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ffceltf In the murder of Herman Rosen- "By that time I Shall have fortified
thl, rir-w occupies a cell n.lMnlnK the riiraelf with Information of valua. I
three -vhlrh have I n nllnlled to hall then o ovsr th entire ran
"Jack" Rot, "Hrldslr" Vr.ler ami from A to I with nerker, and I can
Harry Vallon. th Inforrgsrs, MUN the public that th affair will
Harford T Mrhsll conns; for Ttrlrh. b presrntsd In a new llsht.
wfea baa been urcm tilm to confess. Ridiculous, UpoiM havr been clrci
Ml waltlix f.r lilm When he arrived latcd regarding t lir amount of my re
uptetm. ami wM al on to hla rail talnar and thr source from which It
frr a conference It miMpectcd that cams. I think It la sufflrlntt for m
thf transfer of Rate i from thr Tombs, to aay that I ana ratalnad by Mr
where Lieut. Becker It confined, to the Hi . . hit wife - nd hla family, that
West Side I'oiirt, where the Informer no imlslde Interest haa appi onched me
ara the tucst of the llstrlic-Allorii . or put up , rant of the money, and
rresesret a ronf1on from the o-cn.l1d that I do not esprct any fee from
' King of thr Ncwlmrl." any paraon or ..intimation outalda th
Seuch a confession woold please thr Marker fimlly."
Dattrlet-Attorn) a Whole lot. Rtltk 8CHEPP8 SAID TO HAVE CHEAT
waa very oloee to Unit Hc ker and eq vuROER GANG
wae alao an aas.irlsts of alami.lera and j Bf.rnerd Handler, ih lawyer w).0 waa
ruaflsAMer. Ilia knowledge of actual tnttKr, by (ha family of S-m Hohspps,
renditions In the underworld of Ne , ons of th fugltlt. w questlonsd to
Tork la aide and Illuminating. 1 day about a pnbllahed report that
TO 00 AFTER "HIGHER UP" Scheppa about to glvs hlmaelf up to
. i the lloarnthal ronaplratora and la
In visw of the fart that the needed I "Dr0,
murder indictment ara giend M I -,n(w1 tlV f.miiv
found, Interaat rentrea In the efforta
f the DUtrtrt-Attnrney to cat at the
fountain had of the ayetem by wh:ei
gambling houaea and other dlaordrrly
places bare been allowed to nourish,
apparently under polire protection. This
phase of the Investigation has pro
grd far snoucb In thr I datrlct. Attor
ney's office to warrant the presentation
of evidence against the polios officials
ana outsiders mentlonrd, sa aoon as
tba Orand Jury haa clratv'd up the mur
der and ronaplpay rnd.
The evldenre upon which the sis In
dlctments are to be baaed haa been
partly the accumulation of seven
months of Investigation of the "White
Slave" traffic and partly the develop
ments In the Rossnthal case, The
District-Attorney. It has bssn learned,
has been conducting a quiet but thor
ough campaign, with ths aid of rlvlo
and reform associations, ever since the
Rockefeller "Whits Miare" (Irand Jury
submitted Its report.
Ths namss of three high police offi
cials frequently figured In the reports
of tha Investigators, as wall as tba
semes of three msn outslds ths de
partment. Whan the Rosenthal mur
der brought down upon ths District
Attorney's office an avalanche ot In
formation, volunteer and otherwise, the
.names of ths six refsrred to ran all
through the story.
By piecing together ths okl evidence
and ths now corroboration has been
established. Witnesses have been lo
cated and subpoenaed. Ths decks ara
cleared for a sensations! cleanup la tha
matter of graft.
' Walls Mr. Whitman's asslstsnts ara
working up this phase of the scandal.
ths Grand Jury, which reconvened to
dayv will dsvots Us snarglss almost en
tirely to perfecting the Indictments
sjfaiast those charged with Rosenthal's
murder. Twenty witnesses wore walt
fccf whoa tha Grass Jury began Its
ossstoa this afternoon, ail sf than ma
terial to the charge that Llaut. Beaker
ordered Jack Ross. "Brtdg-lo" WegWer
and Harry Vallon to bring about the
assassination of Herman Roaenthal
and that the killing waa dons by
"Whltey" Lewis. "Dago Frank" Olro-
Set "Lefty Louie" and "Gyp the Blood"
Horowlts. Indictments will also be
(sad, probably, agalnat 8atn Hehepps,
who played the part of a messenger la
the conspiracy; Louis JJbby and Will
iam haatro, the latter two the owners
of the gray touring oar ussd by the
Raymond Fosdlok. Comtselonsr of Ac
counts, will, It Is rsportrd, hecoms ac
tively engaged as an assistant to ths
District-Attorney In working up tha
graft cases for prssentment to the
Grand Jury. Mr. fosdlck's resignation
as Commissioner of Acoounle will take
offset Sept L and he Is due to ge to
fstralt to sngags In business after that
Mia. but probably will postpone his
departure at ths urgent request of Mr.
A supplementary confession from Jack
Roes, dsllvsrsd to the lMstrlet-Altnrney
last Bight, has stimulated theejrsft In
vestigation. Detectives have been able
to substantiate several allegations mads
by Rose with this added information.
John F. Molntyrs, counsel In ohlsf for
Lieut. Becker, had a talk lasting an
hour with hie client in the Tomba to
day. Becker was calm, cool, alert nJ
of great aaslatance to the lawyer In
mapping out a defense.
"Thus far." ssld Mr. Mclntyrs. aftar
the conference, "we hive torn-had only
oa the preliminaries In this case, which
will be sbowo up as a conspiracy be
tween three self-confessed gamblers
and Instigators of murder to Implicate
a police offloer In ordsr to ssvs them
eeives from the electric chslr.
'Ths active work of ths dsfsnse at
the present Is la ths hands of Mr. Joha
W. Hart who In fully abls to take care
of himself and protsrt the Intsrssts of
our client. My sod of ths work will
call me out of tha city to-night 1
aball not return until next Wednesday
New York Is
Tbit It the c ensul of opinion
imonf promintnt Apartment Houss
Ownert ind Hentlng Agents.
And it's food ni . (or the
prospective tenant.
Every day sees new, up-to-the-minute
apartments thrown open to
the particular hotneseeker.
Home luxuries are now plentiful
where only bare comforts were
tvallabl? shortly ago
World "To Let" Ads.
Were Printed Last Month
13,190 More than the Herald
Tor by far the greatest variety of
modern apartment, house, flat and
furnished room announcements.
See II u.J "To Let''
Adiatisemtnt To-Day
ealii Mi. Handler, ' and had a.hout cow-
pletrd arrangements ivlth the Dlatrlr'.
Attorney for Hchepp to give hlmaelf
up. It waa represented to me that thr
young man would surrender.
"nut h failed to MM acmes I don't
know whsrr hs la. and no member or
hla family has heard from him. The
man who wrn that Hchepp li broke
evidently doesn't know Scherrm, It la
quite llkelv that Ham got ami-, with a:
Iran li.flm."
Mr Handler refused to go Into detail"
I"1'" h" amount of Hrheppe getaway
money, but It Is recalled that "Jack
Hose nnd "Itrldgli'" Wetbber, in their
confessions, said I.lent Decker ordered
Rose to psy the four murderers H.n"0
an.l that Rose gave the money to
Hcheppa reported to Rose and Webber
that he paid the money to "Whltle"
Iew!a. "Lefty Ioule," "Iaxo Frank"
and "(lyp the ltlood" on the afternoon
of July II, twelve hours after the n n
thel murder. Humors that H.hepps
"went South" sa the Tenderloin puts
It, wtth the Wood money, and stood
off ths four murdsrers with trifling
sums, hate been rife In the under-world,
and In this connection the ststrinent of
Mr. Hen. Her Is Interesting
The I Mstrlct-Attorney la particularly
anxlnua to get Hch ppa. not only le
cauee be la an Important cnnnertlnx
link between Re.-ker and Rose and Well
ber, but because he haa Information
that Bchapps hid In Heckyir'a home for
a time after the Roaenthal killing.
Scheppa Is an experienced traveller, haa
a country-wide acquaintance with
crooks and ought to bs abls to MV his
tracks for some Mine.
Among Ihe rctTera on the PUtrVt-
Attorney to-day were Max T. flteuer,
counsel for "Itrldgle" Webber, and
Benjamin Fpsllman, of the law Arm of
Tnwne and Hpellman. Bx-Henut.ir
Towne haa called on the District-AHor-nsy
previously In connection with ths
Rosenthal case.
The three informers In the West Side
Prison ars not under special guard as
has been reported. District-Attorney
Whitman hss assured Head Keeper Ity.m
that ho Is satisfied with ths tea il.ir
system of securing prlsonere and lias
no dealre to place any of hla own men
In ths jail.
"Jack" lice is suffering from a nerv
nils breakdown following the delivery to
the District-Attorney of his written con
fession. His lllnses Is not serious and
does not call for medical attention. He
was visited to-day by his brothe-a,
Morris snd Bernard, and by his counsel.
Jamn M Hulllvan. Thr only ot'ler
nailer on Ihe trio was the wife of
"Itrldgle" Webber, who brought nr
hueband a supply of food.
"I do believe that Becker Is absolutely
guilty of all that has been charged
against him," declared Mr. Whitman to
Hose's new ststemsnt wsnt Into ad
dltlonal detail Within three hours of
Its u pt Mr. Whitman had runflrmcd
sn astonishing proportion of u
Rose described hjw the places were
tsbuUied and how the monthly pay
ments were contingent upon the busi
ness dons. Hs went further Into the
delicate, question of how the lines of de
marcation were observed between the
property of the various Inspectors wno
wsrs grsfting an I ths houses marked
by Racksr for his own.
In sums of Uisan ilia two forces of law
never oeme together, but they resched
lommon ground in othm and than
Uscker would shsre. Hose said, his col
lectlotis a ;th ths Inspector In whose die
trlrt thr pUie was, or If the place was
on the tnapsctur's list he would "split
with Becker.
Ths stories told by sons of the men
who ssrs ths victims of this grafting
have bssn corroborated to such a de
gree that their toiiaejjr ready to go
bsfore ths Uiand Jury wbsnsvsr that
body Is rsady to take up the graft slds
of ths situation Initsad of connnlng
Itself to the murder Inquiry.
When the Grand Jury takas up ths:
matter of the graft ths merabsrs' at
tention will be cunrerned with the great
nissa of material that lies been gathered
Jf' ""7" "" 0,h" Iks enrolled vo.cr. of party d the
official than l.eck.r. i rul , Mr innet'. experiment will
WORK FOR FOUR OF WHITMAN'6 he awaited with a great deal of In
MEN. tsrsst
Bo much of It has com to hand and sa
so varied has been Us nature that the CLOTHESPOLE, FALLING
work haa been taken up by tnree As- ..... . u ' . . n,
slstant llstrlct-Alturnys -Mots, Smith, FATALLY HUHTS CHILD,
and Rubin, and a fourlb Is to lie at- ,
signed to the work to-day "Little Mother" Carrying Her Haby
It will be lii th preparation of thsss I J
rases snd siding In thslr prosscutlon HrOtlU'r ill Her Arms
that Raymond FosJIck will b sdded to When Ininrel
Mr. Whitman s stsff. Mr. Fosdlok is v licit liijuicu.
regsrdotl as a certainty so far as ap- ' Laura Galls, twelve years old, of No.
pointinent goes provided hi halth doas ''-' Thirty-second street, was aerl
not max it impossible fur blin to ac- i ously injured this afternuon when a
cept He Is 111 end If he works it Will I rlothenpole In ths rrsr or hsr home
le under dlttlculll. fell and the top snapped oft, striking
Mr. Whitman has leen dependent the child on her head At Ihe time
largely upon hi own effort In th mat- h, wa carrying her Hire, months old
t.r ot gelling support for Boat's story tjrutlier John, bin managed to ahlsld
snd of determining ths truth or falsity i , ,, . , , " , ,, """,u
of the cb.rg. sgaln.t th. lisps .tors. I h,lm' . """1 l""svu.
Both he and hi asslstsnt hsvs beet, stagaitsj by Dr. I.xlnai and la nut
forced to do dtctlv work. expected to live.
Ruse' si Slip eg I yesterday added to The little girl has been taking rare
his prstlous ons by giving dstails rs- f four younger children, her falho
gsrdiag the collection ot IUUC0 from ssv- ,na nio,h.r both going to work. This
eral gambling bousss. which paid I trlb- llft,rnooI, af,,r ...j ni.'.,l t.klug
ut to an InaiKctor. He dtcrlbed how . , ,. k , ,
h. had frequently b.en mad. the go- c" ' lM 'h 'by
between from th Inspsotor's msn to hi u' ,n8 y,r1 ,or Hlr!I" Wn" '
boss, Becker. I was there, surroundod by set eral other
He gives lot naiiie of lb ovviii-
houses and add that now snd thsn
these plsc wsr shlftsd from Mat to
list, but at ail timtt ths division was
kept up. The shift was largsty a way
of dodging responsibility In oass a
"roar" got too strong at hsadqti' rtsrs.
Declared Unconstitutional the
Charter Provision for Putting
Gamblers Out of Business.
Police Commissioner Waldo haa dls-
7" " "m - tisynur. tnen
niT(.rme uewl Justlre, who rendered
the decision dsclsrl.ig unconstltutlonil
ths provision In the City Charter by
which ths police could enter any prem
ises on ths written statement of two
householders that ths premises were
ussd for gambling or other Illegal pur
poses, could arrest any persons dlscov-
ersd violating tha law, and could da
atroy all gsmbllng paraphernalia found
"It reads to me like pretty gnod law,"
ssld the Commissioner before he made
hla discovery. "If I bad that right I
coul. I closs every gambling houss In
Nsw York City right away.'
Mayor Uaynor rendsrsd the decision
in Juns, IMS, sitting m the Queens
County 8peclal Term.
Mails a Post CarJ to Each of 86,000
Enrolled Republicans in
New York.
Former Congressman William H. Hen
net, who 1s a candidate for the RgfMlb
11. urn. ..munition for llovernnr, haa
adopted a novel plan of campaigning,
lie mulled to such of the hh.owi enrolled
Republican 111 New York County to
day a letter outlining his platform and
asking for cxpreaaloiia of opinion ns to
his avallalilllty. The letter en Is by
saying: "I will lie obliged If you will let
ms know what you think of my raudl
dacy," and extends an Invitation to the
voter to attend a mass-meeting in the
Interest of sir. Uennet'e oandldacy to
be held at the Manhattan Casino,
Eighth avetius end One Hundred and
Fifty-fifth strset. Tuesday evening,
Aug. i-v
Hsnator Borah, Congressman Moors
and Mr llnnnet will make speeches at
ths msetlng.
This Is the first time in the hlstery
of New York City politic that any
suss till Ida tsa hak ak Ulls-li 1 seal sfllessS ssaftlssl hast ..11
. l.il.liwi,, Lucy Lebao.M, ia!o ti.
I old, who lives on tl,e A ret Hooi ot iha
, Iruuie. stsrted to bang oil .iothlng on
I the linss. As she sltimp'.nl to pull thr
line In, shs lost her baiano ami put
hsr eeighl on the rope The poll gate
uadsr hsr and snajsped at tits bass.
Falling Debris Injures Work
men Deep Down in New
Aqueduct Excavation.
B'.x men were caught In a rav-ln in
,n hlg abaft above the aouedurt at
thr corner of Ht. Nlch llgg svenue snd
Ons Hundred and I'"orli -ninth street
shortly before noon, snd one of them.
Felix Marou. will probably die, hav
ing been Internally injured.
Th shaft Is 4SB frst deep, and the
men were on a platform near the bot
tom, preparing for the concreting of
the deep excavation. The shaft, which
lis been sunk thriugh the hard rock,
hi been timbered throughout on ac
count of atrata of soft ground. To
make It tlll more safe. It la propontl
to concrete It all the way lon. In
the, shaft a bucket and a cage arc used,
the former for msterlsl, the latter for
ths accommodation of the men. The
platform on which the men were
stsndlng naturally does not fill tha en
tire Interior of tho slrurturs, room be
ing sllowed for the passage of the cage
and bucket.
Home of the timbers about fifteen fen
above the platform gave way an. I slth
OonSlgeraMs dirt went down on top
of the men. It was thuught at first
that the whole thing hud caved In and
the shrieks of the men were heard by
those slHive them and below at the bot
tom of the shsft. Men ami scrambling
up on the ladders while from the top
the csge was hastily lowered. Work
men helped the Injured Into the cae
and a telepnt.ne message wits eni to
the Harlem Hospltsl for sl.1. Drs.
U..H..isUllld astir f Ahaall. Ift fss 1 1 1 1 AsTl
' ,.,..., Ko.artv. a civil engineer
IWenty-flve yeaie of age, llvng at No
l!M Kaat one Hundred and !-veiity-sec-ond
street, was In' charge of the work
Ills left leg was fractured In two places
below the knee. He was taken to
Lloyd's Hanlturtum, a block away. The
rest of thi Injured men, with the excep
tlon of .Nicholas Yashon'k, were taken
to ths Harlem Hospital. Yashonlk was
not hiirt but wae suffering from tin
shock The others Injured were:
Andrew llurke, aged twenty-aevy-n.
and living at No. Its West One Hundrstl
and Forty-fifth street, foreman of the
haft; fracture ot the left log. Matthew
.'arlpati. colored, r,vrral libs fractured,
Peter Mlmnn, aged Or rty two, bad gas
in his ties' I. Felix Marou. aged thirty
four, and living at No. ovi Klglith ave
nue, was suffering from Internal in
juriag, snd there Is little hope for hla
He Holds That Neither Wool Nor
Steel Measures Constitute
Scientilic Revision.
WAaillNOTON, Aug. t Following a
special Cabinet session to-day. Press
dent Taft made It known to his csllers
thst he will veto both the wool and
ateel tariff revision bills, one tnsssags,
It wa said, will accompany these
muaaurce back to Congress.
In It the I"rcU!ant will declare that
neither of the .bills was formulated with
th aid of the tariff board and there
fore do not constitute scientific revision
Consideration of the eiact languag of
the vein meaaagr wus th only busi
ness before the cabinet meeting to-day
tr Usrtlni to Mesles.
WASHINGTON, Aug. -The recent
attacka on th Currelttu ranch and Cau-
drlaiis mliiss, American property, by
i stviitta it,- r,r,i rie, thlasi of
tftate Knox to agiln dlrsot Ambassador
I Henry ljine Wilson at Msslce City and
Consul Kdwards at Juares to warn th
lMet1c.ii Uoverniusnt and the rebels thst
Americans am. thslr property must bs
I protsetsd.
r nil innnr TinirT
(Continued from First l'sgo.)
from the Spanish War snd said "If
this halo of military glory does not fade
too fsat I shall be the next governor
of ths Stats ot Nsw York. But thank
heaven election day Is not as far off as
Klglit after breakfast to-day T. R."
tent out and bud big picture taken with
Qo, Johns. in. Chairman Heverldge, the
Karris brothers and "Joe" Oreen of Ma
dura, N. Dik. The Fsrrls brothers
"Joe" snd George -were the head men
of Theodore Roosevelt's ranch out on
i," edge of the Ilsd Lands when ho had
mustache like cornsllk. He slapped
their backs until they winced elao Joe
"Joe" Is the person who became his
toric when one day on a haah-kn.fe
round i p lip tried to fry batter caket
with resin.
On hU wsy hack from the picture al
lery ths Colonel met Hurke Burnett, an
other friend of the bunch grass-daya.
"Hello, llurke, you blamed old v.olf,"
he shouted, and caught ths Westerner
by the arm. Hull Moose and Wolf
marched up the stairs hugging each
other with a cheering riotous crowd be
hind them.
Just st midnight last night Roosevelt,
with a vole as smooth a the edge of a
carpenter's steel s.juare. sunn. ling not
the leant note of emotion, stepped out on
the gallery of the Florentine Room of
ths Congress Hotel and apoku his
"Ws are In this fight," hs said, snd
hts tone was no more strained than
though he had ordered a third cup of
coffee, "to make life a little cleaner, a
little better, a little easier for the aver
age man and woman of these. United
eltstes. That 1 all."
Just as waa the case six weeks aro,
whsn In Orchoatra Hall, a great, angry
audience went wild with the Independent
Ideal which rang out Its wrath against
both of ths old parties, Democratic and
Rep ibllcan. Then and all last night ther
wss something wild and uncanny loose
In the air. It was not merely a matter
of nulie Th "Yee-ee-e-e-owp" of ths
cowboy has echoed through every bar-
m la Chicago ror ten days. Ths
srowllng "Moo-o-o" of ths bull moose
has bsen created as s nsw sign of popu-
ir applause.
Hut for ths last half hour of the con
.rntion yterdsy afternoon ths most
, vnicsl of observers had to admit that
Theodore Roosevelt had ones more
round himself st ths head of a stirring
up of tro'jhle which rspresents appar
ently the will of thoussnds and thou
sands of intsnsely sarnsst American
Ths proceedings In the Coliseum for
three days havs gone through all th
forms of an ordinary political conven
tion. Kven such a fool thing wa done
as the dropping of a Roosevelt and
Johnson banner after Johnson was
nominated In the afternoon.
The banner hsd been waiting all reefed
up for twenty-four hours, while the
nanagers of the convention ion asaurt-
Style favorites
forcing approval
by deserving it.
Ing that the fight for second place on
the ticket was an open fight. Hut even I
this cold blast of evidence thst the
nominations of the Progressive party
Were cut and dried could no; chill the
angry fever which, in aplte of everybody
and everything, cropped up to whoop
along the Roosevelt-Johnson movement.
It la really true that men who laugntd
whenever they heard the name of
Rootevclt pronounced three days ago
are going around Chicago to-day with
little bas-relief Bull Moose Images on
their coat lapels and humming "Onward,
Christian Hold-lera."
"I don't like him" such a ons will
tell you. "1 don't want to lie with him.
But 1 like hi game. Boom boom
boom boom (marching a to war)."
And how can one have a political
argument with a man In that fram of, Charles uenney oi nan r ranciaco, ur
mind? It Is not a reasoning movement i O. B. Jannsy of Baltimore; and Cllf
But somehow It represents the kick of ford W. Barnes. John O. Bhedd, Julius
the American people. The same religious Kosenwald, Henry P. Crowell, A. C.
fervor which hss made every song ' Bart lett. Abram W. Harris, all of Chl
tarted by tha convention bsnd turn cago. Our main offices ars In Chicago,
into a hymn In spirit Is working under
ttie chest of the men who came to Chi
cago In the unfrlendllest frame of mind.
Men who csll Roosevelt by the vlleet
of names stood up and danced yastsr
day when Hiram Johnson said he would
rather lose with Iloossvelt than wla with
any other American he knew.
There waa no order In ths conven
tion. The rpeeches riomlns'.lng Johnson
were interrupted by She Introduction
and adoption of the platform. What the
platform actually was only ths man
a i Wn. Manv neoDla left
the Coliseum without knowing that a
platform had been adopted. It didn't
make any difference. Ths ststsment
which made the Bull Moose Convention
possible has so worked its way Into the
blood of the people who are following
th. Roosevelt leadership that perfectly
nbvlou shams and shameless lnsln-
rerltlee dissolve In the glare of rebuk
wmE!' "nd tvtTyboiy th" ""j HERE'S YOUR BIRTHSTONE.
Sixteen vesr sgo William J. Bryan
made s noise like that which Chicago I -' k' H.vl.lon. sad
ha heard for the last three daya. He Prttral Official Mat.
waa adludged "an anarchist." He kept
on making that same noise. Now It is KANSAS CITV, Aug. 7. The Amer'.
"a movement" and Roosevelt la Its ' csn Notional Retail Jewellers' Ataocla
prophet. tlon In session here, after requests fro .1
Of course It msy all fade and drift numerous sources, hss decided officially
out to the middle distance hs does a fog upon the following revised list of blrth
off the Rockaway Shoals at aunrbn. (tones:
hut If there Is uch a thing as a na- i January, garnet; February, amethyst;
tlonal lots of temper, Ihe Progressive March, bloodstone and aquamarine,
party movement has voiced It in noml- April, diamond; Msy. emerald; Jun,
natlng Thcndnre Roosevelt snd Hiram ,,earl and moonstone; July, ruby; Aug
Johnon. Whether th stlr-uo will sardonyx and peridot; September,
reach anybody who was not ar'urlly , gipphtre; October, opal and tourmalin.;
here and personally tou -hed by it la a
queatlon only to be answered by the test
of events.
Kinpton Couple Had Been Missing
Since 'Monday Woman's
Body Mutilated.
KrN'OSTON, N. Y., Aug. Ths mu
tilated body of Mrs Frits Rart wa
foond In her husband's aloon this after
noon, and a few moments later seftrrhera
found Harte'a body hinging in a near
by Ice house. Both had been missing
since Monday.
Dtllleo Hull. llntS, lliitlerdam.
viiett, Kant.teo. Hindu, Altirrt
FitaSrlci .'.tr ilrotw. Cinsta, Stii .lutn.
l'tlmto.Mrttnii. Klngttut.
.'ubttt. t'arilrats.
Special tar Thursday, the 8ih
ISc. Vslae Ebewbcre. f
0UIES s.c. vilu use- Qflsfs
Park Bew and Certlsadt ttreet store
ll mm tre epe aetMrd
Malt Cbocolale-toverei
Batter Crisp
A rrlap, ftpptlalna; contra of molii
and dalrv butt or. amothorod undor -
noath & blanket of our
li outturn Ml. it Chooolato.
Vigilance Association Knows
Nothing of Rockefeller
"Plant" in Tenderloin.
Tf the American Vlgllsnce Aaaoctatlon
hss obtslnrd evidence against crooked
policemen In New Tork through the aa
slatance of John D. Rockefeller Jr., and
the operation here of a disorderly .house
In 'fie Forties, that fact la not known
at ths offices of the orgsnlxatlon, No
1M Rfth avenue.
"I reprsnt both Clifford fl Roe snd
Aaalstant District-Attorney James Rey
nolds, who sre the active hsds of this
organisation, and in thslr SbgsMt -rom
ths city I havs been requsttt-J to deny
that there Is any truth n the report
that we operated a dlsordstiy IrSUet
here and had trapped cer ,iln police
Inspectors," said H. E. Qernert, who
is In charge of the offices of the or
ganisation. He sdded:
"Mr. Ros Is in Chicago, where our
main offices ars located. He Is deliver
ing lectures there. Mr. Hoe le the
executive secretary end general counsel
of our orgsnlzstlon. As for -Mr. Rey
nolds, he Is off on a vacation and he
Will not be hack un;il th middle of this
"Nor Is there sny truth In the report
'. that John D. Rockefeller Jr. Is connect
ed with our organisation. Our associa
tion was formed ss a national body to
suppress ths soclsl et li. most partlcu- I
larly the white slive traffic. In differ
ent cities we have local committees
through which we do our work, but so
flr w, nlv, no ,cal committee In Nett
York, although we at In harmony with
the Committee of Fourteen."
Asked to stste who I bsck of the
American Vlgllsnce Association, Mr
Gernert said:
"Oi.r rresl.le.tt Is ITav d Starr Jordan
of I.e'and Stanford Unv'ty, nil tin
l il fmMiinN sre Oa.-d nal ( -.pen.
flSU Walter T. flumnor of Ch'eago and
Dr. charies w. E:iiot, formerly ot Hjr-.
yard. The tresiurs- of thro organisa
tion Is Charles L. Huvhlrnon ft
"The directors of the association In
cludo Orace H. Podge and Asslstsnt
District-Attorney Reynolds of New
York. Wallace Slmmona of St. Louis.
while our Kastern headquarters are
New York."
Mr. Uemert said that he could not
account for the aource of the publica
tion In the morning newspapers of the
connection between the organisation
and ths probe into police condtt.ons
"Bo sure that you deny Mr. Rocke
feller's connection with the organiza
tion." he said, "for he his no ronnec-
, tlon with us. As for the rest of th
j etory about o.ir running a disorderly
; bouse and paying some Inspector SfiOO a
month, It Is too foolish to discuss. Of
courss there Is no truth In the story.
It must be some other organisation that
did all this."
At ths home of Assistant District-Attorney
Reynolds, No. 161 Central Park
West, It was stated that he was at
Chocorua, N. H , whsrs hs was enjoy-
tng a vacation
November, tosaz, lo- . liber, turquoi.
and lapll lazuli.
"Just Say"
It Means
Original and Genuine
The Focd-drlak for All Ages.
More healthful than Tea or Oefea.
Afreet with the weakest dirtioa
Delicious, invigorating and nutritious
Rich milk, mailed grain, powder l
k oekk lunch prepared is 1
Take iubstiiute. Aikior HORUCK'St,
Others arc imitation
Trade Mark.
Special lor Friday, (be 9tb
tic. Vales iltew.ier . - era
CARAMELS: eur regalsr
lie. Msdi. P0UNU BOX
epee e.erjr eveauts until 1 1 e'elixk.
ill li eeiees
' vVst CW )
JkY fl
C Ch.rtk St
Th opoetflad wolf ht in each Inatanco
includoo tha contain.
rm st
Khedive . Brother flaeot St Kevrpsrl
NEWPORT, R. I., Aug. I.-Prlntt
Mohamrd All Pacha, brother ot ths
Khedive of Egypt, has arrived here gad
will be a member of the miner colsny
for the next month
THE popular standing
L of this Cigarette is
evinced by the fact that
more money is spent for
Fatimas than for any
other I
A plain package so
ve can give you 20 at a
reasonable price 15c
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that won't come
off. For office or
home automobile
bodies all fin
ished surfaces.
CUant, Disinfects,
s Mml asm. At
rsffswr. reraleere.
eitaf fasarlif eeees
Standard Oil Company
of Ntw York
Kidneys Weak?
Weak kidneys sre the common heri
tage of thousand! o( Americans. They
are the cause when early symptoms are
neglected of permanent kidney disable
ment, dropiy am Bright' disease.
Warner's Safe Kidney
and Liver Remedy
is a true snd reliable medicine for de
ranged kidneys. It strengthens snd vital
ize them to thst they perform their
duties juit as nature intended. Thus the
blood v purified snd the whole system is
clrsnsed of the poi'ons which cause ths
Free sample and booklet by writing
Wsrnsr's Ssfe Ksmedie Co., .
Dept. JI0. Rochestsr, N. V.
easVaV MJM
f oiea
M I V i K. I.. , . KMnnr. '
Punoi from bi late roaidomca.
It'... L.mi HUtA It., tin HiturUay. Au.
lo, at : ;ti .. H tbani u the Church
v si. tgnatlui UoyoiAt t'srp mj
h 4 1 ti st. Intoi m;a O IVSJy,
(IKK.VN, On AUf, 7. U1S, t Ulahlnnd
t'aiig. n. y.. WILLI .i rim ax. bo
lovod hutbnnd ot HjUIo i'ooio and
br-niicr ui Krjtik OurrSAi
Hfr.iot TrU murnlntWi Alii t
Highland fa Ma, N. V Arrlvs at Wee
nnvvktu, Hi i.. - r. ."4. IntamgAi at
t, It i, niuna a 'fti.tjttrv. N. Y.
M'MUl K, .t bar raalatnot, Bt Lot
iNftun uv.. Urvoklyn, ui, S. in in.
MaHv M.-NKl tl (tier CampbtU), widow
ut irVllilam Jnhii Lumm tc-Neic,, .
! uriHi .il lAturda) MHirnliitf , Aua;. 10.
from hiT lai y roililit.t v, tt . .to o'alack ,
theme to tho Chun h ut the Natlvliy.
Ma4lson at. and Claueaon av , in a. U.
wiit ri u maaa of raquloin viu ba ur farad
fur t In- ritatt of tier aoiil, Intermant
Calvary I'onietory.
J.OriT Ttiurmlu tuornlna. about B.Sv, ho
twien Kelly st. und Interval av. sjlh
tlon. a bankbook, ohochf and vaeh attoiuit
lag to 160. Llboral reward U rotuTnod ta
tl Kelly at. or l Naaaau ot.. rojgoji
ana. si -s, vt lr am L-t -.
. r.. Int. Iglth t. niwl :t.l vv y

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