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Gentle Stranger
,:Then Sore When
He Was
Kept From Fighting Back.
I R-rr-rvenR wti what "John"
waotal, and br Rot It. The only
troifble ivlth the rrvetiRo wai that It
ttl tha wrotiK man total Atriinitor
Whom "John" novcr hail ttrn before
Ml who never hail ilon him harm
tfcat "John" blnucl In the eyo nn.l
irallojxd on the cheek. Nut It w a
Ha thlnj for "John" to beat a tattoo
4m somebody' fare, for ho was aw
Mir mad.
"John's" atremiotu attempt to set
r-r-r-revence wae tin aftermath of the
trial at "William Hose, twenty-alt
yttri old, of No. 110 Weal Sixtieth
tract, Manhatlan. who wa tried by
Mtflstrato Naumer In the Oatca Ave
we Police Court, Hrooklyn, on a
etianrs lodged aRalnat him by Minn
Bather Newman, alxleeti years old, of
Ho. 10S Myrtle avenue.
There wero no wltneipea analnit Itns
ara except the ulrl liemelf. and Matft
Mil Naumer, following decisions limited
by BlOfara'a lawyer, releaied the defend-
Am Roger Marled to leave the court
bjoua he heart) n voice he thought was
taat of Mlta Newman's father, Abraham
Harwman, shouting on tho front stepn:
1 will kill hlml He la no Rood! 1 will
gat me a (run and alioot Mm!"
.Hotors decided that It was not prudent
a run tha eauntlet of the Nnwinan fam-
Mf on the front steps, so with his lawyer
fea returned to the court room to wait I
ocrtll the coast was clear. I
At that moment a younB man went "p '
tks ateps from th street and epoko ts .
tfce Newmans. MIm Ksther nddresso.l
Mas as "John" and seemed Rind to m
him. "John" Inquired at once what had
1een the outcome of tho case. Whon he
learned that RoRcrs was liberated ho
asked -whore lloRcra was. At that In
stant a Dates avenue rnr was piailnK
lid somebody shouted that HoRrrs w
aa the car.
Without more ado "John" leaped upon
tat car and biffed the first youtiR man i
M saw In the eye. Tncn nc omen mm
ajraln and ugiln. before the astonished
yountf man could rlo and retaliate.
Three policemen separated tho two and
put "John" off the car. They also re
futed to permit the younff man "John"
had walloped to leave the car and
wallop "John." as ho whs eaRer to do.
The car rolled on with the pummeled
youns; man denouncing "John" nnd the
police. The Newmatia, escorting
"John." hurried nway nnd then Honors
tola quietly home.
' JAm E. Rchtilta Cor to naymnnil
Mrcat for Ten Hays.
John H. Bchultz, who Is known as the
"Mnt of the loan sharks" In Ilrooklyn,
waa sentenced toy Judge Fawcett In
th KIdrs County Court to-day to ten
days in naymond Street Jot! nnd a fine
of ttWO. This followed tlchultz's plea
ofrfullty to elRht Indictments charRlnR
Mb with usury.
Bchults's convlotlon was the third of
4ta kind In two weeks In the County
Cawrt of Brooklyn, and In pasetns en
tanca Judge Kawcett kiv notice that
the next loan shark that came before
adas would get the limit of tho law's
revisions 'n the event of conviction.
Sahultz's use was considered pirtlcu
Urly flagrant by Judjc Kswcett be
cause 'ones before ha had l)ecn Indicted
its convicted by the Court of Bperlnl
Bastions and had appealed to the Court
Of1 Appeals. The derlrlon of the lower
Mlirt id been uphold In that Instance.
Hard On Stomach
It is :t difficult task for you to feel well and keep
well during the hot summer months. This state
ment applies particularly to those who suffer from
stomach trouble.
Great care should he exercised In the selection
of food which should be of a lltfht character and
easily digested. Plenty of time should be taken
in cntluft your meals, so that they can be properly
It Is absolutely essential that the nutritious ele
ments of food he prepared In some form which
will assure them uniform distribution through
out the system. This Is accomplished by the
action of the gastric juices In the stomach, which
in turn assimilates with the blood and is carried
to all parts of the body.
In addition to the digestive function, the stom
ach also expels waste and unwholesome matter,
poisonous substances and deadly germs, which
are the chief cause of disease. This Is done
through the medium of the bowels, kidneys and
It therefore follows that If the stomach ceases to
perform Its duties, the system will become clogged
with impurities and the germs of disease will
quickly break down the system.
Cooper's New Discovery
fiuts into wholesome action the stomach, liver,
owels, blood system nnd nerves, thereby restor
ing the vital forces which have been unduly ex
hausted through lack of proper nutrition.
Hy the use of Cooper's New Discovery dys
pepsia, indigestion, biliousness, flatulency, gas
tric, liver and kidney troubles, insomnia, con
stipation and other bowel disorders are invariably
eradicated from the system.
At All Dealers
"Z g ..
I 9t 1 -
Furniture Without Deposits
runiiaied In t 111 manner has nsvrr prated satlsfartorr to tua auiar.
Our melliviU are always to visas our vatrans.
Terms Apply to Kw Vara. New Jernr. Laaa Island. Connsctleat.
Free with every pur
chase of 145 worth
of Goods or over.
riirnl.li'il 4
Jr- llimmn I w
. . ...... t i .
'89-98 510998
n 49.75bltT?HED 200
3 Rooms
for $1.00
Write for 1012 Catalog,
Mailed Free
We Pay
Three Cvnla Drop In Wlirat,
,CHICAaO, July IS. Wheat prices yov
tardar suffered a break or more than 1
aaata a bushel. Uesputclios irom the
JJorthwest assertlnc that tho outlool;
Wsl for the Kreatrst crop year In hlttory
kad much to do with pulling the botto-p
ttt from under the marltct.
Infi";sS"7fl Shrkrdln Si Mined m LlJjliSr
tlS r..toiiB..J iLp-'-1b fe&FWSt
f"!""",. 11.98 o-u. peJrsi-i i, v.i. H(9g X 1.75
750-752 m Ave, Cop. 46th St. KftK
flnlilrn Oak .
Doable &0 Trading Stamps Until 1 o' Clock
Double Liberty Stamp for
Soap Wrappers, Tobacco Tagt,&c.
Merchandise Selling Like Wildfire
and Thousands Are Saving Money
There never was n time when n dollar bouulit so much ir. choicest new mcrclmndivn TliSu ic i,.
for everybody, for almost everything one can possibly need at this season is included in this sale.
the Actual Reductions Arc From 4 to lA in
Every Department. Some Price Cuts Are Even
More, for This Is a Most Decisive Clearance
VVc arc appronchniK inventory ami wt want to ot stocks to the lowest possible volume we arc
K to for sucli vabics must continue to alt met tremendous crowds from far ai d near evcrv
,y this sale continues. New lots arc offered as fast as present lofs arc sold out. This is nTnTTrTt"
, oua bargain event you cannot nfford to puss by.
Tp-morrow We Feature Iiomefurnisfains
Summer Furniture, Rugs, Carpets, Linoleums, Linens, Domestics, China,
Upholsteries and Summer House Furnishings of Every Kind.
There hasn't beco a time
years when economy opportunities were as great.
Cre Si Deltox
Grass Rufjs
81 ie DilS.ln Wur, Krmi
and rod, In plain border
affects; rwular7 uh, at
611uxyCcnia;;55S5V New York
oM'JIMBBMaMaWlMlallallM "jaB."' 'tu rt 1 1 .atttr ?llAasatsfc
A;irtmtnl Uouse iljle-
Knnmel llnml. R() Inchrt
rilHtt ; hnlils 70 II, ot
Ice. IUtra special.
The Electric Fan of Economy Is Whirling Out
A Steady Current of Cool Summer Merchandise
As refreshing as this great Summer Store itself, with its fine stocks of hot-weather merchandise, are the savings developed in every
section of the building by the July Clearance Sale.
No wonder that thousands of people are delighted daily with the welcome bargains they can find in precisely the things they need.
(The true inwardness of a bargain, you know, is getting something you really want at less than you usually have to pay for it.) No wonder,
also, that midsummer dullness is an unknown quantity at GIMBELS.
But endurance is as essential to success in July Clearance as it is in Olympic games; and the pace that this most successful Summer
retailing event set at the start will be kept up into the homestretch and to the finish.
Tomorrow will be rich in new economies part of the list follows come for your sha
share of it.
Is Your Old Straw Hat
Worth a Dollar?
Its depreciation has un
doubtedly been rapid since
you bought it. But today,
the cost of replacement is
very low, owing to this
Final Clearance of
Men's $3 Straw Hats
At $1 Each
That is to say, that every Hat
in the lot of several hundred
Is of $3 quality or better.
Dozens of different styles of
Split Straws and Sennits, Milans
and Mackinaws, with a good
size range in one size or another.
Tho Straw Hat you buy to
morrow at $1 will look well for
the rest of the Summer barring
accidents. Fourth Floor
Inventory Time!
A Sale of
$1.50 to $3.50 Blouses
At$l and $2
A big Sale, but its story may be told
in a word co-operation! Several manu
facturers who made thousands of Blouses
for us during the season granted us these
concessions because we cleared their
shelves of surplus materials prior to
their inventory. As the Blouses were
made in the 32 styles that we desired,
this is not a "tag-end" Sale.
Sheer and cool are all these Blouses
that reflect the styles that Paris has adopt
ed for the Summer. Smart flat collar
styles, others with high stocks for the wo
men who prefer them. Long, close-fitting
sleeves, as well as three-quarter and
elbow lengths. Many of the $2 Blouses
are trimmed with a profusion of hand
crocheted Irish lace. The Valenciennes
lace used is of the dainty yet durable
Cotton voiles, batistes and lawns are
the materials. Third Floor
A Pre-Inventory Clearance
Several Special Purchases
Scores ot pretty little Dresses and smart Suits that remain from our Summer collection,
which has added fame to our Salons. Women say that these are quite the most chic and yet
wearable costumes that they have ever been able to get ready-to-wear. Now those that remain
must go regardlessof former prices because, the End-of-Season Inventoryisrapidlyapproaching.
The special purchase Dresses and Suits were made to our especial order the Gimbel Way.
However, savings are advantageous, because the manufacturers granted concessions on their
left-over materials.
( Lingerie, Linen, Cotton Voile and Eponge Dresses, $6.75, instead of $7.60 to $12.60
Demi-Tailored Pique Dresses, $6.60, instead of $9.60
White Linen Dresses, $7.60, ins to ad of $10
Fine Cotton Eponge Dresses, $18.60, instead of $32.60
Smart Tailored Suits of Pure Linen
$6, instead of $10 $7.50, instead of $9.50 $8.76, instead of $12.50 $12.75, instead of $18.50
Cotton Eponge Suits, $18.60, instead of $25 Sizes M to ll
For Young Women
Striped Voile Dresses, $5, formerly $9.60. Lingerie Dresses, $5.75, formerly $10
Eponge Dresses, $18.60, formerly $32.50. Silk Dresses, $10, formerly $18.50.
Linen Suits, $5, $7.60, $3.75 and $12.50, instead of $8.75 to $18.50.
Sizes 14, 1G and 18 years. Third Floor
V fy "-"''"-. - IH.T..IIi1ir..l.l.-. ........ r1,Ty ....... . . . ..rT7
Summer Sale of NOTIONS
For People in Town and Country
"Everywhere I go." says a woman, "I hear people wishing they
had shoe polish, and collar boning, and needles, and thread, and
all that sort of thine." That is precisely what this Sale is for
to supply these Summer needfuls of Gimbel quality at specially
low prices. We will take prompt caro of mail orders from those
out-of-town for the bummer.
j i6o for four 5c Spools (100 yards)
Gimbels "Niagara1' Sewing Silk.
100 for threo 5c spools (500 yards)
Basting Cotton.
10c for threo 6c Spools Bclding
Brothers Darning Silk.
lBo for two 10c Balls C. B. French
Darning Cotton.
36o for Large Spool Dressmakers'
Sewinc Silk. Hlnck or whito.
18o for twelve 2c Spools O.N.T.
Darning Cotton. .
10o for three 5c Papers Gimbels
"DuchesV All-Brats English Pins.
16c for four 6c sheets Gimbel "Count
ces" English Pins. Assorted sizes.
10c for two 10c Papers Gimbels Best
EngliMi 1'ina. beven sizes.
Cnrds Best Quality
Imported Eni!
100 for threo
Snfittv Pins.
10c for three 6c Cards Dress
30o for -lb. bos Best Imported
EnglUh Pins.
100 for two 12c Cubes Beat Imported
Glass Hi-ad Pins. Various colors.
26o for two 15c pairs Gimbels "Per
fection" Guaranteed Dresa Shields.
26c for threo 10c pairs Gimbels
"Duchess" Washablo Dress Shields,
sufficiently durable for wearing under
shirtwaists when not wearing jacket.
Collar Supports
Has the most advanced vciitilalin system in the icorld, supplying over 100,000 cubic feet of air per
minute, chantins the entire volume of air everv 10 minutes, keebinn the temheriitnre ronier Lin
Wise Is the Man or Woman Who Now Profits By
The July Clearance Sale
Realizing that it presents important. offerings of denendablo merchandise
at, in nearly all cases, the iozvesl prices of the season. Many buy now and hold
for Christmas gifts and for the Winter.
Today four events must speak for all 75 sections of the Subway Store.
65c and 75c Imported Dress Linen, 28c Yard
7,500 yards. Just what is wanted for suits and skirts. It is all-linen, 44 and 46 in. wide,
good weight, and an attractive diagonal weave. These desirable .shades: golden brown, blues,
rose, tans, champagnes, heliotrope and dray, also Had; and white. Every one wants linen
this season, and this is the best value we have yet offered. Imported to sell at (Joe and 75c,
July Clearance price, 28c.
EXTRA: We will make shirts to order, from the above linen, offering a choice of twelve good
models, at barely the cost of tailoring, 95c. Subway Store, Lower Floor
July Clearance of Hosiery and Underwear
Women's $2 Sweaters, $1.35 '
High nnd V-neck styles, Oxford nnd white, all wool
and medium weight.
Men's 18c and 25c Half Hose, 12Uc
Imported and domestic fancy Lisle Half Hose and
about 300 pairs of "seconds" of silk stocking.
Men's 50c Union Suits, 25c
Open mesh, white or ecru and lislo ribbed.
Boys' 36c NainBook and Open Mesh
Underwear, 20c
Shirts and Drawers, sizes 21 to 30.
Subway Store, Balcony
Women's 25c and 36c Stockings, 16c
Samples, imported and domestic makes, black and
Women's 38c Boot-Silk Stockings, 25c
Black, white, tun; lislo heel, sole and too.
Children's 15c and 18c Socks, 10c
Mainly light colors, n big variety.
Women's 35c Union Suits, 26c
Lisle ribbed, umbreila styles, lace trimmed.
Women's 60c and 60c Union Suits,
35c and 46c
Regular nnd extra sizes, lisle ribbed.
Sample& Surplus JEWELRY, Half Price & Less
Just about a year ago we offered a similar lot from the same famous manufacturers, with
the greatest success. The quality and styles in tomorrow's offering are better, if anything, than
last year's and the quantity larger. The patterns are largely copies of expensive jewelry, and
exceptionally well maue anu nntsneu.
10o for three 6c Cards Collar
Supports, "Tho Queen," "Linen
bone," "Christie" and other kinds.
10c for throe 6c cards Gimbels Rust
lens Hooks and Eyes; 18c gross.
16c for two 10c pieces Gimbels
Lingerie Silk Braid, in fast colors,
blue, pink nnd white.
10c for five He packages Gimbels
Imported Wire Hulrpins. in bronze
or ulack. Invlslblo or heavy.
lCa for two 10c lw.cs Gimbels Hair
pins, assorted, heavy or invisible, black
or bronze.
So each for Hat Pins. Jet and
various other kinds.
lOo for thrro 5c Boxes Gimbels
"Countess" Assorted Invisible Hair
pins. Dress Shields
Klcinort'B "Eton" Dresi Shields; to
insure tho most comfort and protection,
Bhould bo worn undor corsot cover, in
sizes 2, it, 4 and 6, at 60o pair.
26o for pair Gimbels Garmont Dress
Shields, easily adjusted, for kimono
sleeve gowns.
10c for three 6c Unen Corset Laces,
6 yards long.
16o for two Linen Corset Laces, 6
to 8 yards long.
10c for threo 5c Gimbels Turkish or
Honeycomb Wash Cloths.
18o for 25c Dr. Parker's Waist and
Hoso Supporters combined.
36c for dozen seamless sanitary
26c for two 15c pairs "Treo" loop
sewn Hoso Supporters.
10c for pair children's lislo elastic
Hoso Supporters, black or white.
6o for 10c "Treo" Elastic Sliirtwalst
10c for three 5c pairs Diamond
Tip Shoe Laces, black or tan.
20c for 25c pair gros-grain Rib
bon Oxford Tie Laces, black, tan
or white.
16o for 25c pair Pump Bows.
16o for 18c box "Blanco" for clean
ing white canvas shoes.
16c for bottlo Colorito Straw Dye.
16o forbot."Gilt-Edge" Shoe Polish.
16o for nickel or gilt Spool Holdor.
16c for two 10c nickel Folding Coat
95c for $1.50 Nchoc Garmont Rack.
space-saving dovice, can bo attached to
uoor, will now iu to 10 garments.
Main Floor
Women's and Mon's Cuff Buttons, gold-plated,
chased and plain Roman and English finish, usually 60c
to $1, at 25c pair.
Mesh Bags. Gorman silver, 3Jinch frames, white
kid-lined, usually $1.50 at 76c.
Mesh Purses, German silver, the new "unbreak
able" mesh, Intended to sell at $1, for 60c.
Mesh Bags, German silver, Clinch pierced frames,
fine mesh, finished with deep fringe, usually $4, at $1.00.
Mejh Bags, German silver, 6-inch frame, the new
"unbrcaliuble" mesh, usually $2.50, now $1.16.
Pearl Boad Necklaces, largo and small beads, and
graduated sizes, usually 50c, now 25c.
Neckiacei, of Roman pearl beads, with gold-plated
snap3, usually SI to $2.60, lit 60o.
Cuff Pins, 14k rolled gold-filled, engraved, chased or
plain and some sot with stones, utually 75c to $1.60, at
26c pair.
Mourning Plus; Cuff and Bar Pins and Brooches,
many styles, very well made, usually 2Gc to 75c, at 16c.
Barrettea, shell and amber, plain, carved and strand
styles, usually 25c, ut 10c.
A Miscellaneous Collection of Jeweled Brooches,
Bar Pins, Cuff Pins and Hat Pins; also plain long Chains,
usually 25c to 50c, ut 10c. Subway Ktora Balcony
RUGS Used In "Comfort Haven" at Half
Also Rugs used throughout the Store. And to offer nearly all sizes, we have added a col
lection of Rugs from our regular Stock, all in perfect condition, thus sharply reduced, because
wo shall not re-order these particular patterns. Mainly Algerian Willow tlrasuand Rag Rut's;
however, a limited number of wool and other Rugs in tho collection.
While some of the Rugs are not entirely fresh, and a few are slightly damaged, tho great
UU1K OI 1110 Olieiings is in guuu uuuumun uuu ui uuu jjuuu, ii-suiii uAucjniunai uaigams.
Algerian Porch Eurjs
0 x 12 ft., usually $21, now $10.60
G x 9 ft., usually $10.60, now $6,26
3x6 ft., usually $3.50, now $1
30 x 60 inches, usually $2.60, now 7Co
Prairie Grass Rugs
0 x 12 ft., usually $8 to $10, now $1 and $5
8 x 10 ft., usually $0.25 to $7.60, now $3 and $3.76
6x0 ft., usually $4.25 to $5.50, now $2 and $2.75
4 x V ft., usually $2.75 to $3.25, now $1.60
a x u it., usually $i.o to $i,vo, now ton
Old-Fashionod Rag Rug3
9 x 12 ft., usually $11.50, now $6.76
VA x 10V$ ft., usually $10, now 55
6x9 ft., usually $0, now $3
4 x 7 ft., usually $3.60, now $1.76
3 x ti't., ubually $1.50, now 75c
30 x 60 in., usually $1.20, now 00c
27 x 62 in., usually $1, now 60o
24 x 3G in., usually 80c, now 40c
13 x 36 In., usually 65c, now 30c
Of course, as the quantity is limited, a prompt selection is highly advisable. The Sale
begins tomorrow morning. Subway Storo, Lower Floor
antstff a-jwr T?.-.-,,s-inggac

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