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THE EVEyiirq WORLD, ft AT XT It DAY, JUKE 1, 1912.
Copyright, 1(12, by the Press PubllaJiInf Co. (The New Tork World).
Conqueror of Johnnie Dundt
Meets Young Shugro
Tuesday Night.
L i
: 1
Jack Johnson's Excuse Prepared
. In Case He Loses to Jim
It Jftck Johnson preparing an "alibi
fr!uM after a frame-up with Jim Fljmn
tn New Mexico? It looka very much thtt
way when one reads an artlclu printed
In the Chicago Kvrnlns l'ot yesterday
afternoon. The artlclu says:
"Jack Johason left Chicago a
alsk saaat" The writer of the ar
i W41e sjtatss that he ha conlrmsd
Me truth of the tale, and foei oni
"Jokasoa's Ills., oarsfnllr kept
'neetet darlnr the laat two week
mt bis staj In Crsioaso, waa the
r4,ra0B for his fallara to ap.
, aWr at COosaaU'a Ojruuiaalum and
as. It deTelopa tkat at the time
whea Johasoa waa saspossd to ba
Mttmg tea or twaUe bIIn ok the
ra4erery tar tts.Ms; klaak waa
iwwii ijUM, tgkwti aa at
taak of aearalfta of the stotaaoh
mm ttteUH ky hla wife, wko waa
oa tka Tatyo a nya-
tkroMk worry ova hla eoa-
, MTteaUy Br. Kemry I. OaauBlaga
ssJUt tkraa other doctors Uto oon
aaMatUa. -mt tt waa tkrowk fol
lOWMeT we uaea or irnnwn
;tira ky tmssa tkat -Jaok
i-Mff aaoofk to make aka trip to
taw Xeateo. Vow tkat tka aally
".tssrt an oosslBf uto Ckieafo
. '.t-fcow ylsass Johaaoa la with
' , hlaaw,taftrBakowheplaaa
i start work UiaaaaUataly, there
' JU (M ,(M aeolatloa aa to
v ' wMr tkla 'worC which ha ap-
aa la, aot.ama saaa kiM or
XA tasjr.wsn- aa u
l.fi 'tin wfca ka
'. wOW .If Johnaon loaea to Flynn it
Wy may ba srspr bandy thing to be
w 4Ma to claim that b waa a very,
tsit, vary aiok mat. Johneon la quit
cUrar' enough to adopt thla Oblneia
metkod of "artnl hla face." Ho
waolta't deliberately lie down to Flyrm
uaWsa there waa aotne way to eioute
li without, eaylng that he waa perma
Mtstlr out of the game.
Thrs la avery raaaon for auapeettng
that Johnaon tan't elated aa a winner
of the coming fight. Johneon faked
Of tea in the old.daya-although he never
actually "laid down." Ha lost to Marvin
Mart on polnte, when he could have
whlcptd Hart easily. That waa a frame
i. He faked with Bailor Durka in
'P'Brldgeport, Ha faked often In hla flghta
with opponente, white or Diaca. ana
caaad It afterward by aaylng fhat before
ha -became champion he had to take to
at wor)t 'n tn rlnf'
:th.4iv there are few placet in Oie
world, where Johnaon can fight any
b;y. Unfortunately, he ia barred nearly
awarywhere becauee' the promotora are
afraid to uae hint. Except for thla
rtynn '"flght" he'a finding It hard to get
' Job. Hla theatrical work haa run out
imA h can't get much money on the
.Use anywhere.
? What U'more natural, then, than that
Ji m of er, of 1100,000, aay, to take a punch
jK lev the atomach from Jim Flynn and lie
dajem carefully during a ten-ieeond
oMiat, ahould.be very tempting to John
" MatTrThla "neuralgia of the atomach"
U 'right In line with the aueplclona that
have bean going around atnet the match
'waa arranged, and apeolally since the
eproedlng of a strong tip that Flynn Is
' a. dura winner.
Of court, there may be nothing at
4 alt In the frame-up theory, Johnson
. aaay be almply playing hie old trick,
pretending to be out of condition, let
tlsjr people think that he'a going to
,.' lose. He did that when he boxed Jack
, O'Brien In 'Philadelphia went hrough
- a- aeries of escapadea Immediately be
' for the date of the bout and entered
tka r)ng hog fat. He helped ulong the
' , Impression that he woudn'lt be "right'
Ught In showing erery one what re
marksoiy good condition he reawy was
Another theory that will bear IniDec
3' tion la that Johnson Is belnf'slck" with
ii 1 the. hope of creating an Impression that
FJyan haa a chance to win, thus help
.f log out what promises to be a very ellm
fi. fit. With Johnson known to be In
rM-ciaaa snape, ana riynn at iu iiml
th public knows that Flynn might Uit
nmt. taougn 10 maxo tne movnng pic
tHtea . ood tf Johnaon wasn't in
tutrry. But if the tip is out that John
'i ' ! u or trimming, .many peopl
ray go to New Mexico Just to se hi
. All aorta of rumors are in the air. Wi
won't have a real line on the future un
.111 m few daya before the Fourth, and
even than It will be hard to tell jusi
what la coming off at ! Vegas,
V NOTICE that the story from CMcaKu
I Vaaya Johnson "grew strong enough
tn make the tr D to New Jloxleo
w AamedUtely after a coniultatlan by
Wre aootors. wonaer ir jonnion saw
ths Mil and fled In sheer desperation
T 1 1 Hsivs made serious Inrnnd.
. J u un Sia JnrinftAn fnrtnnA WJlh Ann.
'Cera on hi trail as welt, his chance to
emulate Rockefeller In the collecting of
TBUJiaa aoiir is nuiniy sum.
fi' aiiisM Tola Oreundt. To.Dkv, 3,30 p.
H,l is. M. biuij. Ada. OOfc '
McCarty Wandered
All Over World Before
Knocking Out Morris
Youthful Giant Heavyweight
of Roaming Disposition and
Tried His Hand at About
Everything Before Adopting
Ring' Career Last Year. .
LUTHER M'CARTY, the youthful
giant who surprised the world
by tumbling Carl Morris to the
ring floor for the count, li not tho
fortunate child of a lucky punch.
HU victory over Carl Morrli waa the
climax of months of training with
the one object In view, that of de
feating tho big engineer. At no time
had he any doubt of the result of the
contest with Morris.
Luther McCarty first saw the light
of day March 17 (St. Patrick's Day),
1892, on a ranch owned and operated
by his father, thirty miles outside of
lllncoln, Neb. Tho open air life he
enjoyed until his ninth year Im
planted In him the love of freedom
that comes seldom to the city broke
chap. Luther was always outdoors
and most of the. tlmo astride a norsc.
To the people of tho cities it seems
strange to hear of a youngster Just
a year or two out of his swaddling
garments being trusted alone on the j
top of a horse, but on the prairies
It is a common occurrence. Both of
McCarty'a parents were of groat size,
o he came hy his huge bulk nat
urally. Luther was no freak, and his
gameness Is the result of being reared
in an atmosphere where rear is un
McCarty 's Mother Died When
He Was Turn Years uia.
His mother died when he waa leas
than two year of age, tout It we not
until his father sold the ranch in 1501
that I.uthcr struok out for the home of
relative In Colorado Springs, coi.
Here he stayed for nearly two yoars
attending school, much against Ms
wishes, as he longed for the open air
Htm il had no liking for tne oin
room and to avoid it took "French
leave" In the night and started on life's
lournev alone and penniless. He had
not yet reached his twelfth year, un
acquainted with the way of tne worm
and minus the good advice neoessary
for the safe direction of the young man
seeking fame und fortune. Having boen
raised on a r&noli, he naturally drifted
into the corn fields or Kansas.
It Is not necessary to say that I.uther
did not trav4 in a Pullman on his first
trio and It was not until he made his
flrst ride Into Bprluirncld, Mo., eight
yeaVa later that he had his first Intro
duction to the comfortable sleeping
palace on whects which make latter
day travelling worth while. On the
contrary, It was the overland freight
that curried MoCarty away from his
temporary home and It was this same
cluss of trains tho big boy ueed In hla
many ear of wandering over the coun
try. 11" had a peculiar aversion to pay
Ing toll tor his short or long hikes into
new fields.
With tho corn shucking season over.
McCarty ambled Into Omaha and landed
a potltlon as bill diitributor for an ad
vrrtlalng concern. He held this down
for a few months, then landed a "berth'
with the Western Union Tidi-tfroph Com
pany. He iliMlven-d meraaKcs and tho
number on his cap was "1S2.1." HlranKa
coincidence, but It was In his thirteenth
ring engagement that .McCarty Iiuiir the
"23" sign on Carl Morris und made a
leap into tho llmellxht. Tho unosauKe ho
carried In his putu'h that night caused
many a inewionuer boy to bo foot wpary
when through his nlKht'H work. How
the heart of every one of thorn would
have leaped had It been known tho de
liverer of the wallop that settled Morris
had fomerly "run messages."
From the ramenger ervlc la Omaha
a '' 1
H Tr ga(gaBBBBal JmmlmWrm gaaBBBBBglf BgaBBBBBsgaBBBgaBBBBBBalBgm
McCarthy to Go to Coast
For Two Ring Battles
nnrorzuB, sco., Jus.
Smther McOarty, the lad wko
knocked out OaM Morris, will
more than likely move to tka
raotso Ooawt. Billy XoOarney,
who la managing McCarty, baa
offer for two date In Ian
rranclico, one thu middle of
thla month with the winner of
tka Soldier Zlder-Oharlsy Mil.
ler boat and the other July 4
date with either At Valaer or (
Carl Morris. The latter want)
a return date. MoOaraey pre
fers sticking his man 'against'
Valser and la not particular
whT the pair meet.
to a atmtlar Job In Bt Jjul m a short,-
cheap Jump to the rovlntr MoCarty. He
made the trip easily and quickly, but
after alx months In the Mound City
the old wanderlust again tpok hold of
the big boy and ho madn tho long Jump
to Los Angeles. Stopping necessarily
many times along the route he gathered
eating money by all manner and kind
of work. In the Southern California
city Mccarty spent several months,
then Journeyed baolt to St. Louts, but
did not tarry lonr, making tracks for
lloston, Mass. Ho longed to to some of
tho hfo on tho high soas. Once In the
city or bean and culture,
MoCarty ,
iiikvu iu mo wnarves and aniDDed n
"an ablo bodied seaman." Ho was able
bodied nil right, but was not a seaman,
o on his first day out was reduced to
tho position of apprentice. The boat
he was on was an old-fashioned "wind
Jammer" and it took four months tn
make tho trip to liueno Ayres. From
this leading South American rttv I..
shlppod twlco around run Tfnrn thon
on a Norwegian bark ho Bailed for China
ana uapan. u was off one boat and
on to another for three ytxi, with him
finally binding back In Iliienos Ayres
and then making his laat trip on the
water. "Jumping" the boat on which he
had ahjpped from the Argentine oapltal
to noaton when It was outside of Mobiu.
MCarty Next Roams Into the
Lumber Camps.
Tram Mobile. MoCnntv
the lumiber camps of Mne H1U and later
inio mo coaj mines of nlue CreeJc. His
etay at each place was short, tho work
nui oeing 10 nis lining. Ills next stop
ping place wa at Nashville. Tenn..
where ho took a try at work in m. riirv
but left It to go to work In a construc
tion gang or -unuKe builders. After on
week of hard work he Informed the
foreman ho had doclded to quit, but a
swinging girder toppled him. breaking
hla leg, and ho was kept on tho payroll
mr umujier tax weoKs. When able to
make his getaway he hiked back to the
c-pn country of North Dakota.
Having seen the creator nnrt nt h
woTld, McCarty went back to hit first
love looking after cattle on tho wide
range of the Northwesrt.. Hero he was
at home, content with tho world and
rntlsfted that If he hid failed tn any of
tho other tanks ho had undertaken in
his wild rambling, he at least was a
fiood runger. Interfering nt a time
when the ranch owner, Dick Collins,
was In trouble won for MoCarty the
ownership of , fine aaddle horse. With
his gift horno he started out tn lo
'some" riding. He landed In the filoux
reservation and spent about a mojith
anion k tho redskins, then drifted into
Lack f funds caused McCarty to sell
the horse, and he took up with an ad
vertising conwrn. doing the country
wide advertising for a well known to
bacoo, when arriving at Culbertson,
Mont., he learned there was to bo a
battle In the town he decided to stick
around and see the fuss. He tied In
with one of the principals ns the man
to be knocked around. He had from
his earllost youth liked boxing, and
whether aboard ship or on land never
let pass nn opportunity to par with
the gloves. JIm tilted In well .as a hu
man pumihlng lug for tlu man In train
ing, soma unknown, and was liked liv
every one. it was seen that he waa tho
maHter of the man he was training, but
ho never let himself out, Thle was In
the fall of 1910. Luther was nearly nine
teen yuan of ago and ns big as ho la
to-day. After the bout he returned to
range work near culborlkon.
Gets His First Chance by Act
ing as Substitute.
Jan. 7, lull, Watt Adams, Canadian
champion heavyweight, waa billed (o
1 . wmmfj t
is fcrr- 4 m.
Tali --All
VPFpectrr "7haT
fOfoafED our
qwl noma .
meet a big fellow who hod introduced
himself In the locality a "Tank" Kenny
of Chicago. MoCarty hearing of the
bout came In to see the Mg doings. The
day, before th bout Kenny disappeared.
Ho hod touched every ode of a kindly
nature and, went away well fortified
against the ravaffea of hunger. It was
up to the promoters to gtit a man to
oppose Adams. McCarty was sought
out and readily agreed. He went after
iVin Mir ffjlmir fmm Aimm thn border
nit, infuriated lion and put him to
sleep In the second round, it was a
big1 upset to the Canadian and quVte a
feather In the cap of the big kid from
the ranch.
Adam thought well of McCarty and
took him along with him on an exhibi
tion tour through lower Canada, the
pair finally going Into Calgary, B. C.
Joe Grim, the "Philadelphia Iron Man,"
waa there and offered to meet any
man In tho world, and Adams iw
cnDted for McCarty. The date of the
bout was April 4 and MoCarty won
in the fpurtle round. It was after thin
bout that Tommy Burns, the former
champion, advised McCarty to take
care of himself and ha would some day
mak ring history. It wa only after
Burns said h bad aU the rculr
ment of the man who would even'.u
ally win tho chanvplonahlp that 51c
Corty for the first time commenced
boxlhg rlously. From that day to
the present he ha been gathering
knowledge wherever he could set It.
He wa always ready to box with any
one and ready to take the tfiort end
of the arguments wltto the padded fists
for the sake of becoming ring-wine.
The Adam - McCarty combination
worked baok to Fargo, N. D., where
they split. McCarty deoldlng to cut
out the- exhibition stuff and see If he
eould npt force hi way to the front
a a boxer. Twice be knocked out Al
wtthnra. who delighted to tell the n'
tlve that he waa from Boston. June
9 and July t were the dates of tho
bouts, then McCarty went to work In
iininl and did no mora boxing until
Ootober T, when he knocked out Tommy
Crawford of Philadelphia In the first
round. The next day he left for the
East, reaching Chlcapo Oct. 10, friend
im and almost penniless.
He sought out O'Connell's gymnasium,
Uia havon for all boxers in the Windy
ftiv. and while doing some bounclm?
around, was noticed by Big Hart, who
was for a time Identified with Jack
Johnson. Hart, learning that McCarty
had no manager, took him under his
win, hut was not very successful tn se
curing him dates. The first bout Hart
mird for McCarty was at South
Uend, lnd. It was a preliminary to tho
Tim O TlIl-aiior cuiwuert. uum, v,
Ml Th nurse was small. io iifuik ui'
vlded emialiy between tne men. aic-
Cartv won n the tnird rouna. itari
conVd Mccarty: and when ih. latter
Dodgers Display New Life
Under Keeler's Leadership
HOOKLVN fans are wismng inn
Dahlen no hard luck, but mey
wouldn't mind If ho kept away
from the Dodgers the rest of the season
if iiibv could accomplish dally what they
did yesterday wnen tney iniiuiicu un
Bostons In both ends of a double-header.
Led by Wllllo Keoler, the veteran out
fielder and roach, they played rings
aroiipd the Braves. All the players
seemed to be Imbued with new lire,
First Buseman Jake Daubert. ln par
(Icular, 'putting up a wonderful gam.
II II . t
wm 1 m kLLkmSr
V I JMgG8yvjg
reported himself aa tired at the end of
the second round. Hart assalltd him
and. spread the Impression that Mc
Carty wa ready to quit Th affair
was not of much consequence, but It
practically severed the Hart-MoCarty
How McCarty Made HU Hit
The victory over Helnen bad not given
McCarthy much standing in Chicago, so
his (election to take the place of Garry
doetx, who wa 111, against Joe Cox at
Springfield, was not In the nature of a
compliment on account of hi South
Bend victory, but, rather due in the
hvEUstemce of Billy MoCarney. The lat-1
ter was In Chicago at the time and be
cause he had formerly been connected
with the Springfield A C. was selected
to go to the Missouri city with the sub
stlute. That the substitution of Mc
Carthy wa not taken with good grace
by the club people at springneld waa ,
evident when Jack O'Leary, manager i
of the club, stopped to the ring centre
Just before the beginning of the bout
and announced that it It waa not a good
mill and "If McCarty proved to be a
lemon" the spectators would have their
money refunded.
Thla I where McCarty made hi first
hit with MoCarney,. On hearing the an
nouncement ho coolly turned and sold:
I guess I better knock this fellow cold.
and "In a hurry."' Which ho did, sending
Cox to the floor, practically out, in the
first round. For the benefit of the large
crowd present MoCarney, seeing Luther
could do the trick at any time, pulled
htm off and did not send him out to put
over the finisher until the sixth round.
He did it when told. The complete over
throw of Cox, who was looked upon aa
Invincible in Ms homo city, rave Mc
Carty a new .home. His worth wa
overtlmotel my aioi-arney, wno ruenea
him Into two bouts against men
of too nrooh experience, Jeff Clarke
of Philadelphia, who bested him, and
Harry Weust of Cincinnati, who held
him to a draw after being floored twice
In the second round. After these two
sessions McCarty wa placed In the
hand of Jeff Clarke for Instruction.
How well Clarke demonstrated his su
perior knowledge of Inald ring work
lias been demonstrated by McCarty'a
prick and decisive victories tn the four
bouts he has had since first going under
Clarke's tutelage.
Jack Harper of Kansas City tasted
half of the first round and "Big Hill"
Pchultz of St. Louis stayed less than
two minute of round one. Both of
these bout were scheduled to go ten
round and were decided In the same
ring where Carl' Morris met his Water
loo, Springfield, Mo. One week prior to
the bout with Morris. McCarty took a
run down to Bartlesvltle, Okla.. and
tucked a big fellow namea joe iiagen
of Denver away In the third round.
Keelcr used good Judgment In his selec
tion of Ylngllng for the box In the first
enmn-and In the second contest suosu
lutml Itucker for llagon when tho latter
lin.i mied iho bases In th second Inning.
Brooklyn fans aro now wondering how
the Dodgers would faro If such a man
us Kceler wore made manager perma
in,., n.ll hu Iwn drltrn Into tlx United
Stlitee ltga oofftn, Iteadttis bruin the lateit
iliili to drop out. It ia aald thtt Uia orcantsaUon
will M composed oi; western aunt nnraner,
Fred Tenner, , former tint b airman . of th
! taa rrtlm" from tha diamond MrxiuoenUT.
beln ldcntlfkd with toa shot buitness at
Batter Must Be Able to Place His Hits
in Order to Be of Real Value to a Club.
An excellent Illustration of the value to a team of a batter who can
hit into either right or left field i given in some figure complied by an
old-timer now conneoted with one of the big league clubi. He doe It In a
negative way by showing how valueless Is a certain local player whose
name he would nht mention for obvious reasons.
This player hit about .230. That means, according to the old-timer'
argument, that In 100 times at bat he hits 2S tlmos for the homo club And
71 time for the opponent. This player cannot hit Into right field, though
repeated effort have been made to teach him to do so. He was at bat
17 times this season with runner on first and second and one out. In 12
of those 17 times he hit to the left side of the diamond "ahead of the
runner," it is technically called and forced a runner at third. 13y hitting
tb the other aide he could have advanced the runners even if he hadn't
hit safely.
The Idea of this Is to show that the number of hits made by a batter
does not amount to' a much a the direction In which ho hits them.
"1 can show, you," said the old-timer, "three players who hit less than
.3SQ. who have advanced moro runners and have driven In many more run
than this man who hits .230. In other words, the man who hits into left
field all thi time Is hitting for the oppjslng, club 72 times out of a hundred.
Unless h can hit Into right field occasionally he would strengthen the
club by not going to bat at all." ,
Now, there 1 one for the fan who ilke to go deep Into the dope! The
man under dlscuasi'm 1 an tnflelder.
Fast Ball Delivered
by Newcomer Checks
Flight of the Giants
For several days bascfball circles
have been Interested In. an appar
ently well authenticated report that
the Giants and the Highlanders
would shar th Polo Ground aa
the home field of battle. To-day
Frank Farrell. owner of the' New
York Americans, denied' that uoh a
plan Is now or was ver under con
slderatlon. Mr. Farrell said ha had never
dickered with John T. Brush, owner
of the Giants, on thla proposition..
He said that the lease on the present
American League Park does not. ex
pire until next year and 'that by
that time the new bom of the
Hilltops, at Two Hundred and
Twenty-fifth atreet and Broadway,
will be ready for use.
f-TlIBUE was a time when a fast ball
I was like pie to the Giants and a
curve wa a gall and wprmwod,
but yesterday was not that time. A
young fellow, Joe WMlie uy name, came
up out of the West, and with thla port
wing ripped a fast ball Into the Cham
plons with such deadly effect that they
wore still swinging at pnanioms last
night, but they -wended their way home,
While it was a fast ball thatflnally
broke the winning streak or McOraw s
men, It had to be a fancy one. No ordi
nary six-pound hot could have turned
the triok. Thla apoed hot oS the young
left-hander had a kink in it that, seemed
to hurafe the bata Juat as tney. wero
about to fall upon it. Josh Devoro was
like a babe in me nanus oi at nn
being swung round by tho heels. In a
last endeovor to atop that Cardinal
Buzssaw McGraw aent sCrandall to" the
rescue when Josh came up for the
fourth time, but toe uia uocior sui
farod the same fate a the crestfallen
cltUen of Terre Haute, and Mt nothing
but the balm afternoon.
with noser iiresnanan iwruna tne oa
to guide this young phenom, the Giants
were made to look worse as the game
wore on. Occasionally Roger would oall
for a curve, but when Willis uncoupiea
his bender It was a very tame affair,
and usually went wide of the platter,
Tho fast ball, and that alone, out us
dawn to tho Cardinal slxe and gave
them tho chance to proceed with the
The only Giant who appeared to have
no fear of Mr. Willis was Chief Meyer.
The wily Indian got but one crack at
the ball, and on that occasion struck
a deadly blow to the far oorner'of the
lot for a home run the one tally mad
by Now York. At tbr time th Chief
was allowed to walk without molesta-
il noger could takn t in litfink r,rr
a tew moro pitchers llko Willis the com
Ing campaign might grow in interest.
OharlOT Fault. Who hu b,m ti,rtnt Mi
treated r.r A.irln. f. . . k . . .
the iob rraterJir and acuultte.1 himself In imusJ
trie, ttt isis, nowetir. that lie will not at.
temat to u - m until i,. i . i ....-.. . k .
wMiiuuc w ureiK oa'i ror vnaiua ne
n iii ium nimwu inio a ramier.
ay & loth St. Tel.-41 1 Colurabiu
Mat. TolM
mr, 73c Beit Beau gl.
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Edition i.f
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MAMNK IXbea.. With, Wt. Il'wai U Air.
)lTSi Er. tt.SO. MstlnreTo.ray, 2,30.
ICarneile- Eiprditlon. Wonderful Mormi
U1ttnrw.Hontlniiiilld animals alNorthPole
1'rlces l
10c, 20c, 30c Daily Matinees
MICVT U7s7Plir ' Tl" rrt Drama of
INC.A1 WE.C1V the Canadian Woods,
m issjiwtsvw 1 OI n. v. lioth HI.
AlrihluAscelislon Dally. Hw wits Thursday.
NKW Pally Matins
-nnlly Matlnao, 2 Oo Amelia. Ulnajiatn
tan "sninir'l, Bedlal
K Artnur. uonneuv it
Webb. Hoey It Lee, others
Tka Caustlsn. 11 el da MlimU. La Dao'
alma. Collins Hart. Crouch Walch
SsM Dal. Siutea atrrkw Ura,
I U "tmij
Fairmont A. C Eddie Zanders r,.
Young Kurtx of Nerwai.
Brown Qymnaslum A. A. Charlie
Sieger vs. Johnny Walta.
St. Nicholas A. C Kid Burns ra.
Johnny Marto.
Roynte A. C Brooklyn FranlBle
Callahan vs. Toung DrlscoU.
Gowanus A. C BrooklynBull
Anderson vs. Myles O'Donnell.
CILUU.r.V WIC1TB. tho fast and
clever Chicago boxer, who 14 now f
regarded one of the best feather-
weights tn this country as a result of
his undisputed victories over Johnny
Dundee of this city and Owen Moron 4f
England in ten-round bout at Syracusi,
Is due to arrive hero to-day. White is
coming to the metropolis to put the
finishing touches to his training for his i
ten-round bout with Young Shugrua,
the sturdy Jersey City fighter, Tuesday
night. This will be the Chicago Jod's
first appearance in a bout in this city.
He Is touted as a wonder by Johnny
Kllbone, the featherweight champion,
who says he Is tho best man he haa
fought. White will work out st th '
New Tolo A. A.
from elhtren
btttlt trlta Jck Jol.ruon. HmiTU .Si1.TK
to tffrntr piuotU
t mi
lie 1
tmlultr tn long Ui nth dir.
sill litlp Mm coottdtrably
In rtdurtof bit Uht
f-Ei1!' V1Lcw0ft7, tie lVeiteni mlJSl.witi
ati. V
1st A. JTlsit
to most Ifstf-
rd .Morraw, the nromlitu mlddltwc
ciiw in i ten-round bout at Bern
Mich., on the .fternoon of Jnl
lestpn Ifsroer!
raar towi in nu douu m Cilirornl (id hi
umw; . Tommj Rim. rl.lmi bt irui be nkR
for tb tltii In unother reer. "spu"!
i as
If trie offleUIi of tbe club In
in irjiax to iii
"Should I he fortunate enonfa to dtfest :
Oloter of lloiion In tnf ten-ronnd bout (ti,im
on ticti Thuraclar nljlit." aild Jeff SmluV.
trot if.V W.8lhAi'1sfc"esraTtLTai
....I..-. i.iiT.i, n .no irpvu tvr nj poor i
If I tit another rtienre with hhn I st
win im up m ociicr raiue.
Is tet-anv dar for the American rlshtaaa
nor In Austiitla. for all of them -rill Irate
I'e tbeae
To.asT on a steamer wunu tor inis eountrr.
the rsrtr n III be Sara Lanrfard, Dan ''Pprirr.
and Jar Wo train. Tber will all to direct ti
Klrrn Jl-n llarrr. the uterine M nt r.hl.m
Los Angelm.
Lenox Ave Subway to Simpson St.
TI. tut X'tlneeToayai?
fill . fll.l lat a i . T . T.
mis dinner iMsm8iiX
NEW lUSTFRniM W st,nr.li'w.W,--!5
an bat CA.it oy onxN ii'i-it aotab)
GAiEiY iv.w.a
""'I TT
With Oeom Naah and Wills;. Eddlna..
C. 1 rtRC U'usr. stlili (. i'ii
Z Mallows Weil. 4 fiat., i.ft
The Rose Maid 1ThV''tttrlJ'i:,
Em. 2 fsrt 7.. f i nan. .... At a
ICtei. S3. SO. 7B. 11. Dally Mats. 55. IV). ts
eiuniett L'urtiiaa u Co., Uenaro
llsllty, gam CShlp & llarj
usrua at.uo waia Harry, Con
roy LoSlslre. Autr lllci Bu.
Atua lisrry, Cou,
Auty Ilka. Blu
tlould. Corlatton tc wlllinr, TotS;
CEVriUlV THKATJIK. 02d St.. C. P
ratrr I'nitroitMANCKs op thu oiibit '
A!5IOK1w'ii!lh..,, Ktonlno at 'ifo
ACADEMY pvaii'ific, i4 st., lntasK
uAr H O
L?thar.d: UOth it.
IsMat. Dally. 2Bo
H'way i.
Mat. Dal
62J St.
Dally. 23r,
U Tlteomb. otSi.
pOLUMBIAJt Vr'h bakt"
DrtsjaUas Jiuilasauars.
ybo bu bMlut, fhirf of th. twining etas if
Jim lljnn. the 1'ueblA flrraun. uji thai hi I
L',n.i i..)'J?'p,l !"" oT4or
B.ltlmor. irSdt.
a nout between Johnnr rnaiiu.
tne untamwrliM clumplon. end Kid WilliiiV
the g. bantameUbt of.ttit dty. Is wWSrti
lite Cotilon iumntes of 11.600 'with ths pHrt
! of llowlei him to ecpt 0 per cr i
Democratic Contention till month. -
.niiin, f ia -
hhf - " "

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