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. -'ZBBKKHtGmmiaVLmm " n , "7 7' " "Tumi-.
M. . I M . f. W ., V
Detectives Seeking a Tall,
Swarthy Man Who Beat
Mrs. Fainblatt.
Wedding ring TAKEN.
Und Poor Hcrr Pfleugel!
Had Such Chase All
for Nuddings!
Husband Finds Her Round
and Helpless in
Her Home.
Tlit fniinrlltn llrt Mil t hut on
I nlM of Oat 1" liM rnrte 'mnml
rnunil cho TtlDM HiilMln, leaping
! swIrllnK hitiM danrlna; MMMl of
a ret
dii At
With "Mr th lUlltM dVsnrrptlrm to
work upon, Dm'!!m McKeon and
Ryan of tho Miller avtnue station
trying to-day to set some olaa to tha
Ideality or tha tall. awArtMr nian of
dacldedly foreign aspact !. accord
Ing to the mory told them by Mn.
Ooad F'alnblatt. gauged, beat nj
robbed her late yesterday aftamnon In
bar home at No. 149 Sheffield atraet.
Charles I'alnblatt, a salesman, the
woman's husband, returned home ahort
lr bafore 7 o'clock. When be got to
tha door of hit ai.irlm.-nt on tha ec
ond floor, he found a neighbor. Mrs.
Telcer, who Uvea In the adjoining apart
ment, and Oeorge Klrach. a grocer
bo;', trying to force an entrance.
Mra. Teiger told Kainolait that aha
had t.e. on . alarmed by aome nulsea
that ahe had heard In hla Hat. and had
aat for :.:rach to .'.dip hoi' force open
tha door, 'i door locked. Kalnbl.itt
clambered up tha flre-eecupe and
through a window leading directly in'
hla bedroom. i
There, unoonacloua on the bed. waa hla
wife with a ropo wound eeveral tlmea
about her and body. Her fao
waa covered with cloths and a baby a
coat. He pulled the iiki away, and
admitting .Mra Telgcr and the boy ran
to the corner drug atore. There he
found Dr. Km. 'ho hastened to Ihe
boue. accompanied hy Druggist 811. .y.
The two men .:. . over the iincnn
aclous woman for aoin lime before sue
reoovered aufTlclently to tell her alory.
When ahe left the house, about 10
o'clock, to go to a Williams urg dreaa
maker, (he aaJd, ahe noticed a tall,
warthy man standing- on tha oppoalte
aide of the atreet. Mm saw him again
on tile Butter avenuo "la" atallon, but
thoua-ht nothing of It until he lert the
train at the Kluaiiln avenue station of
the Broadway "L" with her. lie dlaap
peered, and, reaasured, ahe went Uut
whew, aho return. J to the "L" the m m
waa there, apparently waiting for her.
Tnorouhgly alarmed, ehe left the "Is"
at Atlantic avenue, two alatlona befjie
bar home elation, and walked along,
looking for a policeman. There was
one In right. She cot home at 2 o'clocg,
mad about e o'clock aent her three, cail
dren out Into the atreet. Aa they passed
througii the kitchen door ahe aloj pad
late the .x'droora. There, ahe was con
fronted by Ihe man who bad been fol
lowing her about all day.
The man seised her and demanded :f
aba had any money. When she told nim
ahe had none he hurled her urajn tu
bed, caught up the baby's cloak and
gagg 1 bat with 't. Then he struck her.
Than ho choked btr Into unconacloua
aeas. after which he bound her.
The anartment was thoroughly ran
sacked, when Fainblatt Drawled In
throug i the fire-escape window, and the
robber had torn (rum Mrs. I'aln jlatt'a
fingers her wedding ring and her dui
mond betrothal ring The robber hu.l
removed her earrings from her ears.
Nothing elso was taken.
alar Dryden Isiprevea,
NEWAI1K, N, J., Nov. 22 -According
te reports feci d from the reahletico of
former Senator John I" Iryda to-dey
tha Senat. , who was eperat.J on last
Krlday for gall stones, parsed a restful
nlflhl His c ..:. t.- recovery now seems
o-' matter of time.
It take long flmx frith ft string maguif)
tag itt" - in iM i in! n? wln tiivr r not a Du
awni'l a abtxilutt-l) iwrfcM'i, M tha atmt n'ii
W fiainiiMMl .vi ..i eii iu tU ptpiiahr light ;
audi ! i tie i'fi. "-i they in il thnnitfh hy
hn tllffffrnt ii..'-. Wfoif we Hill aa dla
muntl and put it un runrd bth a le. g
ahbohttelr perfect. Whi-n tV ml., oon
i Kill id that i tban ; of all (lib uia
ma -..la mlt'-1 arv abeoluttlv peifwt m$ are
Kt .nu an fit ' Utfa thai will he hanl to t-tjttal,
show yuu hard ur tuUwd t maka It
for (Mtirr ). 'nn . will Ii i i n
tkiafi iiria at $41. earh wiHi i 1 ' "
dfraiandirig 1 .i- u.i niunty will W
of any Ji-mfIW ur IHamood Mmliadi will
tnatt-h it or BU n- aii 1t!iin fit', uf ttiit
inncff. U. you to taki' tht Itlng ao
rharTt. it.- agrvfiutai u t hu Im. uf all
Inflate jarovlda-a for Utt return of Ihe mnin y
uth'I, n I'nat. OM a ff athtf s f.ala
OM-utkioM hr'r Wr liavfl m, tin, ! i t.
4 Mini ..-H ( rt IJ --.
;t an. i t-u
H ui'.t 7-H
Ii mill T-N
:t mill 1-4
mm mmMM
Waaaeasaa. Walekea. laaaWl.
Ill BfM-wiy, Miw Yul
until It wh captured by ller- Wllhelm
rfleiiger "f No. I aerltae .MIrajiee,
PYlederlchalelder, Iterlln, dermany. and
hy him turned over to a traffic police
man, v-h uunrded to John K. J.
Phaehen of No. ail Mount Proapect
avenue, N'owark. N. J , hy fcymmlaaloner
Waldo, to-day. the t'ommlaaloncr being
con Inced that young Mr. Shcehnn hail
the bdfslUIOtd blown out of hla hand aa
he was buying tickets In the lobby o
rhe Cohan Theatre.
There are few $l hills thnt go ofT on
anch wild careers M the yellow-hacked
certificate that got hick to Mr. Shnehan
to-day. Hcrr rfleuger. who Is a Merlin
merchant, dashed three time around
Ihe Tlmea lltuldlng, before he snatched
the bill from the dust. He tackled low
and hard and a.-ored n touchdown, then
yielded up Ihe capture to a trafllc po
liceman, giving hla name nnd nildreaa
and panting eaKcrly thnt If no cl.ihnnnt
showed up. he would like to nnncx the
handaome yellow document.
Herr Pfleugor hail no sooner turncl
over the captured bill limn forty-nine
varied end assorted claimant
down upon th tramo oop. None mad
good his claim and tha money waa eent
down to folic Headquarter Th tory
ot abroad and Commtlonr Waldo'
mall began to buig with lttr from
claimants, among ra a brtof not
from Mr. Pheehan of Newark.
Mr. Bheehan wrote that the young
lady he had taken to the theatre had
telephoned hi mthat ehe had read til
arllnl anent Herr Pfleiigel' capture.
Rhe reminded Mr. Aheehan that h had
had a 110 Mil blown out of hi flit on
the mime evening. Mr. ffhenhan. who I
aecretary to th President of the Fidel
ity Trust Company of Newark, had
i-nmplnlned to the bo nftl-o man In the
Cohan Theatre about the freak of the
wind that had torn the bill from hi
graap and anung It off amid the duat
ajHiuta of llroadwav
Commissioner Waldo looked up Mr.
Mheehan nnd hla atory, and waa satla
lled he waa the man. A the money
waa beliiK ninllad to Mr. ftheehan to
day there eetne a wistful missive from
Herlln signed Herr Pfleusrel. flsld Herr
Pfeugel, If that money hadn't been
claimed, he could use It In hi hualneas.
ST va
Doctor's Best Formula
BrwaNa Serat Cold In a HnnJ
Curat Any Curable Cough.
Thta hal baan publlahad hara far aavarai
wlntara, and ha provan thn qulrkaat and
mott rallabla formula obtatnab'.a To
coufha and colda. Fi om your drucglat
fat two nun .d of Olyoarlna and half an
ounca Conoantratad Plna compound. Tan
thaaa two Incredlanta homi and put thotn
Into a half pint of good whlakay.Bhaka n
wall and taha ona to two taaapuonfu!
aftwr aaoh maai and at bdtlm. Smallni
doaaa to ohlldran, arcordlna to aga. I
aura to fat only tha ffanutn (l oha Con
cant rat ad Plna. Kach half ounca bottt
comaa In a aaaJed tin acrww-top oaaa. Any
druralat haa It on hand or will qulekly
rat It from Ma ),.- tmuaa. Don't
aapwrlmant with prepnrat lona hacaiina of
rhapnr-aa. It don't pay to fool with n
bad e4d
Frost Bites
pr la ii it- -
I and a'iraat
u r a known
loiia--. liunlnna. f mat - t.l nw.atv and
arhlna ffft: "Two Tnlt. nunnfiila "f
fNil(irld romnoiind In hot font -bath
rlvra Inatant r'Hf. and If fat aa tad
Ally for a abort time t-rrninn'-nt cure
raaulttt 'let a a ." c. hnn ot thla r -niHrka.b1a
falorlda from nnv druaalat or
dlr't from Medical FVrrmi.H labora
torlra of (hlrnao.
l lour
bakes biscuit light as a
feather and pancakes that
melt in the muuth. And
the labor is light too; the
result ure. Best flour,
carefully prepared from a
thoroughly tried formula
Rtciptt In AVery Pacha f
THE H-O COMPANY, aefial. N. T.'
Rata. Carpets. Mmldlng
$3.00 Down On $50
5.00 Down On 75
7.50 Down On 100
AnimmM In I'rtniorttoa
Wfe'-t M RsflmM Fare
Sunday Werld Wants tVurk Wtindera.
Hudson and Manhattan
Railroad Company
On the flth of February, 1008, the first tunnels
under the Hudson River were opened to public use-Twenty-iii
year had elapsed aince the work was
beaan in 188t. Two disastrous failure had oc
curred and many live had been lost in the attempt
to master the extraordinary difficulties involved.
The initial operation was between Hobokrn and
19th Street and Sixth Avenue. A few months
later tSd Street waa reached; and two and a half
years later (November 10, 1010.) trains began
to run to 83d Street
Prior to the advent of the tunnels, any one going
from Hobokrn to points on 8th Avenue, paid 3
cents to cross the river by ferry, changed in New
York to the surfuce cars and, for an additional fare
of fl cents (total 8 cents) was delivered to hia des
tination. This is true as to every one eicept the
railroad passenger, whose ferriage is included in
his railroad ticket, but -who, nevertheless, in
directly pay the ferry charge.
Rrfore the tunnel were opened, the rate of fare
waa aeriously discussed by the Company s direc
lora. T'iry believed that at least the same fare as
that charged by the ferry and the trolley, namely 8
cents, should be paid for the superior t uimel service.
After long consideration, however, it was deter
mined to try a uniform rate of a cents (although
the Company had the right at that time to make
it 8 cents) with the hope that sufficient traffic
would be developed between New York and New
Jersey to justify it. After almost four years of
trial, it has been clearly demonstrated that the
Tunnel Company is not justified in carrying pas
sengers between New Jersey and 8th Avenue
points, or uptown New York, for a o-cent fare.
Since l lie uptown tunnels were opened, the Com
pany has extended its service to the Eric and Penn
sylvania Kailroad stations and to Grove Street,
in Jersey City. From all of these points to 6th
Avenue, New York, the rate by ferry and trolley
was previously, and is to-day, 8 cents, notwith
standing the Tunnel Company voluntarily made
the rate A cents.
In the near future the tunnel service will be
extended to Summit Avenue (the Heights Section)
in Jersey City. Uetween this section and 8th
Avenue points, the present combinrd rate by
trolleys and ferry is 13 cents. It is the intention
of the Tunnel Company to make the rate 7 cents
between these points.
The tunnel service has marked advantages over
the ferry and trolley service. Hy ferry and trolley
from liobokento 83d Street the time is 30 minutes,
against II minutes by tunnel; from the Krie sta
tion to S3d Street it is 3D minutes nguinst 13
minutes by tunnel.
Thus we have the unusual and anomalous con
dition ot the superior facility receiving Wcr
rule than the injrrior facility.
The tunnel system la now practically eottplettd,
with the raception of the extension from B3d street
to the Grand Central Station. The entire interest
(on its bonded debt and all fixed charge mint,
within the near future, be charged aguinst I hr earn
ing! from the Railroad and the Terminal lliiildlngs.
On the business thu far developed, and with a
uniform 6-crnt fare, fae (mn nt, hnm tint mms)jwJ
initrtst on ill bond, force unit other fixed ehargit.
The burden of taxation alone (notwithstanding
the particularly fair attitude of the New Jersey
authorities) is enormous. For the fiscal year
ended June 80, 1011. taxes aggregated 414.S88.S4.
For the present fiscal year ofi the basis of assess
ments already made, they will be increased to ap
proximately 478,281.84. If the company was
exempt from taxation (like the New York Subway)
it could continue to carry passengers for a uni
form S-ccnt fare.
Under the circumstances, a readjustment of
rates has, therefore, become necessary.
The tunnel lines between Jersey City, Hobokrn
and Sixth Avenue involve an average longer haul,
and cost decidedly more to construct than the tun
nel lines to downtown New York. It seems, there
fore, reasonable and logical that, in a readjustment
of rates, the (are to upfoira JVeie York, should be
more than the fare to downtown New York.
F or tbeae reasons, it has been decided to increase
(beginning December' 84, 1011) the rate between
Jersey City, Hoboken, and Sixth Avenue, or up
town New York, to 7 cents. This is,l cent1 ess
than the existing rate (8 t ents) by ferry and t rolley
between the water front in New Jersey and up
town New York.
The rate from Summit Avenue Station (when
opened) to uploten New York, will be 7 cents and
to downtown New York S cents. This is 0 cents
leu than the existing rate by ferry and trolleys
from Summit Avenue to uftowu New York, and
3 cents lea, to downfowa New York.
The present rate of 8 cent between local sta
tion in New Jersey and between local stations
in New York will be maintained.
With this increase in the uptown rte to 7 cents,
and with the new service put into operation be
tween Newark and New York, and with a reason
able growth in traffic over the sytem. the Com
pany will earn it fixed charges with a rrasonub.e
surplus for equipment, renewals and contingencies.
It is needless to comment on the fact that the
earning of fixed charges is absolutely essential to
the Company's integrity. The Company is cer
tainly entitled to and must have a living rate of
It should he remembered that the New York
City Subway, a far less costly and difficult under
taking, was financed with the credit of the City of
New York, at low rates of interest, and is exempt
fromtaation. The Hudson Tunuels, on the other
hand, have been financed by private capital, at
higher rates of interest, and with no exempli. m
from taxation. This great system, with all of its
basards and risks, has received no financial aid
from the State or Municipal governments on
either side of the Hudeun River.
We submit the facts with the hope that the just
ness ot the compsny's position will be recognized,
and with the belief that the public is willing to
support an enterprise that has been consistently
uiauagcdfroui the beginning in the public interest.
The Hudson an ! Manhattan Railroad Co. is
now and has ulwa s beeu independent. No rail
road company In New Jersey or elsewhere hin ever
had any financial intereat in ibis B mpiiny or any
vo'ce in its managetaaati
Navel . . . .1.
Hill." H. Hi i.
rtjtlnu anil I. t'. .a
Wtitleo and ilins-
I t.J W. a, llilln.it. Tlie
Walle i ri., ftefatea la
i in... n hand ms.le neaef one
..I la iai i"ls. Nw
. . Dll letal' II lift St. IU.
ilsrlx 1 J& Wl.ll. they
last a.tc
s.jTl Ifi aeawl get ant fa
Vaaa 0Jp SIXTH AVENUE, 22d k 23d ST&
Till: I I OI'I.K'
a I om:
Restaurant on 4th Floor
A Valiir-Cllrlaa
Erca riamtnatfr Craw try mr
5 Xpert raBiitaml Oittomttiiat.
lariita.l ami nrulltp' lrv
avnTtlnna t art-full v f1Ilt1.
CalJ aad imi t irtr rl t
wht : rourtauiia attontton will
ba iiown ami rorrart a I t j
flTtn fret of rhm
Balion. 231 Htn-vt alda.
K6NHtfiT) I I
- i mm
i.Bm D.i;.,V tVI
HIS is a History Making Silk Sale
I Ik ii mil 'nila of vsrda of ahirtimcrintf silk to he sold to-morrow at quite untold prices
- - . ...,T . . I f I A 1 111 t .
innnuriu'ttirrra would Have extreme umicuiiy in rcprouutang incst siianui ;
Pure Silk Crepe de Chine
Price, indeed, which the
There it nn ailk in this lot
worth less than 49c per yard,
and there la a very large pro
portion of values at 5e per yd.
Ten Thousand Yards
Foulards. Fancy Jnequurda, Crepe de Chine, Fancy Taffeta.
to!ic;:i yard l'r
Black Silks At Certainly Low Prices
(ft-in. All-ailk SerfM) value si. 75, at Il.is
45-in. All-silk Salin Duchess, value S1.75, at 9,J
36-in. Heavy Satin Duchess, value SI. 39, at. 98
nfi-in. Heavy Satin Duchess, value 1, 25, at 78
30-in. Satin MelMltne, vnlueSl.OO, at 68
36-in. Satin Liberty, value 85c,-at 58
HMtT. Satin Mi dline, value 85e, at 39
3(')-in. Black Taffeta, value 8.V. at 89
i of Fancy and Plain Silks jqp
an, Double width Marquisettes. All these representing values from 59c fy ( v
Faule de Soie, nineteen inches wide
Roman St ripen, nineteen inehea wide
Persian Meaaaline, nineteen inchea wide
Plain Colored and Fancy Silks M,,n noor-
36-in. AH -satin Mtssaiinc, all colors, also white anti black. Value &I.05, at 69c
36-in. Satin Libert y, all colors. Value 85c, at 88c
27-in. Jacquard Messaline, beautiful designs and colorings. Value $1.00, at 58c
26-in. Satin Messaline, all colors. Value 75c, at 49c
Jt-in. Chiffon Taffeta, all colors. Value 75c. at 49c
Tokio Foulard Silks. Thousands of yards and styles to select from. 39c values
at per yard I8e
Tokio Plain and Dots. White and Black, per yard U)4c
Black Taffetas, 36 inches wide. Regular 85c per yard, for per yard 89c
Wool Black Satins. 52 inches wide. Regular $3.00 values, for per yard ft .48
One Thousand Bed PillOWS
Will Go on Sale Thursday at ft Off
MnkrrV overproduction on several kinds;
none of these originally ordered, therefore
this cut in price.
98c Value fuaQValua
r Value
29c 48c 69c
Teddy Batty Blankets. 1'ink or blue
value 80c; at
Extra Fine California Finish Bed Blankets
for double bedtj $7.()0 kind; at. per
300 Correfortablc. Just received a shipment
which was canceled hy other stores, there
fore son sau f 1.00 on each, value f
S3.CO; at
a nr.m
i I I W
Fourth Floor.
Linen for Thanksgiving
A Timely Sale Which Will Unques
tionably Be Welcomed by
Thrifty Housekeepers
Scotch bleached and finished.
Renaissance Dinner Cloth,
round, with deep lace bor
ders, 72 in.
across. Val
ue $6.00 to
Pattern Table Cloth in handsome new
designs. About 2)4 yds.
long. Value $3; for
Napkins, specially priced for
this sale at, per doien.
$2. 50 value. $3.00 values.
or Napkins.
1.95 2.45
No extra charge for hemming on advertised Table Clotha
Main Floor.
Special Notion Prices To-morrow
Adjiistahle Drcsa Form
(As illustrated, i i-.iul lections; newest model
- i
Main riivir.
bight ecuont; newest model. Can be adjusted
at necK, waist ana nips; lowered or raised to
accommodate skirt length; regular $10.tX) value.
Special at
Bust Forms Jersey covered;
.11 -: 'l . . n T .
.ii. sizes, .i: in in.
special at
Hair Nets; all colors; extra size;
per dozen 20c
Dress Forms with wired skirt
that can be raised or lowered
sizes 3li to 40 1 n. ;
special at
John J. Clark's Spool Cot
ton; per dozen spools. . . . 12c
Sewing Silk; black or colors;
per dozen spools lac
Bast inn Cotton; 500-yd. spool;
each 3c; tier dozen 29c
Hooks and Kyes; white or
black; all sizes: per cross. . .6c
Fancy Jewel-Set Hat Pins;
worth 25c; at 10c
Tubular Shoe Laces; all
lengths; per dozen 3c
Shoe Set ; Polisher and Dauber;
w ortli 25c, at 8c
Art Needlework Specials
Crochet Doyliew, Hand-
madt, at less than whole-
sale prices, as follows
Eiderdown Yarn, best
10c values 48c values $1.00 values
5c 25c
Stamped Huck Towela
Stamped Linen Cen
Stamped Aprona
Stamped Corset Covera
for making
Aviation Caps, etc., in
all the best and most
wanted shades. r
Spec, per skein AtJC
Laundry Bags. 39c to 50c values at
Crochet Woolen Slippers. In pretty colorings .. .
Satin Sofa Pillows. Very pretty; $1.69 values at.
Floss Sofa Cushions. Medium size
.Oitroti. niim A
II ...1. I L'I
50 cnnK neatlv DriOtfld WhQt
your mdt. any style,
one lino only
Ot!:u LkMUl i'cncilt. per
Colorad woodL ko! mm pen
cils. cr.iscr i noH, pcrdfzin. ..
Havir.K l ard, lancy backi,
2itc vitlue
Pinochla Cards, i'-sjot low, 6c
A. A. Viittrmun AL- C(kl 1 tamtam
r. us. ivtvy om luanw ycjp
CaiblMl K-nijirun 100 Hl.t-cta o! tmtr
I at trie finish Wrilnig l'aier i
and - i Kii wldjK s I fC
Mtln ritxjf.
Another Big Hosiery Event
Our call for unheard-of values from all buyers is beini? responded to, and here is an
othei opportunity for you to participate in the sale to-morrow which represents a "clean
up" from one of thelarRest importing houses.
This is the reuular stock and sample lines.
The price speuks for itself. We utir,mtee the values and we will say a few words only
about the many different styles which w suggest you look over to-morrow.
women a ram Hlaek Silk Male, medium weight and gauze weignts.
Women's Black Boot Silk (lose, perfect.
Women's Oauss Weight Hose,.; ilk embroidered.
Women's Fancy Novelty HOM, 2-tone effects.
Wontan'a Hose in Plain and Lace BffaotS, full fashioned, in white,
sky, pink, navy, lavender, suede and pearl Riay.
Women's Tan Gauze Lisle Hose, full fashioned. Mam rioor.
Twentv-fivp hunrirerl nnirain all and manv more stvles.
Thursday, per pair J
25c, 35c, 50c
Hair Goods
Switches, beauti
ful natural wavy
hair, washable.
20 inches long;
regular $2.50
fvofe $125
Switches, as above, 22 inches
long, in all shades:
regular $3.50 value 0
'c have rrptional f an. ilit ir-m ur
matching rair shadra o( hair.)
i ApiMiiiilnif nta lur hairdrcaainR, maa-
sagiiiK. niaiucun rig and a nam no.
my I marie hy phorw. Just cnll ti
I llr-.I.M-.A.j
Fine Cut Glass at Extreme-
17 I rt.sr DCy-io Rich Cut vaH
I vli in in i..
Rich Cut QHa Punch Bowls
Size 9 inches, on high ((sntar cut-,
ting. We have only 100 of these
which regularly sold for tfQ Qf?
$5.98. Our sped al at. . .
Rich Cut Glass BtlgM and Cream
Sets BeaunluJcutuiisipMiuvely
sold rtgulany ior91.W
Our special at
Fern Dish .
Com pie le Willi I'lateaux and Kern.
Large size, beautiful Star and chrygxntlje-
mum cuttings on lead blanks, silver linings.
Cannot be duplicated for less than
$5.75. Our special at
Rich Cut Glass 8-Inch Bowl Ex
tra high size, star and chrysanthe
mum pattern. A large purchase en
ablts us to sell a $3.00
bowl at our special price
Rich Cut Glasa Salt ctnd Pepper
Shakers These have sterling sil
ver tops; regular pnee 2ve -a Q
ach. Our special at .
Rich Cut Glass 6-inch Handled Nappic or Olive Dish
chrvsuiihcnuini pattern; poMtiveiy sold regularly at 8c.
rial at
-Proluselv cut.
ur spt (S9c
Well Known Corsets We Feature
W. p. CORSETS New model, cut extremely long,
low but. made of coutil, fronc and side sup- -Q
porters. Social at J7C
W. B. NUPORM CORSETS - Many new mod
els for average and slender figures. Cut on
artistic and slender lines. New models, long,
with low bust. The new topless corsets and
the new hip-confining model, constructed tc
draw tne nips into me aupnmi pussiuiu unea,
girdle-like in bust-construction and conse
quently very low at bust and (I " Q
under arms. Special at p X to pO
W. B. REDUSO CORSETS Specially do
signed for well-developed figures. Scientil;
cally constructed and guaranteed to reduce
hips and abdomen from three O tff
to five inches. Special at aJjO to ipJ
Woood Floor.
Trunk Sale Close to a Gift
We Simply Must Have the Room
It W0:
All of us make mistakes. We
made one in buying so many
trunks at this particular season
of the year. Instead of putting
them In storage until the spring
and netting more of your money,
we are toing to let each individ
ual customer store a trunk until
the spring, because the prices at
which we have marked this mer
chanalat for an early clearance
should proe irresistible.
Wnrdrohe Trunks. Dress
I'run',-:, Sieamer Trunk
Hat B,
Tlvira Kloor.
To give you an idea of the way
these trunks are marked for the
great sale to-morrow, we quote
Ihe following:
Dress und Steamer Trunks
In sizes 28 to 40,canvas covered,
some with straps; well-constructed,
strong!) -built trunk
$5.00 to$7.00 values, (jag (Jg
riasAaalTfll n!.-s Sizes tip to
l l OS a a vaw
40 inches,
sound. All with
Trunks All
some being leather
strans 113,50
$18.00" valots,!
Dn-sn nml Steamer
sia-. JSW lo 10.00
value , at e. . .
Drt sx nnl Sii"ipofTriiriii Cloth-
lined, two lrus, heavy
hardware. Values 91 '.00
to$14.U),at ...
W qnlrohc Trunks
j'2j.(Kl values, lor. . .
Wardrobe Trunks flirt" HA
4So.oo alut's, for. . .
Hat Boxeifc-$11.0Q
lies, lor
rs ri 1'irs nt I
miilacujrer's toat.
All nrw aw.(is: rr!. .! cr rt il ire slioi'wern.
We must (Irar this stock nut to make rornn
lor th t'hrintmiis tos.
Imported Moquette Couch Covers
The fact that a big importer had to ha ve ymw. v- I
read v cash aa ve us the opportunity to pur
chase, at our own figure a big lot of
Heavy Imported Moquette Couch
Covers. Tney are perfect goods, full
size of three patterns, four colorings in
each red, blue, green and tan.
These Couch Covers are of very deep,
high, lustrous pile and can be used for rugs,
having the same effect as Oriental rugs.
In many of the New York stores the reg
ular price of these couch covers would be
found to be iI3.0 to $15.00, but. owinR
to the opportunity of purchasing at our
own price, we are pleased to give out
customers the advantage in an extremeh
low sale price which is less than you coulc p.
land them through the United State
Custom House.
Size 60 inches wide, 3 yards lone
J war- iriHV I. V J
i r z--- ' mcu mm
f u aw m
fir mSsm m
Imported Bath Rugs ot Washable Cotton
nampic nam uugs irom a large importer at our own pnee for immediate
cash. I his nenig an important lactor, we are able to all ihaaa lul Ii riitru mm ikin
following verylow pnees. Samples of l!l2desins, principailyin blue and green
ni'p" 1 iSfti See T WW ,f"rl'l dltPlay of this clean, new stock
Bath Kugs. size 18x36 in., value$1.15,
at 90c
Bath Rugs, size 22x42 in., value $1.70,
at $1.29
Bath Rugs, size36x36in., value $2.25,
at $1.80
XLKgSNEKO. Sixth Avenue, 22nd and 23rd Streets
Bath Kugs,size 27x42in., value $2.25.
at $1 80
Bath Rugs, size 27x52 in., value $2.50.
at $1.98
Bath Rugs, size 27x60 in., value $3 25
at j,aV
Bath Rugs, size 36x72 ia, value $4 25
FouitJi Floor.
. r T U

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