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"NO danger;9 WIRES BRYAN from stranded ship
Wtirr-Knlr to-nlghti Tharaaeir
Declares When He Turned
Down Proposition He Called
a Steal He Was Ruined.
Told Oil Trust Head When He
Wanted to Steal He Would
Steal for Himself.
WASHINUTON. fNov. B. With a
bitterness that lent emphasis to hll
utterances, anil at times fairly baoldel
himself with ;.ent-up rage, Leonid i
Merrttf told the Stanley St.-.-l Trtasl
t'ommlttce to-ilay a pergonal narrative
Of his dealings with John l. Hockefeller,
ami how the latter had force! him
out of business In Minnesota.
Mr. Mrrrltt declared that It was after
he had turned down a proposition from
Air. RoOkafoKaTi "Hi loll hi' i liaracterlie
aa "stealing." that Kockcfrller called
upon hlui to pay a million .Ml ir loan,
and brought about hi downfall. The
pvepoaltlon. Mr. Merrltt said, came I
through Ttev. Dr. Gates, Mr. Rocke
feller's almoner.
"X 11a tenia In amatamant to It," laid
Merrltt. "ft meant that several men
would be thrown out of the company
and their stock taken. X turned to
Oates and said: 'lb. Sams, yon came
from John D. KookefellerV Oo haok to
John D. Bockaf eller and tall him that
when X steal for a living X will eteal
for myself.' "
At dim iliiie dur.ng the remarkable
recital of hla dealing with Mr. Boeke- I
feller, tin encounter between the wit
ness and Oenrge W. Murray, counsel
for the Standard Oil magnate, was liar
rairly averted.
Mr. Merrltt said that Hates told him
llockefellci' wan "hard up." Me he
liaved It at the time, bill to-day he Bald
Mr. Hates had lied."
During o controversy between Attor-
i ey Murray and ti.e wAueei, Chairman
SI I I MHf.1-
"Jlr. Itu lirfi tier OUCH lii.be sum-
i .! h. re and will summoned,
Tho committee, hOWOVor, up to a ..te
hour to-day had taken no formal action.
Representative Danforth. Republican,
of New York, at the Conclusion of (far
Mfi'a testimony. mo c. tint ali the
Hgtooy of thi' Merrill brothers ba
SincHell Ilolll I II.' rernio no lie- ..: ' 1:1 .
oat tt waa irroiavani 10 ina inquiry.
motion was lost. Ropreaentattvei
crats. voting "no ami rtepreaonieiiree
hasifni Hi anil (lardner. llcpuMici.ins.
voting "aye." Mi. Littleton, the only
other member of the eomlmttee In
Washington. was not present.
The committee adjourned at 3.86 V.
L to-day Indefinitely, and will not
meet again until after Congress con
venes. Facing the proposition of having John
D. Rockefeller called to the witness
ttaiol In connection with his ore deals.
(Continued on Second Page.)
Bets $1,500 Position
Through World Ad.
hyman nr.os.,
Fancy Cabinet Makers.
6:3-6-0 K. lltb 8t
New York. Nov. 19. 1911.
Dear Sir The inclosed adver
tisement appearing in The
World on Nov. I, secured me
the position, at a alary of l,iuu
per annum, with this concern.
Being a reader of The World
for over 2fi years, I send this
letter to you unsolicited, In order
to encourage other young men.
There . always an opportunity
for them If they are capable .. 1
better -nil. road Tin- Wo Id u .
artleemanta. Vary sincerely,
Illy mail uruj.i
Mora i. .'ti.itis an offered throu ;ii
WorM A-.!"-., every wwk in the year.
tn.,11 iiiruuii
All the Other New York
Newapapera Combined.
rlonilri irmw.
CeprrlBht, lull, by
o. Tli Maw
King George's Action Is De
clared Unprecedented in
English History.
dpeafal Cable to ths Nrw Y..rk ETn'n World
LONDON. Nov. Ifi.-The Gazette, con
taining the official announcements of the
COUfl and Government, that King
Ueorge has dismissal the He'. Frederick
Percival Farrar, his domestic chaplain,
and also Honorary Chaplain to Queen
Alexandra, makes 1 nown an action un
precedented In the annuls of the royal
The Flew F. P. Farrar, who la a aon
of tKe lute Dean Farrar, had been one
of the royal chaplalna for aeveral
yeara and was a trusted friend and
confidante of the lata King Ed wai 1
and Wueen Alexandra and of, the pres
ent King and Quen. 80 much. Indued,
was he In the royal favor that It was
confidently expected he would sooner
or later be elevated to the rank of
The ami aunceoient of his dismissal
has caused the profoundost sensation In
court, io?iety and religious circles.
. Several churges of drunkenness und
1 immorality are now being Investigated
J by the Bishop of Norwich, In which
I diocese the accused cler;,y man's paiish
1 ' Sandrlngham Is situated.
It Is nlio announced that In conse
quence of tkl allegations against him
tin. Kev. F. T. Farrar alto has re
signed the rectorship of Sandrlngham,
where the favorite residence of the luto
King Kdward and of Queen Alexandra
wai situated.
The Jlev. Farrar was married July p
last, his bride being Miss Nora Davis,
a daughter of the late Clarke Davii of
Philadelphia, and n sister of Richard
Harding Davis. The wedding, which
was one of the principal social event"
of the summer, was uttended by mam
well known LotMlOD society people and
the guests also Included several prom -nent
Americans, among them Whltelaw
Raid, (he United Itataa AnibaiaaUor.
Mr. Farrar and his bride ware the
roclplinte of several presents from
memhers of the royal family, the King
and Queen and Queen Alexandra being
among those who sent gifts.
A Central Nawi (able despatch re
ports that the minister "has absconded
and that a warrant is out for his ar
Postponed Until TMorrov on Ac
count of Absence of Miss
Conrad's Counsel.
The trial of Ethel Conrad and Lillian
(Irahain, charged with tie attempted
murder of W. K. D. Stokes, millionaire
proprietor of the Hotel Ansonlu, las!
June by shooting him In the legs, was
formerly entered on the calendar of
Justice Louis W. Marcus In the Criminal
Branch of the Supreme Court to-day an. I
then set over unt.l lo-morrow.
The trial hud Bean Put on tlie calen
dar for to-doy und the D'strKt-Attor-ney
was ready to go ahead with the
prosecution. Xlr. Ktokes and hla coun
sel, Terrene.' J. McMuuus, wore alio
ready, but Robert M. Moure, couns'I
lor Miss Conrad, was detained In Ma
lone, N. V., on a murder trial. CUrk
l Jordan, attorney for maa Qraham,
.viio wiih Mr. Moara win oonduot the
fene, pleaded with Justice .Mart us
. 1 delay the trial until temorfew so
llial Mr. Moore BOUld be priscnt when
iho Jury was chosen. Assistant Dis-Irlot-Attorney
Buoknen objected, but
he Court allowed tl, postponement
.. lev a laleaaian haj been swum to
World staUdlag Tnrklsh Hal
I alsravs uimn. nam wua
J iaV&uJi.m'
jiuui wuu priv
I "Circulation Bodies Open to Alt." I
Tka rres r.iblnhuw
Vara WorHl.
Plunge From Ledge of City In
vestment Building of Dis
charged Bookkeeper.
After Futile Attempt Johnstone
Makes Death Certain by
Dizzy Leap.
John If Johnstone, thirty-eight years
old, a bookkeeper, out r employment
and ill, to-day Jumped from the win
dow of an office on the twenty-sixth
floor of the City Investing building,
Broadway and Cortland street, to tho
roof of a section of the building forni-
1 lng the basis of u quadrangular court
opening Into Cortland street. He was
Instantly killed.
From evidence lie left behind It ap
pears that Johnstone went to the
twenty-sixth floor of the building and
entered an office with the design of
cutting his throut with a razor and
dying there. He changed his . und. evi
dently, at the last moment, opened the
window, stepped out on the ledge, closed
the window and Jumped. Tho razor,
broken Into little bits, wua found In the
right outside pocket of hla coat. His
eyeglasses, unbroken, were found n
place on his nose,
Johnstone was employed, up to last
Saturday, by the New York County
Lawyers Association, which has head
quarters on the fifth floor of the build
ing. The office had bat n on the twenty-sixth
Moor and toe task of moving
to the lower floor is not yet complete I.
James W. PryOTi assistant secre
tary of the New York County Lawyers
Association, discharged Johnstone "for
cause," utt he explained It to-day.
Johnstone had been at the office Mon
day and Tuesday, assisting his suc
cessor In work on the books.
Although Johnstone was expected this
morning to continue iiis Instructions to
the new bookkeeper, lie did not appear
In the Office und library on the fifth
floor. Instead, he proceeded to the twen-ty-lxth
floor und entered an office ad
joining the suite formerly OC upled by
the association of lawyers. This office J
was-vacant, but 'the names of the for-;
mtr occupants, J. J. Brockwayt, J. Lind-
sey Storey and Charles A. Rose, are
still on tiie door. There Is but one win- I
dow In Uta oBoe, opening on the court.
From an overcoat and a hat which
Johnstone left behind on the lloor ol
the ofllce. there was little difficulty In
reading the last actions of ills life. The
hat was In a corner, half overturned,
as If It had been thrown there.
After taking olT his hut, Johnstone re
moved Ids overcoat, a lightweight
garment of gray goods. In the right
hand pocket of the overcoat, outside,
t.e placed a cheap wat'h, a little Sun
day school pamphlet entitled "Herein
Primary Storlea for CIU1 Iren" and a bill
for $3e, dated Sept. IB. showing that
Johnstone owed that sum to N, V. Ken
nclly, a carponter at No. al Voacy
RHinuvlng his collar and cravat. John
stone folded them carefully and place I
them In the left hand outside pocket 0!
the overcoat. Then he opened a case
Containing a razor, removed the razn ,
eloaad Iho cne and p' ced It In the
pocket with the collar and cravat.
Ho rolled the overcoat up as though
he Intended to use It for a pillow. Tin re
are blOOdapOta on the upper part nf the
coat Indicating that he gtarted to rut
his throat but desisted before hn had
much more than scratched the skin.
The cut tvas not deep en 0 Ugh to leave
a stain on the sllisln itaej of the razor
blade, hut a trail nf tiny spots en the
floor and on a steam radiator unite
the window triced his movements after
he had closed the razor and placed It
In his pocket.
Ho opened the window, climbed out on
the ledge, and then, with the care one 1
might expect of a trained honkl.eeper, I
closed It behind him. No one saw him I
Ftitherlng himself for Ms leap, b it MV I
Oral tenants of the building OaVUglll a
glimpse of his Sndy as It went w u ling
Uwwnwird peat their win low.
The orssh of tho holy sinking the
mI .en,, heard In n'l tha offices faalna !
too sOOrtyerd. Among the .lerks w. o
opened windows and ggti I IflOUl
lagg who bad worked, cllaiw to
with Johneione In t . Lawyets
jCetitiBued en Hna
Liner Prinz Joachim Now on the Rocks;
Captain Who Says There's No Danger
I,, 1
, v
MJ gfTraiiWiff'ir Basal
jassss agjggayy dasgganggjngaj"!g ''sgas
Wireless Appeal From the Prinz
Joachim Brings Wrecking Tugs
and Other Craft to the Res
cue of Tourist Ship.
WilUtiti Jennings Bryan, three times Democratic candidate fot
PresiJent of the United States, today qualified a newspaper man by
getting through the first report from a passenger of the fact that the llam
burg'American liner Prinz Joachim had gone ashore on At wood Key,
near Fortune Island, w ith eighty-nine passengers, bound tor a tour of the
West Indies.
Mr. Bryan, with his wife and grandchild, John, were arnong the
passengers who left New York Saturday. Shortly alter :onflicting wire
less reports had announced the trouble of (he liner, he sent this message
to his brother, Charles Y. Bryan, at Lincoln, Neb.:
"Vessel aground, a mile from shore. Don't worry. No
Wireless message had already '"Id
that the ship stru. k at ' ' o'eloek to
day. I' w"s noon hefo;.' the New York
efSclati of the Hamlmrg.Amorlean Una
had ,nv offlrlal message that gave (Tie
teohntoal position of tin- liner, Tha
rnessago said:
"Klrrr roni irtm"nt almost fllliNl with
water. Others Intaet."
This statement, m'd the lOeal ofll
, ils. ns:ired them that all on board
Were UilMMllUtelv safe.
William ' Bryan, his wife, grandchild
and fellow tiassengeis ,ni the sie iiner
win bg trenaferred 'his afternoon to t ie
Ward Line steamships Si gnran -a and
Vlgllanola, aaonrdng to an announce.
n:ent mado here hy KaJnburg-Amarloan
Line offlelals. Th gegliranOS la now
alongside the PrlM JoaohlW "' thu
Vlgtlanela la on her way from Nassau
to the dla iWad ship.
It was explained that tnt ItaggMf Is
divided Into seven watertight eomptri'
nitidis, all divided '. Ufvy ' 1'.: a ads.
nnd with six of theso Inlaet, It would be
imnoaalble for th host to sin: Tb
I I,- eempartment" la tho firs: at the
bOW end of the steamer, : 1 It ; aup.
nosed from ' e'waesago taw: ' tun
lioat waa reefed ihe u w wai arrenehed
enough lu Dauee it to leak, ami that (hla
lnbry ! tie extent of ba dan.ag'i t
Ilia I'uat.
!! t f o: i' r."T. i". Si'.' a; rar.r,r.'..r,t ,;.l
bei n tpadu whereby i .e shlpa.gndi
poaaible aevtn, hid been dcnaUb.l tj
tho aid ui the bMOged joa... Two bona
ultirt Ogre. l Cuba, wten u.je
awaananananantnat. nfl BananaYasnanananana JT
'line f ,r thm to prwe -I t . the wreek,
,u.' exi ! -.1 t.i ba the first en arrive
lVsne:Jr Oie dleaMed ship. These ar-
tha tmg Peoria and the rVaneh csihie
syaneier, wih ii were leing in duan
lanano Karbor, aim . ggg miles aeuttt
wejit of the H Lilian i lHland, scene of
the mlH'vip. The iji.its left this morn
'ng fur the trip and will take tho short
est route, around rape Marat, then ai-
'i ist due north f'r about one hundred
mite, th"ti through the Marlvuana
rasaige ind then iiorthwest to the
pteea where tha Prteg Inerhlm is lying
h.-ipi.-Ms it u exH"ted th u they Will
a. rive at the.wreoh to-enorrow morning
a b ut is eaa k.
The L'nltoil Slates levenue eutter
Alganqutn, wblnh waa at San Juan,
PortO Rleo, HO miles from the stranded
boat, was alee ordered to raport to
render any eaetatanoc poadhle. Ueing
raiher a speedy little Draft, it la ex
pected to arrive nit lamana island uj
ntorrew afternoon,
The Hamburg-Amerloan line boat ai-
leniannls, whloh mule Port-au-Pr!ne,
Porto Rleo, I""! light, wei duo In
(fortune Inland i en r night, but
bngnel Ibe depart ira I la also uy-
pentad to anivo at the vi i :. : i-innr.
i" afternoon,
.. Me."' 1 hap nan w re -king tug
' 1' i '. ", wii! h was a Klngst'in, Ja-
,,,.t!va, i, loe ows o ii, wreck
re elei i, a s aiao ordered - aj
to t i sieno. It Is not axpeetnl taut
,Uontlpued en dtgvad rgg
"Circulation Books Open to
22, 1911. 20 PAGES
' Their Testimony Formed Basis
I ol Doctor's Suit t i Divorce
His Wile.
Midnight wine parties and other go-
I tngaon in the apartment oooupled hy
Mrs. Helen W, Taylor at No iif, Ht.
I Nleholas gVehttO, a i flowed by I 'I
peraona from alrahafi windows.
fonin-d the IiiihIji nf I ir. Hei tu rt W.
Taylor's salt for dhnrre, on trial to
day before Supreme Court Justlee Ouy.
.Mrs. aaeylor was not In court, nor
I did she offer any defense in the run :
Afler hearing numerous witnesses fur
I Dr. Taylor, jusiieo any reserved n
! deoleloe.
Dr. Taylor said he lived at No. r.i
, West One Hundred and 1'lft'i street,
land was married ate rob II, wo- lire
ileUdn 1 sigei and William C, Clark amid
that from uicir alrahafi wlndowa they
could set all thai wan g.,!ng mi In Mrs
Taylor's apnrtn.ent. Nut mil) was there
much to drink In evidence, but both
Mrs. Klgcl und Clark declared they saw
1 1 1 1 ti g " thgl compelled them to eomplaln
to the janitor. As a result, they said,
Mrs. Taylor was ashed to leave the
A .Mr. Daly vas named by In . Tal ir
aa co-respoiu! nt und lil.i photograph
was an ejuuuii in iae -as,., rrana
llerslenlu rger, superintendent of the H:.
Nicholas avenue house, told of Daly
visiting Mrs. Tovlor on rniny occasions
"alwaa when aba waa alone"
viHiun Kepyfa ' Undo leooange
I. nt bf la)deifeeo in t.nmi.
i A jury before Jugtlee OreeqbgUgl in
lac gu ,ri ine Court toxliay Uphold tin'
twill of Nathan Morris, a .trulthv
j merchant, who cut off hla " I- gfltb
only I"'." Mrs. Mai.'.n (entegted on the
around ihitt ht enheend wis not eor.i
patent ahsn be made tha will, baea'.-te
I ba nail last fin. sued a pukaf game.
a rdsiig to the tegttnenyi Merrisi
taeon (or OUttlAI pft his wife was that
hu didn't think ihe had trailed id in
"1 1 MM TO DIE,"
To Save His Father Further Agony,
He Would Sooner Be Executed
Next Friday Than Live Thirty
Days Longer His Decision.
His Spiritual Adviser Says He Will
Not Falter Going to Chair Has
Not Confessed the Murder.
RICHMOND, Nov. 22. Through the Kev. J. J. Fix, Henry Clay
Heattie jr. this afternoon made he following statement:
"I am ready to die. I would just as soon die Friday morning as
thirty days from now, because it will end ihe agony of my father. 1
don't know hut what it is ivtter to die now than to have him suffer
thirty days longer. I have accepted religion, and I am prepared for
the end."
The preacher said Reattie had become converted, and that he would
go to the death chair with the Strength of religion in his heart.
Scores See Deliberate Suicide
From Platform of 96H)
Street Station.
.Mrs. Mary Hortgl t "'r. Ihli ly-two
years old. nf No. Ml Amsterdam ave
nuc. throw herself In front of a north
bound Lenox avenue sul.way express
from the Island platform of the Nlnety
slsth street BtatkM tbll afternoon and
was ground I death Under Ihe trucks of
two ears that parsed BVOf her.
S ires of men and women witnessed
the tragedy, and tWO men who stood
near the woman daotered afterward
that she had .1 Bboreealy walked to the
edge of the platform and Jumped out as
the head car of Die heavy train ap
proached. Frank Lenn'nn of No -T Newark ue.
nue. Jersey I'lty. was the motorman of
the trein. Ha did not see the woman
until she leipe.l. almost before his Bah
w Indow
After a surgeon from the ,T Hood
Wright Hospital bed preneuneed I hi
woman dead, I'ollcrman M I i
searched the chithliiff on fhe bisly and
found i lag tlin teal "Marv (locking.
No. Ml Amsti 1-il.itn avenue."
Mi Loiighllii w in to that address nnd
brought Port rods Bartholomew to iden
tify th lKid'. Srie sal.l she liad known
Mrs. Ilerfgeiher several yesrs and that
her niai.bn name waa (locking. Last
July she Wga man l,d to u pastry OOOh
Bemad Hertgerher, Her friends con-
lldere I 'bat sho was happily 'murrled
and had never heard her complain.
AI' -ILA.NP. New Zealand, Nov. ft,
Y Vtuerleuii lawn tennis team rhal
leir.;ers for tlie Hwlght 9, Devil Intrr
national cup, William A. Lame I. M.u;-
riee H ItelseughlUt and Boale C.
H'rtgbti ho arrived en the etenmer
Kelaedlai were given tt eluc reception
to-uH. The aVeherieaoa win prneei
by rail to Wellington, whence thty
w ill go by boat to rhi ictclu iv :i, wiiere
the challenga round with the Auatrul.
aaiaue wui m tiered,
tn-nlarhli lharsdar rlaartri wmi
v Baattla'a father also consented to
rpeak to-day, but would lay notalmg
more than that h appraclatod keenly
the many kind esproaalona of ayaa
patby ho and hla family had received
and the kindly eonatdaratloa of the
prison offlelals.
Arrangements were completed to-day
to bury the body of Henry t?lay Boat
tie, Jr . following Ills execution Fri
day. beside the grave of his young
wife, for wftngf BfutJI murder ho Is
nbout to pay the extreme penalty.
A special permit for the burial. It
Wga 1 arned, had been obtained from
thu Oty ' mtnclt. The body will ba
taken directly rrom the penitentiary
to Mauij iVmcten, whre a brief
Praohyterlaa aentlse aiu he held. The
flUier und biuthur of the condemneil
a.m. wllti a few rinse friends, will
bo present
"T.ic repdfl that Henry Beattk' has
nif sc'l tail lie ii-.i i-.l. , .-I his wlf Is
a pure fnbrteaMom I have juat re
tltraas) from his .ell. and I know he
baa not confessed," sabl the Itav.
Henjamln Dannie to-day.
"The (Kiy'Ts holding up well. In vtnw
of the situation," said th Hev. J. J, -
' KlX. folIuWlllK lllS VlSit to lie. I'll..
T. e fact that he has broken down un
der the strain of facing death, how
ever, given strong .support to tha report
that Btattle will leave a cunfessk i
Tb chief of police to-day received
another "confession" of the crime.
This time It came from "A Kepentaat
Inner" "f aekaonvlUe, h'la., who said
he killed Mr. Uejttle and did not want
to see anotbor man die for hit crime.
Hvw-rul similar letters arrived at tha
penitentiary in to-day'a mall. Although
all are carefully Inspected the offlclala
d- it take ti.m seriously.
Heinle, who win he electrocuted tha
day after to-morrow, received com
niunlon this afternoon from his family's
pastor, Hev. J. J Fix of the Prtaby
tarlan Church. 1 resent with Rev. Mr.
Fix waa ice Kev 1 ln,a 111 in Hennle of
taa Bpli opal Churcha Boattle'a per
sonal spiritual advlaer. The prlslonor's
father was the only other person par
ticipating lu thu Communion service.
Douglaa BeatUe, Henry's brother, to
day del. led reports that he would ba
praeent at the electrocution, or any
where near the penitentiary at that
hour, lie declared the stricken family
e'aa sorely hurt by the sensational ro
at have boon si lit nut of Rloh
moi I during the pist faw days. No out
vi i thus fir have bean permitted to 1
. . u mn veil ol decorum drawn
t.i i iw ireuod the now prayer
ful prisoner and the pla.-e of his phy
a ail expiation. s
livattie has mads no will, aa be haa
no proper l to a. , . , of. lia haa
on tiie bounty of hla father ever ,
Be rebe4 an aai whan, he eeutd BaeAa

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