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Then Brother Elks Lead Him
, , in Mad Hunt of Town
for Captive.
T T t a a a a I n
ror ra ana Ma were bean-
dalized by Early Morning
Marriage at Coney.
If you should obtrude to-day upon
the ninni.il Joys of Mr. and Mm. Mark
Vance, honeymooning toward Canada,
they would be likely to admit thero
Were three agencies that come pretty
near putting the mar In marriage. One
w f. another a Ma, and tiie third
waa the Kilts.
Pa and Ma made the Vancea get mar
ried all over again last nlgnt In a really
truly church when a Coney Island
dominie, the Rev. J. W. Kltsmeyer. had
already married thnin the night before,
and when (he second ceremony waa
. over Vanee'a Elk friend kidnapped the
bride and wouldn't IpI Vance have htf
for a heluvatlme.
Mr. Van OS Was Miss Kdna FHnn of
No. 237 Wmi Sixteenth atrect. Van-e
haa been living at the Klks' Club. With
John R. Wall and Miss Maynanl Rocll
they awoke Mr. Kltsmeyer when the
night birds were railing and Insisted
on bring mado one until death did them
part. It waa Ma FHnn and Pa Filnn
who were MMdalMd when they heard
about It, and l ad tho Rev. rVlher
Klernan to marry tliein over again la"'
C night at ft. Bernard. Church on Wool
fourteenth atrect.
While a happy occasion, the ceremony
waa a very dull affair compared with
the programme that followed. Vane Is
an Elk and gives the Klks' Club as hli
address. There were a number of his
brother cluluio-n at the wedding and
whan tho bride-, room and best man
stepped Within the chancel to sign the
record the attending Elk brethren grt
buey. Two '.rime automobile were wait
ing at the church door and Into ono o
(hem the bride was rushed.
The car jied iround the streets for
awhile and finally landed In front of
Jack's rest.uirint at Forty-third street
and Sixth avenue. This Is Just around
tha corner from the Elks' new honu
and a delegation waa sent thera to
cover the street sidewalk and club en
trance With rlre whereby to mislead the
bridegroom should he reach tha building1
In his hunt for his bride.
A long la'ole on tha balcony In the
restaurant had been prepared and
around it the kidnappers and their vic
tim gathered. So as to mako the brtda
feel nuke at ease a taxlcab was de
spatched for tho mother and tlster.
They wore found at home and went to
Jack's to protect Mrs. Vance.
Meanwhile another delegation haU
captured the bridegroom and wara driv
ing htm etxuit town a-celllnir at various
cafas and icstaurauts tor his misting
mate. Occasionally one or the captors
would call Jack's un the phone and In-
form the bride of the wherabouts and
condition of her partner, but Van a
himself was kept In the dark.
Finally, lie was taken to big wife at
Jack's amid a shower of rice from tha
balcony and main floor and was told
that b might start on his marital jour
ney as soon as he pleased.
Seventeen to Twenty, S75 a Month;
Twenty to Thirty-tive,
Average SI 25.
CLEVKLAND, Aug. 9. -Here's a rrio'.h
er"e estimate of the cost of supporting
a,,d educitltig a daughter from seven
teen to thirty-five:
Krom seventeen to twenty, 175 a month;
from twenty to twenty-. We, J10O a month;
from twenty-flve to thlrVy-flve, $1M a
Mrs. Clara K. Kroehle, who died June
17, left an estate of l&I.OOO. tier will,
probated Thursday, leaves the bulk of It
to her daughter, .dertrude Virginia, sev
enteen. K. ft Boaworth, lkewcmd,
trustee .Is to Invest the funds add turn
trustee. Is to Invest the fundi and turn
cated by the mother's schedule.
Mrs. Kroehle provided that at no time
shall the trustee give the daughter for
education mure than Is Indicated.
As the river sweeps along
the course of least resist
ance, so the great current of
Apartment House advertis
ing picks its way through
the sea of publicity, dodg
ing the friction of least
productive mediums.
1 9,940
World "To Let" Advts.
Last Month
8.979 MORE
Than the Herald, Time-,
Sun, Tribune and Press
I It's Smooth Sailing to "Results"
i via The H urlJ Advertising Route
Johnnies Now Desert
JOMeVNlfc-5 Arts 4u Out in P'Out OS Ht -THaTt.'s NO L'Vi"L. . ' M" WWw
'As tor Dress," Writes "A Grans Widow," "It Is Not
a Matter of What the Individual Wants but as
the Merchants and Dressmakers Want It,
or in Other Words the Inexorable Dic
tates of the Prevailing Style."
lSTl-XOU- oRtiH.'-3MlTra thnre are, of course, two or three
gentlemen who seem to have the freeilom of the stage door. But even
these privileged liara. ters make themselveii small, step softly and cross the
palm of the stage dour man with silver when they inquire If Miss Violet
MOBtretlor has .ome in yet.
Is it likely tha "Johnnies" rush in nhere angels fear to tread? If ynti
1 think so, play "Johnny" for an evening or an afternoon and stand outside
a stage door. You will experience the lonesonieness of Roblnsou CruBoe
I before he naw Man Friday's track, in the sand.
Why yliould a Johnny aland at the
tsgi door anyhow In Iheee day when
' sUrl.ts si mush mora re.'.isatlonal are
to be ntrt in front of the theatre For
to-day the matinee girl la much more
sensationally attired than the stage
bOAUtiOS ibO goes to see.
The oti-er day at a matinee f "The
".n- .i.'r.- .ww ni l?l-" at the Winn r
Qarden mvip r: horror and dismay j
and delight Went up Ironi hundreds f
I Overdressed sohoobjlllta I" tbj btldlon !
when tha ohorua In tninbi and wnite
tighta (tied along a MMed piatiorra
tlown the Oentre alfle and the. sit j
I light plaj d ah the marvellously ihapeiy i
iligs ..f Shirley Kellogg. WOO iea mm
"My, but that's daring I I don't
aae how a git ean have the face to
do It!" gurgled one overdreaaed
yoiu., lady to another. Xncldaa
tally, nobody had the lacs which
was at a dlecount In that eanlblt.
' Ian-tar, v. '.'-u 1 usjal a'.i ay of yOUftl
IfiU With made-up rlieeas and lega,
with aklntpy. Inadequate and too-slen-
i der clotbaa, hud Hind through the tbe-
aire doom. It occurred io me It tnig .'
be latere ilng to contr r i tho K'rls lb
I front with taose who woulJ Issue
I shortly from tba auge dupss and pre
laumably tail Into the olutvb of too
I New Iforh "Jobnn'y" (who it looldan
' tuiiy a prudani oui with tho enfoty
I clutch on when !:a roes In S'-arch of
tutvanttiroit Not a ''Jor'.iiny" sTsM -th'-rlng.
No, not the g.'.oit of a "J.ihnny,"
though an anxioua press i.gf.'iit pro
tested that on the opening r .glit ihcro
had boon at leaut three hundred of
I Mm. One by one tha oborug -lr!a came
'out, quiet little girls, with home-made
drataai for the moat part- lomotlmoa
j rather shabby drrHs -, though hero and
there appeared rotpleiMl If young Itdlei
jdes.lned to rise o'er their dogd S'JUls j
I to higher things to star pt Itopj, For
these glrla, fiiahby or iplondld, BO
i "jobnby" waited.
One Uttle psraon conleeasd that
aba "had a date with a QlWgpoPOS I
rsportsr," end gave his na us, ,
wh..h X knew. But, alas, the per- j
runuus mlaht-have-besn Johnny
had forgotten the tryst. And the
pretty Uttle girl went home alone,
l'nally In a mouse-colored tailored i
Finaly In a mouse-colon d tailored '
suit with a w ell cut. rather full j. i ir t 1
that touched the gr m-l, mw g I'llH,
i very unobtrusive young WORM iio xr I
'identified for 'ue an die owner of the
havpoly legs that bad led the prooao
I slon of girls In tights, and M. - wan
i not one tiny Hera of Una gu I'm groflg
which lUgfeated tha theatre.
There wuh aboUitlv iiolhlug In
the attlro of the gill with the prat
I ileal lag lu Nvw York to auggti
for Gaudy Girls
Copyright, lill. by Tha I'raas Publishing Co. (Tba Naw Tork World).
"Why do you use the word 'Johnny'
to describe The young men of New
York when you know very well a
'Johnny' ia a mage door 'masher,' on
tha lookout for chorus girls who
.ire just as much on the lookout for
To this Indignant Inquiry of a New
York youth I can reply only that the
stage door "Johnny" Is the rarest of
his species so rare that a chorus
girl may live to the serene old age
of a grand opera ballet dancer with
out having encountered him.
With every musical production
even faintly her special claims to pul
ehrltude. riu cunning or crude aiticul
to tha roving eye, the philandering
No wonder the "Johnny" has d
serted tba st;ige door when thero la
o much mure to Interest him In
front of the house!
And n iw we OOUM to the letter of
ia woman who djfend the hail-fellow
girl of to-day. saving that ahe la
Ithn only lultabla halpmesl and eom-
Imii.mii for III,. Innili.rrt man I ilnli't
ap,, ,u,h ,.VPry thing Kite aK. and
neither will you, perbdpa, but at any
rate you'll Rnd her Interesting. A
letter fmiu man followa hera
lyar Madam I My observation la
this: Men prefer girls that are hall
fellow well mot, and eventUul'V
marry that kind of girl and are
bout happy as It Ir possible to
be, In many eases happier than If
they had married a goody, goody
gill, for this reaxun: M:tn ! nntur
Rlly a tyniKt. you can't lake that
away frum him. Tiio best of tliein
are. The more latoilootngli tho more
weal-., nr. I should say, the in no
sua' i I'.lhlu to sex. Tin v are rnori
at i Hi' with a girl who Is llku thein
salveo; they do not need to be on
their guard all tho t'.nin; tly n 1
t it give an gocount Of tbemai IVei
ivhen not ut home at Just a certain
These "hall fellow" g'-!s have the
best tin:es; they hav- not learned a
trjdc or profession of nny bind and
arc at a loss bow to make a living,
and they make It tnelr aim to Itudy
their victim, how to catch him, 1)0.,
and they generally get ti:-i richest.
the moat piiabs (la their bants), and
In nc-irly all case. a fe!faal lHod
QUSband. Men k ly they hv fun
v.lt.i the painted girl and then maiTy
a g.ioil Kirl I have to enii'.'-i c. cry
t no i read anything of the sort, i
fcav known gjd m.-n, the bait of
at on, who hive married women of
Quootioneblo obaraotor and I ivt
mad- good women of tin tn. ai It I M
n:n .u.-i woMon "ito happily married.
Why? Booauaa they underatand :.
Bnotber'l weaknesses. oi,c another!
n.uure. The-te wnmvn have more
power over men of j1! ...n!s ihon a
good woman. A good Woman la, I
hate to say It. narrow In n i.mv
roapacta. si." wants to makt man
as narrow as boroolf id II IbfOI blm
and wei.rs ofl his Ml I , end ItOOd
of aatlsf: :ng her demands ba I
daavoro to outwit her, mamng a
bypoorltl of himself.
Times will not Chaogl until
women come Into their own, and
Ihe sooner I BO better. Man only
thinks of woman as g poll lit vic
tim, he only minks o; bar
The o.d-r he Is, the oMre luteilei
toal Me ... (hj .:-c h .. Us is
the Stage Door
at the Front Entrance
accomplished In the arts and wiles
i and gets his vietlm so entangled,
so Immersed without her bring
aware of what she is doing. Uut
men have had their day; It la now
up to women to swtnst the pendu
I lum the other way. It la not poll-
tics that woman Is most Interested
In It Is the marriage question, which
Is as vital to man as to woman.
Women are not flgh.tng for personal
ambition, they are fighting for the
rights of womanhood, to protect the
chllil, the woman and the mother.
The Whole world benefits with wom
an's emancipation. True, she will
n ike mistakes that la only natu
ral; It will take time, experience,
observation, but she will do better
than men have done, for she will
be worRlng. not for herself, hut for
nmnklnd In general. There will lie
a new race, a new Intellect, when
WOmon have been given BOWOT tc do
their boot
As for dress, etc., has no one ever
thought that women are compelled
to wear what the merchants offer?
No matter if you do want a long
leaved wain, short 1 oaves are all
the style, and they do not carry
anything aloe, The same thing about
waists buttoned In the hack; you
can go from one end of the city tn
another and all the w.iistt are but
toned In the hack; you are bOlplOOt,
The name about narrow shirts. The
dressmakers will not nuke It the
I was you "ani, nut rue prevailing
s.vle, arid they look at ymi as If
you had Just oonta out of Noah'i
Ark if you ask them to do othe;--Wlao,
No matter If you Itni-t uHn
It when you are trying It on you
eventually hao to auoeumb to their
way or wear your last yen's style,
and that could be out of the ques
tion It Is not a matter Of what
IbO Individual wants, hut as the
merchants and dfOMmakeri want It.
Little Rock, Ark.
Hear Malum: If the young man,
Inataad of poalng as having a i a-
Ineome, WOUld toll the girl he llniika
wouid make a suitable wife that be
li taming a moderate aal.iry. he
Would probably tlnd her wi.ling to
live within li s means.
Much of the trouble at r""eent lies
In the taiga Impression one last makes
on the other. The girl verv smartly
On -i.il probably has made tha ap-par.-l
which ttie man, In lils'lg-
noranet, fooli must have eoal o,ut
a sum o.' money.
The man In taking the girl to a
play procures txponaiva teats, gives
her a lUppOr afterwai !, g net ously
lipping t'ie waller, then proliablv
Us a taxi to take her home, ail of
which thi girl naturally itirnks is
What In' J" affoi d to do. When he
propoeyi and lellt the actual ata'n
! of ufTnira th girl Is alrald ;o trust
herself to o... who las shown so
ll'.lle con. :i. on tinso In gl.ing lie. an
I evening's anj mont a. m.
WAIHIIfOTOIf, Aug. I. Mri With I
Cliu.', wit" "i Mf 't' v. r 1 ..asc, If,
' s. A, itattoned ui iht rVcatdlo, i'ai.,
who tula the police several montbi ago
u.' beln. robbed of aovorai tbouaandi
! o: dollars' worth of lewelrr wblla in
a ta.lo.li in tbrla city, waa adladgad ln
sai.u I'OIU ulay u a Jury n lu.ll llar
I r.ari s cuu. t.
I 1'ollowlnK her report of thu lllaaad
j roblii-ry and an I.VMUS.Il0n by MM
polim n.i lias licen In tin Washiniftori
Aaylum Hospital ami i lie Qoveromeal
llv-,.ui lor Uia Insane.
tones ins
wraa nt
6A vwsev
WILL e $50,
Policies on Husband's Life Will
No! Be Held Up Taps at
Grave of the Suicide.
tVRST OfflMTBR, Pa. Aug, 9. -Through
steets lined with sympathlx
er and curious tpeOtatOTS the body of
Col. QlbbOIIB Uray OoraWcll, who coni
mlttad suicide on a train uhlle being
brought here from New Vork to answer
a charge of misappropriating fundi of
estates In his custody, was borne to
Oakland Cemetery to-day. Taps were
tOUnded at the grave though It wag not
a military funeral.
Mrs. CornWOlli UtO widow, has been
notified by Insurance companies that
Ineurancg on her huoband'i itfe wpuld
tint lie bold up because of his gUtOlde,
Col. Cornwall carried about 110.000 of
William .1. Ilrrnnaa of ritlahurgh
Ken flrwnd Morlli I'r.-sldrnl.
OliBVBUAKTJ, Ohio, Aug. s The or.
ganlaatlon ticket for o oera of the
Pratornal order of Ragles eras tuoeogs
ful in the balloting announced to-day,
with only one exception 11. W. Kull -r
of Richmond, v , sat sleeted Orand
fha plain over w. i. Orayaog ol
avaanan, Ou,
William .1 Braanen of Pittsburgh wot
elncted liralid Worths I'l . . Merit, su -
eoodlng shrank R, (erring ut Bouth
Bond, fnd., and Tbomai .1 Cogan if
Clnelnnatl tu ebaaan Orand Worth)
yieo-Prooideat, Prodet k K Hughea
of Vonkera, v. v , waa re-eleated
Onnd Worthy Treasure: , and John S.
Tarry of San Krain l . retained at
Orand Worthy loorotary Tbomaa V
Oleabon or Mlnneapollt defi tied it s
Me '.inn (,f salt Lake tvt Orand Wort ly
1 loaduutor,
They're Uuadraplrla lniead
Twins Von, BgmOO I i
BOeTTOK, Aug. 9 Wble four Uny
mit' s 'f bumanlty art Aghtlng for their
agJatoaoo la Inoubatora ai iba Dorrhea.
ter Cottage Hospital Ui mother, Mrc
T. n. Heeiy of No. on lawyer avenuo, s
tiowiy recovering her ttrongthi Ignorant
of the fact that she has inmi than tw
baiiies. The phyolclant have 1 loug it it
belter not to 1 xdte the mother by tell
.ng her that the rfnt on ulr 11 j,Y -h.
So Refreshing
These V'arm Days
$3,000,000 WIDOW
Mrs. Lyle Says Philanthropy
Will Be a Labor of
Love to Her.
'rhllsnUirnpy will he the work taken
up by Mrs John 8. IVl" of Tensity.
N, J , whose husband haa lust left her
more than B,V,oai) Kitting In her beau
tiful riome, Mrs I.yle. who haa faW
hair and big blue eyee end whose ap
pearance Is made onlv more striking hv
her deep mourning, eald ehe was greatly
distressed ny the publicity thruat upon
her. she added:
"I have not made enr definite rdana
All thle haa happened so suddenly thst
It will tske time to decide esantly e'lat
Is the best plan tu puraiio. Of one thing
I am certain, however. Mr. Idftg was
always Interested In phltanthropi
work; he loved It and hla Interest In It
was Intense, and I ean do no lese than
take up his work where he left It. Don't
mlsuiiderntand me. 1 am not enteii.ig
ttgOg It from a sense of duty, hut be
cause of Its associations as much as
anything else It will be a labor of love."
"Do you Intend to remain here?" was
asked. ,
"Of courae." the replied. "Mr. I.yle
lived here since IS67 and he was very
fond of the place. It hna tn-en main a
beautiful spot, na you see, and there
would tie no reason for me to Igavg tt
termanentv. i sball go abroad tn the
nesr future, .lost what I shall do upon
my return I cannot say."
William NeWUOmb, a brother of the
first Mrs. I.yle, wiio Inherited IknJM
and property adlidnliig the I. vie aetata,
has been mentioned us a pos-lble c in-
testant of the will He reft I to-day
tn discuss what lu altitude n ight lie.
Mrs. I. vie, when ssked If she had
heard anything regarding a oonteat, re
tilled that she had not and BtOttgttt I'
unlikely there would be one. Hue said
she had not area Mr New tomb la'ely.
Mr. I.yle as an are.1 retired mer-
chant. He died lust July '-''. The will
was probated l. r lays ago.
Mrs. Siidie Tlttlebaum Indicted
With Benjamin 'Silver, Accused
oi Dance Hall Killing.
Mr. Smltr TlHUbftttm win. with itt-r
imrtrmr Hftijiunlii Ki I v r W Indletod
Ofl Jutifj 21 in COIUItCthMI with th mur
'Ur of twM Mtfttloint In tJit'lr daUMM hull
fttConj) tslMd fi ttifi niriht or Mty
WM anulrnttl bfJlOft CoUflty Jttdtft lMf
In llrouKlyn lo-dny hiuI plMMltd (W
uiit tu Hit Bawftrgt brofht Kaitmt br,
0bi wuh hwi for trial t tha Hum of
thtt trial (if flllv.T anil .Mix. Tlttl-
''Hutn in tho Ma4fttro.toi Court, lmm
dUtoly afitr ttl ohootlof, Mn Tilth -.
i jiii wan dtoohftrfodi 07hfllo flttvofi who
had H(-ii ui bttrtondor in tho piu wu
finM. Mrs, Tlttlobftum promptly etiaip'
IH'urt-il, hut wan nlhiilly found Up In
llftltlt hint ttrrk,
Wht n tht rririii wi t o:unitttpl. It I
dolorodi thoro nroro hut thfM poroooi
lr''nt In the ilanct - null. Mkaiiiiin', IV ho
mi h.t, Mm, TktUbAum and NJIvr.
a lord i up to ih" Httu" t iw two pro
prh-toim toM In Ula .Ma!iirii' H CotlH
a itfattifor Its pod throtiafh a otndoo
fhot Hkunuiif atid thon VAIllftlOd tht
mm wiiy, all bofort OJthi i tf ihirn
OOtltd do ttnvthlnif
"ion I'relales l.nlber al BMMNIOO
rr Botetooa TaDaigi
UYHKCVBM, Aug. (.Clergymen rr,,-n
all parts of the Ulooeoo Of Syracuse
and Btany other dlOCOOOa are In Syra
cuse .o attend the funeral of ItUtit
Rav, Btahpp Patrick A Luddon at the
'.itiiedr.il of Hi" Intma ulato Concep
tion this morning.
Cardinal Farley arrived last evemn r.
aobompanled b) b i tecraiary, Very
Itev. Jains IV, Lowla, Others hOOldol
the rardlna'i who will Ink.' f.u t In Ho
funeral ser 1 M are .M w '' J. S. M
l.yrn h, I'tlca. Very Itev Ml biel ll.irrv,
Oawogo; itev. J ansae Ololtly, Ciintonj
Rev, i J m il ghlln, liiii-iwiiiion.
itev Jatnxs Caroon Rome; iii-Iumi t. i
M. a. Burke, Albany Rlahop Tbomaa
Hlekay, Roebeeler; Blahop nbarloa ll
cop. in. Buffalo, and Blabop James a
MoKaUl, of Trent ui, N J.
J! Tba lovaraga of Saaftb
i Moerlein's
"l the bast beer brewed.
L. It taaat bars and cafai.
1 -T la aeWleO eeri
KAtl. VIM.. Wholesale tll.ln
L.r .'i Klrvt-iuh Avcane
Ni Vi.tk I it
renei 7ii tn i
Contagion Avoided
By Tyree's Powder
Cor the tree Ins en I of ;:il catarrhal and
Infected conditions of tbanucom atoas
bfu.1 Ihtre ii uotblo. so rffoctlv. as
Tyroo'i Aatisoptic Hoatwar Not only is
no Itivf In Its action, out it ii .tain'
lutaly safe in ti, liati'l, of aav out.
Contains no nolsona, Hmi u.Us it Iho
idosl rtw ilirin. axrni.
ll. i:i' a powerful (emtlclde ti 1 i.ti
icptlc, T.vrae's Powder la for general use.
K nc lally I'ftioaoioui for prlokly heat,
ui ion mil., 1..'. i, inau t bitoa, suuliuro,
ilfa.slva pcraplratiotit tomter feci. i(ob
in., Unsurpassed who. .sad u "
loucba. A tuciity-'ivc cent boi will
make " c lluna standaril anUeaplii
solution, Strongly rsoownmaded bj
pbyslriajta, Sotd by 'i'n, . ovary
where Stntl litr lunralet and sainpls I,
3. Trce, l nc unit, Washington. L Cs
of I i J'
i r '
Giissie Berber, Alone in Big
City, Declares She's Sorry
She Was Rescued.
I're't Oussle Rera-er finds It almost
as herd to Ue In New York aa K wsu u
aet employment To-day ehe te tn the
T oniis aa a reeult of an attempt last
I nlaht to end her trouhks tn the East
lltver. PVellna herhelf alone In the
world, although she has relittvea here,
she Jumped into the water at the foot
of Jackson streat. Hhe sua rescued by
Unbelt Moors and QOOfJJB (lallagber,
IlIHgOblliainOII mil sent to the Oouv
erneur llospltaJ
The youna man says ahe Is twenty
seven jrears old. but does not look lt
Nhe went to the patrol wagon
mechanliMlly this mornlna when they
took her to be Madison Police station.
She eshthlted BO feeling when later she
set In the Tombs police csiurt cherged
with having attempted suicide.
XX Her examination wns jiostpo'ie.l
until t'l-mnrrow mnriilng. In rhe mean
timu an effort wll be made to enlist
Cigars in Handy Packages
Palma de Cuba
Bouquet . .
Palma de Cuba
fcriecto GrantU . .
Invincibles . .
Orlando. . . .
Victorias . . .
Mail Order Service, Flaliron B!d., N. Y
More effective than calomel, castor oil or salts; genibr
cleanse, the stomach, liver ami bowels without
nausea or griping. Children dearly love it.
You kltOW when your liver is hail,
when your boWoll are slugfish You
fed a certain dullness and liepivsllOsV
prrhaSs tha approach f s hoailacbo,
i ur itoraacb trats sour ami full of
ttas. tnu.oic coatoUj broath foul, or you
have lndl.a lion. Votl lay, "1 am
bilious or con iteil ami 1 uiust tal.i
nmethin. i" ni.ht."
Mint people sbrjak Iron a phasic-
thoy think of Csatol oil, calomel. alt
or call' rth) pillSi
It'i dllfarenl with Kyrup ol l is.
It- effetl ii ai thai of fruit; ol eati..
coarse food, of exercise Taka a tea
ipuouful ol delicious Syrup ol Pig.
to-nigbl anil vim won't realise you
have i.ken anything until morning,
wlcii alt the clogged up wast, mat
ter, sour I'ile anil constipation poisons
move on hiuI nut ol your system, with
H M- Simplify Home-seeking by saving M-7
g o time, temper and tramping.
ooene etarltabte ooobrty tn tier behalf.
When tbe ggrl woo oeea In the Tombs
ehe aald ehe waa marry they pulled her
out oT tbe waster.
"I think It would hare wee much
bettor had they allowed me to die,"
ehe eald. "Wtjat hare 1 been saved
fort What good la It going to do
met Tor yeara I have tramped the
atreeta each day looking pr hork, but
there waa bo work for me. Three
weoka ego t got a Job wttb a ha
dreaeer and aha paid ma twenty-five
cents a day for a while -
"Weren't you sorry after you bad
lumped Into tb river' ahe was
"V"." bo replied. -I waa a Utile
frightened, but wasn't sorry, for I bad
the thought that aoon It would be all
over and my troubtea -would be at an
end. If aomebody could be found who
would be nice and kind to ny, that
would be different They were aa good
ae they could he to me where I teed,
but I owed three monthe' rent and of
couray they wanted their money. I
couldn't get any m and I couMn t
live on 28 eenta a day, ao what was
there left for me but the rtVw?
"Jgy cousin, who owns a factory, bee
given mo money eereral times, but t
don't like to take nviney from inytm I
I like to maka my own money, and 1f I
can't do that, of what use am 1 to the
world? T don't (inow why I am beta
or what they are going to do to me. ll
doesn't imike much difference, aaybow "
The giil MM hre from Ruasla four
years ago. Her parents she left be
hind her.
I. XI i ,rt in,. t Uss-es.
MINI iN, Aug. V Isaac N rord, the
New Vork Tribune correspondent In lo-i
don. died yreterday at the age of s!xt
four, after a long lllneaa He waa born
In lluffaUk
The follow
ing standard
brands now
on sale in con
venient pack
ages to slip in
grip or pocket
Just right for j
week end or
Sunday ex
cursion Pack aire nf 6 Havana OCse
Mended cigar
I'acltaire of R full aie
PgrfwtQ liran.ie 'i:;im
Purkaffe of 5 full size
Invincible rlfrara
Packau" of 5. The lar-
yi sfllirtfr liriind of f g
tlnmestic cigars in New SI I
York oJWi,
Threo for
a quarter
12 for
Our moat popular
Porto Kican cigar
13 fng
Havana tobacco,
inuilc in Tunipit and
Key Weat 12 for
out tric, MMMM or weakness. Noth
ing die clean ic anil rr(iilatrs vour
"our. dlitwjsfsd stosaaehxtorpid liver
ami thirl i. feet of ustc-clo(Kcd bowels
like genlsS, rffcrlive Syrup of Kit
Don't think Mm are ilru(t;ing yourself.
Hiinn ow. posed sntirely of Inarious
I iK". senna and aromatirs, it can nut
cau-c injury.
If your child i cross, side and fever
iih, or its little ilouiach sour, tongue
coated, give Syrup of Figs at oner
It's really all that it needed to make
children well nnl happy again. The
dearlv love it t pleasa.1 taste.
Ask your druggist for the full name.
"Syrup of rigs and Klixir of Senna.'
and look no Ihe latwd for Ihe name
California Kig Syrup Company. That,
and that only, is the genuine. Refuse
any ulher fig syrup sulntitute with
eon tempi.
9 Wi

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