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Leaders of Cause Condemn
Ballroom Styles," but Say
' 'Wen Can't Dictate."
Second or Third Rate Stenog
raphers the Ones to Be Con
demned, Says Miss Donnelly.
Marguerite Mooera Msmbmll.
"Bm wltk.Ua WUrooa stjls of
Wt a horrid old Wsstern Union offl
sist, it a genuine champion of tha sex
H f sonsttls for tha abore aloran. It
WM aeunad by n. O. Beadle, executive
sjsarstary of tha Men'a League for
Waauaai SuRraie, when he wae told that
ft women wnployeei of the Ms; tele
gNfJi company muet henceforth appear
la waists with lonr aleevea and mod-
eMtely nUn collara. incidentally, a
MWbtf of euffraclite ajrea with Mr.
Beadle. Dr. Anna Howard 8haw says
he thlnka the atyle of dreu affected' toy
May cjrls whe work In offices justifies
tkt Western Unlon'e attitude.
'TThaaa low-necked walita ao many
Ma are wearing about the streets and
la oalcee now aro Just an effort to
SjKfSbCt man's tiotloe," deolaree Miss
OarslsB Rallly, another well known
ttfjravlpt, "The Western Union did juat
liffct. Otrle go about In peek-a-boo
waUta out down In a way that li com
aasa and vulgar, to aay the least, and
yet they can't aee why any one should
settles them." ,
It occurred to me that Miss Mary,
Dontirlly'n oplnlonxjtjotit ballroom dresi
1,1 business ufTlces would be IntrrcitltiK.
Miss Donnelly linn Juat organize! the
IntcrboroiiKh Furfr.ige Club, l'it wan
formerly connectrd ,w1tli Mrs. Ilelm.ont's
Political Krjiiallly Association and'there
fore came Into cloao ronlnct nlth many
vnrVB clrlp,
"Thero 1 far loo much elabornte
ilres-InK anion; the Klrls who work In
the downtown onireii," she admltled to
day. "The Rlrlo In the Mores dress
neatly ninl nicely, and of coiirna no
fault enn bo found with many whom
jwu (e In offices.
"UnfortunaUly tlicia !. another tyy.
She In frequently n second or third tale
stenographer or typist, fcho earn- t
or $3 a week and la apt not to itay long
In one position. .She live-; at home anjl
paya her parents no board, ao that she
can ipend every bit of money nho earns
on her wardrobe. Mho la the one who
appear at her ofllce dressed to attend
l aoclal function.
"Her shirtwaist la cut out at the neok
In a broad oval, or turned down In a
deep V, The sleeves end above the
tlbaw, and both they and the waist
are sktntlght and transparently thin.
This aort of girl always wears colored
ribbons In her lingerie. She usually
displays several cheap bracelets and
rings, not to mention a locket and chain
and a collection of 'rat' pins.
"Iter hair Is a mass of puffs, rats
and curls, studded with Jewelled (t)
combs and pins. She wears high-heeled
slippers, silk openwork stocking-; and a
narrow, abbreviated, skirt. Her cos
tume Is bound to attract undesirable
notice from the men among whom she
"It's a play-up of e," I suggested.
Miss Donnelly nodded asiont. "And
yet," She added quickly, "lots of these
little girls aro perfectly nice and good.
Their chief fault la one of lasfe. They
don't realize that certain clothes may
be perfectly proper for certain occa
sions, and perfectly well, 4 he reverse
for others.
The business girl who dresses too
gay-ly la never a suffragist. For the
believer 1n votes for women Is a
who has
brtqnped to reallzf for herself Jutt what
innt most disgusting anti-argument, me i
'Indirect 'influence of women,' really ,
means. Klin knows thAt It la sex In-,
fluenre, nothing else, and that one of(
us umo-nonorecj nianiicsiauvns is buk
gestlve clothing.
"The suffragist business girl nellher
consciously nor uncoij-rlourly attempts
tf 'Ml In Ed' wftll tier emflnyer l"
a sartorial revelation of her seductive
charms. Instead, she devnlei all her
attention to her work, and expects to
be Judged by vxeellenco of accomplish
ment Just ns the man who figure up
columns beside her Is Judged.
"Of couute. Miss Donnelly broke off,
with a shrug, "It's perfect nonsense for
tha Western t'nlon or any other band
of men ofllclnls to thlsk they can dic
tate as to tlfs ares of the women who
work for them. No man knows enough
to tell a. woman wnat to wear. Ami
one of- ih most chorlshffl signs of
democracy Ui Amerlro Is the compara
tive absence of uniforms.
"In this earucuiar instance tne v. w-
em' Uplon man who put out the order
o noted In the papers went too far In the
other direction. That's what comes of I
a man, trying to meddje with things
that he knows nothing about.
"The Ideal sjimmer costume for ft
Now Tork business girl Is a ooltarless
shlsjt waist with sleeves coming Just
below the elbow. The iwabst should not
be out lower than the tot of the collar
bqnc, and It should not be of the pe-k-a-bon
variety. Hut the round, Hat
Dutch collar, which leaves tho throat
bare, Is jicrfoctly modest and dainty.
And' no young nlrl ought to be forced to
wear long sleeves with stiff cuffs In hot
"The three essential requisites for
every (Ires' are that It shall he suit
able, becoming and comfortable. The
costume I have described for office wear
Is nil these things. A girl In elaborate
nnd fussy clothes Isn't really comfort
nblc. liven' If thero Is no actual physl.
eqt discomfort, such as Is caused by
tight IncInK or light boots, there is tho
continual mental strain
"Such a girl can think of nothing
but her appearance, and she must be
all the tlmo pulling out her pocket
mirror or her flowder puff to look for
and repair damages It Is obvious that
she won't accomplish much work Hut
nellher will she If she Is pinioned In a
tillili, tight collar on a hot August day,
obeying somobudy's notions of decoruhi.
Thero Is n happy mean."
Don't Hide. Thm With a VaUt Re- 1
move Tham With tha New Drug;, i
An mlntnl iktn iiwlilljt nfentlr ilKotwsd s
new tlnis, o01d foutie trrngth, which II so
nnKornOr luToful In nmorlns frwUrt sad fit.
ins rfrar. ImojHiiI immlriton Unt II li Kildhr
ltlb..lliffmin Ifruj MtnfM unrlcr an Atiarilii
niiftnli. In rrfnn.1 fh 1iWnV If It fall..
Ounce tl otrunr ini irwniw inrro, r.irn iue lint
nlftHit'i lit till hmf a -rond-rful Improtetntat,
smns of Hi- llsl.tfr frerutt tuIhIiIm enllrrj;. It .
II lwl"t'lr biraiteii, and rannol Injurs tlitmoit
"l?rwrnio s lUlrr-ll-feman Dnis RtofM fot
tlx rtotfliU itrrtnlh nlti n(: It 1l thli lint fa anU 1
tin l-n mon7 niica anianinirT,
If suffering from rctema, your search
for the most, effective means of treat
ment 'will be ended when Poslam Is
procured and applied. Depend upon
this perfect, modern remedy to 'repeat
for' you the marvellous work It has ac
complished for thousands of others.
Many distressed for yenrs have ex.
nerienctvl complete cures through Pos
lam In a f ear days.
With first application, physical dis
tress ceases. Its penetrating healing
properties are exerted actively; tUUy
the lroub grows less aggravated until
permanently cured. It eradicate! acne,
tetter, Itch, pimples and every surface
affection with astonishing readiness.
All druggists sell Poslam (80 cents)
and POSLAM SOAP, the beautifying
sVin soap (S3 cents).
For free sample of Poslam, write to
tha Emergency Laboratories, 8 West
Mth Street. New York City.
ssH alH
E. E. TURLINGTON, Vice-President
- - ass ss ar w J V as vaiUWI si
Summer Suits for Men & Young Men
Hackett, Carhart Fine Clothes
.TU J te month when you.chopse your clothes for the "torrid" months. For FIFTV-SIX yean Hackett
Csirfeart clothing hai atood the "cruclsl" test, and NOW ns always our stocks represent the HIGHEST ART &
Hssa clothes making. Summer's newest COOLINO fabrics and colors. AJthouih our prices are SIS to M5 W
twssr extreme values below and between these figures, for Hackett. Carhart cinthTnn r "'wiriPT itv
Suits, Valued at $18 & $20
The fact that thli price, $13.50, "falls" below our "given" prices, Is due to the tact
that we CAN and DO cive the some quolity mit at thit-price at you would have to
w w ior eistwnere. we are oiiertng you this low price suit for com-
iWison, so you can see that the hlgherpr.'ced suits can take care of themselves when
w matcn" tnem with the values advertised. Twc
iy mixtures-
Two and three button models
and also the Yankee Blue Serge and Hackett, Carhart Qtey, special.
Suits, Valued at $25 & $28
These suits fresh from 'our Tnllorlnc nent. will nnn.il fn
'lndlrectlv." Incllr rth. -hrr.
"M description. DiKctty because you have ths privilege to call and verify
our assertion, ani ws know what your verdlci will -be. New blues, browns, tans,
ayfva arv4 fnnri, rnln... ...1 . . .1 . I !,!.. .....I . n
wee button EncllaH or regular models, with at$ full or half lined, special ........
Suits, Valued at $30 & $32.50
It dees, not require clothlns philosophy to s:ll these suits -itht mere fact that you
ye ro pay rupisr pncea elsewhere Is a guarantee or the extraordinary volues
offeejirl. Two and three-button Enclish or American models in summer's newest
psstterns and fabrics, opeclal ,
Suits, Valued at $35 & $38
Tha BIO SAVINGS on thec suits will convince you of our superior values and
cMthing. There's mors adtptness In tailoring more hannonUliig of colors and
Mere cooling fabrics than usual, due to Advanced Clothing Methods and Twentieth
Century Ideas -Blue grays, blue on blues, herrlpgbonTS, pin cliecis, pencil lines
aad chalk mir:ures. A sovinz of about $10 that's all I Special
Suits, Valued at $40 & $45
Although there's a "severe" difference In the values quoted and the price asked
iot weae new rr.oac nur.s, n particularly "demonstrates" to you wny we have
existed fifty-six years. The excellence of fabrics, the proper attention to tailoring
aad the skilled workmanship "back up" our advertising. Many fabrics, more
styles and better patterns, special
An Important Sale of Genuine Panama Hats at These. Remarkable
Price Concessions, $8.00 and $10.00 Qualities at $4.75
55.00 and $3.00 Qualities at $3.75 $12.00 Qualities at 6.75 '
$1E.00 Qualities at $9.75 $20.00 and $25.00 Qualities at $12.75
All croaniv vMto finished, and blocked In the newest Enwllah and American models. Aim
a) "let" -' itH mado Sennit and Split Straw Sailors Rogularly $3.00 Now $1.95
Suits $15 to $45
24 Broad'... .y
Hr Clumbers St.
841 Broadway
, Cor. 18th St.
119 W. 42d St.
Near Broadway
Hmrhm and 42d Street StormfOpen Evening
125th Street
Near 9d Avenue
and only cor-
f nwjm ex-1
elutiviy for
women 'and
intended for
no other type
of.figure that
hat achieved a
and wonderful
11 V VT I
1 1 i '.. x San a
m VSU. m esaaaaV Sk a BB1 I
figures have always found it well
nigh impossible to secure a corset
that would give support of the ab
domen, permit of free, easy and
graceful carriage and, give perfect
OurTnventlon'of .the Rengb
Belt idea of tailoring holds the
figure firmly, yet comfortably, and
is the leading idea of corset mak
ing for stout women
All Rengo Belt corsets are
extra etrong and are boned with
DOUBLE watch-spring steels,
GUARANTEED not to rust.
$2, $3 and $5 per pair at all
lepartment stores.
Established 1863i
263 Sixth Ave.
Only Entrance It Through the Furniture Store.
Men's Clothing on Credit
Startling Suit Values at
A ii
m e! il
I 1 If
Suits that excel in all fea
tures of style, quality and
workmanship at the price.
Cassimeres, tweeds, wor
steds, etc., in all the latest
shades and weaves, for men
and young men.
Men's & Young Men's $ P
$20 Serge Suits. Iff
You'll never know the pleasure of a blue
serge suit until you have bought it here. Not
only will thete be pleasure, but savinga
combined with unusual value.
On These Suits Only We Offer the Special Terms of
I 00 Down & I 00 a Week
This it the Only credit houte where you are sure
square deal in Reliable Clothing at Cath Prices,
of a
12,000 Secured from Twenty-Seven Different
Manufacturers and Priced 55c to $20
An annual event so important that, for the convenience of 'our
customers, the entire Main Aisle will be given over to it and extra
tables will be added in the Specialty Waist Stores on the Third and"
Subway Floors.
On the Main Aisle
Lingerie waists, $1.75 and $2.
Hand-embroidered waists, $2.50 and
Sample lingerie waists, $3, $3.85 and
On the Third Floor
Lingerie waists, $2, $3, $3.75, -$5,
$7.50, $10, $15, $18 and $20.
Haiyl-embroidered waists, $2.50 and
Sample waists, $3.85.
French adaptations, $4.50, $5, $6.50,
$7.50 and $8.
On the Subway Floor
Lingerie waists, 55c, regularly 75c.
Tailored shirts of embroidered cot
tons, 55c, regularly $1.
Lingerie waists, 65c, regularly $1;
85c, regularly $1.25.
Lingerie waists of voile and lawn, $1,
regularly $1.50.
Tailored shirts, $1, regularly $1.50.
Lingerie waists, $1.25, regularly $2.
Third floor, Old BuSdfaic.
Mala Aisle and Subway floor.
Women's Neckwear
LAWN FICHUS, lace trim
med,, usually 18c and 25c, now
10c. Stock collar- of scalloped
linen, run with ribbon, us
ually 25c, now 10c.
LARS, nice for bathing suits,
dresses or coats, usually 50c to
$1, now 25c to 50c.
Subway floor, Old Building.
500 Sample Under
clothes lor Women
Combinations, 75c, 85c and
$1, regularly $1 to $2. Crepe,
nainsook and cambric, elabo
rate with laces.
Princes slips, 85c and $1,
regularly $1 to $1.75. Pink,
, blue, corn color and white,
with embroidery and laces.
Sixes 36, 38 and 40.
Subway floor, Old Buildin.
Summer Petticoats
58c, for regular tSe blaok
petticoats, of aataan aad other
cottons, because tha mansfke
turer is disposing of all hi
stringed skirts in favor of1
patent bands.
38c for cool striped percale
petticoats, easily laundered.
Subway floor, Old Building.
One Happy Result-Fox M
of our recent offer to co-operate with man
ufacturers in distributing their over-neavy
stocks of Summer merchandise, takes the
form of
325 Summer Suits
of Cool, Gray Worsteds,
Here, at $21.50
To-morrow, instead of the accustomed prices of $25,
$28, $30, and higher.
We bought the cloth in the piece and had the
suits made our way, on our own models, and in the
sizes we preferred.
Most of them are in one or three shades of gray
plain or with hairline stripes. A few are of brown
or blue shades. All are of light, cool, hard and ser
viceable worsted, eyery thread wool.
We can fit men wearing sizes 34 to 46 regular,
long, short or stout.
Burltnston Arcade floor, New Bldg.
Shirts We Couldn't Turn Away
Not because we needed shirts,
fered were so strong, we could not
shirts away.
3,500 Men's Fancy Mercerized Madras
Shirts of $1.50 and $2 grades, at $1.
Stripes and other patterns on white ground.
French cuffs.
2,000 Men's Fancy Woven Madras Shirts
of $1.50 tirade, at $1.10. Woven stripes
on light grounds. Starched cuffs.
but because the special inducements of-
in justice to our customers turn these
2,500 Men's Silk-mixed Soft Shirts of $3
and $4 grades, at $2. Plain shades and
white in a sheer material which is prac
tically all-silk; and pencil otripes on white
in a heavier shirting with just enough silk
for beauty. French cuffs.
All sizes from 14 to 17 in each group.
Saturday, Burlington Arcad; floor, New Building.
Straw Hats tlhe WaimamaRer-Oval
Based on the actual head-measurements
of many New York men.
Fits the head
Brings comfort with coolness.
In all good straws and styles.
And doesn't cost n cent more than the
hats made on the old-fashioned hatter's oval.
English and American straws, $2 up
ward. Panamas and Bangkoks, $5 upward. i
Burlington Arcade floor, New 13uild',nr.. '
A. T. Stewart
B.-ondway, Fourth
Tenth St.

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