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Zdtner, Fearless Tribune of
tip Pee-pul, Running for
Alderman on liast Side.
Three-Cent Carfares and Full
Liberty for Pushcarters
When He Gets In.
T.euts Zeltner, K .. ftarlMI Tribune
of the I'cc-pul, Mid prMf MM! of the
eaat ilde, who knowi everything that
happens In that Interesting section oi
the city, end known what clue to
happen before It happen, ami then, If
them Is any Chance thai It won't hap
pen, Biekei 1 Ifi that It does iieppsn, ao
that t'.ic Inl urmail"n-hungry n-wspa-
tenohere tell me? Hon't I know? Ain't
I trills Zeltner, the best reporter on
the east aide?"
"Sure, Louts," the throns assented.
'"Wall, and the law mikes Hi vush
Ban peddler a criminal. What docs ha
do? Nothlnr. v'nty peddles. When I am
Alderman, with your help, long life to
you, I will fix that. II fin I some wav
to make It eaMer for tht-n to make a
"Yes, and look nt (Irani street since
the ferry atoppe 1 running." laSgHUd
Iuls, nweepins: an eloquent arm In the
direction of that thoroughfare three
blocks away. II" was warming up now.
"Look at It, I tell you. What Jo you
Maf Nothing only store filled with
stock, hut no -ustomers Why Is that?
Because ths ferries slopped runnlim.
And the mothers and the DSblea, long
life to thoirwwhero can t' ay k.i now f'-r
an excursion? On Ih bridge T e-t I
ain Alderman, with your help, lot, life
to you, i win ahead all that, i win ln
iduoa a hill h ythe Board to tell the
i'uhllc Servieers to tell the ferr tnat It
must begin again.
"And look at the workingman. Every
time h goes to work or oomt home ha
must pay live cent to the blood suckers
wh.it own the st-et cars and the fle-
eatof ronds and tht MbWO?, I'll stop
that, If I am elected, with your help,
I 'tig life to you. Th'cc SflU Is eSOOaB.
Kldn't Hie sieve tOT an Allan street nee
to charge M cents d'trlnu the middle "f
the day and live canta ahan the work
lagneS went to Work or Want homtf
Mure they did. I know AJn t I LuU
Zeltner, the lw.it repolier III I ha busi
ness? Well, three i:,ti i; ail ti,e Will
be :ih!e to c.l..i:e token I u:n All i-
'"Murray for I MM .eltnir, the
people's friend'" BtlOttted OAa ol tht
Socialist,' and the boon of response
almost smashed tlic srladOWe,
' Not M loud, b ys." admonished
lnuls. I.v. icing H"prehenslelv toward
tha roar rooms. "You know i
e.eiit ohlMran now. Wall, p etly
tnayhc 110V. week, that! Is to be a
either, and we m it lie careful.
it it's a b v, fii hava I ha i iget
ntllah' dnky thai the sad sni
raw, and you're ell Invited, ROW,"
If .lames gvJUtfe, .eitm : a OPPOIMht
ho i. .is baoa nominated for the fourth
tuna, especte u walnorar becauee IIM
distr!", la nonilnallp Democratic, he
will find l.l i self mistaken, Louis, for
sll the goo-1 naiiiriil fun that 01? ha
h.id at his expense. Is h. loved by tli
pe ple of hj naif hhuHllMsa, Pour as a
church-mouse, hf Is readv at all timet
0 s.i ire l! laat dollar witii an otM
who makai a wry faca ind lalli bin
I hard-link story. Me lias sill hunl
i'ds of rtOflaa ahnnt the e.ist slda to
l,ie newspapers at ieecerStoe, btti Ills
stories a boat Mie etiarltaSto Inatltu
ti.ois of the s M n hive Ik.oi Hie means
of turning nondreds snu taaunuMM of
dollar! In" Ihisr treiauiles.
Mil great hd for the affections of
the east side WM mi.la In 1MB) when a
blood aaauaatton hung ovar the heads or
tha .lewa f Tamo, ttaUcia, loVanoa
. an eighteen ye.ir-old youth, h id
fled from Miliary enlee and h.id hid
himself In the OallCUta sec-Inn 01 the
eist Pkla, 8evral peasants teatlfled
I list the hoir had been drowned bv hts
P grant! ba U ha had talked of marry
ing a girl not of his faith.
Tha boy'g fitlier an.) uncle, and then
others wire lndlce, f.tr murder. Praia1
t il y tha synagogue authorities c ibled
!n ths Jewish newspMr of this city,
giving a daacrlptlon of tli buy. Louis
t 0 it end found lilm. and a fund was
raised win h mi de.1 h n to c0,u,.t the
boy baca I Tarn.. and produce him In
i-t while th" ttlil w is in progress.
I'..- this he lece.ved a set of engrossed
raaoiutlona Iron tha .tews ol Tarnow
and tlie evrlsstlng gr.itlt'ida of his
nelghbora Who liall ft in the same Baa
An automnMla ownod by Mrs. Oaorfla
f nhrady ot So m Raat sixiT sersnth
streat, mother of Mrs Bdwln Oould, and
occupied by Mm. Lydla O. rrawaB,
relative, ran down nlr ' year-old Rocoo
Muaorofltl ol No. 2BI Mott atraat laws
yestsrday at I'rlnoo and Lafaystta
Tho ohaufTetir plckad tha boy ug and
sped with him to tha Hudson Streat
Hospital, afterward driving to tha
Laonard atreet pollca station. Ha waa
not placed undtr srrost. Tha boy dlad
at midnight
pra may be spprlscd thersof at space
rales, triad to iltep lata thin morning.
Ho liaaded tha rest aftaf the unpre
cari. nt.-.l ova i which followed Jilm
fre-n tha Republl in convention hall
of tie Fourth AiUermanlo Dtatrtct,
vvbeVe ha had been nominated for .
darna ai J iuna around his modoat
home at N , i'.it atreet until dawn
began to break.
But tlie. Inalatanl clamor of Ml tcle
phoue ball, and tha Incaaaant rapt.ing
at his door, broUBht hlni out of bd,
tj hear ar.d ! roealva more eongiatula
i.on. and mora aaauraneai that party
lines were down and that tha winds
dtttrlcl Intended t.. vota for rim. re
gard !o.-.. of i luancea Even s-uclal-lsta
were among the Ciingrat Jlatory
throni. uud they vowod that. Imitating
a certain Colorado OovtrtsOr, they would
vade through blood to tiio boot-tups
to land him I i a leal nt tha City 1UII
afth a yearly salary at K.hv.
"I tin i tha mon. y," Louis admitted
to an Kvenlng World reporter, who
found him in the midst of his first
unip.i.nn a. I. ire.- , ,i - .., stood in his
Notary l'.;bllu'a uMco, wbtob li al.-u
hlg front parlor. Louli wag in half
ntg'.lgco. lll.i iliil.e:-.- ha I iiol given
hm time to put mi shirt and collar.
Tqui democratically, us u his natura,
Louis was talking,
"Look ut thi children of the push
can peddlera," he aald, "Who makes
tie inartcst lawyers, the smartest
doctors, and w.ti.s the si .lolarahipa at
CafnellT Who Is th, cpe of the future
of this great country? Who. with all
my in i: t, l ask youT Wiio
"We i, LO s, WO 1'P guessing. YOU
toil us," Broke la an Impatient auditor.
"Why. the children of the push oa.t
peddler," dc lured Louis. "Didn't tlie
Makes a Pint of Finest
Cough Syrup.
Cheap anJ Effective. Too.
The miit effective ami eco
nomical coucli lyrup tun be
muile nt hone by any one, and
in ihi Jay of biah prieai fur
fooihttiff uul rlol.bin any fam
ily can apprai lata a sat ins? even
u n aeceesity like cough yrui.
Tint, obtain of anv iveil-
gtocke ! druguial iVj ounces of
itiiBBf b nautho-laxano, Empty
it into a pint bottle, Than take
u pinl ol granulated aupnr, add
a lis If pint of boiling w ater, put
on (int uud I'd COtua to a hull. ,
Cool nnil pour in buttle. Shake
the mixture m "Il and take u tea
spoonful every hour or two
until rough II broken Up) Until
tnlc whenever neceesaryc (iive
children lew accordini to age.
This inixiiirc wilt break up a
robl nn.l euro cough much
more rapidly tlinu any ordinaiy
m x 1 1 1 1 1 ' . because il la not con
ttipatinSi but luxativs In action
when S tu II) doaea arc lnken
daily, U ybur druggist does not
have mcntnobtxenOi bo gan tib-
tain it for you from 'he whole
sale firm, try ibis iplcndid
ret ipe ami you will uevvr aoul
Manufacturers have co-operated with the Gimbel Subway Store in arranging
This Eventful Sale of Women's Suits, Dresses, Waists
& Misses' Suits & Coats, at away below regular prices
Otherwise this remarkable offering would be impossible at the very opening of the season. The big
savings would sound too good to be true. And the co-operation was not all on one side. We have likewise given
up our profits lor this eventiul sale but even more remarkable than the low prices are the new garments;
The styles are the most approved- just what you would
probably select at regular prices many of them pleasing copies of
much higher priced models.
The materials are thoroughly dependable, good-looking and
good-wearing, the satin linings arc afl guaranteed.
$22.50 Corduroy Suits, $17.50
Like the illuMration; cut on cxcepticrally grorl lines ar.d btnutifully tailored: thp OOBt la
rntin lirrd and ir'cr-limd, v'th inside Borketa, iurpe ravtn and two buttona. The skirt is a
biRh-girdle model, parol hark uud fror.t, linithi d with aclf-covertd button. Vi e have this striking
suit in black, r.avy and brown. Sizes f.cm 31 to 44.
$15.75 and $18.75 Tailored Suits at $11.75
The Benson's most approved models, one like the illustration, and nil sizes for small, medium
and large v.onien; plain tailored Suits, those more or less trimmed, the modified Norfolk, and
regular Norfolk suits with belts. Among the handsome materials are mannish mixtures, serges
uml cheviota. All are lined with guurantccd tutin. The skins are splendidly tailored with girdle
and stitched belt.
$10.75 and $12.75 Suits at $7.75
A eleantrre of or'd Suits, nlout 1"0 in the ccllrcticn. A gnat variety of styles, mainly
plain tailored models. All sizes in the collection.
$7.50 All-Wool Serge Dresses, $5.75
An especially striking r.fw Fall model, like the illustration, square r.eck, hull slieves nml
deep cuf s tr n ired with two-tone shades of mat ill I 111 in gruy, navy, black, king's blue, .uim t
and brown. Sizes 34 to 44.
$12.75 Dresses at $9.75
200 new models for itrcet or evening wiar, one like the illustration. Kjtrrptionally well
made, w ith dttp revirs, lace oke ar.d sailor f oliar: M me velvet trimmed. The material' :n"e
u rges, Kol.em s and mcsfaliniii, in gicci shades of brown, Copenhagen, thick, navy, rose ut.d
gray. Sizes 34 to 44.
The tailoring is first-class, measuring fully up to the rigid
Gimbel standards; and please do not overlook this we have all
sizes, all the wanted colors and shades, and a wide variety
to select from. All will be ready Wednesday morning.
$13.50 and $15.75 Dresses at $11.75
Cne particularly pleaaii g Dreaa, like the illustration, la nicely tailored in tha new coal model,
with detachable lace yoke, loa or high neck, with button-trimmed skirt, panel hack hik! front.
The material is a One serge, v Ith Bengali ne revere, trin mad with meaaaline and satins. We bava
this dnss In white, old mat, black, brown, purple, cuiiet. Sizes 34 to 44.
$2.75 Silk Waists at $2
350 waists, in two splendid modi !s, of good mteaaline; in blue, bluck i-.nil jasper; nicely made,
with high collars and three-quarter sli eves. 1 .ind-t Blbll ld( (I front, or with tine tucking through
out ; wide, kmie-piuiti d side ruffle, and finished with buttons.
$1.50 Waists at $1
A gnat variety of tailor-nu.de and lingerie Waists; among them are attractive new Walltl
of pure linens, lawns, crepes, percales, line us, tc. Included are plain blue, blin k and white
Waists, as well as many smart, new strii-nl pattern! ; some with Kn nch collar and culls, ituT
(olhirs and ruffs , mw Glbaon styles, and many Others, S ma inn nml with Valencuius, cotton
Cluny lace insertion, others plain. Long "r short bleeves; all sizes.
Misses' $15 Tailored Suits, $11.50
re, trimmed with ailk bi id and lined with
guarantied ai In, Five other equally attrin live modell of th popular blockand-whiti striped
fabric s, mannish mixtun , and ot in is equally d( -iri'ble. Sc tne are plain tailored, others eTactivtly
trm mad with silk l raid ar.d wide satin lapeli, and other 1 1 using et acta. The coat.-, are thenew
short rrml-fltting models; the skirts are panel ii k and front. Bites 14, 16 and 18.
Misses' JF9.75 Long Coats at $6.75
Six pleiisir.g styles, one like the Illustration, very well made, of all-wool, heavy-weight
cheviots, in blue, tan and gray. Some are plain tailored, othei are braid-trimmed with sailor
collars and cutis. Finished with large, fumy buttons; gbiei 14 to 10. Subway Store, Balcony
14 Styles of Women's $3 to $5
Shoes at $1.95
Over 6,000 Pairs in this collection and, naturally, all sizes
and widths, in some one or other of these good styles.
10 big counters full of them, arranged
according to size, to make selection easy.
Come expecting to find any style you
desire, for there are:
Gunmetal Calf Shoes
Vici Kid Shoes
Patent Goltskin 3hoes
Black Satin Shoes
Velvet Shoes, black and colors
Patent Leather Shoos, with
brown Kid tops
All are weli made. nicely finished,
to $o shoes. Some are widely ttdverl Iced
makes. Of course they have either
welted or turned soles. Another re
markabie offering at 51.95 a pair.
Practically the entire shoe section
of the Subway Store Balcony will
be given over to this sale.
4'4 Dozen
Bulbs for 50c
or less than half price
for the combination of
fering following:
1 dozen Daffodil
1 dozen Tulip Bulbs
1 dozen Crocus
1 dozen Narcissus
Yi dozen Hyacinth
Total value $1.27;
special for 50c.
Mall orders filled.
'Only two i" a customer).
Subway Store, Lai buy.
TrilRTY -THirtD ST.
More Than 175,000 Yards Of
At Far Below Regular Prices
A concerted movement of all these important lines in the Subway
Store. Youmay have had the op j ortunityto purchasesilksordress
goods under-price, or draperies or floor coverings under-prlco,
But soldi in is pres nb d an opportunity to purchase not only
silks and dress goods but laces, embroideries, ribb n i, linings,
trimmings and all other yard g ui , for diTssmiiking. as well ai
table linens, toM line, muslins, flannel;, draperies and floor
coverings fur the home, ut far vehu i 'guUr prices.
These offerings below, one from each section, suggest the
remarkable economl
$1 to $1.50 Silks at G5c Yan'.
$1 and $1.25 Dress Goods, 650 Yard
$1.35 All-linen Table Damask, 75c Yard
12' ..c Crash Toweling, 9c Yard
40c Allover Lcces, 25c Yard
$1 crd $1.2( Allcver Embroidery at 5Cc Yard
18c Wool-Finish Challis at 10c a yard
10c Bleached and Unbleached Muslin, 5c Yard
12 1 c Outing Flannel, 9c Yard
8(3c Taiiors' i-erge Linings, C5c Yard
Dress Trimmings at Half Price
Ribbon Remnants below half-price
$1.35 Inlaid Linoleums, 7cc square, yard
15c and 18c Cretonnes and Scrim3, 8c yard
-a. Subway m MJ0 t
The Finest Showing of Gloves
That Has Ever Been Made
in New York"
People who have watched Glove Sales carefully in New York
for years Rave this as their expert opinion when they saw tho
whole Main Cross Aisle and a fart of the Center Aisle entirely
devoted to this extraordinary Glove Occasion.
All day yesterday enthusiastic women and men came in throngs
to secure their Winter (.love supply at the low prices this Bon
Murche Sale makes possible.
For there are 84.000 pairs of Gloves in the sale all of them
perfect , in fashionable Fall and Winter styles, desirable colorings,
and full size ranges to start with. Most of them specially made
for Gimbels by the best French makers, and freshly out of their
boxes for this selling.
Some of the Muff lols are entirely gone, but new groups
appear today, as others will tomorrow. Here is the index to
tomorrow's offerings:
$1 Pair for Woman'a S1.20 Cap
Olovoa, ona-claap.
78c Pair for Woman'a $1 Olaea
Lambakln Gloves, two-claap.
Sl.Hfi Pair for Woman'a $3.60 18-
button White Olaca Lambakin
1.16 Pair for Woman'a $1.60 and
$1.76 Olaca Kid Olovea, two-claap
$1.60 Pair for Woman'a $2 12
button White French Lambakin
76c Pair for Woman'a $1 Olaca
Lambakin Olovea, one-clasp,
pique sewn.
$2 Pair for Woman'a $3 16-button
White French Olace Lambakin
$2.26 Pair for Women'a $3.26 20-
button White French Olace
Lambakin Oloves.
$2 for Women'a $2.76 French Olaca
Kid Olovea, l; button, in black,
white and tan.
$2.60 for Women'a $3.60 Mouaque-
t aire oi ace iua oi ovee 10- duh on.
$1.16 Pair for Women'a w tenable
Olaca Kid oioraa, two-eiaap.
$1.26 Pair for Women'a fl.TS
French Olace Kia uiovee, iwo-
$1.76 Pair for Women'a $9.10 1S-
button Mousquet aire L.amDtain
Olovea, white.
76c Pair for Women'a $1 Mocha
Olovea, gray, 1-claap.
$1.16 Pair for Men'a $1.60 Knfliah
Cape Olovea, 1 -butt on or ona
claap. $1.30 Pair for Men'a $1.76 Or ay
Mocha Olovea, one-olaap.
60c Pair for Men'a 76c Kayeer Or ay
Chamoiaette Olovea, ona-claap.
76c Pair for Mlaiee' and Childran'a
$1 Olaca Lambakin, Tan Cape or
Oray Mocha Olovea, one-clasp.
Main Floor
The Victor-Victrola IX. at $50
This is o very popular type of the Hornless Victor-Victrola and
reproduces tha wonderful Victor records with great volume and
richness. The merits at the Victrola, as an inexhaustible fund of
entertainment and of inspiration for the knowledge and love of
music, are so universally appreciated that it u sufficient to say
that the Gimbel Talking Machine Rooms have an adequate sup
ply of this and oilier types of Vu trolas and Victors, together with
the full range of the new records, any of which will be played upon
request. The price of the Victrola IX ii $00, in golden oak,
weathered oak or mahogany; and it may be bought on easy pay
ment;, ut the rate of
$1 Cash and $1 Weekly Fourth Floor
The China Store
Rises to Remark
That, mingled with the superb new collections of fine China, ex
quisite Art wares and glittering Cut Crystals and Table Glass
waiv, there n- many a special inducement for the housekeeper in
such unusual offerings as these.
Dinner Sets
At $10, i$20 in our regular stock)- Austrian China Dinner
Sets of 100 pieces, with pink bouquet decoration; gold lace edge.
At $7.50 ($12 in our regular 3tockj 10t-piece Dinner Sets ol
thin American Porcelain with soup tureen and three meat dishes.
At $16.76 ($20.60 in our regular stock) - Limoges China Din
ner Sets of loo pieces in pretty floral decorations with stippled
gold handles; an open stork pattern.
Deeply Cut Crystals
At $6, regularly $k Tall Claret
Juh, Venetian and Mar cutting,
At $2.60, regularly 14.26 s-inch
Suluil or Fruii Bowla, point star.
At $2.26, regularly $3.76 Mayon
naiM' Bowl uud Plato, oaone out,
At $6, regularly If tall oor
u'i mIium largo atar cutUng,
At $2.60, regularly $8.76- Kern
Platan, v it lx nlwr iilutnl lining.
At $2, regularly '.'. Cut Sugar
ami Cream Set, tar rlaalgrii
Table Glass
At $6 lot, renularly $7.50 Fine
Thm Cry. tal gQ ptaaa Table Service
with 1- curh ol K"ltet. wine, conllal,
aauear Champagna and sherry glaaa,
in nil 80 poa., driTian star and border.
60c En graved Tuxnblera at 3 So
dozen, Thin Table Tumbtera, engrav
ed sitli initial in old Kngliab.
Odd Decorated PI atoa, $1 doaen
1,000 doaen large I'latea, highly dec
oratad, and colored edges; sold in our
regular stock at 33c each. An unusual
ufiering. riftb floor
To Purchasers of Our Now
Famous A lum in urn SaucepanSets
Hundreds of people who bough! our Three-piece Aluminum
Saucepan Sets during our September Sale have asked us if
they could buy covers for them. We took up the matter with
the manufacturers, and now have several thousand sets of
these covers, each net containing a cover to tit each of the
three sizes of the special saucepans,
Thete Sets of Covers Are 60c a Set
We still have several hundred of the Saucepan Seta, com
posed of l-qt., :!-pt. and L'-qt. sizes of lipped Aluminum Sauce
pai at $1.85 for the set of three.
We also have just received some entirely new Wear-Ever
Aluminum Steamers:
i-Ht. size, 1.26 2-u.t.suo, $3 3-qt. size, $3.60 6-qt. I tie, $6.76
Fifth Floor
Subway Store, Lower Floor
anylniuii Ut iter.

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