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I r
Two World's Championship
Fights To-Morrovv.
Ooturlgbt, 1012. k Th Prm IMbUaMof Co,
(The New York Worll).
TT&lOimoW Kill be one of the tl
feat (port days on record. In the
flrt place, there'll be two worlds
ehattnptonshtp flirhts, one of twenty, one
, f forty-live rounds duration or less. It
Isn't every Fourth of July that nera two
aahAtnplonslilps stnutd..
That mysterious Johnson-Flynn affair
will remain In mystery until It la all
over and the news haa fono on the
wire. On dot, and supposlns, Just for
the aake of srirumont, that there tan,'t
and never haa betn a framo-up content
stated, Johnson should win handily.
Flynn la a very cood light hearywelcht,
but no wonder, lie has been beaten re
peatedly by 6am Lang-ford, who isn't aa
gaud aa Johnson, lie haa been boaten,
too, by Tommy Hums and by Jack Sul
livan of Montana, who Isn't a champion.
The beat thins In Flynn'a favor U his
two flints with Kaufman and Morris.
Ha knocked Kaufman out at the end of
tb tenth round. This was a good piece
of work. He cave Morris a fierce beat-'
inf in aplta of the enormoua difference
in alia and weight At that time Mor
ris was a blc. fat novice, 'lie wasn't to
be compared In any way with the bis
nan Flynn Is to meet In the ring to
morrow at La Vegas.
nuan-.bs a chance that many other
heavyweights, especially those of John
son's own shade, have been trying
anxiously to get. In making this match
JoMaaoo overlooked tho claims of Joe
Jeanette and Sam Langford, either of
whom would have been able to give him
a, batter light than the ilreman. It may
kava been that Johnson, out of the ring
for two yeara and not in the best of
shave, was wllllne to fight a compara
tively aafa flsht with Flynn, and didn't
oare to risk his title with either ot the
elhors named. . ,
what Johnson's Diana for the future
Ma no one knows. Probably they don't
Inolude a flght with Jeanette or Lang
tord. WOOXJAST and Itlvera, meeting for
the lightweight championship In
Los Angeles, should provldo
more attractive entertainment than that
at Las Vegas. The Mexican has been
dsveloplns fust, and Is said to .be anoth
er Herrera. If ntr has the. old Herrem
, puQoh he'll prove dangerous even to the
,.ough and rugged Wolgaat.
Itlvera has grown from the feather
weight Into tho lightweight class, al
though, like Wolgast himself, he Is a
acnall Ughtwelctit. Kllbane, who was
fortunate enough to defeat lllvcra after
being once beaten by him when Klvcrs
was fighting us a featherweight, tolls
ma that the Mexican la a very fast.
Vtry clever boxer aa well as a fighter
with a wallop, and that he la Just thd
sort ot fellow to give the champion the
hardest kind of a flcht.
A TIE ATTBLL fights up In the
Northwest, after which he will
' go to San Francisco lo meet
Tommy Murphy. Murphy, by the way,
haa auddenly left Ban Francisco with
Jim Buskley, and Is said to bo headed
for New York. He left word that he'd
return In time to light Attoll according
'to schedule, but the Frisco fans are
inclined to woni.tr what mystery Is ce
Ind Tommy's departure.
I have a letter from a prominent New
.York sporting mun who Is now In San
Vranelsco. lie says that he has seen
AUttll, aad that he doesn't believe the
report that Able now weighs MM
stripped. "Abe may have put on four
or Ave pounds," ho write, "but no
more than that. He looks In very good
shone, and I wouldn't be surprised
ha came out and put up a great light,
but the talk about his having grown
. into a llrhtwelaht Is being spread about
.' stmoly to boost Ills stock In coining
Which Is Interesting, of course. Hut
why la Tommy Murphy on the way
A NEWS agency that telegraph
A Items of Importance, and some
that aren't so important, to all
parts of the country, has sent out a
story that Sandy drlswold of Omaha
anil mvarlf. on the way to lai egas,
'have had a serious automobile accident
near Denver. I hopo the report u.ixiut
aundy Is as truthful is the line that
Inclmlnm ma In the "accident." Dun't
send flowers yet. please. I'm still In
New Yorki not headed for Lac Vegas,
and fceluig as chipper a-, a omiununir.
T UTIIER M'CAHTY'K manager. Mc
I Carney, Is afraid that Al Palser
" won't feel llko merlins Luther for
some time, owing to tho startling events
connected with his recent seance with
Uombardler Wells. McCarney Is of tho
opinion WWJ" I " " ' SST "mv
foTuly ctaTonX'dohnatnciura,, wiped out the handicap .hen hAvurk.
There never has been a heavyweight I
champion as youtlt us cither .McCarty
or Palser. Of course there's no hard
and fast rule about age, but It Is n well
known fact that heavy heights develop '
later in life than the little fellows.
Tney need more work and mora expert
one, and tlfty can't find chances to flaht
s otten as the smaller men. I'd like
to ace cither McCarly or Pulzer hive a
doien more fights under tlidr belts be
fore tackling an old fnx ot the ring like
" ths champion., Their- chunco of winning
would be better, and It would be h
shame to waste such good material by
swliall. Polo fir-da, To-dari 'J arnn lat
JsTsV.U., (ilanta v.. UnoUfn, jtj).Zoc.
Rube Mar quar d Wins
He'll Have
In History of the Game
Double Header With Dodgers j
To-Day Has Double Signifi
cance for the Giants.
WITH the chance ot running their
string of victories up to six
teen and the additional oppor
tunity of slamming Ilube Marquard
into the Hall of Pitching Fume, the
Qlanta will ba quite busily engaged In
the double-header with the Little
Brothers of the Itlch this afternoon.
Blr Charles labbets, who headed the
Usrooklyn delegation aa It marchfd over
ths bridge tills morning, declares that
several extra frills, to say nothing of
furbelows, will ba thrown In at the Polo
Grounds to-day, so as to give the sem
blance of a holiday to "Fourth of July's
"I didn't quite get tha name of the
celebration, Charlie?" Inquired Joe
O'Brien, as he qulr.slcally lookod at the
Brooklyn historian.
" 'Fourth ot July's Eve,' I aald," firmly
answered Sir Charles. "Yoti'vo gut
just as much right to have extra do
ings on the eve ot the Fourth of July
as you have on Christmas Eve, and I
see no reason why e shouldn't let the
newypapcr boya In on 1L"
Thua It cornea to pass that tho double-
header is on a new holiday, and thoro
Is very stronz probability of ltlcliard
do iiarqum, commonly Known as "Ituoc
Marquard," getting up In the picture
In other words, all pro-veterans to the
contrary notwithstanding, Monsieur do
Marquis has the cliunca ot winning
nineteen straight games and passing all
records In either the new or tho old
testament. Jt the Itube puts ono over
on Brooklyn he will have to be cred
ited with the most remarkable pitching
streak since buiebll became a town
lot pastime.
Another ballot was taken yesterday
on the continuous question as to
whether Luby, back In the dark ages,
won twenty conseoutlvo games or
eighteen, but nono ot tho delegates
could get the necessary two-thirds ma
jority, In the press box, and an adjourn
ment was had until this afternoon,
when the leactlonarles may withdraw.
Tho conservative old birds are iittll
fumbling around for the necessary fig
ures, i
During the recent visit of the Uraves
there was ample opportunity for these
extraneous dlscusilons, but If Hubo
Marquard and Nap Itucker should go
to the mat this afternoon It Is likely
that there will bo no spare time for
pitching record debates. That scrap
ought to be a hummer.
To show the trend 6f things. It might
be well to mention, however, that when
It was noticed yesterday that each of .the
Ilravo llostonlans had rccured n hit one
of the young progressives In tha press
box Jumped to Ills feet In great ajxclte-
"That's a new record," he exclaimed.
"The first tlmo every batter on u tenm
ever made r. hit and went donn to de
"Maybe you think so," droned a re
actionary, "but 1 saw the snme thing
happen to tha old Louisville club In thu
fall ot 1S77," He theroupon dug up
enougn pro-veternns id prove ills claim
and the new mark hud to be stik'krn
from tli rolls.
We'll get that fellow yet,' even It we
have to show how a modern batter once
hit a home run and drove In five runs,
If nny one doubts that assertion, wn are
tiri'iturt'd to explain It to tile ciitlnftte
tlon ot "II on a day to lie announced In
the near future, lly tho way, that might
be worth while figurine on In thu In
Old Doctor Crnndall went about his
work nf pitching to the Droves In a
wuy that wns tnorouKhly satisfactory
to the fans. That Is to say, he used his
little dink curve until hn had spotted
them three runs and then mowed them
W. L. I'O.I Club. W. L. PC.
New Vara 11 Mi I'Ula'nhla. M Si .433
Chirago... 3ti i ,hs, ItrooUrn.,, V.1 'M .:iU7
I'lttaOurgU S7 .7 .OJM.Ht. 1XIUU,, i'J 4J ,ilt)
ODilnuatl 8 3'4 lluilou
:o is .tn
New York, T; BoeUin, 3.
l'lilla,HI'Mi. 7i llrooklju, 0.
Clilrajj, ;i; l'Uuburgb, i.
Brookhn at New York, Two gamea.
I'hlladilihle at llcatos.
Best Record
WASHINGTON, July J.-Wlicn the
Now York American Hall Club
reached here for their series with
the Senators, starting to-day, they
had with them a new shortstop,
Leo O'Dowd, purchased yesterday
from the llrockton club of the New
England League. Tho new man
may ho usod at second base, as the
Highlanders are badly off for a
player for that position. Hal
Chase during the season In Iloston
covored the middle station, but was
very much out of place there.
poled a deadly blow Into the left field
stand with two on bases. It was a
pretty home run, but, mind you, in this
day of reactionary and closo figuring;
wn.nre not claiming It as a record.
flpeaklng of long wallops, George
Wlltsa claim to have found the solution
ot tha strange fact that moro home
runs are being hit this year than ever
"It's almply because we don't get any
thing for It," says Hooks. "In the old
days when a home run brought In a pair
of shoes, a one-cylinder suit of clothes,
a bnx of Insulated cigars, a pound of
candy, u chunk of cheese and a dozen
pulrs of socks there wns much anxiety
on the part of batters. They were al
ways trying to lilt the ball Into tho
liKlit field stand and their anxiety got
tho beat of them. Now tint they have
noiimig to worry nbout titty are hlttln
the ball hardef. As for myself, I nover
r.us worr l about the matter. I tlon't
hit tho circuit wallops nowadays slm
Ply because thcro Is nothing In It. I'll
do It some day In a pinch Just by way
ot exhibition."
The Olantt wiw Ttrr much Intfiv.tal la the
Iwtfurraince of (lenrje Pierce, Im pltnlitr mill
Itio lium jrtm tbr print trtlulns. ) Uurk
uilt lfnlj tu mm lo (tine In Wllkf.biiro
two ilt u, on f tlirni who follow tin
doiw i.rrtty ejowlj r tht I'lrrr u uol ciat
m for rortTi-uht InnJiyji. While a (Hint t'leree
iiiq rrrriuunj uut rontrui na tie trMcrctlr hu
got tiie ot Hint now. The cbanra re
that he Kill Mil nwthtr chance lu the bll
lllck.irv t)lrkin. Ihi. man wlin nlthi1 fn- K
Ilra.tr ji',tr,lij, mil a niimhiY ot the .New York
trim during ttin eiaion of lltlo. lie waa a great
farorlte with lit ttaaimatti and notwIthatatMllng
Die laot that he waa nlarant liMt lufnre Ilia en.l
it the eam ttwo wll tutnt to glfa tilm a ahare
of t!i" itI'c niniirj' from the nut-eta.m Krlea
llli uie .uuiinoei.
Htmr writer tina figured out that hut hr tho
raki 'n the lurk the tllanta wnuM tie do better
an finitti ilara 1n the prevent race. Taklog
,tanlage (it liuk U nne cf the meet Imtiortanl
Jotiartmfivta of the iwUme lie inliht Jibt aa
the ll i.'.on llraira luinlJ he lra.llng the Ifjgiw. I
Few Wagers
On Wolgast
Rivers Battle
(Hpeclal to Tlie HvenlDs WorU.)
LOS ANGHL1W, July 3. Betting on the
WolKast-Itlvers fight Is still rather light,
us the odds still favor tho champion at
C to 10 ntul 1 to - It Is believed Ulvers's
supporters are wultlng for the titinoh
from Han Pranclsco to arrive to-dny,
100 by the steamer Vale and SOU by spe
cial train to-murrov, to loosen up the
cash. Th Mexican's friends consider
tho Northern light funs such admirer
ot the champion that they will give
almost nny odds, and they figure that
to clean up their undent cnemlos from
the Hay nnd to get better odds thnn
offered by Wolmist'n friends here, will
be killing two birds with one stone.
Wolgast should be no hotter than 7 to
10, and thai S to in would bo about right.
There is little betting on the number of
Iloth men priicllcally completed their
hard work Monday, lu fact, Wolgast
cmcd up perceptibly, boxing only threw
immds with "Hobo" Dougherty and do
Ins but six miles on the road, Yester
day he did no boxing nt all, and only
light load work and gymnasium exer
cises. To-dny he Is renting.
ers .dlil nearly hi full routine nf
but alow cd down In hl boxing,
W. U I'D,
Club. IV. 1 Pi'
Cleitlaad, 8.1 3 ,'j,t
IVtrolt.,, 34 ,1ti aa
Hi. louta., I'll 4tl ,3U1
.New Vor. 1W 41 ,3o;
I'hlla'nhk Stt 1.0 .000
tlutaio,, HI 3D ,t!.V
Wlali'ton. 3!) HI .S57
w crk. 0; lloaton, 7,
lahlsiton, 0: 1'hllaJeipbla, I,
troll. Hi Claealand. 7.
bl, Unit, 2; C'Mcago, j, Flrat game,
fct, Loula. 4: rhlrago, I, Eirond lame.
:d fom to.day.
Niw ctl at WaaMcttia,
Iioatoa at I'hllaSelpiTa.
Cleialana it Detroit.
Clilcaro at Bt. 1-oule.
nun DE5tRTe
Five Gafnes in Three Days for
Hilltops at Washington
Double Header To-Day.
(Special tn The Eranlng World.)
t pirrvTivivw 11 I Tilt. TT3rtf,
11 .lOlll.iil.ii j - .
nth's .Senators tackto the haples.i High-'
landers hero to-dny In u double header,
and Walter Johnson, the Kansas cy-,
clone, has been javed for the first game. I
Washington, slnco Its return from tho
Weit, whero everything was swept be
fore Jt, has been forced to play tho ,
leaguo leaders, Philadelphia nnd IJos- j
ton, and out ot the last sixteen games '
but six have been won, so It la with a
sigh of relief thnt Old Kox Grlfllth,
watched tho wxirhJs champs put) out of
town last night.
"Wo will get some easy picking now,
boys," he remarked to his players In 1
the clubhouse aftor yestorday's game, t
"New York will he with us for Jive
games in three days, and I don't pro
pose to lose a eltl.lo game."
Tho chances arc that big Jim Vaughn, 1
former Highlander will pitch the Bee- !
ojid game tn-day ngalnst his old team- ,
mates. Vaughn has only worked once !
since joining UrliT's forces aud If- anx-1
lous to go In the box.
cutting out the rough stufr and confin
ing himself to fancy stunts, In which
he was very npectacular. He boxod six
light rounds yesterday, did a llttlo gymn
work and took .. run along tho bench.
To-dny hn also Is resting, llo weighs
133 pounds nlmust to the notch.
International Alp liner Kntrlps.
KANSAS CITY, Mo., July 3,-San
Francisco, Denver, St. Louis, ICans.ii
City, Akron, O., and possibly Indlarn
polls and Nashville will have entilos In
the American elimination contest for the
International balloon rnco for tho Jnme
Ourdon Hennett Cup to start In Kansas
City July 27. Ht. houla will enter four
balloons and Kansas City two.
rfitlit Ilrturna, at Hull (iniue.
Thrre'll he a game la)ej on the lltr.tou to.
morrow deaiiile the fact that the lllahiin,,. ...
way fron home. The l.t.i,-iu tilanta ot th: tltj
an.1 tt. Itoial tilanta of llrwihlni. wlio rocrntlr
retiunol front a siiermaful trlii tlirougli tin Wmi
aim nouin, aiv me cniin n.i- trm lull (litre
It la Itkiljr tlult the ltojal battery will lie Nhti
sua WfUler, t'jWune Joe illume and "Home
Hun" I'ethu will. or for the New Yorkrra, l'la
will he callet at ,( 1'. M anl retuma of the
Johnn.'ljun flgbt nlll lie iU',t munil hj rouna.
M. Mnrks to Ploy Chrrrj- l.aura.
ft. Uaika I.yoeum team of Hhretiahrail liar.
with a rwiml of fourteen 1ctorle During jet U
owei neirei una xaanni wn rro luta with the
Ohcrri l.anea tn-morrjir os the home bto in.li at
nn1wiifau nay race rounae. nutier and William,
the atar "ponjr laitter)." will be In the jioinU for
SU Muka. Danie will t railed at S.30,
Slellody Ursni Willi Mnelln.
MANClllWTEIt, N. U July 3. llonej Mel.
lodr of Hoitou amieareil In ilace of Kid Hem.
Ing of OUltown, Me., in tlie wain Unit with Terry
Martin In Mechanics' Hall an,t acored an even
hrrak with Ibe nigsed Mancheater boter. It waa
agnd that uo iImUIoii ahould be gliea It both
voiere wire on their fret.
, internationalTFague.
Blandlnsx of the Clnlis,
Club. W. I. I'd!
Rocbeiter. lu 21) ,ST4
Ilaltlmar., ST 0 ,6.12
Jeraer Cltl SS Hi Mi
. Club.
W, U PC,
l'rortdence. 32 '8h .478
Huffalo m as .a.vt
Torouto,,, 34 34 BOO
Montreal... 40 .420
Resnlls of Yeslerdar's Qauira.
Jtrae; City. 8 s Nrwaik, 4,
llochMter. 0; Toronto, 3, Flrat game.
Tonnto, 6 1 ltocheatu, 4).
rcurwtcj, w. OffL-vaq gam.
i Baltlooor. 5.
riotuicce, it
Bulftlo, Ci a
IDtKU, a.
Championship of Lower Bay
at 1 Stake in Battle for
Atlantic Trophy.
Six entries have been received
SO far i
by the regatta committee of the At
lantic Yacht Club for tho first ot tho
Rcrles of threfl races to decide the motor
boat championship of the lower bay.
Two races for tho costly Atlantic
Trophy, emblematic of ethe title, will be
decided on Saturday. At 11 o'clock In
the morning there will ibe a contest for
displacement craft, and at noon the
hydroplanes will bo sent over the
course. In the nfternoon the displace
ment boats will start nt 3 o'clock and j
tho hydroplanes ono hctr later.
The boats that already have entered
for the displacement races are Gunfire
Jr.. the property of W. J. Halliard,
Columbia Yacht Club; Wee Potcr Pan,
which belongs to .. K, Vlgouroux,
Huguenot Yacht Club, and Vita, the
property of Paula II. niackton. St.
Aususllno Power Hoot Club. In tho
hydroplane class Mrs. Paula II. niack
ton has entered Vita Jr., Tiny Tad Is
entered by Dr. II. 55. Itatt. New York
Motor Hoat Club, and Mttlr Maid will bo
raced by her owner, Plerro A. Preal,
lted Hank Motor Iiont Club. As thcro
will be no regatta for sail croft on the
lower bay next Saturday, the motor
boat races will occuov the full otl.r,il
of Qravosend Pay Corinthians.
To-morrow thcro will be plenty ot
fun at the Atlantic Yacht Club. In the
morning thero will bo a regatta off Sea
ifato under the auspices of the Benson
hurst incht Club. In the afternoon
thero will be a r;eptlon and at night
tnero will bo a concert by the Thir
teenth Heglment Band, flreworlli and a
Venetian Carnival In whlra-i all the clubs
on Uravesend Bay will bo represented.
Race To-Night
Kresh from triumphs over the best men
In Philadelphia. Harry K It-bos comes to
Hid Studlum-Motordrome at Ilrtgnten
Bench to-night to wrest the Eastern rac
ing laurels from Arthur Chappie, the in
defeated New York sensation, In a
4hreo-hu.it match motorcyclo raco.
in the professional events Charllo
Davis, Kcrdle Mercler, Johnny Cox and
H.lly Wray will have a hard battlo, while
the amateur event will bo between
Johnny Constant, tho champion, and
Daredevil Mlko Costello.
To-morrow afternoon and night tho
first holiday bill ot the season will be
handled with the amateur championship
and tho elimination professional match
race In the afternoon. Chappie will look
bars with Speedy Vandorberry ot Phlla
delphla In the star raco of the night's
3, 1912.
Bombardier Wells to Box
Tom Kenned on July 18
Billy Gibson Signs Big Heavy
weights for Another Inter
national Bout at Garden.
lish heavyweight champion who
made such a groat Impression on
the local flght fans by his wonderful
showing tn his rocent battle with Al.
Palzcr, will be seen In action again
In another teji-round bout at the Gar
den A. C. on Thursday evening, July
IS. Ills opponent In this bout will be
Tom Kennedy, ths promising local
"white hope" who displayed such good
fighting form In his ten-round go with
Jim Stewart. All arrangements for the
match were quickly clinched at a meet
ing between the managers of the fight
ers who accepted the terms offered
them by Billy Ulbson ond then afilxed
their signatures to the articles of
Although there wa a report rorculated laat
night to the effect that Al. I'alier bid refused
to fight Luther McCartr, tho "white hope" from
MpringfMld, .Mo., lllllj tllbaon told the wrltei
earir to-.lij tiiaat the match waa on anl that be
aa to meet the fig'itera to-Jay and aelect a date
for the I'ontcit. if bj tnj chance the match
lalla through tui Indlcattona are that McCartr
will la matched to fight Joe Jeanette,
Pac'.er McFarlind will pick uji I1.P00 more
tn-ulsht by clUt'lailoi hu great hoiire ahill In a
"round bout with i!Jlo Itiadall, a light.
eizi or i'miioeiinii, at mc Illiitwdrome Park
in Cincinnati. Aa ltanilall doca not dan wltli
McVarland, tho T'.ii'i."ji are that Packer will
jab hit war to tUtory nr., I tike thing ml;!ity
taAtr while he la sen.llng thrae mincln'a into Man
ilall'a fare. Alter thi bout McKarUnd will re.
turn to Una riu anil meet tome local liehtwelglit
at the tlarJen A. C.
In the future the .St. Mcholai A, 0. will hold
Ita ahoni on Wnluraiar inatead of Tuiaday crru
Ing. Tho Mr.Mab.iU lirothera make this shift be
came they frit that thty irjgu; loc moner if
tbty held their alio the nigh; after the Harden
A. r. bouia, T.ie Mc'lahona claim Hie allow at
the (lanltn A, C, on .Mondoy night Iniumi tlielx
show last night by at lia.t I1.5MJ.
Johnny Kilhaoe. tlie frathrrweight champion,
will be called utm to drfrnd hi title again to
morrow n'glit. lie will uu-et Tumtay Diiun. the
iltrer boxer of Kama Cltjr. In a twelTe.rouml
bo.-t at snow to be brought off u Clerelaod.
Johnny Coulon rtcelred 1376 for beating Joe
Wagner at the St. N'ichiias A, C. Tha auiu
wat forty per irnt. of the itroea recclpla, nhlcn
were I1.44U. Wagner for loeini go; (216, fifteen
per cent, of the croaa.
Jao Hourk.
tl itu:d.r mllliowelitht of Lan.
anotlier American fiahter who i
i-atj. Pa,
coiig to
mako a trip to Pari for figlita. He
will sail for the other aide when he returns from
hla trip West, liotick ha been pnmlaed three
nig llgnca in i-aria in me ibii. one oi wmcn will
be with Ueorge Orpenllcr, the l'rrnch champion.
Tn-nme Te.
manager of lcung Sh uruc. the
grritt (ratherwKlght of Jersey
kiil oi jersey uiir. o,eiar..i t.i.
day that be intends to elgn artlrlra vrithin the
neat forty-elglit luura lor Hburzrue to meet
Johnny Dun.lff, the local boier, tn another ten
round bout In this ciu is three week. 'The
seit time Shuirrue mecta Dun.lee." laid Lee. "he
"ill boat Urn More dfchlrtly than lie did on Moo
day night, aa he will know Ms ,-t)le of fighting
fining to tb fact. that. Jimmy Clabhy. who
onlr iMunwl Irom .luetrajia a itw aaia ago,
coulJ not get Into condition in thn for his tiro,
mW ten. round bout with alike Gibbon at lluf.
falo to nwrrow, the officials of the club whioh
intiml.J to lirhj olf the ,ba.ttle will not hold a
', Knockout llroyrn anl Jimmy Duffy, the
llninii inrtiiwrigni, riu mre m len.round bout
In toat city to-ni;ni. .
Blur Keating, manaccr of Ilan7 Tremble, will
me.t I1HW lll'.iain to.day at Madison Houaru flar.
drn to arrange a date for a match between Trcm.
Die ana rai .mooiv,
Harry Tracer, the cracx featherweight nf Phlla.
delphla. lsst night at -the Mcrenth Wanl llrmo
iratlc Club of Newark again won a el Mund con.
tet from Joe lleynol'la. Tracer knocked hi no.
nonent down in tlie tlret two rounds. Ton Mc.
Anile of tl Harden A. C. was a ietator, and
has promIfd Traoey a bout at MadUon ftqnare
Suliiirliiina vs. HrooUlyn 1'illaiina,
An ii.-tllenl holiday attraction la sclieilulod for
Subiithan ileal, Sixteenth ami llraw-aend areniiM,
llrooWlyn, for Jub 4, wlien tlw Suburbans and
llrooklyn Hilanns ciaan in ue nr eiuno ot a
.V..t. ... ,t-miln the chamManshln at ltr.vik,
lyn. Until th 'ul are plying faat liall nr.d
are al'rtntlJ ortuly matcnwl. and a rW cw.a
U wrtain. inter or iirdn will rttrh for tl.o
lillanna, wiule Tnnjoa or Kcchen will be In tlie
hoi for u huniiriiana.
I.ouKlirrr Wlna Over Cr Smith
PltOVIDKNCi:. July .1. Krank Iugi,,,,
Philadelphia landed the dejlalon over ''Cyclone
Cy" Hmlth ot New Jersey In the main bout of
lltteen piiuids at the Marlerille A. t'. iKiughrev
earned tn maini ' nmaaj nj iiara, dean
..,,n,.htnff in the fOUrth. Sending .Soillti flvln
through the roa.
Smith eras all but
jl uie mu ui inr 1391 mund
LAS VEOAS. N. M July 3. Jack
Johnson and Jim Flynn. who'll meet
here to-morrow in a ring battle for
tho heavyweight championship, havo
agreed thero shall be no hitting In
tho clinches and that they must take
care of themselves In tho break
awnys. Iteferee Smith will breuk
them In event" of an infraction of
hoia and hit rule The two
gladiators nnd the referee held o
lone conference, during which time
they discussed tho rules that will
Enf "Rht' Everything went
along without any expression of ill
Wagner Lucky
To Go Limit
With Coulon
Coulon, tha bantamweight
had the easiest kind nf
defeating Joe Wagner, the game
Italian bantamweight In . tn.
round bout at the Bt. Nlhcolas A. C.
show. Coulon was entirely too fast and
clever for Wagner and as a result land
ed so often with his snappy blows that
was a wonaer Wagner went the limit.
In only two rounds did Wagner make
ny kind of a showing, these round.
bolng tho second and eighth, when he
mannged lo got over some heavy left
and right swings to Coulon's face and
Jaw, which Jarred him for a few sec
ond at a time.
In the other eight sessions Coulon
waded Into Wagner and drove hl
punches so fast Into his face and stom
ach that Joe wms In distress several
tunes, tne dcji coming to his rescue. In '
tho tenth and last round Coulnn 1
after Wagner with the hope of putting '
mm away, ann aitnougn ne scored with
heavy blows, Wagner fought back hard I
ano succeeaei in lasting the round out,
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UK XIIIY I To-ntght
mnrii 1
Indianapolis Boxer Declared
He Was Too 111 to Box
at Boston Club,
(Special to The Erenlng World.)
BOSTON, July 3. Young Suylor, tha
Indianapolis lightweight, was the causa
ot 1,000 fans .being disappointed at the
Pllcrlm A. A. liv nnt meeting Mattv
Baldwin In the f.uro bout, as ha had
agreed, lie was nil rlsht when he
weighed In during tho uttcrnoon, r"'1
when he went to the clibhouso In'
evening he refused to box, ctTtmlngv,"
was sick. mir-
The club physician examined him
said that thcro was nothing the ma- 8"
with him, but still Baylor refused to- 8he
In the ring. leen'a.
As an excuse, for Saylor not going1 '
against Baldwin. J. Mack, his manai
said his man wns flick with malaria iflctr;
unablo to box.
-The two prellmlnrles that were sUg'urt
iv.ro mil .l-.. ti ur
and Frankle Mack boxed a fast clfl. on
round draw. Joo Nelson of Lawreu'rt
stopped Jerry Oalnes In four round, opt,
ws ms,
Teddy Murphr Shaded. ady
.VOItTil AII.VMS. Ma.. Julr 3. The Wsffl'a
mi llateway A. 45. ataseil two tea-round bout -
Hill II Jtr en nf IliL. etlv Ml Hp.w rltl. v V1 -
, King of Philadelphia in the flrat, while Tenia
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tn a can f UlcxI lo tlie
lirim with water,
wliloii, roieml anil
lockril eiith ail locki,
is tlien tmt into an
also aii-urtly lierkicl.
lloujii.l muat rataiie
to artit't dro-.irlng.
To.Mornel Mlsfat
lloinllol ctvaOanced by
extHTt packers of Uea
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Mill hate lo p-oie hla
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l iiaikiia ca'. 'lioll
n I II lo anurtly Kalcl
ami ualliil up by aaitl
Parkers ami ho aecurs
Ir lleil.
1.1 (II II Kit
Itlti AITh !
M'KAV .'t I'A.M'WKI.I.. .I'll: JACKSdN,
AltTill'it in;.un., Tiir; iimiki.,
it Ollllll.NAI. TIJAH t'llKAHIHK-S
TIIMMV llMUii;.',
IlKIlT Mlil.lttMi:,
1.I1W III'R'l; nn.l
I.II.I.IA.N (lllN.Vi:.
MAV'lt llAlt.MIIMSH.
II Nll (It' IS.
a hitxi:sT.s.
VKTlllllA 4,
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e it riiHi.vM-iirai.
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rniiLiuit -'a.iiti. SLiiUhT.u & iirrrl
N. V, Tlli:Tlli:S fll.ll.I'l.l. .Mott ti Jlai.
e 1. 1 1
Huraluni Ac Green.
Mh i.t
Frank Wane A Co,
- uiiii r
?1i) sr..
up. iiiii i
U.Wt Tl iT I'llUTO 1'f.AYI
ril v.VjlBK IMII.V. rontlnwint
II A, V. till I'M, 'Aft.5.10.15;.
l.es in to 'J Pome ne Time.
.i.F miia. .v illCllv
20 ,v "A Al.
rli. i; in It ,y, He,, s.ju.
i ii.ii, , i 11,1,1 i.ji wA,sat.
Ji i.l L" .."'Tit . .. L' f . i
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Ms.. t. ta-k
Churchill's I EKii,TiEs
llroailjaW .V 4'Hh St. (UrtllU
I' LAY 1X1
I Ff iK'-N Till: A.. K. Ilth i...-.ito AraJemf
rIA O MAT, IIMI.Y l'rl. i-h III, SO, UOO
FilXN TIIK... K. Ilth ip.a.ite
rtlAO MAT. II MI.Y I'rli'fh III. i
WEST END lu, 20
ttiitsi: i.4vto.m o t' v i
HTIK'K f. Ill O 1 . C, L,
20 & 30c
Mtrl'iiit HACKS. ni'AlilUM "
uimiirriiN uuacii i-aiik smr iitimuua.
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'aiimis-ikin JSC.
Tlckda tt M'llUIIIK'rt a'l I TYSO.N'g.
NW Ually Nat. Sop. "Tlie Antique llrl,'
S. Miller Kenl.l anny liricr,
..vm. ... ,.rin, v so. O
llrourn. llios.. .1 uuiaian Trouoe.
I lie WJnK. Minnie Alien.
Ml MC" 'llAIXT"
MIVS'V SUV . v r.
Hrlrn rreilerlrU .t 4'n Ktlid fireen'.
M.t7 Hall, llnllnl .V Arthur, 'ttiSi
Topiiny Dani ffa. Chne. Fanny Van, ""ai

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