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full-Details of Confession Re
lated to Grand Jury, Which
Votes Indictment.
glayer Put Body in Bo and
Waited Until Morning to
Carry It to Vacant Lot.
Mrs. Francis Alexander, the mar
ried slstor of Nathan Swartz, recited
to tho Grand Jury this afternoon the
dotatls of a confession of the murder
of Julia Connors which her brother
had mado to her last Tuesday In her
homo. Tho Grand Jury voted to In
dict the convict.
L This la tho way she told the Btorr
of tho murder, how It was committed
and what happened after the killing
of the little girl:
Saturday Nathan mot the Blrl on
the street near her homo and asked
her to tnko a pair of opera glasses
which ho had to tho apartment occu
pied by his family, across tho nlrshnft
from a vacant apartment. What In
ducements ho mndo to tho Klrl to do
this for him Nathan did not tell.
He followed her a distance to tho
house, up tho stilr and to tho hallway
outside tho vacant flat. Thcro he selrcd
her ami drnKKed her Into the vacant
roomn. shutting the door behind him.
V Tho Rlrl tried out. Ho attempted to
assault her and she screamed onco ran'f,
Then he took a penknife and bsm to
Jab her with It In the back.
rinnlly she fell falntlmt to the floor
Fwnrtz stabbed hr some more. Then,
believing she wan dylnir. he undressed
lieT, Kot a hot from his father'H flat
H box which had been nse.l us a ine'(-
llie case for omo of his brother'
books and put the child's naked ba.ly
la iie box1.
;u loweied the box to the cellar In
riii! .... ...... ........ .1 n -.lt....
fttft Ulllliw llliri , w,-iu uimii ,i, lit"
W himseir and inn uie uox, enni.un.nK ine
KM ....... ... .1... l.n ..I. ! . nl..tlw.
IIUII Jll 11 V f t, Lit. ill". Ill, Mill , iuiltt.
There tho body remained all of tfatur
day nlslit. The next mnrnlris very
early Hwartz went to the cellar, brought
th box from the hiding place and car
rled It and tho clothes to the plnce In
the vacant lot where tho body was
subsequently discovered.
Heforo tho sister testified, Samuel
.Swartz, father of Nathan, had broken
down In tho District-Attorney's office
today and blurted-out that hl an had
cenfessed to the horrible killing of tho
twelve-year-old child on the ilay after
the crime was discovered.
ThJs statement of the hunted youth's
confession was made In the presence
of the parents of the slain child, As
si it ant District Attorney Nott, Captain
Bamuel Price and half a dozen detec
ts uvea.
tV- r r I II n hit DTAhin o I r I -r r r?
The stained clothing had been held up
for Inspection before Mr, and Sirs,
Connors, both of whom were overcome
and expressed their Brief without
restraint. While they were still srlpptd
by their emotions the nerve that had
sustained (Samuel Swartz through a
week of constant grilling by detectives
wentto pieces.
.it , iimii.i'. tiii i,-mt:riy UIJIO
to csiokc out the word, the olJ man told
that (Nathan had enmo to him at No.
i3 Boat Fourth ttreot, where the father
wi eimployed as a cap maker on tho
morning of Monday, July 7 and admit
ted the horrible killing.
"K laid to ra," sts.Ua the par.
at, "that h was tullty. 'I klllta
tbt littla girl, father,' wire hti
words and he hung Ma head and
trembled, X could not fc.ll.Ts it and
ha repeated the confession.
"Mr heart waa flUed with rage
and law, I said to him, 'Vataaa,
tkwt la m tttoff to 7
Coorrlslit, 1012, br
Co. (The New
Photo 'Diagram of Murder; Suspect, Victim and Police Enemy
Latham, Noted Aviator;
Killed by a Buffalo
in Congo Jungle Hunt
After Escaping Death Many Times in Thrill
ing Flights the Airman Is Gored by
Bison He Had Wounded.
PARIS, July 1C Hubert Latham, the famous Anglo-French airman and
ono of tho pioneers of heavier than tho air aviation, has been killed by a
wild buffalo during a hunt In tho Fronch Congo. IIo mot death on June 7
last although the news only reached horo to-day.
The Clovernor-Oeneral of French
Kquatorl.il Africa, Martial Henri Merlin,
In teleiraphlng the news to-day to the
Minister of the Colonies says Latham
was out with number of natives In the
forest when he shot and wounded
buffalo, which Immediately charged him
and gored and trampled him to death.
l.uttium'H death occurred on the Chill
ttlver near tho Hahr es Salamat, practl-
c illy In the centre of the French Soudan.
In the direction of Lake Chad.
A Government representative broke
the nows to Iatham's mother, for whose
sake the aviator gave up flying some
time ago.
Hubert Latham, who was the first
aviator to make any notable flights In a
monoplane, the Antoinette, acquired
fame as a young man. 'In February,
1D05, In company with his cousin,
Jacques Fauro, the well-known aero
naut, he made a balloon trip across the
English Channel, voyaging from the
Crystal Palace, London, to the gates of
Paris In six hours.
On July 19, 1909, he made an unsuc
cessful attempt to cross the Channel
In a monoplane, which was considered
a most daring feat at that time. He
fell Into the sea, owing to his motor
breaking dnnn, and on Ills second at
tempt In tho same month a similar fate
met him.
do kill yourself. Throw yonrsslf
In the river. I cannot help you.
Tour mother cannot help yon. Be
fore Cod you are atalned with
blood. Be gone." Ko went away
and that Is the last any of us have
ssen or heard of htm."
The broken parent expressed the hope
that his son had expiate 1 tho awful
crime In death.
At the conclusion of tho statement
Mrs. Connors, who had suddenly
gained control of herself ns Samuel
Swartz began to speak, waa overcome
again und gave way to hysterics, Tho
father of tho murdered child uttered
several loud groans. It wan one of the
moat dratii Kronen ever witnessed
In the Dlnti.ei-Attorney'H Ofllce.
The story of tho confession was told
In Mr. JCott's ofllce preliminary to the
appearanco of Samuel Swartz before the
Grand Jury. No other member of the
family waa preent while the old man
was examined. Later Jacob Swartz, a
brother of Nathan, corroborated what
.(Continued on Sixth Page.),
" Circulation Books Open to AIL"
The rrrti Pobllthla
York World),
Latham was also renowned
Ing motorbo'it man.
Ho wai a splendid shot, and In 195
went elephont hunting In the Soudan.
In 1900 he made a trip from Khartoum
to Abyssinia, then passed through Brit
ish East Africa and visited India and
French Indo-Chlna.
On his hit nnd fatal hunting trip he
left llordeaux on Dec. 29 last year for
tho Corwo, taking with him a mono
plane and a big game outfit.
Hubert Latham was twenty-nine years
of age, having been born In Paris In
1SS3 of English parents from the County
of Lancashire.
In October, 1910, Latham arrived In
Now Vork from Kurope with the French
team which was to participate In tho
aviation meet at Belmont Park, where
he was placed fourth In the Interna
tional Aviation Race. He later went to
Baltimore, where he made several
flights and won W.COO In prize. Then
he went to San Francisco and Los
Angeles, making flights at both places
and narrowly escaping death on two
occasions while flying. From the west
coast he sailed for the Orient and msda
a long tour In Asia.
After repeated requests of his mother,
who feared his daring would result In
his death, I-atham retired some time ago
as an aviator.
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$250,000 TO HELP
Banker Tells Senators That
Was About His Contribution
to the Democratic Fund.
WASHINGTON, July 1.-A quarter of
a million dollars was the estimate ia-hlch
Ausiust Belmont, testifying to-day be
fore tho Senate Committee Investigating
campaign contributions, placed upon his
contribution to the Democratic National
Committee In 1901. He was not sure that
waa tho sum, but nas satisfied to let It
go at tliat."
"My habit ha been that If I feel
responsible for anything my obliga
tion Is not measured by dollurs and
cents," said Mr. llelmont when Sen
ator l'aynter asked If his large con
tribution embarrassed him. Mr.
Belmont was a member of the cam
paign executive cominlttto that year.
Mr. llelmont told first of advancing
fCO.OOO to the Pemocratln National
Committee, He suld bu buif been re
imbursed 42,000.
"These committees nlways start out
that way," ho explained. "They nsk
for advances und then begin to raise
funds. Later thoy rolmbim.eil me, so
that the balance o' Jb.oou only wus
u contribution."
The capitalist remembered he had paid
"two small Itoma of n.O'J each to Mm.
rice Cueor, a Hungarian leader In New
Senator Jones aakod Mr, Belmont tor
.(Continued on Blxth Page.)
Panic on Coney Excursion
Steamers Follows Crash
in Rockaway Inlet.
The lives of several hundred people
were placed In sudden Jeopardy near
1 o'clock this afternoon when the
steamer Nassau, of the Itockaway
Steamboat Line, tore a nolo In the bow
of the ancient aldo-wheeler Itoscdale
of the same lino In Itockaway Inlet off
Point Breeze. Between 200 and 300 hun
dred passengers, bound for Itockaway,
wero aboard the Nassau, wtilla the
Ilosedale, fortunately, carried only
iilHjut 20 passengers on her return trip
i from Itockaway to New York.
I The Itosedoln now Ilea 111 shallow wa-
tor off Point Breeze, Jamaica Day, with
her hold full of water and a wrecking
tug Is standing by to assist In raising
the sunken craft.
The two steamers ply between One
Hundred and Twenty-ninth atreet and
Itockaway Point, making stops at West
Twenty-third street, the Battery and
Dreamland Pier, Coney Miami. The
Hosedale, after carrying her three docks
filled to capacity down to the Itockaway
terminus, was returning with only a
handful of passenger when she met the
Nassau In tho narrow channel of Bock
awuy Inlat.
('apt. Jacob Itowe of the Nassua and
'apt. Lmils Smith, of tho llosedal,
seemed to make a mistake In the read
ing of signals; each blames tho other
for the result. At any rate, the sharp
how of the smaller boat smashed Into
the tow of the Itosedalo on the port
side, ripping a nolo eight feet long nnd
driving her sharp Iron cutwater five
feet Into the hull.
Instantly them was a panic. The peo
ple on the crowded decks of the Nassau
uero carried nway In a swirl of hysteria
and began to grab life-savers and nil
Just them. The few passengers ubonrd
tho IBisi-dale found the decks suddenly
tilted to a slurp angle and he.trd the
rush of water through the Jagged hole
at the water line. Both boats wero
tooting their wlilstles In frantic c.ilM
for aid. .
The musicians aboard the Itosedule
seitiued to reuse a responsibility, to
which they Immediately responded. They
started up a quick marching tune, anil
during all the confusion of tho ensuing
few minutes they played desperately
The Nassau reversed her engines
Immediately after the collision und
Cap(. Smith of the Ilosedale ordered
I full spcod ahead for his enflnea. The
" Circulation Books Open to
Ilosedule was then ubout three-
quarters of n mllu from shoro and In
Water twenty feet deep. ("apt. Smith
bellnved lie could get his boat Into
shallow water beforo It sank.
The NasKau followed the ltosdaIe In
her. dash for the shore. At about one
eighth of a ml I o from the bench line the
ItoHedAb rnn aground and lay with the
water Hush with her lower dock. Then
Various launches nnd small craft from
Hhcepshead, o.h'ef of which was the
Nett'o, Capt. Ktgley, ran nlongsldn try
Itosedalo and took off her iiissengers.
They were, landed at BbeeMliend Bay.
Tho Nassau, whloh suffered almost no
Injury beyond a scratching of her paint
from the colN'lon, then continued on her
coure to lloclmway.
Congress Committee Finding
Also Indorses Suit Brought
by Government.
WASHINGTON. July 18-Mwnbcrs of
tho House Stanley Hteu) Trust Investi
gating t'miimlttiie to-day practically
agreed to recommend the dissolution of
tho rutted Stntes Steel Corporation In
their report and Indorse the Govern
ment cult against It.
The full committee will meet Thurn.
day to determine upon the majority re.
port. Plans of the minority will bji this
time be deflnltelv outlined,
llepubllcan members will meet to
morrow and prepare to submit their
put-puses to tho fill committee. The
mijuilty report prepared by the chair
man. Iteprifseiilallve Stanley, bus been
approved by all the Democratic mein.
bers except Bepruseiitntlvu Littleton,
who Is In New York. Mr. Stanley and
Itepresentiitlve Ileal! of Texas und Mo.
Gdlkuddy of Maine, expect to eunfir
with .Mr. Littleton the:e lu.moiruw.
They expect he will upprovu the ma
jority report.
iiriurr oi l ilk
Tor ill L'ot.., trtiurt., .nam Asiertraa ia4
bcruuJt ALr.iuuliii Lurt, IttirJIor' rhckt tuj
Boat? urtkr. IUiim tint lrvW dives niooe
pD dsr Ui. nliht Tin Warlit Trstl Uarwu.
Arc4. IliUUn lWocl.1) llulMlof . &a-3 f wi
Bow. N. V. Tslfpbou BMluau iOOO.
100 Detectives Scour City for
Accomplices Named by Assasairi
Who Tells How "Squealer
Death Was Plotted.
Ten Rivals Feared Story of Graft
to Be Told
Under the strain of the "third
In the presence of Commissioner
early to-day confessed at Police
complicity In the murder of Herman Rosenthal the. gambler, In front
of the Hotel Metropole at 2 o'clock this morning, and he Involved
seven men In Ills statement.
The minute that the prisoner
ouicrs wno were invoiveci in me snooung, nearly one tninarea aeiecuves
were rushed from Headquarters Into various sections of the city,
especially through the cast side gambling belt, to arrest them. So In-,
sistent was the demand of their superiors for speedy action that .more 4
II 1. lf r H .1 i if I
m:in nan nr im tipipriivpc imvc mm
streets of downtown New York in
Inspector Hughes, Deputy Dougherty and Commissioner Waldo him
self, who look part in the "sweating" of the suspects, all were confident
that before midnight they would have every man who had a hand In the
killing of Rosenthal behind bars.'
One significant feature of the confession which was extracted from
the prisoner was ills statement that three of the seven involved are friend
and henchmen of a certain gambler known to be an enemy of Rosenthal
and whom Rosenthal named in a recent statement. , j
L1A.MM .. 11.1 I 1. . ...il. 1. !- ...t . ... i , . , 1
iiciiii.iii ivuacimiiii lu nave uuc wan lllb W1IC, nCS mOSI InlSICu
confidant, to the rooms of District-Attorney Whitman, in the Madison
apartments, in Madison Square, just six hours after five men surroundid
him and shot him to death.
The object of the proposed call was to put in the hands of the
District-Attorney the names of ten or more gamblers who would go
before the Grand Jury and tell of having paid money to at least two
influential police officers as bribes to be permitted to keep their
gambling houses open.
Rosenthal had a long conference with District-Attorney Whitman
yesterday. The District-Attorney repeated that he could not undertake
prosecution of Rosenthal's charges, obviously born of a revengeful spirit,
as they were also unsupported by other evidence. Rosenthal said he
knew of other men who would back up his story if it could be arranged
that their names would not get into the newspapers.
Mr. Whitman asked for the list of (lie names of these men. Ro
senthal said he wanted to talk the matter over with his wife, whose
memory was better than his own, so that he could make the list com
pute. He then nude the appointment for early this morning.
When he left the District-Attorney's office Rosenthal met several
Hast Side acquaintances In the corridors of the Criminal Courts build
ing. He became much excited in telling them of his certainty that he
would yet prove his charges against the police; he became garrulomly
confidential, as was often his way, and told of his appointment with the
In two hours every sluss player, every dealer of roulette or
thrower of dice or follower of the horse races cast of the Bowery had
the news. It tilled mo-t of them with rage. It meant to them that the
"lid," only recently uptilted so that they could make money In the way
of their own choice, was to be clamped down, whether the charges
against the police were proved or
angry bees.
A little after midnight last night a gray automobile with Its load
of assassins slid out from in front of the Cafe Boulevard, at Second a
avenue and L'ast Tenth street. It was the same automobile which had
been sent to the Criminal Courts Building at the time Btf 'JacJt''
- r -4
to Whitman
degree," used with relentless feroe'ry I
Waldo, one of the three men arrested
Headquarters this afternoon his ownM
had given wj the names of these i
. .. . i t. '
iivk inn wpr" umnn trirniiirn in i
a widening radius of action.
not. They buzzed like a hive full of A

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