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I "Circulation Books Open to AIL'
Circulation Books Open to Ail."
toprrlaht. 1013. hs The Press rnfallsblne
9k (The Rn York World I.
NEW tfORK, MONDAY, APRIL 22, 1912.
N. N It S
r- a "
ime or Armisncc jrassea. uiauu
Chief Stone Is Ready to Call dut
25,000 Men at Two Hours
v rr n i in.i-u i . si
Meet Secretly in New York Central
Building and Are Given Few
Hours' Respite.
T.kt tfcla afternoon the mtnttn of ths Railroad Board of UlllUri
wra eanrmoaeo Into ciahrtDM with th Board of President, la th
oSeei of FroldBt W. O. Browa of th Ww Tork Csnwai. They broogat
with than the Baal answer to tu demand of th Brotherhood of Looomo
ttvs Ecrtnotm. which thsy had prepared for submission to Oread Chief
After tii boards had bn eloeeted la Joint conference for Mat time,
a hurry call was Mat out for stenographere, and tb awa Wotmt known
that th nnwr prepared by the Board of Managers had been Qhaaged
Since Mr. Btea hid received poerare Information that the maaasTere
intended to refnaa the denuuiOe of tb engineer It was taken that the
obanre ordered by the presidents might indicate a favorable settlement of
the dUBoolttea and averted the threatened strike.
The armistice granted b) tne Brotherhood ol locomotive En
gineers to the Conference committee or the BonrJ of Railroad man
agers expired at 3:30 o'clock this afternoon. Chief W arren S. Stone,
of the Brotherhood, had warned the railroad representatives that if the
acceptance of the engineers' demands was not in his hands by thai hour,
negotiations would be considered ended and the various committeemen
of the Brotherhood would depart Immediately to their respective centres
of organization to await me strike call.
At IV9I1 M lllff ! 0rUiasj ins. . - , . aw ajwi
port.d to Thief ttOlM h'.a arrive! at hll eon" ' "" rntlroad mold lit- ,.
destination. .Mm- will scn-1 out t.v- ail " '"' V" ' ''"' V" "
f,.r ths struts, RnS upon two bonrt' iw 1 ' 1 '' r"1 ""''' rottsed
Has n.n wheel On th tlfty ra! i J 1 "v u ; ' : ,!ivo on ln P'"""t
a... f fihleesu n.i tiort'.i of t I Oh
..in ..,, mut. Its. aalMas nut af B.OXI
Stone count upon thirty-ilk hour a"
toe time nee. leu tor me iisi ;ai.- ...
This mttl that the'.
reach hi home
trl'.te will be ordered probably on
dned.iy mornlnr.
At the lat niliuit.' aofore the lltttallon
psaeel beyond SOhtrOl to-day th Una d
of Railroad PraaMantl of the Jlfty rail
roads Involved, rprntOc ly ten pre
ldnta w!io- ofT.ces are tn Nw Yorlt,
virtually tool; the decision of the LlkUa,
out of the hands of tbe Board of M;ina
r. Upon a hurried call from Presi
dent Wc C. Bw.no of th New York
Central the pre '' lent met In th
board room of the New York CoMtral
Forty-fourth atrret .iad UMUlgtOw ave
T;io;:rh U 0), Ball
President Biov.n PMI
nin wlih MMfWON
seers' ary to
:'-.e newtp.iper
that no Mich I
r.ieeMn.T plaimed
he was Inter-
r;iptr1 b ttld p5arjn.s of Vrrslient
E. B. Thornae of t ie bohsfh Valley
and "re.tdent I. O. AVIllard of the
BlIUtBOr and O'.ilo, vtho hurried pas
him and dived Into :he t03rd room.
Kaery effort wai ninde tliereafter to
eloak the whole prO0(aUll In er;3y.
Anionic 'he pr!de:tt m attendan e
upon the secret .'enference war He
,,ent. (Jndarwood of the Nrit, Tr-atdJi. I
p UekawMBa, Mellen of the NW
York Antral. KW Haven and Hart-
f,,rd wr h:n of the WhatJlM and
f.ird, Worthing
' ...lie Brie, miner of the Central o: New,
Jertey. Toma of I'ho Lehigh and Mo
Ka of th Pennsylvania. It wa ra- .
ported that Untied State Labor Com
missioner NelU and Judgb Knapp of the
Commerce Court were also caillcd to the
It SS rumored that PTMldaat fall I
h'.macU had ent raro.nplory M der tu
rh railroad prssldsni to prevent a
strike t any rod, but Ill's, lllto other!
reports, nould not be vrlfll ai any .
o.Tiol! 'lusrtsr.
iViief Hi.inii ali1 Ihls afternoon that
two raft road in ilia tMl vouM not bu
leVaotad by th ir!Ua, If a strlUu la,
oi.ron. These ale th Cuntrul of New I
Jsrsey end tha Verm mi Central and;
1 tuits ud ay tern,
Tin- LtrollierliQod. iud a SMtradl with'
tlia Caul. si ul .iam Jli'uy, H aii,
S t J
rs. . a . i r-" . i J
" 01 niiiiugfr-. "" ".V'MUi'Utl.v will
" ' IM Brotherhood In-
.virtually efter the present dltflrulty l
II tied.
Grant Ciller Warren S. Stone of the
1 -otht-hod esjd to-uay that If the en-
klaaari receive another (tat rafuaal or
the demand which tiiey have made up
on the railroads aJ the result of to-d iv's
:mul meetln of the eOnftrMM commit
tee, within thirty mluutiw the ropre
sentativea of the Brotherhood ivlll be
on their waji to the).- homes to organize
tiielr men lor the strike and that the
strike order to 2',,ono men will be re
leased within torty-elght hours.
The engineer have nothlnx to r-
i hltrate." Oklal Stone said. "If there Is
; to be any med'atlun through the l.'nlted
I Itataa Boairi of Mediation. ! . UD i
the railroad to make tha tlrat move In
thai dire, tl'jn."
Tho armUtlea which was txtandad
by oider of Chief 8t ni of the ilioth-
(OonUatMd 'in Lai Pig,)'
Keepers Orsuilr.e Volt t.oeln 1 1 n
anil net a Sinlr lisi ler.
AI.B AN V. April tt Th Biardlnk
Koutd Keeper' AMooUUOtl of New
loilc Cli y lua hn Incorpo: atd
'" ' taNUtwu prorarnant
, m"" ,nJ MUWI swrBt'
"'-iua:,,r. In tb .tty of Na
io';' '' " o-vt
ar.'. enjoy the advr.ntakea of eo-nnan-
lonshlp ate: so..-lnl later Buraa." A .
p,ione Colls of Nnv Vork 1 ohal.
nmn of a board of n.e dlieo or.
The Evening Wo Id will pay
one hundred dollars ($100;
for one of the oh-cka for five
pounds said io have been
paid by a millionaire to th
crew of a half-filled lifeboat
to row away from the tfnklri
Titanic. "'nr to? "re rs4M i
500,000 PERSONS
Army of Daily Commuters
Likely to Sutter Serious
Loss and Trouble.
Lack of Accustomed Traffic
Conditions Would Sadly
Tangle Affairs.
The Art t, and per'iaps fie srentest
effect of the locomotive engineers' strike,
ao far as New York and Vicinity are eon.
eeroen, If It Is railed, win be felt by
the btsoi army of Com HI Uteri who will
awake Wednefday or Thursdny morning
to And that they cannot get from their
suburban hienea 1o their offtcen. From
the m'nuto that the strike call 1 fent
out by Grand Chief Stone until the tight
between engineers and railroads Is ulti
mately settled, no less than Mo.OOO busi
ness men, to put It In round numbers,
will find uhe whole course of their lives
thrown askew.
The effect upon business can only be
Imagined. How many business men will
be forced t leave their suburban homes
Immediately and tak up emporars
quartei-K In New York, and bow many
will have to depend upon tho overtaxed
eleotrlc lines radiating from the New
York and Jereey railroad terminals can
not be guessed.
EASILY 900,000.
The Kveilng World has ooelected In
formation for u rough tabulation of the
number of commuters who will be af
fected by the strike. So far as tho rail
roads that are concemod could give
estimates tn-day, the following figures
s.iow conservatively the wklespread
havoc that the strike will bring about
aruonw the'corrrrmitere, the numbers car
ried by each railroad leading "Into Now
York, with the eeeptlrtn of the ten ra 11 -POadfl
in New Jersey, whose totals are
lumped, being given iu follows:
Ten railroads of Now Jersey
."",'s to tflO.ano
Now York Central 32.0W
N. Y. C, illarlem River Branch) KS.r.nr
N. Y., N. II. & H ,iH
1oni; Island 20,H.i
B. A; O. (Staten Island ltapld
Tranvlt) 2.fiU0
it was said at the various railroad
ottlees to-day that of the total number
fully one-'uilf of the COmmtttaTC BUM
from distances (rOAMl1 than flfte n miles
from tho railroad termini, and that this
ipiota of the ou'-of-town army could not
pOSSloly Bad transportation on slow-going
trolley lines
new jersey riders at mercy
of Trolley changes.
The Xlontclalr commuter, for example,
can now come from the atutlon of his
suburban home to downtown New Vork
In tncuty-tlve minutes. It will take him
an hour and a halt to get by trollea,
with all the requisite shimsii only so
far as tb Para Street terminal of the
lluils :i t line Is I i Newark, and tHSn ho
would have to Spend twenty minutes
more before he not to the Hudson Ter
minal Building-,
Practically lb same Situation will face
ths commul iys who vs In the Oranges,
There are, louuldy, lijO.uen eoiumuter In
the Orange and Montolair.
The Long i.-.iikI imarileia who ,lve
bsyoud JaAtalsa will nn 1 it a days
work to K: to their ofllces. On lb"
north inore line that terminates at o -
ster Bay there ale no tiolley facilities.
On the mid-Island and south shore llnt'S
trolley ttid.s .top co.nparal vel.v fa a
mile: cast of Jamaica. All of the s mre
towns o popular for th commuting
SttlSSa are dependent up in the railroad
SVastchSStsr Is best provided with lc
irle lines of all the commuting tr.-l-Inry.
bUI ho v fer those l'nes tell! stand
tha iraln Imposed by the trans.'er of
U railroad trafnc to the electric car
cannot b determined.
Th game SShSdlltSal for to-day at
..ie Am art son LesaTu Ofdundi btlwsM
th NISliUtAdars nnd Dig I'iilladlp,da
athletic grga po.t. a-d on sceount of
VSt grounds.
sv e. grounds rauasd t p-.trc.noo t
of Mm Sostog'Brgokiyg a t ., sshsduisd
fin V.a.blnir on I'sik this afternoon,
PHILAOUkFHIAi April a.. t'.iilad:.
phltVQtgtrtg gu.ne , g'.pgnedi grg
OHtOAOO, April 3.'.--liilrago-ritl.
lung Nallnnal giimu poslponsd, Wet
Terld UutKlns rrklsh Bstke.
Sisrays eesa, nsin im bnv.ii r
erb' ana manliiur, 1 )i-roDs4li
Masses S rb M. f
uussj. SI
n la M
Vice-President of
Who Was on
ttLw aaaeai ' esaasBal ssBaV
' 'SB saBlV gssBaaaw-' 2
Delayed Message From Mackay-Bcnnett Says
Bodies Not Embalmed Were
Buried at Sea.
From information at hand from the cable steamship Mackay-Uennett,
which went out from Halifax with undertakers, embalming tluid, cottiib
and ice, under charter to the W hite Star Line, to gather bodies of victims
of the Titanic disaster, the prospect of bringing any considerable number
of corpses of the drow ned to land is small Indeed.
The toilnwuig vvlreles msssags, re
ceived at noon to-day at the DanOOS ol
IbS While Star Line, aus sent ysstl )
ultcmoon by the eommundi r of ihe
Maekay Hennett. The delay in dellveTf
as catlSSd by the BSOSSStty "f lelayluk
the message from k'.iip to ship bsfi r Il
sou id be sent to ihore. The nossugs
xent from Latitude UM, LoSgltUd
M.90, read-
"eavy aontbweet swells ar IBs
terfsriug wttb opcrattoa. mtf
bodice recovered. All not em
balmed will be burled at aa at -V.
M. with divine service. Can only
bring embalmed bodies tu yon.
The White Star Line ofttclsll SrerS
urged by relaUres gad friends of pel on
who nnl uun with tVin Titanic to uy
to get Into rlos eoinmuiii atioa slth
u.e Msoksy-Bsnnoti ami procure
c'stslls. in lldUHl does not MStS
.law many uoule were prsssrvsd
hlpment ta Halifax, but It Ir prasumsd
.ho miniber was small In view of the
ebraee "gll nt embalmed."
Tn D . e of th Mgnbalnwd pltgad
up at ea oy th Mackay-H.-nnett were
Bunk In th sea at o'clock last sifbt
No sTOrd ha n relays I n ih shots
(rOBI Ihc cauls sllamahlp lines, Mes
sages reoslvsd ysglgrdsy ihsw that the
elaksy3snni ensoin sro ' hvy lojs
and waa g'.oatly dslayed on ths way
from Hallfaa u na aasng of the w.uc.i.
Tag rsporl slffUlgtge earl,' :i-lay .htt
ho Mxokuy-Ba:iett had reeo.ired alxty.
our bodle wa toublli uaaod jpon
M ssagc , iiod up jy aleamsh'.ps a
ihry were plng from ths Maekay.
t!nntl lo othar ships whlen were om-
slgliy rglaylgg ihiss messages' to ihgrg.
Aiirieni.; th Uk-llniiti had
White Star
the Stand To-Day
I P sd up only fifty bodies un to yester
.day Bfterooon and the woik hail son
IdlS DOtlnUed iiecause of Ik.i .
i Tho Btrenlng World has ison bom.
bsrdod by telephone massages nir
early morning, the messages eg
protests against the burial of any of
i the bod! as of i m rloumg at ea. Hela-
!'ai' of victim i are unable to undr
I itsnd n iw rtie hodiss that ivj. marbi
or dentlAoatloti are in a Mate esrrant.
ling preservation while utheis are not,
although all the bndlsi have been in ibe
same Her and air
I'liitests bavi its i been toad.- to the
Wfalte Hiar lino against tUserimfuatlon
vlsi'ia.KAv as
"P A gV
in ui in k ro ei. rpaes rooavorsd from the
: ea. Tho .Mnekuy-Uennei; won s.ie
i. it Hainan was stigf)sd to igtvs s
i oiii'iiodat.ons (u- Haay soon sf
odlt'S. It w is the idea of relatives 'f
tile Yl 'thus mat the USUI nil I Here
to be bropSBt HtlOra and fe rsd in a
icoininon grove, which irai latei tu u
'marked by a moiiuiuin.
None of the names of trie dead I BOO
holies have been reeuverel bavs been
rerelved In New Vork. Tiiat there are
many oorpSS alloat .n the vicinity of
the dlsastf-r is .-liovvn M I ISS3S uies.
assa from the itsamblp Drmn, Capt
rrager, whl h peed
"The lleS m SI llremen. bOOgd fOf New
'York, and the stsggetf Hb In pisisd
on Saturday af trnuon l.i U.0I north
iatltud and Q we t longll Id in the
nsigb'.iorbocd of three larg Icebergs.
.s:ghttd augtsrgug plsi . ul arr sag
ar.d a great numbs.- of bumgg indies
I with Ills rgservori on n sting in tne
sea. Blgh.al and ipok the cabls
gttSgJWf Jdsi ksy-Bnnf on the say to
rei'oer t.e floating bodies."
The H.i. ..en I due tia.s to moruw.
Son (jives Up Hope Colonel
Lives and Plans to Send
She Is Unable to Tell Even
Her Family Horror of Her
Vlneent Aetor, on of Ool. John Jacob
Astor, told n Kvenlng Worst reporter
to-day that Mrs. Madeleine Fore Astor,
his young stepmother, was In such con
dition that she had not been able to tH
ven to Mm and members of the Force
family sny details f her ordeal on the
sinking Tltante, detailed manufactured
reports of her story In some morning
new Mm per notwithstanding!.
Mr. Astor I awaiting the birth of a
now heir to the Aetor estate. Her ei
hauetlon and her grief together have
complicated her naturally delicate con
dition. For this reason, physician In
attendance on her have forbidden any
one to ask her any question or to al
low her voluntarily to talk about the
wreck of tho Tttaalc.
Vincent Astor admitted to-day for the
gfet time since tha elnklog of tbe groat
ship that he had lost all hope of aeolng
hie father alive. Tbe time in wtstoh our
vlvors atloat on wreokage mlcbt hoop
up a epark of llf has lone; alnoe ex
pired. Every ship that paaeed over the
floes of broken ice hearing bodice of the
dead on the face of the sea has been
heard from.
Mr. Astor did not know to-day wheth
er he wuuld sen, I an expedition out from
Halifax tu search for his tamer's body.
Much an expedition will probably go
sen I. but the detalla of the plana are
yet to be worked out.
At the olllcee of th Astor estate
there was Intense activity In waking ar
ngngamsnlS While no reward ha been
offered for the ri rovery of OgL AelAV
body, It Is known that a million dollar
will lie freely spent In an effort to And
it. Th slxs of the reward for th dis
covery of the body by outsiders may b
Kile Miid at from this information. The
managers of the estate have been In
consultation with inar.na enslneera and
have retained aevrra.1 U go with the
l-'rom those tn the conddence of
juuiig Mr. Astor and fnuiu ihe mana
gers of the estat. It waa learned that
the huri led trip of Col. Astor, will h
laai-e,! mm to engage passage on ths
Titanic, was due tu his desire to make
ObangM in ins will In antlclpa'lon of
the o,i th of Rig new heir, a ontln
gOBOy of wliieti he bad been made cer
tain. He had already prepared a will
whlOh covered inu fact of ills marriage
to Madiieiii a P. rcr. Ilut fur some
i gaun got near bs wished to make
more definite ibe proportion of the
eats a who'll was lu go to the ispecteil
lie coining lo NSW fork gf Mrs.
Aa Willing Ami , aliu ! .n. ii Ogt
! totora and her daughter Muriel n not
bsUovod 'u sav inylblng to do gkith
' t, partttioftlBg ol the estate except so
i as it utie.is Muriel Am.,, There
an rOOSOgl why It nudgm bO inure con
ii. cut tor Hie pslrSOStg Si disposing
of so raal u fiirluns tnat m ,iirs
should all bo In ml country.
.Mrs. Ava Willing Aslor s SgpSOtOd
Mors Tliurs.lu sf 1 r.da of i, at WOJOO,
ii. i own vlghog mil be nsgsulisd s
lo whele she Wll slrt' . illlt it i il.nlei
iud ilia; she will uc upy I'ul. Aelur 'l
r an bone lie,e with the son, Vincent,
when she SOJSbOS io cmnfurt hni. and
.ii .lis Mgdsielne Fores Astor will
in tne maintime, ue taken tu the Aator
in',, t plgtrs. Hhfasclllt.
T .re Is sail to he RO resentment on
hS Part of ill ' f.rsl wife ajajlnsl the
childish SSOOnd tfs, and it Is not Im
,. .liable thai IhOI may rtsSOl In the
iiio-l fr.endly way after a time
A cabled M Magi gf sympathy from
Mrs. Ava wining Aator has gtrood)
been rseslved Mi j. Msdololne Foroe
Astor. An a lOWledgmonl was at
oie i i etui n e l.
Mine Interested In Col Aslor' win
even than Rnanolal slrolsg II lite Four
Hundred. Tn.. OoeOtaSi'l mat vmunia:
ventures, partiouievriy ins rooeni saar
r m to Miss Al.i.ii I. 'ie FOfCSa has sglgMd
an ii. ail la 1,1.) OUrtOolty gOSSajl New
tCoui.i.aeJ ju lvjil.1 faVSO.)
White Star Vice
Stand in Senate Inquiry Makes
Public His Wireless Refus
ing to Hold the Cedric.
"We Based Our First Hopeful Bulle- N
tins on Rumors," He Explains; "Got
News of Sinking at 6 20 P. M.'
WASHINGTON, April 22. The wireless messages from J. Bruce
Ismay which were intercepted by the United States Government and
caused the Senate Committee to hurry to New York and be?in its in
quiry into the Titanic disaster, were placed in evidence to-day when the
investigation was resumed. These messages were put before the Com
mlttee by P. A. S. Franklin, Vice-President of (lie International Mercantile'
Marine, the first witness called to-day:
Ismay had Called upon Hranklin to detain the Vdric scheduled to
sail Thursday until Ismay arrived on the Carpathia, so lie and the
Titanic's crew could return in her. Mr. r-ianklin made public his despatch
declining to hold the GftlrlC an. I Mid, .is every one knew, lje had jailed
at n um Thursday.
Mr. Franklin denied thai Ihe White Mar company had Ml) IliterUiOfl
to spirit away from the country any Titanic otlicers or crew, or that the
plans to return Ihe survivors of the crew were prompted by any desire
to suppress the lads. He said that nothing that tlie otlicers oy crew could
tell could effect w hat might be told by suiviving passengers.
All during the hearing the committee room was in confusion. The
hubbub was so great that Chairman Smith said even members of the
Committee could not hear portions of the teslinuniv.
. Scores of society women near!) fought with deputies to luld advan
tageous seats and many brought lunches, rel using to leave their places.
When the doors were reopened after the rtcea Committee officials almost
had to light to prevent the Committee members' chain being appropriated.
Women mobbed J. Bruce Nnay in the committee room when he
entered and left. They rushed in a hummi maelstrom about Ismav,
crushing and pushing him and themselves.
Senator Smith, who questioned the witnesses hre, as he did in
New York, ittempte I to get an expl.in-i'ion of the false reports sent out
last Monday that .ill the Titanic's pasepr had been taved. He asked
Mr. Hranklin whether he or any other White Star official had sent the
reaaauring telegram to Hepresentaiive Hughes of Weal Virginia that the
Titanic was pr iceedini to Halifax and "all were saved" on Monday afftr-
noon at i time houri after fifteen hundred lives had been swallowed up
in the icy water- off ( 'ape Race. Mr. Hranklin declared they had not.
"We have .1 big l"t of employees In our oilicv" he added "It
might have been that lome one of the funiori who were anwering tele
phones might have niven out th.it Information. Bui certainly mm of ihe
officers did. It Is possible thai such a telegram was sent from our ottice,
bul i did nol know anything tboul it. It was unauthorised."
Mr. Franklin insisted thai he did not hear the Titanic had sunk until
Monday evening, hut he admitted there was no authority, save uncoiv
tinned rumors, for any ol the reassuring itatements given out Monday
morning and afternoon.
The witness rend from I great heaf of wireless telegrams received
Monday m rnlng. None of them contained any information of value,
tut it Vai upon this data that the line Issued its statement in an ef
fort to reassure Inquirer! When the news of the sinking came, he
s. id, he lenl Immediately for the reporters and proceeded to begin
reading to them 'he Marconigram from Ihe Carpathia giving the
new in considerable deuil.
"I began to read," Mid Mr. Hranklin, " 'Titanic went down this morn
in it 2.20 A. M.1 and then I looked up. There was nut a reporter in the
room, They were all racing lor 'phone-, to get the news out to the
The Inquiry christened the luxurious caucus room of the Senate, re
garded as perhaps the handsomest legislative hearing room iu the world.
In its centre .u the subcommittee with William Aldcn Smith ol Mi.tu-
- President on the

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