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No Trust Cash in Roosevelt's Doughbag, Says Cortelyou
Wmtfcer Generally fair to-nfeht and Friday) cooler.
Wralhrr Ornvmllr fair tnnlht aad rrldarj easier.
" Circulation Books Open toAUJ
" Circulation Books Open to All"
: jfWAl
I ri waiI
I EDI Tt ON. r
$1,900,000 TO
bortelyou Tells Senate Com
mittee How Money Was Col
lected to Elect Coldnel.
fait Siye the "Big Interests"
Did Not Chip In Says To
bacco Cash Was Rejected.
The World in i!'0) asked Mr.
Cortelyou to answer the following
questions, relating to the Uooscvclt
campaign fund, yearly eight year
i later he is asked practically the
lame questions by a Congressional
committee. Read the queition$
and Mr. Cortelyou'$ anucert that
1. How much has the Beer Trust
contributed to Mr. Cortelyout
2. How much has the Paper
Trust contributed to Mr. CorteU
9. Bote much has the Cdal Trust
contributed to Mr. Cortelyout
i. How much has the Sugar
Trust contributed to Mr. CorteU
' yout
S. How much has the Oil Trust
contributed to Mr. Cortelyout
e. How much has the Tobacco
Trust contributed to Mr. CorteU
7. How much has the .Steel
Trust contributed to Mr. Cortel
yout 8. How nch has the Insurance
Trust contributed to Mr. CorteU
9. How much have, the Xational
Bonks contributed to Mr. CorteU
10. How much have the six great
railroads contributed to Mr. Cor
Myout 1HAJSHINOTON, July It. A total of
H.900,000 raised by the Republi
can National Committee In 1304 for
Theodore rtooaevelt, according- to
,(Jor-e B. Cortelyou, then chairman
at that committee, who testified to-day
'before the Senate Campaign Contrlbu
tlona Committee.
"Ever hear of any contribution from
the Beef Trust?' " Inquired Chairman
"I new did."
Senator Clapp went down through a
fJUt of "trusts" and come to the "To
bece Trust."
"I remember distinctly that the To
fceeoo Trust did not contribute," de
clared Mr. Cortelyou. "About that time
the Treasury Department made a ruling
as to tobacco Imports. Shortly after
'wards soma tobacco people came In
with a contribution. I Issued orders
that no contributions were to be re
ceived either from tobacco combination
or Independents. I didn't think It
"Who will the party:" asked Bonator
o not recall."
Tha contribution. Mr. Cortelyou
tnotUftit waa approximately $:o,000 or
Chairman Clapp asked Mr. Cortelyou
AotM a contribution from the late
Harrlman, Mr. Cortelyou said
14, beard a contribution was made, but
I at tns elose or tne campaign
(Continued on Seoond Page.)
QIAaW- '
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Coprrlslit. iota, br
Co. I The Jtew
Ryan Says He Will Vote
for the Wilson Ticket;
Yes, and He Loves Bryan
Traction Millionaire Who Was Only Half a
Delegate at Baltimore Sails for Europe
After Talking a Heap for Him.
Thomas Fortune Ryan, who was
half a delegate from West Virginia to
the National Democratic Convention at
Baltimore, sailed this afternoon on the
Hamburg imorlran liner America. He
waa amiable when approached on the
pier by the Ship News reporter, but
became an epitome of silence when first
asked to express an opinion on the po
litical situation.
Mr. Ryan's letlcence on all public
questions Is generally known among
"Mr. Ryan," said an Evening World
reporter, "my city editor instructed me
to get a good Interview with you to-day,
but I Informed him that If he had sent
me to Egypt to Interview the Sphinx
I might, meet with quite as much suo
Yankees Get First, Second and Third Places in
Olympic Pole Vault; Also Win 200-Metre
Dash and Two-Handed Shot-Put.
(Special Cable Despatch to The Evening World.)
STOCKHOLM, Sweden, July 11. The famous bluo c-klea of Swoden
nevrr seemed more brilliant to the cy than thoy do to tha Amoricana aase-m-Mod
tacrp at the Olympic meet to-day. Of a poBBlble eighteen points In track
anil flold oventB, the United States scored sixteen point In to-day's final.
England got ono nnd Finland one, and as the sago Mike Murphy remarked,
"they earned 'em."
The iiole vaulting was all Amortcani The first and second In the 200-
metro dah were American. The putting of the shot with rlht and left
hands was American.
The winner of the polo vault wan
Hurry 8. Tabnock of Columbia Uni
versity, If. H. A.
The second and third, tied, were
Mark H. Wright, Dartmouth Univers
ity, U, S. A., and Frank T. Nelson,
Yale University, also U. 8. A.
Babcock cleared the bar when It waa
net 3 metres, 95 centimetres (13 feet,
11 2-S Inches) from the ground. Nel
son and Wright followed him up to
that point, but could not make It.
The world's record Is 13 feet, 1 lnuh,
made by Wright In the Olymplo trials
nt Boston six weeks ago. The Olym
pic record wne 13 feet, 3 Inches, mude
In 1303 by Gilbert and Cook, Amer
icans. The conlest started with eight Ameri
cans, a Swede, a German and a
Canadian qualified. Halfpenny, the
Canadian, strained himself lnternilly ai
13 feet f Inches and retired. At the
sa.me murk Cole of the University of
Chicago broke his pole and fell so hard
he had to qutt.
In the gymnastlo finals Italy won,
Hungary was second and England third.
Of the six semi-final heats In the
110-metre hurdle race this afjernoon
five were won by members of the
United State team. These were Mar
tin W. Hawkins, Multnomah A. C;
John P. Nicholson, University of Mis
souri! Fred W. Kelley, Seattle A. A,:
James Wendell, N. Y, A. C, und John
R. Case, University of Illinois. The
other semi-final was won by K. Powell,
Kngland, who will be the only athlete
not an American to participate In the
finals; he bent John J. Kller jr., the
New York policeman, to earn hln pluce.
The giant Ralph Roie of Hnn Vran
otsco fvuned up nialNrs to-day with
Patrick J. McDonald, the big New York
trafflo policeman, who beat him putting
(he shot yesterday. The competition
to-day was putting the shot with both
right and left hands. Rose won easily
and McDonald was second, Nlcklander
of Finland added a point to the re
markable score achieved by Finland by
wtanla third place.
Xlaland's victoria are steadCy grow-
Thr PrM robllshlner
York World).
That reputation seemed to please Mr,
Ryan to such an extent that after a
spontaneous outburst of laughter he
Imparted the startling Information that
he thought Gov. Wilson had a good
chance of belnx the next President of
the United States.
"Shall you vote for hunt" Mr. Ryan
was asked.
"By all means," was the quick retort.
"I am going to Alx-lea-Balns, nd after
about two months' stay abroad will be
back In time to cast my vote for a
Democratic President"
"Do you still love Mr. BryanT" waa
the next facetious query, and It broke
up the Interview.
"I lovo them all," laughed Mr. Ryan
as he rushed up the gangway, waving
a smiling goodby. Mr. Ryan will have
a full vote at the election.
The point icore for all sports, in.
eluding shooting, swimming, lawii
tennis, football, &-c, follows:
United fttatea 94(Worway 7
Iwedsn 881 Italy
Orea Britain sa.notiemla 4
Traaoe IS xnasla 3
rialand 16 Austria a
oath Afrloa ll.Oreece S
Oermany lllKolland 1
Denmark 10 Hungary 1
Great Britain's total Includes
points won by Australia and Canada.
The point score In the track and
field games follows:
United States 49Tranoe 3
Tlnland ieKorwy a
(treat Britain lSlGermany a
wedan SlBohemla 1
Oreooe Siltaly 1
The distribution of points ! three
for first place, two for second and
one for third.
In more popular. The sight of the
Russian flag, with a streamer under
It marked "Finland," brings more
cheers to the contenders for the con
fiscated nation than are stirred by the
raising of any other emblem,
Ralph C. Craig of the Detroit T. M.
A. nguln allowed his sprinting su
premacy In tho finals of the 00.;netr
dash, which he won In 31 3-10 seconds,
one-tenth of a second slower than the
Olympic record. Donald I.lpplncott
of the University of Pennsylvania n
second and Applegarth of Knslnnd
The big American competitors In the
(Continued on Second Page.)
Ear. all OouUiw, l-mrii. Mouth Amfritn ud
mnKU.BUaia Una, Tmtllen' clucks tad
bw-, orders. IMxfut end jmrd nam
vm nvu ATSiM Buresa,
l)Bar M.iVs
GIRL'S "S. 0. S."
Where Was the Moving Pic
ture Man When Miss Left
Liner Cedric.
"Ha! She's Safe!" Passengers
Cry, as JWaiden Slips Down
Ship's Rope on His Back.
Mlsa Ruth Wheeler, who lives at No.
100 Park street, Montclalr. N. J and
who normally does not seek notoriety
of any kind, had notoriety thrust upon
her forcibly and emphatically to-day,
when she was carried dotfti a rope lad
der from the towering aides of the
White Star liner Cedric, tied to the
shoulders of an able bodied seaman.
Miss Wheeler never would have made
the descent, but It was that or go to
Europe with the Cedric, and the Mont
clalr maid was not at all prepared for
the second alternative.
It all happened this wan You see,
Miss Wheeler and Hubert W. Fowler of
No. It Beacon street, Boston, went down
to the White Star line dock to bid
adieu to Thomas L. Norton, a Lake-
vllle, Conn., banker and his daughter,
who were taking a trip to Europe. Miss
Wheeler had come all the way down
from her- summer camp In Vermont to
pay this little tribute of friendship and
consequently she was very, very busy
when the "visitors ashore" call passed
around the decks. The big ship was
out In the stream before she knew It.
But youns Mx, Fowler was ashore,
even It Miss Wheeler was not He
began to yell frantically and Jump up
and down, signalling to the Cedric that
It was carrying an extra passenger to
Europe. Then he got busy and char
tered the tug Thomas S. Watkyna to
put out into East River and attempt a
rescue of the maiden.
Miss Wheelsr and bar friends on deck
meanwhile had set up a loud screaming
and the captain of the Cedrlo realized
that he bad somebody aboard that
wanted very much to get off. But the
tide was strontr and stopping the big
ship In midstream was a dangerous and
difficult thing to do.
One of the White fitnr tugs ran along,
side and toook a line Just as the tug
carrying the redoubtable rescuer from
Boston snuggled In under the sldn of
the btc liner. ,
A rope ladder was slung ovsrboard.
A rope was wove around Mies
Wheeler's shoulders for greater secur
ity, then, seated on the' shoulders) of a
proud but ttnppy sailor, sho went over
the side, while someone above paid
out the line.
All of. the Cedrlo'a passengers lined
the rnls and sent up a husky cheer
when Miss Wheeler, blushing but safe,
Jumped from the sailor's ahouldera to
the deck of the tug and thanked him
very prettily. After that the Cedrlo
went on Its way to Europe.
Cnnetrnotlon of Paasugerrar An
tliorlurd by P. K. Commission.
The Publla Servlre Commission an
nounced to-day rnat the Rapid Transit
Subway Construction Company and the
Interboroush Rapid Tmtwtt Company
had been directed to prot d with the
construction of a pasavwmy connect
ing the Iirooklyn Bridge station with
the basement of the Municipal UulldlnK.
In the basement of the Municipal
Rutldlng will be located a station of the
Centre street subway, which Is a part of
the so-called Brooklyn Bridge loop-lines
route over the Williamsburg Bridge. The
passageway will afford a convenient
means of access from the Brooklyn
Bridge station of the present Nibnay to
the Municipal Building station of the
loop lines sulnvay,
r (i tins; Men Form Wilson t'luh.
One hundred young men who will rait
their rirst presidential vote thli fall, met
at No. 131 Kdgecnnib avenuti Ui night,
and organized the Young Men's Wilson
league for the purpose of secuilnv
,.if. r.f nthf. vrmnjr min fur fln
Wllron. The following ottlms
elected! Ralph T, Stanton, president,
Frank U. Hielly, ser-retsry, and Thnmat
Ollinartln, treaiurer. Alfied J, Tallry
was selected chairman of an advisory
committee of elirht members, The cum.
mlttte will aork In the athletic clubs of
the city.
M Degrees Oeeles est tke tVasw UUa4
Ceee thaa ta WewTefV atr rfeUreferT?
Actress Who Says
Broke Promise to Marty Her
ssr bbsbbsbbsbbsbbsbbsbbsbbsbhbbW
BBaBBaBBanVAaflBBS lts1sw
sKMf ' r '
Ruth Trufant Says Henry
Williams promised to Marry
Her Within a Year.
Declaring that Henry a, Williams,
proprietor of the Hotel York, played
upon her heart strings so effectively
that she agTeed to become his itlfe and
abandon a promising career on the
etsme and that she found later his
promises wero only empty ones, Miss
Huth U Trufant, described as a young
actress, to-day filed a suit In the Su
preme Court for breach of promise of
Miss Trufant asks for IJO.wo heart
balm. Sho complains that In December,
10M, when she was at tlm helrht of n
successful career In her profession Will
lams obtained a promise from her to
become his bride within a year, but
failed to keep his agreement.
The young woman :M ie left (he
stage and devoted herself to s-.'idy, an
as to fit hrs;-if for the society In
which Williams assured her she would
move as his wife. She declared he rep.
resented to her he was a man of wealth
and fine social position.
But, according to Mlsi Trufant. Will
Isms postponed the wedding from Mme
to time, until In May, I1D7, she became
discoursed and sailed for Italy to have
her voice oultlvated and prepare herself
for the operatic stage. Iter WlllUms
met her In Paris, renewsd his atten
tions and beiraod her to return with
him to New York and insrry him. She
assented, but nfter reaching this city,
she said, William again deceived her.
A year ago, Mlis Trufant said, Will
lams confersei to her he hud teen fool
ing her all the time, and that he never
had Intended ta marry her. He also ad
mitted, much to her surprise and grief,
that he had a wife llvln from whom
he had never been divorced, suld the
young actress.
Miss Trufant ducJared that when Will.
Urns followed her to Paris, after Ihnlr
flr.it breach, I' told her he would trttlu
liO.OOn on her for her exi'lusU me If
she would Income his wife, fn uddl
t'on, she mid- he priHii.wed Iih would
nmke rv' the boneflcUr) In a policy of
iri'iirJiif" which hp would tak out
Clark I.. Jordan of Nu, 131 Nassau
stree', l Miss Tru'aiit's lawyer.
Foreman (Jets Kntnl Kail,
William Casey, a foreman Kas. titter,
vat fatally hurt this nfternoou by fall
'nn from the third floor of Publlo School
No. 132, St. Nicholas avenue and One
Hundred and Eighty-fifth street. He
died In Washington Heights Hospital an
hour after the accident. Casey was
thirty Ave yean old and lived to KnfU
wood, K. J
Hotel Man '
Drag Several Families to Safe
ty When Blaze Threatens
Big Tenement.
A dozen women and nhlldren were
rescued, on extension ladders from the
third and fourth floors of the teaemsnt
at No. 67 East One Hundred and Four
teenth street tills afternoon while a
fire was raging In the basement snd
luwer floors.
The rescues were made by the crew
of Hook and Iddsr No. 24, which has
quarters on One Hundred snd Four
teenth street near 'Madison avenue. Mrs.
Annie CoughKn, who owns snd Itres la
the tenement at No. 67, rushed Into the
fire house and notified Capt, RuokoMt.
When the trunk reached the tenement
flames were spouting from the lower
windows snd women and children were
screaming In tha windows of the flats
Cupt. Ilnckol.lt ordered the extension
ladders run up and ran to a signal boa
to turn in an alarm. After be had
sent In a two-alarm call he Joined his
men In the work of rescue. The ei
tension ladder was shot up to the fifth
floor und five firemen ent up at a
time. They brought down two families
from the third, one fa:nlly from the
fourth and two families from the fifth
floor. The other tenants In the house
nraped to tha roof on the rear fire
All the rejouta had ben made by the
time Chief I wlor arrived and lines
were trained on the blase. The fire -was
conflnwl to the house 1n which It orlgl
nated and was extinguished after It had
done about W,l) damage.
for Albany In vrellaratlon.
ALBANY, July U.-Oor, Dlx said to
day that he would designate another
Justice In place of Justice OofT of New
York for the proposed (Irand Jury In
vestigation Into the disclosures made by
thu Senate Committee which investi
gated the affairs of Albany City and
County. Justice riolT Is III,
Amillier Avlnlur Mildly Hurl,
WlNNH'l'.O, Man., July II. Aviator
Ueorge .Mrstuch, while attempting to
nuke a llliilit In a monoplane hero Ute
yesterday, fell when he had reached a
hflKht of twenty fret, s'.rl'alntt a fence,
und Is Imlluved to have bssn seriously
Injured lnternilly
$1 2 MensBlue Serge Suits.S5.95
Broadway, cor.
unrnay ni.. opp, j'OSl
Office, will sell to.dav and Friday 3,000
t ' Ll m 1 1. trAa ur.rat4a S.m.&la
cheviots. In blues,' blacks, grays ami
mixtures; all wool, guaranteed last col.
orsj many aaup iineoi au
I all slsesj; worth
SIS in swr wow .iiirf.
price rsr aim
New Suspect Now
AttacKca uaugnter 01 a neignDor
While Connors Child Lay $
Dying in Vacant Lot.
Murderer Risked Detection From 11
Doors and 78 Windows as
He Tortured Victim.
An utterly neglected clue In the shape of two egg shells that hid
been pierced at one end and drained of their contentssuddenly started
xlXW line of Inquiry td-day In t rlffisfbli'WSayerrf JlIa'Connob,
and rha police are now hunting for a middle-aged man who disappeared
from the neighborhood of the crime a few hours before the torturtd
body of the little victim was found In the vacant lot adjoining No. 3968
Third avenue.
Tills man has been marked In the neighborhood for several month,
by his habit of sucking eggs. He lived on eggs and rum. He boarded
for three months In a flat opposite the building in which the child waa
so fiendishly mistreated and slain.
Chauffeur-Cook Co-Respondent
Swears He Never Was
Milady's Valet; No, Never.
TttBNTON, N, J.. July ll-Mrs. Bin
ney Woodward Earl waa the principal
witness before Vlce-ChanoeUor Lewis to
day In the fcsartna- of the suit for di
vorce Instituted by Inua Isrh Kan.
Ura, Sari who resides in ICdgawater
Park, ia the reputed owner of intllions
snd a relation to some of the Italian
It waa the elder Mrs. Est rl. acoordlng
to the' application made some months
sgo for alimony, who ssld that the
Harls had never worked because It was
beneath the dignity of the Karl family.
Ulnney has never had employmont, as
he Is ths heir to her millions.
Mrs. Ksrl testified to-day for hsr son.
Asked how she placed certain dales,
she said she knew a certain conversa
tion took pises on June 10, Wl,. be
cause It was a very happy dy for her
she made tho first payment on her new
.Mark Whltrleld, the co-respondent,
went on the stand slwrtly before noon.
Whitfield said he was cook, housemaid,
chambermaid and chauffeur for the
Karl family. He denied the Intimate re
lations whloh wui'v ulleued to have ex
isted between himself and the young
wife. Whitfield testified that he was
chummy will' Ulnney and the Joined
dally In drinking or three- bottles
uf beer. He admitted slltlui; u the
front pori'h of the ho u at IMttewater
with the family, but Insleted that he
um. HlHjts tier upuii Karl's lnvlt:-
Hun, The "maid uf all worn' denied hf
hi.1 ever buttoned up tne back uf Mrs.
Ka Is dres. Attorney UucUes asked
If he would have buttoned the drets
upon the rriue..t of .Mrs. Karl and
Whitfield responded "Yes, sir,1'
The witness denied that ha had ever
tampered rwlth lllnney's automobile. He
said that on numerous occasions Ulnney
would year htm eitra money to get him
to' run tha tJiacMa at niche, wihen WH It.
Said tad tfVres a "data" to do as.
Known to Have
' He was put out of Ma boardlnaj plaae
because of his condoet toward the yo
dsught.r of the lndlady, aad hs oecr.i
back to this place and bore himself Ilka
a manrtao at 1 o'clock last Sunday mora
ine;, at which time the police eetlsate
the dying girl was cast Into the vacaat
This new suspect, so far as kaowa.
had no reaTrtar occupation and picked
up a precarious Uvtr by doing- odd Joke.
occasionally he worked as a. gardener.
Hs paid 13 a week for a room in a flat
In ths tenement directly opposite tit
scene of the murder snd -while he Urea
there he never failed to purchase fresa
four to six eggs a day from tha 4sil
catesstn shop on the ground floor of Me.
SMI Third avenue.
Three weeks before the murder Ms
landlady drove him from tha house W
oause of his actions toward hsr daugh
ter. She said to-day that the man waa
notorious In trie district for his oondsiot
towaid little girls, snd thst manr moth,
ers had warned their children at Ml
Many of the children in the nsle-sor-hood
knew him end were afraid of Mm.
One of his peculiarities was to walk
along the street and when tie came to
a little boy to suddenly cuff him or
kick him and then so on his way Pre
tending that nothing had happened. Ia
the case of tittle girls. It U said, ha
would frequently pick them up in
arms, hug them and kiss rhem.
Nothing was seen of this man by ejhe
family he had boarded with for three
weeks after he had been put out of tha
flat. Ha returned shortly after 1 o'clock
Sunday morning and demanded admis
sion. He forced his way Into the flat
and sslied the eldest daughter about
the waltt. Her screams brought has
mother and the Janttress of the Mat
house. The Janltress was armed wMh
a monkey wrench and with thai eke
attacked the man, striking him several
times In the face.
Hlie said to-dny that she cut his ea
the nose and thou.ht she fractured Ike
hone. He foujftit b.icl; and swore at tha
top of his lungs. The ho.ise waa In an
uproar. One of the tenants ssnt hsr
little boy out for a policeman. There,
nas a man on rti-d post on ths comer,
sliindlng directly oppoalte where JuMa
Cunnurs had been tortured snd at a
hundred fret from where she lay had-'
died In a box d)lng at the tittle. Tha
policeman refused to interfere I tha
disturbance and a little later tha MS
tress succeurd In driving the man Irassi
the house. !nce then no trace of Was
has been obtained.
As all ths details of thia strsavous
incident were recalled to-day by tha
various persons wha 0im ia ta Uw-w
all a-as that) Usy fcU teM sUWI
. . taefiti
- '..ei.A.'wv-'ar.'-Aif

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