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-THJB V K 1K0 , -W.QA lilt, - iW.E D,K E S.D A.Y , JJIL.T". LO.MJU.
"- . tW.l
' ffli ,
aaC hU ItttU lstr purua and Dwyr
wu almost on tlx hU of Krmar
when that younK man turnrd the corner
of One Hundred and Korly-tth street
And plunged Into the mi of Patrol
man Murphy.
Kramer traa taken to the Morrlaanta
Police Court and arralcned beforo
Maaietrate Barlow. After the little if J I
had told her etory the Court held Dm
prlaoner In 1600 hall and sent word to
Cfcpt- Price that It might be worth while
t lrHrrort the younc man and learn
where be apant laat Saturday nlsrrt and
Bandar moraine. Kramer denied the
oharre of the Dwyer frrl. and aatd Uat
ha bad not even apoken to the child.
He llrei, he aayi, at No. 4SS East One
Dandrxd and Thlrty-eUhth etreet. lie
amrte that be can prove a complete
allU aa to bie wherebouti on Saturday
and Sunday. Ilia etory will be carefully
Invaatlirated after the detective have
fUtahed grilling him.
While the arreet of Kramer li merely
mm incident or the day, a 'Teeplng
Tarn" haa auddenly loomed up aa the
lateit auapect to crop out of the kaleido
scopic ahlft of theorlae of the detecttvea
who are working on the caee. The
butcher boy clue of yeeterday haa been
at awlftly abandoned aa it waa aelxed
After eitabllthimr that thla youth
, knew the victim of the horrible crime
and many of her tittle frlfnda, that he
waa familiar with the neighborhood. It
at laat came to light that he moved out
of the dletrlct a month ao and hud not
been eeen there etnee. Furthermore, It
le learned that thla youth was norma!
and wai -well thought of by all who
; knew him. ,
In the oaae of the new auapect, Capt.
feam Price haa elnrled out a feeble-wit-test
man of degenerate ltnpulae who
haa been twice arreated In the llronx
litca laat Marth. Ha la about twenty
two years old, nhort And thtck-Ket nnd
ao far ai haa brrn learned haa no fixed
place of abode.
A month ago thle man waa arretted
t St Joseph's Convent, One Hundred
and Eighty-eighth afreet and lUthgate
avenue, when he waa oiught In the
act of climbing up n lattice to peep Into
the airle' dormltorlea.
The arrest waa brought about by for
mer Pollcoman I'M rick It.dd of tli
Bronx, whoee daughter la In tl con
vent. He had been Informed by Ms
daughter nnd several ot her frlende
ism mis man nd been annoying them,
that fie waa constantly hov.iring about
the convent and seeking to peep Into
wtnaowa. Also he would stop little girls
la the alraet ami leer at them while
hfi talked rapidly In n strange tongue.
Held and Detective Conway went to
the convent and hid themselves in the
rounds. About bedtime the peeper came
sneaking through the shrubbery and
climbed up on the Cattle outside of thu
firla' dormitory window. Held wid
Conway pulled him duwn und tool; him
to the Bathgate avenue station. He
waa armed with a long slender knife of
the stiletto pattern. Aa the utliorlt i
i in convent refuted to aimctr
against him, the man was dlarhargwl.
Ob March 4 last the same man waa
arrested on a similar cuiiiplalut. Dur
ing the last month, It Is said, he has
bean aeen much In the nelglibjrhood of
the Connors home and In Crotona Park,
,Oapt. Price, who command the
Bronx detective bureau and has charge
t the investigation of the murder, de
clared to-day that he and his men were
Making progress.
' '"Hvery minute," he aald, "we are get
ting closer to the man who perpetrated
thla monatroui crime. We have fol
lowed many false Icada because we
could not attord to neglect any line a!
Ia,a.ujry auggested. We have eliminated
it Uast the storlea of that atrunxe lit-
tlo girt I'loitnce Molx. who lied o
i,v am iivi.iikc fivi. niiu tt.n
amailngly from the moment she had a
chance to talk. While her stories set
us back fully forty-eight hours In our
Investigation, such a slight hindrance
will not prevent ue from solving this
T Rev. father ter Farrell, pastor
ait tU Joaeph'e Roman Catholic. Church
at' On Hundred and Seventy-aevenlh
;'a4rt and Bathgate avenue, the llronx,
iaaM fo-0ay that the slaying of JulU
S'Cwwor ahouli serve aa a terrible warn-'f-ing
to the mother of the llronx. He
-aok of Crotona l'nrk nt a snk of In
Multy, where Immorality thrived desplta
it-honest elTorts of the police.
"Xa." aald Kather Knrrell, "lint Mr.
Cosaora haa bitterly criticised the pie
Ho. Doe he expect to have a hiIco
man aUtloned ut every doorway In the
'.Bronx to prevent little girls who s'.ould
be kep( at home from being draiftieil In
'ami Harmed? It seems to mo that the
mother Is much to blame In esse of
tbta kind. Mothers of to-day are too
; In, A good old fashioned mother would
have bad ait eye on that child. Many
. blame the moving picture shows and nt
the same time make no effort to keep
'their children away from thnm. Our
'.warnings from the pulpit are unheeded
when they are heard and In the case
d-of many Catbollo mothers they are not
j heard. It Is too deplorably truo that
uCathollo mother nowadays loth nig
fleet their" children and the church."
:7 ..John M. Mahr. a veteran patrolman
,'- the Arsenal station In Central
ft Park, who returned from a sickbed
oily Monday, Jumped Into the Harlem
Hare, a email lake in the upper part
. of the park, and rescued Morris Cohen,
twenty-two years old, a weaver of No.
Wit Park avenue, who attempted eul
clde to-lsy.
(Morris, who explained' afterward
. that he had family troubles, walked
up and down on the enntern shore of
tha nitre nar One Hpndred and Klghth
sirest, .tearing bl hair and moaning.
Many women and children were seated
In in neighborhood. They grew al
armsd at It t as actions, but bofore they
could lOmmon help he dhnd Into the
water, which Is twelve feet deep, and
, mad pi attempt to save himself.
Mahr heard the women screaming and
cam runnlnkT to tii'i mere. The patrol
man stripped off ,ils co-it and threw his
hitt to the groimd, hut retained his r
volvtr, althouir.i he knew It would
weigh him down In the water, through
fear that rome of the children would
gjt hold of the weapon and do them
selves harm, Then lie plunged Into tn
.nere and dragged Cohen to shore. Dr.
Howe of the Presbyterian llopltsl took
Cohtn to Bellevue a jrlsvner, charged
wMk attMd gmelde;
? 0jyr -SST
Just Landed From Cuba With
Partner, Proceeds to Coney
'Friend Disappeared, However,
and Smith Couldn't Pay
Sea-Going Rates.
James r. Smith and William Oatman
of the United Htnte Marine Corps were
among thono who arrived In this port
on the transport Hancock from Cuba
yesterdiy. Hmlth reached the Italph
avenue pollen station In Brooklyn at
exactly a quarter of m hour bofore
midnight nnd was thin morning amnni;
those present at the dally reception
given In the Gates Avenue Court at
which Magistrate Nitumcr presided.
It was like this. As aoon as the
Hancock'M cangplank was rooting In
the soil of the Cob dock of the Brook
l)n Navy Yard, .Messrs. Hmlth anil Oat
man were headed for Coney Island be
cause Coney Islund Is so different from
They walked out of Coney Island's
Bowery Into Hurt avenue ut a quarter
beforo 10 o'clock, The hlKgeet and most
restful sight which loomed up before
them wa n yellow taxicab with one
Joseph Dougherty on Its throne. They
at unco climbed In.
Hmlth was reluctant to go aboard. He
said ho had a dollar and sixty cents
and ha (hoiiKht thut vas enough to get
I him to the Navy Yard by strei-t car,
counting in the necessary stop-overs.
Uut Oatman showed a Urge cylindrical
roll of green nnd yellow papers and
said he had money enough for u taxi
and stop-overs too. The only stop
overs either Dougherty or Hmlth can
remember were at Ocean I'urkway, at
the Bedford (test ut llcdriird avenue
and Kistern Parkway and at Trom
mer'a llrewery In Hushwlrk avenue,
On leaving Trommerii'a (he two no
ticed for the first time that friend O.it
man was not with them. Tho fact that
he had drift! out into the fog did not
at the time trouble them. It became
ItnnnHinl In Vln llftMII r nnii.tiarlv nl
. nt mn when h w umiih u
the II. M from his pocket nnd count
It on the bar,
"Oners we
sighing apprehensively,
better settle up," said
"Surest thin you kniw," assented
8mth. "Clo aa far as you like. How
"Hevcn dollars and seventy cents,"
aald Dougherty, with an eagle eye on the
"Nothing doing," aald Smith. "There
ain't so much money In the world unless
Oatuun's got It. It's your fault wc lost
Oatman, anyway, let's go look for
They returned to tho taxi nnd moved
elouly down Ilushwlck nvenun until
Dougherty sighted Policeman Melgal of
the Italph avenun sUtlnti. At tlu chauf-
rurs invitation mukki ciimncii nimum.
t The next aiop wna tho
lt:n. There Smith, w
iiuijiji avenue
eeplng over the
Ingratitude of u nation Inward Its de
fenders, was ;ut to bed on u bench In
n cell.
"Did you drlnl; nnythlng ynurtnlt;"
Magistrate Nnumrr Ki'd Dougliorty
when th" case was called In the Uatea
Avenuo Court.
"1 might have had a brer or so.'t i.ild
the chnurreur.
"How much did you ronrum,e?" asked
tho Magistrate,
Dougherty, who had gone to sleep nf
ter answering tin previous iiuest on,
Jerked tun head up with an aiury snip.
"VV didn't K In Consumors' llrewery
at nil," he sn'.il. "Didn't I tell you ue
went to Tromniers?"
The M.irtlstrnte llgurril out that If.. 3d
was n bout the right charge for tho
laxlenh, calculating by lullruRe und thn
tnxlrnh rules, no iiintter what I ho
"clock" falil. Doucherty icturued In
wakefulness lo explain Hut hp had
to ohnrgo for thn ' time vonKumed In
vtop.ovet even If h did participate
In thn perquisites threor. He even
added 10 cents for Ihe wnlt at tho
police station, beenue the company
rules roinpellrd him to, he raid.
Tim MaglMrutn took llinlth's promtHo
that he would pay 13. va In the tuxlcnb
company oeiore naiuroay ami semi mo
Court u receipt and would do Mm best
to have Oulman pay up IiIh half, Ion,
and shooed both men out of court.
In all competitions the winner
scores three points; second, two
points; and third, one point.
United Btatea
Finland , . . , ,
United Btatea es
Swsdsa St
art at Britain tu
Finland , 33
Franc 19
Africa 11
atnuauy ll
Denmark 10
Norway ,,, 7
Italy 6
Clreeoe , , , . , , , , , 3
Xuasta , 3
Holland , 1
Amatrla 1
U. S. Commissioner Alexander
Takes Plunge in Dark, Break
ing Three Ribs.
United Htnle Commissioner Alexander.
who Is also clerk of the Federal in.
trlct Court, was absent from his desk
to-liny. The reason why he was not at
his iirTIro w.n that Inel night ho fell
down a thlrteen.fout well nn !
Kroimds of the new home which Is being
tiullt for him on tho hills back of Herri-
man In Orange county and escaped
death by h narrow margin.
Three of Air. Alexander'a ribs were
fractured by the fall In the dark and
he received a long cut In his scalp. Ids
physician said to-day that the Commls.
sloner would probably be confined to his
bed lor some time.
Mr. Alexander has been living In a
hnue rented from Ward Ilrower about
n quarter of a mile away from the
home which Is being built for him on
the height hack of the railroad station
nt Ilarrlman, and last night, according
to his custom, he started out In the
cronlng datk to walk over the Interren-
Ing fields to Inspect progress on his new
house. Fortunately his suns, Arthur and
Neleon, were with him.
The woikmen had sunk a rough well
nenr the now homo and had covered
tho top with hoards. Klther the boards
Khvo way under the Commissioner's
weight or ha kicked them from tho
mouth of the opening In the dark, for
he pluiiRed down Into the dark hole
without warning. Ills sons heard his
cries, fiftw that they could not get
tlivlr father out of the hole unus
slated, nnd ran to the homes of neigh
bors fur nnslstance. One of the son
hurried home and got thefr father's
chauffeur, Carey, to bring the auto
mnblla to the ncene. Charles Jager
htlber, n nenr neighbor, und Mr. On
liiirne, got Into the auto and were
rushed over a ploughed field to the
edge of the well.
Mr. Osborne brought a green wicker
chair with him and several packing
boxes. Dr. Ithulllsnn, who hsl hurried
from Monroe In his automobile, Mr.
JiiKi'rhuber nnd the two sons dropped
down Into the hole with lanterns. They
put the Cnmmlloner, who was con
scious though suffeilng great pain. In
the chair, then mannged, after half an
hour, to build successive stazes of a
platform with packing boxes high
enough to 11ft the Injured man out of
IIih well.
lie nas taken to his home In hla auto.
(Continued from First Page.)
were kept out of the total tally of the
Dulled Stater.
Klvlnt und Tuber were so close to
gether tho Judges, refused to trust
their eyes to Judgo between them and
wul led for thu development of photo
Kiaphlu plutes, automatically taken
when Ihu tupe was broken, before
KlvliiK n decision. The photographs
Mhoweil Klvlat wns a shado ahead nf
Aniaud, the Frenchman, had the
lead al thn start. He held It for two
lap.i, with John Taut Jones, thn Cornell
muti, only a stride or two behind htm,
IllKhl behind June was Abel Klvlat,
Ihe IrlNh-Amerlcnn'H pride and hopo.
The .Muei leans xllppod past Arnaud
with apparent ease at the end of the
rerond lap ami the cheering for tint
Htnm and Htrlpes began, but all loo
soon For Jackson, who had been
coinlnrt through the Held unnoticed,
slipped out of the park and cloned up
on Jones mid Klvlat. I loth Americans
sprinted lo stand him off, bul Junes
showed weariness nnd lagged so that
Ihe crowd behind swallowed hlin.
i Klvlat deemed lo be running on his
I ,,n. ,, wtt wavering. uu, ,nm.
At tho vciy end of tho last Ian Toher
shut uulftly forward nnd they passeil
the mark no close tOKCther that the
imiKe.s rofused to truet their own eyes
to ray who was hccoikI mid who thlid,
John i'aul Jcntn of Cornell finished
fourth. 11. Wldo of Sweden was Hflh,
j while T. J Uaker nf Kngland and Midvln
I W Shfpaiil, It. A, A. l' er close lie.
i hind, Wullei MoClure, Olympic, flan
Fi.in.lsrn: J. zander, Sweden; K, Von
siKel. Clenunny; 1.. C. Madeira of the
I i'n.vei sity of rcnnatlviinta: Oscir F,
;lledlund, llosinn A C; II. A, Arnnud,
l''ranre, and H. lljoru, .Sweden, com
plrtrd the Held.
, The lliltlsh Mag had hardly started
. IIh Jerky course up the winner's sluff.
1 ivhen young Klvlat, with thn rports-
iiiuullkc spirit all his New York
1 friends It low Is In Mm, ran over to
luckMHi wllh his hand outetrek'hcil.
Tho llrlton had Just been picked u,.
t'loiu tho Rruund. Hit Hhonk Ills lulllnir
; hind and pUKlled Klvlat's hand nuliln.
I Tho Now V inker Moon bad;, looked u
I Ihu nil. in I i ri;.-ct fully for it momnil,
.ml tuinvd lu the American dicfi'ln,,
A few minutes Inter a mejsage came
rum Jiu'Uson to KivUt and all Ihe
Fnlted Kiates team, ia)lnj: the i;ngllh
man had only Just been told of what he
Jtad..dgn aM that h bad bea near
Nine-Year-Old Princess
and "Don," Talking Dog, Here.
uncondounea he did not know what
he was doing when ho waved Klvlat
aalde; he had not even knnnn It was
Klvlat approaching htm, but thought
the outstretched hand was that of a
peittforuu stranger enthusiast.
"Tell the Americans," Jackson's mes
sage ended, "that I shall bo over to
call on them ae soon as I am myself
again and shall apologize In them. 1
wouldn't have had that happen for the
So heartily was his mcssago received
that Malt nljCn. the assistant trainer,
and Klvlat sent this answer:
Tell Jackson It Is all right. Tell him
to stay right where he Is, because I'
Is up to the American to call on him.
We take our hats off to him right here
and now."
Admiration for the Kngllshman's feat
was Increased by the fact that ho drew
the outside podtlon and had to run
around four nun at the finish to reach
the tape first. 1 1 to thu last ten jar...
no man would have darol say whether
he or Klvlat wos to be the winner.
To offset this defeat was tho achieve
ment of the Amercan shot-putters, l'o
llceman McDonald (ordinarily on train,
duty at Ilroadway and Forty-thin:
street), Italph Bono of San Francisco and
U A. Whitney of Hoston.
Mr. McUomild took the slxteen-pouni
shot In his jnlghty milt on this rain
morning and thrust It away from htm,
so that It arched through the nlr nnd
hit the ground Just IS metres 31 centi
metre from where he stood, which In
Forty-third street and Ilroadway lan
guage means fifty feet four Incnes or
thereabouts. The samo being some
twenty-one inches better than the Olym
pic record made by Italph Hose In
Athens In 1!X)I.
That same Mr. Hose, who comes from
the Olympic Athletic Club of San Fran
rlaco, waa also present. He also beat
hla own Olympic record, being accund,
with IS metrea, centlinetrcj, or u Utile (
more than fifty feet.
Mr. U A. Whitney of Hoston was !
Which, being summed up, signifies that I
for the third time lu this Olympic meet
the Americans have (.aken every point In
a specified competition. Only one other
nation has accomplished the same feat.
The Finns did It In throwing the Javelin
with the right and left hands.
The first great American disappoint
ment of thu day came when IIoiiIi.ik.
Hcott unit Tel llerna failed to win
places In the S.ono.meiri! race. Kohle
tnalncn, Ihe Finn, nnd llouln, tho
Frenchman, had the contest at their
mercy. The race was between the rest
nf the field ror third place. Hcott,
1' inline; and llerna took turns In
(hailng the Frenchman and thn Finn
until Hcott collapsed. At the finish,
llutson, tho Kngllshmun, forged up be
hind ilnnhng and crossed the line n
font nhoad of him.
Ten Amrrlrans rtinllflrd for the semi
finals of the "UO-metre dash. Tho semi
finals resulted as follows:
First Heat Italph l Craig, Detroit
r. M. C. A., first: D. H. Jacob. Oreat
llrltnln, second; Ira Courtney Keattlo A,
C third, Time H MO sees.
Hecond Heat- W, It. Applegarth, Hug
land, first: Clement I. Wilson. Coo Col
lege second; Harold W, llellaud. Hoston
A, A,, third. Time 21 9-10 seen.
Third Holt Donald 11. Young. Hoston
A, A., first; Carl C, Coolie, Cleveland
A. .'., second; 0, J. II. Kolot, France,
third. Tlme-21 D-10 seconds.
Fourth Heat Donald V. I.pplncolt,
University of Pennsylvania, first; J. A.
Honanl, Manitoba, tecond; Alvah T.
Mover, I, A. A. C, third. Tlmu SI 4-5
Hflh Heat It Itau, (lermuny. Ilrsl; I'
C. (lerhaidt, Olympic A. A., H.tu Kf.lll
clsco, second; It. I'ovey, Houtli Afilcn,
third. Time, 131-lOs,
Sixth Ileal Charles lteldpath, Syra
cuse University, first; W. II A. D'Arcy,
Kngland, second; K, l.lndlierg, .Sweden
third. Time, 13 LlOs.
In the polo vault trluls the following
Now tor a Glass
or Iced
Americans qualified nt 3T. rrmtlmetrcs
(12 feet) for the llnuls to-morrow
Frank T. Nelson, Yale University;
Frank D. .Murphy, University of Illi
nois; Harry M. llabcock, Columbia Uni
versity: .Marls H. Wright, Dartmouth;
a. 11. Dukes, New Yolk A. C: S. 11.
llellah, Multnomah A. C. Portland;
Frank J. Coylc. University of Chicago;
and W, if. Fritz, Cornell University.
The cffotls of the managers of the
irltlsh ani American teams to avoid a
epetltlon of tho frt.Hlon whic.i was en
.vndervd In the games at London four
i-irs ago uro gradual wearing out
hrough exhaustion. Tho llrltlsh con
ngent Is rfNlt'j; Its Voice In ull places,
.rotcsllnc thr. tho Amcrlci s are un
iportsmanll'io In winning too great u
share cf points. They overlook tho fact
that t lie. Scandinavian nations and
pretty much every other ritlon on earth
has put It all over them.
S. R. Abraham?, a Cambridge Univer
sity ninn. wont Hbnut nuking large la
ment to-day because he said Italph
Craig, who has been crltlc sexl nt home
as .i slow starter, left ttw mark In the
sprints aliuoxt with tho Hush of tho pis
tol. Says Craig;
"That's too darn bad. I ought to have
allowed myiulf to be beaten, of course,
just to pleasu that bonehead whoso hand
.s reachlnc out across tho seas In blood
brotherhood. The starting rules are de
fective; that Is serious. Uut since they
are ,ii3 they are, u man must be ai.ve to
take advantage of every break."
Urcat Joy was cxpiejsed by Ameri
cans over Whitney's work lu the shat
put. Whitney of Hoston Is one of those
who was rejected by the American
Olympic Commltlen and whose expenses
the committee refused to pay. He camo
as one of those on the supplmentary
Duke Kahanamnku, the Hawaiian
iwimmer of the Amcrlcjn team, "ha
again yesterday broko the record for
Uai metre, happened to be In tnj pcol
when Klntr ueorgo of Sweden was pres
i..;, and the monarch requested lihn to
Blv an ehrltlon for hl benefit, Upon
the conclusion of his performance he
was the icclplent of the personal thanks
mi 1 congratulations nf tho King. ThM
was an honor that has been bestowed
on no athlete of an, other nation.
It was leirned to-day through Prof.
Flnan, a member of Ihe International
Olympic Committee, that J3W.0C0 has
been raised by the Germans to build a
stadium for Ihe meet at Perlln In 1016,
9i1l lo Thf Krtrlnu World.)
PTAMFOltD, Conn., July lu. Driven
mad by tho bent Inst night, Chris
topher Mcl.nughtln, nn expert em
ployed by I ho Phllllpx Chemical Com
puli, attempted suloldo by Jabbing his
throat with u pair of nhears. Ho made
twenty woundK, but none reached n
vital lol He Is In the Htamfuid
HoHplt'il and will recover. Mcl.uugh.
lit In thirty-live und nlngle.
Special lor Wednesday the 10th
MIl.MIMsi U.le. Milur. UK
poi nd nnx W
Wednesday's tillering
oi..vti: cm fciiKu or-
I 11 1. 1 1 r.ll t I ll.'ir.l.K
llle. tnllie. . I'OI Ml ilOX
I'url. Hen and Corllunilt Slrttl tttrt open eirrr etenlna
All our lore mien XMtiirilsr eveiilna: until 1 1 i
Milk Clioc-late Covered
Hulter Crisp
Hl "o om centre, eonilillnu ef
ill rv Hunt mil Molnsio. with i
tlii:k ouier inesn or our
l'mnlum MIIk Ohnenlsle.
(Continued From First rage.)
Reaver, who lives at No. 1 446 Park ave
nue. Harly to-day he walked to the
parapet over Harlem Mere In Central
Park and plunged Into tho water. Spec
tators nt first thought that he was a
swimmer, Indulging lu somo mad freak,
but when they saw the man struggling
i to keep his head under water their
crlesi brought Policeman John M,
Maher on the run.
Mailer, who la one of the Police De
partment athletes and who was prevent
ed from going to the Olympic gamca at
Stockholm by a recont Illness, plunged
Into the water and dragged the would
be suicide ashore. When he had recov
ered under the strenuous manipulation
of Mnher'a hands, Cohen said the heat
must have driven him temporarily In
sane or he wouldn't have thought of
suicide. Ho was taken to Bellevue Hos
pital under arrest.
It is always the case when a heat
wuve settles on the city, Brooklyn
started the day by leading In the record
of deaths and prostrations, flcven of the
eleven prostrations reported from the
hospitals up to the noon hour were In
Urooklyn and two of tho four deaths
occurred In that borough.
A decision which wilt bring dismay to
thousands of troubled foik whose slvep
lng quarters are made furnaces by the
excessive heat -was that announced to
day by Park Commissioner Btover, which
was that tho public parks would be
closed to sleepers If ha can enforce this
order. Commissioner Htover gave no
reason why he intended to close tha
parks other than hla conviction that
omc people were prone to convert priv
ilege Into license.
The first reading of the official ther
mometer on top of the Whitehall Build
ing, whose record Is always from S to
10 degrees lower than 'tho measure of
heat In the streets below, cave the
temperature at S o'clock as 78, one de
cree higher than It was at the same
hour yesterday. The humidity was at
77, which was three points higher thin
the reglatcr-at the same hour yesterday.
Ily D o'clock the heat had holstod the
quicksilver to the St mark, and the hu
midity had dropped to 72.
But down In the streets, heavy with
heat and sticky with moisture, the ther-
i mometers at i o'clock were pointing to
ii and everybody had lost hope for a
. lifting of the heat wave.
Melvln Vnnlman'a Ilody Foanilt
ATLANTIC CITY, N. J.. July 10.-A
body supposed to be that of Melvln
Vanlman, famous aeronaut, killed with
four members of his crew when his bal
loon exploded here July 2. was washed
to-day up on the sands of Iiiigantfne
Beach, off which the balloon sank.
for Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Thl correct closed-front shape
Simple to adjust it
nap on and off with
at and will not
stretch nor break.
Ide Silver Collars
Two for Tuirnly-Fitm Cmlt
by actual test have proved they
Uat longest in the laundry. A i.
Ample Scarf Space W
CCO. r. IDE CO, Mtlm, TROY, H V.
"K W I T"
Danishes odor
lutsly hrmU.
of perspiration, Abio.
Uanipls mallid fres to
anv jdilitis.
Jar, 'J.lr, Unit and Department (Mores.
C. 11. Kel ler Co.. 1SIHI Callotrblll M.. IMilla.
NIP PPir.Hrl
(Trade Mark.)
Special (or Thursday (be 11th
1 mvr,w.U7.Kl ritKAM in.
I'KrrUKMINI'Ml unr, value. I III
Thursday's Offering
UlSHKdi 4IK. talne. iff
until It
C, Charcl, Si
The spsolflsd wtliht In each lasiaas
inetuds the container,
Don, a "talking dog" from Oar many,
was ;ne of tho passenger on the
Kronx Prlnz Wllhelm, which arrived
In New York to-day. Don absolute
refused to be interviewed at the pier,
and, Indeed, was too seaaick on the
way over to converse with anybody. Aa
yet, therefore, hla opinion of the Neiv
York skyline and other local sight ia
Don Is credited with having a vo
cabulary of seven words all German.
He can ay "hungry" In German but
what posslblo use could a sea-sick dig
have for the word hungry when he
could not look a dog blacult in the
The animal, which I a German
forest dog, eight year old, l said to
have created a sensation In 111 native
land. II I a eon of Donna, who
could not talk, but who could laugh a
hyena off the boards. Her son went
a bit further and became a linguist.
The Kron Prlnx Wllhelm brought over
an unuaually large number of pasaengers
for thla time of year, several persons
of note being aboard, among them .Mrs.
Frederick Dent Grant, widow of the late
den. Grant.
Mrs. Grant, who waa In deep mourn
ing, was accompanied by her grand
daughter, nine-year-old Princess Bertha
Cantacuxene. Mrs. Grant has been with
hor daughter, the Princess Cantacuxene,
In fit. Petersburg, since tho General's
funeral and on her return decided to
bring tha little Princess for a two
months' ty. They will go to summer
resorts for that time.
Makes it cross, peevish, rest
less and feverish If
tongue is coated give
"Syrup of Figs."
Children ilcarty love to take delicious
"Svrun of Figs" and nothing else cleans
and regulates their tender little stom
achs, liver and 30 (cet ot bowels so
promptly ami thoroughly.
Children get bilious and constipated
just like grown-ups. Then they get
sick, the tongue is coated, stomach sour,
breath bad; they don't cat or rest well;
they become feverish, cross, irritable and
don't want to play. Listen, Mothers
for your child snlte don't force the
little one to swallow nauseating castor
oil, violent calomel or harsh irritants
like Cathartic pills. A teaspoonful of
Syrup ot Figs will have your child smil
ing and happy again in just n few hours.
Hyrup of bigs will gently clean, sweeten
and regulate the stoninch, make the
liver artive nnd move on and out of
the bowels all the constipated matter,
the sour bile, the foul, clogged-up waste
and poisons, without causing cramps or
WilTi Syrup of Figs you are not drug
ging or injuring your children, llcing
composed entirely of luscious figs, senna
nnd aromatic it cannot he harmful,
Full directions for children of all ages
and for grown-ups plainly printed On
the package.
Ask your druggist for the full name
"Hyrup of Figs nnd Klixir of Senna"
prepared by the California Fig Syrup Co.
This is the delicious tasting, genuine
old reliable. Hefusc anything elie ollered.
I or liifauU, mnllier and Inrnliiln.
llecQminendea hy Ihs belt medleul
authorities lor their purity and
l ur Infanta. lloMnson's ritent liar
ley wllh froili few's m I lit li t'i best
uuMltuie for mnthsr's milk. l.'.nHv
dloaledi nourishes: slvea tioth bona
and muscle. Intaluabls In Uphold
for numlnx motlier, rlilltlren ana
Intend. Itritdusim's i'atenl llrn.itt
a fund nitlioul nn equal enslly dl
felled, suitatni und ironl!ietis.
At Urocers and Urusilitt,
Honk "Advice to Mathers" Tree,
JAMBS r. SMITH & CO., Imporlsrs.
00 Hudson St., Neiv York.
DOI.AN. JAMKri, beloved hunb.nd of linn
Doiun ine Sheridan), niilv. Count,
(Jucen., Ireland.
Kuntral on Thunday, July 11, n.80
A, 31., from bis lata re.ldenct, Si) nth1
it,, Kuulh lliooUIni thence to Clm cli o. '
Hit, Holy ramliy. IleUtlre. nnd filrntai
l .tlia.l , n lm nlmprh. Inlirm... I !
,..,,,'. ... - - " .... w . ,,.T,t, V. A I
JOir or i'lckfj'7ronr!tTiei
ubs.y, betnem Ul.nJ On In I n;l llruotlrn
llrids tt.tM, lluollni mm loli mlcli, iwU
BOTrWIUI, .OJ. VIU, 1UO tlUlUN, utinof cr.it,
muwbi firj. sari jwn"- laf
ran, ( inm Tinfss. it aaa Ski
stsTW sy m "
In Form of Pimple Full of Puts'
Scratched Until Bled. Head
Covered with Hard Scab. Could
Not Sleep. Cutlcura Soap and
Ointment Cured Completely.
10 OUrer Bt,' Newark; K. J. "AMatJ
five year ago mr Utile alrl had a red ape
oa the back of the bead which Itched be
very mucn. J no term
came In the form of
pimple, full of pus and
would Itch. Bhe would
cratch until they would
bleed, and wherever It
touched thero would be
another tore until; her
wholo head waa covered
with a hard scab. She
could not eloep at night
for tho pain, and I had
to keep her from school. I had her treated
and used a wash, and when I put it on her
bead It burned her ao I thought she wouVl
go wild with tho pain. I used Balva
and home remedies until I got co tired I
thought she would never get cured.
"Then I saw the advertisement for Cutl
cura Hoap and Ointment and sent for a
sample. Tho first night I used the Cutkura
Ointment It loosened tho seal). Today bo
I completely cured. I used three bore of
Cutlcura Ointment and tlx cake of Cutlcur
Soap and I havo nothing to thank but Cutl
cura Soap and Cutlcura Ointment." (Signed)
Mr. Mottio Gibbons, Jan. IS, 1012.
Cutlcura Soap and Cutlcura Ointment are
sold throughout the world. Liberal sample of
each mailed free, with 32-p. Skin Book. Ad
dress pot-card "Cutlcura, Dept.T, Boston."
4TTendcr-faTd men should use. Cutlcura
Soari filnvtn fltlcV. 23c. flamnln freo.
To-Day and To-Morrow
We nre Ihe Uract Diamond Importer
n llir t'nllril Slnten elllng direct In the
nulillc. ivr (uarunlre lliat these Diamond
lllncn i annul lie diililleuleil ur mar nhole
ale ur retail Jrueller In till riiuntrr for
leM than iiinrlr double our price. Every
Diamond ban been cut wllh a lame spread
(or uriarc anil lm nil the lire and brll
llauey ot Dianinndi i oxllna UIIII.IH). Ther
cn be returned II unutlreiry and .
ill refund ull of jour niouey on request.
bm jfTV Importer ot DlumOndt,
JL 8U Broadway, New York
Good on hot meats.
Good on cold meats.
Fine for flavoring
soups and gravies.
$3$3&$4 Shoes
For style, comfort and
r srviee W. L. Douglas
shoes are just as good
4i othor makes sold
at higher prices.
jtortt In Greit.r N.w Vorki
n s'skiii 8iret
va Mmvlwnr, eor. siti ft.
d.U llruwlnsr, cor. Illh M.
Hi jlroiulwr.eor.iinih HI,
jivr. iiio-uiv.H7,unr.Ml,
VI 1 1 Are., iicsr Mid M.
Ilwnl Atr..nrHr nil Si.
tm ii I Kr enr. ISKh Ml.
fin ihlrd Arpiinn
flS P.lvhlh Arnlie.
mi lliulilli Avuiir4M.
rro i null Minvt. .
S....I ...t lliuail Ml. '
4-1 Fulton Klrret.
lim llruminaT.
ins? Ilreiilwr.
474 nil At., n r. tltb fla.
J.r.nrkr-li NV,uk A. 1T79 1'ilUn ATrnue.
Like a
Magic Mirror
Ah "grejt cial.n from little acorn
Krow, ' so It Is tho little begin
iilnta In lite that often have the
Ijreilcst endl"sn.
ThouMiinlH imve learned from ex
perience Hint Horn little World ads.
poaltlonn, worliers, homes, Invest
inentf, bargains, vacations, &c, of
li ritent moment have HprunR.
Tim -haricu to kturt HlOUT In
uny Klven undei taklnx in sometlmen
dllllcult to nee. but not so with road-i-
of little. World nils.
I.oolc them over to-lny and trios'
will revetil In you with remarkable
idoarnesB thousandH of wnya to
work, hire, buy, nell, ront, &c to
the very best advantage.
", nrld AdB. Printed During Last
ii Months 309,33a Moro than the
Herald. );,
Pathways to Prosperity
. mo xxiiu. oiuui ra a.
alTSTUMStuuigr lu W.il4 wu M 1N a
M. 4 . ... ..

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