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..i v(i .
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Thought He Had a Live One
aid Nearly Faints When
' ' Mc Learns the Truth.
' Jsirvny n.-oirn, oil In c-'.vr.t but yow.g
In years, will li'ta h!a inidlclnj when Ik
vjAitr up for n!.i!!ir.'c!it o the, 'Kn'tw'
it Hifiwry r.-fry, for m l!m." ttUt
th rff? at l. aJT!U'...i to-la. thy'
"Itfcl liVn r'x'it."
Hc.ny i;,-:ts, an tji;y Hi;viunt,
whose honils It at No. !V.) Wsshlniton !
nvmit, wtnt to the Dryilook tlfcnlc nt!
TMnl rtrcet onn ll'c Itowery. tr wit''
diw ilfi from his Qsejunt. lit put the'
two Wis h roc-two from the pi:ni
tetlir beturesti llm Waves ol hts Wnk
boo, tucked t!;e Uw'x In nn lnsldj!
pocket of hit vj.lKcoiit ciiti tartod
down the Doffcrj' to the station o-T the
levtl nt IlouJion ttreot.
Brown, who was the "taller" of n '
flftS of thclvos iv ho tnsJia lh Dryitock
Bank thMr woi!n torrltory, falt.vnt j
Splti. As the Jatter vw crcrndltit; the
"L" stairs at lftuitcn street, llrown
mads a dive fur the jo;!iot, ni.i ehcil
the nnll book ami darted down etn'rj.
Drown walked swiftly tip the Do ivory
and turned into Wrocker atrcet with
tha man who had bent robbed fnr be
hind him, A keen-eyed boy who hnd
heard tho aged merchant's crlea spotted
Brown and told Policeman Isaac Kahn
that he thought tliu man was a thtjf
making a cat-away. Kahn atopped him.
"Hand It over quick," mid the pall"?
man. "I russ you lot me right, bo," wns
Brown's imlllnc rejoinder, and he hand
ed over tho bank book with the bills
between the Innves. How much Is It?
I didn't net a chance to count It."
"Voit fell for n rneaslcy flttoan
smacks," said the cop und tlio prisoner
"j Inly se?. they BtecrcJ mo on to a
wrong; suckrr." hr Ricpcd, "I'll taku
my plea of stillty all iKht."
tA llcadauarteia thty dlscoverrd that
Jimmy Urown of No. .151 Third avenun
had as inajij- aliases :n th? years of hl.i
life, which nr twentj-eveli. and that
no a in am- ow' j
Orftnd larceny, (btirtfary and other ns- t fl
ROrted crlniea have kept JlJrnmy in the U
. t'Air: nf hi 1 If 14. I V
Til UllI lilts Hl.tatJ J f "
Riveters Manage to Keep From
Being Hurled to Death in
A n'.ne-ton etet-1 fflrrtcr, released by
th pirtlns ot a derrick rope, fe-ll from
a supporting tower In course of erection
under the Wllllamsburc er.d of .the Will
lamsburB Brldao to-dsy and In Its
descent struck a scaffold on which four
ilreters were at work. heT four men
managed to save themselves from belns
dashed 'to Ihc f venient, but did not
e;eapo Injury.
Walter Gaines of Asbury l.uk hud
bis rleht arm erlnhod. Warren Conner
ot No. l!i Korty-thlrd street, Urooklyn:
TIarry Conncrs of No. K) l-'lfty-thlrd
utreet. Brooklyn, and Itohert Dollar of
No. $30 Lfayettu avenue, Brooklyn, wcro
cut and bruised.
It was nf.cesanry to lower Ohlnes to
the round. He. was taxen to me
Eastern District Hospital. -j
Tho tower on AVhlc.i the men were at
work !s part of the fl.mxi.OOJ Improve-)
ment derlitned to strenRthen the Will- 1
IwmsburB Brldre to allow tho pasae
f ten-car "I." trains.
Doltnn, Flfo Claimant, Drail.
LONDON, May !l,-tuart Bolton, a
claimant to part of the Fife estate on
the ground that he was a fourth cousin ,
ot ths late Duks of rife through his
mother. Elizabeth Telton, neo Duff, Is
dead.. He had recently been playlne an
organ on the streots.
Charming New Dre8s Hats, $8.75
Tho picturo
s h o v a one of
csorc3 of beauti
ful now hats, in
Intcst modes, tlmt-
linvo just como
from our work-ronmrj.
White Huts, in
l)opu!,ar mush
room and up
luniodbrimstyloi. nro Irimmod with
and not odgcs,ain
combination with
flowora and satin
and volvot rib
bons. Those combination of trimmlnsa tho late fashion ronorta
from Paris say aro very much In vogue there, and should bo
yory prominont in miiLsummw millinory. Thoso hats aro most
exceptional at $8.70. Mdium-Prlc Salon. TWtd floor
Panama Hats, in sovoral good, modlum shapas, faced with
bl uck velvet, for women and young womon; at 3.
Young Womott'a Pure White Italian Bloaohed Peanut
H atB, in a number of now otylos, $1.
Bough Straw Black Bailor Hata, with ribbon band and
bow an axccllent value, 76o. Main and Third rloort
The No-Charge Trimming Service
Is constantly demonstrating its artistic skill and helpfulness.
Thi3 servico is rendered without chargo.if you purchase your Hat
and Trimmings from our Main or Third Floor Millinory
Some Women's Coats
Well Worth Knowing About
So many interesting bits of fashion news can be
gathered on a stroll through the Women's Coat Section
that the chief difficulty is to avoid too long a list of
descriptions hi new arrivals. Here is, for instance,
A New English Taffeta Silk Coat at $10
The material is a light, fine chiffon taffeta. Plain back, with
deep cape collar, relieved with a piping of white. The back and
the cuffs of the set-in sleeves are shirred. When you think that
these Coats, which are delightful to slip on over any sort of dress,
came all the way from Europe, the pnee strikes you as amazing?
ly low.
Mackinaw Coats of Pure Wool
You've seen them in the characteristic plaids of the Mackinaw
Jacket , but in plain white theyare unusual. The hood is detach
able and there aro two little celts at the sides ot the Coat, $16.60.
And other Mackinaw Coats are $10 to $19.60, while a few
Blazers of striped Mackinaw Blanketing are $12.60.
Smart Steamer Coats at $29.60
Coatn that you will be delighted to snuggle up in, when the spray is flying.
Made of thick blanketing, the cuttidu in plain navy, brown, (fray or black,
laceel with ppv scotch pirns, jiuiioninc nign to necic. witn new in
verted plr.M back. Other Steamer Cents, $1B to $95.
Graceful 7-8 Length Coats of Blue Serge
For a light, but protcctivo wrap for Summer wear, these new Cents aro
ideal. They aro made of good blue w, button at tho ride, with liigh stand
ing collar, w hich turns down it desired, to form revere. Lined with morsnline,
in ravy, taupe or Copenhagen nine; piwn or white Btnpec, at ?17.60.
Saturday, June 1st
Slld 14-K
Uf4es aa4 feattoarrt Stet
This ! tU . ?'
flier ! oafl" "
uatrbn a4 Ual hi rjirf ruMe
natrh "telle" 'i-JTiiff1
lb AmJ Market. IVhyleWe
4 retail Jawelera la the I ntla.1
Mates nlll mt sell tbens l ri.u In
lata a tli'H.aaa4 ar lut laa
(sa Hl.tU mn eaat tth, tte ".III
hate Ihem l"fa ' t-
,rra ai earn. wn. '
I Inm. lift In njliM tfcal ll
le a-aarmaireo aiin i-.it. in,
aeaaiae uian,ca'i .r
cat .el la llie
renir f afar, mn iar rtaie mu
ra-nlstr4 aul irelnl. readr far
MMlf a.v. inm in qnitn.
a BSall Ar BHmirr imiii iinri.
I, laa mmmi lur vwn
watrh m,tasaent made, we hate II
Ui ilO. Hi aJaa, e.ll m nllrM
walrtiM ncf-lblrJ Im than
oA Diaxoandi. WstcKti. Inrrlry
Poiret Model Polo Coats, Now $24.50
Juit ubout :i dcien extremely tmart Polo Coats, ccpitd frcm a model
by Paul Poiret, lire marked J24.B0 many dollars Icrs than originally.
In violet, pink cr tan outside, a::d plain white inside, which shows on
the wide collnr and cuffs, which aro outlined with braid.
Other Polo Cor.ls at 510 to ?E9.t0. Third Floor
The 3Sew Summer Dresses
And Suits for Women
Are Still Arriving
Each day brings delightful additions to an assemblage
that is already the marvel of woll dressed women of New
York. Tho passing of Decoration Day almost introduces a
now season with Summer's arrival.
Tomorrow linens and white fabrics will nilo.
Handsome new 'White Serge Suits present many later
touches of smartness and will be Hhown tomorrow, at $18. F0,
$26, $35 to $55.
New Linen and Ramie Suits will be shown at $7.00, $10,
$12.60, $15, $18.60 antl upward to $36.
New Linen FrockH, at $8.75, $12.60, $16 and upward to $45.
A delightful collection of now Lingerie Dresses, at $9.60,
$12.60, $15, $18.60, $25, $35 and upward to $85. Third Floor
Tomorrow Is June 1st
And you have from then until June 10th to deposit
your surplus funds with
Gimbel Brothers, Bankers
And entitlo yourself to receive interest fr Ihr ulwir
month of J unr at -IS' per annum, payable on July 1st.
Ask to see the BI LI-FOLD HANK, v. hich you can
carry in your pocket or handbag, and which ea-.ily f;av.
the dimes that make the dollars. Main Floor, Roar Balcony
In Graceful Apparel for Women
Of the Younger Generation
Gimbel Supremacy Is Generally Conceded
81, 1912 ' is , I
. . . . ?a
-.j.fJEr'' M,i'waS"sajsajjsssssssssssssiaassjjaJ
!X r tT!t rr a-Tnyn rfr
June opens tho now saion to
moiTow; and tho garments of
Summer r.ro tl'p mo3t comely and
dr.'nty of tho ontiro year.
WVvb loohc' thvough tVo amaz
ing swemblr.po. to pick come
garments for specir.l mention, but,
wl oro beauty r.nd r.triking origin
nl'ty aro r,o uiiivcvnl and manifold,
i' cmi a d'r-courtosy to hundreds
of clrwiniri dwtsM to spccinlly
favor any. And it is not our
province to dirtato what you
ahull liko. Rnthor, wo endeavor
to provide tho ideal garment for
pvory varying tate and surely
ntthing that is correct and beauti
ful is missing horo.
Cotton Ratine Dreiaei
so hlnhly favored now, are shown In
striprd ntid mottled effects, with
wiiMa trimmed with touch, of law
and j IpingnUn other stylri, at. 6.78.
Mt rr fltlwrnte modeli at 13.B0, fit,
$3R nud V7.S0,
l.if.en Drcstr", In smart new offset,
at M.60, I8.7B, 7.M, $9.70, $19.60,
116 nnd upwards.
Lingerie Drem. 96, 90.76, 97.60.
99.7Q, 913.60, $15, i8.W, 936 and
Lawn and Percale Dresses, 93.76,
94.7C, 96.76, 96.76.
Young Women's Crepe Meteor
Dresses, with waists of laco and
chiffon and skirts of blue and black
crepe meteor, nt 918.
Striped Voile Dresses, at 912.60, 916
and 936.
Young Women's Suits ot ramie, ratine
and craih, at 98.76, 97.60, $9.76, 912.60,
916, $18.60 nnd 939.60. Third floor
Is Fashion's Newest Favorite
Everything indicates that the Collar, in its multiform
variations, 1b to be the chief characteristic of the Blouse for
the Summer Season. Naturally you expect to find the new
est ideas most broadly presented at Gimbels.
We invite Women who seek apparel of artistic charm to
come and see the array exhibited here tomorrow.
All the desired materiak voiles, lawns, linens, habutai
and Japanese silks dotted voile (with collars of eponge);
pleatings of net, black satin, pique embellished with fancy
frills and jabots, velvet bows, taffeta ties and bows, crystal,
bone and pearl buttons.
And all have the charming new collars.
And another detail, of no mean consideration. All this
newness, charm and excellence of workmanship is
Presented at Such Moderate Prices
As $2, $3.95, $5 and $6.95
Third Floor
We Have Lowered Prices Sharply
Our Own $22 and $25 Gradea at $16.50
Every day sees some new style or pattern in the
Gimbel collection of Summer Suits drop into the
"broken size-range" class. We are more apt to replace
it with a new pattern, than to fill in the sizes of the old.
For one of the things that the Gimbel Clothing Store
for Men steers clear of is the "peas-in-the-pod" effect
caused by too many suits of too few patterns.
It is these broken sizes, then, in our Suits of $22 and $25
grades, that we gather at tho quick-disposal price of $18.80
pacli. And fine choosing it is for tho man with a Summer Suit
to buy and who likes to save his money.
New additionn will make thlngB interesting for the men
who come tomorrow. A variety of two and three-piece models,
full to skeloton-lined, in blues, grays, browna and mixtures.
All at $16.50 suit. fourth titer
Men's Silk-Mixed Shirts
And Pajamas Solid Comfort
Wonderful, what an admixture of silk, in a mercerized weave
that is already delightful to the touch, will do to produce a feeling
of luxury. That is why these silk-mixed Shirts and Pajamas,
which are difficult to distinguish from pure silk, are favorites with
men who like comfort. Both are special purchases, hence very
much undor-price, and cannot be .duplicated when these are sold:
$3 and $3.60 Silk-Mixed flbirtf at $1.75 '
In handsome stripe patterns as well as plain colors; made in
soft negligee style, with French turn-back cuffs. Sizes 14 to 17.
$4 Silk-Mixed Pajamas at $2.75
Also in effective stripes, mostly on white grounds, made in sur
plice neck style, with double row of feilk loops. Sizes A, B, C
and D. Kiln I1!
The Summer Girl's
Naturally, it ia not a real one,
but one of tho admirable repro
ductions that are nowadays so
well made.
In tho Gimbel French Jewelry
Section tbero is a remarkable
showing of these pretty Neck
laces, with pearls in French
cream, pink, white or Oriental
lustre, mounted on silk floss,
and fastened with 10 or 14-k.
clasp."), or jeweled more elabor
ately in cluster, barrel or dia
mond shape!! with rhinestone,
amethyst or sapphire centers.
Prices range from $2 to $30, the
latter for a perfectly matched
Necklace of graduated pearls,
with a 14-k. go(d clasp.
As gifts for graduation or
other occasions, these Necklaces
aro mofct charming- and they
can be worn as substitutes for
one's string of real pearls.
Main Floor
Gimbel Special Bicycles
And Tires INSURED for the Season
Gfmbel Special Bicycles aro made by the celebrated Pope
Manufacturing Co. which has a world-wide reputation for turning
out wheels of the highest character. You may be sure that they
will stand up urider hard riding over difficult roads" and prove their
worth as an invaluable means of transportation for Summer
Prlco, in Men's or Women's Models, $22.60, with Now Departure
Coaster Brake, $27.60, 20 mid 2'J-inch frames, guaranteed for one year. Boys'
and girls' Hizes, $18.76, with ccaster brake, $23. , , , . . .
Niagara Bicycles, nifo made wpceinlly for GIMBELS, with 20 and 22-lnch
frames, in black or gray witli hliick stripen. $18.76, with coartrr trufce, $32.60.
And Now Abcut tho Tires. Unlike most Jilcyclo Tires., winch aro guaranteed
only for three montlw, these tiro fully warranted (except, of courw, ngr.lwst
punctures, rim cutH nnd pulled valves) until tl.c end of the 1912 ridingiieiuion,
November. Pri-o $6.86 pair. Fourth floor
Garden Tools Specially Priced
It's now or never with your garden. These aro the days when
elbow grease countfl in spading and hoeing and raking. To help
along the good work, we have reducd prices on certain trust
worthy liardvmng Imp.'tmcnts:
For Summer Costumes
Through tlw Linon Store is putting a MomIj curr'.-iu of the
White Costume Linens tluv an in ,uch jvat I'cinuwl this Sum
mer. Tho linen producing ccnlt-rs of fturnpe an- ?.ll contributing
constantly to the ct'llf.xti r, which ic as coini.lt v c xpet .skill
could gather, and contains many desirable rjr Miir.. i.f pure fhx
linens, at bjiucially lovv prices.
Amcng the bcotrn Linens .. '". tA, 10 a-.'! l'il irli tilths, r ,ic
to SI. 10 a ird,
French Costume Linens, in eyjter white, rrtfdiui.-. Aoiht, arc .10, 1,1 a-d
90 lr.rhcs wide, at C0o to $!,:& ; j ,.rd.
White Rsmic Lir.emi, n . t" VrMii's rr nVrr-. fi n-rr,' " uic, (
cially priced i f.-v i. jrro
Fno qualities of i'renou -UMr.ei, in tovcral uo'uf, 10 irehu !.;.
and fast finish, nro fcl, $1,10, 91.X5 ,nd j.3C a yard. Srcond Floor
Pink and
Blue Linens
As every woman knows
who has gone shopping
lately for Dress Linens,
those In pink and blue
nre at a premium. So it
is with pleasure that we
announce a plentiful sup
ply of Pure Flux Dross
Linens f,000 yards
in tho favorite pinks; and
blues, and several weights
and weaves, for women
who are seeking these
pretty Summer shades.
36-iuch Irish Costume
Linon, 28c Ynrd
3C-inch Irish Ramie Linon,
2Sc Yard
4(l-inch Fionch Co3tumc
Linen , CEc Yard
S?ccr.d Tlof r
MM'eulilol.nn link. lO-lootl-. JOc.
regularly Gc, T.i-toot', 12c, regularl..
Ihc. M-tontl', 14c, regularly "'ic; Pi
tooth, IDc, rff.ttlnrly ""
Steel KMies curved or straight, 10
to 13-tooth, 20c to COc, regularly ).
to (iSe.
Spuilim: Porks, D-Iiandle. at 10c,
rcuularly d'jc; wood, D-handle, extra
heavy, tit 71c, rcutlaily 71.10.
Field Hoen, regularly '.Or. rt Wc.
Wooden Spade, D-handle, at 40c,
regulnrly t!5i.
Hound or Square Shovels, regularly
One, at 40c.
(Vtr.biriPtlon Hitko and Hoe, 4 or G
tooth, rcKUlarly 'Jflc, at ?0c.
(inir.. Hooks. U7,u!ttrly 2Cc, at lCc.
Hand Trowels, regularly Uc, p.l 10c.
(Jrnss Sh'-urs, rcKtilurly '-'fie, at 10c.
I url .Spading Fork. uko.-ud, Oc
eaeli. Fifth floor
Sale of Sheet Music, 9c
The following is but a partial list of tilled of the popular songs
and instrumental pieces of the dry, which we offer tomoirow at
the sjiccial price of Oc a copy. If ordering by mail, enclose 2c
postage for ctxh selection. Heme r.strat it n frcm 1 1 until f.
CiiKtelnio Walt '... (Jnby niide.
My Rft'ary cf Dnt'nis .cii1'a : y (Hide
, Vf.tt Prautifti' Ool!. f-'or,eiv pear
D.-ddy bid t'.e ."ameTli:-,g Fifty
Ycur.i Ago. V ay Down South.
Precious I.i'.tk' 1 hint: Called Love.
Dream ol 'oni; Ao Caruso'? big
tout; lit. .Mi-How M !'"Jy.
On a Heautdul N'ght w'th a Ilfnuti-
ful (iirl. 'Iol!ey fr.- Swing.
Uov.t. By tl.i i'd Mil! Stni'-.
lirvtmm Cv y Joe. Mtrn,
LvoiTbodj i N.it.' It. Ct.lVge Chips
My l ittle I iT-ian Ittw.
I Want "n" Like I'a UhiI Vc.terdr.y.
Tal e a l.iti: Tip from Fr.tlmr.
Ilyi w il'.mi' Ml'i. D"fi Old Uoie.
Simp nt r i ingcr
If ! nry trr S ;w a L ale V: I: t.i - v
Hor, Sv i" ,1 lj" '.
That'r I' m I N-fd V
V. nit iff . I't Itol eri F I ic
o V. M ftf r. I', !,!
Von'ro .Mv Baby. Bum Turn Tlddle.
Itrgglng tli'' Baby to Slcp, Creator.
I5ru.' Band Kphraim .lonnj.
li.i:timr(tobl'.n' Man. Dancing Dan.
1 Ir.y Mu a (!ood Olit-fashionod Melody,
When Vou'ro Away. Good-bye Bo e.
in tb" Ciloaming Wa tho Hong Shu
Seng to Me. I Want to Be in Dixie.
Take Me Back to tho Garden of Love.
Oil, Mr. Dream Man. SkoWcn Has.
f d, Veu Cifcu.i Da;1. Moonlight Pay.
i'o Would Von Llk to Be Loved,
i lewe Don't T-.ko My l.ivin' Man
Away, Baboon Ba'iy Dance
The Hour Tint (!ne Mo Voti,
I'd Love to I.ivo in Dre.imland with
a iir' Like You.
The Hard of Ho'es and Loe.
l.ei.d Me to That Beautiful Band.
f. Girlie W-nJuft Mado to Love.
f.'i'Xln' M-.n, Don't "'t'ke My Baby
llrand. V, e,i Y'U Wi'e 'v.rnt-
ope ;nd 1 v Sweet SMe".i.
Eighth rioor
Men's Rough Straw Hats
New from Italy, at $2
They combine many of the style features that
well-dressed men demand this season in the Straw
Hats they buy.
They are of a coarse, effective sennit weave, with saw
tooth edge, high crown, nnd a rather narrow brim. 'Splen
didly mode, and, strangely enough, priced at only S3. They
ore quite scarce; and, if you find them elsewhere, you will
probably pay $3 for one of them.
American Rainproof and English Stiff Straws including
many with the popular car-wheel brim, ore here in remark
able variety ana good money's worth, at $2 and S3.
We arc constrained to remark, by the way, that this com
bination of excellent style and moderate price has already
brought several thousand men to GIMBELS this season for
their Straw Hats. fourth fleer
Men's Summer Jewplry
Good, But Inexpensive
Many a man who dislikes to risk his best scarf pins, sleeve links
and other jewelry on Summer outings, dislikes equally to wear
"imitation ' jewelry. It is for men like this that the Gimbel
Jewelry Store has some pertinent aiggestions to make of jewelry,
which, though moderate in price, is genuine.
Hero arc, for itmtancc, Motlier-of-Ptarl Cuff Links, with both aides of the
Himosizo.preventlngloiingthemoutofsoftcuffa. With gold centers, at $3.76
pair; with platinum stitch in center, at ?6.C0 and $7; with Oriental pearls, dia
monds and sapphires, up to $38. Studs to match, $3.76 to 932.60 a pair.
Loose Links, of gold, plain, engraved or engir.e-turrcd,$3.76 to $18.76 pair.
Collar Bars, for noft collars, are 93 pair; Gold Safety Pins aire $1.76 to $8.78.
Tie Clasps are 76o to $13,76, solid gold, tho latter set with diamond or ruble.
For a man's Vacation Watch, the Minitrue is especially desirable, 7-jowel
movement v ith lever escapement in gun-metal or nickel case, at $3.76. An
excellent timekeeper, nnd guaranteed. Main fleer
Boys' Knickerbocker Suits
An Early Clean-up at $6.50
For $8.60, $10 arid $12 Orsdes
There's the whole story. We want
to get the remainder of these fine Suits
for boys of 7 to 18 years into circula
tion before the aforesaid boys sta"rt off
on their Summer holidays.
About .300 Suits in all one, two or
Oiree Suits of a pattern, but plenty of
suits in each size. Norfolk or double
breasted jackets, half or full-lined, in
light-weight cheviots, crashes, tweeds
and worsteds, in handsome shades of
gray and tan. Many with two pairs of
trousers. Tomorrow, a "Saturday
Special," at $6.C0 a Suit. Fourth Floor
Shoes for Men
THiBTy-nmtu jt.
"77ie Best You Ever Set Foot In"
Now the census of WELBRED Shoes shows
THIRTY STYLES. The newest arrival is of white
buckskin, with rubber soles. To be worn wherever
white Shoes are required, and where leather soles are
not essential.
In a very handsome English-looking model, smart
for dress, but comfortable for tennis or yachting.
$6. CO a pair -ask for style No. 93 6.
WKLBIUOD Shoes for every other business or dress occasion,
in styles to which this notable firm of shoemakers has succeeded
in imparting a distinctly custom-made air. Ask especially to see
the i-'oniert-ot lrfi, which comes in an and blr.ck shoes, both
hijih cut and Oxf. rc'f.
Prices of WKLP.REn Shncr. at 56, $G.C0, $7 and $9 a pair
at (UMBELS t.-ly.
'. Of our lormcr flood tin?' tit o HiRlt Shoes, vhicn were
displaced ly Ihc l'e!trcd, Hurt is still satisja;hry sslection a $3.95
a Hf ' 4 Stooart Fleer
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