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panics Admit Can Charge
Less and Make Profit.
.Proposed Measure Has Mayor's
i Approval and Inquiry Shows
Varying Fares.
A new taxlc&b ordinance drawn under
fayor Oaynor's eye and embodying
the features of the Xlcols measure
teemed worthy of enactment by Chief
J of the Bureau of Licenses James O.
Wallace and hla chief Inspector, John
KDrennan, who have made a study of
taxlcab regulation, la to be Introduced
B In the Hoard of Aldermen next week.
1 uinc. J " " I L I VI II 1 1 1 13 nivuia
ordinance now being considered and to
9 give the city an lmmedlato relief from
t.ie irregularities of taxlcab trampor
tatlon. Besides taking a firm grin on the rate
uiic9ii(iii inn omiini ur.nnancQ uucs
"special Interest" concerns. It retains
utiio mv futmiB in .null u. uu.ia
" 1 1 c i ii iiuiiiiii. mu iiuiiBtu uui un 1 1 1 uu
retofore restricted spaces In front of
oares. lousier rmiaces una oiner lenner
' loin resort for the use of all. It pro-
,Yiaei penalties for violations, reoucea
. the rate irenernllv In vome At nresent of
mi ttiiia nnn .n.ni.i iiia riiv auinar iim
to deal rigorously with persons guilty of
tampering with taxlcao clocks.
Chief Wallace pointed out to-day that
while there Is much Justice In the claim
of the Independents that the "truat"
eonocrns monopolize the trade, that
special stands, nevertheless, have ad
vantages to families who rive In hoteto.
Such companies are responsible, he said,
and few complaints are made against
the twice. The present rmtea are ob
jectionable. "The only rate which did apply," laid
Mr. Wallace, "waa declared unconstitu
tional by the Supreme Court, in the com
of the Universal Taxlcab Company
gainst the Mayor. This decision wiped
ot for practical purposes an rates apply
ing to taxloabs and forced us to either
disregard ihe subject entirely and allow
the taxlcab people to charge anything
they pleased or to fall back on the old
coach and cab rates which arbitrarily
ponnttted an owner to ohargo II a mile
for a, vehicle seating four paraooa."
The rate which the Court t ajflde
was 0 cents for the first half jrrlle and
10 cents for eaoh additional quarter of
a mile. At present nearly all taxlcabs
chara-e at rates much In excess of this
figure, although It was testified yester-
m -t .... M-ntian. Thfl m.mhir of the
Ujr u, ........... ....... ----
Independent Taxlcab Owners Associa
tion, that sixty of hla associates met
Slay 7 last and agreed to operate their
machines on the following dbsi; o
30 cents for the first halt mile ana 10
cents for each additional quarter of a
Mr. Thlel and other Independents
plainly told the Aldermanlo special
committee comprising Bryant Wlllard,
Chairman: Samuel Marks, John Bolles,
Ian It. Coleman, John J. Meaghan,
Henry T. Qrlmm and John McCann,
which have, at last, been aroused to
action by public clamor, that he was
well sa-tltfloj with the self Imposed
reduced scale. He assured the commu
tes that even further reductions might
b made If the new ordinance would
abolish the private etanda. He had
made good profits on his Investment at
the' reduced rates, he said, and was
sure taxlcab men coald stand the re
duction If an open field for all was
The Aldermen learned many
things net before brought to thslr
attention. Maes the Wleol ordl
aaao was lntroaaesd little or mo
headway has been mads by the
Board. It was not until Alderman
lamul Marks compelled the adop
tion of a resolution looking to as
lnyestlratlon of the complaints of
exorbitant charges that the Com
mutes on mules took action. Bran
in this the Boles committee took
Its time, nearly two month laps
ing; before the special committee
was formed, and In order not to
eclipse the oustomarr legislative
speed records of tho Aldermen,
Chairmen Wlllard then oonsumed
Take a Practical View of
Renting Situation
Alterethtr too manv commodities ara
irfrerecf for sale, nowaday. backed by
the Ions statement thst they are "beat."
Hut thus are practical days.
rs many like those who hall
iiiwitrl11 . nA diminn to HDi a
Hut thus are practical days. Ttiwe
ra minr Ilka those who hall, "from
Missouri" and demand to "do enown."
Ttisra's plentr of PROOF that World
ads. are bv far the beat for renttna
houses, apartments, storra. offlcas. Ac.
World "To Let" Ads.
Last Month
' 1.U70 mere than pOTTBLB the 1S.1TI
"Til um KQli yrinivu iiiihiui
! And thar wer
New York City
j aid. Times. Bi
And thar were alvan a circulation In
J raa.tvr tnu am nor.
Bun and Tribune COM-
fl World "To Let" Adi . Lead
1 Only BcUH They Succeed
I About jjuw Sunday World
F "To let Ads. To-Morrow
The Ideal Husband? Only the Unmarried Girl
VWSSVWVMMVVSsNvvs ,-,-,,--,-,- - ,--, -,-,--- nnnri 1-i.ru-u uwvuTjvv-LrLn
Talks of Him Why? -
Let Mere Man
Read These
Words of
Mrs. Kate
Then Go
Way Back
and Sit Down.
student and advocate of eugenics, has to say about htm.
"You can't produce an ideal AiMDand eitnply by eliminating the tin
detlrable hablti of the ntucultne being," Mr. Wooliey declared. "You
notice that no one doct much talking about the ideal hutband, except the
unmarried girl. Whyt Becaute he it a myth. Nowhere on the wide tur-
face of the globe can he be found.
"Sow, I'm not a roan hater. I tntnx tt
might be possible to find an Ideal man.
but not an Ideal husband. Mao bare
made a business of being men for thou
sands of years, but they haven't given
.hnurht tn being husbands. On the
other hand, tt would be easy to dls
cover an ideal wife, but not an ideal
woman. For wifehood has been woman's
Mrm. Wocdaarr. who s Drang Into fame
a few rears ago by sharing with JCad
suns Curie the honor of being one of
two woman delegates to the Interna
tional Free Thought Congress at Brus-
eala. hu been an enthusiast on ins
ubteet o biological breeding cor a long
time. She la, In fot. ons of the pioneer
eugenUts of the United States ana nas
lately given her attention to wrong wn
first eugenic play, which she cans
"Babrology" and wUloh M to M pro
duced by a New Tork manager nit
"I must admit," Mrs. Woolsey said
yesterday at the Great Northern Hotel,
that I am leas Interested In the subject
of the ideal husband ftsan m that of the
Ideal baby."
But serhaps one is a necessary pre
liminary to the other," I suggested.
"Perhaps," Mrs. Woolsey rewotantiy
conceded, "but I regard the Ideal baby
as a poaalbtMry. while the Ideal husband
seems very much of a myth. How oan
an ideal husband be developed in a
civilization which doee not permit
woman to seflect her own mate!
"It would be much easier to develop
a super race of monkeys than of men.
because among the so-called lower ani
mals the female really ohooees the
father of her young."
Then you think the ideal huaband
will remain a myth until women pro
pose marriage."
Precisely," Mrs. wooisey replied, -it
Is a fact known to all scientists that the
female when she exercises her right
always seeks the highest. She has an
Instinctive preference ror tne qualities
necessary to the production of a super
another two months, nearly, oall
lng this committee together.
Its first session was yesterday. Be
sides hpnrlng that rates may be re
duce 1 and profits mnd,e, the committee
heard from John Drennan, proDaDiy
beet posted taxlcab'offlctal In the
city government.
Mr. Drennan's testimony was exhaust
ive. Ho spared neither "trust" owner
nor" Independent, and plainly told the
committee that W per cent, of the com
plaints lodjred In the Bureau of Licenses
are against Independents He explained
this, however, by adding that, as a rule,
complaints against company taxloabs
uro attended to either at the hotel whore
tho rab has space or at the company s
offices, and do not reach the Bureau,
while complaints against Independent!
come directly to the Bureau.
The committee will receive a complete
llt of nil complaints filed against taxi
cab service In New York fioni Jan. 1,
1IJ, to the preeant time, from the com
panies and the bureau next Thursday,
when It meets again. Mr. Drennnn of
fered tho following list of the various
"special privilege" taxlcab concerns
operating In New Tork, tho number nf
licenses for machines and the rule
charged for first and second mllea.
The list follows:
fltat IJctom No, lit Mite M MU
B'way Taxi Co.... 10 "0 1
Cab & Taxi Co... 2U 60 W
Conn. Cab Co 161 H" M
Carnegie Hill 6 30 W
M. & B. Less Imp.
Taxi Co 1 60
Cadillac Taxi Co. It SO DO
Corvnn Oarage Co, S to 0)
Cruise & Keelon
Co 13 K K
Frawley Trnns.
Co 11 ' 80 GO
Hart Bros. 9 10 SO
Haverty, Stables,
CO 49 m to
Kayton Tazloab
Co 40 SO 10
"You Can't Produce an Ideal Husband
Simply By Eliminating the Undesirable
Habit of the Masculine Being.
"Men Have Made a Business of Being
Men for Thousands of Years, but They
Haven't Given a Thought to Being Hus
bands. "The Ideal Baby Is a Possibility, While
the Ideal Husband Seems Very Much of a
"It Would Be Much Bmmler to
Develop m Super-Raoe of Monkey
Thmn of Men.
"Man Is Known Scientifically to Be Less
, Fastidious and Discriminating Than Woman.
His Tendency Is to Choose the Meanest,
the Weakest, the Woman Who Most Flatters
His Assumption of Superiority.
"We Must Give Up Sighing for the Ideal
Husband Until We Gain Our Rights to
"The ideal hutband doet not tmoke, doet not
drink intoxicating Hquort, doet not eat nat."
Such Is the 'brief and categorical definition offered
by Miss Jesslo HollWay, a young; Engl lab. artist, who
Is about to marry a grandson of tbe poet Longfellow.
He sounds rather tame, this smokolees, drlnkleas,
meatless Ideal, does he not? By no means the sort of
person whom vie consider a conquering hero In New
York. In fact, he sounds as If a professor of eugenics
had Invented him.
Yet here la what Mrs. Kate Trimble Woolaey, au
thor 61 'Hepubllca Versus Woman," aid a profound
race. But among mankind this right
to ohoose the beat ha been taken away
from her. Man proposea marriage, and
man Is known scientifically to be teas
fastidious and discriminating than
woman. His tendency Is to ohoose the
meanest, the wealteet. the woman who
most flatters his assumption of superi
"Man's unbridled choice would take us
further and further from the Ideal wife.
But Ms disastrous Influence) Is checked
by the frequent indirect selection of
wosnan, the fact that now and then
woman Imposes her will upon man by
proposing to him herself, while peraoad
tag him that he Is doing all the courting,
"mil Ua ftapusttp Mat aara
am stB eCeee. So wtfs cam b ewe.
eMsted lasal wke wis tae aaam of
her aholee ttuomga his stmptdlry.
Axd mo seam earn be regarded ae am
ideal h Bahama wke eaa be eo bass-
"eerloualy, I don't think there la the
slightest hops of reeoulng the ideal
husband from the mists of mythology
until woman resume their right to pro
pose marriage, and of course they cant
do that so long as a proposal of mar
riage Is equivalent to asking a man for
"I sm a suffragist, but I know suf
frage Is only a part of the change to
come. Great mechanical Inventions of
the future will free woman from the
thraldom of housework and the home.
Bhe will resume her natural plaea In
life. She will be the 'female of the
species,' with all the rights of the fe
male, and the most Important right le
that of ohooclng the father of the Ideal
'There will be no Ideal husband till
the whole world studies and accepts
what I call In my play, Uabyology.'
Biology Is the solence of life, so baby
ology should be the aclenoe of babies."
So there you are! We must give up
sighing for ths Ideal husband until we
gain our lights to propose. Who wants
to lead the paradeT This Is a call for
Mason Seaman
Trans. Co W to to
N. Y. Trans. Co 11 70 40
U. S. Motor Co... S3 80 So
Universal Taxi
.Co U SO 50
Renault Taxi Co. 44 80 0
Taxi Trans. Co.
(Publto Uc.).... S2 SO 40
niverslds Taxlcab
Mutual Taxlcab
New Taxi Auto
Oo M SO 60
Taxlcab 7 80 GO
Cuneo-Clerlok ... 7 80 GO
Yellow Taxlcab
Co 1 80 60
Total 1,461
Independent taxlcab owners, licensed.
Independent taxlcabs operating at the
30 rent clocks, GO.
Independent taxlcabs operating 80-M
rale, 33i
The new ordinance also proposes to
display In a conspicuous place on the
taxlcab a sign Indicating that Its license
was obtained within a year. It Is Mr.
Wallace's Intention to have all the li
censes expire on the same day, as Is the
case with the State licenses of motor
vehicles, and not on eaoh day of the
year, as at present. Under the present
loose taxlcaib laws It Is Impossible to
tell If taxlcabs have the hack licenses
up to date or not.
Caneee Charaplaln to Rise as Feel
and Flood Big lection.
QUEBBC, June l.-A landslide at St,
Luc, Champlaln County, haa filled the
bid of the Champlaln River for a dis
tance of 800 yards, eauslng Ihe water to
rise twenty-three feat and overflow tho
surrounding country. Damage to prop
erty was considerable, but so far as
known n) Uvea wero lost.
Because He Is a Myth!
if kk f ;K3jBr v iff
fS WwtBjMsmmmmmmWKLmmW "rl If
rfl rU'ammBBBBBrS!i!BBBHIH& w
Wl iKlsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssmssr v TC
Frenzied Widower Fighting to
Smash Casket When the
Police Arrive.
The ooaesion of the over the
body of Mrs, Margaret Phelan In her
home at No. 608 West One Hundred
and Forty-seventh street, where she
died three days ago, was transformed
Into a scene of confusion shortly before
dawn to-day when the dead woman's
husband, Martin Phelan, became sud
denly frensled and attacked his six
sons and four daughters.
Although Phetan Is a man of small
statute and is part sixty-five years of
age He fought with such fury that his
six eon oould do nothing Tvlth hlni
and had to call In outside aid. The
entire neighborhood was thrwn Into 1.
commotion by ths violence of the
Patrick Phelan. the elder eon, Is a po-
"w aitaonea to the Weatchesler
station, and throughout the evening h(
had been having trouble with hla fattier
Ttie old man broke into doiwi nf nh,,...
His children pleaded with him not to
disgrace) them and he left the apart
menL Retumlnar ahnnt a
'morning he burst In upon tho wake and
Began snouting; abuse for the dead and
the llvrng. Selxmg a chair ho prooeedod
to wreck the funMure. He throattned
to destroy the casket In which his wife's
body lay. It was then for the first
time that hla sons wero forced to lay
violent hands upon him, dragging him
10 a room ana loaning the door.
Poltoemen Itoach ami Connelly found
him battering at the door and smaih
Ing In the panels. Ho had driven all
the mourners, save the two son thut
guarded the remains, from the house. He
lougni uko a wlM animal all tho way
to the polloe station and continued his
raging after he had been locked In n
Phelan was arraigned before Magis
trate Hermann in Harlem Court at the
time funeral services were belnu held
for his wife 1n the Church of Our Lady
of Tours. The Magistrate committed
him under 8500 ball far further exnmlna
tlon when his children could appear
against Mm. Ho was released from the
Workhouse last April. He had 1' n
committed there for drunkenness.
Unrlalra Have lllur Time To-Vltrht.
The Sinclair Club holds lt aniual
picnic and siimniernlght fe.tlval Hi's
evening at Manhattan (.'hsIiio, One
Hundred and K'fty-llfth nlreot and
Klghth avenue. Many of the Oljmp.e
candidates Jiave promised in alrn! A
handsome loving cup will be presented
to tho club havlns lhj iihh' mem!""?
It soothes the aching nerves In
a roost wonderful way, and hss
utuugm rug-nts qi peacelul rest to
people who have suffered agonies.
Trial bottle 'oc. ; large bottles 35c, 51:
Lawyers for Mrs. Cusumano
Say Gov. Foss's Council Will
Be Forced to Grant Stay.
BOOTOV, June L-6ensatlonat new
evidence, which, it is claimed, will force
the Governor's council to commute the
death sentence of Mrs. Lena Ousumano,
will be mado public to-da or to-morrow
by Attorneys Grady and Coughlan, who
represented the woman and her accom
plice, Harry Marshall, both of whom
are In Charlestown Prison, awaiting
summons to the electrlo chair for mur
dering the woman's husband.
Attorney Grady would only say early
to-day that he and his colleaguo have
unearthed a startling story of depravity
that will throw an entirely new light
on testimony of various witnesses who
were related by blood or marriage to
Mrs. Cusumano. What theso "sensa
tional details" are, aald Attorney Orady,
will be given to tho public in duo
Mrs. Cusumano Is the first woman
to occupy a death cell In thn history of
Develop Your Bust in 15 Days
A Full Firm Bust is
WbrfA More to a
Woman than Beautv
1 don't care how thin you nre,
now oiu you are, now louen anu
flaccid are the lines of your figure '.
or how flat your chent is, I can ,tA
kivu yuu u iuii, iirm, jruuiuiui
bust quickly, thut will bo the envy
of your fellow-women nml will
rIvo you' the ullurcmcntb of u
perfect womanhood that will be
Irresistible. .They say there Js
nothing new under the sun but
1 have perfected a
trentment that I wnnt to
wharf with mv sisters.
What It'did for mo It can and will
do for you, and 1 now offer It to you.
Others nlTer to build up your figure
with drugs, ;reay jikln fnwls, creams,
dieting, moa-age and extienilve Instru
ments and devires. I have done
away with all these Injurious
methods and linvo given a legiun of
women a luxuriant nstursl develop
ment by a treatment never before
offend the public. No massaging,
nothing to take, nothing to wear.
I was skiiinr. srrawnr. (11 nl
u ii a t t r a e 1 1 f iMuw I cUun
U be the huliett priced artist's
model in Ihe United btatcs, and
what I did lor mrsall I do ler you.
1 don't care whsl your, sge may'be, I
aak only that you be at least alxtean
and not an invalid, find I will undertake
to develof) your bunt In two weeks,,
All I ask it five or ten minute of your
time every dsy
ume every osy
Write to Me Today for My Treatment I Develop Bust New Way
It will only cost you a oenny for a postcard and I
will mail you thit wonderful information In
plain cover so' that no one will know your secret.
Don't let s fslis prids and tlllr eras of ahama krp you from anjorln totha full (Its
thsrnia you ahould havs to bo a perfect rpccim.ro of womanhood.. Let me b!p you. Trior
communication shall bahtld In abaolut conWc and accraty Writs m today.
ELOISE RAE. 1328 Mlchlgsn Avonuo, Suite 93), CHICAGO, ILL.
1, If 12.
Brooklyn Teacher Who De
serted His Wife for Young
Girl Put Under Arrest.
Oertnide Meredith, fourteen-year-old
Brooklyn sohootglrl, who ran away with
Lewis B, Cl&rkaon, a married iw1moI
teacher, Is with her maternal grand
mother tn Portsmouth, N, It, Clartcson,
who was arrested at the home of his
mother-in-law, Mra. John Ilssmussan,
at No. S21 fllxtleth streot, Brooklyn,
gave this Information to detectives who
questioned htm at the Itaymund street
Jill to-day.
The prlioner-school-teacher Is being
held tn default of S1.C00 ball. He talked
freely with Detective Yay, telling hlni,
the detective says, that he left Brooklyn
with the girl on May 21, Intending to i;o
directly to her grandmother's In the New
Hampshire city. When they reached
Boston, however, they decided to stop
there a day or tw,o.
Prom Boston, Vay waa told, the
couple went to Portsmouth and were re
ceived at the grandmother's home. Clark
son said that he stopped there "as a
"When I started back to Brooklyn,"
he said, "I left the girl with her grand
mother. I want to say, for my own
saks as well as hers, that I have done
her no wrong. I would not have run
awny with her If 1 had not cared so
much for her. The trouble Is that I
mads a mistake when I married I wns
too young."
Tho ctrl with whcm Clarkaon ran
away la a daughter of Mrs. Carl
Clarke of No. 10 Beverley road. Flat
bush. Mrs. Clarkwm, the deserted
wife, was Miss Cella llassimssan,
daughter of Mr. and Mr. John Has
mtiMan, at whoso home Clarkim was
Mrs. Clarkaon, about tho time of liar
marriage, ptarted thfl Hotirh Bnmklyn
iHwlness and wiorthnnd rfhool at No,
Km Fifth, avenue. Her hunliarwl. who Is
twenty-two yoars Id, gave up his posi
tion ni a salesman ami Iwcnmo manager
and shorthand teacher in his wife's
Ills desk was so located that he could
look out of a window directly Into a
window of the Clarke home, where
Gertrude was accustomed to sit and
read. The married man and the cliild
flirted through the window and soon
became better acquainted.
Capt. Coughlln of the Brooklyn Pe
teotlve Bureau has telegraphed the
Portsmouth police that If the runaway
girl oan be tooated there she will be
brought back to appear against Clark
son, MoKlnleya "rother-la-Law Dead.
CLGVBI.AND, O., June l.-Capt. An
drew J. Dunoon, seventy-six, brother-in-law
of the late President McKlnlay,
died at hla home here yesterday. He
had been 111 two years. In 1887 Capt
Duncan married alias Sarah li McKJn
ley, a sister of the late President In
1837 Capt. Duncan was appointed In
spector of Indian Affairs, a federal po-
anion a naua ior some time thereafter,
Massachusetts and the first to be sen
tenced to death In HI years. Both she
and Marshall maintain good spirits. As
has boen the case since Mrs. Cusumano
was taken to Charlestown, Marshall,
from his cell, shouted a greeting In Ital
ian to the woman Immediately upon
waking to-day. They are allowed to
talk during the day, although they can
not see eaoh other, Mrs. Uusuinano'a
cell being draped with white hangings
at the sides.
From Mclatuc I.odgo. Umbugog I-ke,
Me., where Councillor Mcflregor Is on h
vacation, came the word to-day lliut
McClregor, on whose vote rests the fato
of Mrs. Cusumano, will nut vote for
commutation unless positive new evl
denco Is brought out when the full
Council meets nest Wednesday to cast
a final vote or urn woman a caso. A
vote taken lust Wednesday was four to
1 z-.
t.jasjiaa. ssavBSBBaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasBaaaaaai
Up-State Man, Before Suicide,
Pursued His Father-in-law
Through Field to Kill Him.
BUFFAXO, N. Y June l.-Angered
because he believed that tho Influence of
lite wife's family had cauaed her to
leave him, Ernest F. Htaplrs, thirty-five
years old, a farm hand, early to-day
killed his mother-ln-taw, Mrs. M, Fill
more Brown, and probably fatally
wounded his wife, He then pursued his
father-in-law, M. F. Brown, through
the fields In his night clothing and,
when Brown eluded htm, sent a bullet
through his own head, dying Instantly.
The tragedy took placo on the Brown
farm at Angela, twenty-two miles from
Htnptes quarrelled with his molher-tn-
law ten daya ngo and nas ordered from
the placo. He tried to Induce his wife
to Join him, but she refused, Knrly to
day he broke through a window Into
tho bedroom where his wlfo and her
mother wero alerting and Immediately
opened fire on Ihe defenseless women.
Ills first shot killed his mother-in-law
Instantly. Then ho fired four bullets
Into his wife's body, Inflicting probably
fatal wounua. While he was reloading
his pistol his father-in-law tied from
the house. Htaptes chased him, but
Brown eluded htm and secured help.
Armed farmers found Hlaplna'a dead
body lying In a field a short dlstauco
from the house.
Real Inn nf Herotntlon Mies,
OAJ.HNA, III., June 1. Andrew Per-
rault, a real "Hon of the American Inv
olution," haa died, aged ninety-one
rears. His father enlisted In Wiuh.
lngton'a army when only sixteen.
In New York's Shopping Centre
Sixth Avenue, 20th, 21st and 22d Sts.
Very Important Advance
On Monday, June Third,
We Will Start Our
Great Annual June Sale
of .
Trunks, Bags
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"Surety" Stamps with all piircliatei D.iulilr stnmpi la the of oon.
Sixth Avenue, 20th to 22d Sts., New York.ew
vet ummm
4158, 4-10, 412 WEST Slut ST., ZSWNl
Nrw Ywa'a Lartftt and
Mjit ArrmlUa I'atk
am AuiiiH-tiiirU I la It.
Sccontl Ave, 120th and 127th
Now Under the
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clean. Get a bottle ef"
CN, put a little of it into a peril
of water, and see how quickly
and thoroughly you can removt
the grease, dirt and odors., i
CN is far better than soap ai' '
water, because it actually MM'
beneath the surface and it KitWj
fcrni3. V
'erhaps you have been utitsjr?
soap to clean with and carboiK
acid or chlorides for disinter'
CN !oth cleans and disinfect
It s five tunes as strong as car
bolic and yet it's non-poisonow.
"Tht YtUow Package
iih tht Gabl Top" J
At the druggist'
see. SSe. Me. sl.M
The Army of
Is Crowing S realise Eeevr Deft
saapooiible ussy I
eely fire relief
care CeaaUsa-
Use. rVH.
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Management of
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