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Married Map Who Ha J Been
Pursued and Arrested Denies
He's a Flirt.
Sisters Appeal to Policemen
and Declare They Were
Many Ttttl'na of tmsricrs hal arnH
Itt: to-J.v from the firm, cour
ageous atlon of th two prrtty I'lat
bueh girls who braved the unpleasant
nese of no'orlety by ruthlessly pursuing
n allege 1 filrt until they H hi in MM :
for Special Seaslone.
Violet and Lillian Mrichan, even'en
and twenty year olil respectively, of
So. 13t East fourteenth street. Flat-
I.,, all IM it .1. ..-V... t.- I.
..., .... , ,o
familiarities of street cur passengers.
They are employed at Spring and Mn
dougnl 0110010, Manhattan, arid ride
ovsr every week day.
That their prompt measures of self
protection are apprec.ateil was ihOWO
whan they appeared In court against
Albert tfOtOOmbi forty-six yea -. old,
iuesi r.ast ritieentn Itreeti IMaVtOllsn,
a married man and a getoetnen foi
Adolpli Neur.id, a ilijuur dealer of M m-
1 must pralee you young women for
'omlns; iiere to make thlo charne,"
Mocistrate Kerninei said to them In
the Adams : .re t Court, Brooklyn
"You have shown hitch courage and a
full sense of public duty. All wo n-.,
who travel In public conveyances In
Oreate- New York should be tsra.eTul
to you."
Il was MlSI Violet who w-as the com
plainant, gill alleged that llOl run
grossly Inaultsd her a Urlgnton president Tafl I the ther dayi The
Baach B. It T train yesterday morning I fallow that gasa out and la ks fur hup
when rue and her s.ster were on tna4rpin((1 n w... ,,!, n.' , I s true. Me
Way to work. .Rets it Just by 4' Itiir thin: s for others."
Miss violet told Magistrate Kempner And the same thing is tr ue of beauty,
that llejeomb, a refined lookiua man, jht toman who .- rlnj all the true
welldreesed, gave his pis e 'in a cross to mak islf beautiful with piinte
sest to her that She rnluht s't next tier
aister. she thanked him and he seited
Rlmeelf directly opposite to them. Very
oon. Miss violet said. Hoteomb's man-
nsr an l gestures became most Insinuat
ing an i Insulting. Indtgnsnt. sne . tiled
Jier sister's attention t Hi mb's a. -
Hons. She and her slsier were greatl)
aniban-assed M:ss Vtolrt sail, she, per-
anally, d'.d not know for awhile whai
to do.
Hokomh went to too ear door as the
train approach, d Punield sireal.
"I'm snlnn to have that mnn arrested,
he deserves It." exclaimed Miss Violet.
suddenly determining on her aetlon,
Rhe and -Miss Lillian followed .il i d
comb to the station platform. Mi's VI. i-
et touched him on the shoulder, end,
ner fae flush. ne with ahime and anger,
told him hotly she was going to have
elm arrffeted,
"Whafa the trouble?" he asked.
Sho told him.
"Tou must be crasy." he retorted
"Do you think 1 would behave In that
manner? Why. I'm a married man;
uch conduct would rnln me
with that Holcomb ran down the "1."
talrs to the street; the sisters followed
He jumped on a riatbueh. Seventh avo.
rue'trolley car poeslng on Kuiton street
.Jo did they.
"I want that man arreetad." cried
Mis. Violet, for she said, Holcomb was
edging tt.Tousii Liie crowd towards the
front platform.
Big Walter ConlOO, warrant officer
of the Adams street police station, waa
on the rear platform. Boeing Ml as
Violet's llamlng faco and excite 1 ni.i -ner.
this giant followed Holcomb and
seized htm as he was about to alight
from the front platform, Conloa said,
onion told hl.n ha was under air.-,
and took him to the Fulton stesat
police atatlon where bo was charged
with dlaorderly conduct. Itaglstrats
Kempner held him In UuO ball lor ex
amination at 2 o'clock.
Just before Holcomb was arraigned
less,.- V. Bobavrton, a lawyer, .No. I'J'i
.Nassau street, hurried In.
"This man Is Innocent," sail Mr
fiphaurlm lo lh 1 , .'-.i'.- "I li iv,-
known him for years. He euoceedod nu
ll master of a hlasoitle lodge, I know
him to be reputable, this charge must
be e serious mistake. He la either oragy
or Innocent"
"Because of these young women's
character I feel It my OjUty to hold you
In 1600 ball for Special Sessions," said
Magistrate Kempner to Holcomb. "I
believe these young ladles aro telling
the truth."
MolUer Arrived With Infant st Hos
pital Ton. I. ale.
Clement Monno, three months old, a
child of Mr. and Mrs James Monno of
No. 1744 Second avenue, died In the
Ileocptlon Itoapltal to-dav of morphine
The mother of the Infan' stated to an
Kvenlnji World reporter that her baby
became IU last I'rlday. when she OOllsd
In Dr. Berthold Klesch of No IBM Lex
ington avenue. Dr, Klesch told her tiie
rhlla wu suffering from stomach trou.
bia. Bhe took his prescription to th,-
drug shop .if Julius Klorcut. at No. 1738
r-ocond avenue and had it put up The
mother administered the DOWdore as
directed by Dr. Klesch, but the child
continued to get worse. list night the
ohtM had eOBVUkSlonS and again the
mother aought In vain to summon Or
i-ieech At last she telephoned to the
Reoeptlon Hospital and the eh. Id was
uksn there. It died two hours after lis
arrival and the death was reported i
the Coront r'a uftU e us a case of moi -
gggow poteoalDg. ,
Roug2 Pot
Pastor Rcisner Insists Charge That Halt o Wcmenin
Lity. of All Classes, Faint is Not
Wonders Why They Do It, tor "So LosHkr Love
Wen Ly Aitir.ce" end Hvsiv.ess Ueir.cnds
! ,t citrxy. Not Beauty,'
cmur smith
RellMr explained
eitendi every second woman in New Yorh helps out her complexion,
"One of the moat prominent men of the Weal who was calking with
m a few daya ato turned suddenly am paid. 'Have you notl tad hot many ;
Women In New York paint their laceii.
ji one me, ur, rtvivnvr i
I . , ,.
.'.il to deduce U Woman
in the artldelallty "f com
plexion, but one can l si no longer.
To-Cny, In Hew YorS, the habit
of color In it the faco artificially
estcnla from riftli avenue to
Grand atreet. Wouiea of leisure,
wcrklnir C'-rli. factory elrla. all
endonvor to cult'vr.te beauty of
kniia, 4i tlte eaycuee of loli
cesa of ootlla
"PlOast don't think I am one of those
Westerners who come to KOW York t"
anoea, i mm mbw rors is
truly riuaioo- t 'Kin :ue rnirs oi inc
i Vet. Thee is more revrr- nee liere, a
i tetter observance of the Babbath, a
i more decorous attitude srhen In church.
"fhurch women, let rue eSSUfe yon,
do not paint They know that the only
' lasting beauty eomea from within Is
rad iu ! by love, ton know what
.nr. i l air dytS never cets
what she
Inees that
ears and
wante never realises the lot
, :. t , my WO nan '- it
rears a child.
for win: is so beautiftai
Uf a Madonna'.'"
I! 1 ling no brief for
com, lealoBi it seamed t
lesa that lr. Relsner I
ercl fully the motive., v
women to look upon tie
the sr-'if-mada
i me. nev.-rtha
gd not conoid
blch may drive
r iu-;o p it und
the lip stick when lliey are red.
"A great many Worosn lay they re
sort to grtlAoo to please men." i eug
gested "wives to keep thslr huabende,
profeeeionsl women to k their posi
tions. Tin y seem to feel f at Marriage
an-l Buelnees both cry aloud for youth,
or at laasi the eppoeranco of youth."
"They're wrong," Dr. Relsner an
sacred emphatically, "A woman is
lucky to loss tiny man 'a hose affeotlon
Ims such a physical has.. A gl l-rlch-qulck
quaok declared the othei day tint
a woman should be perfeai phyaically,
und Should neve;- have un ilea. What
a beast! And yet his conception ,f
,man h
Is re- ems. ie for
paint their faces and
won. en who p. ilnt tln-ir f.i-es and for
the men who admire thu.n.
"No lasting love can be built
upon a lie, however trivia!. Tha
woe.tan who owes 1 ev iiusbaud to
aitltlce Is golae to loi,a l.ini to
artliice. As for the bUSlaeOe wo:u
nn u lookp, X advcrtiuoil for a sec
rOtary recently and saw about
UUrty applleonta for tbe place.
All tiie honuly cnos were conie
teut aurt earned Ulgh salaries.
The others, Butty, overdreased,
and, In aoi.ie cases, painted, msrely
uajd a larfaee of beauty to cover
lnemclency. What the buc.ness
world watita from womeu Is ef
ficiency not bsnnty.
"Tell me," lr. Relsner went on, "why
do women tolerate ths present faehlone,
the tight sklrta, tip' low neeke, whim
appeal only to materialism? Why do so
many women In KsW Yoll. palOlf
"I said t i a girl on Why do you
rut thm itufi on your ' loot Why da
yqu till so many lies And she
answered franklj
'Why. to please, I
would nevi r attract ant a.'ent...i as I
nil,.., ...
am naturally, and ' m
thougu mi-utally or in--
:,i,i stioiig
. ii wey to
feci that i don't care whether men like
Rio or not "
'To please!' thnt' tin- key to the
whole situation. Itut the woman Who
Mit-ka to please at the exponas of en n
acttr never really sin Deeds. There la a
very genera! misconception of what sli ce.
a is, anyhow Ong of toe most widely
known mulll-uililluiiatres uf the Wet
had a hruiner, a dargyman, to VhOtB
.. ,.a, . ..' . lL. i)
.k c '-' . i L) m r-; k
Tints the Faces of New York
Filth Avmu? Down to Grand S'.reet
SIXOt i OKKHI, llY-sMH i
a i!erE"iun remarked from .1 Sew Tors pulpll c-n
Bnnttay that ;i ni f thi wontn pnn in ths stropis of this
cttjr "pain: their lir-oka In order to g ' fn 'P bounty." ;
attain., i:ni fftctuty may u- acqnlrad only tiiro'igh iov
an,1 thai bapPlnOSO Is tlio best rnnnp'l".
"Paint your I hpoka with DappltlM," wis tho re
BfllfflCBdBtlOB of the Rov. C'lirlsllan t Rttflltr, p.istnr
of Grata Methodist Cbnreh, Ynterdiy the Drtflnatflf'
of tills novel hm tit y nil' t'i I ni" Just BOW the ne v
i'0'nipti" ehould be applied, iir?t. however, ampllfylntj
tli" nc emotion t' at th Now York woman Is not so fair .
m the li pointed, or rather ns she pain's bersett.
"Of ours-. I can glv you no a? anal flR.ires." Ir .
"1 "an say o:ily tint so far as my personal observation
Why do they Jo It?'
wis iyui, n-icicnirg, ko into euei
nesa with me, and I'll make you a mil
uonalrel' Tpe mlnleler refueed, amij
later when the Croesus was at the
height of his worldly power he said:
urotner, you chose the better
What have I? only my mlll'ons,
"Human t rrtardr.l a ...a-
ofclaeo in this use." Dr, Kelsner added.
"Nearly en rv day ""ie man says to
ne: can't no to enured, I ne-d nil
my Sunday foi recreation o as to be
aide to do my Work during the week.'
i Man considers hlmoelf a machine to
work: WOmea, a DM hlne to please.
I Beery human bilne wants, tries to
have, a certain thrill I Some men gel It
from painted women from questionable
j ; h.-at t ea. They are deadened, coarsened.
I They do not know the sacred tnrlll of
religion .and i(i home.
I "Some men through selfishness avoid
I experiencing the thrill of tho home.
They seek only surface women, women
who could not inspire them with
tho ighta of unselfishness nnd aacHflos.
Hut tne don't know what they re miss-I
log. Do you lUppoaa they ever cxper-l
once the thrin i feel every morning
When my little two-year-old boy climbs
Irilo i ,d with nie and pulls my nose?
Why. I've Htn married men at fashion
able resorts around New York Who
came to spend from Saturday to Mon
day with their wives and who 01 ver
even looked at or spoke to their own
babies, Men shirk tin- res i. n.i.'illitles
is 'women
el le n is been
of pa rem tood just as my
,i . The ;,: una for raoe eul
placed altogether on the Women's shoul
der, it doesn't belong there. The
woman who deliberately shirks mother
hood is noti cannot be, beautiful.
"RoeponelDllty, oharacter, BStYtC0i
loVO, motherhood nre the real beauM
tlers of women, and the only ones that
inspire the r,.ai and lasting affection of
a man worth having."
Brought From Georgia Home
for Auto Tour, Children's
Society Cares for Them.
Two pretty little Heorgln Rlrls, tsudto
Martin, twelve years old, and her sls
t r Josle, eleven years, were n-iinml sd
tf the ,-are of the tlerry So lety to-d ly
in the Children's Court. Their father.
John Martin, a wealthy land speculator
of Rehire, ti-. ffaS taken fro-n the
Hotel Churchill, Broadway ami your.
lOOAth itreet, yesterday to Hetlevue
ii tepltal, where in- la recovering from
chloral puis -nine.
According to th elder of the eleters.
iiiey came to Kew Vork with their
father to join tin big automobile tour
which starts goUth Sniurday. Both
were provided with auto veil-, and had
clothing whlcfl Indicated their people
were weli-to-.lu.
Tiie nearest largo town lo their home
is Veldoote, Oa. Here they have rela
tives, with whom the BUthortttoo have
.-immunicated. Their mother has been
dejj for some years, mid hut for the
activities of the Children's Boolety when
tl.elr father was taken to the hospital
yesterdav, they would hOVO teen en
tirely aljne In a big city.
The first accredited suffragette yall
will be let loose to-morrow night on
Broadway at Thirty-sixth street when
ths ourteenth Asoembly IMstrlot. umie-
Miss Mary Donnelly, line, up foi a
mass-meeting to start the eampalgn
T i the air of "Yankee Hoodie'' tile j idl
ers will Ohant the refrain:
Volei lei women si mutt w:s.
foinj fOI S'-Hlen Hue. tit.
Vutts tor eoews si eniat wt .(
And liere In BlOadwar loo, sir.
Voung men and Women, each lagged
with a letter which helps to gpotj "Bo.
teal I - -1 i silts. Assiiclilon." Mi- Ih-i-
mont's organlnatl m. v 111 swell Hie noise
llllllt II-. in In V., ,111110 illll'Ulnr.
A baby was horn to Mrs. Murg-iret
,. hli.-r, the "v.'eman burgl4r," at tiie
'umbel i.uui street Koopltel, Brooklyn,
yesterday morning, ami last night tne
doctor! of that InstltUtl in declared th.it
both were doing t.; iclyi Mrs. Webber
was trappr . b detsol vi after elie e.(-
i theliome of Mrs. i; Irqgevllle, at
lit" etllton itreet, Wllllamabura. a
few niguig age.
Girl Believed to
rnn i rTTino iino ! irTrn nniroTinmo
rUKLtlMRhMUJ Ar lt! rKltol Wlrw
Owner of Hast Side 2-for-S
Theatre Jailed, Though
Mothers Sent Children.
Beceuee he allowed children to attend
moving picture performenooa in his the
atre nt No. 3i7 lias: Houston street,
Moses Mas. whs nent -need to-day In the
Court of Special Sessions to twenty
lays' Impels inmont In the TonUis. The
use against Mass was prooocuted by
i... Children's Boclsty at tne instigation
of nn organisation called the ttnit v Club,
It does nd appear that the residents
I of the neighborhood In which M ii-
moving p.cture show Is located oh
) ted to the place As a mutter of fact,
many mothers bought tickets for their
children an 1 sent them into the theatre ;
to keep them iff tiie street.
Hut the Unit) lub, which hsa for Us
object tho protection of the morals ef
ehl'.tren from the alleged eontaminaflng
influences of moving picture shows, has
been on Mass's trill for some time.
TwiOO previously he lias been arre.'d
end fined. When he w is arraigned to.
day Assistant Superintendent Moore of
the Children's Boolety laeiatod
prison sentence.
"Pining this man," sill Moore, 'does
no good, OUT ii'ents report tii.it he has
pistd no attention whatever to the law
after the tines were Inflicted. His place
is a menace to the morale of tin- chil
dren of tin- neighborhood, some of the
pictures he shows an- Indecent. The
air is had. Toe sui roundlm: Kcnurally
are bad."
m ihs denied the statements of the
proeecutlon He aald hi was golna the
lust he eould with a theatre, tin- ad-
mission to which wis tan tickets for a
touiiK Unit Plaids HIn I, rand liter
D hig, Ills I'alher I I iselim ,.
Winn Theodore Deegan c.iiied on his
grtyndmother. Mrs, Ruth Martin, s.-ven.
ty-six years oi l, sad ' is father, Thomas
Deegan, flftyone, a- No, BN iiaitie
ire.-t. Brooklyn, o-day, he had to kick
the door in.
There was a rUStt of gas as t ie .1
gaw- a I - - .mdinoitiei no- lying
1... ,1 ... In !),.. b I .1 V u I
father was ., an adjoining bedroom
unoonactoue, Tne tubs attached to the
gas stove had eorked loose during the
nigh . from If1 position In tee kit hen
ihe police believe that Mr. Martin was
groused by t ie odor and was crawling
toward the sl oe to shut off tie Bow
WhOfl she leuuie uiic ih. -ions, liee.ian
I wss removed 10 Brooklyn Hospital,
. here il . believed lie will not survive.
Is Your Home Happy?
Arc t
ftuen' t
. li, Mnn ff i" li"
.rr Inn n.t fit!
ftlli .
.in i in
i.- a i
JiiSl.s i.
Ud T.is!fsi... ii ,iv ju.t
la tha :. isia in t sett
, . ii irhi ii. ii;.
I ili . si., .- diss JijXlis
. at aii'S "K.rii Ullte
lag uf lit Ova.
uotimaal Hi
Be Kidnapped
i Kept Alive by Prayers, Woman
, I J J
Never Recovers Conscious
ness to See Her Son.
The nged mntln-r of tiie Ttev William
a Brothore, pastor of the Church of
tiie Immaculate Conception at Mont
clelr, N. i . died at 3 o'cio-k tills morn
ing .nt the noma or ner sun-iii-iasr,
tome. D. Morlarty. ai No. :v Mount
N et noli avenue. Muntclalr.
Father Brothore had arrived here
yesterday morning auoard the Oeorgo
Washington of the North tJ-Tman Lloyd
line after a trip abroad, His mother
wo. unconsoloue when in reached her
bedside and she did not recover OOO
s loueneefl before her dentil
The pi-lost said to-day that while
Ura Brothers had HOI recovered c in
eclOUeneOO he felt she must have known
her prayera that he should get back
to her before her death were gnSWSreil
"it is a great satlofectlon to me,"
aid Cether Brothore, "to know that
1 got home boiforc mother's dOOUi,
wtien i set out for abroad i left
Btother in appersotly r I netitn for
a woman of tier years i seven; -slsi.
Her illness eatne on euddenly."
Mole than a thousand women, mem-
bero "f i-'ather Bro there's parish,
lolnod i-is dying mother u- ner prayer
that in would return before her death.
Miss laWhel Mo, I lo Hurry.
Mr end Mrs. Bdwtn Hoyl of New
Vork announce the pngagentonl ti
their foater-di usflrer. MlaS Isotiel Hoyt
Hay, to Vint hi Logan Staley. The wed
ding will take I i at h -10 on the eve
nlng of Nov 0 In St Luke's l-;plsc'vai
Church. Convent avenue and Og0 Hun
drea and Forty. first street There will
be no reception,
Paper Drinking Cups
We manufacture Paper Drink
inir Clip's l' all kinds, I'ut up
in gcalccj envclont and lisplay
titnii lor retail traue. i upi
! iir ntcil spi ciiu Willi 1L I V , 1 1 HPSirCI
' . . a
Have You 'fried the Hygienic
Paper '1 owel ?
The "itly rejal pajier towel on
tin- market. Write for aamplea
Bnd ouotationa.
l anufacl un-rsj ,
Ho ton. Mass.
grow iifi nMrfi'it is-int r
lat i- lnv rblltlbooill
It rest woa Id r.iiti like t baos tiat la Iga
li i i. .ins. ira, l - "I hs I '.. .-. , s
.r i ,f it.'-. if ai la a sea i-ti iu.i
i's. i. - i. So'ss .ii aliel retalkin ilia h'ttaa
l,i -. - nl 10. a.Oir ,if I8l . .a,,,
tur In,, lie 1 r I.. ... I: Bill ! . (Oil a- -I.
of Quick Sellers, Cedar Grove.NewJer sty
10, 1911.
Lewis Tolls of Tragic
I hre.its by Man Whose l ove
she Scorned.
Lewis went West to v. alt several
'cities and possibly locate In mi- Kor
ong Missing Father I 'art oflibue year, i- family, ! as t.,
Mystery in School Child's
Mrs. Anna it Lew-Is. s widow, who
lias made a . nail fort me buying and
selling the sto. ks of bankrupt atoraa.
relieves her oungeat dsughter, Mav,
fourteen years old, was kldnspped tv
one of her mother's former eultors be-
oauee sue refused to nmrrv him. She
.-.,..., i.i... .... .... .......... i,. ia Ova
yeat s her ton or
Ma e. a ho is pretty and of unlet habits,
relumed to New York a few days ago.
after a three months' stay with Mrs
Lewis's relative, in I'olorsdo Springs.
COl, She had g me there with her slater
Dorothy, sixteen years old. when she
developed a slight affection of the lungs
t She was about to he enrolled In the
public eahOOl at Bight) -eighth slreel
and Lexington svenue.
sit" ,u, -t l yggterdey gausrw.
Ing and waa last seen by her stter and
a policeman t Nlnetythlrd street ami
l.exlngti n avenue, a hulf block from her
home. No IN Nlnetv-thlrd street.
W hen she failed to return roeterdM
for luncheon hi r mother began a sesrch
for her. A general alarm was sent out
by the police to-day when the girl failed
to return all night.
Several years ago Mrs. Lewis met
George Chill, employe.! by Ta il Usher
ft Co., butter and egj; dealers at
No. If, l'.rade street mid living at No 1
III Stanton street. Chill, Mrs. Lowls
seye, lnlstl that she marry him.
Mrs. Lewis la tlilrty-llve years old and I
Chill Is thirty.
He persisted In his attentions, ahe
says and threatened to kill her. Ac
OOPdlng to her story, one .lay last sum
mer Chill followed her from her home,
then at No. 106 Last Nlnety-slgth
street, to her stnre at No 3.17 Kaat
Seventy-seventh street, after she heat
refused htm admittance, and got on ths
same car with her.
When she adlgMed lie tnelaled on talk
ing to her. When she refused to dlscuaa
marriage with him, she charges, he drew
a small vial from his pocket. He told
per It contained vllroi lie threatened
to dash It from the bottle.
Mrs Lewis says she threatened to call
the poller, an-l Chill hurried from her.
He per!ste I later, however. In his at ten
tlons and frequently visited her store
lie iiirrnir , .,, e ' ... uso,
she ,-hnnpt anil made many rhreata tu
Kill oer.
When Mra. Lewie sent her ehll- 1
Iran to Colorado Springe OhlU went
to Chicago. Hhe did not hear of j
him until three weeks ago, when 1
l.er sisier. aire nine leery, no. Its rut-
ton stre. t. Brooklyn, received a letter
from him asking for Information con-
ceriilng Mrs Lewis He gave hla I'hlcaaTo!
room by
VfWli J- tInPedPoJitiony'
by night.
The tremendous sale of Troupe Beds I Troupe Bed called for an immediate
hus made this extraordinary value pos- enlargement of our factory and a pro
sible. Public appreciation of this new ! portionate increase in equipment,
and pre eminently beautiful and prac- ' As a result of our vastly greater manu
tical style of bedstead was prompt and facturing facilities, the cost of producing
enthusiastic. ; the Troupe Bed has been materially
The overwhelming demand for the reduced.
Sanitary and Space Saving.
Does Not Fold, Close
or Telescope.
address as No III I West Twelft'i tref
Mrs Love didn't answer the le'ter
Mrs l.esls ss her daughter May's
doll was her only e impanion. sne never
left the tiouse at night utiles, accom-
pi-re I liv some ,,-ie In wnoia the rnotner
had i intlden e, and WOI alwavs In lied
early. She Slept with he' sister loi- a)p:i pt ,,o.,. two ,,f lis fellow em
otliy. who sas she never fegard M,(p(,yees. npensl IP thi place II had
mention men. a rasor In Us r;ht hand, and It was
Mrs Lewis's bus: in I left her eleven ' ,., .t he had taken his own ttfb
years ago. I n SOK e I
. loir yeirs
fier in. ,i:.au:-.- ir.inci-. l i s she heard
from him. Bhe believes ie Is dead .:, i
scouts the Idea that he might ti ive
returned to Now York ani kidnapped
his child, in substantiation Mr Lewis
J says her husband Would not ognie
I May. w hom he hi not seen lines the
I was three years oi l .she glee doetefwe
) that, If he were going to kidnap Hitler
( IJj: I ,,f nS , hi' lien. .1- Willi : i - I H--I
DofWtBjy, who woa his favorite.
luive ini.-iwo i i n nsn, iie.i-i out i-
lug from him. Then luddoot) ne a,--Ieared
In NOW Y irk ami Wanted Mr..
UeWlO, sis save, to take lilin back,
She refused an 1 he 1, ft
The police are Investigating still an
other clue to the n:ls n girl Mis
lwls sais that Bvs leir, ago Ms.
suffered from B'irlet fever. Sever il
I llni"B since ner recovery, nespue oer
lirllllanry In s-hool.
sne nas oeveiopeo
symptoms of aphasia IPfeQUOBI 1 1 tier
' mother would send her for articles In
the nIt rooip Rbe
either with an Oflttrcl
etc or to again iBOul
would return
different art'-
what It WuS
her mother wanted
Working on this theory, th
po 1
believe ahe may suddenly have I eel Uei
memory and that BhO Is wandortag In
the streets In search of her home, an
aide to tell her name or address
Three likes In COntrol t'-ir-k are near
the Lewis home. The police are ex
amining the banks of these to the hope
that If bv i ban e she fell or has been
thrown Into one, she left some traflVI
Mrs Lewis has SSSteeSMsd m.- .
pllala, but could nnd no trace of ner
When last seen, Mav was dre.se I In
white and wore a small list She nr.
rled tier BOhoolbOOhe orvlei tier arm and
a transfer from the school at Slxty
elghtll street and, LcSlngtOO avenue lo
that at ggght) -eighth street and Lex
Inrton avenue.
PfCSidtlrt of Kailw.1V livlUvMtitinal
svioiation Charge.! Willi
Fraudulent Use of Mails.
Five hun lied witnesses are to be
called at the trial on a charge of using
the malls for fraudulent purposes of
leorge If Itaker, president of the Hall
way MUOettOnal Association, and Har
t ho to mgW J Madden and Paul .1 1111
laghor, w lilch got Into fuU swing to-day
before I'nlted Statea Circuit Judge Vee
der In Hritokllyn.
Frederick W Hlller of Hellevllle, N. J.,
trsilllrd that In 1911) he answered an ad-
I ver liement of the Hallway Kducatlnnal
Association In which It was set forth
I that I's ss-holara, to whom It taught the
'art of feeling locomoilve .-ngluea arid
twisting lirnkes. were provided with Jobs
I at from S0 to IdllO a month, ile paid 115
for tuition, completed Ills courss oh Nov
li and asked for the promised Job. (In
Jan 3 he was sent to Cresona. Pa., for ;
a Job on the Philadelphia and Heading
Hallroad, which he ifldn't g.-r because
he could not Qualify physically Then
he was Instructed to apply for a Job nt
the Port Morris. N J.. shops of the II.,
, j
it W.. but his letter of application
I elicited no response Later, of bis own !
volition, he got n Job with the Put, II 1
Service Company In New Jersey
Mr Maker, the accused president, de- j
clare.1 he had got Into dlrhVultlfS 1
through disgruntled pupils who hsd
.,,.,,. ,,, .,. rhe required ..laminations
of p, Bnleh the required course He had j
passed X.'MO pupils and had OOearod Jobs I
for 6.U00 graduates.
For Only $24.
The Magnificent Troupe Bed.
It gives two rooms in one. An
day. A comfortable
That Is Why
We Are Now Able to Offer Every Troupe Bed in
Stock at a Substantial Saving.
Mahogany finish
Birch, ititr . pslnted , -
$24. OU
HA, Golden Of Egrl)
Hound Cnsmel, i-m
trimmed, val:r. or
briftit finish
Bird,, waits runnel tin-
11 II
t$ Maplr 30.00
Ths Troupe Be Saves
MM li IN sin tiiidi lit nil vi
M-irber Fwsio.l Itead on liny He Wast
One lleporf.
r:.!aar-,l NrseCO, ssl twenty-flesn e
b ... rnDlo.l In i sh in at No.
i - ' md lying on thai
BOOl - ' l ie sh ip with Is t'.roat cut teJIa
when Phomaa spsto IH
vn ambul i s irse n said ha
been dead for ml aowra
i .. ,, ilj re i in S - an I rasqna
on,, I iss.gti for ' " a is I rat I'sr-
.. ! i paroled ,r an ' wee
inr to reporl lo-dsy t e'ther the pre
betion '" J etae wao bad
trle-l his rnse
worrying I ban
T id- sei i he .in Dean
d iys.
fOISE annoys at
i re a man.
But never the noise
of cool Rheingold
foaminw into the
glasa. Try it
Boar, brewed in Brook
lyn by S. la bmann's
Sons. Sold by all deal
BVa, Only dollar for
24 bottles in (.renter
New York.
Be Sure You Know
the Inside
Yutl t-nmat Hi lej" t h
-rtaiitv f a i-'au-. by the
ike of Ilia CM U
Hit in i : w ism-' i
sUm iiuttetruil il. at iiiakt
i - umttt'
hir reiHitallun f
IV. etrftilr rrliatt lmn
ri.iteinntetii (tat-) liat'l.
neaailv Ji" ea,n int f
Imre rnt t..1 C - htgtttal
r lnt in utir Ittrat lo
t nuntrnt
$190 to $600
Built to l.att Fortvr
Perfection In Line and renstrurlloa.
Slightly I ied and Exchanged Pianaa
$75, $90, $100, $125
1 stool. Oases, rsrttse gad etuec raca.
IMsnui Heine 1 '-T (II Is II isir Month
Itrritsl. All wis OS I'm hise.
first ertse plarer
piano l oosralrd bv hand.
msreled bv hand, fowl Dedal or
rln-lrlrltt. O.'IIHI l OI.IMMI.
Wrer Broa.' Factory Wareroorrae.
Ill West nd St.. Near th toe.
I'l 'lit 1 ' y i.i.r,j. hy ; i ' ti
W. Uth UphoUtcry Co.. Tel. IMS
ltt W. Uth M. Chelaoa.
6 IV. Sllll CSVerS, Kren.-h M-ien S3.3U.
writ. I'tion.. man wilt rail trirh .f,;4..
.'IV .
Solid Mshogsny,
dirk, or
square BaSBltli bl
trnnnird, satin
t righ t finish
Knund Brass, sum
bright finish
. i ClSSlst Walnut . .
Square Irsis. satin
bright finish
l -s
the Rent of One Room.
INI I ii It III it t:i Ll'SIYBLV,
- i
sa k
l PoJttiontotA
40 Weat 34lh St., bet. Stli and blh Avea.

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