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(Chinese Massacred By Manchu Troops In Nanking
ftEATIIK.lt Hnln fo-nlulit and prnhnhljr Saturday.
IVRATIir.lt Rain to-night and probably Nitnrdar.
I " Circulation Books Open to All." I
pircuafaii Boclrs Open to All."
Foes, Lacking Ammunition,
Are Unable to Renew Attack
and Massacre Is Begun.
Women and Children Slaugh
tered in Streets Thou
sands in Flight From City.
NANKINC, China. Nov. M. HlaMrlc
Nanking this evening la the ehnmnlea
of the stanch u butchery. Tb s in set
upon a cene of flrr, rapine. deaolgtlOH
nnd butchery Unrecorded In molern
To-night li!.W Manchu ami tmpelal
old-ityl soldiers hold Ihirplo Mill,
where they arc entrenched, while f r n
beneath their stronghold they are driv
ing before them hordes of Chinese out
of the city.
Innocent Chinese levlng every' hlng
behind them are fleeing terror-attU'Keii
and destitute to the shelter in the Adds
at the rear o' the reform force. Th
litter, numbering between JO.oon and IS,
0u. were Impotent to check the slang i
ter 0 rrcvenge the slain be.ume of
their hick uf ammunition.
The revolutionists had delayed a v -or.d
concerted at'nck upon the Manchu
pending the arrival of ammunition im
peded from Shanghai. The Manchus .
took advantage of the situation.
During last night the Republicans
made a demonstration, but did little,
shooting and there were few fatalltlea. ;
The main Inxly of the reformers re- i
malned In camp three miles distant
from the city awaiting the arrival if
ammunition which Is coming In boats
on tho river and being brought across
country on pack horses. Reinforcements
are alao coming from every direction. :
Thev are raw and ragged recrulta, but
determined, und the final buttle prom
laea to be desperately fought.
Tie foreigner are being treated
with ti utmost consideration.
When the gates were opened thla
morning the people thronged toward
the country, ear-h carrying Mis belong
ing and driven by Did Imperialists.
Soon after the carnage was begun.
Since the night of Nov. 8, when the
first attack was made by the revolu
tionist, the Tartar general has en
deavored to terrorise the Inhabitants by
wholesale, excout ions. finiso whose
queues had been cut o.' were beheaded
by the dozen, but to-day when the
order for a general slaughter was given
the w hole native city was Invaded by
the Manchu soldiers, who ftithldMl)
meeiacred men. women atid children.
The aged, the young and babes In arms
Were ahown no mercy.
Thousands of Chinese poured from
the gales until at noon lo-day it was
estimated t lint fully 70,000 persons hud
escaped- Before night full 10,000 more,
representing every class. the mer
chants, ilj,. gentry and coolies, had got
ten away. Meanwhile the Mancliu
scoured the narrow streets of the city
and the houses of wealthy merchant
war sacked. Any ijueueless victim
va beheaded tinned i t t el ) .
Ttte correspondent of the Associated
1'reaa saw several wonton exe ute l and
their children tabbed, and trampled
under foot.
TSte order appeared to be that any
on wearing anytrtttn; white, which sug
gested the white luilgn' worn by the
reformers, must be killed fotthwlth
A white picket handkarohlaf market
I iie PQglnr for death. White s.ioe.s.
(Continued on Second Page. I
Hull A Mhlelicr I nil.
Oriarles K. Hall und I anils A Whicher,
RVpOM the stock brokerage firm
Hail & V!ii her at .o. 111 Broad
way and No. l West Thirty-third
street have assigned for the benefit of
thetr creditors to Owen K, Abraham of
No. W Manhattan a VI vie. r.ukcr
Aaron of No. (I I1 oadnaj ire attontsys
f ir the asilgnni .-
gap Hoi.ll'iro lUlif
iHltai'l Kxtiil.it. l.tn .
lim-lru. t It i it week
tepjrlghl, mil, bf
"e. (The New
Nicolo Grenetti's Arrest Grows
Out of Effort to Prove Alibi
in Another Case.
Three men war arrested this ufter
fi'Kin In the Centre Street I'oU-e Court
mi suspicion of having In en hnpllcfttsd
In the murder at f rot on yes lord a v
morning of Mrs. Mary Hall. The ar
rests were made In n peculiar way.
Nicolo lirenetti was brought Into a
court a prisoner, charged with having
swindled one Rocoo Berrado out of llso.
Tin' swindling transaction la said by
lien id ' to have taken place at 8.30
o'clock thla morning.
ilrenettl set up an alibi Me said he
hud been woi king on the new Cr mm
AquecTQcl and le't Crotori it 7.10 o'clock
tins mot-inn ; for New York. He was
two hours on the way d '.vti, h swore,
anil brought QIUMpP I'otoer.inl and
Antonio Ualllo to prove hi statement.
Th"sc two swore they cam down from
Cm ton Willi drcnettl and all tliree
showed tickets purchased to-day for
passage on a ship sailing for Italy to
morrow morning.
Qrenettl ami his allU wltnsssaa were
held In court on a pretext while the
Sheriff or Westohsstsr county was
called up by talaphone, Ha said he had
four of the five murderers in custody,
and that the missing man in gilt ne
of the three In the Police Court. Ac
cordingly the two witnesses and tit en
attl were at OBca arrested on tin him
charge and In I I without bail for ex
amination. Further DOtalla of the KtlllftB of
Mrs. Ilnll U III He found on fane N.
Retired Hotel Keeper of Brook
lyn Had Threatened to
Kill Her Before.
John T. Kessler, sixty-one years old,
a retired hotel keeper, returnM to his
home at No. :17 Km ty-lxth stu et,
Brooklyn! 'his afternoon in a quarrel-
some mood. He got Into a wrangle wllh
his wife and tisik a revolver from his
Docket and shot at her head, the bullet
cutting bar rtiht ear, she ran down
stairs screaming. He tired two more
shots at bet, both missing, before she
took refuge In the apartment of Mrs.
I'eter Petersen on the first Hour.
Mrs. retersen. at tiie reipiest of Mrs.
KeselShi tan around the corner und
Mllad toe eldest daughter of the Kess
lers, Mrs. John McManus. When the
da ugh ter arrived she found Mrs. Kess
ler locked In the Petersen Hat and
hysterical. Mrs. MuM.huih went up
stairs and found her father lying un
conscious on his hid, with a bullet In
his rig it temple and the revolver still
in his araipi
I ir. Carter was -ailed from Norwegian
Hospital lie found .Mrs. Kessler's In
jury not serious. Kessler was appar
ently dying ami was taken to the hos
pital. Mis. Kessler told the police her hus
band had spent the forenoon look'nK
over property ho owned In Williamsburg
and when he began to threaten tiro life
she was sure he would try to kill her
tn cause he had mude acveral such
threats before Their sons, she said,
have before this taiken several MVdlVera
from Kessler anf have given lln-m away.
She did not know ho had bought u new
TIM Press I'nklUbJa
fork World t.
He Was on Way to Return
Mrs. Swift's Silverware
When Arrested.
A Slender Youth, He Almost
Weeps When Arraigned in
East New York Court.
There was no trace of the debonair
gentleman burglar In the cringing little
man arraigned before Maglatrato
Naumer in New Jersey avenue court.
Kast New York, to-day to answer the
charge of burglary In the residence of
Mrs. Fred Joel Swift, at No. 171 Arling
ton avenue, Blaetlon Night. Instead of
the dashing, de'il-may-cnre crook of
romance, there appeared a slender,
shrivelled youth, whose voice broke as
he tried to tell his story to the Magis
trate and who seemed at any moment
likely to burst into tears.
The prisoner gave his name as K.dwln
Jones, but refused to give his nddre-s
lie said he was twenty-three years old
and an architectural draughtsman
Heading not guilty to the charge, the
joung prisoner waived examination an.1
was held without hall to await thi
action of the (irsnd Jury.
Mrs. Swift was In court, looking aadte
handsome in a blue gown and hat ani
obviously an. II to be merciful to tin
young man. w-js so polite) to h .
when he apji I in her bedroom b)
mistake thai eight and bowed hlmsel
out with profuse apologies.
"I don't want to make a complain
HEiln.-t this man," said Mrs. Swllt lo
the Magistrate.
"Hut you havo already
made one."
the bill of
replied the Court, wailag
complaint thai Mrs. Btvlft
hid signed
for the police.
"That was merely a statement of
facts," exclaimed the Widow. "1 can
not bear to prosecute this young man.
Krom his actions In court and the way
he got himself arrested ami, In fe '.
from the, way he bandied the whole
affair I don't believe lie is of sound
mind. 1 hope Your Honor will at leSSI
have htm plated under observation as
to his sanity." , w
Mastatrata Naumer refuaad to oonside
the widow's request until she had told
him all the circumstances.
"I was SSlSSp In ct.v house electlrn
night Won I 'wakened s iddenly, to see
a man Standing in the doorway of my
1 edrooQli I spoke to him and he an
swered, apologising for the intrusion
ami bagging toy pardon inrist profussly.
From li s appearance I Judged he ha I
wandered Into my hOUS by mistake, hut
1 got up and followed him as he backed
out of tin r ' en.
"I got a good Inokt his face. as he
paased the light In the BbXt room, and
I am sum this is the malt Ka went
downstairs and dlssppSSfedi Then I
discovered the loss of my silverware
and other articles and notified the police.
"About 11 O'clock last niglit n man
called ma up snd siid he n oi my silver
ware. He said ho was lorry he had
stolen the thlngl and wanted to return
thi in to me. '1 sm all broken up about
It.' he said, 'and I wouldn't lei my
mother know of it for the world.'
"I didn't know jtit what to say, so
I told him to eall me again In half an
hour. In the mean time 1 phoned the
police for ndvlcc, Detootlve wunam
Ryan came to my house. In half an
hoar toe man called ma UP again, and
I told Mm to ome to the Imuse and
bring the sllvsrstsrs with Mm The de
tective went OtttStde ami Halted for him
to arrive. I was almost sorry 1 had
trapped the man, lie seemed so penitent
when he talked with me over the
Magistrate Naumer refused to put the
prisoner under observation, advising
Mrs. Swift tu see the lJiatrlct-Attorney
anout It.
"Jones' was then led to Ids cell. As
he disappeared hS SSS seen to bow .his
head upon his (uat sleeve.
His attitude was a deotdsd contia-t
from his manner shortly after midnight,
when deteOtlVe Kyan stopped him at
(Continued on ISOOnd I'age )
119 Ml. N ' s H IMI.lt Mils rnr
A.Ml) OVKKt'llATSi 0.93
rUB "HW Clothing ('orner, IlroaU-
wuy, cor. Barclay Ht., opp. t'ost Ofllea,
till to-day und Hat nr. lay fi.'JtiO Men's
Hults and Winter OverooSta, Mini Idack
tlithet, fancy browns, grays and dark
mixed Worsteds, all size ., single or
douhle hreuated; worth III in any other
Modern Shylock Within His
Rights in Insisting I Ipon
His Witness ree.
I afaurlo Htelnherg of No. Til V ouster
.street caused a rippie ol laughter in
United Htates Commissioner Alexander's1
co irtroom to-day when bs Aramaticall)
1 want my pound uf fielh. 1 will tin '
I testify until 1 receive It '
Melnhcrg had lieeu c.ilied as a witn .
in hankruplcy prooeedlngi peadlns
against M fj, Samuels f (Jo. and the
Ht. Qsllen Manufacturing Company.
Htelnherg is a Jobber ami objected to
coming to coin t to give testimony,
Dial mini it wis too mush ta uk uf a,
. pUBBeSS man to gpi nd a much time
away from Ills Store. Wbsn he had
been called on a previous occasion attain
I bers had said he would nil c toe again,
i Vrs, you will," U surge v. UhltesIde,
, attorney for the rccetver, told him. "Vou
' will come w henever we want ou."
When Htelnherg was called to the
tand to-day be refused to testify, Ths
st'orney told him bS must. Then gtoig
I berg sprung his suttprlse.
I "I was 111 paid Hi w. ni is f(es the
last time. 1 have not been paid fur
coming hole to-day. I w.li nop testily
until I receive my dollar and a halt
I fot the last tlni" ,md a dollar and a
half .'or tO-day."
I The sttornsy looked a' him in emese-
iment. The '-m: ail-s' :n r ,.is ipliealed
to and siid 'hat. while it was the cus
tom to pay witnesses after their tes
timony was eompll ti l, Htelnherg win
within hi tights". He, however, ug
gested that the witness testltv ,md
when he win done e would get his
'No, sir, T want my pound of flesh1
exclaimed Htelnherg
Attorney Whiteside went down Inti
his pocket, extracted three nns-dollsi
bills and handed them to Htetnhoi'g,
who received them with an ulr of dls.
Slelnherg employs as i shipping derl;
Bsmuel Knppinn, who tntad as a
Witness 111 tile ease, and II SaS he'll
found impossible to serve Kspplsn, a.
Ht.dllherg refused adluls-lon to h a tf.tj
to the BfSOOS server. T'li" ' 'o ,c ci..r
d, ...t'd Htsinbsra to a.n.t ins wi
witb tbs subpooaa,
Jits ' bB mP'V. s .
Baf - JlanH LnaV sflawflV SbbbbV ! ' VsaaaaW
sjW.i 4sWPI .aC? (W jgf 'tf " -w
sSsbIbI 0 iSli'sjaP
flBSi aaaaaaKaaaaaal 1
msa J,
TOND of 1st III street firm,
W. I.. vStevens of the Famous
Castle Poini Family, Mem
ber of Concern.
The failure was anmt.ined to-day of
ths Stank Bschang firm of w. I,. Htev
ni I I'n of No in Broadway, WM
street calls it minor buslnsss dlttloulty
Involving lint over tJ,Wi
The members of the tirm are W. Lewis
Btavena and .lames w. Kanntng. The
concern aal short of the market and
h ol rn i'le considerable money In the
last bear movement. Probably otiti i
oat ng lower prices, the Arm sold short,
and yesterday s s arp advance wiped
r m out. A i lerk In the office said to
day thai the failure vg due tu the
refusal of customers to e iKe good thelt
James W. HennlBB, the junior membei
SI the flrm, failed us an Individual In
August, 1MB, when in, was short r the
market. He managed to ialsfy his
' editors nnd wus reinstated in ttie
Btock BgCtaBaaTS a year latio.
In Aprlli MO, he Joined Mr -U ncus
in u partnership, ti was the board
tin tuner of the firm They have a
branch otllce at No a West lTftynunth
Neither Mr Stevens nor Mr Hen
nlng was at the ofBO In lltoadway
this morning. The slsrkl said they
Were OOaSUttlng with their lawyer.
W. Lewis Hlevena Is h son of Col.
Bdwln a. Btavena, of castie point. Ho
boken. It is supposed that he had
oneldarabl money or nis family in
vested In the brokerage business. He Is
one of the trustees of his fati er'a estate.
Mr Stevens was not active 111 the il
falri of the firm Mr Hennlng. an ex-
perten ed broker, di i most of the hiui-
neSS Ho had 1 n n consistent hear.
nd Ills busllioss associates do not nude. -tend
how he eaine to be In such straits,
ii h he graS Supposed to have made a lot
of money i nee the opening of the active
market this fail
S arid Ho hllSI I iirki.h llslbs.
Edward l.auterbach Enraged at
Question About Relations
With Mi s. Van Valkenbur,fh.
Million-Dollar W idow Also on
Stand in Suit Over Paint
ing by Artist Woolf.
The lull against Mrs. Nevada Van
Valkenbiirgb In Justice Dwyer s part
of toe City Court to recover l.'.iW) In
pnumnt for a life slse painting by
Woolf,. uf the so-CSlted Million Hollar
Widow" gowned as "Prima Vera ' eutue
to an abrupt end to-da with the start
ling denunciation of LnWJTar Alex
Strouse as a "blackguard" by Lawyer
Edward Ksivtsrbgthi
Mr. Lautssbaoh had conducted the case
Mrs Van V.ilkenburgh's counsel and
had taken the witness stand In her de
feiisi . HJs tcsllminy priictleally de
term in d thu suit In Stre. Vgn 'lken
bUrgh'l favor, for his slow, Judicially
rendered lapiiai to Mi. dtrvuts'a uues-
t Ions c u rled much W( Ight I'rolunged
iiueatloulng of Mi . I.aiiterhach broiign'
out testimony tli.it Mr'. Van Valketihurgh
had not ordered the "Prima Vera" por
trait and that Artist oolfe had not
spoken of hit hill until nearly a year
after the work was done.
Mr. rhruuse then souciit to Imply that
l.ittrt a i '.oi .. ,..; son 1 1 .merest
In the outcome uf the suit. He aakml
fwlce If Mr. Levuterbach dll not con
shier .himself I "dear, close In I l.na :
friend of tin- defendant."
"You hSVa already asked me that an I
If it wilt do yog any good, I'll reply
again. '.' " .
"I am going to ask y )U a very
catc, per.ioual lUaatlOfll and von
not answer It unless you like to,"
Lawyer Baronse.
"You may ak any question
pleas,' replied
l.auterbach, in
Lawyer t-'ti e deliberately lifted a
Plata of paper t.om the laole.
Were your relations with Mrs. Van
Valkenburgh" he read In measured
win ds, "such Unit st the time I ml your
wife . t d yon to- a divorce, the sction
srenl .alnst you?"
Juetlce O'Lwyui's faye reildened and
his eves glared I I g. rentiv I iward the
i tulsltor. Half rising IS his sent, Jus-
tics o'lJwyer sddrsfssd the Inayoi-wlt-
"Air. USUterbs h, he sai I. "you may
answer such a question as that In any
ay you let:n o. fitting "
"Thank you, sir, ' returned Mi". LS
terhiii'h, who hit lmperturnably in nl
chair, ids smsll syss fsstsnsd steadilj
on his aatagonisi who bad resustsd his
sell. "In lb tlrst place," began Mr.
I .uviter oai h, your Insinuation Is with
out reason snd I I t Second place, sir,
v.u ate a blackguard "
T..o noted lac. e;-'-. ward- e.une slow
ly and Impressively. Justice O'liwve
watched Htrous" closely, making in
effort to reetraln the gtitneas s reply
Mrs Van Vallo nloirgh hid her face be
bind a lace nan lker hli f. An oppre
stye silence was hr "ken by Mr. I. iufer
badi. "And, sir," be siid, "your question Is.
the most outrageous and insulting 1
have ever he ml put to a witness."
Mrs Van Valkenburgh, gowned in an
expensive vnr -col,, red gown of nsll
tu. mess siie. so.d on in.- srltnaa staad
she did not court notoriety and "oat
tlietiewspapi i notices she ha reeelve.l
is due to tie pioiolneiice of her iius
hsnds Winisrn Hayes Chapmaa, da
oaaaad. and ihiiiip Van Valki nburgh,
whom she Is - ling for a separation
Hhe hail oonsefited lo poa for Mr.
Woolf only he, ause Mr. Lauteroai h
said she nilg'H do so gh thought II
would aid him. Hhe was questioned
about her marriage to Chapman, his
death, and as to the time of her wed
ding to Vsn Vstkeab Irffh and her part
ing from him Mrs. Van Valkenburgh
was a Bttlwborn witness.
"Is It not a fa t. .Mrs Van Valken
burgh." ggked Lawyer troUSS, 'that
your husband parted from you bee uise
you Inslstsd that lie pay for this ok
lialntlng an I some "ther things? "
not, sir. I should say
righl her''
Isn't that one
of the grdtimla 'f
u your complaint'"'
cruelly ou allege In
"Itldlculoue!" came
Valkt nburgh, and Ju
from Mrs Van
ice u'Dwyer di-
ire. lei Law. SlluliSu to
isiX is aassuoas av luuss
.uuliiis b.m-
Bricks and Missiles From Roofs
Rout the New Drivers, and Police
Are Forced to Draw Revolvers
to Disperse Mobs.
Leader Sp ys Sweepers Will Quit This
Afternoon 1,000 Police Guard
Inadequate to Protect.
Pierce rioting, in which two strike breakers were mortally injured and
scores hurt, prevented Street Cleaning Commissioner Edwards from nuk
ing any considerable headway to-day rn the removal of the vast accumu
lation of rubbish that is piling up in Manhattan and Bronx Boroughs. The
savage method of intimidation employed by the strikers and their sym
pathizer persuaded more thw half the strike breaklnr, recruits to quit, and
the street sweepers who had remained loyal to the department w nt out In
groups 'l titties and hundreds' this afternoon.
Ttecause of the preialenee of hdence.
Commissioner Bd wards following a ron-
re'eni"" with Mayor Onynor. onlersd
Hi no efforts to remove garbage and
cl i 'he streets should cense t I
O'clock Ihla afternoon. No attempt to
rrsotne work will ls made until T.S0
O'ckSck lo-tuorrow morning.
As the day wore along the riotous
demonstrations Increased In violence
and the prsssnss of extraordinary police
guards did ant serve In the least to awe
the mobs Hundteds of women assisted
In the stoning of strike brSSkSTl from
roofs and Window of tetinrnts
Harb.ige removal In the eongeed dis
tricts of the Kast and West Sides Is at
stiinlstlll mi l Ho ,- Is no doubt but
Hint thi" I'oard of Health will soon have1 Hundred and Twenty seventh straft
to take a hand. Mayor Oaynor refusss I shortly sfter Moeller was Injured.
to Helen to the appeals of the strlks I chased them to the New York Central
b idets and declares thst ever)' em- Railroad irds, picking up I'oltoemar1
Id if the Htreet Cleaning Depart-I Collins on the way The negroes Wee
menl who struck Is out for good. found hiding In an empty car ed
Simultaneously this nfternoon there frHht train that was about to atari
were rlOtS in the Itronx, Harlem andI(ltll
rorkvtlle, In Sbloh thousands of men, ,.,,,,. ,,r,..lk,rM pntned Law
snd women participated. Harlem ' ,.,..,, as the man win struck Moeller.
rtlns the ..-sl prog. f any dls-, ,..iry Wlon, nineteen years old. Of
tllct in ine i-iiy woe:, nix earl- wnr
mobbed "ti West (mi" Hundred and
Twenty-fifth street, neat irroadway.
and a strike breaker was fatally In-
This Parrot
Gussed Lion
S'Lon$, Bird
when the good ablp President Qrant,
w .Ich docked here to-day. sail.- I from
Haaabqyg last week she 1'arrled be
tween her decks, forward, a cuged lion
and six thousand canaries. In the f '
0slS "VM Hie most talkative and OJttaW
relaoms parrot the crew had ever had
... ceaton to curse during the nlgbl
I"he parrot was the pride and Joy u'
an elderly sallouiiin named lleiuiatl
-. i . . . . .-. . uu tii'ii..H An tv .in.l
uould oonveree
Ullages Tlireo
lltiefitiy In seven lun
Uuys ago And found
IlllllSial! lilieiaieu in, in ins porci. i uw
llii and canaries were engaged In I
vocal contest at that time and Andy
i led to look Into the matisr. lis
Hew in between .lei ks. approached the
lion's cage and, a leordlng to tile solemn
oaths of sevelal nielnhers of th
ere present at th time, demanded in
raucous accents :
"What the a I I all till nolss
The lion responded with anotnei
mat and Andy, enraged at lb Insu
lin, c nOUttCSd upon the king o(
beast s tail us It dangled throurh the
,,i i and gripped it w ith talon and
I.,... v .i-l.isl his tail and Andy went
hurtling I ' ' the age. There was a
lulit whirl ,.f variegated plumage, a
sllg it shower of fi ethers over the In
ter. - ti d -!" ators end Leo Mretcheo
hlmeeli coinfortaMy upon the Moor at
the cage ami began to list hli chops.
reinluls. i ntlv.
i . t t not to he consoled, hut his
fi.e's.e malts are pleased with tiie
44 sai,' :; 9t ft peaceful return vwyaga,
Jnred. II- Is Robert Mueller. A tirl,,b
hat i. rtsd from a roof struck him an
the side of the head, topping him from
'he ear' Into ths gutter, lie wee re
moved to J. Hood Wright Hospital,
dying of n fractured skull. A force of
thirty policemen had to draw their re-
ol vers to i lear the streets.
Taylor loiwrence, a striking driver,
was arrested lale this afternoon on a
charge of throwing the missile Vast
struck Moeller and fatally Injured htm.
''' i" i lluttertlekl. alao a striking
driver, was arrested chsrgsd with being
In Lawrence's company at the time qf
the assault. Both men are nesroea.
Potto man Krelloehr saw l.awrenfe
and llutterrield running west In One
No I'ln Kigth avenue, la dying In tin
Lincoln Hospital of a fractured skill.
and two broken legs as a conseouence
of a mob usuult upon a wagon he was
driving at One Hundred and Fortleln
striet and Courtlandt avenue. A torrent
of .ticks and oobbli stonss came down
upon him from the rn if a an.l one of thi.
missiles knocked hl.n off me esrt ami
under the front via ! The stone that
struck him broke his skull and the
a heels oi the lisa Iron cart paaaed
over llltn. breaking both legs.
Alter the Injures man t id baafi
taken to the hospital the polioe manic
two arrests of striking drivers In gfts
bo II from .he ion of Wblcb the rola
sile. laiaisl down The prisoners ant
I lni L'loaal of No. 8331 first avows
and Artoro. Hnerlgllo of No. SSI Si
Ann's avenue.
Toe sinning of strike breaker WUgoSl
followed a riotous demonstration in
iv h i - police guards and strike
.n ialvlng crews of ten wasons were at-
in' i ' ) u in, rn oi a i oios.lllll men
and women
The puliee gaarOs wers
fun e I in draw their revolver and
ummon the rsssrv from the ktorrts
aala station before they could flght
their way ut of the howling thronj
There wero three strike breakers en
each of the ten wagons snJ a guard
uf six mounted men und ten patrolmen
when they left the liable at One Hun
dred and fifty-second street snd Court
la. id aveuue. Crowds of strikers fajf
lovved on both sides of the street. Jeer
ing, until the wagons turned Into Morris
SVenU from One Hundred and PMfty
Mist street. Here the little prooeealuii
ran Into hundreds of men and women
and a shower of misullcs was hulled
dovvn from the roofs. Strike breaking
drivers were atoned from their eeass
and Med from the scene, pursued and
beaten as they scattered across lots
The women on th roofs continued to
hurl down bricks and tin cane upon
the pollen until Captain Ivers arrive.:
from the Moriisania station with h
vita nt
of t j '
riser vu. lie found the guard
tea wegws aVtfMla t-Ma wax

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