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Was iTHKRf howf M l-nlartit or Friday.
wi mi, ii-m ,. in-als-ht nr Krldar
The "Big Bull" Insisted Otlj
Calling It to Make This
One Fact Clear.
Delegates Had Real Fire in
Their Eyes and Theyre
Going to Work.
(Staff orrr,nnilrnt nf The Kr
uIiik World).
OlIICAOO, An: 8. The settees and
chain which were taken out of the
lobtiles of the Chicago hotels In antici
pation of the nomination of Theodore
Roosevelt as the Progressive candidate
for the Presidency are all baok In their
places. Men In blue checked blouses
ar tacking down the green carpets
which were taken up a week ago to be
raved from th" pawing hoofs of the as
sembled Bull .Moose.
If any chairs or settees were removed
to make room for' the candidacy of
Hiram Johnson of California to be Vice
President they are back, too. Also car
pets. Out acres, the poetic sweep of the
Itttool Central track and tb
ecrawgy fa..- Of (Irani Park, old Laae
Michigan's rumpled aurface fl.ekers
back the rays of the sun as though
nothing had happened since Monday
go though there were only iwo political
parties In the Culled States Instead of
three, and a lot of others whli'h don't
Xo matter how little one may care
for the reason, the mmhod. the manner
of Its existent e. there Is no man so
cynical In Chicago to-day who has
watched this K 'osevelt-Johnson conven
tionwho does not believe thit It Is
going to be more than a bluff made
good this fall.
The 631 so-called delegates who nom
inated Roosevelt and Johnson yester
day had real fire In their eyes. Men
and women do not look like that, do
not have that queer Mrs tied tone In
their voices, unless there Is in t su
hkaTveast through the other peop I
they meet between now and ele-tion ;
It was not necessary to hold a con
vention to nominate Roosevelt and
Johnson. It coulJ have been done by a
postal vote much cheaper, but the
savage eagerness of some of the people
to have a political organisation dif
ferent from those established could not
have been Shown without such meet
ing a havo been held In the Coliseum
sine Monday.
If it accomplished nothing else, the
progressive convention has explained
wily Theodore, Roosevelt Insisted on
having a convention and on coining to
Chicago. Awalys responsive to popular
thrllU, he was right once more, HUM
isfwe . . . .
1. - r.-' I.., or n 11 u-t as
thera was in ISW w ban he Cam back
(Continued on Second Cage.)
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Owln to tb. gr.al success al iisl Sua-
dec's offer, another Woodrow Wilson
ideture coupon s'X'd for th. splendid pboto
f. tvtirs w.ll be printed in a.xi Sunday's
. ur.d.
Cons-right. 1 III II. hv
l a. ITh Sew
Powder Magazine Attached to
Palace Blows Up and Build
ing Is Destroyed.
Le Conte Perished as Flying
Missiles Kept Rescuers Back
Many Others Killed.
PCTBT AX) TTHVTM$ ftaytl. Aug L
Ten Cincinnati I,,- -oni, , I'reslden. of
the Republic of llavtl, perished early
to-day In a Are which destroyed the
National I'alace. The blase was caused
by an explosion of the powder magaxlne
attached to the palace.
In addlUon to th death of th Presi-
dat, 400 other person were either i
killed or wounded in various part of
th city, by tiring missilee. or falling
building, hakn down by th ex
plosion. At 3.1.1 o'clock this morning a for
midable explosion shook violently every
house In the ottjf and caused nil hi
population to rush to the streets.
Everybody ran toward the palace,
where It was found that the powder
niigailnc had blown up. A few mln-
utes later the palace Itself, which was
built of wood and had been badly siiat-
tered by the shock, caught fire and i
wu destroyed In les than an hour. j
During the (Ire a number of explosi ons
succeeded one another, caused by till
enormous quantity of munitions or
war which hud hern stored In the cell-
irs below the palace, and these pre
rented .1 Urge force of flrettvn who had
heen quickly called and the population
Mel, was endeavoring to help from
''"htlng th tlames
liiia.i until I
All the dwellings around the palace
Bjrari Krc-atly damaged by the explosions,
1 bill as the palace Itself was Isolated
the firemen succeeded In their efforts
10 local xe the fire.
The force of the main explosion was
such that It projected a number of smaJI
'cannon .1 distance of over two hundred
I yards
I The members of the family of Iho
I President, all of whom were In the pal
ace at the time, were saved, but Presi
dent Leconte htmeolf was not seen
again, hnv ng perished in the flames,
j Consternation reigns in the city, hut
no disorders hsve occurred. The tnlll-
- " 7T.T o.u.j.
Rath the C ha Ti he i- and th. ..,, ,-....
- - iiawa
been called together In national assem
ble and will probably nominate a suc
cessor o President Leconte to-day.
ien. Tancrede August, who Is a
Senator an 1 was formerly Minister of
PUblle Works, and Senator I. tixem-
berg CtUVln, formerly Minister of the
d, nry.
are candidates for tile Pres.-
The causs of the expioilon of the pow-
tfl mggsitnt has not been ascertained
Ilnytl Is not only on the verg of
war with Santo DomlngO, but a revolu
tion has been threatening for some
time, and storlu of Haitian conspir
ators and of Dominican spies are being
circulated. Some aocounta have It that
plotters Intended to kill the President
and otnerH mat an mat was desired,
was to blow up the magaxlne, and that
Le Conte perished only by accident.
President Ieconle was elected unani
mously by Cungrtiss on Aug. It last year
He first gained prominence in Hayttan
affairs In 111, when as 'Minister of the
Interior In the Cabinet of President
Nord Alexis he ' eredlted with order
ing the summary shooting of ten promi
nent revolu'lonarfes at Port-au-Prin-e
When the regime of Nord Alexie was
" Circulation Books Open to All."
t . . - frees I-, ,1,11.1, in.
lork World I.
Must Explain Why Property
Is Used Immorally, Says
Alderman Curran.
Tenderloin Resort Rentals Are
Many Times Higher Than .
Usual Rates.
Men and women prominent In io
clety who own real estate In the Ten
derloin ma be among the first wit
nesses called before the Aldermanlc
Police Graft Investigating Committee.
Alderman II. H. Curran called atten
tion to-Jay to the fact that owners
of houses In which gambling Is con
ducted are liable under the law and that
such houses are actually owned by
persons high In social clrclea.
Alderman Curran aald:
"The purpose of our investigation 1
not to get a hunch of grafting pollce-
meu al hut to go clean Into the con
ditions that make that graft poaslble.
The owners of the houses used for
gamhllng and other Immoral purposes
WW be called 1H TeStlfy nyw"Tt Barrens11! -
mat tneir property is rented out ror
such purposes. It I well known that
uoh houses rent for several times a
reaei nahlo price.
"It Is true that the name of some of
the persons most prominent In New
York society may appear In th list of
owners of houses used for auch pur
poae. If there are any eruch, they will
be among the first persona called by
the Investigating committee. 1 would
not be surprised if some of the wit
nesses were persons who are usually
written of In the society columns of
"These persons should be willing to
come forward and explain to the com
mittee why their property la put to
gambling and other Immoral use. If
they know of the facta they ought to
have to say so, and If their property
' rented through agents and without
their knowledge they ought to be glad
of onhOi to explain."
Bis; Tom Cat atari Blase Where
Children Heep, Ilsdsoirri Many
"flul! Moose," a large cat of the gen-
tleman variety belonging to th. house
hold of Nathan Namnson, returned early
'-o' fr"" bnrd party convention
or something or tne sort to the six story
tenement at No. 120 Ridge street, climb
ing In the rear first story window and
upsetting a lighted lamp in the kitchen,
where slept Nameason's four children.
Mrs. Namesson was awakened by
hearing the children cough. She found
the kltohen In flames. Smoke poured
through the transom and upstairs, and
twenty-four families made hasty exit.
The Naniessons got their ahlldren out
and Policeman Schaiter of the Union
Market station turned In the alarm.
The fire was confined to the kitchen
and a large circular spot on the back
of Mull Moose.
brought to an end tieronte went into
exile In Jamaica While there he in
trlgued against the new President Slm,,n.
and In January, lOll, started a revolu
tion against him, which was. however,
short llvra The Insurgents were de
' feated and Ueconte look refuge In the
i Oerman Consulate at Cape Haitian, later
1 being sent from th Island under Oar.
I man protection.
I.- int r,t nine I to Haiti in May, last
year, and sue
PrSlldent Blmi
-i ceeded In overthrowing
m and was later In the
ver chossn Praal lehl of the Itepubli .
II.. eras mulatto of between forty ind
fifty v. iis of age and belonged to the
legal profession
WASHING IMS'. Aug, I The Haltlen
Minister to Washington, Solon Menu,
to-day received from his government
confirmation of the palace explosion and
the killillir of the President. The ex.
1 plosion .vas accidental sod resulted from
I a nr.
a fire In the powd.r magazine, his ad-
teai saw.
Last Two Days of Big Sale.
SIS MIX'S HI. I K xnHi.i: i i ii, ge.nn
Thu "HUB Clothing Corner, Broad
way, cor. Bar lay Ht . opp l'ost-Omi:e,
will sell to-day and Kridav. ths bal
ance or tiieir Men's IIU-IU Mulls; slso
large vnrletv of Outing Hulls. In light
and dark uolors; all alias, s to ii;
worth 113 In any other store. Their
eclal price to-day and Friday, pUSj
ib Clothiers. Broadway. cor. Barclay.4.
Names Three Corespondents
in New Action Against Mil
lionaire Yachtsman.
Plaintiff's Counsel Obtains an
Order for Service of Notice
by Publication.
Mrs. Mary Blair Brokaw, who In 1910
secured a legal separation from her
millionaire husband, w Gould Brokaw,
after a trial replete with sensations,
haa filed an action In Nassau County
for an absolute divorce. This fact be
cam known to-day, whan Supreme
Court Justice Jamas Van 8!eln granted
permission to serve Brokaw with the
papers in the oasa by publication
Mrs. Brokaw name three co-respondents.
In her complaint aha declare spe
cifically that his relation with Eetrlli
Parr on July 10 and is, uot, aboard
the (team yaeht Svbrata near New
York were such aa to entitle her to a
aivoree. The other two co-respoi
are Mine. Bus an Faila
Waa ' Kit Brokaw
alleges that Bro-
"w " a companion of the former
on the Kaiser Wllhelm II. on April 1
and U. 1808. She says he was a com
panion of ihs latter In the Carletoa
Hotel, Stamford. Conn., in September.
Brokaw Is aoouaed of showering un
due attentions upon other womer whose
names are not mentioned In the com
plaint. In a long statement to the Court..
Howard A. ftluoklnger, counsel for Mrs.
Brokaw. gave hi reason for asking
that the millionaire defendant be eerved
by publication. Mr. fllucktnger slated
that he tried to serve Brokaw at the
home of his slstsr, Mrs. nromhall Hu
bert, No. 0 West Fifty-seventh street.
New York, on May M. lirokaw was
about to leave th place In a tax! cab
at th time.
When the process eerver passed the
papers through a window of the
to Brokaw the millionaire hurled them
10 the rtdewalk, exulalmlngi "I am
not the party you are looking fori"
There have been rumors for some
lime that Mrs. Hrnkaw would sue for
divorce. The papera were prepared soon
after the decree of separation was
signed, It was said, but so elusive was
lirokaw that he process servers could
never lay their hands on. him.
This Is ths eerond time th mllllon
Alre clubman ha figured In divorce
proceedings Ills first wife, who wa
M as Iieonce Ooudert, obtained a di
vorce from htm In Rhode Iiiand. Next
I ame a breaoh of promise ault against
lirokaw, instituted by Katharine I'olllon.
I he aaked for Kwi.ooo damages, alleging
that llroraw promised to marry her and
then cast her off. It was aald this suit
was settled for 130,000.
Two years ago the young and fas
r natlng Mrs lirokaw No 2 began her
gotlon for separation, aa a result of
which she was granted alimony at ths
rite of 1S, ooi) a year. Since thn the
young wife ha been living quietly
with her fther, Jame Blair, at Chit-
I tenango, N. Y
Brokaw was married to Miss Blair
StPi "07- The troubles of thi
couple dated from earlv In their hone
'moon, five months after the murrlagn
there was a aeriout bre.tch while they
were on Urokaw's North Caiollna es
tate. Mrs BrokaW'l father at the time
declared the differences weie due en
tirely to the millionaires Intense
Mrs Hrokaw soon afterwards came to
New York and was a patient for sev
eral weeks In Dr. Cragln's Sanitarium
at No kM Lexington avenue. Then she
brought her suit for a eeparatlon and
pnnvr op hew vork.
a&an ui
Use Mir Tsaipe.
Znilii Magus.
Bamo Cttofuegu..
Quisds At lmms,
Another Opportunity to Oct a Wood
row Wilson Picture.
Owing to ths great success of last
mm is , s oner, another vt oihitow ,s u-
eon p: lure coupon aood for the
1 splendid photogravure I
to nxt Sunday' World.
endld photogravure will be printed
Mrs. Gould Brokaw and Husband
Whom She Now Seeks to Divorce
JJCUAVf W- Jt&g v-wlj
1 '
Passengers Caught in BaJ
Smash as Cars Are Hurled
Into Marsh Near Boston.
Two persons wer
killed and forty Injured, six fatally, to
day whan a train on the Plymouth
Division of tho New York, New Haven
and Hartford Railroad wis derailed
near thl Cfaaeasjl gvsnfli station, Dor
Chester, on tho border of a marsh.
The dead are W. J. Ttrrill Jr . South
Bralntree, engineer, an I Prank Camp
bell, Cohasset, fireman
The wrecked tram was on- which 1'"
Plymouth and was due In Boston at
li te A M It consisted of the ln -o-
bagage car. When rounding a iharp
curve the lOOOsBOtlVI luddenly left
rill ind plur.gid for half Its length
Into th tinij of the mars.i. Thru
reaches left tho ralli. h it in,- baggage
cr remained on the tra Thi engine,
men were en-cud to death and a nuifl
bsr or th,; passenger. Were sever.;. M.,, Handy. I Paul i bed there, and it Puul's dl
cut and brulnd. Capl Clgrk'l father a police rection left the money with the night
About twenti paaaengers weie taken Hl,llttnt. The son entered the d : t.
10 uu.iou swepiwM, sev.rai oi wnom pgrtmsnl In nq In I III waa ,
were believed to hav been lerloualy agnad to th. Detective Bureau, Where
hurt. Dr. J J O'Brien of Milton, who , V1; fl oVeral y in With credit
wae on board the truln. e.i, aped unnu, t (i appolnllnS L'Urk L'ommllllonaf
and treated many of lhos who had:,..,;,,,, established a new reoosd fr
I Injuries,
Fred Chandler of
Viih wa. in the second eogl h, wan
caught underneath some sreckgg 1"
O'Hrlen, who discovered her uls aaw
that the wreckage hail caught llro He
ummoticil firemen, who
the flames and cut away trie deori. so
that they could rescue the woman
Th sngln and tndr parted notul
Circulation Itooks 0tcn to All,"
1912 16 PAGES
the rag) of the train when they left the
rails and went down Ml embankment
Into the marsh. Ah they went over the
two . forward care plunged ahead and
hit the locomotive a glancing blow,
resulting In one side of eucb cur being
ripped parti) open. The cause of the
derailment is not known.
Judging from the appearance of the
smashed cats it Is remarkable that inj I
one In the first dav coach escaped alive
As It was, many were pinned under the
enr wre-kage Although railroad offi
cials declare that less than twenty-five
were injured and taken to three hos
pitals, police and physicians who helped
pull the injured from the wreck Insist
that the number would reach forty.
Th- bo. lies of the two trainmen killed
were found under a heavy driving
eheel, They wero badly mutilated by
t. am and burning coal from the fire
box of the engine Lying ,,n th en-
Wear s breast was trie inaiy ,,r bis pet
log. which nu i sal le mm in the
jVtaldo PlSJUSjIlB l.ieuleiiaiit
ssslune It 1 in to si. ill,,,,
I Polio Lieu-, mint Will. am J Clark.
formerly attached to the West one
ll . r I and PlfU -second . i.el slallon
(,,-day was appointed a apta.n by
p, , Coglinlsi inef Wild i Capt. ClVk
list of liutn
Capl Clark wis asslfneil at one to
t nmand of the Chgrlei BtrMI
i on, lakln t ie pl.i ,,r capt. Fred-
, . '. Marten! Ho v is llslfnsd to the
nasi I. ht- ml ltrat-1 nation, made
, mi t . 1 of
making saptaina Though he baa keen
Commission? only ilnoi Muy. lilt,
Wiiiuo has piomou'i twiniy.gavan
lleutenai.ts to the rank of captain.
1 II III l III .Ml
ier .a Ojui., . UHilaT, boat .tsi.rljsa sal
SStll .uj
il I 'el. tfi. Ililf,.- . I tat .i cnrvi njtm
. ia ana sign i n
i, u t: i bin,
t',,10... IC. Ii n.ii'li,. Kt.A.1 U.rb
,. . n t Talipbaa. seUaiui tooo.
Sam Paul.Mox Hochstim and Martin
Engel Among Those Questioned
About Rosenthal Murder Sus
pects and Graft System.
Three Politicians Also Marked by
Evidence Gathered in Seven
Months' Hunt Under Whitman.
When the witnesses summoned to appear before the Grand Jury
investigating the Rosenthal case assembled this afternoon s sensation
was created by the appearance of Martin Engel, the veteran dive keeper;
Mox Hochstim, a partner of Sam Paul, the gambler; Sam Paul himself
and. a little company of persons connected with the Lincoln Hotel at
Fifty-second street and Broadway, recently raided as 4 disorderly house.
These persons were mixed up in the throng that had been called to
give testimony upon which to build indictments against "Whitey" Lewis,
"Lefty" Louis, "Gyp the Blood" and "Dago Frank, the four gunrnM
accused of the actual murder of Herman Rosenthal. But Martin Engel
and Mox Hochstim have not heretofore figured as directly concerned to
the Rosenthal murder, and their presence brought out the fact that the
. x'strict-Attorney has a side graft issue on his hands.
Information has reached detectives employed by the District-Attorney
that, following the murder of Rosenthal and the arrest of Jack Rose
and "Bridgie" Webber, a movement was inaugurated looking to the
ullection of a fund of f75,ooo from divekeepers. The collection of that
lund, which was meant to bulwark the so-called "syndicate" of dive
keepers, was in the hands of Max Hochstim, MaiKn Engel and Sam
Paul, ccordltlf to the District-Attorney's advices.
Outlet this proliably grew the nimnrialde. graft line was indicated by the
that I her., was a big fund under way
for Becker's defense. On the contrary,
the fund run down by the District
As orney's detectives bad nothing to
do with the defense of Becker, but
.,,lely with plans to keep the Investlga.
Ilaa fr.Mii nmnlna hit,, the method of
. . . , ... , ,..
a close corpora i ion woicu ,,.
in a wholesale way. the ramification of
bha organliaUon extending from uhe
,,wer east side to the Tenderloin and
Wngel and llochstlrn were plainly
W"i-r:c.i is mmrm m.mm .... -
anteroom to the Orand Jury room and
,i 'ernni wssw uo',,. w.v.. .
other witnesses. To questioners
, !
r.ngel s.i.. trial M nan no luta isji
wa wanted of him. Ills enlightenment
was to com later.
It has been reported to the District-
Attorney thit a lyndlcat In which
ngel. Paul. Hochstim, rniup man
and David iloldsm'.th are Interested
own the Lincoln Hotel, the Arena, In
llroadwav, near Twenty-seventh street,
a hotel In Harlem and othar places
which are on the police lists of the
pre.lncte in which they are located.
The name of others interested hi these
places are to be brought out In the
Orand Jury Investigation.
Accompanying San I'aul and all bear
ing subpoena. n Harry Klcgol and
Mrs. rliegcl, t'haile Millet, night clerk
of the Lincoln Hotel, oh Krevdl-k.
S I night manager of the Line , In, two
Iwait-rs from the Llnco.n and two of-
flclaJs of the West S.d. Si ngl Hank
w ,aought the.,.. Lincoln Hotel
,,deillng and the sawncs hank of-
tlclal. iiughl have s ,;,, Information
iut W whl-h figured prominently in
the Itosentnal tragedy
Reieb, aeoouatlaf for thi fact laat he
WSI Witfclg a in, it dlgtMCI of the
tropag vtun Rosnthl wa shot,
.,.1 ie ha I ridden up'own wit i Usui.
it, kr ,n the .attet's gutomob 'o pay
IJaO i , ,-a n Pi 111 mat he went to th
i.,.,, Hotel af r the ihootlng, found
It has been tumored In the under
world that the Hj wa. not given to
I ' i it t b th- nl.ht . lerk the next morn
Ing, b i'. to tw,, poll nirn who called for
it, tnd that the- pall earn est, know
ing where BlllllVM got the money, were
afraid to take it from him, hut had
lUIoriur i ma ,,o,,.r nat ni--y wo in
receive It from i'aul, whom they could
Tliat the (Irani Jury was take up
ths j of lUuenth: aa well a) the
presence in the (.rand Jjry ante-room
of leputy Police Commissioner DougbVa
erty, Deteotlve Norman J. ntxslmmoaa
of the West Porty-aeventh street sta
tion, who worked on the Rosenthal
''ass, a pollosman from the West Par.
ty-aeventh street preolnct, Ixruls Kreee.
tne water who "ite.i." . ,
; --- nir
' " run away from th atetrev
poie an i witnessed the murder, sad
Coroner's Physician Schulta. who par
formed the autopsy on Roaenthal.
There were aleo present Mr. Herman
Roe en Hi aii Joseph Immrrmau. her
hrother-ln-law. Harry Polloh. at wheea
home Jack Kose hid ..n-r th.
urr, a nurse from the tla
, Hospital, named Mrs. Rosa who at.
lennea Jack Itoae'a wife In childbirth
three month aso. and two sa tm
ng Knse household. The last three
, syaaa summoned to testify to vtult
paid by Liatlt Becker to Roee at hi
horn, at which money wa passed ftom
Roe to Becker.
Indications polnteg to the speedy in
dictment of the four gunmen acouead
of Rosenthal' murder. One of th wit
nesses on hand waa Jack Lambsrt, a
ii-ab driver from Tannersvllls In the
t-'atskllls, who has' information about a
visit paid to that resort by the missing
"I-fty Ixmle" and "Oyp the Blood."
Police Lieut. Domlnlck Itellly. the oossv
tnandaf of on of the three I lead, marten
gambling suuads, Was also In attend
ance. It I likely that If the Orand Jury
winds on on the Rosenthal murdsr and
the Tt,m fund matter thj evening ar
to-morrow there will b aken up Im
mediately an Investigation into illsOf
lerly house and gambling house graft
I which will bring about th Indicia!
nartmint and three men awtald th djg.
j Pt".ment but mixed up In poiltloa and
close associates of the policemen.
While it would suit the plans of gee
Wlirlet-Atlorney to proceed with ths
' assembling of , mlroce leading to graft
I Indictments, thl necessity presses fw
putilng l"gal irrewi Upon the cases af
the iipicti held in the Roaenthal owe,
Quni Whom is under Indictment ex
otpt Lieut. Becker. The trial of Beaker,
by the way, -annul lie reached begare
November, according to lnforrnlaei
gained by John F. Molniyru, Bis oasiar
sel. In Becker's Interest, from gba
Iltrl t-Attorney this afternoon.
Jacob PnWtOtV alias "Jack ..iivan, th.
K ng of thl Newiboyi," was transferred
tiy order if the District-Attorney fron'
tv. towiwi " ec Ml.la I 'olios Ccuri
I'll , n hll afternoon. Kelch, who Is
held without bail on a charge of cum

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