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liners Take off passengers;
titanic is reported sinking
WK ATIIER Shower Frehafcly To-Slght nr Taeeday.
"Circulation Books Open to All."
" Circulation Books Open to All
CoorrlaM. iein.br Th Press rabUehlaa
Co. (The New Vork World).
Col. John Jacob Astor, His
Bride and Alfred G. Vander
bilt Among Them.
Gigantic Bow of the Titanic
Crumpled by Collision With Iceberg
Crowd the Offices of the White
Star Line Anxiously Await-
ing News.
Th maiden trip of the treat Titanic
attracted a company of passengers
whtoh mad her flrat cabin Kit a re
markable collection of ntnwi of men
aad women prominent In the public
law In New York and the Whols United
State. Anxiety for their fate drew a
great crowd to the ottloes of the White
tar Line on Howling Green Park.
Among those who were pacing up and
down and now and then nhoulderlnK
their way Into the otflcei In the hope of
a hre.1 of now information wore United
tales Senator William A. Clark. Will
iam H. Force and hl wife: W. A. Dob
bin, general manager of the Astor
eetate, seeking new of Col. John Jacob
Aator anl hla youthful bride, who waa
Mis Madeleine Force; Alvln W. Kreck
of, the Kiiulto.ble Truat Company and
many othera.
. P. Morgan Jr. also visited the ofllcee
Of the White Star line. When asked If
the Mr. and My Morgan Hated as pas
aanger on the -Titanic were relatives,
he laid they were not.
Some of the other well known pasaeti
gera of the Tltcntl- are Alfred ilwyiine
Venderbllt, Benjamin Ouggen'i-?lm, W.
T. Stead, a great London Journalist:
George D, Wldsnsr, M;iJor Archibald
' Butt, PrtCsdont Tafia military aide,
Kobert ChlSholm, Henry Sleeper Harper,
Mis. Ida Huppuch and Jllas JesUI lluji
puch, Wulitnm:i Dodge of Kan Fran
cisco and hla wife and son, Henry B.
Harris and his wife, J, Clinch Smith,
Xsfdor Straus and G. P. Wldener.
Bej mlu Uuggenhelm la the fifth of
the I Ml sons of Meyer Guggenheim,
the en. Iters, bankers and minora, lie
la the member of the family wlio cared
Its) Intereat In the smelting business. Hu
waa born In Phllade'nhla In 1iT, and
la President of the International Pimp
' Company. His wife li th daughter of
James Sellgman, the iiauker.
Henry Sleeper Harper la a grandson
of John Wesley llarpar, one f the
founders of the Harper Brother PUb.
Uahlng hbuae. He had a desk In the
offices of the Compgn. , but had very lit-1
tie to do with the management of its
affairs. He has been active la urging
legislation for the protection of the
' Adirondack forests Mr. Harper spent
nearly half of every year In foreign
travel. HI friends recalled to-day that
tea) years ago he had a doae escape
from deatji when a ahlp on which he
waa a paaaenger rammed an iceberg off
that Grand Banks.
Waehlngtoii Dodge, who waa on the
Titanic with hla wife and aon, waa foi
'many yeara City Aaaeseor of ban Fran
olaco and was President of the Contl
. nental Building and Loan Aaaoclatlon
' at a Utne when that concern atirred up
California polltl: In UK Dy eettlng a
trap which Involved many menibera
of the Legislature In bribery charges.
On the paaaensor Hat also are tha
names of Jacques Futialle ana hla wife.
Tha Futrellea are bom frequent contrib
utora to tho maguzlnea, and frequently
collaborator. Their Lome la In the lit
erary colon; at Mantle, Maas. Mr. Fu
trelle was tor many years a newspaper
reporter In mis ;lty anJ In Boston.
sVethlngtoa Boel I n : td 1 the son of
Charles U, llue.jllng und graSOSM f
Jolili A. lloe'olliig, the iirldge builder and
founder of ilia groat etoel lnduatry ooai
tng the family name. He la an Invantor,
and In lvus designed and built I high
powered automobile whioh amashad all
apeed reoords.
William iO. Carter hat been a promi
nent exhibitor at the horee ahow to thla
efty and frequently aota as judge of tha
ham oUutaa. H owns a flne eatate
at Newport. Quatrofoii, and divide hi
Urn betwaen Philadelphia, Newport and
atorop. He U a oonatant transatlantic
MM. OeHer, Who waa Mia UoslUs
I !aaati
aaaaal aSBal Ib
S XSaBBBBB ' 'aaal BBMridr
W ' daea Law lini
liyfl Wt
I rtfj I
VD SI . ' "
Jfm mm T Tirawfii m
m HH K3 ESiWL immfy&if'r ?SSmmmSm
i'autjj:4 A A AalaaKsataMaUHA' i Srfjifc. Zfj. 3)lijWaalllllllllllllH
Wireless Brings Steamships to I World's Biggest Ship Reported
to Scene of Disaster, and Pas
sengers, Including Many Not
ables, Are Transferred to
Carpathia and Parisian.
HALIFAX, N. S.. April 15. The Canadian Government
Marine Agency here at 4.15 P. M. received a wireless de
spatch that the Titanic is sinking. The message came via
the cable ship Minia off Cape Race.
It said that the steamers towing the Titanic were en
deavoring to get her into shoal water near Cape Race for
the purpose of beaching her.
It was said at the White Star line's offices at 4 o'clock
this afternoon that a despatch had been received from a
Canadian news agency that the Titantic was in a sinking
condition. No confirmation of this report had been received.
From another source it was reported to the line late
this afternoon that all the disabled vessel's passengers had
been put aboard the Carpathia, Parisian and Virginian.
jjFitTOPiii, HEWS CO.
than onre by her toting costumee and
her reck 1 1 s f0Urln-liand driving
Dr. Htnry Frauentha! 1 surscon in
Chief of the Hu';' . il for Deformities
and Joint Dlaeaeea In tins city, lie has I
performed son atsrtHlH operations i
Brillertl h.ivp rtttrrtt'il 1 riff at tout Inn off
s.iivivma .ill over ti.t world. List July
In wan successful In Kraftitm Into a
woman m log the ihlnbOM of u man who
had been hill. U In an a'cldvnt only a
few hOUrg before. He woriie! out a
treatment for infant paralysis which
has resulted In an unusual pcrci n.UKc
of cures.
Thomas Pes ft in an owjier of steel
and Iron mill! in Pittsburgh and I one
of the biK man sf tha Industry, lie is
one of the leaders in the frequent Sserst
conferences of steel men which have W'-n
held at tho Waldorf here and In Pitts
burgh since the Stanley Committee be
gan investigating the United State Steel
Corporation. '
iiiiil oinu Llll
0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 3
Batterlea Matheween and Myera, Per
due and Kllng.
8 0
Batteries Moore and Dooln; narger
and Erwln.
Virginia, has created seaalle-
FMIs-sslBsIs and Mewgert aaer
0 0
0 0
Patter'.ra Johnann and Alnaworth
Qulnn and Street,
0 0 0 0
4 0 0 0
Bartertas Oloolt and NTunamakerj
riank and Tliomas,
"Absolutely No Fear Is Enter
tained for the Safety of
the Passengers."
P. A. 8. Franklin, Vice-President of
the International Mercantile Marine, de
clared thla morning that the Tltentt
waa unslnkible, and that, notwith
standing the alarming reports of her
collision with an iceberg, absolutely no
fear waa emertalned for the safety of
the passenger.
"While we have had no direct wireless
communication from the Titantic."
said Mr. Franklin, "we are satisfied
that '.he veaeal la unalnkable. Our only
..pins thus far are from the Aaao
clated Pros. The fact that the Titan ic
has lent u no wlreleaa dota not cause
alarm. In the flrat pie.' her failure to
ommunlca.e alth the ilne may be due
to atmoapherlo conditional and. In the
aecond place, she rnsy be too busy
communicating with nearby ahlp.
"No on need fear ihat the Tltanls
will go diwn. Bvca thousth all her for
mer compartment an 1 bulkhsad were
atove In by the leal-erg ahe would aim
float indefinitely. Sh might go down a
llttl at th bow, but (he would float, I
am frs to say that no matter how bad
tha oollis on with an loebarg, th Titanic
would float. Sh la an untlnkabl hlp.
"From the meaaag w have received
we attma. that the Tltanlo la LOW
mile from Naw Terk, In lattltud 4Let
and Inngltud so.u waa!. That would
make hr 00 mil aoutheaet ef Hellfaa,
"Th ateamahlp Virginian, out of
Hallrei, ahould reaoh th Titanic at 10
eiUlock tbla morning. The Olympic,
sjutvd aast, should make to the reeou
Authentic wireless reports late this afternoon from
the White Star liner Titanic, which was in collision with an ice
berg 400 miles off the Newfoundland coast at 10.25 o'clock last
night, is that the badly disabled steamship had safely transferred
her passengers and is being attended by three big steamships.
Shortly before noon the first ofticial news of the fate of the Titanic
since the flash of the disaster fourteen hours before was received from
Cape Race, New Foundland, in the folk) wing wireless despatch from Capt.
Haddock of the Olympic, Titanic's sister ship:
at i o'clock to-Right, and th Bai- 'Timlin mm Cirpttnli In attendance on titanic, carpathia haa a
lln Bflilnk hail aiaa.l St. Tll..,l I...-
put about ami ahouid join th rescuing ! ready taken oil twenty boatload! of piseiitfers and Parisian five. Baltic is
fleet at 4 o'clock.
"We feel certain that all of the pai
aengera will be landed aarcly In Hali
fax. Their relatlvea an I friend need
entertain no fear. From our revised
lils we find that there are Itl saloon
passengers, 300 second cabin passen
gers and led steeraise pMSSnBSSSt"
There are fifteen bnlkhenda In the
Titantic Two of the?e are what la
known is collision bulkhead, and the
other thirteen are water tight and of
th kind OOramon to modern teamr.
One collision bulkhead 1 In th fore
part of th hull, fifty feet from th bow.
It is of steel, with no Inlet Into the
hold, and it 1 entered from the main
deck when an examination I necessary
Th other collldon bulkhead la at the
atom and alao muat b entered from
the main deck.
The other thirteen bulkhead dlvld
the hull of the Titantic Into aeparate
compartments and door Into thear di
vision can be cloaed aep irately or U
at one time- The closing mec.hanlm !s
hydraulic. It 1 said by marine engi
neer that there 1 no caa on record In
whl;h any colllilon or other accident
to a modern steamer ha-i put th'.a hy
draulic mechanism out of ommlialon.
There Is, however, an element of wk
DSSS In the strons' of the water-tight
I'Ulkheeds of even uch ship aa th
Titanic, whl h Ilea In th preaure-re-slating
power of the bulkiieada. While
it 1 cla'incd that two enmpartment of
th Tita.ilc coJid bg flooded with water
without tlv vessel either sinking or los
ing I HragSWSTi It l admitted that,
wore any of tha compartments flooded
with v.a'.er. t o pressure of vatr on
th-jj klllkhaadl might cause leak
whlcl: WOU'd admit aatz-r Into trie next
approaching. Olympic 2(o miles from Titanic."
Vice-President Franklin of the International Mercantile Marine de
clared in making public his message from the Olympic that the Titanic
would be safely towed to port and that her passengers would be landed
at Halifax.
A wireless message received at Cape Race from the Parisian this
afternoon stated: "Cunard liner Carpathia is in attendance upon the dis
abled liner Titanic and has picked up twenty boatloads of Titanic's pas
sengers." No word had been heard from the Virginian at the main offices of
the Allen Line in Montreal up to ? o'clock this afternoon to supplement
the first wireless message that reported the Virginian on her way to the
scene of the wreck.
No details of the transfer of passengers have been received from any
At 1 o'clock this afternoon the White Star line officials here received
the following bulletin from Boston:
"Allen line. Montreal (by telephone), confirms report Virginian,
Carpathia nnd Parisian in attendance."
The operating officers of the New York, New Haven and Hartford
Railroad Company have been notified that the Titanic's passengers will
be landed at Halifax and that there will be about six hundred passengers
requiring transportation to New York in sleeping cars and seme eight
hundred by ordinary day coaches.
Twenty-three sleeping cais and two dining cars will be made up into
trains between New York and Boston to-night and sent on to Halifax.
is expecied that the paaaanfera Ol tho crippled leviathan will be
landed at Halifax some time Wednesday.
The Carpathia, which, with the Parisian, took off the Titanic's
lompertmtnt and mm from Bnsbujk I MfjMKerSi is a Cunard liner in 'he NU!iterr?nean service and left New
head to lh next, until trie null was n
water-i"B-i York on Anril t V Th.' Parisian Is an Allen liner and sailed from (jlast-ow
for Halifax on April 6,
The Allen liner Virginian, out of Halifax for Glasgow, Is reported to
..ease-. a at -.-'I 11 A ea a t a dl
of Hariana and wolff. th oonetruotor have the disabled liner in tow.
of th Titanio, interviews to-day, aaid The White Star steamship Baltic should be In attendance by fhis
A.a a at V40 at a( A av .Ubl ll.. I . .
ii wm wmww wmmmm mm Iam iMli1awiaiaai S Ml 1Im AmHmU
lUIIC, BIAVIUUIK, IU VaiVllltlU'iw vr aSSVSJ Vtaa
The first news of the Titanic's accident was received at mldnirtit bv a
& v.-Jt,lav. altKra ana auu 11 la. I W
WW adsmd. ny two of h., ooVnpar.. wireless operator at Cape Race. It said
taenia could be flooded without imper
illing the aataty of the ahlp.
oollUlon inuat have been of great fore.
Th plating of tha vessel he said, wag ,
Wattd ataJltflag Tawfelab Hath.
ysesea. naia wiib jkrlvaie reeaaa, !
: rKr-Tui- f.T4" - r:
"Have struck an iceberg; we are badly damaged; rush aid. Titanic,
lat. 41.46 North, long. 50.14 West."
this call was flashed up and down the foaat, and half an hour later
in Bad Shape After Collision
at Night and Now Being
Towed to Halifax by the
Allen Liner Virginian,
the Virginian reported to Cape Race that she was rushing to the Titanic's
aid. None of the shore stations got into communication with the Car
pathia or Parisian, and until the message was received from the Olympic
it was not known that those vessels had picked up the "S. T). S.H of
the Titanic.
The Titanic la tho largest vessel afloat and carried a host of Americas
millionaires aboard, among them Col. John Jacob Astor aud bis bride, A4
I trod Owynue Vanrlcrbllt and O. D. Wldener of Philadelphia. She Is reports
to havo nn board $5,000,000 worth of bonds and diamonds.
I Cape Race, Newfoundland, la the nearest lsnd point to the scons of the
collision with a wireless station. The Marconi operator got several moo-
aages after the first S. O, 8. flash, one of them stating that the Titan to wis
sinking y the bead. Then nil messsges ceased until Capt. Haddock was
heard from.
Wireless advices from the Allen line steamship Virginian, while ahe
was rushing to the aid of the Titanic, stated that her last wireless mniap
from the t itanic was received aboard the Virginian at 3.05 o'clock thb
morning. The Virginian communicated this fact to the wireless station
at Cape Race, Newfoundland.
ke operator ef Us TitesJs states la Shis maasaga seat tshs wians sast
children wore Mag taksa oaT la a salsa ssa. At this so lat la the aaeasaaja
these was a saddsa stash, followed by a raw taoshsteat Irttsss aad thea a
complata sessaSJoa.
Ths following messsge came from Boston st 910 A M.: "Indirect
messages received from points along ths north ooaat state that Tltaalc
la struggling slowly but surely toward Capo Race."
A 9.55 the following telegram was received by the United Press trass
the Mnrcnnl atatlon st St. John. Newfoundland "Tltanlo, according to ne
kagos from Cape Race and other point, nearlng Cape Race."
An Associated Press despatch from London rsad: "All passengers
or the Titanic were taken oft safely by 3.30 o'clock, according to a wireless
meHBage to llsllfax, Nova Scotia, relayed by a news agency here."
The following messages In quest of Information of the Tltantlc's plight
were sent out from the offices of the White Star line to-day:
8.41 A. M.
"Captain Smith of Titanic, via Sable Island Anxtoc ly awaiting Infer'
mutton and prohablo disposition of passengers. "FRANKLIN.
815 A.M. ,
"Marconi Station, Camperdown, Nova Scotia Give us quick Informatloa
condition Titanic An.iwcr this office. "INOQRAM."
Tim first "S. O. 8." flash from the Titanic ststed that tha weather was
clesr and calm. The fact of the collision may be explained In that Icebergs
curry their own vHls of fog with them.
At midnight, when tfie Vlrgtnlsn got ths Titanic's distress message rla
Cupc Race, the Virginian waa 170 miles from the reported scene of ths acci
dent and sent word ashore that she ought to reach the Titanic by 10 o'clock.
The Virginian left Halifax yestsrday morning with 900 passengsrs
ahoard. Her captain reported that be could take care of all the Titanic's
Other big Htesmshlps ploughing the same lane followed by tho Tltaalc
i ml which are being rushed to her sid are the Olympic of ths White Star
Line, which left New York Saturday, the Battle of ths tarns Una, ths Hash.
burg-American liner Cincinnati, the Cunardor Mauretanla, tha Hamburg
American liners Print Adelbert and Amsrlka and the North German Lloyd
hteamsbtp Print Prederlrh Wllhelm.
The officers of the White Star Line figure that tho Baltic should reach
he latitude and longitude given by Titanic at S o'clock this afternoon aad
hat the Olympic should ran up at 8 o'clock to-night Th Baltic haa been
turned backed from her course to go to tho rescue
The Montreal ntftte of Morton Davison, ons of tho Titanic's passengers,
received the foil.. - let wireless message:
"All passengers are tsfe and Titanic taken In tow by the Virginian.
Manager Ml'chell of the White Star ofllcee in Montreal la on his way
to Hallfsx to take rharge of the passengers of the Titanic when they
arrive. He will also Ion', after the unsbtpment of luggage when ths crippled
steamship rea hctl port.
Lloyd s agents In London, scordlng to a cablegram, were demanding
a 50 per cent premium for tti reinsurance of tho cargo of tho Titanic.
Vice 1're.aldi nt Ft mkiiu of the International Mercantile Marina as
sured th" throngs of rrlatlvcH and friends of pussengeri sboard the Tltsr.tr
' a ho clamored for news at the White Star offices that the greatest stasia
ship could nnt sink, no innt'er how bad the collision.
It was reported from the omVeu of the Allen line In Montreal at f.ao
o'clock that no wind hail been received from tho Virginian alnce shortly
after midnight. The Montreal officers of the Ilne authorised the statement
I that the Virginian should reach the disabled vessel some time this morn tag
Another report of an unofficial character received at Montreal at SJO
o'clock this morning etated: "The Titanic Is still afloat and her engines
are working. At that hour ahe was reported crawling dowly in the gen
eral direction of Halifax and toward the Virginian."
At 11 o'clock Mr. Franklin said at the White Star offices that he ant)
rscelved the following version of the Montreal despatch:
"Titanic slowly proceedlug for Halifax under her own steam.
He bad received no replies from bis anxious Inquiries addrscasd to
thto Cape Racs and Camperdown wireless stations.
Taw Titanic's position when ana struck the Iceberg waa estinvated aa

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