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WXATHBIl Fair to.nlalit Mtirt Saturtlnrt nurtiirr,
WEATHER TiMy to-light and llaiarflavi
l"IM sw .
I "Circulation Books Open to AIL" I
"Circulation Books Open to All
CvMrishl. Una, hi The Yrwm fobUsblaa
Ce. I The Hew I era Werldt.
OF $1,000,000 DEAL
Atlantic City Shaken by Reve
lations Involving Nine of
Its Officials.
Same Method of Bribery Used
as Ensnared the San '
Francisco Boss.
(Sfwcttl to Th Etralug Werla).
The moat sensational graft exposure In
tbt history of the city. Involving Coun
cilman Samuel Phoebus. Clui Kosslor,
William Malla. June Lan. Jls-rry
Dougherty and tour othara whose nam 04
are not disclosed, "broke" to-day when
It became known that William J. Burnt,
the famous detective, using the aama
method a ho employed In tho Ohio
Legislature and to land Abe Reuff In
San Francisco, had trapped four
Into a confession and Jailed Dougherty
for a further hearing on the charge
rvrlln Kraft far ths'.r iioport In
ecurhig the pessago of the "eonctete
boardwalk bill." a million dollar opera
tion openly branded aa a eteal, at the
time It was Introduced during January.
More arrests are expected at any hour
to-day. It la eatd the revelation In
Connection with the case will lead to
other thlnge of nioro senrutlonal nature
Edmond a Wilson, State Attorney-
Qtneral. will this afternoon Join Detec
tive Burns, who arrived at the Mirl-
borough Blenheim yesterday, when
Dougherty, the only ono of the quintet
tj hold his nerve when confronted wl.h
Jlctagraph records of the conversation
wntch took place whrn It Is alleged he
with the others accepted a 1300 br'.hi,
"a retainer," to puth the deal, will be
arraigned before Magistrate Burgen of
Hammonton, at 3 o'clock. Dougherty
laughed In Hurns'a face, refused to
make 'a signed confcsilon, as the others
had done, and told the sleuth to "go ua
(ar as ho liked."
This resort Is stirred as It has never
been before by tho testimony adduced
before tho famous Macksey Probing
CommlsUon, which unearthed ballot de
bauchery of the most sordid character
here during 1911, leading to the convlo
t'on and, It Is confidently expected later,
the Incarceration of "Boss" Ixnits
Kuohnle. the appointment of tho hard
working KUsor Orr-nd Jury, v.-hich
turned the resort Inside out uh It
diBgged politician after politician from
tho quagmire of graft, conspiracy, voto
buying and general thuggery. Tho
trapped councllmen say they were
"working It alone." Everybody la dls
cussing the affair.
v.vrrv man Involved has promised to
h.nd In his resignation to-day. While
h.v admitted their guilt, arcord-
!nr to Detective Burns, they have not
.... arrested. They have handed
over the IMOy- lie to the operative and
(Co' 'd on Sixth Page.)
Is Knocking
H.r .rrlva.1 1$ the sign for ill to
plm how to breik her enervating
spell by resting and revelling In
boating, fishing, hunting, etc., at
some seashore, mountain or coun
try hotel or boarding house.
"Summer .Resort"
Ads. Last Sunday,
Oirr TIIIIHK TIMIIS the ft 00 mbll.lied
In the hundur llrruld.
For another
"Summer lJ.'!
WE installment of
rt" 1 iiiiKviiK'nts,
Next Sunday's World
Overcrowded Machine Turns
Over During Wild Dash
Home From Rockaway.
A Joy-rMIng chauffeur, Jnmes Hall,
only a few dava airo In the emolov of
Archibald A. Hutchinson, a lawyer, who
Uvea In the Hotel lloland, on .East
Fifty-ninth street, took his mnlover'i
big new touring car out without per
mission yesterday afternoon. Jammed It
with nine young men and two young
women and drovo them to disaster at
Forest Hill, I.. I early to-day, killing
ono pnssengor, mortally Injuring two
and Injuring all the others save him
self. Immediately after his heavily
laden car had turned over and strewn
Its human freight in every direction
the chauffeur fled and has not yet been
John Eagan, twenty-one years old, of
No. 214 Mount Hope pfaco, Bronx, was
killed outright. Frank Larkln, twenty
five, of No. 2.3 West Forty-ninth street,
and William McXulty, tvfonty, of No.
202 Kast Thlity-seeond street, were
mortally hurt and nruj dying In the
Mlneola Hospital. Mario Kernochan
and Hasel Smith, both clsarotte makers
tho only woiuon passengers, escaped
with a few bruises. All or me omer
men passengers, save tho chauffeur,
bv more or less hurt and weiu taken
i.i ti. iinjn tal in uutomooues 10 oe
minlstured to.
Tim traccdv occurred on the Hoffman
Tiniilovaril near tho White Point road.
Pnr,.t Hills, while Hall was driving
M . ni full iroeed. blewlng into
,iu. ihni had been caused bv the heavy
v.-ilnfnll yesterday he turned suddenly,
il'mrlm: the overladen car so snarpiy
ih. t .t turned over.
vviunril Conwftv. tho nineteen-year-old
ion of I. J. Conway, President of the
Irish-American Athletic Club, torn tne
tcirv of the Joy rldo nnd Its fatal lei
mlnatlon to-day at his home. No. 159
l-niit sixtieth street, whither he was
tnirn from the Mlneola Hospital.
Young Conway has several bad scalp
wounds and lis body Is covered Wltn
I have known Hall for some time
i, "and heard from mm a few
days ago that hn hid n new Job nnd
was going to tai:e a Dig car io me ooun
try to Jrlve. H tclc.pnonca to.me sov
erul times at Celtic Park yesterday ask
in.- ma m an out for a drive. I wajt
busy and told him so, but l.-e persisted
and pretty noon-he cama out to the park
wl'.h tho car. When he got there I was
with Hagan, MoNulty, Dougherty and
Fltznatrlck, Hall asked us If we didn't
ivnnt tn ilrlvn down to ltockaway Park
,,,,( u-m ellmbml In thu car. Harold us
ho had permission from his emplujor
to take It out.
"We went down the beach and hail
.Hntier and on our way out we met Lar
kin, MoMulke.n and Kavanuugh with
iivn clrls. We knew Utrkln and Kava-
naiicli. and aftor wo had Introduced
Hall ho askml them to scrumble aboard.
"Parkin said he had gasolene enough
for a good rldu nnd 1. supposo that's
i... in, iunk us around by thu way of
Fin-put 11111b. Wu wero nil laughing and
Joking when the crash came und none
of us had a bit of warning. We wero
going at a fast clip, how fast I couldn't
"There wasn't much of a Jur when
we went over. It was more like a
hnnin nml the next thing I knew we
were all Hying through the air In every
direction. When l pUMteu myseit up 1
saw T.agan lying 011 tho ground near
me. He wasn't dead then, but he was
lying. I know It and hud a horribly
faint feeling. Hull wasn't In sight. He
must have run as soon as ho plokod
himself up. I was In such a daze I
didn't know much till I go to the hos
pital and wns patched up. Then I called
in. mv f.ithpr and h Hunt for in "
Chauffeur Hull took tho machine nut
;if thu Mlneola lliirngu at Flfty-nlnth
street and Park avenue. Three detec
tives wero imsti'd thein to wait fur him
this morning ami an alarm was ent
out for hint throughout the different
Capt. Rostron and Dr. McGee
Narowly Escape Injury
On Way to Mrs. Astor's.
Rescuers Are Guests of Honor
of Titanic Widows in
Fifth Avenue Home.
Cant. Arthur Henry Rostron. com
mander of the Carpathla when ah went
to the rescue of the survivors ot the
Titanic disaster, and the Carpathla'a
surgeon, Dr. Frank McOee, bed a close
escape from a asrlous accident, when
on their way to luncheon with Mrs.
John Jacob Astor. at the Aator Home.
No. 80 Fifth avenue, at half -past one
o ciook io-aay.
Mrs. John B. Thayer of Haverford
Pa., vhmit huh.incl. Ilk Xtrm- A atfrr'm.
lost his Ufa In the disaster, had already
arrived; rne waa to T tne omy otner
guest. The Carpatbla's officers appar-
itntlv w.rA In fnr nf .tlnff ltfi Thev
had urged the driver of their taxicao,
William Bowan, to his highest apeed.
II went up Fifth avenue. atH. terrific
pace, darting around other vehicles In a
wav that made onlookers stoo and sraan.
As the cab grand tne ramator or a 01 g
areen motor omnibus a forward tiro
came off and llew to the sidewalk. Just
mining two cnuaren, woo wero oeing
led toward the park by a governess.
The cab lurched down In front, akld
ded and whirled until It Struck the
ourb. For a moment, the wheels of
one side left the pavement and the cab
mml llkt.lv to turn over on Its side.
The chauffeur got control Juat as the
car was at the entrance of the Astor
House and his passengers walked to
the door.
Tho Dresence of several moving clo
ture operators and other photographers
at the door had caused a considerable
number of curious persons to collect.
They cheered as the captain and the
surgeon entered.
Mrs. Astor. In her delicate state of
health, was an object of special sollcl-
tudd on the part of Dr. Mcaee during
tho trip to New York, and he also min
istered to Mrs. Thayer.
Th. would llko to have met every
ofllcer and every member of the crew,
but this was Impossible, so tney ar
ranged an informal luncheon for the
captain and surgeon, hoping In this
way to show tbelr appreciation and
gratltudo belore tnoso umrai u uviw
to Kngland.
There was no formality about it. nrs.
Astor has been In strict retirement,
since she reached Now York and It was
her first social function 0: any uescr.p
tlon. On the voyage to New York Capt.
Rostron gave his cabin to Mrs. Astor,
Mrs. Oeorge D. Widener of Philadelphia
and Mrs. Thayer. Mis. Widener was
prevented from attending the test!-
monlal luncneon to-any uy uiuixi.
rnnt. Itostron will go to jiavorrora
. ,. i.rir visit to Mrs. Thayer's home
before the Carpathla returns to Huropo.
Mrs. Thayer s seventeen-year-oiu son,
j, B. Thayor Jr., was also rescued after
he hud Jumped overboard from the Ti
tanic. Hur husband was one or tho di
rectors of the Pennsylvania Ilallroad.
Last nf Tito Knuious I'rraki IJIrs
hI Ak ' Mnety-trro.
BOSTON. May 31, Plutano, the last
or the famous pair ot "Wild Men of
Borneo," died (it the home of Mrs.
H. A. Warner In Waltham, to-day.
PJutano Is believed tn have been about
ninety-two years aid, and with his
hrnther Wano. who died In 1905, hud
travelled all over the wortd.
Plutano and Wano were among tho
most famous "freaks" exhibited by the
late P. T. Bamum, The pair woro
brought on u Bhlp to X w York In the
early Wi, nnd were said to huvo
been rapturod on the Island of Borneo
Hlnce IS." the wild men had been In the
care of Capt. Hansford A. Warner, or
one of his descendants. Plutano and
Wano wero no larger than the average
ten-year-old boy, lK were possessed
of prodigious strength, and eauh could
lift with euse two heavy men. a feat
that was a rugular part of their oxhl.
bltlon. Nonoof the Wamer family wore
pver ame in imui-ii me wuu tllen lo
speak KnglUh.
.'-,.1 ll..lMln T..1I.I. Il-tl..
Iirers mini, llulli with nrlvate roouii. Bl,
Barber anil Manlmr. Clilruuedut ia a
Carp at Ida 's Captain and Surgeon;
Their Hostesses, Titanic Widows
Ms Z -Al ..." e.J
Women Scream as Would-Be
Suicide Jumps From Plat
form in Bronx.
A man suppored to bo J. Morion oj
No. 1010 Anthony avenue the Bronx,
Jumped In front of a southbound ex
press train fro'm tho platform of the
One Hundred anil Forty-ninth street
station of the West Farms division of
the subway this afternoon. His leap
carried him acrois the track but tho
wheels of tho first car caught his left
leg and cut It 'off. Hu was taken to
Lincoln Hospital In n dying condition,
The station was crowded when the
man mado his Jump. Many women saw
him and screamed. The motormun. Al
bert Hoyer. had already shut off power
and applied the brakes for the ttutlon
stop and brought his train to a halt
within a car length.
Tho Injured man was lying outside
tjie. rails with his leg completely am
putated, Kpeclal Ofllcer Bcheller cur
ried him to the northbound platform,
where Kergeant Mooney und Policeman
Ptossett Improvised a tnurnl'iuut and
stopped the flow of blood, Dr. Hchlllan,
the ambulance surgeon, said the action
of tho policeman saved the life of the
injured mun for the time being, but
held out little hope for his ultimate
The name J. Meron appears on a
postcard found In the man's pocket
When askeil If his name was Mersoti
he nodded his head.
..4 xJf I IW
M SSS' ' I I I I
Purls Hear" Drteel l e ot lliivo
the Famuli I'll 1 11 M n sr.
I'AIUS, May 31. L.U Prusse, In aa ex
tra edition, rnuku the pil.iVu an
nouncement that the famous muater
plive, Menu I.lsi, stolen months ago,
has been recovered by the detectives
who have been sea chlng foi u 1 ne
paper does no; na where II was found
or where It now l,
A.M, I'i A.M. I'.Jl!
RindJ Hook 7,As I 4'.' I HI
llo.tTO'l Idud ... K.H1 K..1; .3S 2.S0
IUU QM 10.21 10.H 4.10 i.M
Roosevelt to Run,
But Gannot Win,
Bryan's Forecast
Nebraskan Says in Commoner the Colonel
Will Bolt Chicago Convention if His Con
testing Delegates Are Shut Out
LINCOLN, Neb., May 31, That while Taft apparently has a maporlty
of the Chicago delegates, Itoosevelt Intends to be a candidate before the
people, and, If necessary, will organize a bolting convention. Is the gist
of an editorial forecast by William Jennings Bryan In his Commoner to
day, Bryan says:
"We 'have now approached near enough to the Ri'publlcan National
Convention M forecast the action of that body Kx-Prestdent Itoosevelt
will have apiwirently a majority of the Northern States, while President
Taft neniii likely to have a majority nf the Convention including the
Southern delegates, who represent merely patronage und boodle.
"Mr. Itoosevelt has been careful o arrange for contesting delegates
from the South this was the first Indication of tils Intention to bolt With
a msjorlty of the Northicn delegates he Is In a position to have a con
vention Df his own, In case his contesting delegates are refused admission.
"The conclusion, therefore, 1 that Mr itoosevelt will be the nominee
of the regular Cnnvenllon, or the nominee of a bolting convention. Out
ready for his candidacy. He Is ultr sure to run.
"Can Itoosevelt be defeutiil? Yes, by any good Progressive. A Pro
gressive wilt hold the Democratic vote and the Republicans who opposn
a third term will do the rost. Mr. Cl.trh nnd Mr. ''llsun are the leading
Progressive candldates-'lthcr one of tlio'n can diu.M Itoosevelt The
country will never havo a President for a third term."
He Follows Crowd Not Knowing
It Was His Own Girl Ma
chine Kan Down.
Ten-year-old KHzaboth Cafevorl of No.
173 Hudson street. Mumbled In front of
an automobile, and was instantly killed""
street a short distance from her norm.
The child ran out from behind a trolley
oi'r" and liwed on Uie pavement In
front of an automobile driven by Walter
Klsenbram of No. SI llairuw slreet,
chaulTeur for t'lurlet II. Petworth ot
No, 131 Hudson street. The ohaurfetir
did not se the child before tho car
struck her. Thu automoblln was going
at moderate l'eil.
Wu ni.r iii .Innrx,! tlie car n naif ts
length und carrlnl the child to u neaiby
drug store. Her father was In thu
n,r.tv.i tt.ni .,re3P,l into the drug store!"" " I"t- Tin pin aiicimion
and when he jw thu bcnly of his little
girl he swooned. Hho had been on her
way home from Publlo Hcliuol No. l'U,
on West llouiton street. The chauffuur
was not urresled.
$1 2 Men's Blue Serge Suits. $5.95
Till-. "Hub" riottung uortiur, nroni
wm' sen 'to.r.liyy aiX Saturday "'"tii
Men's Hulls, Merges. woruds. ilann'els,
Kiii.vlotH.ln blues, blacks. urav.H and ru'
inr.,. rnst coloru. many ratin IIoihIi
all slzitv. worth 512 In any other store.
MO, vSlfi&Wffl
Turpin Trying to DoJge Man Wlie:
Aeroplane Swerved Wrong Way
and Fell on Crowd.
HPJATTI.B, Wiish.. .May 31. J. rt-
j r.i-i i.aj noirn oiin riuiTi Ullil
Injured four iithcr.i, tu-duy r.gned lo
'remiln In this city until such tliiio us
the pollco und Coionur s.iy ho m:iy
Hn will probably be called us u wlluuis
tills afternoon at tho Coroiier'm !iuiieit
Into the death of (leoriin Qutuby,
formerly of (laleshur,l, III , whom Titr
pin's aeroplane killed.
Turpin declares the accident, which
occurred at the Mcidnvv raco track, was
. ""'"""
unavolilftlile. Tho aviator had started
h' "'r nnd was wheeling along the
I truck preparing to ascend tvht n a man
to rulae one piano so to rlso over the
nun und turn his machine Into ll.u In
Held. Hu declares he knew tho machine
would tiu wieckoil, but wished tn save
the man's life. Ho was accomplishing
his purpose when the other plann rose
suddenly also, swerving the aeroplano
Into the grandstand, The miti hlne ivi.i
w reeked there and then dropped on tin
uf "10 "
of the stand, Thu engine struck Qiilmby
on Mm head and lulled him in -t- fitly.
nil hi m -
innruir v . mnrA
11. rvrni nil in .iinin
Waiters Walk Out at ShcrryV-ad
Restaurant Closed Till Trouble
Is Over New Vanderbilt
Hotel Joins List
College' Boys Rush to Get Jobs at
Another Hostelry Managers
Prepare for Siege.
The strike of the hotel waiters and cooks gained many recruits to?
day and the union leaders threaten to call strikes hi every hotel of lm'
poriance south of Fifty-ninth street, at the dkintr fcour this evening. WiH.
crs or cooks or both are now on strike in eighteen leading hotels, two
clubs and a big restaurant. The strikers number 2,755.
Encouraged by the apparent widespread growth of the strike move
ment the union leaders plan to broalen the scope of their work. They
say the trouble rs just beginning and
to eat In a New York hotel unless the
n i
1 0 0 0 W H -
0- 3
0 0 0 6 -
0 2
3 0
10 0
0 3 1
Puller l.lriiteuant fleH Promotion
lo Kill Vncsinpy.
Lieut. William II. Kliuler was sum
moneil tu Police Commissioner Waldo's
ortlce this afternoon. Ther was a va
cancy In the list of captains atvd Klnslor
Is nt tho head of the civil service list
of lieutenants eligible for promotion,
Client Joy went nut over tho "police
wireless" systom, when word, got about
that "IUU" Klnsler was "about to be
uiAde." -
Klnsler was a liss!?al player before
Theodore Itoosnvelt ini4le him a pollce
'innn, eighteen J ears ago. He achieved
'famn'nJ .1 burglar natcher lit tho famed
I Central Office oomMintlon of Klnsler,
Ituggan and 0'l'a!-rell.
Pate Het for Tlranilt Apprnl.
AI.flA.NV, May il.-The appeal of
Koulke K. Unindt. the former valet of
Mortimer U. Schlff, from a unanimous
decision of the Appellate Division, First
i.n,.,mrti,i Mrliinh onli.rAil his return
i io.'.. .. .
to Clinton State Prison nt lUnnc mora
tn serve the remainder nt Dannemora
year sentence, has been set for arga
ment berore tne court or
ipprais next
week. The court Is to take Its summer
rc.. oa June M.
that it, will be hard to get anything
hotel owners agree to recognize the
The New Vandarhtlt irm.i ii-a
j - in.
""--t which iriKce nave Deeu oe-
clared this afternoon when alxty waif,
ere walked out of the dining rnoma
the middle of the luncheon hour. Re
cruit were pressed Into service, and.
.Manager Mnrshull said, he would have,
u sufficient force of strikebreaker oa 1
hand to serve dinner to-night.
A man who said he representee!
Oeorge lloldt of the Waldorf-Aatorl
was scouting around Tenderloin etraaloy
ment agencies and Oriental restaurant,
this afternoon looking for Japan
wallers, lit said the Waldorf wants to.
oniploy i complete staff of Jap waiter
und will guarantee steady employment,
The new, reaching the headquarters), of
the striker on top ot the effort of Ike
hotel men to break the strike by SB
porting negroes, caused great xo te
rn i'!it
Alter Mm luncheon hour this after
noon Manager Walter Chamtler Ir, f
the Hotel Martlniirue assombleil Ms?
wu'.Vro In the bumme; halt for a ''
ference. He said ho wanted lo kaow
how ho stood, and asked the union mm
to step forth.
fter a little hesitation slaty t a
ninety waiters stepped nut ot the Una.'' 1
reply to a question put by Mr. Chandler
they said they would strike at a altaal
If o rilo red to do so by the union.
1 um sorry for this," said the man-
ager, "but I II nave to let you men gu
right now."
Tho sixty tinfon wallers took off their
Jackets, donned their street clothes SJid
departed In a body, Mr. Chandler Im
mediately put fifty strikebreakers on
duty. He says he will be able lo get
along with his present force.
The entire dining room and kitchen
staff of Sherry's, Kort -fourth atreet
and Fifth avenue, watked out at lit)
o'clock this afternoon. The staff con
sided ot forty waiters, fifteen 'bus boys,
thirty cooks and member of the kitchen
staff. Thero waa not an employee lefl
In the Sherry kltohena or dining rooms
five ntlnuUs after a man stepped Into
the main linlng room, clapped his hands
three times and discreetly withdrew.
.Ir. Sherry promptly closed his restau
rant and said he would not reopen vatll
tho trouble was over.
The Hotel Seville at Twenty-ninth
street and Madison avenue experienced
a partial strike at 12.30 o'clock wfcen
tn.-lve cooks and eight waiters walked
out Manager Pare base aald he expect
ed his entire dining room staff
strike before night.
Oreatly to the aurprlse of the i
and members ot the Calumet Club
of tho staff of waiters of that asdata
organliatlon went on strike at aaosv
Not all ot them were members ot Mm'
union. All had been with the cltsfe far
at least ten years. They had kaK si
day oft every week, every other
a saa vm a?s- weasjoa PMg
prftcJneU 1a tu city, ...
leansTti jrara mm,

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