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m-M this a iwr 1n th manner ot
rorltVe fori Payton hci-o-
"I rnird roiM"t for me: nv. It wa
lot 1 wanted SBd eh t irncd IM away
in till ti lies i ii s uiliws I Inn ,o-ii.v Atlor I
i M ""( .ik.l JJluitne n'-out a lOttOf
f-om I ti then Mr. Oiimrotngs, dated
MMM Pall. Kout'i t.. In Octoh, r. i 1
will:! ihn fair HruneJilld wa getting
I er divorce from former Mayor Cum.
mill! at Stamford. Mr. Cummlngt
urged lluaal to daatroy the letter and
the nest day after lerelvlng It nucsi
wrote letter which Attorney MooBiy
produced In evidence.
'War thl letter of youra written In
answer to rha one from eJloua tails?"
lie asked.
ItuJuiolanTi resit Ma letter etrtlalr
vi ,i IsM it w aa not
Attorney .Mooney i M n read the rplsti
to H.e Jury
It rtated positively that fl'.it!e red
destroyed all the letter,, ha I ad re -wived
1 rum hie lady lux . "Keen t..e ona .'
go'- j eatenl.iv," he WrOtt
Attorney M-r then turned Ttnrsle
hark to tlia lender hands of Attorney
Oordon for lodlrsel axarnltiMlon and
Immediately the mystery of 'Mr ft"
waa unveiled.
"WIN la 'Mrl ft' opposing coun
sel rtas eueattone.1 vn about?'' ssked
' She la a Mr rrwe, sixty or lt
Ave year old. who ha twn a friend of
my mother and arml'Ho.r.cr for many
year." . r.-d Ruiale. "MM used to
aea ua nearly every .lay. nnl when 1
waa short of motiey aha helped rue to
go to a senMariuin at Delaware Water
'tap fur a rest. Mr mother later re
: . her."
Attorisrv -Mooney lia.t mada the Insin
uation t "Mm. ft" anil Itniul had
gone to Mia aanitaj-lum together. Kuiitu
a -'ei It ."!n tl understood that the
k.. 4t mora then Diatonic frlend
allp batwedn Mm and "Mra. Of as
" Iw. l. sense hi li n . to-day to
tell who ttie mysterious socothI wrtni
n Is. Hm - made thin eoc.pt a nation hla
lawyer rested Huiste rmae.
Atwsntry Horsier put only one wit
ness aw the -Iain Mary Barrel, a
servant emptor by MUi Nmtth
merely to aak her how long ahe ad
been employed there. He then rested
Ida raae, to lilg surprise of every one,
without puttlnr Mian Mmllh on the
Mooney beams hot adji ass to the Jury
ty espiatn ne; his reason for not que
Mooesg Miaa ekisth:
"Why aoooH I put Urla lady to the
further humiliation of answwrlng these
trivial ohsnfea. siirh aa that of holding
thle yo-ng man'w ItHnd on the train and
rending him tender lovo noteaT What
we have to deal with la the question,
did tide woman promlae to marry the
(..a'ntifl and. If . ds) ahe break her
limllSeT We hope to cbe able to oon
y.nre you that In no W4y have thay
made It clear that auch a promlts waa
uiade or brotcen."
Mr. Mooaay then went after Huasla'a
.'djldilty. Inalnuatlng that he had
nuit hl Job at the Com Ksahanse
Haak not bscatias of II! health, as he
had tsatuVO. but to enjoy a Ufa Of
eaee and comfort under hte mother's
wist and In die witching glow of Brun
hltfs's eyes.
Mine Smlthfa attorney than Pointed
out the abaeuce of any direct reference
IS marriage In any one of the hundreds
or leiterM read by rtU7.r.!e' eounael.
In rioting Mr. Mooney aeathkigly ar
taigned Ituaakelainb for having draged
.1 somas 1 nun" aad reputation before
the public Rimsle eat with folded arm,
ii 'ook of pattmt resignation In his
preltv little eyee." while he heard hu
I rU ii in coming Into court Imputed to
hsat merienary tnotlvea. Not uncs did
Ruitl glance In the dlre-tlon of hla
one-time Brnnehllde, wlu sat calmly,
vlih unveiled festuras, bar tip curled
Nllahtly In appreciative acorn a her l
torney lBmhaaled ': much suffering
Ruislg to a Sattsv
Lawyer Gordon In hla dosing speech
turned looan a mirat of oratory that
made Ruiile perk up ennaldarably.
-We Are not here fq lodge a eaae he
twssg man 01 year and experience
againat a young and Inexperienced
girl," he aald No xntliiient ahou d
guide you 1n eonlderlng thl cae Hern
waa no simple cnorigin throwing
over a bftylah werthert. hut a mature
woman luring Into the mehe of her
love net a tender youth, whore heart
had nevsr hefure known the quicken
ing best of love or the fire of pusalon.
'Del!beruly eiie a tiuirrled woman -ed
him on until he became nor abject
!ave always at her berk and call, hla
heart and roul und mind hers and only
her. For nine yeara ghs kept thli hoy
abaolutely under her control He waa
kpellbound by the deep and all -a hid i mi
love ahe had lnplrel In him. And then
ehs toaaed him aalde."
In hla utlSI'SS to ha Jury Jut!re Rro 11
explained in simple, terae langnage the
course tae Juror ehould take In reach
ing a verdict. He ald they muat deckle
two question: Was thore a piomlae or
verbal contract to marry and If o waa
there a brssch. He urged the Jury lo
wetgli Ruizlelamli teatlniony carefidly
and decide for IlierrisslvSfl whether or nm
he had carried the burden of print and
made out hla case. If they should find
lie had then they ahould bring In a ver.
illct tn hi favor and name th amount
of damagea to which he waa entitle..!.
Preltv Catherine Brophy Is
Mysteriously Slain on Lonely
Road-Y0UIf Man Sought.
TRACDBB, N. Tm Oct. U.-Csthsrlne
Hronhy, a pretty young woman of
Waurtcwn, was found dead with a
bullet In Df left temple on a lunel;.
road near Havannah, Wayne County
yesterday. She had been murdered, ktit
I RgOttVt for tho crime Is mystery
The victim lef: Watertown evr...
rrgtgf, ago and, went to Buffalo. Then
lb met a frtsnd un Monday, and aftci
day of shopping started e.is'c . '.
She arrive." bavuhiiuii early stands)
The county autliorllli-a are aesirhlng
for Albert Penivar.. aged twent-slx,
of Oswego, on the supoailloii that he
nay know aonthln about the critic.
Catherine Brophy had resided In v.ni-
ua i-llles of in Mate. 11 U undersi.j d
she was born at Albany. She 's said to
have carried u considerable aristtnt jf
lit UUtWABcsi
liulepi'iuients May No! Inter
vene in Suit or Sec Rec
ords They Wanted.
l awyers for Dissolving Corpo
ration Refuse to Comment
on Opposition's Attack.
The UnHa ntat rircult Cstlft of
Appeal" thla afternoon denied the petl
1 1 . . ri Of the National rignr tf To-
lac(-n Aaaoe'nllon. the ''Igar Manufac-
turera' Aseoriatlon of America and the
Independent TobgCsg Kaleamen'a Aato
r'atlon of Ameiba that they he gllowed
to exauilns hooks, d" umerit end other
paper of (f American Tobacco I'nm
patiy. The rnurt alo refused to per
mit them to Interiene In the suit of
the, government againat the truit, but
graned permission for Hiem to take part
In the hearing to be held Oct II
Thla wa the ftret aaasolt In the
pr.vnlaed flgbt against fh plan of
lialntrgratlnn of the American Tobacco
fnmpany to bs wged by the Inde
pendent tobneco Interest of the conn
try, who have been nasenihled by Felix
11. 1avy, a former IpScig Attornt-
(leneral, of No. K Liberty street.
loula t. Brsmleta of Boston, the
legal tar of the Balllnger-rinohot con
tnoverey. I working with Mr. Levy for
the Independents Aamuel T'ntermyer
1 understood to hare offered hla srrvlcea
In the fight, but Mr. I.evy dScWsd upon
Itrandels. Mr. I'ntermy er. however,
will get Into the P, it latur aa counsel
for Individual tobacco Independenta
The plan of disintegration aa proposed
by the Tobacco Trust, according to the
Brandels-Lsvy petition, ti fundamentally
defscUva In that It fall In eubataocs
and affect to conform to the require
ments of the decree of Uie T'nited .stale
Kupreroe Court. They claim that the
adoption of the plan would not In any
substantial aense restore free competi
tive conditions In Che tobacco Industry.
The Independents win only their re
quest to bs 'heard by oounsel at the pub
posed plan. They particularly wanted
the written data upon which ar.laied
the tabulations showing the varloua
factories controlled try the TobJWo
Trust, the various brand of tobacco
and other articles produced by them
and lists of the stockholders of ths
various corporation forming ths trust.
Further trouble for ths Tobacco Trust
loomed up to-day whan It became known
that the Attorney-Uenerals of North
Carolina, Houth Carolina and Virginia
would meet In New York to-inorrow to
dlacuaa the piopoawl plan of disintegra
tion. If these &t, ii official reach a
decision that It will not reatora com
peitltlve condition they announce they
also may oppose It.
The It. V. Richardson Jr. Company of
Reldsville, N ft, a truit subsidiary, ha
already objected to the plan, and within
the next fuw day will Ills an amended
petition for Its rejection.
"There 1 nothing 1 care to say about,
the petition flled by these tobacco or-
ganliatlons," said iJwIancey Mooll.
eounael for ths American Tobacco Com
pany. "That la our poatilon for the
present. Until we have our day la
court there will bs nothing from the
American Tobacco Company for pub
lication. Such oplnlona and beliefs aa
ws hold shall bs addraased to th
W. W, Fuller and Junlu Parker, also
counsel for the trust, took the same
MItlon when earn at No. Ill Kirth ave
nue. It 1 clear that the trust duea
not propoae to unmask Hi batteries
upon the taugpsndsAtg ln the neaa-
poii-rs. i nai i. -ir opinion In Us essen
tial details will bu approved by Judge
K. Henry Lacombe Is their belief, and
privately they Insist that the proposed
disintegration carries out both the let
ter and spirit ot the mandate from the
high. -si court.
The Nstional Cigar Leaf Tobacco
Association s an organization com
posed of the tobacco boarda of trade
In a acor of the principal cities of the
rhe Cigar Manufacturers' Association
of America Is n organisation composed
of alxtv-flve different concerns engaged
In the manufacture and sals of clxati
while the Independent Tobacco Hales
mens Association of America I an
organisation of tuhacoo salaamed, as It
nuiiie Indicates.
( omuiomi euli h (ion lo Ury Duck
After BMBSB With enport Derelict
TM learner Commonwealth, of the
Fall River Line, which reached this
city to-day. struck a derelict In Narru
K.i .ett Hay last nlfc"ht After the pas
sihgi-i left, ttie vessel was sent to dry
lock ut UObO Kan (of examination.
I ipt Nb'kerson of the line, said:
"Tho accident did not amount to any
mint; an. i toe nun win prnnably gn
out again to.nlg it. The passengers
were alcp and did nol know anything
ujj.it matter,
"Vim. Kill) Til DAY
au run., e la aim hi, b IT Ui.uu rUa.. "11
'I 111. I lliL.-
nigh ti ter, Lo tfat
a u. pm. a m m
kadi it . Hi 4 iw a ti
llo.frnor'i UUii'i ... nun f. rj u if,
Hill Osts t 1 02 liil
11 lo
1 1 i
PORT or m:w VOHK.
frrtderl h ihr i;n,
in. in
i . ii. , i . . i-1
Ssh V. r
Ji. I t.i.l. Ill
It. ill, I
' Prliia .' iljiel IVilli, tin .,.,.,,
i I .i .u
Li lite
Mill 41
. i aio
. inbntiai
"Home Run
(Continued from First Tage.)
honors modestly. Raker's arm, which
was spiked by P.nndgrass whan he threw
himself Into third base feet first In at
tempting to steal yesterday, waa given
Immediate medical attention last night,
and he la going about to-day with a
bsndafs on the injured member.
The dsfsat of Matty Is the one thing
that ha made old ill!! I'enn turn over
in his grave even If ths Athletic should
not eventually win the championship
For six years now the Athletics have
waited for an opportunity to get evnn
with the peerless pitcher or the maun,
and that result, most happy to them,
was brought about when Baker amashed
the home run drive Into the bleachers
after one man was out In the ninth
Inning and sent the Tolo Grounds spin
ning on Its left ear,
That smash of Maker's was a lucky
tab at that, as he went after a curve
ball that dipped the outside corner of
ths plate. The fast ones on the Inside
had been his favorites, but knowing that
Matty would never give him such a
thing In a pinch he crowded close to the
rubber, and when the bender began it a
outward awuop the Athlettc'a slugger
gave It an awful clout. The hearts of
i.OOO rooters atlll feel the pain that snot
through them aa that ball tore on a
mad career toward the right field
bleachers. The chances art that It has
eclded the aarlea. Hut for that stroka
the iiia.it would i..n,. won the second
game and would now bo 2 to l favorites
Invorllcs in the battle which Is still
To prevent any possibility of delay
and to have a good nlght'a aleep and a
thorough rest the Uiauts changed their
plant after the game an left New York
at o'clock last night for Philadelphia.
Ke know of their Bhang of plans, ami
they slipped out of New Yoik so gulelly
tout not a rooter wa un hand tc ivlsu
them well.
Thousande of fans who have made
plans lo see tho emlru (ones went tu
the Pennsylvania sitaluii la New or's
thl morning ln the DO tiiat thoy
aould get on the special with the
Giants, but to their surpiise thay found
tliat the National I.ihin.iii champion..
had embarked for the battleground
I Waive hours before.
M.'Uraa and ail tbu piayes are very
II re over what they coii!ilr unjust uni-
plrlug by Umpire i.'onnelly, tha Ameri
can League representative on tho base
They d-'Mar he tnaa thrcu mistake
t second base
Tho one on Merkle In the tenth In
ning, In their opinion, 1 th one that
bCBt for ihcin the game. Mua.e hail
i. ad a dash lor eesond and gOOOrStBg
io hi way u thinking sag safe. I'm
pi. j Connelly called him out, and as
e Sal the thl:,! victim that retired
ih side. In tho next Inning HrgO
IgllOWad n lth it Inn-bag er. Now, II
Merkh ;md luen called lift lliey hsure
ti at HtrSOfa wallop sTOUld have SrlVgl
Mo ., i homi and aon lh istn.
Aacle ffOBI the umpinng, liotsvj-,
Mi lira a throw a light on tha g i.ce
ahlch really nils h story of dfl
' The Uiaiila are In a batting slump,"
JaTSk -J ssgassF '
aaai ssW0 IXJa0 s0 ' 1 0 0 , .. i 0ssssa
'SBBBar aUlHu'n LSrr Sa BaV
m. aW - 'bbbT m BL Eal 5 bbbbw
SbbbV sbbbbV' Jsy TO aaF IbV BBSBSW jSBSS Hai
Baker, With the
(. AnLj BaaBSa Hh Ml 1
'BsI IsWrsBi ssWlEl M '
fry j sssBBBSa (S 1 0303 'sss bsbb 1 I rasa BB0 V.
BBBSisxaa?s 0 srsba ' ' 'SBaaaaS LsT ' 1
SSbsbbbbbbI!w sssfVBl
M' ' Mr.Uraw, "and that Is all there Is
to It. Matty pitched beautiful gams,
but how could you expect team to
win when ths batters make but three
hits in eleven Innings? I have nsver
sten our team bat so badly, sad It is
hot altogether 4ui. to ths fine pitching
of the Athletics. Combs pltehed beau
tiful ball, but he was very lucky. Not
one In the game did he have to rssort
to a slow ball or change of pace.
"Naturally 1 feel somewhat hurt at
the decisions of Umpire Connelly. He
may have thought b was right, but
Hires of hla decisions wsrs vsry bad
and had an Important bearing on the
To one who sat In the press bog and
watched ths Olsnts with a calm eye
(a calm a possible under the circum
stances) the trouble aeomad to bs that
the creat macnlne that toro its way
through the West to a championship
cracked badly ln the eleventh Inning.
up to that time the Ulants had got
the biggest ahare of the luck, but Dam
Kortune suddenly switched to the Ath
letics and enough of the luck broke their
wayto give them the game. The crack
ing of the machine t.aa the thing that
told, however. As soon as Collins
reached first on hi single In the lev
el, th the Otoni Infleld, whlah up to this
time had stoud like a stuns wall, want
to piece.
Woman Says He Has Got
$10,000 From Family
by Threats.
Arthur W Kaufman, a lawyer and
uctor living at i tie Hotel Cadillac, was
arrested at the Lincoln Nntlonal Bank
to-day ly Detectives llegnev and Blr
mlngham of the Wnt One Hundred an
Twenty-fifth street station on a charge
of extortion greferred bit hla unt, Mrs
Frank tlreenfleld, of No. 6O1I West One
Hundred and sixteenth s-.rset.
Un QfMBflsM waa present at the 1
ai ret of her neplievv. tihe had tsken j
part in tlio trap Bit (Of Mm, According
to her story, the lawyer haa terrified
t ie niem'ers of hla family for thref
yeaia and extorted H'l.'xii) from them by
11 .1 ik .if threat... Ill mother : Mrs.
Ci tht li Kaufman. aUo . r Ko, cih wat
Oi.e Hundred nnd S'xfcei.th street. R
has a sUter. Mr. Weaver, who lias two
small children.
A few days a.. Mrs. Greenfield not
a letter from the young man ihc I twon-ty-slxi.
demnnitln Bon He said In hi
letter 'he' he "wna going fust." but that
when hg vvcu "the two children of his
llfti P would go with him."
The family lull a con Vreice over
tola letter and d. t.ied to sspssl to th
police Tiie two Harlem detective were
.iks H e d to the case. Mr. Orf.nnel.l
told tliom hr nephew uould undoiibl
. lie folio up his letter with a tele
phOfM Mil. h i told :hn to agree
in meet lilm at 1:7- Lincoln ..,t... .ul
Bank and to ti.k. 'there Stiff Vi.r T.O In ,, KnurniM. " bill (he bollce say ;nat
niurkod bills, g, nl.n Lis money andArtliut Is t'.i pruftt nam.
Mighty Swat
Victim Was Charles Shoe
bridge, Formerly Private Sec
retary to Business Man.
Th body cast up on th beach Mar
New Dorp, Statan Island, last night was
identified to-day as that of Charles
ShoebrMge, thirty-eight years old, an
Englishman who had lived ln New York
for twelve years and had been employed
si private secretary to a business man
in ths financial district. The Identifica
tion ws mads by X. C. Wilson of No.
3el Broad nay.
Although the body has been Identified
the mystery surrounding Shoehridge's
death Is m deep as ever. Dr. Mord, the
Coroner' physloian, says death was
caused by drowning, but the condition
of tho clothing suggests that Shoe
bridge was robbed bafor dead.
Both wrists war cut. The cuts war
clean, aa though made with a rasor,
and the veins were evered. The weapon
did not reach the arteries Coronar
Jackson Is of eli opinion that Sho-
brldg waa robbed on a boat and
thrown overboard In th Lower Bay,
and that the cutting of th wrists was
done with th Intent of making th
case look Ilk on of aulclda
Hhoebrldge, who llvsd somewhere
on Waahlngton Helg.it and was un
married, disappeared on Monday. Mr
Wilson waa notified yesterday that
rihoehrldge had not been home alnce
the dy before. When he read of the
finding of the body and the description
In The World to-day Mr. Wilson wht
to Staten Island and made t.i identifi
Although Snoebrldge was out of em
ployment. there wa no reason for him
to take his own life, according to Mr.
Wilson. He was simple In his tat,
saved his salary when :.e was working
and waa well supplied wVTJi funds.
rtea-od into the back ot tihoebrldge's
walatcoat wu a ecret pocket fastened
with four button. This pocket bad been
lorn open when the body washed aehor
There was a wallet In the pocket, but
no money. The wallet looked aa though
it had been cut open and rifled in a
Lake rtonlinstoa Colonial to riser
nesslos Here,
The summer colonist of Lake Hunt
ington. 4-.illlvai county, will hold their
annual reunion tnia year at mo rami
Garden next natuiday evening 11 Is ex
pected tbey will turn out one thousand
strong, and that the festivities will be
conducted with their usul eclat.
William Adonis Maaon, who discovered
Lake Huntington and blaze) the trail
of Lover' Lane three tlmee around the
ink-, will appear In hi coronation vest
ments and a new diamond ring, the vise
of an overgrown carrot Ho will lead
the grand inarch with ona of tne forty
seven wlnnome heautle to whom ho has
proposed during hla summer sojourn.
then walk out into Forty-second slreat
with him. "
Kaufman, Mn. Qreenfleld eharges,
called up on Saturday and demanded the
money without delay. Mr, ilreenfleld
named to-day nnd promises to have the
money at the honk. The trap waa car
ried out. the money passed and Kauf
man wulked Into the arms of the wait
Ins detective. He was locked un on a
charge of extortion to await arraign
ment In Hie Harlem Police court.
In Harlem Court Magistrate House, at
Kguft man'l request, adjourned the case
until Friday to Ulow htm to get coun
sel. Hail was fixed at 8.".nno. Tn the
... ......... Wniifm,. tvr anl.rMt it.
18, 1011.
Detectives and other Km
Plo)oes Pell of Mrs. Jones
and Diplomat's Son
The trl.il f fh .It for divorce
brought by Stewart If Jones, the mll
llonalie, President of the Cnd!.in
Hrnnze Company ngn nst Kleanor T.
.Tone was ttegun bjt this afternoon, be
fore Justice lifrenhsum In the Supreme
Court. There was a great number of
witnesses, private dstgcttv, employee
of the Waldorf and of the A'.wyn Court
Apartment, where Mr Jones now lles
with his two-and-a-hal'-v ear-old son.
Mr. Jones was tho first wlinea. He
told of his marriage and aM that he
had never condoned the acta of hi wife
ml that he desired tho rustodv of fltew
rt Ogden HIM Jones, the boy.
Frederick W. Thornhlll. formerly a de
tective at the 'Waldorf, told of seeing
Manuel Portela, the handsome son of
tire Argentine Minister to the I'nlted
Htste nd himself mllltsry apache of
the legation, coming from th room of
Mrs. Jones In the early morning, ln
Mardh. 1901. It set a watch on the
room and aw Portela. go to her room
th next day.
With Anthony Rey, a waiter, and tho
manager of the hotel, Thornhlll said,
he went Into the next room and listened
at the connecting door. There was au
dible evidence that the proceedings on
th other td of tho door were most
affectionate Frey corroborated Thorn-
Bather Courdray, a maid a French
thai! ahe could hardly make herself un
derstand, told of a trip Mrs. Jones had
made to Boston with J. Iopnld Brand.
the supposed Austrian nobleman with
10m Mrs. Jones afterward eloped.
Brand or Brodle and Mrs. Jones occu
pied adjoining ap&rlmeuts at the Hotel
Touralne, but the maid was put In a
room around the cornsr. She lold of
th Austrian' visits to the Alwyn Court
ln Mr. Jones's absence and said she
was still In the smpoly of Mr. Jones.
In answer to Justice C.reenbaum the
maid said she had never told Mrs.
Jones anything ahe knew until a law
yer asked questions last Mardh.
EllBlaok. a ballboy at th Klnlock.
In West Fifty-eighth street, said there
waa a suite ln the house which was
frequently sublet by the tenant for
hour or days at a time to select
patron. He Identified a picture of
Mra Jone aa that of a woman who
frequently vldted th apartment with
man last aprlng.
Jiistlc Oreenbaum said he had heard
enough, but Lawyer James W Hyds,
for Mr. Jones. Inalated on a oompiate
record, and that h would call more
Brother of Mrs. Lydig and Mrs.
Root Dies From Heart Fail
ure in Home of Mother.
Henry J. de Aooata, a son of the late
Rlcardo de Acosta and brother of Mrs
Philip Lydtg and Mrs. Oren Bool, died
suddenly to-day of heart failure, at the
home of his mother, No. inn Madison
avenue. Mr. de Acoeta, who waa twenty
five year old. had bean In falling
he r nearly a year, and was under
cure r. John McParlan of No. way
Madison avenue.
Ths doctor waa hastily summoned to
ths de Acosta home at 9 o'clock thla
morning. When he arrived he found
Mr. de Acoita uoad. As he waa not
present at th time of death, he deemed
It hl duty to notify tne Coroner. Csjf
oner Wlnterbottom and Coroner's Phy
sician Weston found nothing to Indicate
that death had resulted from a cause
other than heart failure. Tiie funeral
will tie held on Friday from St. Patrick's
Mr. de Acosta was sn only son. Other
tdsters besides Mrs. Lv.ll. who la In
Pari, and Mr. Root, are Mra. William
Sea-ell. Mra. A. n. etargent of Brook
line. Maas.. and Miss Mercedes de
Was Well-Kuonrn Poet, Hasiorlst
and Magnrlne Writer.
It. K. Munklttrlck. well known for
men vear through his books and
verse, died yesterday quite suddenly at
Stamford, Conn. He waa an English
man by birth and was Hfty-elght yts
old. In 1881 he became a member of the
staff of Fuck and was the editor of
Judge from 1101 until 1!K.
He attained a great deal of popularity
by his ahort rhymed verses on topic
of tho day and was alao the author ot
a number of novel, among them tho
Moon Prince." "The Acrobatic Muse'
.. "Th fllainbangnree." He wai a
newspaper writer Of. experience and
frequent comnouiur
to the Anier 'o. r
Special for Wednesday, the 18th
a.alt IMII
I'M ! ni.ui.' i "
ptirvn box
.. av .a swT ft mm
fl RADII ASHOftTr.'l
mi i-1. oii A
park Raw aad (ortlaum .tree .lore,
All eur store uurn Saturdas
BEE Chocolate Covered
tli. t. . 1 . It nrinuillau . ..1 it'l r-rf
,bnn wlio bu.n't irll iki ni could lluaslm
i'he imseuti nd (Mlsttai mcnirr el te W
111 nil" -rt.'ll Mil Cl.nrnllU C
Vi'- '..7TVn. no-v, VtVix'" iCP-V
The peolfloe' weight In each
I some gin, bottled un- II
as III a i.u.l .1 . ..ii. II
LoCOfTrOtivC Wheel Slips a lire
While Special Is Crossing
Desert In Nevada.
LAS TBOASi Vev.. Oct it -A erlou
mltkgp to President Tafl's trsln Waal
narrowly averted Ute last nlgnt as It
was BfOfSlnf, tns desert twenty miles
aest of Keio. A slipping tire on one
of the trailer wheels of the logomotlvg
was dlsi ivo-o, by the engineer Wh.Ie a
stop was iielng made for water.
The the Was In such condition that It
might have been thrown clear off the
wheel In taking a curve at hign speed.
Mr Ta't's car was seventh In the long
train. There wo a delay of more than
half an hour In getting a spire engine
to tho Hoisted (BOl where the dangerous j
condition was discovered.
SAN FK AN CISCO, Oct. lS.-Oeorge .
W. Inge, sn expert on explosives, ex
Dloved y the Southern FMMIe 111
road, to Investigate the alleged at I
tempt to dynamite the El Capltan X
fast bridge, twenty-five mils from;
Panta Barbara, over which President ,
Taft s train pajised laat Monday morn-,
!ng. expreas.-l ths opinion here to-day !
that the twenty-five sticks of dyna-1
mite found beneath the brldce had
ben placed thare before the Preehlent's
...i.. .,....1 ...I hlin, ...Hi- n i,l l.e..n
BJMeS to blow up the structure.
"It waa nhlle the man was adjusting
the second charge of dynamite," said
Mr. Inge, "that the Mexican bridge
walker, Comer, discovered and tired
upon 1dm. Tho man ran and as it waa
dark no good description of him could
be given.
"It w-a not until later In the day
that Section Foreman Brown discovered
the presence of this charge of twenty
five atlrka of dynamite with the fuee
attached. There was not suffclent ex
ploalve plarod to completely wreck the
atructure. but from wliat I observed.
It aaa clearly the work of an expert "
Poughkeepsie Woman Won't Reveal
Name of Other, Who Is Back
With Own Husband.
Mr. Ruth B. Luther of Poughkeepsle
and Bay Rldg was the chief witness for
herself before Justice Blackmar in the
Brooklyn Supreme Court to-day In her
action for divorce against her husband,
Everett A. Luther, a Poughkeepsle mer
chant. The ault was undefended.
Ths young woman said ahe hail re
ceived an anonymous letter from the
husband of the co-respondent begging her
to hold her husband In check so the
writer could recover tin- love and affec
tions of his wife. He was willing to
forgive and forget everything, he wrote,
If he could only get hla wife hack.
Mra. Luther further testified that she
went to a hotel at New Hamburg and
found her husband and the woman In
tha case registered there under tho name
of "Everett A. Luther and wife " This
testimony was e.jrroberatod. At Mrs.
Luther's request the name of the core
spondent was not revealed aa she hod
gone back to her husband and they were
living together happily again. Just ce
Blackmar granted Mra Luther an in
terlocutory decree.
Eczema All Over Baby's Body
"When my baby was four months
old hi face broke out with e. leina,
and at ixtecn months of age bia face,
hands and arms were in a dreadful
state. The ecscma spread all over his
body. We had to put a mask or cloth
over hi fsce and tie up his handn.
Finally we gave him Hood's Saraapa
rilla and in a few month he was en
tirely cured. Today he is n healthy
boy." Mrs. Ine Lewis. Baring, Maine.
ilond' Saraaparilla cures blood dis
eases and builds up the aystrm.
Get it today in uaual liquid form or
chocolated tablrta called Sana tabs.
T Pins
ThJa la th thnpa of the T
pin tha nw pin with 5
nw Mn us. -a Kverv woman
wanti ihm. Thuv'ra at the
NeUon Countar of lha itad
It.e Departmant Sf rg Aak
fur tham to morrow.
I OS M( si 1 1th St. Tel.2SCfaeiwa.
' -IV. M.ll CUVKRN
il orilfi. Ucrmao Lliu-a,
larad mtli .liruok binding.
v w
no o.imei
Ilk ew.
Vnl. SIN,
r ylii.ne; ouio win .. -
Oooda stJM M "d doliTiireo mi ewsna -so ran.
Special lor Thursday, the 19th
I mil in (TK rOVKKI'.lt
(il.At Y. BAHAMA
npea ettry evealsg until II oVlorb.
neui anlil 11 eVIaeb. .
Cr nsnt.a.j.,.
Car ittLrm St
10.7 NA.eic-aii r
" wt 5... ..-i ir7.cSt
Instance Incltidea the container.
ST s rs
1 un imuci vnai icus IB
11 the truth. I
II All high-class liquor : I '
I st'Tes and cafes. I f .
I Baird-Daniels Co. L t
U,,"" J)
jf you i,. a pe35e pyW pfeno,
. , t '
W r M tt"UW1.
Use Of OUT I11USIC roll library Willi
each playtT We Mil,
Jf you Jjt)y ;l Player Piand be
r mmmm' . i ?
sure to get a GOOD one, befiaus.
you will use it more than the lver
age piano. Peai"e Player Pism
fully maintain the record for dura
bility set by this firm for 67 ytars.
Prices S475 to 57do; easy .pay
ments if vou wish. t
Write for Player bookletanJ
music plan.
12S West 42d St.. near B n ay, K V.
BrMklyo Branch: 14 I laibssb Avl'
Ntaark Branch: 10 Mew SL '
Smart New Pluraevs
Discarded Feathers
Ottrlch fath-n nrm )(
nil in your old p:um
m;ier h . .:,(..:-. -.1
thtjr mrt. you won't tw hi
to : v-i li.. i fi- -nif
bu: tf ut. uaT. rxpemlvftT
rMtn rrm afts-r t iirv haw tapr
ftnatrui ted by tha
London Process.
Wf ara tnr larxf-a m nuf
t urcri of Ult rl E B Tk t H r
th world. mpiot th
blflt vklll poialbia to pro
cura. Thrn our vaat f., ! !tirr
nd rrtm ptc-ta rnulpmfnt ai v t
ui advaatahft Cound uuwharJ
TON hav? nnlT trt Iffl r-iirr-t
ptn of plumaa r .-':
In th Imittm way to rmtllaa
itf lapiieiity nr ottr tnethodi.
Yet London prices trt vaatw
ly lowpr than you'll : .i , i
whure for Inferior norU.
li,--china, Clr-anlriff. Dyaln
and Cuninjc. u
Fathrra (.'urlcd Ml four hat
tills you wait.
London Feather Go.
21 West 34 h St., New YoriV
MF.KKtV On (let. IS, lllll. HMtaR.
Funeral trass her hroi her-In law'p
reeidaac. Nell Mccivahan. 30 Wl'syr.
St., Tharsilay, - r, U. imurniiis Ct
a . . .. ii urn 11 ,i p .
! Ji -L
nl-iscvj. f. '
van - ,ii"m' . -
VioiiU niue-miorvu LUUtTiaier.
MtM Slid rJlUU tc.i.p,... auiairu.
ii( HUblUbaietM in the world.
Home OtflCI and Uclory, ocrgsnluii
Av. and Main St., Union HU1. ii J.
Phone 120 and 121 UNION. rj
Funerals conducted all over. NofR too
small and none loo large. Branches all
over Brooklyn, New York ind New
Jersey. For other information wxit c
phone the Home Office and Facufty or
have representative call Positively save
you money and independent of th
Complete funerals for tloo, 57S.OO
nd t2500
narlani o . si.' uer werr. i nu
fif.- iC 111'
Cnll funcrlntenilaoi-j
ffte. II. w. Jolint-Maurlll Ca
taut .: i, .1.,
b..ilUi Brooklyn
L stands for Lost,
A woe that befalls
Most all of us when
Dame Misfortune cilia.
When treasures ire mlsslnf10
Don't wait for a day, IT
Put send a "Lost" Ad. U
To The World right iwiy.
Then it will be given ai cir
culation in New York City
GREATER than the Hefaki.
Times, Sun, Tribune and Trtus
World "Leoat 8t Found" Ada,
Are Always Prominently3pi.
played on Pago Oppositaiii
torial Page Week-Daya, and
on First Page of Want Section
1 4

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