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ir 9
Crouse Almost Made
trous Mistake by
Letting Kurtz Stay as Long as He
Ceprrfajbt, 1012. hf Th. Trm. Publlahlns Co.
(Tlit N York World I
it T"UT the 'suckers' out quick
f don't fool with 'fm," I'ob
Fltxslmmons advised Jim Jef
ITIM When Jeff hart fnnte.1 ulnnir
through ona round with Jack Munro
a ui ineatre at llutte, Jlont. "If you
4 you'll be sorry."
If Duck Crouas had been ai wlao an
jussimmons had not have made a
arioui mlitake at lladlson Square
Garden last night.
Buck Crouaa was to have fought
j? D(nnln nut Jck felt the hot
Wisrther too much, and Young Dave
Kurta of I'alorson waa substituted
Kurtx hat a great knockout record.
Th omcial welching allowed Kurtx
M pounde; Crouae 118, stripped.
Crouae was a head taller than tha
uky slugger from Jersey. It looked
a very poor match, ami aa soon an the
toy put up their hatida the crowd lu
Ufta galleries began to Jeer Crouse. "Oh
you I tig dub!- yelled the aympalhetlc
roowra when Crouie tentatively poked
- .i? -r ,hl "nd "wu K"r"- flopping
!5Jh.? noor'. AnA Cro,"e ,l'n"l "'t
Jijact y apologetic und turned appeal.
i-fiV rrf'r"' K"rtn w backed
L. .. AC0IDtr HSaln' the- ropea. doubled
J"" '"to a knot wrapped In
!f?a V )f hU nr,t "0 or three
ra effort to reach the tall Pitts-
&.vViS.n; ,h8 n ;
fr2? T1" PPlng In
M apologetic way, went though two
routKl.. while th. croud ,, ft
2p 7 aPP"""1 lo
Lth beInn'ntr of the third a voice
te22i..thVP"Ubur,h ror,1"l vlsed
way. Do It right away." crouae aud.
d.nly moved Into action and slammn.1
Kurta bask acalnit the ropea. There
Kurta bent double and covered up
f!!; V, 5rn.u,fl ""Wrf hitting nnO
I?l.h 11 hcd ,0'd the referee.
At thla moment Kurta atralshtenod up
M elimmed .over a awing on Mr
Crouae'a chin that aounded like an nxe
laklnr Into a chopping block, lllaml
fruaher. Crouao bent over
BMkward. Jjerore be had even time to
WOK aurprlawl Kurd waa on lop of hlni
twinging hla right furiously, and not
talgalnlpa punch. Crouae was daxed nnd
nearly knocked down, nut rallied.
Dvid and OplUh." ahrleked a gal.
Crouae ttaxrered. Hlam.ilam.slam
wt Kurtr'a fists, into the daxej
trln of Crouae crept the haxy Men
that he waa being knocked out. and It
Mamed o foollah and Incredible nnd
fumnr thit he nctually aloo,l atlll with
Ma hands down and laiiKhed, It wn.tn't
a fake laugh-Juat a neul grin of nmuf.
8lam-a1am went Kuril's flt. aome
mor. And then enmc more -nnd more,
And Crouae xet hla Jaw nifHlnst Hie
punches and punched weaklv bn.'k
with, no direction In hla blows, tie must
ha an Jron Jaw.
TimouOH the fourth round and the
fifth Crouae walked In slowly,
Kurtx covered for a moment and
then tralajitened up with Hint heavy
right overhand awing that never mlsae'i,
n4 Crouae 'bent backward na it Inncled.
It didn't seem possible that he could
atand tuch a hammering, llut he did.
gad gradually grew stronger nnd stronger
tn spits of Kurtr'a frantic efforts. In
pit of the loud coaching In Kurtx'
corner from Willie I.ewla, Dmny Mor
gan and a score Of eater amateurs.
In th sixth Kurtx, listening to advice,
wung furiously Into C'rouae's ribs, hut
couldn't atop his advance, Crouse was
hlttlnc harder now, and Kurtz n.ts
blov "all bunged up," aa Joe Humph.
ryc remarked over my shoulder,
Through the seventh Kurtz swung many
hard ones against the tall fellow's chin,
wildly applauded, but took fi much In
return that the end of the ,ound found
him jadly dazeJ and willing lo lean
gainst the ropce tn hla vwn corner and
cover and stall.
Crouse came out strong for tho eighth,
with clear head again and plenty of
speed. He quickly battered nil the
punching power out of Kurtx and
slammed him Into a corner. There,
wfen Kurtz covered up, Crousu punched
him on the back of tho head to bring
him up and then ripped In an tipperout
that looked like curtains. And here
Billy Joh stepped In between and waved
Crouae to his corner to aavu the snriller
man from being knocked out. Kurtz
waa helpless.
Th aeml-flnsl was between Jimmy
Coffey &n3 Voun ShuglUo ("Cortee and
Sugar," waa the gallery gag,) It was
one of the hottest little fights seen here
In many a day, Coffey was always
dangerous, but Hhugrun forced the tight
Ing wltb a rush every second of the
time, and won by a good timrxln. The
pace he 'et during the last thrco rounds
wa alixler,
KO. WIOWN will bo taken from
Itockaway to tha Polyclinic
Iloapltil In an ambulance to.
day. Brown'a leg, Injured In the auto
Mobile accident In which hla young
friend Masters was killed Jul unlay, la
badly swollen, and the do tori fear that
th thigh bone la fraclureJ, X-ray pic.
tures will be taken. K. U will not be
bl to do any more fighting for two
r tar raontns, at tn b
It. I
WF. 1'-.. WsWTm 1 1 JZ
ajjeiiican i. i; aii ft.
, Club.
n .ii'i()n.
Hub. tt.
litlrolt.... u
Nw Void.
HI, Uull. n
Nf York. 6; fit, liuli. i.
I'htralci. I: Witfiinilon. 2.
I'lill.nliilin, T: Clmliud. 0,
Dttrali. fit UoatoD. i.
St. tnll at N'tw Yulk.
Ctrl rlamt at I'hllailclphla.
rhlcadu at Wiahloittuu.
Drtrod at lloaton.
New Yorlc.
Danlfilx. ir.
Chaae. lb,
Kterrntt, rf.
'Ann. rf,
Kltmnonn, !b.
Iliirticl), 3b.
Mnrtln, nn.
Kwcony, c.
.St. I.nuln.
Mhotten. ef.
Jaiitxeti. rf.
Kilt I nn, lb.
Pratt, nn.
I.nl'ortp, 2b.
AtiKtln, 3b.
t'omiiton. If,
Htrphene, o.
UllVlN, p.
Hamilton, p.
Umpire Hurt nnd t'onnolly.
Aiietiuutive, fi.oou.
ClrorKft n.ivls, th yotinft phenom
from Williams C'olloKe, waa nlven his
first c'.i.tnco to pilch this nftrrtiuon and
tcci'tvcil quite nn nv.illnii its tin wnlkoil
to thn box. lln had tit cliittice of not
iinlv H-lntilnK Ills IliMt hlK ItitKUe eatnu.
'hut of lifting the llllltapa out ot la.t
P.ivls h.til u wonderful mrper In col.
lenn baseball and Joined thn Ntw York
flub a week USD. Jlamllliiti pllchfil
for the Ilrowna,
N't'lther side scored In the first InnliiK,
thoiiKh both had men on baacn. Hhotton
brat out a sfr.ttch lilt as h starter for
St. Louis, but wai out atralltiK aecnnd,
Jantxrn struck out. K lit Inn singled
nvi-r srrntid, tiut also died stesllns,
AftiT Danlela had cone out for Nuw
York Chnae hit to left for two bases
and went to third on Strrrett's out.
'Inn fanned.
PflUiT n,WJK-To.ye,ir.jl1si four
and one-half furlunts, Omlrainldn, 110
iShuttitiKer), 11 to 10, 1 to 4 nnd out,
won; llattle Montr, !) (Lounnberry), 9 to
10. out and out, necoml; Slntilnlowa, 10.1
(tVoIO, l to 1, 12 to 1 nnd 3 to 1, tlvlnl,
Tltnn 0.M 2-5. Vali of Avoca. Golden
Syrup rflao ran.
SIJ-'ONl) IUC .Throe.yenr-olds; six
furlunxs. Hamilton. 1W (.MK'ahey), 9 to
1". 2 tn 5 and nut , first; .Molnant, 105
(llutwrll), f. to 1, 2 to 1 and even, aeoond!
Miss Wlisira, !! lun"t?rrj'), 23 to 1,
8 to 1 arid 4 lo I, third. Tlmo 1,17,
lleoilproslty, i'rlnce flltap, Jude How
ell, 4m nnd Induction also run.
Ililrriiutlmiul l.enicnr.
club. w. i.. rc . tiub. w. i.. pc.
llo.lM.Kr, 90 .13 ,mil.Ntara..., ID 4U .boij
lliltltnoir. 4.', SI ,ill) I'Mtiilrac. 31 .t ,4fii
lprcnto . 4.1 lis .Ml lluflib..,, M 41 ,4V
Jirx Cltr 41 41 ,M!Slii,tit.l,., Si SO ,330
Hi.aulU of Ypt-riln's riaiuea.
Jtrirr CIU. U; I'rotlikuct, A. lint lama.
Jrriri Clt), 4; I'rotlJciic, 3. Srtuul saua,
llalHmutr. Ci Nark, 2,
llutfiln. 3: Itorl.f.ttr, 1
Torustu. lit; Monttaa), 3.
faiimra Hchrduleil fur To-Dajr.
Nrark at llaltlaiurt,
llullllo ai lloclialar,
ileuttcil at Toraate,
'AXlXi ja
Club. W. I. I't.'.i Club. W.
Ni York Us ID ,7t.J I'lill.'phla, i
Cbirata., T 3 .flat Kt. Uula.
I'ttubunh 40 at .toij hruoklia.. SO
L. PO.
31) .4S1
41) .410
4H .H3
ClndonaU 41 SH ,02S Uoalas.... 2i t .iVi
St. UuU. 10: . Not York. S.
i-iiuuursn. ft litontij.ii, J. nnl
nttihurth, ItrooklVn, 4, Btcot
luirasa, a I iioiion. I.
ntirlnnatl. 2: I'hllxltlDbJa.
t. " ,! 0IR uniciio.
RfffUrt at Hiuburtb.
l'bij Jlpbt at Ciocuioatt,
It. Jr. O. A. E
Khotton, cf, ,,,,
Jantzen. rf
Kutlna. lb
1'ralt, M
Iaporte, 2b
Austin, 3b
Cotnpton, if, ...
Krlchell, c
Stephens, c
Ilaumrartner, p.
1 0
4 -0
2 0
9 27 12
It. If.
A. K.
0 0
2 0
0 0
n o
2 0
1 0
5 1
0 0
0 0
1 0
1'anieia, ir o
Chaan, lt o
Kterre'tt, of j
Klnn. rf o
Simmons, 2h f)
Ilartxell, 3b o
Mrtln, S3 o
JCWolverton n
ISMncy, o o
arnop, p o
Totals i x r a ,
xiutted for rnrtln In the ninth
I n n 1 ti if.
:Ul"'J.' Twi-"- Hlle-Krlchell.
....... inrpe-imnn llltn Compton.
Home itmi. K'niitit. unn.iAM.
Jantren. fcicrlflre l'lv-Lnrorte. Stolen
ii.u.-i. .uun. i.ori on T1n v.n.
York, fi: Mt I.oiiIm n Tim.Kt. m
Aiialln. Lal'.irle ami Kullnai Pratt, 1.
I'nrlj. anil lCutln.t. nn,n on llalls-Off
Carhop, 1; o(T Haumtrardner, 2. Struck
Out--.Il) Warhop. 7: by n.iumrardner.
4. Hit by I'ltchera-lly Itaumwrdner, 2
(Merrett,2), Umnlres--Connnlt
Hart, Time of irnm. i. .
forty minutes.
The llrnwns won the first name of
the ilouble-hrniler from th ni.i..
lundera IIiIh uftcrnoon and tempornrllv
Hhoveil New Yotk bai'k Into the cellar.
Tim nnal scoro wu S tn 1 The Kill.
tops were tienten from Htnrt to finish
nnd not once did they have no muoh
h u chance. IlaimiKartnor, the crack
twlrler of the Ilriuvim, pitched ono of
his very best K"nns, and but for an
error In the ninth Initios would have
had It Slltllnllt. Wnrhnu un.
hard and tiftoti.
In tho fourth Innlnc. with ono on
l)une, Kutlna Hmasliod a drive Into ceri
trn fleM lileauherK for u home run,
which Kuvn thpm tlilr flrrt two runB.
In thM ulvth ili....l,i,..B t... v.
ond Uompton nnd a slnitln by Austin
i-iivn nit-Mi iwu more runs, una mat
was ptinuBh to win. The only rune
ncnrpd by thn UlKhlundcrx wna made In
the lant half nf the ninth Innlnit.
Htnrrrtt wan hit by the pitcher and
went tn thlrl on .Inn's HlnRle. I'ratt
fumbled Kiinons' bouncer and Ster
rett Bot home.
llnnarll-Miiiilell llnut k T)raT.
B LT UliK IJITV, lll.b. Jul, 14J.--After
tocntr roun.l. fiahtjnjt ltwrm Vlo llanwn,
rlumulon pil.l Utt illit ot tU l'i-tfk l)o4. and
I'alair, ltfiv llanly liovsnW ralW th natcli
a lira. lUnant it 1 iniMt of tjif tlthtlm.
Jaik Uianlnt uf Salt Ijkf anil Main Itawaa
01 ,iiFrir 1 hu, irn-rouiu draw at a
rurtaln ratarr,
IUNK1M1.U TO-UAY. J (amaat flral
tin:. 3 V. XI. N Y, Auarkanajai. 8t. Loala,
Asjtricaa LM Vui. Adat., t
VtiflAttU WUltjjU.
Copyright, 1JIJ, by The Tress Publishing Co. Th New Tork World).
Olympic Records Show
Our Athletes Getting
Better in Every Meet
Some Events That Wc Won at
holm and Vice Versa, hut We Had More Men of Cham
pionship Calibre Fini sh Second and Third.
THE records made In the Olympic Games in Stockholm show that
America's athletes are getting better In every meot Previous to
the Stockholm Gamca many of the best records were made at the
London Olympics.
Some oventa that we won In London were lost nt Stockholm, and some
lost at London wcro won at Stockholm, but the time made In the runs
and the distances covered In Jumps and weight throwing event show marked
Improvement even In those events that went to other countries. We had
more men In the second and third places, and their performances were all
ot championship class.
Take the hundred-metre dash. At
London this was won by Walker of
South Africa In 10 4-S seconds. Crals
won for us at Stockholm In the same
time, but In one of the preliminary
heats Llpplncott ran In 10 3-5 seconds,
an Olymplo record. We tobk all three
places In the 100 metrer.
Cralr won the 200 metres, too. In 21 7-10
seconds. At London this event went to
Kerr of Canada In 21 2-S seconds.
The 400-metre run went to Iteldpath
of America in 4? 1-5 seconds. In the
eeml-llnals Meredith won in 4S seconds,
now Olympic and world's record. At
London Halswelle ot England won the
400-metre event In W seconds.
llsra ulor.o ara three events that w
lost at London and won at StncKnolm,
breaking previous Olymplo records.
Sheppard won the SOO metres at
, London in 1.S3 1-5 seconds, with a clear
lead. At Stockholm Meredith won the
I event for America with a new world's
record of 1.G1 9-10. Not only that, but
Sheppard and Davenport, second and
third, were so close to Meredith that
they broke tho former record. Th'.i 1
shows a great Improvement. Three of
our men did better than our one best
four years ago.
Sheppard won the 1,(00 metres at
London In 4.06 2S. Jackson ot Eng
land won at Stockholm In 2.0S 4-3, a
new world a record. This is marvel
lous running, but we can find consola
tion In the fact that he won by Ies
than a yard from Klvlat and Tabor,
whose time broke the previous record,
loo, and was within a fraction of a
second of Jackson's. We have at least
two l,&00-metre runners who completely
outclassed our best of four years ago.
Our distance runners, although better
than those we have developed pre
viously, were outclassed by the wonder
ful Finn, Kolehmalnen, the greatest
wonder In hla specialty ever developed
In the modern othletlo world, and by
Douln, the groat French champion. In
the Marathon the South African run
ners distanced our best, although little
Stroblno ran a race that compares Well
with the winning race run by Johnny
Ilaye at London. The Maarlhon Is al
ways uncertain, as the swiftest men
may break down under the long strain.
In the standing Jumps the Adams boys
cleared 11 feet and 10 feet 11 Inches re
spectively, and S feot 4 Inches and C feet
I Inches. Hoy F.wry could not go to
the gamea, but we have developed win
ners to take his place better than alt
others but the champion himself, Piatt
Adams won the high Jump and was sec
ond to the Ureek, Tstclltlras, in the
broad. Kwry won both events at Lon
don. He may win again In the next
Olympics. He Isn't out of It yet. Uut
by that time i'latt Adams should be
hustling Kwry's rocords.
In the high Jump Richards, the Amer
ican winner, bettered Porter's (Ameri
can) London performance by three-quarters
of an Inch. In the pole vault Uab
cock (America) broke the former
Olympic record by clearing 12 feet 11H
Inches. Gilbert and Cook (America) tied
In London at 1 feat t Inches. Wright
and Nelson (America) beat th old mark
for second and . Ird.
The Javelin we never figured In. Lem
ming, th old Swedish champion, won
again with a new record of IDS feet 4
Inches, a dlstanre never approached (n
this country. Wa never made a good
showing In the walking raccea either.
We lost the discus, Talpale, the Finn,
making a new Olymplo record of 113
feet 1M Inches. But two Americans,
J. U aOD A t ) UUJLi
At I
'..a Arl
London We Lost at Stock
Dyrd and Duncan, betterefl 1JS feet t
Inches, which beat Martin Sheridan's
record. 80 we have Improved In that
event atthouth we didn't win It.
McOrath won the hammer at, Stock
holm with 150 feet 5 Inches, while at
London Flanagan won It with a little
over 170.
McDonald and Rose were first and
second In the shot, both putting; over
fifty feet. At London Rote won with
46 feet 714 Inches. Another Improvement.
Outterson'a (America) runnlnc broad
Jump of 24 feet 11 Inches came within
three-fourths of an Inch of tbe world's
record, and broke the Olymplo mark.
At London Irons (America) won with 24
feet ti Inches.
The 110-metre hurdles wera won' by
K;!ly (Amerind at Stockholm, la li 1.19
seconds. Pmlthson (America) won at
London, establishing; the remarkable
world's record of 15 seconds flat. This
U the one event, appurently. In which
he showed no Improvement. But Smith,
son was a marvel, and would bo a mar
vel to-aay or ten years from now. Tha
performances of Kelly and the other
American nurdters who took a close sec
ond and third are In line with our gen
eral Improvement.
Taken all around the flrures ahntr.
entirely aside from our point winning at
Stockholm, that the Improvement of
nincni'iin mnieics nas Deet) more)
marxea utirinc; tne past four yean than
ever before In the history of sport.
Without a doubt, as long- as wa keep up
(lie same Keen interest in th aport
America will continue to lead the world.
They had no Pentathlon and Dei-nth.
Ion at London, but Jim Thorp's remark
able performances In winning these five
and ten event all-around contests at
Stockholm show that America leads In
all-around strength as well as In the
more specialised contests.
Moran, cf.
Menson, Tf.
McKachnle,. 3b.
Carey. If.
Wagner, ss.
Mller, lb.
Wilson, cf.
McCarthy. 2b.
Simon, o.
Cole, p.
Itlgler nnd Flnnerman.
Nnrtlren, rf.
Smith. 3b.
Duubert, lb.
Paly, If.
Cutshnw, 2b,
Tnoloy, as.
Miller, c.
Yingllng, p.
July IS King Col and Karl Ylngllng
were tne in renins; selections of Mana
gcrs Clarke and Dahlen.
The smallest crowd of the year was
out to see the llrooKlyna this afternoon.
It appears as If every person In Pltts-
mirgh. was waiting for Bio a ants to
morrow. The old town Is craxy to see
tho Pirates get a chanco at th League
First Inning. 'Moran beat out a hard
rap lo SIcKechnle. Northen hit a high
n y mat -Minvecnnie captured. Smllh
hit to Wagner, who threw to McCarthy,
getting Moran, while McCarthy's fast
throw to J, Miller doubled up Smith.
NO uuws.
IMensor singled over short In an at
tempt tn sacrince MoKechnle fanned.
Munsor nut stealing, O, Miller to tint,
shaw. Carey singled over second, but
wa forced wnen wagner hit lo Tooley
and tie tossed the ball to Cutshaw, No
After remaining behind throughout the
game, tho Dodgers suddenly came to
life In the ninth Inning and tied the
score with Pittsburg with a batllni rail)
t: t netted two runs.
iti, iUiai.
And h&d ckoujc
Fevg rounds 7
If Wells Wins
foe feanette or McCarty
English Champion Confident
He'll Defeat Tom Kennedy
on Thursday Night.
IV Bombardier Wells, the English
heavyweight champion. Is tueeerr
Ml In defeating Torn Kennedy, the
fast local heavyweight, In their ten
round bout on Thursday night, he will
Immediately be matched to meet either
Luther MoCarty or Jo Jinette In a
ten-round go befor th Oarden A. C.
thre weeks later. Jem Maloney, man
ager of Wells, Is so confident that his
big blonde protege Is going to come out
victorious that h called on Billy Gib
son to-day and gave th lattr his word
that In the event ot Welts winning from
Kennedy he will allow him to meet
McCarty or Jtanette.
"Wells will be In much better condi
tion for this fight than h was whan
he fought AI, Palaer," said Maloney.
"an dbesldes h will be faster and
stronger. I wouldn't be a bit surprised
If Bombardier won by v knockout be
fore the tenth round."
TomaiJ Ban, the formtr aeanwtlaht rhaaiploa,
who lDttnla to lat back lata th fltMlaf eama,
haa alined articlM of axnemtiH callmi for a tU-
tun-round boatbetarea Maa ana mil nickard, a
alia hop i
01 VI
Vaacouftr, B. C, u tale olaca at
Nelson Might Have Wed
Rich Countess Long Ago
Ex-Lightweight Champion Re
gretted He Didn't Make Miss
Kingallen His Wife Before
She Married De Beaufort.
Rattling Nelson, th ex-ltghtwelght
champion, always had a Boft spot In his
heart for Mtsv, lrma Kllgallen, tha Chi
cngo heiress to whom rumor had him
recently married. Miss Kllgallen Is the
daughter of Michael Kllgallen, the mill
ionaire Chicago contractor, and th for
mer Countess da Ueaufort. When Nel
son was last in New York he talked
remlnlscentty ab-jut aome thlnga In his
Ufa and was planning a trip around the
world. Ha said ona ot the drawback
of such a trip would fa lack of th right
kind of travelling company.
"Why haven't you been married, Bat?"
some on asked. "Then you might have
congenial company on your travels,"
"In one way, perhaps. It's better that
I never did," replied Nelson. "Thsre's
consolation In the thought that now I
can jump any place without worrying
about home ties. Out" and than Dat
became reflective "I guess I would be
a lot better off now It I did get married
when I had the chano. I
"Yes, I had a chance to marry a swl
girl, and I liked her too, but her mother
grabbed a Count for her. The old man
didn't hear of It right away, but he was
dead sor when he did."
"Who was th girl, Bat. that might
have changed your lift and mad you
better oltr
"Why, Ulas Kllgallen, th Countess de
Beaufort, To just think I let a Count
beat nie to It. As I look back now I
honld never hav let her get away, b,
there was the old man only for him
might have beta ;lmarr!a now. He
came To The- Rpict-4
- WQ --ia
He'll Meet
Brown's Gymnasium A. A. Pinky
Bums vs. Battling Klddr. ten
A. C, Rocka way Willie
vs. Young Dalley, Freddlii
vs. Richie Itvan. Willi
Chandler vs. Young Lustig, all ten
round louts.
At Royale A. C, nrooklyn Thr
ten-round bouts. Kid Ohetto vs.
'Hughle Rodden, Young Rudolph vs.
Young Smith of Kngland, and Jimmy
Murray vs. Young Lawrnc.
Ma telle Arranged. v
Kid "Tiger" Williams vs. Artie
Edwards, ten rounds, star bout
Fairmont A. C. on Saturday night.
a plira named Sauatoon. Siak.. on tbt nlaht of
Anx. 8. Duroa.ta (uannMed IIS.0O0 for hU raj
antha mm wul aUa DIU lor a aUa bet o(
Tommj rtiaa. formtr mlilJltw(lfit (hamalon
now coBiaa furward with a atatnnnt to tha tflart
; : , . . , . r, . : . 'r J i . jooiuon
br tha foultat Mud nf (lihtlai.
Ha fiirth-p
tbat Kljnn purpoaclr trained
for tha riaht fcr
ma aparrtn partnrra hi
that na could uaa than l tha b
'Vn.nn i. I
rtthout anr.daobt tha Miatat falaa
stir battled for a cttaairionililit.
alarm .hat
aaja n;ao.
I b.
Mattr Ilaldirla, tha tlrrst Hub flihter.
"- . ...... i. wiiu .ut iiaura lu inia doiii m
T?n"??J0Jtt', of TOladdshla. who la on of
th btat nshtart that baa baan turntd cat Is
Howtown in manj j.ara. O'Krrfa haa barn aub
atitntrd for fclilla Jlurahr, who waa nnabl to
m.at llaldwta on account of an Injurr to hla hand
raccltad while tralnlna for tha coitaat.
couldn't see a fighter In any shape, man
"'f w iurm neing mixed up with his
family. They wer the same aa Counts
to him, I guess.
'The papers tried to mix me up in the
scandal that followed the girl', mar
riage to the Count" he contlnuyd
"but. I ducked. I didn't want to be
mixed up In anybody's family affairs, so
that s how I answered all queries on the
"Why, a Chicago psper wired me In
Frisco, asking If I wasn't coming on o
chastise the Count. What a chance
but say, If I had seen the 'little gr
when I should have, there wouldn't
have beer, any scandal anil Bho wouldn't
have broken her arm or her leg vou
can bet." '
Miss Kllgallen had considerable
trouble and unhapplnesa during her
married life with the Count. Oncn she
la said to have broken her leg In a fall
durtng an argument with the Count
It Is this Incident, or perhaps we should
say ccldent, to which Nelson referred
at the time of this talk.
Why be warm when
you may be cool?
Get the cooling
habit Wear
coal &niris nnce Drawers
Malassek sod rS(e
Boll by C00 Metropolitan Daal.ra
WTtoltaele DttUibutors
Neither McGraw's Acn nor
Cubs Could Score at Out
set of Play-Off Contest. ' .
New York.
Snodgnss. If.
Doyle. 2b.
Decker, cf.
Mcrkle. lb.
Sheckanl. If.
Sehulte. rf.
Tinker, ss.
Zimmerman, lb.
Leach, cf.
K.iler. lb.
Kvers. 2b.
Archer, c.
Murray, rf.
HorioR, 3b.
Mnyers, c.
Phafer. .
Tcaereau, p
Umpires Hrennan
tendance, 1S,W).
Lavender, p.
and Owens.
wt.st srm: hall park, chioaoo,;
July lfi. Fans from all pans of the city
wended their way to the Weat SlJe Ballj
yard this afernoon to watch the crucial
game between the CMnnta ami the Cub.,'
Manager McOraw and his league leader ,
arrived this inornini; from St. Lout. I
feeling rather lively after the heat and
excitement of the ."cries with the Cari
dlnnla. The Champions were not nt all
norrled over the slump they are lndtilg-'
Ing In at the present time, for they fig-1
ure Hint they lll 1 able to hnlt before,,
they use up all of the margin that they ;
have at their 1!npoI. i
The Cuib were eazer for the fray when,
they appeared at the bnll park. Manager,;
Chance hud planned out the battle so.
that he could add another game to Ills'
growing Hat of victories, but the Giants;'
were there with a lot of fight In them,
to upset his plans. ',
First Innlni Snodgrass fanned on four;!
pitched bll. Poylo beat o.tt a slow I
roller to Kvers. Rccker was sofe when'
Tinker failed to stop an esy bounder.'
Merkle fouled out to Archer. Murray
rolled out, Bvera to Paler. NO RUNS;
Fletcher threw out 8heckard. Schulta'T
was safe on Doyle's fumble. Tinker1
Wnlkt-d. Zimmerman hit Into n double
play, Hrrzog, unassisted to Merklej.
Iach popped to Doyle. Saler wag '
out, Fletcher lo Merkle. Doyle threw
out Kvers on a fast play. NO RUNS. i
, Wholtult Dttltr
fll Eleventh At.
Iran 7C0 Bryant yew York Ctty
25c & 50c
In Vll-niltf .
mill Bl" arnia.i
to ll.SO TIIEATRK. i
nioaaoai JSlrr. Jot. llowaul A Mabla Mf
ICana. Mai't ClrriM. HUon Cltr . Junrejao
IFasiilr. iarro. l.'rfalora a Uand. Louia aiooa.
Unnbraml, a othfra ...
i aaia'. ihmh.'u
ZiegfeM Moulin Kouge 1',.).
II iiul ll ii:u at, a.i,. aia.io.
Trv Rims M.iil "?'. '' Aujlinc. fan.
PAUL J. RAINEY'S African Hunt
MKTttDI'OLI fAS 9C Mil I?2
rack New York and Philadelphia Itlders
Crack New York and Philadelphia Itlder.
TU-itoiiRrin' NiniiT jiii.v it
ii.i-.THCiT"5 ?.":"::.'?t;.':. htbolunii
n. y, TiinTitr.s
iiinTe.2Hlh ,
i i.a i VISIONS D'AKT.
t'ii Anicr, lr. lira, rrltil
21" s'r
nr,UUi At.
SUl'BIttnii v i in. ... ..
CH.'li.;i.",of:"''J ' Wfih.
Chi ii ni
30 4i :u Ar,
llll 8T. 1 11 -A. Jl. tu II V, i , Aft.BlOlS?
I PLAYHOUSE 4'.V T"". sa. t.Tb
TOUGHT Ainu 'a I D 8f b"'
A XjiU . w H.nlrn. lu'SSS v'n.V.S ft
""""...'I1:. h""n" lin't., on. otUara
SKATS nHSVIIVKt). air. aor.
NKW-Iljlly Sla' Sir Stell., MMyhew"
nninit-r..1 "Ilr Tylr. IMd HaT
BRIGH r0N;.V; SJ'iW riU?i
L5SE!SI5A biggest
Alr.hlnAa-.n,ln llallr. Klrr.orka ti!,?
J It 1 U U T I N
- . .... PH QQ(,
WfcJST END 10, 20&15:
aniru co. m "Q nnau to IVlandsltv
nVCTlllCVTHl.' w"ir."7 : ;
i Tk ruuaa kts Maat aP.a
i flf "MiftmtQiisltTia W
' W Br "fortO yeora tt
I thou who lutow
I KARL V1LL, WhoUult D-ltr
f 17-C21 Eleventh At f
NAT M. WILLS. KUN ' V()uyi-i'i
T. 1)0 lo Co.. Ku,, Jli." lohn
Trln. IUTt M'lro.o. OrruJVh.r B.h0"
mm it ... I I II III. I ,

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