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I . THE EVENING WORLD, FRIDAY, MAY 31, 1912. 19 , 'S
Lrpi ',T ) A MRMfc TO VM ' Srt ey A.KTCAM6 VeyO YEO- ,W MM. , 'Vfl You Coir? T6 VT 1 " O r l urw') SOtgrf t CC1WetanV . UZc A TUtU , $1
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1 ( 9
Kramer Breaks 10,000 Metre
Record at the Olympic Tryous
Reynolds of Irish-American A.
C; Wins Marathon Under
Wretched Conditions.
DESPTTH the unfttvorabla weather
cotidltiotn and the muddy track,
W. J. Cramer of tho long III-
an Ainietic (jiug won mo iu,vw-uuo
ran in n minutos i- 4-a leconas, urosn
Ins the American record, nt tha Now
Torlc Olytnplo tryouti. held under tho
Muplcei of the Irlih-Amorlcan A. C.
At Celtlo Park.
The moit lnterealne event of the day
U the Marathon run. In which only
four men itarted. John J. Hcynoldi
iron too over a quarter of a mile, his
time being 2 houra, 67 minutes, 1 1-6 leo
o&di. 1'he runner-were followed by
two autos, carryinc cyclometrei, and
at the flnlah of tho race they registered
oter twenty-seven miles, which In much
farther thin the regular Marathon dls-
k 4 I rvi a fti r V hi fnnilif.
aatag the toot that he was obllced to
tiedre alont over hills and nlone
tmAdr1 roadi from tho Jamaica turn
ntke to the park, where the last half
Eaa of the race wai run. Durlnit most
oTthe tlme tne men were runnlnK tho
Mta was comma down In torrents, and
JTiitand the chllllnB effect of It and to
iwture the bad road conditions they had
tobe Posaeised of ttreat stamina.
aiatt McQrath won the hammer
J"J without much trouble, his heave
i"jZr ri feet 8 Inches. Later In an ex
JSlUon he made a foul throw of IK
feet, a distance further than the missile
has ever been hurled.
Tho surprise of the day came In the
two-mlle run, when the veteran Oeorae
Don hag-, of tho Irish-American Athletlo
Club, gave up after running himself
out. DonhaR was 'out to teet his condi
tion and had as n running mate Abet
Klvlnt of the Irish-American organiza
tion. Tho old-timer made the pace nil
the way, although Klvlat waa close on
hH heels at ex-cry stride.
llonhig went at his task with the
aplrlt that has carried him through Ms
wholo career, but he waa unable to
stand the strain, and Just as he broke
Into the backtretch ho gavo up, lexv
Ing Klvlat to finish alone. Klvlat's
time was 9 minutes 48 4-5 seconds. Djn
hag senmed to lo pretty well usM up
when ho quit and said there would be
"no next time" for him.
Mel Rheppard fared better In his ef
fort to come back, mil won the flftaon
hundred metro run, although his time
wa-t fearfully slow. Sheppird had as
picemnleer Harry Glsslng, b'tt ho pre
ferred to mak tho pice himself. OI.d
lng didn't try hard and let Sheppird
keep tho lead all the way, finally drop
ping out In tho stretch.
Sheppard ran with little of his olJ
tlmu vigor and In the sprint for tue
tape he wits almost beaten out by B, A.
Hunger, running unattiched. Hunger
closed up rapidly In the last furlo-ig
nnd was only four yards behind shop-
.pird wnen ne crossea me una. shep
lurds' time was 4.1S4-S for the fifteen
hundred metres, and It Is doubtful if
ho would have been nble to do bettor
thin 4.S0 had the race been at one mile.
Colsatv 'Wine Truck Meet.
Colnlc Unltrrtlt? won the until! tnck mttX of
1hp Ntn Turk Stttr Intircnllrdtt Union U iUm.
IHon Coliite fomJ 1 0-10 polnU, u xunn
ftl for Iliur.Uton Coltffe. 2 7-10 lor 6t. -.mrrDi,
UnltmiltT ul 94 4-10 for Union. Two Nw Totk
Another Worid's Record Broken;
Shrubb's New Mark for 12 Miles
Alfred Shrubb, the wonderful English professional runner, who wan
thought to be all In as a result of hU long cxperlcnco in the harriers' game,
broke the world's reoord for the twelve-mile run In a race at 8prlngf)eld,
Maw., covering the distance In 60 minutes 20 seconds. The previous record
was 62 minutes 2H seconds, mode by Bennett In Kngland in 1SS3. Shrubb was
pitted exainet four men In relays, none of wh'im was able to hold the pace
for more than a few laps. Tho Ifrlton was In excellent condition and cov
ered acres of ground without any apparent effort.
BUU Interrollfflite AtWUe Union noorda
brnkfn. Mould ot Colnt; lovtrtd th mirk In
tlit mU run to 4m. SS I .St., two-Ilfll, of t rjc
ond tter thn tlvn former reronl, bui In IS!'
bjr tmrtndor of Hamilton. Wlih the bnun
AVilkJnton of Cokatc tdrinrcd the lntereollrtR'to
rrcorJ to 1M fet. Th old m-onl wit ISA feet
7H Incur, mtJe In 190t) by (loodfeU ct Kovti-
Marnlnsjelde nanurra In Klral.
Tlif Momlnmltlo Athlttla Club crlJ home n.
other tolnt troiitvr bT tnr.ln tlw on nortrt
It um one-htlf milt nin of tlx Hut tail Ath.
Idle Club rf Jlount Vernon. Tlie MomlnsjIJe boil
Kornl 00 lolnli n4 drfellel, tmonl otluit the
llobtwk AthlUe Olub. IU mot tnrr.lnent rlttl.
br H wlnlj". The I'enoent Athletlo Club wn
third. 1th 1M potntt. I'eter Sooner of tlm ie.
torloin trm. Iiretitrt the ttpe winner in the fut
time of Sm. .H. Hofi lnUUI huil nl Ml club
trop'il vt-ie wlthheM landing the uoertttnlnf uf
Hootitr'i etllflbdKr U Mnite M t notice.
KxctT Athlele IlrouU llci'orili,
Three KxeIeT-Aoloier nccrdi irere broken tt
Kirter. N. ".. In the Jial rooet between the tto
CAVmlee. Ezetef wlunlnir Iry t tcxire of 71 iiolntj
t Andoier'l . 'Kit JMtM dtsli rjronl of
ii 5-S tei-onclj, ettbuhd T W. A. Rchlrk jr.,
lattr a ftmoia Utmrd ttluete, n broken h;
K A. Tewhner ot Exeter, who corereil the ilii
S'nce In i'2 J-S. . .Hirnr WortUntton. the Kirter
kroa.1 lumver, added eit7it tnrnri to nu own rcc
) nuiklnx new .llettr.ee of S3 feet 10 Incliee.
llnck the pole Tidier, wuo tet new hlih mirk
of 11 fert 'J InchM, the prertoia record being 11
reel 1 Inches.
Stanford Crew Need Money.
Onlcit to the dlttlmltr In obtilninf funds it it
nQeilbl"1 thit the Ijelind Sttnford crew mt not
io to Pottsukecierf. to Uke ptrt In the Iniermi:
iMlite rerittt. The ctew lj tnlnlnt bird, trd
better l"" wn. mii' .n "A"" tn1' ""in
wllhlnctou Vnd Cl IfornT.: " "
Crescent l.aorossc Victory.
I In ttu first null of ttieU saautl tnternitlosai
t.iuu ptjie.1 loronto Unlreriur to t Ue it liar
Irtal the pliy u u n Crw-ent" trrltorr, the
Ilii rr" rMlrd.,.n iu ,K,,ui '
New tlrinoiirnt fni- PrnnL rine,.ii.
hi i?. iim?ff,u" 'ilf uul "'''e,'lli' Amerlen.).
I!.,.'",1?'.1'" FnU,.tiif non out In ILl battle
iiin tnil'i"n lruk dutch to M Mm it
unforee.Ti turru up between no ind tlw due fj"
the rrttt jripple. which hu Urn rteflnltrlr t
M June 14, one week ornr to fjt opealns of the
IJemocrillo .Sitlml Oineent on. nd will tike
lilt re t .the riftl. Reilment Armorr. The i'n
Jejt will I to I flnllh. Ibe be.t two out of thiee
filli. Ihe l iner to U- EMcliimr.1 Uie reconle,l
berjeU1it rlumim of the world. The mitrh
Vnndrrlillt'e float Wlna Race,
Cornrll'ii Vulcrb.lt' Utj (he loot iJoop jich'
Aurori erupted the finlili line t wlnLer In her
Ahe won from (leorfe St. t'lnrhont liltlmi hi
3m. Sflt. U wti lo t tpedtl rice of the lnJUn
llirbor Yicht Clab. to which ttn , htl
ttrlxl. Deeolle rombiottlon of Im ikT " . '
nuilU toil (alt wtither. nine ytrhtt we're tbii
comi.lete 1h- eourte. " 10
Atlileiirs .-sow anowintT Clnas
In uuu tu uu-ui mji.i tne nlllioi'., i. it.
AthieUce ilioweij their retl dtM. At lit .:
Uia etnicik tlwtr striJo, nl wUh the eVtlifi
plu-Krft tolne In ireet lliipt Ihtr will ,,!!
w,....cu, down the tptie between them td
Wlilte Knt It nit hare l.n l. M 7i. "un
of tht. llbjlilini er pltchen. but .the ftct rrrnalM
thlt Uie worll t chimplone hit tlie In)
deidlr b!oi white In onr mldtt. The htSrlid
Jim Vsixhn " ,". iST."'"' "'r.iaT mrn.
ine as xnej uau jtuwoii euro win iiemoon before,
Heavyweight Go
In San Francisco
lulller. fnfmMfK- t, . ttnltAA titnlna
Army, and Charley Miller of this city
win meet in me ring at Dreamland to
morrow evening to settlo their differ
ences In a ten-round bout. Tho fans
aro betting even mnnev nn th hnitrv,
tvel;hta and they look for a fast mix-up.
r-iuer is neing backed by George M
Anderson. Elder won most of his flshts
on knockouts. He can hit nnd apepurs
to bo very game. Ho looks and fights
vcrv miKth tllcet llAh I-1tzlmrmma h n
good punch In cither hand and Is a fair
uvicnsive ngnier,
Jlmmr Camil tod KuMrr Jtoche. Um futVr
wtljlilt. ire down for t teu-rauml habile n..
arc rtrtiT little fellom whj fan be rolled upon to
.ml up t fait ttrelUnlnur,
ST. JOSKl'lt. Slo., Mir 31. Frmiie Wfilttt
of Cedir lltplda uat tlteu a well eirned ilc-Uion
oter l'ranklo White of I'blriio In fKuni roundi.
Ubltntl had thluavt til hit own wi; aflcr iht
iccond. and the loci i.tpirrntl; aitcd White pi
the teutli.
ALBANY. N. Y., Mtj 31 llath Jirk (lno..
min. colored, of lloiton. tr. I John I'tttick U
Hiorj. the Sotilhtrn wcltetwiUht, wen iIUqoiII.
flril In the tilth rouod of their chnlulcd Itn
round bout before the AthleU: ITiMLItlttn Com.
ritir Ooodmtu ilillf.1 tod Mcllcnrr Hied to
drtw him out ltd tho nfeiee ito.pel the bout.
CINCINNATI. JltT 31. nefore t lirre crowd
it the Lyceum TlietUe Willie lunell, the locil
boy, end lobby llonoldt of 1'hllidtlphlt, went
ten flit roiuidi. Thert wun't toy ilccltlon.
IWynolila weul at a fiat illp during tho early
round! tnd letmcd to hue I'urcell bewlldrred by
tan eccentric ttyle of boiinf, but Willie soou
rauelit on to hit ityle tnd erened mitten nn In
dWTT, Wants Work Wonders.
wisdup. I
Wolgast Boxes in
Phitiy To-Night
(ilperlil lo The K t en lot World).
I'lllLAUBI.l'HIA, May .11. -Light-
weight champion Ad Wolgast, who ar
rived In town yesterday, la confident
of stopping the winning career of Younx
Jack O'Drlen when they meet to-ntght
at the American Athletlo Club. Wol
K.tst Is In perfect trim for the buttle.
Jiaving been training hard for some
tlmo for a number of bouts which his
manager, Tom Jonee, has nrrungeil for
Mm, und savo for a little exercise yet
terdsy ho did nothing In the way of
Young Jack O'Drlen tlnlihcd his train
ing at Atlnntlf t'lty yceterday by box
lug revcrul fast round.i with his brother
nnd Jimmy Toland, und his exhibition
uf speed nnd strength was a revelation
to thoto who watched him. They will
weigh In t f. o'clock to-night
There is more wear, style nnd
satisfaction in my clothes thnn
you have ever had elsewhere nt
one-third greater cost. It's be
cause I'm experienced in making
as well as selling clothes.
Moe Levy,
( sroen)y 119-125WalkerSt.,N.Y.
This season, as a whole, among
ready-made clothing houses has
been anythingbut a good one, and
many a ready-made clothier who
ordered earlier in the season with
the intention of re-ordering in the
middle of the season, has stock
enough left from his first order to
do him for the season. I speak of
no particular clothier this would
apply to the great majority. That
in turn has affected the woollen
market, and I was able to-day to
land a stack of fine Uniterl States
Worsted Co. blue serges; goods
that come 1 0 to 1 1 oz. in weight,
firm in wale and as soft as a baby's
cheek, which I am going to use as
an inducement to make this the
greatest month's business in the
history of my New York Store.
I will make this cloth into TWO-PIECE
SUITS, lined with a fine, lasting lining,
at a price of
$n no
There le absolutely no competition on these goods. They are the quality used by the
average ready-made house which eelU suits for $18 or $20.
I will have a piece of this goods out in the corner of my doorway where you can see
and handle and get samples to compare with other tailors. I want 1,000 orders for blue serge
fcuug tms weeK.
IWHN ffl Gfl nl-l 9 . tSlO l alAH My ONLY New York City Store
... m
I don't have to kid you along with bleach stunts
or fake imported talk.
With the quality straws I'm giving for 51.50,
it's no wonder my straw hat business has more than
doubled up.
Real $3.00
la Naenait t.
art k. xai au
1 11117 I ('war.
Mil K. I4h.
tnr Hth Aee.
7 IU tNct Ave.
iiin tteTAve,
lt4v: i .'
113 raa4 M.
Ml iiMmS.
1ST Ii
Arev, ea
Lord & Taylo?,.
r e - fM.
Men ys Shirts -
Special for To-day and Saturday
Negligee Shirts
Attached Cuffs, Starched
or French turned back
Values ,$1.50 and $2.00
Men i Shoes
Our Low Prices for Good Shoes
arc possible becuuso of our very large output.
The lnrge and varied stock wo carry the year
round enables us to fit any foot anil gratify
every taste, possible with ready-made Shoes.
Goodyear JVelted Shoes
$3.95 & $4.95
Usuully $5.00 to $7.00
Semi Bench-made Shoes
Usually $8.00 and $10.00
Broudway & 20th St.; 5th Ave.; 10th St.
' ...
' . - , w -
' ee . ,
Open Evenings till 9. Saturday 10.

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