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ShlniMCOCk Hills Club't Semi
Ptntlfl Won by Kirkby To
day, Score 77-S2.
2 ft
"CT j Cdliyitght. 1912, by thr Pr-es rubllrthtng 'Th- V VorV WnrH)
rT.w- WT ' v-t II FW TAXES ONfe iony t-V'w-rwll ROOHO T0 - V'Y' 171
CO 1 If M II - p tfc.nrcoKip.MHV' .Mu-nr-AFTrpfc v,feOP cowtk,t stteaivy kid?
UJlU 11 N , ,V.vmCK : , ." Ltnrw rx i--wr round feL U. u. p..hIM Is 4
5B?2 ?5ar ffrevAH.fe )P( u Jv I J r out v AMDS f ) - J J tfWtM . 5g taki mina M '!
Tlmmy Murphy Quietly Arrive
From Frisco and Hides Him
self in Flatbush.
ITM Nm Y"f World).
iOMMV MITRFHT nd hi nin-
ar. Jim Huckly, r tack
from the t. whr Tommy
Stly fouitbl 11 (nly-rnunfl rtw
Ab A ttoll Thy brlnir h.k th
Frtooo ntppr armvintfi f (hp fluht
lo prov tht Tommy ihciuln hv r
oatvod the doolatotl. Murphy Wtll prob
ly ba mtrhiw1 for a Im al hout within
eoupjf of wic Voun Phllailrlpbla
Jack O'Brien may ba hla opponent.
Murphy ha done a lot of flRhilna In
rk laat two yean, but ha haa been
farced to go out of town for ai tlon. Ha
kM made hlmaelf a reat card on ihe
Cowl, and will probably return there
Mr a bout with Willie rt)tc lile. uuleaa
MM of the local alara c&n be ronvlncad
that Tommy Ian t aurh a tonh prpo-
Murphy and Burklav form a peculiar
oomMnatlon. Buckley, bruan.ua and trial',
la man of darldad oplnlnna. He uau
Oly vol.ea theaa opinion!, ton, without
oarr atxHit whom they may hurt. Ha
aad diplomacy are atraniara. and that
abaibly tha raaaon Tummy doata't gel
SBjara bouta at tha local rluba. Buckley
kM a atraln of honaaty that la more
or leaa uncommon In the aportln world
tfcaae day. It haa made him rich In
othar llnea. but It probably haa coat Itlm
rooaey In tha fight bualMM, oddly
anaugh. Huokley lan't In the gan n for
tha) money. He la Juat n plain, bug on
tha aubject and haa been ahiea tha
daya whan Tom Mharkey Ha hovering
around tha top rung of the champlon
ahlp laddar. If Buckley takea a ancy
la flghtar nothing la too good (or him.
Murphy la wall aatlafled with Buck
M matter what may ba con klersd Ida 1
faults. It Isn't ovary flg.iter ' llga a
gajlllona'ro for a manaiar, for thoy aa
Buckley haa made all u( I ist out of hla
had elevator business.
Many aaother fighter of Murphy's
ciaaa aoull hve found It ah.olulely
aeceesary to lour the newspaper offloafl
oa hla return from u aucceaatul trip on
too roast. Inatead Tummy headed
straight tor Klatbuah to m how Ills
real estate busineaa had progrtrsrd .a
hts absence. If it haun t be, n tor Kddl.
MeMabon of the Rt. NUholaa A. 1'. few
would have known of Murphy a arrival.
I US. Jin .r. Mr t'...' F D.'i ! A V , . L Ml aajC-7 k . K
T ,. , ... 'a man on MOMU at the tight timo, and
HE Boxing ommlsalon. while on;, u(f l.r,c fpom Mllrry., bat ,,,,
the subject .,f .mprovlng . ndt- nm, Ih, Wnnmg ruI1 i ft,,.,, waa
Uona at th,- loogl clUDg, it to Murray's lint 'hat aent both of the runs
get after the ring s.dp prsta who bawl .over the plate.
out advice and atiuae to the fighters. H v en runners attempted ateala nn
Of courae It's hard to regulat. such Cal ner tllhaon and fix of them were
nulginrea. The follow who ghouta ..!' .''" . t nine long MM the
. . . , . . sue icliru: hatter, could not take ad-
vtqa and restrict, h!. language W d, vagtgfrl of th. stol.n ba.e percentage,
cent egpreaifons lan't .0 bad. The gink llu, nutw1thaUdUMI that fact McOraw
who gets as close to the rlntr gl I us- ktpt driving them. With only one out
ami snout- Hum. Hlltr: Knock
tbo eon of a aaaeook dead! Ka'a a
Slitter!" and the like la the wor.t 1
... ..... ...
OITenaer. orv of taese nam ( ciniiae ,
himself to any limit. sbUM ng Joillin
UVBS.ee Wlltn Hill ' I. nine . o . I "'-
glvVlg Patiy Kline an artistic trmnn eg
at the HI. Nichols A. C Wednesday
ntaht lie uroiiahiv v, ould taitt- a llylna
leap off thr Mm. roti Btrldlng rather I
than i-pest the .t an to I Midi , person
allr autfide the ring.
i KCONnS o' flxhter.. too. offend In
I this wny .0 ' lb Illy. Soon- at t' m
seem to thin., their dutle. extend
beyond swinging s luwel nnd atrva lo
make the aarvicea w irth while by bawl
ing out a lot of stuff that (he flghlrr
rarely hears. Obi Ui lutlfully di orated
specimen In lit,. rvrnsr, i.iu dkta'l
know enough to saw Irmstli from a
bast boating In the sixth round prelim
IMry. ronatanth coached Kline on how
lo "kill" Dundee. His line of tall, wa i
the linn.
FIlellT clreie gon;p had the rumor j
to-day that gal lorn 1, lie ly la
about to gull MlUMir MPJ Kelly
and return ;a Dan McKotrtek. N(rwa
dayi gghter. arc a- hard to hlndl. a.
prima dunu la Oni w.se mailsil r,
whose nan. make. Uttli dlffirenc heri,
said once that 1): only u to hold I
fighter 1. to burrow till money "alwayi
ows htm M.'iii ih n : a ml he' I all k, .
lag to get it back." Kelll Ii a good
maaagri ant did well for Kenned) til
course, ne couldn't jump into ihi rlni
snd win hi utlag. but ho alwayi aafi
guarded Ma gtoro'ti,
Gl'NBOAT SMITH, the heavywelgbl
Jim Buckley brought fioai the
Cos.t ao-ti time ugo, and who
aaaf since mad- good in all hli bat till,
lg being tooted now si one of the ten
oriU the White hopea I'nliko route of
UkO other., hi came Kail without an
gerated idea or ill worth at a
drawing card, and anno mcd hlni-elf
wKUng li
tight lor rr fare or am thing
In order to et Into the ring with aonie-
lOdy lie ill in t get mUCB mot,, than
ear i.ie ... nr.!. ..i now Mltnai.il
ro crowding It. on him. Next week tha
McMi'cii boyi in' him eigne I up to
meet Pork) .nn ol Bo.ton. who
Jka Barr'th otl.et iiitit. and ih. fob
lowing walk he elll go iti nil Tom
gatdv a HiMen If .l.m.ojt
both th Ixiutt h' 11 be In tine
lay boutt with thi boil thai the what
rank, at od.
rata Crouud. I o-tduj, S. A
, : iT TrT. L .
U Ql.ali la. SI Loula
U. a
tl eiat
tk lie. LVtW . U I j j j A. ii..
A tor ,f rur ban; . .-r , p f if . f ?A I , Ste.
HM',r l. rUHG "J i-i MtNirrtog: wit! CrNN'T Rout").1. 3 -4 "
CTT T TUf PHE-Si TABU PE5T- rTtftJfl uyKV cHAff 1.-9ANf)0 .. ,f 6b WWOvWONTWE HV f
Vfw. Vf " , b-ihfmiUM AWT 'imQum.I V wiNTENT ? fl Bf n Md'ST UAVC BEfcM
--PMIr- SpSSJSiGTir I NAN6.t-.m'1 ,r-ENT JSM Uin,,- A
Why the Major League Leaders i Cf xClE VSsSS
i iff i' r t' 1 1 1 ill m .(if. .nuts itii ii , e ' i mMw,x t j mct-
ZM) oT.r OardlnM a 1m or p aa 1-a nfWSmLiltr J TCjlJMrr "T tVt C ?) n.MS
I.1 o.r Doa,.r. M II OT.r llltop. 37 Y' W ' JjPWttW I'TflT Lfc Wg -w-V uT 6UV UP U Wl tEft
Id QT.r r.T. 44 LM OTr Brown. 37 l a - W 0 BHF WLt S WffVV 7 T I TH eCT fcEftl IN TVE H0UC6:
Giants Display Their
Former Speed and Win
Final From Pirates
First Game at Polo Grounds in
Long Time in Which Neither
Side Technically Erred.
AKTElt a apall of defeat and dis
couragement the Olanta auddenly
Ot nn ihetr litee In Wm mt mmvnm
Willi the Pirate., and by returning to
their old ayatem of 'apeed flr.t, last and
'ill the time" finally landed under tha
wire a winner in the beat played ten
timing fight of the eeaon It was the
dr.: game played nn the Polo (Irnunde
In many monna In which It can be truly
aid that neither side made' a technical
mistake. The play wa. practically per
fect from Ihe beginning to the end.
With Hendrlx and Manjuard In, a pitch
ing duel, the fielding on both aides waa
an ateady aa tha licking of a clock and
not a "hone" was pulled during the
afum ion'a fighting.
By apUaUall) hammering their speed
at tlio I'Iratea the lllanta finally Ian led
In iUr tenth. Mnndgraa. atole second,
and thin the pgvlllraa orackid
rnr 01,1 game ..I .,eeii, apeeil m ,
n ,' c hut NtlHetl lil,l lolil ui It it 111 t.at 1
T- ,-..,. ' I
'.'i "..', '-,.',, ,',,- .-ii-u o 1 1 i
derful spurt on the lu.t Western trlpl
,,,,,1 .,,, ,,. A ,. hlimpion
Ju.t as Hnodgrass ll ashed over the I
p ate ulrh fie winning run yesterday
hi, I tin ctowd wa. poiirlna on the Hokt
a loud .'iiiawk ws. tieud In the dlree-
I I Ion of (be PI rgtl bench, and Man igsr j
C arke wa. .till ravin : IVnnlre Itren- I
over hi. dec!. I. in In ealllns Niu.,1. !
ajyaai afe st second It wa. a mighty
I ,-ne. aii. I nil M Wanner ralawwi
an awful kick at the time, but Mr. Hranntrk, In en.wer to anxloii. In
Hi. nruin wa. flr n. Aa that derision ! qulrle., "Is that be is !x feet and
graotteally gae tlie Ulauta their vl?. one inch tall and la kind to hla family."
Jim Sullivan
Given Rousing Welcome
America's (Commissioner to
Olympic (iames to Arrive
Home To-Morrow.
IKil'aivn i.,,. i. ..
ll'H S1MI welcome awalta .lames
E. Sullivan. Amen -a a t'otiiitili
rimer lo the oh .iip'c (lame.,
upon Ms arrival m this ally from Stack
h ..in to-tiuo-. ow morning on the Celtic.
The ofh. lal. of the A AT, of which
Jim I. secretary-treasurer, have hired
the tughoat Raymond to carry ahoi.t
to nUndfad gue.t. down to Rutidy
Hock t . areet the werll'a fon inoit
hampton of smateur a port John J,
t)u""- ,n SOPMlSf member of the New
fork State Athletic Cnmnilslaon. Is
i cnalrman
of the Sullivan
committee, and he ha. pited the word
along for a l those iaienditig 11 he on
i, t.'al Jim art-lvea t
b. "I
p,,r Hattrrv at I A M , which la the
h ,,e.lgnated tor the ,, to ga dewn
. . 1 ,,. .
(,rlur ,J "'" WMa. Jims ar
r i' anxl.ui.ly arMcipated, aa ha la
hound to have man) nit, ntlng .torle.
to till of tht gamta ar.l hts kten ob-
ayr -lions abroad.
(mil in tht Pwl.aav.nal Pneen' lithr,
St, tad Hit Irrelortll M4 I ot-Ul tnthti
71a r r. ana Hi irreno an inn "Wl ' '
I. ' inru niwiuin. w iiiuf.
1 ltruuat ii ii: t.tt tiia issamdMsa sddkas Bam Auariu 1
. -a . . . .. a a. ataa . .
MM gl .us . ins
tory. the condition of Clarhe'a mind can
be appreciated, ffa yelled at Rrannan
urn long aa t ie umpire waa In alffht and
until the exultant ahnuta of the New
York fana had drowned out hla vole.
Clarka'a kick over the darlalon at
aectd waa no atronger, however, than
the proteata of the tr- at a daclalon by
lTmplre Mwene In the third Inning that
gave J'lttahurgh her only run. On that
occasion Chief Meyers reared up on hi
hind lega and enorled, but for fear of
being put out of the game he soon
tiuleted diwn. Had we known then
that the decision would have forced an
extra lnninif ir.tiitu ih i lc... u
have been atronaer. it n
i'.'.aon alld Into the plate on a home
run drive to deep left centre. I'mtn the
pres. box and from the Kmndatand It
looked a. If Kletcher'a relay throw to
Maysrs had the Pirate catcher nailed
by two or three feet, but (iwena called
him safe. Meyers claimed that he had
the runner blocked off the plate and, as
lie did not drop the ball, that there waa
no chance for hint to have acored.
do, after all. It waa hnrae and horse
on tho two important decision.. Both
umpires were rl.i.sr to the play, than
anybody elae and yiev may have been
right. Brennan and Owen, are by far
the beat pair of umulrea that have been
on the Polo Uround. thl. aeaaon, and It
la audi a pleasure to watch them work
that the fun. wilt stsnd for more close
one. off them than other..
Buhe Marquard pitched hi. best game
of the year. He waa never In better
form. Hla famoua curve bull wae under
such perfect control that be had Mike
Imnlln, a Uft-hnnded hitter, dancing
around like a jack-in-the-box. Honlln
had no much trOuMl that In the eighth
he wa. withdrawn aa as to let Kelley.
.. . .. I . .... I .. a In. 1 1 IOI i,r hltti (llrl
' "?i.rzr" J :',.' ' .', 11 i
,. r . VVSMlier wn. oimoai an 11.11 a -
Mike out of his four time, at bat the i
ui. l,i..l,m .III not roach haa.'
Three time, he popped nit and the
'oilier lime died on an ea.v gronndir.
While the nbl gentleman may not
nave been SO .irong u a oniie ne was
"' "" n'f,,i'- "" WM "
that stnppeii ever, inmg law worn ne
tween MOOnd and ttiltci.
The C.l.int. nave Ju.t
Pltclu t llanb y f r m the Newark, O.,
team. He will be delivered In the fall.
All I know about linn. ain raiote
Will Be
rieiriand , n ku I, atepnlnf aula in aoi'a.
was oct.'aul ,j llit'tla Aflutair Bitty Hurk.
eon m at-aigin nesU, ll" MshUsheil nrw rec
"M. tor lUaTraeh tot beta Iwatt. nn bsary.
atiwi.i trsrk bJ ages '! et heat in . o:, and
lunar. Maka O.iaeu M'urtkl M Plchrd lo win
tad ,Hd Met linns, hrr uwo way .tier a lag
Uit la tin firat heal
ah. ,t,i.i ii.. i i ... ii.. ..... i.i..
of ma Ihant Ileal Hub sea sa lbs daalaa asi
of the hotltliae.tern Xinal.'ir Ito.lnl la , i
''( ,l I'euna, III and onMuurnll, i. Iwing
ggJJ ,,.!,, ,j , , ,tttol,J
e,fnu to 1a ant Hituelaj The all ,-rawa line. I
il tinier tha tniel faiorahl,' ro-inltlona. lite lake
henif aei.'tti aa ilaaa ail. a llgtit hrerir .pur
trni.a "U th ,'..r( aiile of I ie o.ianirn snss lh
rouraa wl'h them. The National Aaauclalloii
.alia -rn. to lag,
Aug I,- The entries for lo-ninirow s
lace, are a. followa:
KIltiT SAP! Tsovesi rt. I rt ml a half
10 I onlinmt.l. 101 IWiianrt. 0t. la.K-1.
are. lilt or,... lot Fiedtn-k I... 104. First
; si.iit o lt.rnr.at. nn s.ia 1114. K.ai
7i ,,i, hii k Moral r-,.l..r, rauaaa i,
erai oUla and ai , 1 ana.lta'i breili oat an 1 .or
.1. ....... mi frm atifjaw u ,'..-, ..... m ....
tord. 107 li. talma. U . r ''eaai "at . 04. i hi.li item
lUk. iMtaeilie 04 Kilo III.
Til I H I UaA'ar- Para. I ill t
Alrisdt. I'" attnor. lid . M..I. . I0, Vln
ta-atirn. 114 I'litol l 1' rUeiprntyli, In:
Lth.ot. KM (Vtiatlrwi. 117, h.lsli'a leffrr ml
Ul.l n KM PU'ilaeir ton
FOl'irrit HA( g luiatt stlllsj t..,i-tkw;
Viuial ail'.inl no i'j.,
. -..'.. ...I o.. tv,.. mllaa l.awoxl.r. 1:1.
) Ia"t. 1 IT Thr! pull aim 147. II a M-'Varl.
141 Hr T-itaMiU. 141 is llrar I, 147 An It . r.
aeaettra. 147 Haiti. 147. Hut: o ISO
nv'TH H m K .prteee Maard trllias, tltkta.
krje-rH-oU tad up. Mj lad ..iir .iu.-f.r rail,,
. J7'. 3 '.".' I". J. wMagtgalloi fill loltho.
I 1UH . kevltlS I so
HIXTH UAi'K ;ing, thit -taf lli a'..l un
... a i. . f '....li aa ,'.
Sag t s.ftfl gl , .aOHJ SffffM. IW1 ritlsW, 1USJ.
! 1
rtv.K. W. t., ML Club. W. L Pr.l Club. W. L WL (Tub. W. L. PC.
See York 17 .Til Onannltl 7 IW .Ml Beaton .. 71 X: .. IVtrett ... M M Mo
I ilrtfn. at S .Mil It. I .nub 41 A .47, Wish ton .1 ll .fit i ITelnd 4T .VI 4.V1
PIK'Hirnh .'. 31 .! Bmoklln.. a7 R ..! Phll.'nxta an 40 .g.i New York. M .J.n
Phllk'plilk 41 41 .Boo Boitnn 21 7t si , cnl , M Sfl .60.", Rt. Louis. S3 70 .330
S.w York. I. rilUburch, 1.
nt. .11. V: Itrookl.VD. I.
n .1. . a. 1 1 . 1 t a
rbtckfu. Ii fruit tele'oa. 4.
Ki tiuU at New York.
I'lttal.urlti at Hronklin.
rmrlnn.tl at I'hlladali'tila.
1 hi if at ikaton.
Wiltse Went In Against St.
Louis Batters With Glvyer
Opposing Him for Visitors.
New 01 k.
esjiodaTgaa, f,
Iiuylc, 3b.
Broker, cf.
Murraj, rf.
Mcrkle, lb.
Hcrxog, lb.
iMeyera. c.
Fletcher. ...
st Layulg,
lluggiu., b,
Magec. If.
Mowrey. 2b.
Kotietchy, lib.
Kvana, rf.
llaunor, ...
(lakes, cf.
Wlngo, c.
wit too, p.
eye', p.
I'mplro John. tone and K.i.on.
9. The OtrttlMJl opine,! their aerlea
here with the l)lun(. thl. afternoon be-
fore h , row,! of l.ii neuola The weather
wa. cloudy and the Kwuie was hurried
along SO ua to beat the rain whl. b
threaten ed. rVlltsa and Oiyir were the
opposing pliohtra,
i'iim int. i rne Lardlnall were
retired uulckly In Ihe flrst Inning.
Hiiggliis lifted to Murray, and Magec
anil Mow t ry died on cany grounders.
Nt i 111 s
The lllanta Jumped right In and got
a bad in (heir half, rtnodgra.a shot a
two kaggSF paal third and came home
on Doylo'a lung triple to deep left
centre Onyle tried to stretch Ills hit
into a home run and wan thrown out
at the plate. Backer grounded to
llau.er, and Huggln. got Murray.
ON 13 IH'N.
Second Inning fit. Iiul. Med the
.core In tlie aeennd. After Konetchy
gone out Kvon. Ingbil to right
Ilauacr b'at out a bunt. Oake. filed
to gnoilgr SSS. tail Wlnxo cracked a safe
June In to left and Kvan. .cored. Uey.r
' i . Vforrai- I1N1C k t ' M
', , ' K - . ,
The I1ant. failed to reach flr.t In
(heir half lf-iuaer threw out Mcrkle
" "P, Har.01
Hed lo I lake, an I .Mowt ry threw out
I Mevem No HI'NS.
Third Inning The Cardinals lost
I a gient chance to score In the third
I With a ml Mngee and Mowrev bath
aiiiKD',1 Mnitiv stole (turn, w nn -
Myers wan trying to catch Mowrey
off flr.t Konitdhj struck out. Meyer
caught Magec napping off third.
Tlie tilauta also drew a hlarrV
Willi one mil, Wlltee rtlngled to centre
and Snodgrns.1 walked, but 1oyle
struck out and Becker filed to (lake-,
who ntaala u great running catch. NO
afourth Inning The Cardinal, failed
to reach tlr.t In the fourth Kvan.
ground "in to Doyle, llau.er popped
to Fletcher and Oaken arounde 1 In
li.iyle. NO MIMA
Kor Ihe tilanta Murray waa robbed
of a home run by a wonderful one
handed caich bv Kvant Mcrkle
grounded to lluggln. ami Hauaer threw
out lleraog NO RUNS,
Monk., (si Ivhcate. at Milan Hnnttr. Igft
rUlastt. lit Kwihera.. us. fibnailiu. 101. II
alar, nil l c ,a. 1 1 1
; gf.VI.Nr't t I fig Ibngl - :f rtr nib a-.1
lint fit an,1 ont. ha f f.irt.-at- Inn Utiarn. I''!
' leiitlt sir -n., 111.1. ctifuieiw.-. 107; ikieitl
Ift. UI 101 llata'a naot. 11. II, II..I.I
. IS Ploi".. Ill.l . Vtteltad Kd Konl 100
JUekW Ja 101; VJoeieilf, Ital. M -n -.lit. 1111
W-.o.n.i IV 1 HI
, HHIIiril It- V, -ol. 1 ihret Her .ilrls ar.l
an rnjf a il reM-tig ssUt" aa uirf 'tnoial
, III' M - :w;.-'r K 0 br 'l , IMl llaaa
I1 IK 'in I'n. U'l nnr, ci, iumt. i-P
i td l Ung'-T.. HM.. Ui- Iafc, lit. Ui
, n. la a t ,,. . tnwi saee. ina
' 'BriaUCgJ aV lP4a4XJa i gun MtyajT
elan 1. New York. a.
M. Loull. Sj Waa.,1 .7. 0.
IViatoo. Iletrolt 0.
Clamg Phllidelu'ilk lame pnetmned. Rail.
Naw York at t.'lereland.
Philadalptna at Caictso.
Boit. ci a Iletrolt.
WuhlnftoD at St. Louil.
Pitcher Robinson Gets His
Teammates Started Properly
With Timely Double.
Brooklyn. Plttaburah.
Moran. If.
Northen. of.
Byrne, 3b.
Carey, if.
.Jo.illn, cf.
Wagner, e.,
kllller, lb.
Wilson, rf.
McCarthy, Jb.
(Ibaon, o.
Smith. 3b.
Da ii tier t, li
Hummel, rf.
Cut. haw. 2b.
I'Tsher, si.
Phi lp, c.
Allen, n.
Ilohlnson, p.
empire. -Klein and Orlh.
N. Y., Aug. . Having broken even
with the Cardinal. , rnHklng that series
u lot more satisfactory than the dls
asterou. meeting with the dibs, Col.
Klibet'M I lodgers had oodles of con
fidence when they took the field to
day for the opening clash with Pitts
burgh. Weather conditions when the
game opened were well nigh Ideal.
Fifteen hundred fanrt were on hand t)
witness the contest. Allen ws. sent
to the mound for Brooklyn, with
Phelps behind the hat The Pirate.
1. attrry was Robinson and'Ollisciit.
Mr! Inning Byrne hlngled through
short. Carey sacrlfli ed, Allen to Han
bert. Poullu filed out to centre. Wag
ner filed out to second NO Rl'N'rt.
Moran not hunting foul on two .trlkea
Northen out, Wagner to Miller. Hniltn
out on fly to Wagner NO RCNS.
Second Inning. Miller slammed neat
.Ingle to right. Wll.no earrlfl -ed. Mi
Carthy failed out lo 7'aubert. UUiton's
h irner of ye. onlay won him fo r In
tentional ball. Allen wasn't so gene-aiia
With Hobtnaai nnd the Pirate pitcher
' 1,01 bunk" by slamming a double, .cor
ing two men. Byrne fouled out to
1'helpa TWO RCNS
Haubert'a whang lower 1 hlrl wa. loo
hot for Brvne and the runner waa gala,
A moment later, however, be wsh nailed
off flr.t on Hummel', pop In Miller.
Cut. haw out, Miller unassisted. NO
Third I nnlng. --Carey wns called out on
.Irlke. Actor noiilln bit safely
Remnant Sale
Day and a
Close at 1 o'clock Saturday.
jgj Buy to-dav or to-morrow. ttt m
All $30, 835. $40 piece ends. 1
I gi Made to your measure.
MmJ Suit. Sis. Coat and trou- e-m-VaT
Arthur Chappie Expects to Break
All World's Records in Hour Race
New York Speed King Must Be
in Perfect Condition for
Two Days' Grind.
T conditioning himself for the long
grind Sunday nigh'. Arthur Chap
pie, the sensational New York
speed pilot, experts to lower all world's
records for tho one-hour and Interme
diate titties at the Stadium-Motordrome
at Brighton Beach.
Riding the feature match race Satur
day nlgtvt and the one-hour event Sun
day nlfht. Chappie's condition must be
nearly perfect to endure the strain of
the two day's work, and the Oothamlte
1. taking no chances of being forced
to aire up the one-hour cha.e aunaay
night on account of phyalcsl Incap-
Two naw atari. William Shields and
Jimmy Locknar of Syracuse, who have
second but was forced at second bv
Wagner, wagner went to second an a
wild pitch. Miller fanntd. no awuafc
KUher itruck out. Phelp. reach.vl
flr.t aafily when Miller dropped Wag
ner', throm. Tllen whiffed. Monn
'oiiled our to Olhaon. NO R1W
I fourth Inning- Wilson called out
I on strikes. McCarthy fouled out to
i Phelps. There was a bad bound to
aibeon'a grounder to first and tho
I runner waa safe. Robinson out. Cut
' ahaw to Daugert. NO Rl'NS.
I Northen filed to Wilson. Smith
struck out. Paubert beat out an In-
field arounder. Hummel retired tlie
side hy flvlng out to left. NO RI7NK
Fifth Inning. Byme popped out to
Pbalps. Csrey banged it long fly to leR
but Moran was right there. Itonlln out.
Smith to Paubert. NO RCN.
Cutshaw out. Wagner to Miller. Fl.hr
filed out to centre Phelps hit safely to
centre. Allen fanned. NO RCNS.
Ryan, If.
Turner, h
Jackson, rf.
Ijijole, Jb.
Orlgge. H
Hunter, cf.
PerklnpautTh, sa
f)'Nelt. e.
New York.
Daniel. If.
lihase. lb.
Paddook. Sb.
Zlnn. rf.
Stump, 2b.
HartseU, cf.
Martin, ll.
Williams, c.
MoConnolli p
Oregg. P
tJinplrH WkMS Ulld Sheridan.
Igperlal to The Btenlnf World I
I'l.KVKIANll. O. Aug. . A fair
slaed crowd was on hand to-day to .ee
,r the Naps an-1 Highlanders mix It In
Half More
entered In the event, promise 10 figure!
In the result and give Chappie the fight
of bis life when they line up. Both I
boya are small, weighing but 120 pounds,
anil with this advantage they are mak
ing the profe.lonal field trsr their
motors around the course at terrific
speed to win.
On account of their light weight they
are capable of standing off the ru.ihe.
of any of the men that are riding now.
nnd they will give Chappie a fierce
fight Sunday nigh;. The distance of
the event give, every one of the start
era a good chance for the stake, and
the fans are due to see a speed battle
that has never been equalled.
Billy Wray. I'erdle Mcrcier. . Ray I
Hof.tetter and George Leray have al.o
signified their intentions of taking part
In the event and the field will be aug
mented to eight starters by the contin
gent from Philadelphia.
Chappie Is down to 143 pounds, and,
Albright Is a little heavier. The local
hov 1. down to the finest point, and
Albright should he ready for the fea-;
ture racing to-morrow night and the
stellar attraction of the season, the
Chippie one-hour race
the second game of the series. Manager
iavis sept me youngster inn riunyr
in centre nera while the veteran Joe
Birmingham adorned the bench and
worked on 1tw coaching llnet.
PlTTHBt'RO, Aug. t. T,lm O'Nrll of rhlrago
ntitfontht I - itxrgv Chtp tif MlJison. I'.,
lo t ili-round mliidlwtM mati finsl Mefft, -I-
tllUfll tti Chirago linn put tip fuj flgilt m
th Mrhrr miiDfli. rhtp In lit Utfr
i Sf.ii un tlvt run all uounti t nn; st - rrsl
tlmts -''using him to tlM r
Young tioMifl sTant mi roiinU wftli I'ats.v Uran
nigui ind. although a rnmnirtlig new NVWl" hi
ll.. gtmr. wop minv fritnda by hgi ganwm-w
and pnolni-aa and ahowlnir igalnat th TtH-cran In
t')i- bantam licnrral n.-luiuu oa th lxut
fgf affd tho youngitff
A lower Belmont Haa
the notch which makes
it sit right. 2 for 25c
C2uett,raabodyclCx). makenor
WliStER uARutlN
a-. tone UL'UO C.
THE passim;
SHOW ol 1912
kit!. To M tor. a 7ft.-. a
I . .i Heats ll. I "' S Hhani.
-'OAltVWAV Thti H'watAtlal. I 11
-,..WllT H I Math,,,, To Monew. I tfl
uZff&!litgr- HANKY P A INK i
PLAYHOUSE M4.s,'." 3Tr&fifc
IVIIllaqi Catanaulv ' ' g '-'.tr Bl - 1 ;
Collltr'r vauseajr IdeHaet To.Memw, 5,11,
14TM - lilllHTTiN "A c T 11 1. T.l
Nlt W'rak
kltti. fi-lay Mat.. IO.2n-.19 .
Tilt. gi AW u IS
The New
Plsnet of
SWl 1 UAatk'g llti'll-CI.A...
rfal i u- sr.Mt.Nl' 11 ( K
Taki lr-10 Rtetairwiu I. lutuieckwa Part
Ni-.vv ualiy Mat. iuc. lit 1'er.iaa UatiJcu
taRifiHTdN mo n-
, . I faB.ner. ttv-ss a Hoalitr
SnWon Beach i jj,, u,i iitckwiib oih.r.
HENULHttOiN'S c.-?rtv,ii?i1su.
Hit SA Ml US. "t'alirarala." Jee Jack.on.
Daolty a Ralat. Hart t glx steppers Cob
lags Trlo.Mtredlth a gnoottr. o tears.
AbtMs Atctuws Vnj. risrsorU Tstate. Niat
a .
OUTHAMPTO.V, t.. l. Aug. I
OaWaJd Rlrkb) will play In the Mnil4
of the Shlnncock rlllll (iolf Club's
annual tournament. The Knglrwood
player ndded to hla II. t of vnetorioa
In the meet with a victory over TV ft
Wataon in the irml-flnal. to-day.
Kirkby experienced little trouble beat
ing Watson to 77 U fid ST conditions
that were favorable to good playtlnej.
At the outset Kirkby generally led
Watson, bill near the aeVOnth hole the
West brOOg man strengthened his play
ing From the seventh to 'wclftb holes
Inclusive it wn. give and take on four
of them. With two halved.
The thirteenth nrai Kirkby '. in a atrlct
four, as be laid In. third dead while
Watson .lt.'.d and then waa short.
WHt.on won the fOUrtienth wlicre
Kirkby mlaaod h:. putt. Then cams
three indifferent flVOg for each on the
next three hob., two f which Watson
abOUld Imyo won but for uncertain
putting Cards:
4 4 S 4 a 4 S g 4-X
4 ,", 4 n 5 :, S 4V-77
In ....
Watson :
Out ..
In ....
.,1 I M I I I
. . it r t j j
1 1 m m
Cop. Ill Borra' Corner..
PnfADClPatM, gag, 0. In . seal that
Taellv cniid t, ,-alled aen.attona! Pat Bradley
ahadr'l Willi ,lo.v la a an roanl i.our that
mwled with action from t'ie fiiat r unn to the
ial. low inaii na wpwmt eeiwaeTi nr TlffnwPI
that t-olteejurti erre atati'iied to tlie rumen of
both iMtffs,
Mniidlna of llir ( lube.
Club. IV. I.. IT.
w. U PC. nab, w t pr
HI 43 .r.1 Newark.... 14 M r,
to 47 .Ml Buffalo.... 4 .VI 'Jfl
Torceto . , .
Baltimore.. 41 .Ml I'n n lrnf ., 4S itt ,4ja
J.n-r. , iu .). u. .an,' .,io. irrai. .. tu ea .42."
Reanlla f Yeslerdny'a (.mora.
Toronto. f: .Irraer Ctt. 3.
Buffalo. 4: Xonrl. I. t:t innlnga.
Horluater. 7: Baltimore 5,
Montreal, h; PTOtkllUCS, ft.
End this season and be
gin next season right
purchase now, it
will do both.
Coat Shirts -Knee Drawers
Nainsook and Funsea
Sold br nm kattfoeohtag Dtaim.
wbolatala liuirihuicrs
The Colored .VKlr.
1 1 K 11. ICE
daily Matinee
wilk FULL Hi n IK BILL
nW 25c & 50c
! Talking Dog
Fimiak Morrrll. Chaa. Aheam'a Ccreadr Of
' wtus, i..r ii a,,..,..., .'inn ', u -MIWII.
SPFC'IAI -.-.'.' of tht t'nltad
OTLVIAL Itatef M.rln. Corp. baae
elMllrninl lKlL'lllNl to teoapt out of a
tobd Wgtkiri ropptflflreMd pirulabjaaai
tin. o.ro i'v inrui in i uon
Hitl'IMM Lai . , .-I the abota rhol-
Irngi- and will atteni,t to rkM kljgtgajf
In full flew of the audlenrr.
rttlTBBtfaM way, 44lh at, Kra. ata.U
ii!W.i ,3(, B.iurda,,
Ziglld"lViOAilin Kouga iVllCaaBsl
Gl OKI,' B'war" a jCS IE Klrv OI
&IUaen lied, a B.tTat IJJ
THER0SE MAIU'tify'sX'iraSS!
JA0CT0K'l llWTiAHi1iV1ftSr
ssiL'iifc VtL st
v v t ii i' it a -j i . . . . , - w 4
ner, a Curtrilalt A Oa,
Mlute. g I ,.:ah fit eta
M bbi H. ir, ,v Co . fcullr
v-ti, rar-..M ,), m ,,,,, B,rry ,
vi...n.u tl i.V llu..,);, .ahert,
hum. n.tf.PBnri v a them
aValnr. Slh v. tin 1 N I I.I I lit i .c -wort
.1 : 111 It. 1 ll V.MiKll IA1 .V I'onltmua.
l?cTii r. lit a.m. to 11 1'.u; .ft.6. iTaoT
I i it. ir.t. to to ... umr Anv Tut.
' OLYMPIC K"""' Trl. 70. HtiiHetaai
VgeimriV 4loelilim at Ihe Neeoa.
MADISON SQ.li.i Amwiim Might
. i . a. iaa
n itini: Cabaret.
- a.'i no.
NAT. :'. i.'-ODWIn
Mthtt.AB'oir. ' ' M ' l iv
"I'un In a llnrber .hop." (lei. I.eiinaril A
Co., l eu liittr, Klap A Kliuiv, Adair a
lluhn. Munie a ouna- antl otlleri,
skt nrsKiivm. -jr,, . ,t sn.
WESi tJSu 10, 20, 30c
( 'iTiirK - v-r'.'N 1m WOMAN .'u CASK
tt'uaav Jfe Hanli...
Ill lioJll III Mil
H ue a Halnll Ave. Heat .-cel.. .Mir
(graining Hsturdar Km.. Aug. I at. llilS, lb a
,v .1 ivi tin . iHLs
rrcenlliis a Ml alCAlt IIAIII,
and "Tlie I 1 1 ! Hl ( I P I KIN."
ArrankfO and ktuya.l rrv T.d burnt an 1
piea.itia i pi a it e.'t c.onpany of artlalt
an.l a - i i.
tv rrfatpTr'M vnr
rf i PKTU
n k VCTV season OPENS
WMWSl 01 happyiXnd
aregaTy-gi - -

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