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WKATIIKH-llnln prolixlile t-nlaht
kill L.UUIUH ui uinniiiiii-
miawing in Shanty on 72d
Section for Half a Mile.
Scores Cut by Falling Glass in
Nearby Hotels and Apart
ment Houses.
Hundreds or frightened IMMntl
rushed mto the. strets to-day when a
"construction shanty In the centre of
Beventy-arcond street, at Col.imt.u-.
venue, tu blown to atoms by an ex
plosion Of dynamite that shattered all
tha wlndowa for a block In each Urec
tldri, caused the death of one man and
croated a panic that tuxed the efforts
of the oolloe neserves from two sta
tion a
The explosion occurred at $ e'olo-k
when most of the residents of thi sec
tlon wnre at breakfast. By its owr
force It tors off a Pre alarm box and
automatically announced to the Fir
Department tlrxt something strangely
unusual had happened. A few minutes .
latsr the etivets were packed With !
OMjIqui and frightened people who rs- I
Sled fo be wholly oalmed for two ,
Charles Wetsell, n stpamfltter. of No.
110 Hull street. Brooklyn, "was pass
ing the shanty in his way to work at
No. J WSl tf.-ven t v . second street when
h dynumlti' exploded. He was In
BtarAly killed.
After three official Investigations had
bean hurriedly made, the police arrested
Thomas A Heilly. contractor of No,
118 F.aet Thlrty-nln I street, and his
father. Patrick .:. a blnetgr. Mag
ftra'e Harlow P. Wtli Side Court,
held thorn barge Of homicide. I
Subject to I ... i Ion of the Coroner.
Tha Kellly- targe of the ex
cavation ol i - 1 " In Seventy-second
Street, for an. i the l,nanilte was Be
ing used.
The shant wai : ited In the centre
of Seventy-ic -on I street, near the ele
vated railway structure, for the use of
a gang of men who wero making the
excavation The Coroners, tha Bureau
Of Combustible!) Inspectors and the po
lies Join In toe id'a tb.it one of the
workmen employed on the Job had
placed dynumite on a stove In tbu
fhanty to tbaw It preparatory to blait
lug, and thai the explosion i faulted
from this act.
They declaic.l It was a direct violation
of the law to lake the exploslvs Into
the shanty.
The corner at which the explosion
took place Is one of the busiest In the
upper west side. In the immediate
vicinity are several hotels, a score of
apartment bouses and many private
On the southwest corner is a seven-
tory building of Park Tlllord. wiierc
tha grocery concern has III
miuIv fac-
(Contlnuefl on Heio:nl
oil icing's son Would Reduce s
lessitpnt l" sVM' 195 'Vander
hill Kapei 82,000,000 Tax
joim i. Reekataliar ir. gppaarad to-
da at the offloa of the Tax Depart
ment with the notice of personal as
aeasment snt him to the effect ih.H he
bad been ass. ased on IM)i.,i" worth of
personal proparty. Mr. Bockafaller had
lllled In the answers to the usual "ap
lulcatlon for devlsior. " o,ues:iuns, stat-t
ing that his personal proparty wai
alue.1 at but ' ,J VK of whl -h $3$l,5 i
v. as In bunds.
its was told tin .i anwen would Itava
Id be fllltd In, Instead, by one of thi
potumtaaloni . id 1 naw blank
acconllngly inn:, out and wo:ii to.
Mr. Ruckcf. Ita i failed 10 rsiat
hla IkiiiiIk Ulldar in- aw lW, and wn.
have to pa) t el upon t . em.
William K. Vand iilll Jr., who wna
gMlffl lJ ' 1W ":i 1.000,000 worth ..f
pergonal property, ill one of the other
callars at tha Dspartmant offloaa m-day.
Mr. VandarbiH iwora oil an inmp
mant at a valuation Ol littBiOOOi stating
that, In the flrgl plaoa, he lives In Oak
dale, Long island, and he Is not u real
sient of New Vork City; and, I nthe next
jlace, that his In i ds are registered un
der the new law and ate not taxable in
this Stair,.
T '
or Friday.
(mrlslit. nil I. by
... I Tim KM
Salesman Fights Alimony but
Doesn't Deny Wife's
Charges Against Him
.Miss Jessie Field, a brunette of less
than twenty-flve summers who reside.
Greene avenue, Brooklyn, Is
the I
ause, Mrs. Mathllde D. Kunx alleges, i
if the smashing of her happy home
Mrs. Kunx, who lives at No. C24A
MoDonough street, Brooklyn, was
: .anted a decree of divorce by Juatlce
-tapletnn In the F-.iprsmo Court to-day
frOgB her husband, Henry Kunx. a
alesman for a Manhattan concern.
With tha decree granted by Juatlce
tipleton goes t .s a year alimony,
which distressed Ma. Kunx more
than the fact that through tha act
of the Court he was no longer attached
to his better half of other days. Ha
fought the alimony, but ha made no
dffense to the chargea of hla wife that
he was found In the St. Francis Hotel,
on Forty-seventh street. In a rose
tlnle.l l,.o.l.. ., i-i. Mi-.. I.' . ' I u-h.t
was gowned In an Irish point lace robe
do nult.
Mrs. Kunz declared her husband's In
come was HAOM a year. Mr. Kunx came
back with a strong denial, saying he had :
to sell at least HtMOl worth of lace an
nunlly or he wouldn't get more tnan
11,000 salary. The lace business had fall
en off. said Mr. Kunx, so he couldn't pay
her now what he had been giving In the
Mis. Kuni alleged In her suit that prl-
vate detectives, accompanied by her i
maid, Margaret Schlotel, and her broth
er. Henry Dallledotix, found her huaband
recently In an apartment of the St.
Francis, where he had registered with
Miss Field as his wife. When the de
tectives gained admittance to the bou
doir M.ss Field was huddled In a cor
ner behind a drapery, she said, while
hubby was trying to look unconcerned.
Mrs. Kunx said she forgave one of her
Inn-band's escapades with Miss Field
aavaral years ago. but she couldn't
condone his second offense.
Mrs. Kunx has been separated from ;
her husband since last spring. Through :
a mutual agreement he has been paying
her I iim a month.
Mr. Fnnces J. Patterson Of Brook-
lyn Demands S2,Soo Damages
From Harry Frank.
Mrs. Fr.inces J. Patterson declared
In court n-day that almost ever since
ehc moved Into a two-family bouse at
No. 13 M Fiftieth streat, Brooklyn, with
Jiar elg.it little Pattarioni In Juno. 1909.
her next door neighbor, Harry Frank,
lias Insisted ii;ior addressing the elsht
little darlings by the salutation of
"little wopr."
Thsrafora Mrs. Pattsrson, who is the
wife of .lames I. Pattsrion, summoned
Mr. Frank hefore Juatlce Jay ox and a
Jury In the Supreme Court, Brooklyn,
to-day In suit for S-.SPu damages.
Mrs. PaUaraon was the first wltneas. ,Qn of Amerlea - e ai1ad .
She look.d sternly nt the defendant plea!Ure expressed by American, was
every 'Ini'. ahe touched upon the sub- . ,,,,, ., nZswuL ... r .
je.t of "clBbt little wops. ' ! not limited to Catholics, the Protestants
Mrs. 1'aiter.on declared that trouble avln" ,huwn ,(lua' enthusiasm, us was
with Mr. Frank began on her first day I proved by more than two thousand mes
In her Fiftieth street home. She heard j sages received from all claaees, and the
a noise in front of the house, and, going ! monster sendoff given to him when he
out on l le porch, found Mr. Frank i left New York.
standing on his own side scolding her
children. She argued with blni, and
then she saws he turned upon he; und
a.Uircsivd Iter in an insulting way.
celebrated New YVk Aurlat haa
been selected to demonstrate to deaf
people that deafness Is a dlseaae and
nu be treated lUOaiaaai ully In your own
He propoaea to prove this fact by
sending to any person having trouble
...t, thulr tan m. trisl tr.ilm.nl ,,f
his new method absolutely free. It la
advin. ; i..ai 11 pe...i who nave trou-
,l.i with their nara immediately uddreeo
nr. Edward Gardner, Suite 349, No.
4u West Tlilrty-Thlrd atraet, New Tork
Pity, and receive by return mall, abso
lutely free, a "Trial Treatment." Advt
I "Circulation Books Open to All."
The I nn -iitill.hln
Vurk World).
Pope Pleased at Attentions and
Promises Farley and Fal
conio Early Audience.
New York Dignitary Tells How
His Elevation Pleased Prot
estants as Well as Catholics.
HOME, Nov. 33. Cardinals-designate
John -M Farley and Dlomede Falconlo
arrived here at 8.15 A. M. to-day. A
large crowd of ecclesiastics had assem-
Ibed at the station before dawn, brl me'
train carrying the two American arch
blshotis was an hour and a .can-.- latp
Th ...,,, ,, 1W. '
Arohh,,lop Karl.y, wllo w, tmmtt
ately folowed by Archbishop Falconlo
Both looked ..n ....
faUguea of their long journey.
All the acclsfsaaUca present knelt and
kissed tha ruiga of the now cardinals,
dsalgnats wiiiie many travellers and
Other persons about tha station, learn
ing of the presence of tha American
prelates, joined In emphasising the cot -dlallty
of tha reception. A character
latlc note was given to tha occasion by
some of tha clerical suite carrying rolled
American (lags bound with whits and
yallow ribbons, the Papal colors.
The warmest congratulations and re
spectful greetings wars then presented
to the two Cardinal-dealgnate by Mgr.
Thomas F. Kennedy, rector of the Am
erican Collam In Horns; Mgr. Dennis
;0'cnn,;ll Auxiliary Bishop of San Fran-
..lu, I... . m .1 j i Manoney or ai-
bany, spiritual dliector of the American
College: Father Dolan, formerly of New
York All. I nnW retvi.r nt Ih.
spt.ak,ng church of San Sllvestro here;
Fathers Nelson, O'ICelly, Scannell and
Baker, all of New York; Mynahan of
Buffalu and Father Hilary Jordan of St
The Superior Procurator-General of the
Franclsoan Monks took Cardinal-desig
nate Falconlo to the Monaatery of St
Antony, w I, lie Cardinal-designate Far
ley, at.' mipanled by Mgr. Thomas F.
Kennedy and Mgr. Dennis O'Connelt, !
With Mr. 11. r-T. ii.l Miihonee , .,: ... ,1..
Hotel Bristol, followed by the suite. The
report of the arrival of the American
Cardinal-designate caused many people
to gather around the hotel.
During the usual Papal audience this
morning v.aroinai aierry uei val com
municated to the Pope the arrival of the
two Cardinals-designate and Informed
him of the cordial reception that had
been accorded to them everywhere. I
showing the satisfaction given by their
elevation. The Pops appeared vary
pleased and aald na waa looking forward
to receiving them soon.
The secret conakrtory will ba hald on
Monday next and tha public consistory
will follow on Thuraday. At the secret
conalatory only the Pope and the Car-
dlnals resident In Borne are present. At
Public consistory three days later
the ceremony Is much more Imposing, the
new Cardinals receiving their re.i hats
from the Pope In the presence of a brill
iant gathering.
Mgr. John M. Farley hopes to take
possession of his titular cluirch, Saneta
Maria Sepra Minerva. In the flrat week
of December. He Intends to leave about
Dec. 10 for New York, sailing from
Naples, and will spend Christmas at
home. He will probably have an au
dience with the Pope on Friday.
This afternoon the Cardinal-Designate
was received by Cardinal Merry del Val
and described to him the Immense im
pression of gratification produced In
America by what he called the "most
i Annrf Ann SanaMIII s i I n..l.u .............
I in' II inn From Injuries Afler He
la Hun Over.
TJs'nh Ppnil.n in'.lo. ee.lrs nlrt nt Vr
1 IBM Hryant avenue. Bronx. Is at the point
of death In i'ordiiam Hospital as ttie
result of Injuries sustained yesterday
when he was knocked down and run
over hy an automobile truck of the Hern
helmer ft Schwann Brewery. Tha boy
I "M fractured skull and one arm and
leg are badly crushed.
Hla mother, almost frantic with
anxiety, was starting out to look for him
arben a meesengsr reaohed tha heuae and
told btr of tbe accident
Pair Aid Choice of Talesmen
and Reject Those Having
Two Moral Standards.
"Haven't Told Half Our,
Case," Say Stage Models
Don't Fear Verdict.
A jur. selected mostly b) their per
sonal approval, was chosen to-day to
try Lillian Oraham and Bthel Conrad.
ab"w girls, for shooting Millionaire W.
E. D. Stokes last June In their rooms Iri
the Varuna apartment house. It, . adway
and Klghtieth street. Tbe girls coached
their counsel In the uuestl-m'nt; of tales
men, who were shar-piy Interrogated as
to their Ideas on an eq.Ua or separate
standard of morals for men and women,
and their possible prejudices against ac
treeses. Just prior to the opening of the trial,
before Justice Mnrcua In the Supreme
Court, the show girls facta red they
"would bring out things that would eur
prise every one concerned."
When asked If tl.eV had any fear as
to the outcome of the trial, both an
swered together:
' Not In the leaat "
alias Conrad then supplemented:
"We haven't given out half our case."
Assistant District Attorney Buckner
took only twenty-jive minutes to pre
sent an notrlne of the state's case.
He skipped lightly over the early stages
of the aoQuatntanceahlp between the
Oraham girl and the prlnrietor of the
Ansonla Hotel, and brought out with
considerate empliasls Stokes's story
of the girl s allayed attempts, Inst May,
to blackmail him Into giving he $''
for his letters, whl h ahe threatened,
he said, to send to his wife, one each
week. He refused, and she attempted to
commit suicide by swallowing the con
tents of a phial of hysol.
Buckner then traced the entrance of
F.thel Conrad Into the case and told of
her efforts to bring Stokes to see Miss
Oraham at their apartment.
Coming to the story of the actual
ahootlng, the prosecutor gnve the
famllar Stokes version of the affair,
picturing the two snultul eyed show
girls In the guise of a pair of cold
blooded l.ady Macbeth!.
When the case was opened to-day
Attorney Bohert M .Moore, whose ab
sence caused yesterday's postpone
ment, failed to appear as promised in
a telegram from Malone, N. V.. where
he was trying a murder case. Justice
Mar-us. however, ordered Attorney
Clark I Jordan, Mlsa Graham's coun
sel, to proceed with 'he examination
of the talesmen.
In questioning the first sworn tales
man. Jacob Harris of No. e'.U West One
Hundred and Forty-sixth street. Attor
ney Jordan outlined the general course
of Interrogation used throughout the ex.
amliiatlnii of prospective Jurors.
He made It a special point to Inquire
If tho talcman would be prejudl-ed
against tbe girls because, after shoot
ing Mr. Stokes, they went on the stage
Harris said that, not having seen the
girls' vaudeville act, he wasn't preju
diced against them.
"Do you believe In the same standard
of moral purity for man and woman'"'
asked Jordan, and Mr. Harris said he
did. Wherjupon Assistant District-Attorney
Buckner Immediately asked one
of the State's twenty peremptory chal
lenges In excusing the gallant talesman.
"I'm sorry to sec him go. I liked his
looks," said Miss Graham to her
John F. Flnmer, an Inspector for the
Metropolitan Insurance ' 'ompany, was
tbe Ural talesman to pass the, exam
ination of both counsel and take a seat
in tho Jury box as foreman, floater
wasn't prejudiced against actresses,
had a firm belief In the single standard
of morals and wouldn't ba Influenced
by lb- fact that the defendants aiu
Attorney Moore put In hla belated
appearance at this juncture, and the
worried frown upon Miss Conrad's
pallid brow quickly smooth, l away.
She had not wanted the case to pro
ceed until her personal counsel .
court, and his preaence aeemed to be
gTeatly reassuring.
Byron E McKenna, s axx'emn .. .n
(Contliiued on Second Paga.j
Shoot ina Show
! (Pliotofraphod especially for The EvMlft World Wy a Start PhOtfiBfaphar.)
SJSJS tsssBsa IssnsHBsBHaKnlBrs, aW '
JJB K ajn al Wnflfy i fl.'
B Jao JB sw
' IB D Bi
Counsel Surrenders Them, With Walter,
Pending Decision on an Application to the Su
preme Court for a Writ of Habeas Corpus
Jtueph asldy. the 'Bit Boas' of
(Jucens Count... was pat in Jail at Long
Island City this afternoon, vith the
man who once bossi 1 tfie tnllre Jail
force, along with the rent of the com
munity, went William Wtllntt Jr.. de
feated Decomratlc candidate for Justice
of the Supreme Court for the Second
Judicial Department, and I.oula T.
Walter Jr., Caaaldy'a aide All three
prisoners are charge-! with corruptly
conspiring to bring about the Wlllett
nomination. They expect, howe"er to
be released In a few hours.
Tbe Jail trip w.n preliminary to an
application foi a writ of habeas corpus,
which was presented to Justice Kellv In
I'nrt I. of the Queens Hupreme Cottrl
the moment tha thn-e man, ware bra laThl
to the basttle The purpoea of the pro
ceedlng was to get gotten from Justice
Kelly before .Monday, when the three
men are d ie to appear before Justice
SoUdde? and plead to the warrants upon
which they were tfraatet Tuesday
Justice Harry Miller, af Flushing.
committed Oaaatdyi Wllletl and Walter.
Col. Alexin. bi Bacon and liana Wal
lace, counsel for tne trio, appeared be
fore the Magistrate and i in endered
their charge.".
"Mr. Wlllett," sid Col Baoon, "has
been parokd In mi custody I do not
feel like holding that responsibility
longer and surrender him to the court ."
Mr. Walla. made a slnill ir st.it. una '
on behalf of Casfldy and Walter. Then
the com-mltnif nt was ordered and the
party went by mlomoMIe to the jail.
"What's the matter? Do you think
Caeetdy will run away?'' M: Wallace
sTag- asked.
"Vou never "un tell whnt Will :
pen," repl'ed the attoriie. Hut ac
laughoil as he I nought of v lily J
as a fugitive from Queem
The Caaajdy pany had a lot of trauble
trying to break Into JaU.
Ianu Wallaci arid Col. Alexander
Uacon, counsel for tho defendants, ar
ranged to-dav to surrender tliem to
Magtstrata, have them committed to
jail and then to have thorn brought
before Justice Kelly In the gueens
'inreme Cuurt upon the plea thst
Tii')ina Ui 'J linn, hi!ff, was un
"Circulation Books Open to
Girls in Court.
lawfully datalnlng them as guests of
Hie county. The basis of the applica
tion for habeas corpus relief was thai
the proof befoie Jusllc. BnUjdder did not
warrant the afrefl of the men.
The attorneys nrst applied to Maiis
trato Fitch In Long Island city to
make t.ie commitment They Issued a
subpoena to Clerk Ingram of the Su
preme Court, signed hy themselves, de-
, manning the production of the war
rants In the case. Ingram refused to
obey i!ii subpoena unless a Magistrate
signed it. ntoh telephoned thai ue
would not Ki t back to . Ills oince In time
to sign the siibpo.na. and the entire
party i.-ot in automobllaa and went out
to Flushing, Hint,, they appealed to
MaeTl in.- Harry Millar for tha proper
I subpni t.a. He l, i, . it.
HAN fRAlFCIffCO, Nov a.-Harry
j Foley of this i-lty has been chosen as
. referci of tbe Thank-giving Day flglt
between Pmakay HoFarlaiad ami Tom
my Mmphv. Artlalae were signed to-
daj. malting the weight 18 jiuut.Cs four
hours Hfura the contest.
Mreel Heps rl me n I Will Tsike Back
bni Cow Old llrlvrrs.
At the Street Cleaning Hepartment
to-day It Wga nu re than ever In evi
dence that bill few of the old drivers
Will be taken back.
Nino hundred and ninety-five of the
itrtksra, it waa laid, had been notifies!
by nidll that they nad been dismissed,
and more letter! of dismissal were ex
pected to be Me!! out.
The force of strike, breakers will be
kept at work for some Urn,, from all
Statrrcira rcservatis ci tlcSiii ;U Ov
um luuuliWI l.ltit, liiiUn, Klv.r liy sod Nitfic
i.e.... la-nkl.. i.wi..:,s l.iun. J. i last, Old
lxraiiaaxi sua ill CwtKi. lltmi.u.U ui.l Hal
fsl H. a. Uuss. i ... . ro.cu toi lissssae as 1
.. ... ...... .: I . j .-I.... If.,,...
Ssasri ind ' i''h. iheam Tas vvurut Trs.st
,. a. . I'.ii"... iVor.li b iiilisa. 0J cj
. . : . I'd . ii.-t.msu ooo.
Aged Father and Others Pray and
Weep, While Clergyman Min
isters to Wife Slayer, Who
Still Retains His Nerve,
Belief General He Will Go to Death
Without Making Statement
Talk of
RICHMOND, VA., Nov. 23. As the last day of Henrj Beattie's
life passed the entire population of RichmonJ seemed arlected by the
situation. There was an apparent tenseness and all minds to-day were
on the "death cell" where the doomed young man was spending his
final hours with his relatives. The penitentiary was the center of a
morbid crowd and the oflicers were compelled to force everyone not
having business there to "pass on." The prisoners spiritual advisers
paid several visits to Heattie during the day, but most of the lime was
taken up by his father, sister and brother.
chanler fails to
"Sheriff Bob" Waives Recon
ciliation Chance and Divorce
Suit Goes to Trial.
PARIBi Nov. n -Madame I.lna Cava
Iter), the grand'oi era singer, and Hubert
Wlnthrop Chanler wero summoned to
day before Judge Monler of the Civil
Tribunal of the Heine for the purpose
of attempting to bring about a reoon
clllaUon. Thla la a formality In divorce
proceedings requred by tbe French legal
code before the final hearing.
Although It la understood that Mr.
i 'hauler Is In Kurnpe. he did not come to
the court, Madame ''availed alone put
ting In an appearance.
Judge Monler thereupon issued a
decree of non-ruconclllntlo.-i and will
later tlx tho date for '.he hearing of
the divorce suit.
Madame Cavallere was aeoompanied to
the court by her lawyer, Alner: Clem
on -eau, brotner of the ex-l'reiiiler. Hhe
entered and left by a private door, ge
aping the photogi aph :
Tom Jones Says He hill
Cfipted jhroposition, Pirht to
Be Held Dec. 16 or :i.
1S AMOSUCfii Cat., Nov 23. Tom
Jones, manager of Ad. Wolgast,
lightweight champion, aald to-day
he had u rented propoaltlon for a
between Wolgast and Matt Wells,
HnglWl fighter, for I hi or
"The conditions are 1111 poUnfig at
o'clu -k." Jones ntiil. "Wolgast la u
fend a lump sum for his end."
Jones. liiiWfVii', declined to say
much the "lump sum was.
Wells la supposed to be In Kuglatid.
but Jones said he was expected to be In
New STork in time to Condition hlmsel:
for the fight.
d i o HBN'I OVBJtCOATi B nr I
la. AMU HIMT.H si lls dJO.stO,
THK "MVU" Clothing Pornee ""' -
way. cor. Hmvlay bl., opp. I ost-Umoa, i
aell to-day and Krtday, t.ooo Man'a lulu I
and Winter Overcoats, tin- black tblbet,
fancy blue stripes, browns, grays and
da K nii-u worsteos, an s.sc, 10 is;
i worth li: in any other ston
atal prftl to-day and Friday.
worth 113 In any other store, our spa-
probable In.nlihl or Prlila?.
I lent tl.
awakened at his usual
llgat Pill inunlng. He slept well.
I had tolled restlessly as though be I
dreams bad ' been hli comnanlons
IhroUeThOUt the long night. There were
no signs of a hreakdown, the prisoner
dreaalDg with the Mime fastidious care
tliat in- has taken ever since he entered
the Stito 1 eultetitlary and the death
cell. Itev. John J. Fix put In an ap
pearance enrly, and the elder Beatt -.
I ion .n Hiatiie, brother of the con
victed man, bis sister and the attor
neys who defended him In the trial that
ended m his conviction of murd-r
Jollied ih-- mlnl-ter soon afterward.
It waa a day of tears, prayers and
sad farwwella for all News from tha
Interior of the prison was that the
family group conversed together, tha
father and others offering Vonsolattoli
to the do. ime I man. I. cattle appeared
the oalmeat of all. he replying In Arm
tonei and repeatedly declaring that he
was prepared to die.
Among the callers at the prison west
Mrs. Carrie lluwman. an aunt o:
Seattle. The aunt stayed only half an
hour. Tears were visible In the eyes
of the elder Heattie as he walked out
of the penitentiary for lunch to-day, but
he held his head erect. Douglas Beattle
remained. The father returned after a
short time o r.-maln Indefinitely, though
he cannot stay after S P. M.
Neither He ittlu's attorneys nor hla rel
atives believe h" will confess before hla
life Is taken. Ills spiritual advlsera ars
of another opinion They entertain the
hope, amounting almost tu a conviction,
thai he will do so.
If he is guilty I feel reasonably cer
tain he will at knowledge all." said Rev
Dr. Fix. "To go lo hla death with a Ua
Ipi I lUld be sacrilege and Heat
tie Is at peace altn his Maker."
The t.i t re ii.il ne, however. that
ill : :. deal attending hli trial
and uvl lion young Heattie haa sought
: W I, t. sp.lt- I...1 aged fattier a
much as possible The elder Heattie la
said still to be. it-ve In the Innocence o.'
his sun. It Is a question whether the
condemned man does not cot.sider that
be owea H to his father, to whom he has
brought so much pain and so much dlg
gri e, to go to bis death with staled Ufa
It Is doubted by many that new found
religion will cutweign the prisoner's
' lenso of that consideration he bellevaa ti
,1 .. Is father and prompt a confession.
Still it wae reported t .a there would
be u coutesalou lu tae baade of tbe
minister! to-nlgbt, and that it might
be made public Immediately after the
! execution to-inurrow.
Beattle will be i ecuted between 7.1B
i and 7 '., o'clock to -torrow morning.
i Following t.ie custom of a prisoner
about ' . die. he will probably arlee
about 5.3U . clock and alt. r bung shaved
w.u p., Bu-e'ii breakfast. Two clergy.
,;', e.v rt mm irom tne oe . Into
, s...,. ..h,i , . ,nj
oh t h ira r' om -
either aide of the two guarde Who augl
Bold his hars.
Tbe elder Heattie paid a eecret Tlalt to
the Uovtrnor within tha laat law hours

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