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Mupro DMre
. 1 - irM - -x i a
IT If 11 111 I Ml I.V1H ,ii 4
Give Vou Something."
MUMOrtrcLD, Man., Nov.. 22. -Soon
fh trim of Rretram o. Pppnrer,
tu kii.i i t" mil ( pr or i e .
tiiH ii. dmi nnuiiii', inn piitirmr iri-
thi rourt mom, Attorney-!), r.il
AttOI Itf-QfflWll mi cnnrturtlnK
Oroes-examlnation of Dr. lMwavl U.
a vi .iiiiii i i i i i - in,, nr m
lllil I VI III ' 'II I II". II I' 1 U'dK
Lano waa te.'tlfytnB as to how lie
A. Cortland of Pittsfiekl, Mass.,
While Sick Fell in Love
With Mabel L Watts.
If . . n In Til- Kutilnn World. )
PITTBflKLD, Mas., Nov. 22. A.
CoftlUd Van Renonelaer, owner of
Kair Afi'ES In StOCkbf IdfS, a momhpr
(if thr VO.ll RtnarlniT family nf Xpw
York, wan married at noon tn-iluy in
tlif Mathodlfl pnraonaue to Mlaa Mal'i'l
LiOttlM Watt", a daughter of Mr. ami
Mm. r;irtnn V. Watta, of North
Adarnf. Ilev. .!. A. Hamilton ..II int...!
The hrldo l a trained ntirae, a gradu
ate of the Hiahop TrttlnlnK School for
tfWMf of thin city.
She wan acnt 10 Storkhrlilge, where
Mr. Van Kcnwelaer was 111, early In
the aumniar and attended him during
Carmen Melis and Vena Broker
Captivate All the "Efigibles"
on the Oceanic.
Two of the prettiest face known to
the operatic atafe of lo hemlepluTea
peered from the rail of rhe llflsjf Oceanic
aa It docked to-diy. Carmen Mella. a
favorite with the old llammeratcln
opera patron and now prominent among
I tie alngera of the Uoaton Opera com
pany, was one of the pair of heam'ea.
The other waa the reigning vlalon of
lovellnrej t,, rHwilla.ll npera-goera, Vena
! roller, w ho a 111 make her American
ilehul In tBoMOD Tli.ila, a role In
hle.h s'le t' aald don't 1(1 our Mary
Harden hear you to outshine any so
prano who ever altompled the part.
The two l.caiitlful slngrrs were the
.ellea of the ship. Unfortunately Miaa
.Mella aiici umlied to mal de nvr
two days at xra and apent the moat
companion roae to the nccaalon and, ac
cording to the ships chief goaalp. had
all the rllglhle men on board dancing; In
conatant attendance.
Mile, flrnxler la of ths Cavallarl type,
tall, avelte and dark, with great eyea
and a flash of 1IIU white taeth whan
ahe amllea.
Arthur Christ of Third and llroad
at fatt ti Mnapelh, a laborer, and Krnct
ggh mill of No. 10 St. Nicholas" avenu -,
SVUUatml org. died In the tleneral Hon
pltal, Williamsburg, to-day of lockjaw.
The man came In the aamo day a ween
Chrlat w is bitten by a horsa to which
he waa feeding an apple. The wound
gtew Inllaninl until he waa afraid to
,1. wend on aelf treatment nny longer,
Bchwartt Had ateppaU on a ruaty ua.i
i:erv effort waa made to stave oft
H, nut tne j.i m aaj
voyage In her stateroom,
t..t., nil In both cast
when both men locked natuniny ami naming
f c ould be dona to rat;eve wiem hubi
hut her that.
Victim Is Locked Up As a Wit
ness Against Young
When Chief Justice Rusaell, In the
C'hlldren'a Court to-day, turned to
Wallace Welling of Mapln avenue,
Menroe, Orange County, N. V , to quea
tlon that gentleman concerning an aa
latlH and ribtiery for whli-h I WO very
.voting tioya were on trial, the Justice
found Mr. Welling a very much
patched peraon.
John Vnlpo. thirteen, of N I III Sul
livan street, and Lolill M intOllOi also
thirteen of No. 171 Thomt Wl Itrott,
the two dr' 'ii 1nnts. simply grinned.
Weinng i in a marital hi tones He
lng what hud happen. ! la him, but
1'otli.man Martin Kagan, had. definite
Information. Said Kairin-
n duty at in. i ker ilraal ami
"I was
llroadway a little afier midnight
I saw tnls man on the ald.wvilk
waa wondeMng how to gat to the. Orand
Central alatlon. Then a man and these
two lioya came along and beat Mm up.
They broke Mi nose. hlDi-ked his eyes
and handled him aom. thing auandoloua.
Then they took two walleta from Mm.
one with 115 and the other with hie
tldfcita In It. and heat It. I taw them
attack the man and nipped with me
atlck. Policeman Israel Newman haard
ma rap and wa ran after the man and
boys and caught them at Third street
and UroaAway. They had another man
with tham, but l a g away."
The man caught with the bnyo aald
his name waa Andrew llusaeon of M
Onild street. He waa held without
hall for the Hrand Jury Chief Juatlca
Hussell held tha two hove for sentence
later to-morrow. Welling waa annt to
lie House of Detention aa a material
Woman llr From linens.
M r a . Anna Johnau thirty-one yeara
old, dle.l lo-day In flower nOIBtlal of
tmrua at. out tltn face and limly. SbO waa
filling an alcohol lamp at her home at
No. Ml Lexington avenue yeMvrday at
( IOOH when It exploded. In the fire
that followed aha waa frightfully
I ui tied.
68 Sample Suits
Value from
$68.00 to $110.00
It makes little difference what you need a World "Want" will go get H.
a mental condition at the time Mlsa a severe Illness. Last month Mr. Van
,vw.... aM,, .MJH nun,.: RIIUUIIM leTt S nrk hr i nn r.nl...
was wounded In the Dow home In a furnln.ieil house In the north part of
Attorney-General Swift mentioned 0OBHanlap there by his nurae
nama of Mlu Dow Spencap, began Mr- Vl4n Kenlaer la about sixty
ahow slgna of anger. Ha sn.ttara4 M I "" 01" " n" "v" 'or many
..if .ml mov.,1 1.....1I. i u. yearn in imochi i : ige ami ror a long
I . A . . . time was prewldent of the aalnn Aa-
" J -'"-ill-l I I, OIWII- . ,,' . ,,n. In Oi. a. ..I..,.
ahouted In anger: "I'll give you aftalra at that resort. His brother
pin nir t, - 1 ..... . , .
OStCUTOR'S SMILE PUT H I r.l 1 Mlaa.MatOd of Hoeton two years
in a CBCU7V I avo, recently mum for Italy for the
Bt Awtft turned I
aurely, looked into
ti i.u' in i.oe pri.- . r anu Bmiieu. I ne
II. ...m.'il to no, Wonnnu Ih- ..
ay. He Jumpeil to hla feet and he
to awear and etirac at the Attorney
Oaneral. Turnkey Wade, the defend-
mm m .11.110. .uun n. . : no . 1 .. 1
m.r . rw I r,.r . h in I....I. . . t,i. .t
The prlaoner atruggled with the oftl-
eer. multeilng rml am' . Tne niis-
Oner a Wife put her ham throu.ii the
1 si u t i it'll ill it'r Me I' i.i.i
e alone. ror a time It appMfed t it
ne pnaon-i, however, waa finally
During Spenccr'a outburt of rage
uuin 1011 ll ill III hit 10 M'e WlJ.ll
.e Iiuhk no rno .11 r.inonry 1. 1 llll iv
ni'I'ti. I'M "liiri (iiio ..1 .,,1 in ,111 ' .-
one to be seated. Most of the Ipec-
atora heeded the command, but half
dozen women, evidently iimixnl to
ourt procilure and etliiuette, remained
Judge Croahy then directed that all
Veraona who had not obeyed the Sher
iff be elected, and thi'ee or four wom
en were escorted Into the corridor by
the court offlcere. Then the trial win
resumed. The early testimony was
laneelv tec .'in lead.
w Infer.
run n... 0.M Mm -ets... 4.Hr,JUuo!i KM... I.lt
THE TI in.-.
High Watsr. Low Wsur. I
A.M. r M A.M. P.M. I
nd ll"k . H.O0 2.10 2 SI !
nerataor'a lilsnd ... a. 40 0.20 2.40 HI
11.11 Hate 10 SO IVIO 4. SO B in
J. C. Orebaugh, of Ander
son, Ind., Says Resinol
Soap Is perfect
The wonderful soothing anrl curative
properties, of Keainol Soap hnve mnde
it one of the most popular, rcmedica for
affections of the skin and scalp 00 the
market to-day. While Heainol Soap waa
enough to nd thia man of dandruff,
atill virulent caaea receive two-fold re
sults from Kesinol Soap and Keainol
Ointment. Head hia letter:
"I huve used Keainol Soap upon my
scalp to cleanse it from dandruff, and
muat aay it ia the moat perfect aoap
I have ever used. I feel very grateful
to jou for the sample of aame .which
has convinced me of its incrita.
"J. C. OREBAUGH, Andeiaon. Ind."
Keainol Ointment ia a hospital and
home necessity the akin'a best fridhd.
and always-ready help and protection in
1 tune of skin trouble, whether it be tne
accidental scald, burn, or cut, or the
1 hoil, carbuncle, eruptions, ecexema, in
flamed piles, pimply uffection, barber's
itch, or anything else which. affects the
Its nuntv 1 1 guaranteed. Iteatnoi
Charles It. Twltehell, a dentiat, forty
V VM.lt OIO. Ol .-SO. . II'.. I'll V
aecond afreet, waa run over and klllc(
to-day by a he.irae. Twltehell waa go- skin
Inr aouth In KlKhth avenue and atai ted i Soap is another essential to the akins'
to croaa at Forty-third alrcct. At the health and comfort It ia thoroughly
aajne time Samuel (joodman of No. In) , medicinal and antiseptic, soothing and
Suffolk etreet turned ma hearae from refreshing. It is more than a aoap. It
Elchth avenue to go west In Forty-third Itj H protection, for its continuous use
....... ... -,.Uvn in. uauun kaapi one free from skin troubles
til.. . h. r. .,-''.. . I ... ..un.ru . I .
Juat M he reached the centre of the
A policeman called an ambulance from
Flower Hoaltalp, out the aurgeon aald
the asan'a death bad been lnstantune
oua. Ooodman took the body in hla
hearesj to the Weat I'"orty-aeventh atreet
atatlon. Ha aald he. waa late In getting
to a funeral and had hurried hla horsea.
(iraduatc nuraea everywhere recommend
it und use it for buby'a bath. Your I
ditiggist is familiar with the efficacy of
Kesinol Ointment, and will aell it to you
in fifty-cent and one-dollar aixea, or, if
free trial is desired, write for sample to
Department 91, Heainol Chemical Co.,
Baltimore, Md.
C. G. Gunther's Sons
Established 1830
Imperial Crown
Russian Sable Skins,
ranging from me
dium shades to the
finest and darkest
skins obtainable.
A rare collection
of Sliver Fox Skins.
Imported models and models of our
own designs In Long and Medium Coats,
Muffs and Neckpieces. All the desirable
An unusual stock of
Hats, Imported models.
Women's Fur
Gentlemen's Furs, Coats. Caps,
Gloves, Robes and Rugs In a great variety.
Garments made to order from any
special design.
391 Fifth Avenue.
New York
At Specially Low Prices
Your saving comes just at the time that you may want
to give somebody a handsome, trustworthy Watch, or pthans
treat vourself to one. We bought a large quantity of 14k.
gold and gold-filled cases in, designs that the makers are re
placing with others and put into them the famous Elgin and
Waltham movements, with 7 jewels. These are the resulting
low prices:
. I , o . 1 t TI' .. I.
itj mil m iu-size vpmnuwm .i.c u..-..
in plain and engine-turned 14k. gold
upea, at $16, regularly $22.
Men'i extra thin modal Watches,
12-aize, open-face, in plain or engine
turned, gold-filled cases, guaranteed
lor 25 years, at $10, regularly $16.
MerTs 12 or 16-aiie open-face
Watches, in 20-year gold-filled cases,
plain engraved or engine-turned, with
jointed back and inside cap, at $$,
regularly $1 2.60.
B o y ' New England Nickel
Watches, In thin open-faced model,
at $l.e0, regularly $2.75.
Wen en's Waltham or t-lgin 7
iewel W atones, 0 siie, in 14k. gold
hunting cases, hand-engraved or en
gine turned, at $14.60, reg. $17.60.
Same in 20-year gold-filled cases,
st $10, regularly $12.60.
Watches will be held for later de
livery on payment of a am all depoait.
Main Floor
Fine Table Cutlery
And Carving Sets
Steel as tried and true in temper as Siegfried's sword
Notung, which cleft Mime's anvil in twain.
From such famous -makers as the Henckels of Germany,
Wostenholm of England, the Meriden Cutlery Company of
America. All ready for the Thanksgiving ainner tame
Carving Sets
Three pieces, st rling silver han
dles, $10 a set.
Three pieces, stag handles, $8.76
to $18 a Bet.
Medium Knives, white handles,
$6.60 to $7.60 dozen.
Meat Forka with buffalo horn or
pearl handles. 76c each.
Carvers' Assistants, with stag
handles, sterling silver trimmed,
Steak Sets. 2 nieces, sterling silver
handles, $3.76 a pair. I to $6.60.
At 50c Etch, Regularly $1
A collection of Pearl-Handled Krui' Knives, Sugar Sifters,
Meat Forks, Sugar Spoons and other small pieces, at half price.
Main Floor.
Pearl Handled Cutlery
Combination Seta in beautiful va
riety, in oak and walnut finished
cases, ranging from 6 knives and 6
forka, at $18, to 32 pieces at $100.
Carving Sets, S pieces, $6.60 to$14.
Pie Servers, $4-60.
Fruit Knives, $8 to $10 doten.
Fish Sets, Knife and Fork. $7.60
to $17.60.
Berry Spoon d Hi Server, in
case, $11.
Steak Carving Sets, 2 piecea, $8.86
Beaded Dress Trimmings
1-3 to 1-2 Under-Price
From an importer with a surplus of these beautiful and most
fashionable IJress Trimmings we secured as a special concession
650 yards of them to sell tomorrow
At $1 .60 to $2.60, $3 and $3.60 a Yard
which is one-third to one-half less than the usual price of the
trimmings. There are not two pieces alike, so the variety is
great ; both in color combinations and designs. There are bands
and motij effects, in widths from 2 to 7 inches. The collection
is remarkable indeed. Main Floor
Time to Buy Ribbons
Ribbons have a way of being difficult to get, just before Christ
mas, when they are most needed. Wise people buy early ; espe
cially when by so doing they can make such welcome savings as
these t
Brocaded Sash or Hair-bow Ribbon, in self colors, pink,
light blue and white. inches wide, 65c yard, regularly 80c.
4 XA inches wide, 28c. yard ; regularly 40c.
Dresden Warp Printed Ribbons, in Jacquard effects and
dainty rosebud patterns. inches wide, 60c yard, regularly
Ribbons of many other patterns and widths, in floral
effects on light and dark grounds, 1) j to 10 inches wide, 10c to
31.60 a yd., reg. 15c to $3.
All-Silk Satin Taffeta Ribbon for tying Christmas boxes
and trimming fancy work. Nos. 1 to 3, 14c to 30c, piece of 10
More of the Ribbon Trimmed and Boudoir Evening
Caps, bewitchingly decorated with ribbon flowers and rosettes
at 66c each, regularly $1.25. Main Floor
After Shopping
Or after the Matinee, Visit
The Golden Tea Room
At Qimbels
With Assorted Sandwiches, French Pastry and
Cakes, for Fifty Cents
Eighth Floor.
BULBS at Still Lower Prices
Fifty cents invested now will bring a 100 per cent, increase in
pleasure next Spring. Hurry to get them into the ground before
it freezes hard.
Tulips, Jonquils and Narcissus Bulbs, reg. 28c, at 12c doz.
Hyacinth Bulbs, regularly 4Hc, at 36c dozen.
Chinese Sacred Bulbs, regularly lOc, at be.
Mail orders filled. Subway Store, Balcony
Georgette Rtboux
tusanne Talbot Lou, son
Paul toiret Jeanne Lariban
Also the beautiful hats from our
These charming chapeaux were inspired
Annual Autumn Clearance Sale in the
French Millinery Salon
Begin Tomorrow Morning and Will Be Continued Friday and Saturday
1 his will t;e good news for the scores of women who
always eagely await our tnd of season clearance sales.
We have four of these sales a year.
This Clearance carries with it all of our finest chm
praux, including about fifty original model hats from the
famous modistes of Paris
hiane Cray
own workrooms.
by the foreign
models and are made almost entirely of imported materials
as our millinery chiefs were as careful in the selection of
trimmings in Paris as they were in the choosing of origi
nal models. Therefore regardless of the fact that our de
signers are the best in America, these hats are typically Pa
risian, because they are made of the materials such as the
modistes of Paris use in the making of their hats.
The collection includes:
Taitored Hats temi-dress Hats
Hats for Afternoon and Carriage Wear
Picturesque hats lor binner and Evening Wear
Of silk plushes, velours, brocades, furs and velvets
Beautifully trimmed with exquisitely embroidered mo.ifs,
rare specimens of fancy feathers; macrame, gold and other
laces: goura, ostrich and Paradise plumages. The color
variety affords selection in hats for wear with gowns of all
the new shades, besides many of black, and alsrt the fav
orite combination of the hour black-and-white.
As reductions are so drastic it will be impossible for
us to exchange, credit or refund the money on any hats
selected in this Clearance Sale. I rices range thus:
$100 to St 50 Hats a $65. $75 to $95 Hat mt ten
$35 to $50 hats at $25. $25 to $30 t ats at Ls'
S15 Hats at S7 in
Hat and Muff SetE including original models by noted Parian designers and also reproductions from our own workrooms,
will be priced $36 to $100, Instead of $55 to $176. Millinery Salon. Third Fleer
hOlE- -All the hais in ih Mcd vm-pnced Salon thai mere $10 to $12. 75 tul be sotd at $5
s"xmPEUw aaak a4iaja
lag 1 .yB Praaasa3'l
V aa f
an BEal aTy
V 'aeBBBaKM aaaVaaV
aaal bbbbV
$55 to $75 Hats at $35.
$18 to $22 Hats at $10.
Shoes That Can Change
Your Whole Point of View
Nobody but the man or woman who
has suffered appreciates how completely
a pair, of aching feet can make every
day of one s life miserable.
KX a
Nobody can realize the relief, except the man or
woman who has experienced it, of shoes that bring the
feet back to their normal state.
Gimbel Arch-Ease Shoes
are especially designed to lighten the pressure of the body on
weak insteps and broken arches. They can turn a pessimist into
an optimist by their comfort; and they accomplish their mission
without necessarily making one's feet look uncouth. For among
the Gimbel Arch-Ka.se Shoes are Dress Shoes in some of the
newest, most fashionabl' styles a woman can desire.
An expert Orthopedic fitter is constantly ui your service to
see whether your feet need these best of all Arch-supporting
Shoes, and to fit you properly.
Men's Arch-ease Shoes, $4 to $6
Women's Arch-eaae Shoes, $4 to $8
Children's Arch Shoes, $3 and $3. B0 oecond floor
These Gloves for Men Are
Specially Recommended
They are some of the notable features of the Gimbel stock of
Gloves, each selected because of excellent quality at its price, and
comprising every glove need for men.
Here are the Gloves for street wear a splendid quality in cape
and mocha at $1. A still better grade at $1.60, some with seam
less wool lining, and lined with silk, at $2.
Two particularly good styles are made in England buck with rabbit lin
ing, at $8.60. and rape, rabbit-lined. S4-M. Mocha doves, lined throughout
with squirrel, are $0.60.
Then there are the Gaunt lets with deep cuffs, lined with fleece, aeamiaaa
wnnl or rabbit, at $1 to $4.60; the Gauntleta with the thumb and finger, like
a lolter claw, lined, at $1.60 and $3 ; variety of Fur UaunUeta at $3.60 to $30.
Splendidly warm Glovea of Scotch wool, long or short, in plain or fancy
mi.t ur'.K. are 60o to $1.60 a pair. Main Floor
See the Basket Show
At Its Best
You wouldn't believe that so many kinds of Baskets could pos
sibly be made, until you see this (Jimhel collect Ion, Every pos
sible size and shape, weave, style and color is Included, from the
tiny, brightly colored Baskets for favors for a child's party, to the
glistening Hamper of white or pure enamel, for the bathroom,
Of chief importance for the holiday season are the pretty Work
Stands and Work Boxes, the Candy Hasket.s in all sorts of fancy
shapes, the Raskets in which fern pots are hidden, many of
them in gilt, with pretty decorations of rosebuds and wreaths.
Here are some price-indications:
Scrap Baskets, in plain and fancy
designs, 60c to $10.
A special group of Scran IJankets,
with heavy reed tops and bottoms,
large siie, regularly 18.36, at $1.36.
Gold Baaketa, including Scrap
Baaketfl, Jardinieres, VaneM and Fancy
Flower Baaketa, $3.60 to $20.
Satin-lined Work Baskets on
stands. $4.80 to
Silk and Satin-lined Sewing Bask
ets, $1.60 to $16 each.
Infanta' Bassinettes on standa,
white enamel finish, at $16 each;
French willow, $13 each.
Other Bassinettes, from $1.78 up.
French Hampers, hiuh backs, fin
ished in white, blue or pink enamel,
rtKulurly $(i.'J5, at $8.
Nursery Hampers, strong and dur
able, in white, blue or piiik enamel,
at $4.76 each.
Laundry Hampers, for the bath
room, extra heavy, finished in white
enamel, regularly $6.00, at $6.
W hito Knamel Corner Humpera at
$6.76 each.
Fxtru heavy Waah baskets, oval
shape, medium size, regulurly $1, at
70c; medium sige, regularly $1.25,
at 80c. Fifth Floor
Blankets and Comfortables
Of Utmost Luxury
In gathering the Gimbel Stock of Med-coverings, we were not
afraid to secure the finest grades that the market affords in order
to satisfy our aim of making the collection the best of its kind in
New York.
That is why, for example, the housekeeper can buy light, but
warm and well-quilted Comfortables of fine wool, covered with
handsome satin, at $30; or the softest and fleeciest lilankets of
pure California wool, in delicate colorings and daint y patterns at
$27.60 a pair; or exquisite Austrian Blanket! at $27 each.
Hut, of course, the greatest attraction for most housewives is
the wonderful stock of Blankets, ( 'omfortahles and Bedspreads in
the more moderate price ranges,iuch as these:
Fine White Woolen BUnketa,
with pretty pink or blue borders umi
fine mohair binding, for extra large
beds. Special at $3.76 pair; reg. $5.6(1.
All-Wool California Blankets, in
white, gray, scarlet or fancy plaids, for
single or full-alied beds; specially
priced at $6, $6.60, $7.60, $6.60, $9
and $10 a pair.
Fancy Jacquard Blankets or
Comfortables, in the latest Jacquard
or floral designs; used tut extra covers
or slumber robes; used for single or
full-sized beds, at $3.60, $3.06, $3.60
and $6 each.
Couch Throws in new Jacquard
designs, $1.60 each.
Bathrobe Blankets in the leading
color-combimttions and a large variety
o( $shOB, such im t -lut-and-red, gray-and-rcd
and many others. These
blankets are 7tlM in., or equal to 6
yards of material. $3.86 to $7.60 each.
Silk Slumber Robes
Imported Slumber Kobee in all the
newest denigns of Koman stripes, floral
and Jacquard effects, at $1 to $7.60.
Sateen-covered, with very fine down
filling, in pretty floral and Persian de
signs, for lull-bite lied, $8; reg. $6.60.
Uown-filted Comfortables, with fine
silk top and best sateen back; for full
aize beds, $7.60 each; regularlv 5 in
New Automobile Rugs
Thick Plush Kobe, imported, that will make motoring a pleasure on tha
coldest day. In regular and extra largeaiiea, made of bent plush, und lined with
fine kersey or melton cloth, $16 to $40
New imported Steamer Ruga of vicuna
wool, in reversible two-toned effects, or
will, one mue piaun and the other with,
Scotch plaids, are $10 to $30.
Second Floor

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