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the nreea with a nlghtstlc In one tienS of Manhattan Horoufh will be remilre
and rev-ilver hi It1 other. Ths entire to devote it entire ttentlon to the
force of trlker,rekera hsd tslten to strike
their heels. Thus ended the flri at
IMM to reduce the tw. days acrtirmi-
of atlies and asrhage In the
The first nmve on the p;irt of Com- '
lin.limcr l-'il tt-.i r.ln Venn m.ide under Mi
Thirty link, breaker wore furiously (i:rr., , ittM, C, one Hun-I
dred ana Thi II th 4'eet tnd Broa I I
way, u ni t' thirty vnt"n fare "ent out
with guard of thlrtv pntrolm'n end
tWO mui in. I men Three strlke-hreea--
ers weir unl.ticd I" rich wagon and
they art on' on Ihelr round" In IttM
ur.nii.e of four anil five carta They en-
countered scattered throSgl of strikers J
ill along tlirlr rout.n and UM Work of,
beaten shortly nftet 2 o'ltlock hy a mo
Of aeveral thousand men and women
who lied ICH . crtrm at T.i rd n ve
nae oil Fort -iienth street. A doOOS
patrolmen : I ' nounled. meS had
lOoempanled the rarts through Ihi ;
erom ftublr H on )..:. !. ureal,
Mr Fleet avenue. The; mounted men
i4 nrr.ken op mo i Sftef fOOh rldln
tag row is o,.n ami nr...... a , .,,, .,... .., .,. ,lr, -ded
Ihrm from 'he r
luO Mlnsllca s-s.i
roofs all slori- the rout.
Km th trln of s-.irr.n turned Into
lit a :i . n puce
inoV.n,. Sheriff Quinn Teslifies How He
nut avety stable hid n guard of from
to lui patrolmen In addition to flying I
ThW venue n drn'e thn na of h iwllng .- iuadron of mouoird men Striken
man nd women rurged upon than fr iin I nn.l Ihcir tPglgathlSsri waf Ritliereil
all aide, while brlekl end tonr rained In IIUU moos and frankly declaring
down from roofs and window i Tho I thalf Intention to mak" trnuhla at tha
.ink. breakers were dragged ,m , nrai errori in srnu uui a wag.ni
thalr wgona klrkr.l and eMbbtd The !
"ThrfW" Van Siclcn for
( Suildy'l Man.
ri pniiri in ."rnu nui i w.ik'iii. i . . .
New rerrultn to the slrlke hreaJtlng fi U I I ( )f )K lC) M().M:Y.
pollra wert helplenF. ri'twlthetanjliig , rn. mei nun mwhim m
hat rher drew reviivrra and ueed thrlr eral dlaturla aiid our rn.ui a. taken n
.. v t i iii II I ' i j ft. Ui I
mghr. xh.v m - -"' 7- Leader Favs vV illetl Borrowed
etrlke brcaltera wno were ""i -. w. .
fa raacue tht etrlke
roaipalled to shift for thamaelvea and
flaa for thalr l-aa bafora ahowora of
Tha moh waa aUI rhaatnc and club
bUkt tha tnka hraakeri whan two patrol
KUmi nilod with reeerva rrlved from
tho lUat Firty-flral etreet tatlon In
obarga ef Oapt. O'tvmnor. The polltje
had to drlva lha abandoned aahrarti to
tha atahlee and war hooted and teere.1
II along the route
Mayor Oaynor made a vlgoroiia Uta
rant thU aftamoon In wVrh ha ltd
aanead kka praaaht WbU Wlatfi atrlk
a "tha meanaat and moat arrogant
ptaoa at bualnaaa avar known." Ma aaid
, raply lo quaatlon regarding tha
vrani af tha municipal hetda to break
tin atrtka:
"I can beat aniwer our queatloni by
7ln that tha rlty ofllclalt ara not
trying to 'braak' any atrlka. The drtvera
of tha aah nd garbage wagoim have
nm. their Joba and their plaoaa ara
bata Iliad by othara. Thay are not to
tea takan back. There la great miaun
darwtandlng on this haad. Tha Com
raiaaloner could not taka them back If
ha waatad to. Ha can amploy audi rpan
only from the Civil f ervlea ltat.
"Whan man In city dapartmanU nult
ihay are truck from tha ptyroll nd
thalr employment by the city ! at an
ad. Their place then hv to be filled
tram the Clrll ervtce llat None of
taeae men can erer he employed by tha
cltf Wln unlee they underrn a Ovll
Herri oe esamhiatlo i and get on the eli
gible, llat again That the Civil Service
rrd would ever permit them lo et
tha lUt again I not conceivable.
aa at than will get hack.
Tlta labor leader, wha came to ee
in demanded that the city of New York
caaae to remove aghaa and garbage at
night. I told thorn tha day removal
naueed general complaint throughout
the city of the aahee flying In the fares
aad ayaa and clothe of people and of
tha email af the garbage; that we there
fee eh fill la night removal. le
tha math ad In many ar meat cities here
1411 Da Kalb arenua, Brooklyn, fin hi
way to Ktnhle H on Torty-olghth atreet.
near 1 I ret avenue, ' . wee ettacked by
three itrlker and beaten into Imenil
hlllty before three po. Icemen raecued
htm. Ha wa clubbed and kicked by a
dor.en man. Burgeon Miller removed him
to the Flower Hopltal.
In the llron detach. J group of etrlke
breaker! were uaaaulted In many place
ss.ooo to "Contribute! at
the PrimariL'S."
Sheriff Thitmea M. Quinn. leader of
the lfeart Indepenrlrni'e Irague !n
Queen County, to-day told Jui. r
John J. Oaffney and Frank Harvey , I Hcudder In the Supreme Court of
both of No 101 Wat Tttlrty-alxtli treet. Queen County how the "Reform" ele
were attacked on their way to Station ; mnt cnie to , behind William ffllletl
No. 1 at One Hundred and nrty-c ona
treet and Courtlandt avenue. One of
the attack. ng atrlker drew a revolver
and ahnved It Into Uaffney'a (tomiich.
Itrvv m..n mcd to knock tin' WinpoO
a- eM it fell into the gutter. M- I Republican candidate
Jr Juat a the former candidate has
making frequent trip to hi banker.
Although the Heirt party had tent.i
tlvely Indorsed Judge 'an Slclen, the
Quinn swllcti.-il
Several detective reecued th I hU view, he ld, on Oct. 7. after a tn-
heard a lot of rumora that tho nomlni
tlon wmh bought. He anld that he had
talked with pi ron in hi in loon.
W. iMil you in any ronveraatlon any In
Mfeatanci or effect thin: That Wlllett
and c.'n , . mi out two yearn ago w.i -n
the ulllrr, ,,f Siirrlfr wan lo Im voted fir
and the trouble rthrtetf, and Wllletl
eanled Jimmy lllckn? Iniring thecam-
pelgn i heard wniett at thin raner gayi
I"), iy ,:( ro crooked that he could hale
behind a ofkgafaw, lie la crook. -d
from the bottom of hi feet to the lag
of hi curly head?" A. Ye, elr.
FOR 140,0007
W DM you tell reporter that Can.
aldy ent for Walter and told him that
If he could land Wlllett for MO.noo he
could hgVt the nomination? A. 1
talked uhout It u a rumor.
W. DMn'l you tell the name man that
Johnny i run in wan to liu Wlllett'a M0
retury If he waa circled? A. I aup
poaed thai he would be, because of
their I rlrudflhtp.
W. l'ld you lei him that Wlllett kept
Ml word and paid over 40,ijo In taWbl
A. I only eald that 1 had heard auoh
I uinoi n.
I'lnnnd down for the names of pi-r
bbnl wlin had given him hln Infornui
tlou, Hrsdy nald that he could only re
cull man named Jimmy Doyle.
Q. Uliln't you tell a reporter thin
(Continued From First f'ngr.)
men from Ihelr assailants and rreeted I minute tlk with Wlllett. whom he ImiI r'body ln.,'ar ockaway waa Ulk-
ii'M iinfn i" lit- u ti i im i ntt lull)
"They then aaJd that, the city should
hSM two man to .oh aart iaatead of
oaa, gjad that tha mea abosud be paid
rears. They said tha Job waa too lonely
for save roan la the dark winter nights.
Thay also eald the Job waa too cold at
night, although tha work ought to keep
af man warn. I told them that the
night eervioa would not be discontin
ued. I also reminded them that the
caaw waa not llkt employment by a pri
vate Individual, that tha Commissioner
only employ the number of men
tor In the budget, that he
could not spend money which had not
beam appropriated for him; that the men
were ha public employment.
'The cans are mede of size for one
meet to handle, not two. I also pointed
(wo of tho strikers.
The musurlni; of strikebreaker in
th various barracks established by the
Street Cleaning Department continued
throughout the night. Private detec
tlvea were engered to esoort the men
In little hunches. o that they could
Irlckl Into the stables without at
tracting attention.
Forty sweepers who went out from
Station O at No 44 Hamilton street on
the 7 o'clock shift had been out only a
few moment whim they marched back
and said they were afraid to go on
sweeping. They said that they had met
pickets on every corner ,.i.d that they
had been threetrned with death It they
did not Join the strike.
Street Cleaning Superintendent Donlae
ent for Inspector Cohalan and In
formed him that It would not go safe
for the sweepers to go out without
very stroiiti police guard. Then It was
arranged to divide the sweepers Into
squads of ten and attend each euukd
with a guard of tour pstrolmen. The
guard of tlfty-flve policemen at the
Hamilton street atable waa Increased
to 100.
Mayor Oaynor manifested his deep
concern In the situation to-day by send-
that It wun common rumor.
been paid for the change of mind and 1 CJ. Yam don't know anything about
ticket, and alao denied that he had t0 payment of any mom y to any bod v
urged upon Judge Van fflden the ! i by"1'I!? A' Eft . ,
The witness admitted that Doyle,
vlaablllty of "coming across" with tin,- who gava him the Information, was a
000 to avoid the Wlllett selection. Quinn bitter enemy of wlUotl In polltlca.
Mid he was merely trying to brlntf Mr. De Ford tried to trace the offer
.... . A -Nil m for sale of u aocoml mortgage on tnc
ebout fusion and took Wlllett ss a , . . T,rv.,lr,., ,. " " BL.fi.J
political expedient.
Th heeling was adjourned until Mon
day when he finished Ills testimony.
N Wood, a director or the Long Isl an I
Ftsnk, ti stifled that Henry S. Cram! , ;
offered the mortgage to him on Oct. ;.
t..1lli.fr him Ihnt Wilh.lt v i , i 1 . I In u.l
A . .1.. I. ..I ..t Ul.vlW l Inlnn'a m mi
sswna - the niorlij.igr.
testimony Mr. De Ford nald that per
haps Col. Alexander l; counsel for
Wlllett, might want to unk some yues
tlona Justice Scudder said that he
would be glad to have them asked by
the Colonel aa friend and officer of the
Mr. Cinndail testlftnl he hadn't said
Mr. Wlllett Wanted to sell the inortgiK' .
but got Ids Idea that It was for sail
float tlir fact that It was a part of tnc
collateral Wlllett put up for one of hie
nation loans,
Htchard Van Hlclen, assistant cashier
of the First NatlonHl Hank of Jamaica.
Court, but that he could not rOOOgtilM : p,,i g evidence an abstract of Leader
Mrs. Swift's house. Ryan waited until
the young man carrying a wicker suit
i ase hsd turned In to ling Mrs. Swift's
door bell.
"Good morning,' said Kyan
"Good morning," ssid the young man.
"V.'htre sVw you going'" a kd Ryan.
The young man hesitated.
"If you'll MUM me," he ssld. "I
don't think that concerns you, lr."
Whet's In the satchel?" demanded
"I'm quite sure thai's none of your
business." (kid the itrenger. trying to
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which are worn by the Chinese an a
sign of mourning, were a signal for the
execution of the wearer.
Tin- horror of the maeeaerr cannot
hr perfectly described. An attempt to
night to estimate the number of inno
cent peop'.r and non-combatants slain
would be futile.
Ton Chlnene found wearing foreign
clothing Immediately fell a victim of
Mr, advanced taste, hut foreigners wre
not molested. Their protoats against tha
massacre, however, were disregarded
and even laughed at. The correapond
ents of the Associated Preaa worked
afraid to roaluro far from their anekor
agao. .
SHANGHAI. Nov. 10. Deaslb all
the efforts that have been mad to
prevent It. an ntl-forelgn sentiment
began distinctly to ma at feet Itself
among the Chinese rebela to-day. Mut
ter1,' gs ars heard on every haa4 that
American ami European residents ol
the treaty ports are showing parti
ality tor th Imperialists and eavag
threats are beginning to br made of
the vengeance the rcvolut.onleta Will
exact If the aliens do not observe th
ti iciest neutrality Inroughaut the
present struggle.
1.UNDON, Nov. 10 The sanation at
Tti m t si n appear to have grown more
aerljus Despatches to-day ear that
ball cartridges have been Issued to Ike
lag a ie m guards.
draw hit wall tailored gray overcoat : throughout the day within the auter
from Ryan's grasp. I walls of the city, eight miles from the
"I guess we'll take a look. Just the i telegraph station with which they com-
A. No,
Casnldy's sreount. It showed that on
Sept. i&. inn, Caaaldy had m.u on da-
tloSlt. He drew t nn flel ' nnH ,1...
hearing unless his status as counsel for u0o ,3 Qct j, h htJ .
hire aa a representative of Mr. Wlllett.
Col. Baoon refused to take part In the
Wlllett were recognised.
Quinn was allowed to leave the stand
and the hearing was adjourned until
Judge Jamaa C. Van Slclen was also
Ing out hla private secretary, Robert called as a wltnesa. He was elected to
Adamson, to make the rounda of all the o. Supreme flench on the Republican
stables In Manhattan and report on the tckat last Tueaday.
situation Secretary Adamson accom
panied Commissioner Rdwsrde on hla ;
rounds and witnessed the first attempt
The Investigators expected to find
from the Judge what overtures were
lo send wsgonn out of th. Harlem " h,ra " "Pn0enc.
otb!es. While he did not wltnees any
actual violence he v. as impreassd by the
else of the mob thet followed and
jeereil IhO strikebreaksrs.
While the strike leaders originally as
serted that the sole object of the atrlk j
waa to compel the city to abolish th
prevatttng system of night collection of
garbage because It worked nuch a llhys
teal hardship nn the men, thr slrlksrs
themselves declared to-day that night
work waa not such a physical as a finan
cial hardship.
The real wall among us," explained
cm so mem msi tne men worgca only . of ,, ,,,-lkere "Is thai we don
right hours dy and were paid much 'get any more tips. At night every plac
tha highest wagas paid anywhere for j we go to Is closed, Including the ss-
' ,.ii, j V . iii . . . . On. ! II... l f . n I ....
thla night work has brought about and
the rest reason for the big howl
JOB forvtcea. It was til useless Then
loaa ware bent on making the officials
and people of thla city knuckle down to
thasn. The householders of tula city
wQl bear any Inconvenience before they
win allow that. It la ths meanest and
oast arrogant piece of business ever
known. The city is raying these men
wnejea far higher than tht-y can gel
elsewhere, and we also hud a pension
Mil passed for then last winter. And
VOt thay turn around and do this mean
thing. This city will knuckle down to
nobody, but will treat everybody Justly "
Commissioner Kdwsrdn ststed this
afternoon that a strenuous effort waa
being made by the etrlkers to Indues
that sweepers to walk out In the
morning, hs sold, 138 sweepers hsd
qajlL That the entire body of sweep
era would quit before the cloen of the
attoraoon waa the prediction of Brc-reiary-Treaaurer
Frsscott of th l.trr
national Brothernood of ToaJnaVAro.
Commissioner KCwsrd: met wltn
naell success In his effort lo
urcak ths etr e in the Uwr section
Health Cionmlsloner l.ederl begsn a
thorough lnveatlsatlon to-day of the ac
cumulation gsrbsge. His Inspectors
found an alarming tnc: ease of refuse on
both the rant and west able. Ills In
spectors sent similar reports from
Brooklyn, tie wort conditions prevail
ing In the BroWnovllli quarter Of Will
iamsburg Tenement dwellers were
dumping their lohOf In the street and
throwing thel- garbage 'tit ol windows.
Thr first Mule procession of four carts
that the police convoyed out of Stable
E. st Fifteenth street and Ninth ave
nue, run Into a hull of bricks from the
roois. i wo airiKc iirettKihg uriver.i war"
knocked off their acuta, hut not seri
ously hurt. Two arreata were made and
a patrol of twenty poll cmen uccomps
nU.l the four sgons on their way.
Thomas Arkrll, twenty-two yeare rid,
of No. 1H Ituyvaoant avenue, Brooklyn
drjve the Aral Of the three wag. ma to
lenve Stable H on Kant Forty-eighth
street this forenoon Two piillceinen
guarded ench ugon. hut as Arkell
tamed Into Firm uvenue a shower of
bricks came down from a roof. On
af the uilsatlen hit the driver, hurling
him off the cart He fell unconscious
to the pavement and was carried to the
Kant Flftv-tlrni street station. Afr an
of Manhattan. After several riots In ambulanot surgeon had stitched and
the neighborhood of titab.e H. on East I 'landaged hlO hesd he went home.
Wrtv-.lahth streel. the entire force of I'oeuij oueei leaning commit.
Hoputy Street
.nlk. .r.n.n I - .. ml r.f l..rt lo ' IOIIIU1 me S11USIIOII ),,
- - .Hi,, ota en lo.ilJie
an i v i I .. ah fl...
i out a wagon. They admitted that lls nr hi. aht.f i slknh.ts.. u..
they were scared out 1 1 tntlr wits and (lftd only :tl0 of hi M f,jri, ,ff, ((
wasted to go horns. Assaults and handls ths ccumulr.'.lon of garliage In
stanlngs were reprtrd from ivory u vest arte. The 2o strike breakers
lusrter of the city, and wherever a I aent over to him were worth to him
.vagon went out. ro mutter how ef -ng '"lt more thnn fifty axpsrteneed men
tho police guaid, there was trouble. "r """k,sed ,!," '.' C"rU of
X , ' . , , Stub!" A on K unhlng avenue with an
Saving r.quested rslhforc.ments. tIcort f nfty poltearlian. but Ihilr f
Gojamlaslonsr Udwarda Has now l.ouo , fo. , ere gi '.; haiuperetl by a
inauated and foot policemen uislstlng j hooting and Je. It nob of attiaern
liiah. but his progress eo fsr is in . Hla i end their friend
HUUte-breaking force le dtmlalOhlng I s:repl;m quarters tri bring fitted up
nomination or Indorsement
The nomination committer was ap
pointed by tne general committee of
the Independence League for Queens
County. Quinn, Taylor and Hansop
composed It, nnd they were instructed
to select candidates for the Hturst in-
aai aanitnt.
Frank R. Merrill wun the first of the
day's witnesses. He wits examined by
Mr. He Ford:
Q. Did you make a loan to William
Wlllett Jr. during the last six months?
A. Yes, air.
Q. For how much? A. For $5,000.
Q. When did you make it? A. Sep
tember 21
Q. Wheru waa tha loan made? A. In
New York.
Mr Merrill told of going to the bank
to get Wlllett'e note discounted.
Q. State the conversation you had at
the bank. A. He hed his note and I
gave him the money.
Q. How did vou give It to him? A. In
bills. ,
Q. Did he tell you why lie wanted a
in bill? A. He said lie wunted to muks
contribution to the primaries.
Q. Hid lie say that ho was a randl
date for the nomination to the Supreme
Court? A. Yen, sir.
After Mr. Merrill finished his story
a process server Wan called to say
that he hud Nought Murln.in Wlllett.
brother of the defeated candidate, in
"I would like II publicly .stated,
said Mr. De Ford, "that 1 went to ex
amine Marlnus Wlllett If he It In thii
Alderman Kdwnr,! Ilradv, of the Sixty
seventh District wan culled. After Mr
lie Ford hai ascertained that Mi
Brady knew everybody who Is nnyhod
in QUOOtll County politics. In- nked:
'1)11 you ever leOST anybody auy tha
William Wlllett offered tO,OM for
nomination '" "No, air," wan the an
f wer.
Mr Do Foul then declared i think
ought t" be perfectly full with th.
witness, and 1 wish lo read him the
perjury law "
Then he rrud In detail the law pro
viding punishment fur false swearing,
and repeated the OtlOOtiOfl.
Then ths wltn. 'in adiiilltenl that he hud
note for $12,250 due. and reneweJ It,
paid the discount und had a belan e
of I4U.6S left.
Moisted Frost, law partner of Wllltt
nt No. 141 Broadway. Manhattan, ex
plained that the "Atmnymouo Com
pany" was a holding company organised
to hold stocka In the other companies
inn nrm rspraoonioa.
It has 112.000 t Dnld un stock." aald
the witness. "I own flve-twelftha of it.
Mr Wlllett owna live twelfths and'Marl
DUI Wlllett owns two-twelfths."
ine stock of the Cabinet Land Com
pany and the Automobile Building Com
pany iirr among thr stocks held.
Louis T. Walter jr. hud tentlfled thai
he sold rlxty -three shares of Aut.-im...
lie Building Company mock to Will
on Sept. H for ifi.inio. Mr. Frost ex
plained tho details of the urganlgatl in
f the company.
(J. DM any cash ever go Into the
Automobile Building Company? A, N
1 lie only money you ever nur no
was 118,000 to malic u bond for tha
onse? A. Tot, nlr.
Q. Then the . apltull '.atlon represent. I
merely "velvet'.'" A. Vrs. sir.
Q. Thr company ha-i never nald a:iv
llvldondtl A No, sir.
Mr. Frost explained thai the loans for
M.0M and !S,tKN). mud,- by the Automnb!!"
Building Company to tho Anonym alts
tomnany woro to take up two note In
the regular course of business. He de
nied that any part of IhO money was
loaned to Wlllett. He also denied that
either he or any of the Wlllett corpora
tions had loaned Willett money during
tlo pa.Nt six months, or that lie knew of
the personal loans of Wlllett since gtpt.
10 until after they had been made.
i letting lo the pur. base of the sixt'
three Walter euro, for ITi.OOii. Justl e
S. udder intervened:
y. Did you have any converaatl m
with Mr. Wlllett with rofONtlOO to buy
ing so many snares of stock? A.
toid me afterward that ho hud boug it
tho atock. I had often discussed nil
Mr Wlllett the fact thnt the slxt.
three .-hare iu-ld by Walter were tnl
inly gtaarai 0( the capltullXHtton that
we did not hold, nnd he said that if he
fOl the opportunity ho would buy them
Mr Front tentlfled that Wlllett toll
llm that be had bought the stock from
W alter for tlfty rents on the dollar.
"Thr pur value of that btock would
BO ai.aOs)?'1 asked Mr. Do Ford. "Yes"
"Thru M bis statement that he pool
fifty cents cn the dollnr for the stO'-k
ho would have paid MiiBM" "Yes."
the Indomrment of Callahan?
Q. Did ynu nollrlt any campaign con
tributions from him? A. No, sir.
Q. You never asked Mr. Callahan for
money? A. No.
Q. Now tell ue how Willett came to
be nominated by the Independence
League. A. When we entered into the
discussion, on tne night of the nomin
ation, the Indorsement of n ranlldt
from Queenii was left practically to
me. I was still anxious to bring about
fusion in Querns and would have In
dorsed Mr. Van Slclen If w could have
brought shout fusion in the county.
It wan evident thnt they were g. Im- to
Imlorso a Republican for District At
torney. Being a Democrat, I couKln't
aee the advisability of Indorsing a
Republican, and I numed Mr. Wlllett.
Sheriff Quinn nald Van Slclen had
been slated for the Indorsement, but his
name wan taken off the ticket, and Wll
letfs substituted. He had henrd Van
Slclen hud been In New York dicker
ing for the nomlnetion with the "hlg"
personages of the Independence f it t gilt
"Do you mean you heard ho had been
doing business somewhere else?" askod
the Court.
The witness admitted that he resented
the Idea of going over his head.
"Did you tell Judge Van Slclen that
the ticket had become a money proposi
tion ano tnai ne wouio nave to coino
cross with ilO.OOO?" asked Mr. De Ford.
No, elr."
Quinn told of a trip he made to Ever,
green to meet Wlllett and discuss the
nomination. Morris fleronlmo, a friend
Of Wlllett, had asked him to meet W U
lett. He did so and agreed to support
"How long did you talk with Wlllett?"
asked Justice Scudder.
"About ten minutes."
"And that time was sufficient to con
vince you that Mr. Wlllett should be
"Yes. air."
Quinn wan asked If he got any money
for the Wlllatt Indorsement, and. In a
doxen ways, If he or any "strikers" had
sought money from Wlllett or Van
Slclen. He denied all such Insinuations.
His actlona aa a boss, ha awore. were
purely due to the expediency of politics.
name, said Kyan.
In the sat -he: was part of Mrs. Swift's
stolen silverware, and before Itvan got
through the gentleman burglar had car
ried officers three mile to a cache near
Jamaica Bay. In the neWhho-noud
where Capt. Kldd ! be'.'eved by many
to have burled part of his 111 gotten
treasure, and ha I been forced to part
with the photograph of a beautiful girl.
In the satchel a nickel box con
taining about sixty Imported cigarettes
and quantity of delicately perfumed,
gold-tipped women's cigarettes. In die
Swift house, after the robbery, were
found quantities of Imported cigarette
The prisoner smiled languidly as the
police took stock of him. Besides the
gray overcoat, he wore a dark-gray
suit, a cream-colored waistcoat with a
brown str.pc. a black derby and low
hoes. In a pocket was a pair of w hite
kid gloves with Jewelled buttons.
At Brooklyn Headquarters finger-print
expert Morrl Kckler took Impression
of the prisoner's thumbs and fnroflngers
and compared them with thr prints
found on a wine bottle and a window
pane In Mro. Swift's apartment. IJckler
de. hired the prints Identical and said
: hat even had the man not confessed,
the prints would have neen enough to
convict him.
LONDON, Nov. 1.-It was Officially
stated tills evening that Andrew BOOST
Law will bO ununtmously selected at a
caucus on Monday as Unionist leader in
tho House of Commons In succession to
Arthur J. Balfour, whoso rooUmatlon
was announced Nov. s.
Mr. Law, who cornea from New Hruns
wick only entered Parliament In lfnu.
lie vacated a oate seat In the Dulwlch
Division, of Camberwell In the Inst gen
eral ! OOtlOn to light In Northwest Ma
chanter on thr tarlT reform plHtrorm.
but railed of election, and In March last
found a sufe neat In the BMtlO Division
of banoabirSi Souttawoat
Prisoner First in Washington to
Face Death Sentence Since
Mrs. Surratt.
SEWANKE, Tenn., Nov. 1'). President
Taft to-dy granted a ninety day re
prieve to Mrs. Mattle E. I.ornax, a
colored woman of Washington, sen
tenced to suffer the death penalty for
murder of her husband. If the sentence
had been carried out. she would have
linen the first woman to suffer capital
punishment In the District of Columbia
since the execution of Mrs. Surrntt for
complicity In Lincoln' sasslnitlon.
The President's action to-diy gives
Ihe ncgress a stay until next February
and In tho interem consldr ution will
be given to a prospective application
for executivo clemency. Th: ! the
second reprieve the woman has had
President Taft rame to Srwanee to
day on Invl Ions extended by Ills
former Secretary of War, Jacob M.
Dickinson. and his military aide.
Archibald Putt, loth of whom acquired
tomr of their early .earning here. The
President will ta,k to pupils of the institution.
munlcated and to which they were par.
rr.ltted access through th courteoy of
the rail K ey officials.
Fires sprang up everywhere and a
larse section of the native city was
burned. To-night the Manchus. driven
to bay, cornered and glutted with blood,
having despoiled the goods of 300,000 In
habitant, natch the flaming city from
the height of Purple Mrtuntaln and
await the morrow.
AMOV, China, Nov. 10 At foo
chow, which was occupied bv
revolutionists yesterday, fighting con
tinued to-day with heavy losses on both
Ides. Lat night a number of Man
chu. fleel.ig frrm Foochow. tried to
burn one of the suburbs. They were
caught by a detachment of the rebels
and summarily ted. Retween un
set last night and an early hour to-day
the Foochow revolutionists captured
and put to death forty lnrendtarlea.
PKKINO, Nov. 10. A round table
conference on the situation by men
who stand out most prominently at
the present moment la the Oovern
ment's latent card. Relieving that
Yuan Shi-Kl will arrive at the capital
aoon they have summoned Hal-ldang,
the utile ex-Viceroy of Manchuria, to
meet him. nd are endeavoring to per
suade Oen. Chang-Shao-Tsen, com
mander Of the army division at I.n
chau. to Join the conclave.
The Government frankly halls Yuan-Shl-Kal
an their flna' auppnrt and hope
thnt he will be able to enlist the co
operation of Oen. Chang and the other
dlnuffectid general In North China.
Oen. Yuan succeeded to-day In re- :
roverini," complete control of the Pehan
Railroad, no that the road is open to-
Gen. Chang's Journey.
The OUddon activity ef the throno
has encouraged some of the legations,
but the most of them remain pessi
mistic, pointing out that until Yuau-Shl-Kal
arrives and definitely declare
himself, tne eltuatlon will not be
This city Is without n ruler to
day. Tnottal Chang hu 'aid down
the Pttag of government, and none
of his subordinates appear willing
to take them up. Chang to-day re
fused to receive official despatches,
declaring that he was no longer In
charge. Tun Oan, chief magistrate of
the district, has abandoned his rourt
und fled from the city.
Tho night was one of anxiety. All the
street gates weer closed and citlaena re
mained within doors. There were re
peated attempts to tire the city, but 11
were frustrated. Shipping It at the
mercy of the plrstes, who re carrying
affairs with si high hand. Junks are
The difference be
tween a dunce and
a bright child
may be the difference is
their eyesight). Many a '
scholar has found it im
possible to study because
of iceak ejfes.
You owe it to your child
to let a Harris Oculist
(registered physician) e
amlne its eyes. There ia
no charge for his exami
nation a very small one
for any glasses he may
Harris Qlasses cost
$2.00, $3.00 and $5.00.
I o4 Kant 23rd St.. near Fourth At.
hi West 125th St., near Lenox Ava.
442 Columbus Ave., Rlst and 82nd St.
76 Nassau St., near John St."
1009 Broadway, near Willo'by, BVlyn
t8V Fulton St., opp. A. 4iS., Bklyn
W7 Broad St, near lUhne'a, Newark
Sluhted an old Wreck.
The French ateumehlp Venezla. ar
riving to-day. reported having iuaed
the wreck of a strainer ashore on the
Long Inland coast hctween Klre Island
and Long Beach. Investigation hy the
United Platen Llie Saving men showed
that the Vontgta'l lookout hud sighted
the old arcck of the Steamship Itoda,
which lien Just west of Fire inland In
let. In the fog, I'apt, Sagols of the
Venrrla did not recognise It.
If Your Piano
Is Old,
Change It
Menmrr Sinks In North lea.
LONDON, Nov. in. The Brlllah steam
er Valrport carrying u crew of thirty,
I believed to have foundered In a gale
near Dogger Hunk, In the North P.m.
A, trawler sighted n steamer 'here re
aembllna the Patrpori, with her funnel
and liridge washed away. The vel
sank before the xr.nvler could render as
sistance or ascertain her name.
Have you tried It?
rather than Increasing, and i fa?
tho likelihood of ymnatiKliu atria,
of hla emir strest-civsnlng foroa
The altuatlon wa intaualfled when tb
awoeser began to inlt. declaring that
hay had ben threuitued with death I.'
the? did not Join the drlvera In their hat"
1st with the city. 1 ears In th tllslik't
of Station LI, bet are., hi j ne e lse, and
'be Batter), east of Broadway, IBIBOB
tor Cohalan wa forced to Alvlee ho
weepers wnu would m out in ,.. .da of
aa. and provide cai h aquad with a
guard of four policemen At t! la rale
of arotectlon ihe entire iatroUlng foroe
of Ni 31 Headway to-da The ml
vtrtloemont reiul "Wanted l.uuO col
ore. I men as drlvera und laborero. Ap
ply early, ill llioadway."
Among the tenant! in the building
Is the Dougherty DotOOtlVO Agency,
which waa Mt gaged by Comntlaalonor
Bd Wards to hire strikebreakers. Mr
l"ughrty suid that lie hud not cttiiaed
I the "ftd" to be published and knew
f it. Hs addtd Unit either
th big lUrlein stsb'.ss on I 0 dwy r,v"' "r u" "'""ere in emseiven were
tlda morning ana contraola were 1st to,
In til toe stables md Improvised lisr
lacks that will he used for 1h strike
breufcri s. A commls'ui y Is i. lac living
urirniilMil ti. llSlialdn Ihn mi,... c lil. !
A vmload of provlai. n was taksn lo , ,
furnish foi d t all the other , i ip of
atrlks breakera.
An advertlaemar t appearing in it
morning newapspsr offering work I"
org thousand aegfOOJ as duvets and
laborers brought a dark cloud 1:. front
Oeil tlun BlUIUli UI1M.M."
rum i-
ll. .s .
en U Cura
Kill I. 'HI ul SlM tvultsi
Oommliiloner Bdwardg said thst ht
hnd no clijectlon to the tgtployntont of
negroes. He had not been apprised fia'
tlis "ad" wa to be puhllgbod, however.
He huM, "Let Ihe colorl man ,-,,n
long, too, Wo have Jiundredn of liieii.
gon in the Department, and Utey Mat
always made good workers. 'I .
Iisve been worlilng nidi b tldl wlfi
th white men lor yecra aiid we have
hsd no trnubl cn thalr accuuot."
Thomas, at. yuinn. siieiirr i.f Que n
i"i.unl ami leader of lha Independen i
I. eigne III Que nn, waa called to tell of
thai partr'a IndOMomeni o( Wlllatt Ho
ao aakodi
W as VSrilliant Wlllett Jr. nominal. . I
ti the Inttopondonog Ueaguo convention
for Jusiicf of the g iprente Courtt"
"Ho was." annuerisl the witness.
He nnid Surrogate Kotohan bad nol
boon Indorsed booauso ko had eiiposed
Hearst. Callahan had been Indorsed
ifier the Repufblloant refused to fuse
with id party.
cj. why dm you Indorse OgJlahgn? a.
Booaute 1 didn't uant to Indorse Republican-"
u. I nd you rooelvo any nionev foi
Bradloatas lorefula Hn' all other
humorii cures all thalf effect-.,
iniikt'H tlif lil' il rteh ami aliim
dnnti itrenKtbenH all lha vital
organs. Take it.
(let it l.i-i!..y in Ugtlgl UgjKid form or
clioooUtrd Ubleta tullot! .-'arsataba.
Such richness of aroma and
flavor are worthy of preservation. Thia ia
the function of tht tin. Never sold In bulk. Try
Proprietor of WHITF. ROSE Cavlarn Tea
Makes Hot and Cold Meats Tatty
Delicious with Sardines Sandwlchsa
At llrllciitcarll and (irocerv tilores.
11) fTfeMTS, Niiiiiiii ultli es. li bottle.
Individuality cumliined with SU
tbsattt tl" cliaraoteriao the
Furs, Gowns, Wraps & Suits
creations end adaptations of fun. an
I'ltriaiau inndiatea which Maiton
Michel is oil ci ing to discriminatini;
liu.icrti at
Less Than U ReRular Prices
for tha Remainder of Thi Week
375 Fifth At. jtth it.) lit Fl.
Special for Friday, Ihe 10th
HK.iss Here we nave nriii'iittiniT
fruit flavored ereain with a rich eas
In of nure chocolate, niak- m
Iss a decidedly itmnilar n. B SBg
feel Inn. rill Nil BOX
(Trade Mark. I
Special lor Saturday, the Uth
A aixi-lul nt raranwh l plif-
mi :isitn men i ur iianor. .tiotp owi-
nesjs. In u but of thessft thnn
nn lift realliftl nitlliHit ttt
hitf. POl Nl BOX
11 you have aa old piano,
be handicapped with it saw
longer; change it now while ft
has a better exchange value.
We will take it in trade for a
new "Pease" at a liberal AfBM
and give you 8 yean to pay tha
Pease Pianos never disappoiat. ,
no matter how much you expeet
your satisfaction meaag aa
much to us as to you, therefore
we guarantee our pianos without
limit ol time. New pianos
up used pianos $lt5 up.
Write for our new eat
it's free.
128 W. 42d, nr. Broadway. N.T.
Bmalra Irtacla Nosojfc asgaggg
34 Flatbush Ave. 10 New Si
.... . .i 1 . . aae-uu!
C.tarKVl'lER Suddenly. KATE CAB
pentler. naa Drlacoll. (later of PatHet
Drlecnll and Juhn Drtacull of CI tart oa
Ceuatyi lows, end nary Sulllraa at
llila altg, at her rsaldenca. No. ggf
Ksal 00th at.. Sow York Ctty. n
lunera! Saturday. Nov. 11. alt A.M.
fmtii L'urrun A Kruniin'a ItaderteBtas
parlor, i"-r Pi rat av.i thsno t ta
Church of our Lady of Parpstual Help.
I. ..it 01st St.. KtiMr a seiauin raeetaat
mnaa aril: ba afferetl. Inunumii Calraty.
lows paiiae yieaae cepy.
ana a, Aahlnnpal ,,r the oldest bnimn onfeellena. snd still meat oon-
van m mm ulur oet Milne oureet mill lienl ivhell inaOe III
..ill kllilieua.
Fruit Paste
the I. .ill kllilieua. A ilalnlv
In different fruit flavor, lo ad
Jell awretineat
d variety.
poi iii sks a
( MiHiii in rovaaan molassbb
m ow t tsil A mulanara mm
pulled until erl.o aad noroua. I ben
completely covered by a eoat
Ins of rteh and aourlnhlna Up
chiMolale. POI Jill BOX WW
uor dlffereui favurttee lu a alaale bin
the an. o rt meat la romnlele nr
nd ...innlrlr la llielr drll- .-CMS
"oasoeas. POt'WP BOX
( I PH -Ilalnlv llllle lunipn la olllaw
form willi a sll-ienlna; enter Jacket of
flavured nuaar. end tiie la
aide, uf hupped up fruits
and note In pure cream.
I'm if nil a
uur alga -class cuufectliias. Bniadsri
uoiiur Miiaiiir iiiase, ana) m. m
tile delleliill.renn of ours tar Hllat
auperlor. POI VII BOX "W
Park Mow aad .C'ortlandl alraet nlerea open every eveulna until 11 e'eleek.
All our atorsa open Saturday evening until 1 1 o'cloeh,
Milk Chocolate Covered
Maraschino Cherries
That lame sradft of rloa cherrlea. rlah
tn their own Julcta. and hidden in
alda a . . er ns of uur Tromtum MI1U
i-hocolaU. Pjllly and tie. 1 1
ctouaneaa dominate In Ihll mrm.M
ountactlon. SlflaR
ravKD box ogres
rass sow a Nassau
aS i
vJ 20b aaoanttfav
Can f.U..at
Tlia apaeldnd walabt la aaah laata
Includes tha ooatalasr.
Beat Vast
Win t,t on nala at MOJ uaselaslar'a Monday, Me
U. liun't uilaa It.
i I D MAiata
for stpeai cleaning; open
shop conditions; $3 per day
and expenses.

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