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THE Jkl V iiK 3, JM Q VuKu, i ulbia, jUL lti, 1912.
President of Chicago & Alton
f Tells Board Such Wage In
creases Are Impossible.
(HrHl tn The Ei-tnln World.)
It I!. A. Worthlncton, president of the
Chicago and Alton Hallrond, declared
' thU afternoon before the Hoard of Ar
bltratlon, which It considering the
claims of the 3.000 engine driven of
the fifty. two railroads esst of Chicago
aad north of the Norfolk nnfl Western
for an Increase tn aircs, that several
roads would fire bankruptcy wore the
demands, granted.
. President WorthlnRlon said the In
, crease demanded, In some Instanees, rep.
resented Increases of M.JS per cent. nd
a general average of 1S.70 Tier cent H
said the proposed Increase would total
7,(63,800 In a year nnd that It would he
equivalent to placing a Urn of $l,000,On)
In four per cent, bonds on the railroad
property Involved. He declared other
, employee would demand Increases If
-th engineers were favored and that the
total would jump to 20.ono,000 a year.
As a result of wage Incrcasr In ml
President WorthlnRton said, although
the gross earnings of the ronds in
creased Sli,U),K9 the net earnings ds
creased f7,30.a. .He said salaries that
year were Increased H3,41,802.
W. 8. etone, grand chief of the
Brotherhood of locomotive Engineers,
'continued his argument for an Increase.
- He prtserrted a mass of statistical evi
dence. Including tho list of examinations
through which an engineer must pass.
At the conclusion of his argument he
presented several old-tlroe engineers
who explained to the board something
of their httards. They told how men,
driven Insane by their risks ended their
lives, broken down under the strain,
, Borne of the men told of seventy-three
hours' duty in a cab of an engine. They
'told of fire blindness from looking Into
,the white, hot furnace of the engines,
when as firemen they were qualifying
to become engineers.
Or. Verdlts of George Washington
Diversity, at Washington, has been ap
pointed statistical secretary of the
Aboard. Dr. Vedltl investigated the Eu
ropean end of the (Harvester Trust for
, the Senate. He will report to the board
,,o the mass of figures Introduced by
tn engineers and the railroads.
It Is expected the engineers will devote
'' four or flvs days to the presentation of
their demands, and that the railroad
representatives will occupy fully as much
, time. T
c A decision from the Board of Arbttra
Ulan, which both sides art bound under
Ithe law o abide tor, Is not expected for
two weeks.
hi outlining tho various demands,
Stone admitted that in soma classes the
Pennsylvania, the New York, Now
Haven and Hartford and the New Tork
'CwtraJ at BOWpaHug engineers a
larger seals than 1a being asked.
,' Stone spoke of the demands mad by
erttchlng engtmsers for "double crwd"
aclnt. Chalrhama Oscar Straus asked
vfcat was Msafct.br a 'ttoubl crswad"
la a switching engine that 'work
Mctlcallr twswtytmr hours a day,"
,M replied. "One crew -will work In It
.fj or elevrn hours and than another
will take It A fwttchla snglMar,
managers are sorry to admit, cannot
rk twenty-Tour hours a day, even if
MM wla aaa, but freight engineers
, oftsn have to work forty hours at a
, 8ut gentlemen." he added with mook
.swrlousness, "a man oan't do good work
'for satieh mere- than forty hour on a
t'sXretch, you know, however much the
':raM aay regret It."
Th engineers, he said, demand a
- .aainlmum day of 100 miles work.
Oonvlotod criminals fared badly In th
Courts of General Session yesterday,
Cftsen being given prison sentences.
, Walter Van Wagner, thirty-nine years
old, pleaded guilty to petit larceny. No
'prior conviction. Stole Jewelry valued
at (30 rom apartment where he was
.working. Penitentiary for sis moirlhs,
, James Sullivan, twenty-five years old,
pleaded guilty to earning revolver. Ex
convict. State Prison, six years.
Walter Williams, twenty-three yean
.old, convicted of highway robbery. Held
up and robbed woman of 12,000 worth
,of jewelry. Threo prior convictions.
I B tats Prison, fourteen years and eight
' Samuel Schwartz-berg, nineteen years
oio, pteaaea guilty to attempted grand
larceny. (Hole watah and chain from
.pedestrian on Eighth avenue. No prler
conviction. Kimira iteformutory.
y Judge o'sullivan.
John Jamleaon, nineteen years old,
pleaded guilty to attempted burglary.
'Forced entrance Into atoreroom of an
apartment house at No. 66 West One
Hundred and Sixteenth street. No srior
conviction. Elmlra Reformatory.
Francis J, Kelly, twenty years old,
pleaded guilty to grand larceny. Stole
wearing apparel from apartment at No,
se Kast Fortieth street. No prior con
viction. Elmlra Reformatory,
. Oeorge Stavrldos, nineteen years old,
'and Oeorge Mastros, nineteen years old,
pleaded guilty to assault No previous
convictions. i:ach eotencod to th
ywltentlary for thirty days.
Howard Johnston, seventeen years
Former Chorus Girl and Wife
of Millionaire Who Weds Again
HttHF' 'liaiaiaaaaaaaaaaaasaaaaaaavil
tr m )
Used to Complain of Million
aire's Speedy Wooing, but
She Is Faster.
The matrimonial affairs of 'Walter
Phelps Dodge got into tho limelight
again to-day with the announcement
that his third wife, Mrs. Helen Htock
Dodge, who divorced him April 25 last.
listing Inhuman and cruel treatment,
had married Oeorge W. Klrkmsn. New
Tork manager of a Detroit real estate
Mrs. Dodge used to comnlaln of Inn
swiftness of Dodge's wooing. Now alio
J. Wilson Oandy. nineteen veara nM
son of It. a. Oandy, a prominent resident
or risaeant Plains. Staten Island. w.
held without ball on the charge of crim
inal assault at noon to-day by Magis
tral Handy at New Brighton and sent
to the rVyllntv Tti. nl, . A V
- - ...... . ..V- iiii i , v II
made by Bertha Maohalstadt, fiflren
yeim oju. or no. im tVUlla vnu. tlin
Bronx, who said that the attack was
made on July C last.
Another complaint was made to-day
aasnst Oandr on ih .-ti.r.. nt ......i
and robbery by Oermalne Drlllard.
elsrhieen veurm nM nt v - -
Forty-ninth street, Manhattan.
On July 4 Osndy called at her house
In the Bronx, Ilertha Martialstadt said.
aaa asaea ner parents If they would
lt her aoeompsny him to South Beach
lonewuis nay. TTie parents con
sented and th iviimlA in.nl .V.. ,wt-.
Jay at that place. About eleven o'clock
wiey sianeo ror nome, and, according to
the girl's story lie walked her to the
Fa Mill golf links, where she said
the attack took place. The girl told
sr mother and Oandy was arrested.
Whn searched th police said a memo
randum book was found on film, with a
list Of fOrtV rirli nnim nf 1 1
- - -I w. nituiu III TL1
In th nron or on the east side. A
nmnoer or vawntlckels were alia found.
At the time of hie arrest Oandy hnd
With him Hilda Rnhnai.. .).,. ..
A ' . t , 1 1 it 1 1 j rui
Id, of Long Island City, who hail been
mtuing irom ner nome elnce June H.
OUss Drlllanl whn m..
' .no IIVIT
cnarSQ ln-dav. mnlA .k. t ..
Oandy lhrot;h his picture In the news-
imiwr, uua io ne jironx girl Jinvlng bad
him arreeted, When she made the com
plaint before the Magistrate Oandy was
then being arraigned and she positively
Identified Mm. She declared that Oandy
assaulted nnd robbed her of a pocket
book Fnnt&lnln 11 j.n .V. K I" l .
oad, Tort Wadsworth, ntchmotxl Ilor-
in, n mi evening or July . Bhe had
been on her wiv tn vll f.ian. n rn.
abethport, snd had crossed over on tho
Btaten Island ferri-boat. Having never
ueen to uiaien Jslanil before, she was
lost when ehe nrrivej at the St. Oeorge
fersvhousA 1nnuip.i nt n.nu
imptxmeu to iie mniinf nearby, the way
m i.litaiiriuiiori. iio I0M lllir.
she eald, he was waiting for the .tame
car and would siiow her. Instead of
getting an Dllzabvtliport car "lie put Iirr
ixjktu a nomn iieicn car, sne declared,
and sat alongside of her, and when they
reached 1nirrtinar,1 llnart ) inl.i i..- I.
was the place to get off. They both
went along the road for a quarter of a
mile, when they etruck the woods
where, she alleges, Oimly attacked her
and knocked her down. He mubWd the
hatpin out of her hat, she nsserted, and
stubbed her In the rltclit arm to make
her let go of her pocketbook.
old, pleaded guilty to unlawful entry,
Ko prior conviction. I'tnltentlary one
Vincent T. Venture, twenty-nine
years old, pleaded guilty to carrying
revolver. No prior conviction. I'ent-
Untary one year.
Mllle Williams, twenty-eight years
old; Carrie Jones; twsnty-soven years
old, and Wm .Parker, thirty-two years
old, pleaded guilty to petit larceny.
Stole $18 from man In street. No prior
convictions. Bach was sentenced to the
Fenltentary for eleven months and
twenty-nine days and fined fCOO.
Stephen J. O'Neill, twunty jcar.i old,
r leaded guilty to petit larceny, Stole
101 from employwr. No prior convic
tion. New Tork City Reformatory.
William J. Costello, eighteen years
old, convicted of receiving stolen prop
arty. No prler conviction. State Prison
not less than two years Hnd six month',
or more than five years,
has emulated him and gone htm better,
for she and Mr, Klrkman met at Asbury
I'ark only three weeks ago. July S they
were married at a clergyman's house.
There so quiet was the affair kept that
It was two days before her mother, Mrs.
Mary Ilelle Sleek, who opposed the
match, found It out. The couple then
obtained maternal forgiveness, smiled
all the way to New York, and took an
apartment at tho Ansonta.
"I want my story known!" declared
Mrs. Dodge, who Is only twenty years
old now, when she was entering suit'
acalnst Do.Ige. "I .want other girls who
think of marrying rich men to think
and then not do lti"
Mrs. Dodge-Klrkman does not con
sider Mr. Klrkman dangerously rich,
hut only comfortably so.
lam Riddle, heretofore an lndenendenf
and an opponent of the Kuehnle ma-
chine, was elected Mayor by the mem
bers of tho new commission here this
afternoon, defeating Harry Bacharaoh,
who was Mayor of the city until the
commission assumed charge this morn
ing. Thd new Mayor will serve for four
years. The crip of Louis Kuehnle, the
convicted boss, was apparent.
So anxious were the three machine
men to -win that they voted for them
selves In order to secure th necessary
majority. Ilachnrach was appointed to
tne uepariment or water ana I'arks, tho
least Important on the commission. Dr.
Jesse 11. Thompson, who was hlth man
at the polls and the only supporter of
naonaro.cn in tne commission, was made
head of the Street Department, the next
lowest Job.
Al. lluyer, City Treasurer for the pait
ten years, was put In charge of the
finances, and William H. Bartlett, tho
third Kuehnle member, became head of
the Department of l'utllo Safety by n
vote of himself and his two compatriots..
Racharach mnde a warm speech in
nominating Thompson for the tfafoiy
Department, but was the only man who
cast a vote for him when the ballot
was taken.
A man who said l.e was John F.
Hums, a locomotive fireman of Halt!
more, died to-day at the Hudson Street
Hospital. When brought there at 8.30
o'iflook last night he claimed he 'had
boon "doped" and robbed of 111.60 In
a Pork Row saloon. A little later he
seemed all right and was dismissed,
but at 3.5 o'olock this morning he
collapsed on Broadway near Thomas
strrot und was taken back to tho hos
pital. The doctors worked over him
till dawn.
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1'or Ihc comfort thus afforded, Pos
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roiiam auurrs summer skin comfort
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Lives, blisters, ilching feet, etc., clearing
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nniei nvir nlnhl.
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lis color and texture, soothes lender
skin, makes complexions clear, hnnds
soft. The best shampoo for dandruff,
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cents) and Poilam Soap fiiricc, x$
rn(V Vnr f raws mttLa m.!i. a.. al.
Kmergenry Laboratories, 'Si West 4th
ilt. . ri. v,m
oiiici, Mill ii'ru v.ny,
Unknown Man Dies in Subway
Station Before Physician
Can Reach Him.
A tempernture of 91 degree!) nt 3
o'clock thin nfternoon made ewelterlnR
New Yorkers yearn for a fulfilment of
the wenthor man's prediction of
"cooler" for to-night.
The day etarted with temperatures
eomewhat more modcrato than thoe
of the lnut few dayn, but the mercury
climbed steadily during the day. It was
St degrees, at noon, reached S7 hy 1
o'clock, was at 0 degrees at 2 o'clock,
and SI an hour later.
There was, however, a very marked
decrease In the humidity. It wis only
per cent, with the tempentturo of 00
degrees, and had dwlndli-d to 45 per
cent, when the vl-dogreo mark was
One death and eight prostrations
marked the day.
An unidentified man sank Into uncon
sciousness on the platform of the Eight
eenth street subway station and died
before the arrival of an ambulance sur
geon. The physician called aald heit
was the cause of death. The man was
about sixty years old. five feet nine
Inches tall, weighed 1(0 pounds, wore a
black suit and white shirt and was
Th prostrations reported to the police
Louise Jtelrde, No. 69 Thompson street.
prostrated nn street, taken to St. Vin
cent's Hospital.
Patrick Parley, forty-two, No. 87T
Sixth avenue, taken from Third avenue
and Fourteenth street to llellevue.
Patrick Q raves, twenty-three. No. 112
East Forty-eighth street, taken homo
from No. 246 Fifth avenue.
Allen Clark, twenty-four. No. 654
Sixth avenue, taken home from Lcroy
and Bedford streets.
Woman, forty-five, taken from No.
91 Jackson street to Oouverneur Hos
Patrick McDermott, twenty-six. No.
233 Bast Sixty-fourth street: taken home
from No. 77 Central Park West.
Joe Marucke, thirty, No. 2 New
street. Orange. N. J taken from City
Hall Park to Volunteer Hospital.
John Cataa, forty, No. 227 Mulberry
street, taken home from Harrow nnd
Hudson streets.
The temperature from 8 o'clock Inst
night until 2 o'clock this mon.Ing stood
stationary at "it degrees. Th'ere was a
drop of 2 degrees until 7 o'clock, when
It began to rise again. At 7 o'clock It
was 74 degrees, at 8 It had risen to 77
and at 9 o'clocK had reached the 31
Th forecast Issued by the local
Weather Bureau la: "Probably local
thunder showers and cooler to-day. To
morrow, fair and cooler."
Observer Scarr said that the dron In
temperature by to-night would be con
siderable. He predicted, unofficially,
that If would be ten degrees cooler to- j
night than It was last night.
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Brilliant Side Events to Mar
riage of California Heiress
to Malcolm Whitman.
HIM.St!OnO, Cal., July 17.-In ths
presence of the greatest gathering of
the ultra-fashionable rich ever seen In
tho West, an fO.OOO matrimonial durbar
was celebrated here to-day, following
the wedding of Miss Jennie Adeline
Crocker, Callfornla'a 115,000,000 hclrlss,
and Malcolm D. Whitman, Now York
buslncKs man and former Eastern ten
nis star. The ceremony ws performed
at St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, San
Mateo, by lllshop William Ford Nichols,
at noon.
The gown worn by tho bride Is re
ported to have cost tGO.OOO.
The wuddlng celebration rivaled the
most famous nuptial displays of New
York's Fifth avenuo sot. Following
tho church ceremony, which was the ono
simple feature of tho day's festivities,
the guests, wearing an aggregate of
tl.MO.OX) worth of Jewels, were enter
tained .at a wedding breakfast In a
temporary pavilion erected at a cost
of tlj.UJO. It will be torn down to
morrow. In this pavilion the gue-its seated
themselves amid a gorgeous Iloral spec
tacle. Orchids predominated, lil.OOO hav
Ing been spent on this How., alone In
providing tho display. Thousands of
roses udorncd tho banquet boards or
surrounded the fcastcrs on walls and
Throughout tho afternoon fifty eneclal
police loitered about the grounds as a
protection for tho millions of dollars In
Jewelry with which tho women cucsts
were bedecked, while another force
guarded tile wedding gifts, which to
talled a fabulous Bum In value,
Tho one proialc feature was the pres
ence of the motion picture man. Every
Incident of tho day was pictured by the
busy cameras s'jitlonud at points of
vantage about the grounds. When the
films are ready Mrs. Whitman will pre
sent acts of them to a number of chosen
Xnmptl Delrrcnte far T. It,
At the meeting of tho Provisional
Committee of the National Progressives
of the Sixteenth Asscmliy District in
Until Beach last night Judge J. Lott
Nostrand and James W, Gray of
Sherpshrad Hay woro placed in nomi
nation for delegato to the Chicago
Itoosovelt convention. A contest threat
ening, Acscinblymnn Chilton, In the In
terest of harmony, withdrew Judge Nos-
rand, and Clrny was unanimously In
dorsed. AJll.'on I,. Adams wan elected
chalrmnn nnd Frnncl T.ynch secretary
of the permanent district organization.
Active Securities.
1'nlU.I RUtm Strrl. 4 MX) him- nrlln
52,000 lirfi ITnlnn I'lidflc, 17,1110 thr:
Coi.ptr, 10.KK1 irw sai St. Piiil, 3,600 uliirrs.
a Reason" for Grape-Nuts
Postum CsrssJ Co., Ltd., BattU Crssk,
Youth Leaps From Moving "L"
Train and Detective Follows,
Making Capture.
Michael Bretons, a youth who lives
at N'o. 91 t)e llevolse place, Brooklyn,
Is In Kings County Hospital with a
bullet wound through his thighs, In
flicted by Detective John C. Fennessey
of the Flatbush avenue station, Dre
tone, It Is charged, picked a woman's
pocket on a Brighton Beach elevated
train and then Jumped from th mov
ing train In an effort to escape. He
wouldn't etop when the detective, In
pursuit, called upon him to halt: the
bullet resulted.
Just as a Coney Island bound train
wus pulling out of the Prospect Park
station a young man tried to get out of
the gato and from the car behind him
came the screams' of a woman to stop
the man. Hhs was Mrs. Anna Simpson
of No. 45 State street. The escaping
man had taken her pocketbook, she
Beforo anybody! could stop him the
allegod pickpocket was over the gate
nnd running up the station stairs. But
Detective Fennessey had heard the com
motion and he vaulted tho gate, with
the train already gathering good speed,
nnd ran after the fugitive.
Up the stairs and out into Lincoln
road, tho chase continued. Bretone
dodged down Ocean nvenue, between
two houses, under a barbed wire fence
and down Into the cut of the Brighton
line. The detective would have followed
but he was too portly and he stuck In
the barbed wire.
Then It was that Fennessey, finding
further pursuit blocked, called upon Bre
tone to stop, nnd fired ono shot at him
when he continued to run. He was ef
fectually stopped from running further,
though not seriously wounded. When
th detective searched Bretone Mrs.
Hlmpson'a purse was not found In his
Mayor Oaynor Names Brooklyn Man
as Board of Eelacatlon Member.
Mayor Gaynor to-day appointed
Ernest W. Stratmann, a lawyer with
offices at No. 2 Rector street, and who
lives nt No. 2S01 Furragut Road,
Brooklyn, a member of the Board of
Education to succeed Frank W. Meyer,
another Brooklyn man, who recently
Mr. Htratmann Is thirty-seven years
old. a graduate of the Brooklyn High
School, a graduate of University of
Tennessee and of the law school of
the name university. He was born In
Brooklyn and earned the highest per
centage In studies up to tho time of
his graduation of any graduate from
the Brooklyn high schools.
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Is especially nice for granulated lids and
tn remoi foreign particles. To dull
ets It give, a delightful sparkle and
Aleda; Inspiration will not cause
your hair to become "muilr" and un
manageable If you shampoo frequently
with canthrox. Just dissolve a tea
spoonful of canthrox In a cup hot water
and you will have sufficient mUtur for
a thorough cleanelng. Canthrox creates
a wealth of thick, creamy lather that
gently and completely removes every
atom of dust, dandruff and excess oil.
Its us keeps th scalp clean and healthy
and Insures an abundance of brilliant
hair, eten In color und of a soft, silken
fluff. After a canthrox shampoo ths
hair dries quickly and Is iy ti da us
In any style.
Mrs. Tt. M.i You must discard powder
and giausy creams, became thai clog
the pores and cause the akin to grow
ruugh, blotchy, oily and freckled. L'elns
tlili .Imple, Inexpenilve lotion will soon
clear your tkln and give to It that de
lightful youth-tint ao much admired.
Into pint witch hatel (or hot water)
ailr 1' tvaipooiifula glycerine, than add
4 ounces spurmax. Apply aparlngly to
the skin and rub lightly until dry. The
apurmix lotion Is Invlilata when on aad
linparta a. .ety smoothness to the
kin. It u especially fine for hot
weather, becaute perspiration does not
spot It, nor dues It rub off.
O. L. It.: Your syslm crave a
cleanser and tonic. Into h pint alcohol
our 1 ounce kardene, then add H cup
ful sugar and hot water to make a
quart. A talilespoonful before mrala is
the doa. and a uuurse ot Ihli treatment
n. v. ,...... . Hu.-V.an IUI J UOaV.
LulM uii wait, worn fl.aua. n,i .ivi
I hmillh nr.niMh n.i .
in vnii nil
ThU tunlo Is particularly Koud fur loat
uiiitlll and that Uii',1, "all none" feel,
lug. Keeping tho karden tonic handy
for margency una often atolds eerloua
.ickotn anil doctnra' bills. Adr, "
. St

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