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I u Q-trculMtion Book$ Open to Alt."
I "Circulation Books Open to All.
CMfttoM. inn. to Th rm immmim
( itu new im nonm.
W etaaa Bnnf w v w vim i mm
Hurled Against Iceberg at 23 Knots
an Hour to Establish Reputa
tion for New and Biggest
Murdock, Who Conned Liner to Her Destruction,
Killed Himself After All Boats Got Off and Ves
sel Settled for Two Mile Plunge to Bottom.
It was First Officer Murdock of the Titanic and not Cap
tain Smith who stood upon the bridge as the ice strewn waters
j lapped ever higher over the ship's sides and gathered in their
! hundreds of mpotent, struggling souls, and sent :i leaden bullet
i crashing through his brain.
Quartermaster Moody, commanded to man one t the lifeboats
while he stood beside Murdock on the tall bridging superstructure, ?aw
Murdoch's figure outlined distinctly against the starry wall of the horizon
as he whipped a gleaming bit of metal from his pocket, deliberately
placed it to his temple and pulled the trigger.
The young quartermaster, manning the tiller of his boat and ut
Little French Children Thrown
By Father From Liner to Safety
The loss ut the Titanic on her maiden voyage was caused by die
peed mania that has gradually come to possess the management of
ocean liners. Tlie Titanic, rushing at 25 knots an hour through a dah-
gerous iceberg territory in order to establish a reputation for the ship and i terjng commands to thc men a,' tne oars ,ookcd tack ,he smking shjp
mi w nite star line, was skiewiped dv a partially wonwrgw icerjerg. i just in time t0 witnes6 (nc suicidei Hc Mw it was tne ciean.ShaVen(
A great hole was torn in the iilanic's hull below the water-line, just j youngish-looking Murdock, and not the bearded skipper, who stood high-
lorward of amidships, on her starboard side, her must 'vulnerable point, j est above the enveloped deck of the gigantic steamship and chose instan-
vhere there was no bulkhead protection. She struck the kjsbergat 1 1.45 , tanewus h rather than the slower embrace oJ the freezing sea.
..'do Sunday nigh, and sank Into the Atlantic at 2.20 o'clock Monday j , , atfM"rd1ock'S fe gft J jft'W-W"
' declares the first officer of the doomed vessel never left the bridge. Capt.
morning. j smith had been everywhere about the decks eivint orders, and had left
An explosion of steam in the boiler room Of the Titanic, about half
u hour after she came in contact with the Iceberg, is believed to have
teen responsible for the loss of the ship. Survivors among the crew say
that but for this explosion the Titanic mtgtlt have floated until the arrival
m' the Csrpathis at daybreak.
The explosion was caused by an Inrush of icy sail water upon the
Murdock on the bridge. If it had been the venerable skipper's plan to get
upon the bridge and go down with his command in pursuance of the
immemorial custom of the sea, he was defeated in his purpose, and died
in the waters while refusing aid.
The band had broken out the strains of "Nearei, My (joJ, to Thee
some minutes before Murdock lifted the revolver to his head fired and
superheated boilers. This created a mass ol steam Which, confined In the toppled over on his face. Moody saw all (his in a vision that filled his
'tolltT rooms as In a cylinder, forced an opening for itself and blew a big brain, while his ears drank in the tragic strain of the beautiful hymn
hojl in the hull. The vessel was practlcaly broken In two and the from
-.jMrtion sagged down and dragged the rest ol the ship beneath the surface.
During the two hours and thirty-live minutes the gigantic liner re
mained afloat she was a theatre upon which was enacted one of the most
thrilling dramas in history. Starting quietly and without particular appre
hension on the pan of the actors the movement quickened as the danger
increased and the climax came when, with all the lifeboats away carrying
less than one-third of the total ship's company, 1,470 human beings found
ihemselves face to face with death.
A greet majority of these died like brave men and women, raring the
enid with prayers 00 their lips and fortitude In their hearts. Almost to
Hie last the ship's onhestra, made up of stewards off duty, played on the
promenade Seek, nnd the last nlr played was ' Nearer. My ('..id. to Thee."
But not all died bravely. From the bowels of the vessel swarmed
hordes or men from th south of Europe, bewildered, mad with fear. Seek
ing boat :ind finding none, they fell to fighting blindly with each other.
Overboard they went In swarms, striking out blindly for the lifeboats,
.. . - ,.. ,t Ittam un. but mialioil off the r-st. gnd these later
....... , ui. haitiB .iniL'eed down Into the sea In the rUOtlOD mused.
ptniniy ii"""""'" .-o
), the (mmterlM of the Tltnntr.
v Aiti nil the victims Ala on the deokl or nut In the
noi vi gn
that the band played as their own dirge, even to the moment when the
waters sucked them down.
Wherever Murdock's eye swept the water in that instant, before
he drew bis revolver, it looked upon veritable fields of ..rowning men
and women. From below decks there must have come to him the
shrieks an.i groans of the caged and drowning. He evidently never gave
a thought to the possibility of saving himself, his mind freezing with
the horrors he beheld and having room for just one central idet swifl
Quartermaster Moody was on the bridge with Murdock when one
of the lookouts in the crow's nest first gave thc signal of danger ahead
and then telephoned that there was a mammoth iceberg looming scarcely
a quarter mile ahead.
Capt. Smith was in the chart room just aft of the wheel house and
Moody darted in to tell him of the warning. Swift as the quartermaster
was, the hidden Ice beneath the sea was swifter, and there came that dull
shock, faint and tleeting like the thrust of a poniard, (hat spelled dis
aster to (he greatest ship the waters of the world have ever borne.
Ca4 ii Ciu llttAatAaflkil e.-.n. Irinn .1 i .lum-fli 1) tn.it I nniti in t r rm ! . i i ill I
LmY mwmwm mmL i flk Mm W
Capt. Rostrom Describes Before Sen
ate Investigators Daring Dash in
Spite of Peril in Response to
Titanic! Call for Help.
of th Tltitnt'; wtien tht nn rushed to
(".aril Ftw un CirMthifl and the rail and shouted MHnethtiw. He held
tip uie i-ini'iT. tun in.
Miss Margaret Hays Has
Them at Her Home.
! edge of ice. Murdock and Capt. Smith read the jury of that almost
IVM. At the .;i,.M) mUnAh m in !rn:lnnt anil ilmnU uhiln MfmHi u"i crivinir th, m-itti-
- I I ' I . IW I ... .' .1111.1, I'll! .1,111', " 1 IIIV I..' y .1. ' S ' Cj ...V ..
:hi commander of the ship hurried down to 'he decks and directed the
lowering of the lifeboats and the disposition ol tbj passengers.
That smooth-shaven lirt ortker never lor a moment left tils post
on the superstructure, never abandoned his futile task of directing the
fur when the ardent hwrwiied. the part, or tne dosi wmw were (pl. Smith rushed out and asked Murdock if he had given the
. ,h. .... H,.j nrl of the third cabin MMMIWl wal'e crowded , ' , ., , j .t l li u.
over to the crov. .nu pn 11 ,, . warninE to close the emergency doors and shut otl the Mlffiltei.
ulth lCIlnK leoplc. ine hrock hi iu nmwH M
,uit likely th.it many Of thew iltpn were awakened.
Within h few BeOOBdl after tfcl Titanic Itntok the Iceberg, ttie colluion
bulkheads ere automatically closed. This put bulwarks ol stoel Letween
e. ores of person i In the 'hlrd cabin and forecastle and iiafety. Whether
r not the toon wi re forced open later by water pressure In not known.
If they remained do ed, 'he humans behind Hie barriers went down with
i lie nhip In Irttgll roWPlinnit1 and - inothered to death at the bottom
ih. ea But the iiiuiiiu'f of their end will never be knuwn unlehs some
freak of nature should inrU the hulk of th
for ihe Is two miles ilown and no diver could reach her
-..... u.nitii. Mduluuilr obeervln
ehiD althuUK.i 1" Wl Implored lv many to mih hlm.'lf
.look, who was IB
brataa n ,!"
Vbere a no
v ew. eShe Went fu
lo rest.
. the brld
1 ,rnun"
i Contl&IWd Ofl Second Page. I
Two little watfn of thr deefi whi
were thrown from the iek of tb ik
ini r;t inie ti a llfeboni and ol 11
uranifl hji I a, . jn Ut- fouitd. ulaved '.Wiltchlne
waiiiiiiK i" w c mi. fiiici uwn ww wiui uH lira Mifuiew. ,..,,,.,. rtol .. f ,,.
Front the bridge Murdock handled innumerable levers that uttered Uomi Ne im Wmn BightyHhinl '
vain lumall to the drowned and drowning In the engine rooms. He Hovering abou t)itn anu u hatting i
, 1..- .,i.i I ti :-. .i i .rli 1 1 ilv ml i 1 it , ti , ' . . atan mi t U 'i I I! I ,.! ...kit. I thum :i
J.UUUU UJ1UMI1 - .1.1,1 Ll-uj.i; ,u. ; iij L .1 I IUI UIU ll'.'l UWUI , il..l
pgeaeiigere ta
Ihe iioat imajeretood thai he wlahee te
cn. 1 the beblea to them.
"gerereJ men atood up In Ihe Lifeboat
ami IihIiI iut their iirin The man
dropped the large) iiy tirt nnd saw
ui 11 aafely night )y a enllor. Then
hi' dropped tho little one. As tin' life
hoe I pulled away the pnOoongori eouM
.. . 1 ;,. fethai hanciiiK 0 1 er Ihe mil
Mr. Rayncr Bitterly Arraigns Man
aging Director in a Speech Before
the Senate in Washington.
WASHINGTON, April 1 9.-Senator Rayner of Maryland
in the Senate late to-day bitterly attacked J. Bruce It- I
may, Managing Oireetor ol the White Star Line. He
aaid the captain of the Titanic undoubtedly acted under
orders from Mr. Ismay, who. he declared, "risked the life
of the entire ship to make a speedy passage across the
Senator Rayner asserted that Mr. Ismay should tie
held responsible for the disaster and declared that the
civilized nations would applaud criminal prosecution of
the management of the line.
Kr... i
their f..el r mother. Mine Mayalthey
t jeaiom ut her pathetic little chart
tin I tiir weife a f glteeWPUl bW Bhd
elioa It wit. i lie i .inny kl - .mil ' m
ah ti.at i uii.'ii or the two un!'
Titanic to ihe hurtiiee again, mechanism ot a sinking Hulk, aiui when he saw at last that he was bore. "n wboui i ami ine otnei
. III.,.. O, lh l..n ,t.,.., ., fk. t,,..t... .. .u, .... utio.ll two a u:i r i.-r oih, l ina i
inciciy KuuiHin "' iii"iik.i y un... in uuiiuiii ui iiw sta, mm. ., Drob
itif IrMlllone or tne ea. went .inwii wi'n
llral i .... Unr.
- i. J . 1- . . . . . . i . i. . . . ,i..
herge at tne ronnio wnen ine raji mi n ici. mew oui ma ivwvi.v. m.--. ....,. -
bridge end Wl eorpee noMOg away M me Titanic annk.
tremendoua vortea crentea irnen "i inamc aiaeppeareo ironi
final for-, ahnlv, i.iaiiy. like u levuttbaa lyina down
Mttrdock'a lat orders were to Qiiarterraaiiiei Muouy Uttd lew oilier
I'li-i-n ' I a ; ! l . ' I 1
perishing before hi eyes or had perished below, he K.bly awrmiaii.:','l
.it his nam evtamelna. their Inther.
i Hun'lvora from Hi,'
..,,1 further lo itarboard alter the explosion. Capt. Smith hurried
n in. ihn ..-,it ihe s!i WOUld Uoat, u:ill! a li idfler tliut vllirated
at fr ime told 'hat ii
eomparttnenl wail had
vM.m p. IU ke. Oflke eeel 'rom
amTRIS.V r. Ul I' " Ininri.l Ha'-l
ViiWeftttw 8f.t i"d aiiJStr-t.;trl.lKin.
flXm S. i r '!" 1 ' to .01 !.".' la
eSanCe. Ofu1 IJ ' "f"J?
e.rld HulMlns lurklak Betbs.
iMnin Haiti rlia orWatt rooms. w
eroni w ants wuhk woNDKnu.
$ 1 2 Men's Blue Serge Suits, $5.95
THIS "BUB" (.'lothlne Corner, Hrosd
way, cor. Berolsy Hi . opp. Poat-ORKa,
will aell t.,-.)ay and Saturday J.&00
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mixture, fast nil .m. satin lined; all
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Haturday. g6.Se. Open Saturday night
till 10. s
petty offleeiK who had tuken their places in the rixlil dlb. liillue of the ship
and were lowering thc hoatK. ''an' Smith taiiic u to blin on Hi- bridge
several timeb and then rushed aown again.
in monoeyllables.
The bearded admiral of While BUr An- fleet, with every Hfe-saTlng
device launched from the decks, was returning; ' the deck to perform the
I Hunt, told Ml-
Hays ihe "i" l " the -a Ins ol Ihe c
dren. Hiu- WSJ In the 'Irat liuat to leat
tho gigging ship an i did net - lit
beMei tin ail were en h OtrpMMe.
"Tiie Titan paeeengore nevei aae Hi
w oma a " asid
llllillSli wit. I
They spoke to one another only "They were aiee in i.,. or a
I man. eo it la thought they egfe inother-
Pas mHea loee rnthei wan prouabh
tiriiiK them retallves In tlgperlca ta
thu vailmiB .aiats were Laving i l nt
sncred office ul going down with his ship when a wave sprang over the aide IM Tltenl this man nee seen -n
. . . ,. Z iu. , wtth tii. two eMIdren ' his anna Th
Bill! 1 11 1 U 1IIUI 1 UUI till. IBII1KI.
The Titanic was siuking rapidly by the head, with the twisting sidelong
motion j hut was soon to aim her on her ouurse two miles down. Murdock
snw th iklpper iwgpt out, but aid not move. Oapt. Smith wei bnl one of a
(Oon tinned on Second Page.)
nldial !. wag al n.xt nuked and
.u.aiu- chap a ui in "I "nde uhiWiea
"It must have been one of the last ol
die llfubosU ihst woe leaving Uk snls
A thrilling Mory of a dash through lanes of Icebergs to the rescue 01
the survivors of Ihe Titanic disaster was laid to-day to the members o
Ihe United Slates Senate, who are at the Waldorf-Astoria invetigatint thJ
came of the wreck. It was told by Cap;. Arthur Henry Rostrom, captain
of the rescue ship iarpathia, who drove his vessel wiuioul heed of danger
in response to the call for aid.
With icy mountains towering nn each kte, he pee.led his ship at set'
enteen miles an hour a tremendous speed for this ship.
This story was told after J. BruCI Ismay, managing director of thti
White, Star Line, made many denials on the witness stand of any responsi
bility for the wreck.
To the committee, silting in the li.ist Room of the Waldorf-Astoria.
Mr. Ismay declared he did nol get into a lifeboat until he saw that there
were no women about him. He denied he had issued any order on the
voyage to Capt. Smith. He said the Titanic was nol being rushed at full
speed when she crashed into the Iceberg that sent her 2,000 fathoms to
the bottom of ihe North Atlantic. She was not miking her full revolu
tions and there was no great need to hurry. He did admit that she had
made twenty-one knots an hour during the trip.
Mr. Ismay told the Senators how he had aided others in getting into
the boat-. He did no) know tli.it -"ine ol the boats were poorly manned;
that the women in them had to row about the ocean tor more than six
hours. He had given no orders in the confusion that followed the collision
and he declared he w;is a passengci unlj because he wanted to see how
the new boat worked.
Altogether Mr. Isma) did nol seem to think it strange that he was one
i.t the survivors ol the great disaster. He was cool and complacent be
tore the committee and he began K saying thai his company wished the
fullest Inquiry, H( assured the committee lie remained on the ship more
than an Ivjui alter the collision, and aim l until ihe sank.
tter Ismay lett the stand 1 lapt. Rostr un I k) i graphic story of how
he learned oi the distress ol t lie ritanic and ol driving .n lull peed toward
her position with icebergs .ill around him. modest man is this small
laced and ruddy cheeked English skipper, His stor) told in a matte
.A i 11 uMii i,i. skalltlntf ill il . M lit- I . . 111... ! i .lH. .... .
when hey a roes the) deftg . baby ""v "" """""a nun u .vvuil.i j. nuiit,
i reneh m be bathed At the thli the ot courid of dutv. but .ill hi hearers wcrr moved hen he told oY the
reading of the burial service over 1 hat he believed to be the .vean grave
ot the Titanic.
Capt. Rostrom denied thai the Car ithia had refused to take a wire
!c message from the President ol the United Mate-. He had heard a
Question as to Wajoi Hutt answered with the reply that he was not on
bi i.i i d.
The investigation Is being conducted b; three members ot the Senate,
Committee on Commerce Smith ot Michigan, chairman, Bourns and
"ThJ will be as full and comple'e an investigation as lies In the
committee's power," said Senator William Alden Smith of Michigan.
Chairman of the committee, before it went into session. "We have sum
moned J. Bruce Ismay, Managing Director of the International Mercasitile
. i th. M.tri- vwri- bri
.. iiai i he Carpathla, tiir w no on
in ears fv thnni. Alinmi nil l ie BUI
trtvorl iia.l lost friends n; relsUrei i
were i
t i .ll.li .K led ! thilr i .i r.. :i
rouia 4q reitlilni I sag ipesl
r'rsncil and .ilonteere.1 t taki em In
I . iinii.l tin what the na n. a ..' ' ny
ho I .ir... a I .uive iia.na.1 'i ler
One ly..ula an I thf llttl-. Qhgg Uuilip1
"Pin. .1 Iren huvi. tiren hrongh: ip
gleely, '..I tile Diet tiling thll " ' .
-..I on using rurniened ,r i
Ulna. THe) unrt.'i atand all thl little
n at let There wu a man n.nr i n.ih.
nan. a snund sgbln ggggebgei srhO
wga I'.ai mid we Uilnk ne mu i have
alias beeg theli faim-r.
'.M.i.y ti.-.ipie w .i nt to gdiipi ihenti
un i want tu and Wteli pan iti or
IdttV their relaSlvea. T.'n. Ill '.atai
can'l give us any aaaiatgnos for they
gnewei 'yes' tu almost s l iui itieattons
They sen 'I tin ge same of ihe pisy's
:n gVgiiee flie' iNinn- front a i.i we grs
gsolutel) at i Kwe In Mob mi. at to
tlUtS itua iaa pgroheeed Hints of
elottiee for her two nalfs isd . llbernl
aujiil .if pp turn ixiok ait.l i"i Th
IIbvh parlor l.aiku like .i day ni-iiery.

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