgu of maintaining an
Illicit still, was indicted tl la afternoon
by the 1'ud.rul (Irand Jury WbOH "i
rulgned bafora Jinle Hough the aued
man assumed an air of lnit'Keiice that
daoalvad the ludgi until hi lanrnad that
Yum had aerved two yeais for a lmllar
Tam admitted he hsd been making
spirit out of mi.' . and raisins tn too
basement of his Lome for more than
two ymira, but a. 11 he hud not proa
pernd ut bis BOaUpatiOBi basing ai times
K eat dlffl- u:i? gett.ng inonay to buv
Yam ran his other still under the bud
low stir.et Synagogue twelve years ago.
He sabl ne was i-.vetity-el jut Hears of
age, but hu dOM no! look that old llu
was si nt la h to lag Tomb.
Qaofufa Btpp
No. Sli Plfth
Central 1 'til k
be a r.al estate man of
uvoli ue, waa Handing 1:1
mar the bridal patii at
1 ".Ity-nlnth gtfaal and H. vetith avenue
to-day when he saw a young womun in
black leave n baby Qq the nul.
rlbe played w ith I be Infant for soma
time Man ahe t a tiicture from her
I pocket, looked ut . B WtBt away crv.
Ing. Zl; pie waited I risen minute for
bar return and : in toil Poll of man.
i Imls Ai;'e '.no . .
An. el. iK- found
! of two inontha h
i white aaid th cioi.
r ntly I
o-dered by Ihe BtBtl Itanhlng DBpart '
mi nt has only served to whet their ap
petites for all Ihe money due litem.
Aa for Kdward M firouti who waa
I't-sldent of the Untnl II ink, Iha re
port so widely circulated In Hie lag! two
day a that hi. Indtotmani w-.i u t
turned against htm Ohanptd IOda " (
a report that h" is not ta b IndlOtaw-'
The affairs of ths Vnlot, llsn'. art so
losely IntarwoV vlth politics that a
Mlorv of powerful Inlluences Inlerven
Ing to present i n Indictment agnlnsl
Mr QraHI are credited.
At any rut no Indlctmanl WO handed
down to-day in Bonnootlon with th
Union ii.mk Invcailgatlnp. in'r' t-
Attorney Clarke, who was reno' u'ti .'! I
last nigbi. rafuaaa t" any athathar the
Btatamnl that Indlcttnanta in the bnnb
car will be relumed next Friday are
true or not.
tndl 'Btloni that tha State Hanking
Departmant Is now to be Investlua el
and tbM a big sensation Is to grow out
of such Investigation were stren i liencd
l o-day w hen alalvln v Hutohlna, ( hlaf
Hank Baamtnor of the Matropolltan i
Waa culled n a wltnoRs before
Doputy Hanking Superlnti mlent Hodge.
Mr. Hutohlna had been a w itness bafora.
Th testimony taken showed that Mr.
Hutohlna was on terms of close nor
onal friendship with Dovid A. Hitlll
Van, resident of the old Mil hanb's
and Traders' Hank, which was mad
over into the Union Hank after failure.
This Intimate friendship pards'eii at a
time when director of the Mechanics
nnd Traders', feafful of the safety of
the Institution, planned to depose Sulli
van. .Moses C. Kutl Md Jnmes Harnett,
formerly .lire -toi a In the Mechanics and
Tru.lers' Hank, were examined by Mi.
OPopaay, eounsol In charge of the ln
vestlgutlon. They told of .secret meet
ings held in Janupary, 1IT, when tin
removal of Sullivan was planned.
"Sullivan found out about our first
meeting," said Mr. Kuh. "Ve were
watched after that. A second HMOtlng
was held at tha Automobile Club.
Firmer Sin riff Butttttati " vlce-pr.- d
danl of the hank, now .lead; Jnmea T.
Ajdllay, cashb-r of the iMirik and others
kept watch on u outside until ? o'clock
In the morning. At that mooting we
pursed a resolution to oust Sullivan
from the presidency.
"Hut one of the directors went back
nn tl later. Ha got Sul ivan to dis
count n note lop aJ.".(s si. In a rtormy
mooting of the board, Sullivan was r0
alaotad to the praaldancy. in a few
month, the bank failed."
Then Mi Hutohlna came tn the stand.
)Io admitted that fro became very
trtandly adtb Bulllvan aarly in iii,
knowing Sullivan tu tie a rank presi
Th ffisndahlp with Sullivan was a
family intimacy. HutChlna said. Ills
wile visited Sullivan's Wlf an, I vb'e
versa. The two familial went mi auto
mobile trips together thirty or more,
i nn one occasion Hutohlna paid a botl
! bill of Its Incurred by the party over
I the protests of Sullivan, w ho u allied
to pay It himself.
"My Mandahlp with Mr. fallivan,"
aald the ohiaf bank examiner, "laatad
trotn early In Usui until lata In W9,
when I learned for the flrat time t it
Mr. utllvan'i banking ntathoda had
not boon aii olaar. Then i onoludad it
was my duty to itire.ik t'c frUndahlp
and i did ao,
"i iwlng to my frler.diy relations with
Mr failllvan I aske,i ti e lio n Suporin.
tandani of Hanks, Mr KUburn, not to
asaign tne to aaanuna any of sir. sui-
11 vim s bank. Mr. Kllbum Bald I
too thin -skinned, nut 1 .11 1 no; examine
any the bantu after Mr Sullivan and
1 wore on friendly terms."
"Did Mr BUlUVaa ever give you gay
pies. tits"" askcl Mr Cropsey.
"Never personally." raptlad the wit
nes. "Hut Mr. Sullivan and bis wife,
after an extended lour of Kurope, gave
in y wife a swlsj clock.''
"Did you not report the M cohimlc ni.d
Trii.W i a' Hank in good tondltlon In
"I did "
"Why did yOU continue n frleu lahlp
which randoyad n'ou abaoliitaly uaalaBi
to the Htnto Banking Departmant a far
as examination of the Huillvan oaiiks
was loncerned"" Mr. Cropaay asked.
"Tbara atar other ggaynlnara,11 an
gworad the aitnaaa,
"Hut you were th chief examiner
Th other examiner reported to you
and knew of your frlemlahlp with Sulli
van. Would li d that condition tend to
lafluanoa tbalt anamlnatlotia and ii
portaT" "J think rot." aald Mr Hutching,
Importer Bonforte, with Nine
Days to Serve, c sets nt
ot Habeas Corpu.
Scotch Kilts Pipers an a' That
Barred From Board of
In erelr
atrvlng a si
d fro ndlng
II he 1 h'
In tl e full
tn rimlt Paul Honforie,
fit. nee of rcven monthg for
tha ( lo ernnient, to be at
if I I dying wife. Judga Holt
d Stattl circuit ciurt 1Mb
a amati m m
tiime, with klltl
to be a Scotch
!n full Highland BOB
nnd yuire Une.'S, aald
oniedliin. end followed
iftarftoon had t ie prisoner brought from
BlaekwaH'a lalai I on a writ of hnhous
corpus As soon as permission was
granted. It'oiiorie driiggcd his lawyer.
PhlUp s. Saltta downataln out of tha
I'eleral building anil Jumped Into an
Utomobll t i u I was wailing and
I- ten" I for Brook!) n
Bonforta is nn Importer, hi tn-o li
No. UN niaabatb itreet, but hla fam
ily resides ut F1ftyB!xth Btreet and
Sixth avenue. Hrooklyti. lie was bi
lleted on tblrtaan c.junt" of un lerw-.ug:.-
Ing Importation and waa found guilty
on nine of them,
tin Iho dny he w:ts called to the bar
for Bontanoa Bonforta waa Inforread that
it would be no laaaary for nu wife to
undeTgo a s -rl IUB Bporatlon. H. s law
yer hustled around, took au appeal ami
secured Bonforta'a releaa on no. I. The
frantic Just roach'-I I be badfllda of his
wife as s'io was about to be placed un lar
ihe InilUanoa of ether.
Mrs. Bonforta has not recovered from
the operation, but the husband had In
go to Blackwell'i Island, a the circuit
Court of Appeals refits.d lo hear th"
cae. -
Agiln Honforte was called for sen
tence. Boofolta'B three sons stepped ls
fore the bar and pleaded that tlnir
father bo allowed to b with tbel
m d her.
"See," the elder one said. "WB do not
want to chest Ihe government. W'
three are here to tak hll plao le t
us all go to ti e prison for our falhe:
that h may atay with our nun her."
Judge Holt could not grant the plea
and Bonforta ha 1 1" So to the Island.
Ills wife ha been falling In health ever
since and both she und Honforte have
been oountlng the day in- must stay in
prison. Phyalolana notlfled Mr Saltta
to-day that Mrs. Bonforta could live
only a few days. PonfortB has nine
days yat to aerv.
"She will not llv the nine days," trie
physician told the lawyer. "She Is b. a-
ging for her buaband"
The lawyer recalled that after his ar
rest Honforte had spent several daya
In the Tombs before he ibtalnsd 'nil
II" went to Judge Holt, exp'alned t ie
circumstance and asked for a writ of
habeas corpoa.
Assistant Cnll. l state AC imev !m
was present at the hearing but offe. 1
no objection to the proceedings.
by a doSan men playing bsgptpea, In
vaded the I'l I y Hull to-.!ii'.. To. Ice Cap
tain Frank Tb rtiey, With a handful of
patrolmen, could not cope with the
crowd, which scented a tuff rasctte
Tho roffiedlan'l Intention, according
to a press agent, w ho la being niensured
for kllta, wna to ln to tha Hoard of
Aldermen, But tha Aldermen kept tho
cocnadlan ting his haala, or ins leg.
in the hallway. Alderman Frank I
Doollnaj I ltd tha comedian to "boot it
and go Bins ,u lh citizens- fnlon.
Tbey n 1 help of sonic kind."
City Clerk Scully chirm 1 In with this
"You must go away. The proceed
ings cannot be dlaturbod. There .s
enOttgTb harmony InBlda ii"i."
Then tha kilted party blew but th"
I pipers looked dry und thirsty.
Mo.leal Hai l ) I. under.
Harry !,.ud. r. the comedian. Is a
Shrinking rtcot. But for Hie strong llme-
i light of the stage no would sue, eed In
hiding h:s pleasing Identity. lie prs
fara tic lolituda ot the ntoora, medita
tion with the Scotch poet and u "lonc-
I some" on some link in li e Highland
1 An Illustration of hi. sett-effacing
modesty is found In the letterheads of
bis manager, whlc.i emblaBOn with II-
- iuatratl ini this ramarkabl announce
ment: "Scotland has ;ven to the world:
Hobble I'urns. Harry I, i u I, and Walter
.-t.ott." can you bent It?
Three Women and Twelve
Men Finally Rescued by Lad
ders in Federal Building.
TbO losllm relee.
Tod..' BlBtaSSt. I'-wost sad IS
and of tot I'Bsaaes. a. roinpsra
ttusl tisuns, sr ai f. 'lows
Anml. i '.: sr
An. Obi a K.b
Am. i sti
r, nf sti.'fc.
Fttr4sy i
B bad seta.
c .113 was a a
a dressed ail
WSI of very goo
Crokor went pa to i iiia tne Wear Lp jjet Itfg U .,v I
I material. Tn i ilicansan took Hi child
j to th Araena! son gnd It w. s than
sent to ue.iarue n ol. T :. .. ..n,.ii
Itolt Croaa'a Saw HPsvs.
' WORCCiTlSK, .Ma., Oat 10. Holy
Croj College i to have a r.w Presi
dent. The I'.v. Ffttti..- ,lo(ph N.
pinund, luparlot of ina j.hi kfsvl
tint Bt poushkeepsle, N. V . luooaadi
th Itev IMthar T.'; inaa B Mi.rpiiy.
who hna baan tranafarred to st. Mary'a
psilih, Boatcn.
an '
r.itiou un .
I Am saaatj a Bl
1 tn. 1,1 .1 To I .
Am Top, (' .. nt
An.i.sn. MliilM,
Al . T":'. a s
Aliiiilb' i oast
Hall J. oil"
llr.s.li It. Trau
em. parale
i lie, a i in
ei,.. si a
Itt.k' A N
Cel.' FU.I A
I'. .11. . . .
I'. A II i I
I ilris
I i B HI"' .
lilt Nor pt.
Intel M.t
pAlfl M't P'
Inter rum;
Kin. riu
i.e.ush v:i
I UHUJ .v Kssh
I Ue-. K ' Ti i
I Do i'. in.
'Nil Is 1
I NoifolK A W. .t
i B .-th Via
' Koruteeji ! '.'
I i Int. it wa
IV' tit) Ivsnti
I'r.ssel Steal. . .
lb ati sarias,
ll.si Ill
It. Rest
Ho.k blanl.
Si l.jiinl
B ! ..,
'frl. Vi illU
Kdoa I ilfl .
V - Hu'.s.r
1 I, SKLl . . .
i h lleti nil
l ... (NWVL,.
vlis. . iro Carat
w 4 111
aeadissva Parllss,
nil ',
ao ,
I. Ml
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in t
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1 31 1,
' ist;
I..J ,
i . '.,
R .
,i:, is
u ;
Tn. Tel. . . . ti'.
loi '
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'.S. 'j
III '.
it :
tjitji .
M :
tn 'i
Hi r
... ,,
t 3
- N
For nearly two hours this afternoon
three woman iii. d elaven man. in addi
tion to Operator Clur. Selp, were Im-u-lsoned
In aa alsVator between Ihe
second and third Roora of Hie Federal
Bunding, n wna nacaaaary to tear out
a portion of the rag.ng between the
OCOnd and third Hoof and run laddeis
to the cor to get the passenger out.
Whun the hour of liberation came the
men most gallantly sail I.iJles first."
Miss Alarln WOnaal, much concerned
about the fa-t tha' 'ia wi s coming
down a ladder With mun men watch
ing, slowly descended 1 0 the second
lioor. Sh was follow. Id hy her l"ter,
mis Tirtaaa Swenaal. They ure em
ir, tyad in Unltad Stataa Attorney wiae's
oiti.e mihs Qraca Ragan, employad in
the money order dopartmnnt on the
llfth door oi tne Federal HiiUJing, waa
the third to descend
Tne trouble w'.tn the elevator came
Jus; after tlie U o'clock Abb'le sounded.
Tbara Mas a rush from tha various of- 1
lb . , in ihe r. leral Building. Only one ;
elevator was IB -erne Id-day on the 1
tv-'oii.ce Siiuara side of i hi bulldlns.
Workman a., abansing toe olutubas
from water to ele.-irl ity, and with but
one oar i uniting at the nOOtt :: lot Ibtra '
was a huatl ' to board it.
Winn tne ir icaciud the third Boor
it waa Allad aimosi to the um, bu:
ihe gparator pBrmlttad (tie Mlaaai aiwaft.
sel to enter Anthony CtMnatOOS "us
right bah n I them Selp decided the car
IV gj full at. .'. and aUmtnc.l the door.
S.lp (lulled tue lever, and a hi did ao
ther was it ripping aou.'.d as If lomi
thing had baan torn out. Tills was fol
1 .wed by lb I screit.ns of ths thrte
women, fji .h car had dropped Aftasn
fast befo.'e It I tag..; oa Ihe Igfaty de
vl e.
Aoove the antrgnag to th elevator or.
the second flu it Is a large itetl grt.t
lr.gr. Thl was remove', and tne way
Snail ma.ic for gt ting tba v anar
out. J
Round Trip
licketi on tale from all
caitern point! every Tues
day durinj September ami
October, to many pointi in
IVlontana, Alberts Manito
ba snd Ssikatchrwsn;
every first and third Tuei
day ot each month to many
points in Minnesota. North
Dakota, Idaho, Wsnhinnton,
Oregon and British Colum
bia. Vou can purchair ticket!
through from yuur home town
. to destination snd
Save Money
on Your Trip I
Ln m rHl yon what it will COM tn pn
(rot:i your home town, and what the
ten-ice ii like on 0UI thrre ttaim to
the I treat Northweit Oriental Ljpe
ited, Orefroniati, Oreat Nutihrr i lii
BftMi Call or write fur buoklet on
1 lumeieekcri' l'iiei.
One Way Cohmiit f are daily Septem
ber 1$-O.tob. i 1911.
General Eastern Paaa. Agont
liM Broadway, Centurian fiid.
New York, N. Y.
23rd Street 34th Street
On Wednesday, October the ntu
honor Hioadway was In a turmoil this
aftoi noon when a crowd of men and wo
rt en chased n well dresed man four
Mootta. He was .aught St Oreenwtch
nnd Liberty street and taken to the
obi Slip Station where a charge of n!tr
lii:: false checks was made agnlnst him
'. repraaontattce of the wholesale Jew
elry house of Ludwlg, Nlasra Co.. on
11 . se.ohd floor of No 1: Uroadway.
tJOtd bonds of the Metal Reduction
o npan . of America worth lli.OoO and
a complete OUtfll for the false certifica
tion of rheekB. n rutrbOT stamp, Ink pad
and a sheif ol blank checks together
wiih a nam .or of illlesl out che-ks for
large ani unit on The Chelsea Kxchanffe
Bank, at Nth itreal and BlShth avenue
wire found on him. Me said he was
Albert t.lndemati. or the banking and
brokerage Ann of II l,lndeman Co., at
No. s Will Street. There Is no sucJt
Sr,,i . h.-n o..s.(m. the J'"1!T?.
The prisoner, a well dressed, stocky
man, atrdllM Into the office of LudWlg
N'lss. :. i'o . thl afternoon. He rt"
sinted a card of introduction purporting
lo be Signed by A. K. S'.oane of the llrm
of Sloan Sr Co., wholesale Jewellers at
No. It Maiden lane, lie sabl ho wa
Albert Undagann and tendered a card
of II UndatDan Ar CO.. banker and
brokers of No. H Wn'l slrcet. lie e
lo ted diamonds w irth l-'.onu and asked
Mr. Nlaaen if he would accept . . 01 ti
lled check for the amount. Mr. N'lssen
said he Woll Id and I.lndeman sa.ld he
would go and get It and return. He re
turned j.i.t before 1 o'clock and banded
In a . ci tified check for f.MEO, made pay
able to the firm signed hy A. Undemun
Mr. Nlaaan went to the telephone to
call the bal k- the Chelsea Kxchange
lthtiU and have It verltled. when the
man leacherl ncrosa thn counier. grabbed
tho .-beck and made a deh for the
street. Into Bfondway he ran, knock
ing men and women In all directions.
In a RtittUte a thousand person had
taken up the cries of the clerks of ".Stop
Ihlef!" and were after the tleelng man
Ai Qrcanwloh and Liberty streets Pa
irolman Nolan of the Old Slip station
gave an excellent exhibit of a football
t i 'kl und I.lndeman came down In the
dust. At the police station ho sa'd to
the newspaper men: "For tlod'a sake
don't put this In the papers. "
Uout. Summers, who know nenrly
all the bad men who are forbidden to
cross the "dead line'' at Fulton Street
and Broadway aid he did not know
tb" prisoner, "but," be addad, "he hu.
I'm tlnest rOUt' for pgaslng bad
el. ks that I have seen."
Tha prisoner said he was Albert Ltn
deman ant that he lived on Freeman
sire-!, the Brons.
He was arraigned In the Tomb Police
sVatokaaao'a nini.e Cnoaoa i.u
of aid. 'Mill ut W uler Work.
ispadji to Tin BfanlH World.)
TARRTTOWN, N. v.. Oct. 10 Fire
did tihnut fJO.OOU damag to the King
land Point Plant of the HaXWall P.rls-
ooa Motor Company last night one
of tho watchmen put hi lantern on tha
Door nnd It blazed up. He grabbed a
pall of gaaollna. thinking It waa water
and threw It on the tdaie, and In hort
time the whole north eriJ was ablare.
Tho company has Its own .lire d'Part
ment, but the force of water WBg so
Strong that the nozzle got away and
Alfred Randall waa Ladlv cut on the
WOMEN'S SUIT DEP'TS. IB Both stores.
Unusual Values.
Afternoon Dresses of Crepe de Chine,
in a variety of colors. 2 1 .50
Dancing Dresses of Chiffon, made over
satin, embroidery trimmed. 29-5
tailored Suits of Broadcloth. Black
and colors. 23-5
Tailored Suits of Rough Serge and
Mixed Fabrics. 19 50
Unusual .Sale.
Laces at less than one-half usual prices.
The assortment includes, Venise Bands
and detachable Motifs; Cream All-over
Net in dainty designs; Black All-cver
Embroidered Net; White and Cream Net
Top Lace; White, Eciu and Black Net In
sertion in various widths.
A large stock of American Untlercloth
i:ig, mr le of Cambric and Nainsook. Various
models, trimmed with dainty laces and cm
broideries. Varied stock of Imported I ndenvear
at the following prices.
Gowns 1. 50, 2.75, 3.75 and 5. .so
Chemises 95c, 1.25, 1.75
Drawers 95c, 1 .25, 1 ..so
Combination Suits.. . .3.25, 4.00, 4.50
Sorosis Shoes for school arid general
wear. Made of Sorosis Health Calf, (.lazed
Rid and Patent Leather.
23rd Street 3 4th Street
To Increase
Imoi roeai. I 01 i
SlisJ. Klr.s Mrs
fiVtfA'Rf XV. T
to board yill i, aioll
atl.LAHaJ "aV jl
j.u to toera: w
aTTeTiyVMiiE"rv'., i
Buntir frwiit rs-ai, e
1 'Si. . c.uv.Qlir.t
tab... slrift'ot spSftBI
snuncoMiiK v 1
eth. Vth ilmliJ. '
perlor l-oard.
i.is'iTi)rTtr:r 1
I araaU liat1 esrnil
' tlfihicf j reiiowi'.li
' LBatlNl iTviN AV. '
1 tirslleii! tab! all
t accumns-lfttel. Ariati
roomi. tlee.itlonll I
I lurmuMlnss . rsaanuaS
.rj bans' I', tst'la
SiATudOr. "AV ISVl
I'sims. coavsaiiaisrli
I ribwsr.
1 FAWf IT. j67.
hall room, axeellenl
BT. Aoiif's ITT, ti
Bood, ifan n imi 1
fiyFA-SY ftt tMo '
stru to ibw m. i
prl.ati bath, ibown,
n.1 night. Sl for "1
steidr noiltT"n knowl
. . of a eraJ li'.rn
right asm, rafuea.M (
"Lg.i :. Isdr sl.ss
f7J 5 RIMfAM Mi
iarc and irLAll r I
vvXsiiiSilfriv PLid
ninnln. wslar at, 1 1
7v"r.r.t.rt PLarE,
isi'vllitit table . awl
lfiT aVU. lima, aid
tiMllni . $4 lCl was)
ferry. S nrl- utn fmo
TiV. BbT tl
ID IV . s' "'Tiirtis
eh. Hi. d , si UorM.
(Tj XT, , 1R91 ll.es
ISb-; u I'.ir I riff.
trn sT,; hu nusi
. '. -I tiuar-t: a 'tu.i
, fSI B -Ti. nt
Vslred. haulm!
fMrw . It.. or
f . r' ; sy"n itwr.B.'
WB. ti -dsrsa
it i mo.iira' tr
tlTfl, nt "w S'l i'
l-.t uUtaH. .Mil
the Profits
of Your
Boarding or
Remember that the
World gives "Boarders
Wanted" and "Fur
nished Room" Ads. a
circulation in New
York City 100,000
GREAT E R than the
Herald and Times
I fi- i -i.h
I u'kiugniin , ljr4 it ie-
riu' btjL
-1 ' rl t at f tmii r W UhV
s lasr , Ida home.
"aWTthAVigtefifM," -Tit:"-
Ml IntJiil; ; ajt.-rtl liOTDf.
h emfcrtfr.
I HGtli at. si .1 silt r. -J.ol
erl.st. f.iuilT. termi
si "' '.i1 L; flnt jU,
i USt, I'lrtmrnt B I.
. igath it. tlonrsslast
Si hllWSBSd noiui, .11
B ,(si la.t .iT. --I.iis..
Beara; all coio.almci.,
h iflitht T.ars ran;
..amrnofs, (sell tor4ir.'
flM oWUi) -Attrsctii
lie an,1 sartlol; houiti.lie
I tebpaoae,
l- I.rrs l"1 enel men -
Isirjer. Up&B.
l'.'7tlil Nlrely furnlilit
... 111 Utile, trie. :. ...
f siib I'l. sssat." BrlgiT.
C' aan taUt, hoaullk:
Fr in-nll tl. Selor rlt.
rtablj li'.rne 'titivhou.
r.t ami run water, da.
loll villi. Uo f lo
I how to imnrlM tiio
1: - , , cltsra fur Uw
1' ' !
I, Waahles' ... Ilslfliu- -
ioooi, - ii i issaoassisV
r Isi .-.
71" Ifeai ifjl fiTriUsbad
': air-ellrnt table.
, W-Iarss. mall roonsi
heat; iseeurnt table.
14 Large, small r ..- ;
s tates: -are csiotenleot.
It-' Msnll soup! 1 or 3
IB rnlimtca fmm 42.1 t.
.t alt ImptoTftaanv.
iiard. sood Bother's ears.
riwi: -Mure I. ul Ut
Shis wopjiftti weuldrtoifil
pVirj, tirMir e. iiu, if.s.n
Bl f ir wo ladles :oita
aial "rsnnj, XT-Udlee
.ro.,llm.' '
il .in.ill roosjsrri.sJUul
lj trinal'lits.
raMMl ruoia siiaBeid

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