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Sleeping on Third Floor as
Fire Is Discovered In
trolmnn Domlnlo V, Milch at the
tat Tli.i tti ili street etaliun waa on
fixed poat at Klfth ivunui and Thlrileta
tlrert earl this momma wiien he no-
llced amuke coming- from the four-etorr
inverted dwelling houae at No. a 1 iat
IrtlPtti etrtel. The amok ai u,mr-
from t ii upi.r wimtowa. Milan
ipad for eaelatiuirn, and thon out a: In
front door. Tha drat floor waa oo-
led by tha elatlonery atora of m.
i n. the eeooiid (loor by a di all
ing concern, and tha third floor oy
ry Newman, who waa aeleep with
wlfa and thraa children Lillian.
t yeara. May. alx, and Ulliauoih.
irtaan montha and a domeeuc, Ida
llb broka open their door, ajid New
man nr.. I hie family, who were daaed
by the enaeke, cewne out. Tha police
man arrl.il the three children down
the h.iim and to the IMM, and then
ent hack to aaalat Newman, who waa
helping us ntt and the servant to
oafety. On the atreet the party revived
from the effects of the rnoke and did
not no-'l mull' nl aJSIetaaea
Aiuillier p'lllcemnn, h.'mlne MlerTa
rap fur aal!tnnee, had ismie lo the
acene and aent In an nlarrn, The fire
waa In the haement among pile of
mttbleli. It hod caught the Woodwork,
and the amnke waa heay. The fl e
men put out the blnae nt a trifling
damage. The nuaa of the utillirenh II
not hnewn.
A Family rnatnan.
IKrnm Hit IMmltireh l"ot.
"Why do you nail thai cold etorage
warhouee eaerr HundayT"
"Tha children Ilka to ha taken
arnitti I tu aee ur ThnnHaglvtng turkey
Sophie Brmdl Sends a Check for
1500 and Money Will Be
Hnphle llramlt, an epara elnaer. from
whom nr., nun worth of Jewela w.ra
aMen on Orl, li by Mnttle Jenea, a
negro servant, and who recovered them
lean thnn a month later, In-day aent
to Commlaalonef Wa,ldo a check for
r.oo to be divided na n rxwer.l lo the
detecllvea who got the Jewelry hark,
Ten per cent of Ilia reward will be
deducted lo be put In the I'nllee reli
gion fun 4 and the remainder wilt be
divided between Ctfii Olnater and De
tectives MriJee, Flttpattick and Owen".
Mnltin .Innea la now awwltltg trial
for the theft, and Frederick Bamnela.
a pawnbroker' clerk, ana .Inaeph Mlaii,
a retired pawnbrnker, arc under Indlct
ment for alaallng the atolea rlnga and
the rope al pnarla whl-li Were found
In their paaaeaaloa,
May Die Frwaa Fall.
Three-raar-old Hubert nn..h', whe
fell fram the IhlH floor fire aacape of
lila home at Mo. M W.at Tenth atraet
lata yaeterday afternoon, died t-day In
HI. Vlnoent'a lloapltal. Ilia akull wMa
fraelureA and he waa Injured Internally.
MacD-rhy Only n Week In This
Cnimlry f lad Heen Pining
1W rhi nuid Sod.
tteenuae he waa III and liomaalew for
lrcliin.1. Andrew Maofierb, Ihlrty
llireei a I'li'i k In iani'n llutler'a gruerv
rdore, Wealeheatee Village, mimmlttei!
aulclde lo-dar liy hanging htmaelf lo a
liedpoat by a handkerchief In hla room
In Keimedy'a Hotel, No, UTT Miami
IIH Ian ruaali
Madierliy came f m nt Tro'nnd only n
Wee ago, awetiHng emplnymewt aa a
grncerv clerk. After two tiara he began
la complain of lllneaa and eaprceaeil ..
dealre to return tin aeveral ... .aaamie
he declined hla Inlenfton oC aavlna th.
price of hla paaaage aa iiulckly aa hi
could, I. eei night, whan he reached tin
hotel, he apoke regretfully of hla com
tnaj tu thla eauntrg.
fJlveo llaara far eimail.ireea.
Tha Onn of rYaiiki -Union a i. will
lender to their emptoyeea and theli
ft lenda a vaudeville entertainment foi
e-hteh tha boat talent hae bean engaged,
folowad by a revttitli.n. on Haturday eve.
ilng nevt at the New amStSfSeia Opera
lloiiae, No. MO Weat Forty-firth atreet
I'hia entertainment and reception la an
annual affair, and la given by 'ho firm
in Ihelr c iiioypea.
PAFlia. Nov. H. Haia'i Item unit In I
dlfftiarit y d'nlia tht reaorl bj atir, in
about lo marry Lou Tnllegea, a twenty
lx year-old Klmnleh actor win haa
Bgatl playing aub.rdlnate parte In her
. mil any. When sarraapaajAaal ol
at MM llcrnhai dl'a houaa lat nlgnt
to Imjulra almut tha report he en
aaaataraa a Franoh Jnurnallat who had
bavn mi the aama enai J making a hanty
elt after having barely eec.ipe 1 having
hla eara tmved.
Mine. Mernhurdt ra.elved the Inquirer
In the moat polite manner. Hhe had
difficulty In finding wnrda lo expre
her opinion of the atupldlty of tha report
"I never ata nach Griddle
Mmm AV lor aTggaF-
A 1 or
Self-Raising Flour
For Pattentt-s. I'mn and HI trail.
The Home Doctor
The Cuay Way
To Tnke Raw Egg
Mint people liuil a great deal of trou
ble in awallowina a raw egg. When pre
pared In the following aimple manner it
will be a plaaaura.
Put one teaapoonful of any fruit ayrup
into a thin irlaae. Carefully Hrup a raw :
egg in on ttiia. being particular not tu
break the yolk 0rr the egfi pour a
tahleOpuonful of Duffy' pure malt whis
key ; drink. The taste of the rgg will not
be noticed, and taking It tin- way make
It rtrnble noiiriahlng anH hanerlria KAvi !
$1 150 $Q7MU
-L to J
YYt o-e opportunity for New York men to secure
underpr ce now at wi. ter'a beginning the very !.i ,ht t
quality of overcoats to be had.
Thousands to select from black and Oxford staple
overcoats, fancy blue, brown, tan anj gray overcoats
many of the new double-faced materials, n.ade up
shoulder lined showing tne fancy back.
Fvery correct model box, ulster, convertible col
lar and rag Ian shou'der i oats.
The actual value of these overcoats, now priced
$ll.Su to 37.50, range from $18 to $55.
Extra large assortments at $15, $19.60 and $25
coats wortu regular.y $22.50, $28 and $35.
Men's Winter Suits
$15 o 45
Made ol etcluuve and tpecMlly woven weoleni and
woritcdi from the world brtt rrnlli.
Tailored up to the unvarying high Hackett, Carhart
Styltd in New York to meet the tyle idea of well
drriKd New York men.
S ecial Value at $13.50, $25 and $27.50.
Men'i fur and fur lined coati for auto and ttreet
wear. The entir: (ample line irnm S. Steuer. now at
4i temy
L. t. TUKLliNClUIN. Vica-r reaiaeni
265 Broadway I 841 Broadway U9W.42dSt. 125th Street
rau ( lumber St. I Car. 13th Street I Near rroadway I Near U Avenue
Harlmm and 42d St ft Stores Open Evening
' '"TU"' "."'1
lajgiaaiJ:.!!1. i. 'roeiiotiaati' - -v
rugs a
No Money Down
Club plan or rldicuiouny mah deposit will attract the in.crlenced buyer, but
wise (hiinper will took (of honest Loncrrns that don't uraw proapectlv nuvnr
into a net ol hiati price unu ironciau i.onJition frooi 01 our tiraigutior,vjr
Ucalina i conic out oy Che act thai ae are onu ot tne tartest lurmture in .
carpet dlatnouter in tha country. Itiauk to out uiuim u, purcuaama power
v. i arc enabled 10 oltcr vou the
Best Credit System One Low Price Cash or Credit
.l-Picce I'nrlor , u llqua i" d'--iiltn. ctra Itenvy m ill r:in tinistied
frame,. hiKlti poilahad, ",,h etiahlom i piUrA
mohair pluah' tufted (cords and tauseu to mauhj indestrue- I i
.1.. i niiKirntci i value $4 1. nt ml u m V
Mint: barings scui vns ivavm
kl.ituia -Ct.;J-J
u, aluc 24, at la.5o
Xlt.ft. i.luo
. 27.50 i
12, VnlttB $42. at 31.50
t,i2. Value
: . .If ,
m SjCv.yjlArf a a."
7.tT, irsia
45.50 lWr0$
Linoleums, '69c.
Blue .s
Oilcloths, 35c
Value Btap
Uminster Carpets
89c 98c
lt.l,.aa tl 1T I.. i If
Oui oi-1 own Dei.vei les Iitaue
by Uur Motor iructis.
0 c
. -v Jisl BIB 9 ( V '
I m
' I H II I
'--IT . -I -sSJ
IE NEVER have permitted
and nevar will permit
any on to undoraali ua
or aucceaafully to diaputa our
aupremary In any branch of
our bualneaa. Tha Store Accommodating.
fjr Tetaphona 6ioo Main.
Till greateet ,nH ,e
areateat buaineaa in
Brooklyn have risen
here on tha Inundation t
the beat aervice, t ha beat aaeort
menta and the loweat pricea.
The Store Accomntodatinf .
I ha Waathar To-morrow : Probable Showere.
A Rousing Old-Fashioned Thursday Bargain Day
every Article nigh Grade and First Uass.
Every Price the Lowest of the Season.
Women's $27.50 to $39.75 Tailored Suits,
$15.00 and $22.50.
100 Suits. Coats .V) inches lout? and skirts cut on
wide lines. M;mv styles have no cluplic.ites. Materials
are cheviots, broadcloths, worsteds, mixtures, whip
cords and imported tweeds. All Suits interlined and
best quality satin for linings. All sizes from .12 to SJ
bust measure. Hrmn.l flir, Onml nnllitlnf.
$85.00 Nearseai Coats, French Dyed,
52 inches Ion?, semi-fitting, shawl collar and cuffs.
Skinner's satin lining.
Herond floor, front. CVntral Bulldlni.
Infants' and Children's $1.75 to $3.00
Long and Short Dresses, 98c.
Of fine lawn and nainsook, all newest styles,
daintily trimmed with fine embroidery and
lace; sues up to 3 years.
Keroni floor, front. Ct Building.
Women's and Misses' Coats.
Women's and Misses' $18.50 Full Length
Broadcloth Coats, $12.50.
FULL LENGTH broadcloth Coats, three
ouarter lined: shawl or sailor collar; finished
with velvet or silk braid. None C. O. D. or
On approval. s,rond floor. Central Bulldlne.
Splendid Chiffon Waists, $3.98.
REPRODUCTION of a $6.00 Waist. New
model. Chiffon over net and lace banding;
cream lace collars and cuffs.
Penl Irish lace trimmed Waists, 93.25. An elabor
ately trimmed model of Irish lace and insertions; prettily
combined with pin tucks; hand embroidered; high collar
and elbow sleeves.
Second floor, rear, Central Building.
$2 98 Petticoats, $1
Pompadour silk Petticoats, originally sold for $2.08;
will clOSf out this lot at $1.84. No duplicates and store
orders only.
Two hundred and fifty in all: made with tailored
flounce, petCaJilM underlay. Beautilul rang" color
ings. fVronJ floor. Eat U'lil.lins.
$2.50 W. B. Nuform Corsets, $1.49.
NEW FALL MODEL, extreme long hip.
low bust, straight back, made of white coutil.
supporters attached.
Sl .-'.nd fl !, front. Central Diiil.tiDf.
$22 to $35 Values at $12 98 ana $18 98.
of misses' Dresses of chiffon, messaline,
crepe de chine, velvet and serges; for evening
and street wear. Exceptional values at
$12.98 and $18.98. None C. O. I), or on
approval. Imal Roar, aratia, Oaatnl oOdlaa
3iO Bureaus or Oiitioiuers, J i '.75
Bird'a-tys maple Bureaus, Chiffoniers or Princen
Kouirh floor, lluildlni.
H mmed Sheets, 35c Lach.
FULL SIZL. nady made bleached muslin Sheets,
with very neat felled center seam, been selling as a
leader for 45c. : a limited quantity here tomorrow iit
3Cc. e.uh. Store orders only.
IllhwaJ floor, Wat Buildmj.
Hand Colored Arto; ravures, $4.b8.
Citioij idui at I7.S0. nave sola here speci I at $5.94.
In 4-inch Rilt lrames, with burnished gold ornaments
ar.il white mats; outside rnaasure, .uj; Inches, vene
tain Flower Market, Tyrolean LandtCapt, ,V ith t'. Pet,
SisUne Madonna, Delia in the Country, Marin i and
LandSCapeV. "ial Heat, eeatral Sell Hits,
HERE IS A PAGE OF STIRRING SALES that typify the famous valUMiving policy of
Abraham and Straus it will lx' intensely interesting t thnftv housewives particularly. It is
demonstration of sensible saving, as here are the best and most reliable goods the most wanted
goods merchandise that has quality in it at prices thought unusual for very ordinary Roods.
We never sacrifice quality for low pricing -but neither do we Ute high quality asanexcusefor
high priceing, If you are wi-? you will not miss a sinple item on this pape for THURSDAY.
89c Self Striped Series and Imported
Armure Cloths. 59c
A RECORD PRICE. They an- ,? inches
wide, guaranteed all wool. The Bergs in clf
stripoil effect. Artntife in neal self rigurw,
Colors art; tan, old rose, lcathST goldeo tan.
ehatnpnrne, garneti cardinali reaedai hunter
f?rt!cn, roaewoodi pearl aray, smoke) French
gray, t adet, light and dark navy blue,
Miiln flrnr. W'r.t HulMlni.
S3. 00 Handbags at $3.97.
Genuine seal and fancy leather Handbags, all newest
designs; about one hundred pieces.
Mule floor, rentrr, rrntrfll Hiiil.ltn.
$3.50 Rath or Lounging Robes. $2.75.
Of eiderdown or blanket, made with small collar,
trimmed with satin to match.
ttwnnd flimr. rentrr. tfaht, ntr.il llnllrllnl.
10c. Boxes of Stationery, 5c
Main Qaai fmiit. Seal Miillillnf.
$1.75 to $2.25 Silk Shetland Veils. 49c
ABSOLUTELY I'KHI'KCT and beautifully
woven. All wanted shades black i drown,
navy, white, gray, purple and emerald green.
Just right for Winter wear.
Ma. n floor, rrutrt. CeBtfal llilil.llnf.
$1.59 to V- .95 U nl rimmed Hats, 98c.
ABOUT 350 HATS in plain and velour felts,
blacks and colors; nap beavers, soft plush, vel
vet and combinations of silk and velvet; also a
number of styles suitable for misses and chil
dren; some finished with ribbon bands, scarfs,
Main II ")'. Malta, (Vntm) llnil.llrv.
Women' $3.00 Shoes at $1.79.
Patent leather and dull calfskin, m blucher
style, with medium toes and Cuban heels;
si lies are welted and stitched and of medium
wi i. 'lit. Comfortable styli s.
Boys' Ji.so Shoes at 98c. Sturdy satin calf lace
Shoes: lizes l to 7, in broad widths.
! 11 ...r. W . .1 Hull. In.
Men's jM.txi pat nl leath r Sna . $2.39. sinyle
sole;., dressy .1 , ..ikI coti.Ii rt: " f 1 1 i I : ; r s S to ,
75c. to $2 00 Fountain I'em, 49c.
SEVERAL HUNpRED odd lots. Plain black,
preen and red barrels; one or toKokl plated bands, ill
i r riligfte anfl nold piatad barrtli. Nibs ai t4k. nold
wwh line, medium and stub lomis. All tilled ready for
tnal. Put in Holly Boxes, n reque led.
Mini II - r I ,. Kut null liDf.
$1 59 Llae CI ain Diagonal, 79c. Yd.
MOSI SERVICEABLE Fall and Winter fabrl 1 it
hall price. I lL 5 inches wiile, iT Itylisn coats. Miitj
1 l-.irt .. I'.ruht, lustrous linidi and perfect black.
Mum Baai rtr, Ceatfal ituii.tinc.
SsiM hbrlCI m navy blui . uin n.i-.r. vv. t umiitim.
15c. to 19c. Lmbi-;iJery Edging,
10c. a Ynrd.
ALL SPLENDIDLY MADE on fine cloths;
finely finished eyelet and other open designs;
plenty 01 Diina conioiii.'MMiis.
'enter, Ontr
It-ill Uag,
22c to 29c. Roastim; Pens, 15c, 19c, 23c.
Heavy American iron, double elfbastinj
; asters. . i .5 1 j inches, 15c. ; 10x13 inches
19c. i and 11x16 inches, Z3c. value 22 1 1 -Mc
$1.89 to $3.39 Culured Lce Bandings,
68c Yard
MOST REMARKABLE collection of col
ored Lace Bandings, lieautiful designs and
wonderful variety. Made on white, ecru and
black foundations.
Main fl'Kir. "i'r- Crntral It a
Charming Hats at 98c; valuea to $6.
White corduroy and white felt lints, lor dress or semi
dress wear. Styles for women, IMSM and children.
Value, up to $0.00.
M.-r flmt, Kaat H'. 1" n
Juvenilea at $3.95, Pub at $11.
Set of Juliana Horatio Ewinn's works; a
splendid set of Juveniles, 11 volumes, 8 vo.;
bound in red cloth; published at $11.00; our
price, $3.95. Mln flmr. rear. Eaat KulMlua.
75c. Sterling Sliver Photo Framea, 39c.
(.Mil card size, plain band, with dainty silver feet; vel
vet back and easel. None C. O. D.
Mnin ft ear eeatee. r.ntrai nuidina.
25c. and 45c. Knitted Mufflera, 19c.
KNITTI I) MI)I I LI:RS. hi linht blue, white and
Cray; turnover collar and others V shape; styles in great
Mi In floor.
"entral ItiilMlna.
$2.25 Cut Glass Fruit or Salad Bowls, $1.79.
Handsomely cut in chrysanthemum, Venetian and
Persian designs, finished with deep scalloped edge. Store
orders only and none C. O. D.
Hiii,wu finer, r.ntril nullillna
Women's 25c Underwear, 15c
Fleece lined Undervests, lont; sleeves, ankle
Drawers, French band, store orders only.
Main n.r. feaati Oaalfa lii.ii.i(na.
Women's 25c. Stockings, 12 1 jc
Store urders only.
Black cotton StiKkincs, good weight, full fashioned,
Willi double soles, heels ami tOBt,
Children's 15c. Stockings, 7c. Hiblied cotton Stock
ings, in bla.k, with double net If anil toes.
laln fli.ir. faaat, ent'al R.illiltna
Peroxide of Hydrogen, Large Buttle, Value
19c, at 8c
Lyon's Tooth Powder, JS. ie, at 9c.
white Castile Soap, res il irly 9c. n bar( at 5c.
Store onlers only; only a limited quantity to each
CU.tomir. Milo f.mir, Irmil, I uuiial HilH4.ua
1'nia an.! raniuarrj Couatera,
20c D :1 cio a Crab Apple J lly, I2c.
H mill i'i pi l'Y .i i wi Mil. le fro
selected tnnt by J. P. Howard, Haverhill, Mats., an
packed In large cylinder icren cap jars. ,ooo jars, i2
each, or fl.SS a dozen. luieaaar, u Dutuioi.
Import.. Hob in Squares, 69c lach.
WB BOUOH I these at r fourth ot Import cost An
Itfiporter't sample stock of j4 and m Inch Squares,
adapted lor pillows as well as table covers. Very 1 1 tin
rale cro .s-stu.Ji in Heraldic, Gothic and ( ld blngli li de
ikiis. One very elalxjrate design is one witti ruht ilr i,:-
ons especially enective, Co tori are red and red and
blue comi)inalions. Sensational value at 69c. each.
HmiM f.uur. HVvi lluildtal
btripe and Chock Outing rlannel, ac a Yd.
(i OD QUALITY, in pink and blue tripe and check
and u'liir patterns, 10 to jo yard lengths; will tut any
length, Store orders only ind limited quantity.
S'lb-V BvVt, w'-e. !'"'!'!lns.
Men's $15.00 to $20.00 Kancy Suits, $12.50
SI VI PAL HUNOPI.O SUITS well under regular
prices have bi i n distributed by us m tin, Mpular fixure
thi eason, many men Iuimiik two or more at a time.
romyrow'a otlermti, however, will U- the best of the
seaviii and no man di-sirinc a Suit at from Sl.S.OO to
130.00 can afford missinu thii npimrtunity to buy it
at $12. SO.
One ol tlte best popular price clothmR makers, whose
rikkIs alw.tvs find ready sale at renul.tr prices has sent
to us a number of small lots for quick clearance at our
Ihursday l-aruain sale. N ine slmi' s. n.. Men'. HiUMiaa.
Upholstering and Curtains.
$6.00 Portieres, $3.59 a Pair.
PRINOBD AND BOOED mercerized reversible
armure tap-strv Portieres in a wide ranae of colorings.
Ho.iio to $7.tK) imported Irish Point Lace Curtains,
$4. 35 a pair.
SI. 25 lirass Jardinieres, with brass ball feet, In bright
and brushed finish, M-iuch size, 89c. each.
Ihlrd floor, t'.ntrat Bulldlna.
$1.25 Extra Axminstar Carpets, 89c. Yard.
$25 9x12 feet seamless Velvet Rugs, $17.50.
Thir l floor. Eaet BullSlae.
85c Pillows at 55c
.V i-pound feather Pillows, size 22x28 inches, covered
with fancy tickings.
Ifi.50 Mattretan, $4.75. Full size cotton Mattresses,
stitched roll edge and fancy striped ticking; weight
50 pounds; strati ler sizes proportionately low.
Futirlh flixir, Rai
5,000 Plecea of Schwarzburs; China at
Leas Than Coat of Importation
12c Pieces at 6c
12c pieces at fir, and so on up to S2.2S pieces at 9Sc.
Every piece new and X'rfect. Txiiuisitely decorated.
Hutieay flour, Ciitral Bulldlae,
(iILT IIANDLI: 15c. I.mbrotders Scissors. Sc.
IOC. sterlinyi silver Thimbles, 3c. each,
loc. large Spools ol black Sewing Silk, Sc.
Store orders only and limited quantity to each cus
tomer, u.in Deaf, war. Cntril IliillrllBa.
Boys $4.95 and $5.95 huits, $3.95
Norfolk and doubl-breasted styles; sizes 8 to 18
years. All wixil cheviots in gray and tan mixtures
rt cut models; well tailored and iierfect fitting.
Seaead Besa, iaar, t.i.t Ituiidiaa.
$0.00 C p ra Glaec'.a. $4.58.
In white or Oriental pearl; gilt trimming and finest
p.-i'S, atiaal n.N,r. r.ar. Beti 'wt anil e-nt-al Itiitiiitnca
Men's Fancy Coat Shirts at 49c
Fins percale Coat Shirts, excellent variety
of patterns; all brand new, in best styles.
Coat style, cufi i attach!
Hesatstae floar, Eui lluii.Unf.
M n 50c Unciervstar at 29c
WI-: Hav i BEEN SEI un I II EM special fur 39c.
Derby ribbed, fine cotton I'nduwear, winter weight,
extra food quality and finish. Store orders only. Sub
ject to slight imperfections. mk, near, n t iiiiiiiiuw.
M n'a Mk Half li.., , 12 ' .c
In tan, navy, iray and black! auma .re made with
isle soles, heels, tivs and tops; some have jus' the list
heels, loes und tope, mb rlaae, MaaSj Ruiiiima
$2.98 to SG.98 Electric and Gas Lamps, $1.98
Portables and Sh ales, finished In Old brass and verde
green; tor reading it sewing. Complete with burner,
mantle, chimney, goose ra ck and ti feet of tubing for gas
bulb, socket and cord i"r electric. Prxtab.es slightly
la .1. Oaari e.otral BuUiling.
$3.25 Clears, $1 98.
Flor d Vlerode Sirenas, clear Ha uia filler and tine
Imported Sumatra wrapper; a box of SO, usually j.2S,
oui icttuLa price, lat.49; kuscial now at $1.9.
m.. Kiiuj. Uzt St.
yjgl . r . ! i . J

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