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know to Deputy Police Commissioner
"Rose. Webher an I Vallnn have trlel
to tlk to me aboi't the case." sai.1
"Iwlllvea. "but 1 have ru. i te da
aaaa H with i nan
"It would vt ihvm fir me la
dtvugfe what I am dofgsj to ppre!i nd
the three men st'll anted for the innr.
dor Of Merman It'iaenthal." said Herond
Deputy Ctmm!iilu!irr Dougherty to an
t aaalng World repurter to-day. Ilur
laC too illness "f I .. ' Hughes,
Dfugbsrty has assumed full .nmnian.t
of the trailing for the it'.aenthal elay.
'i iu addon
"Bui the put'li van real assure I that
Ihf soar ii und'-r m) direct in; i rvti n
la theretagh and care fat W' are going
to get the men. real aeiured of that.
Every clue, by telegraph, letter or
offerer! ae received bv niatrl. t-Attorney
Whitman ralatlva to the Uiiee fugltlvce,
ii ptsawipMv eent by him to me, and Im-
mediately lavestlgated i
"Thara ara aaae detailed In epr-lal
el IBS rawer ... an. r- i
raat these fiwlttvrs forty of our lwst
man. In addition lo thla, elues fur
nlahed to tha department by telephone
telegraph and mall are promptly In
vaatlgated by u apoalal equad or delec
Uvea awaiting ordere for an h work a
Police Headniianara "
Richard 8. Barter, of the real eat a t a
firm f DuS Brawn, No. 1TI& Ameter
dam avenue, the notary who a on
paaled Backer lo Harry Polloks houte
thirty -gts goarg after Roaanthal waa
murdeatd end there lank Hose's signs
ture te the affidavit Reek, r demanded.
Ihat Herman Roeenthal bad never been
gsavkera gambling parinar and thai
Rage had aot acted aa Becker a rtrliec
or, tall Ike alary
"I waa la aa Asnetsrdsm avnue cigar
C Lao ut l tko nlgkt "f July IT.
man drave up In a laslreb, and
on aaked the cigar man If be knew
Of a convenient notary. The cigar man
aatd I waa a notary. The queatloner,
whom I afterward recognised aa Beck
ar. aald to coma with them, aa he
earned two atalemanla aworn.
"Tha cab taak aa to the lllvlrre. where
Backar tail us. Ha aald aomethjng to
Hart about feeing him next day. Hart
had to give the laltUle "J. II." befara
wa could get In upetatre.
"We were there twa houre. Home
at the talk waa too low for ma to
hear, but I heard ltoae aay ha wee
worried and thought he had belter gi
and aee the Dtetrlot-Atlaraey.
Barter aodad that Mart expressed 1 1
appointment at Pollok'a absence. Aa
they laft Boaa'a room, he aaya, ha law
mm the hall wlh hi. head la hla
eeaea. tlr. Whitman balievea 1Mb eeaa
gaea Hehspps, who had coma to the Pol
lok aaartmea to keep Hoae from aur
randerlng. Rase tolla the District-Attorney that
ha confessed hsesaaa ha aleeovered ha
waa being double croaaed. 11a waa told
that Backer aald he proDahly waa guilty
Mat thea fat ward trust a asMce efhossl
who bad guaranteed to aland by him
ttget wa waaid have to take dta mediums.
"I waa up against It," Koae aald. "They
wore gslsg to put the aklda under me
I had ealr aaa way to atop toem and I
took it"
Aaatataat Dlstrrst-Attornay. Moii and
Rabin ara devoting their attention to the
aaaaap end af tha aaaa aa dlaititrt from
tha gauydar and. rroin tha great mail
of atrtdenre gathered by them, an estl
atele bag aaaa made af peoullar Intaroat
to another police official whose name
baa boaa freoueatiy raaatlaned, nut who
haa not yet bean accuaed publicly. It
would eurprtee no one, however, If the
Orand Jury roturnau an laallvtajtanl
against him tor grafting.
oTweea aaa of aaoawaf-Ms dlsaoMtlp
haeaeoa ho to said to get aa average of
il ft sen aaofc af aaalp gee
Be g said to re-
oat re aa average of toOO. Thla makes
tahtoare ga.iaa a aaaalh. To
auet he added the extraa that
fall to hta share, as well aa hla ;art
of the protection money paid to an
oUtor laapoator with whom ha shared.
Then, of eourss, thers Is a dsduetion In
Ca aa tha seers of the other In-
r'a Intaroat In the aolleailona.
ACCOUNTS ALREADY TRACED , suffered greatly and many of their a
HOW 1100,000 EACH. habitants ware killed or InJurrd. A
ask af Uses two taepeotere has a ' considerable number af the Injured have
beak account auroes wtuch Mr. WblU ' rrlvd h"' ,ur Hcatment In the Ijjs-man-e
men haves tumbled in their ,-j ' ..taaM of aav.ra) vUpMN
veatlgattoa. Beta ass kaewa to have ,, t,onir!- and wtt'iout food of anv
as aaeoual, yst the aa.
shew thai each haa mere
taaa 100,000 oa deposit.
la this aonoeution 11 should us
that inquiries are being pushed tntu
Stock operations of itsck .- The Pfs
has raaalved partial (CtiUrms.iun
that at times he has aeon a heavy spar
seer In the market, doing hla aaerula
ilea through a dummy.
It la believed that II "Jack Huillvan '
will talk he can tell a great deal tbeut
tha nwthoas of sleeker so far as prelec
tion goes. Nor does this mean ha Use
nothing to tell about the murder, for the
Dtotrlotwtttorney deolares that the story as marine superinisaoesti lor ;nai ootu
af tha wltnaaa ILanlch is an ... tha Phy.
stralsmteat la hla collection ef avtd.aoe
wouivaa na. laaaawg ra rnwyat.
... .. - , , ..
narioru . r.ti .una.. ..r
mm. lie 1111 I noann lewje
uUlvan, who acta for Ruse and Vallon.
gtaoe "Buntvan. wnoae real name is Ttiev are going home aione ror a vtait
Jacob Reich, haa beau In the Wast , "" '"
Fifty-fourth street Jail he haa been In discovered that the telephone reo
oonatent cotnmunlCHtlon with Rose. Ths ords at the Riviera, where PoMok
latter feels eonfldent that "Sullivan" ' lives, show many calls frum Ids upart
caa be made to aid the State. I BBBhl Jaiy'la, II and la, I'hoe aers
he aid wulllvan" fall to do this he 1 e Tuesday on wire!, iuss went a (hi
win ha tesaaawJ it la believed apartaieni. Wednusdav mat ha st4yJ
will he iaoletod. 11 is petisveo. jr (mj Thu,,Jllv he left The
The Slate le more than analoua '
gat hast of hain aclieppa Svaause ne
waa ths gavbe'.ween for Uecker in many
of his buslnasa deals. Mr. Whitman be-
.lsvao ekth.ou. would surrender wers ,t
not tor the publication that he la want- 1
ea ay ue eeueie. v.. . ....t..,.
asaapgs ooes aoi savauiage 01 ne
eaaortualty epen 10 hui tu add tils
alary ta thoss of Webber, ttose and Val
lea, as 1H he indicted as a principal
U night It was repoited that ae waa
u, Chicago. Ttol i". UttafmtUrh
" v" m, . ,7 A , .. ,
that reached Vallon by gt.pevins in
his cell.
Oas pott a. tieppe can throw light up-
ea wae the prectta net are ef the talks
Rose had with hecker Lcfore tna bald-
aeeeeo samoler gave 1 .aiielf up He
asasia tan. aot alone what ltoae had said
eaM tel. aot alone aiiat itosa nan saio
te eager, hut w .at Bseker had said to
Hase, aa it was th-enfk aclispps tfcat
acker snl wut of big inssaagsa.
la thla eponnecDuu Mr. Whitman haa
InvCStiljatinL' COfTUnittCC tO
Name Counsel ll Confer
ence on Monday.
Befnr. IVatrVtATtorn-y Whitman left
for Vermont, to remain nver Sunday,
Alderman H II 'Vrran. chairman of '
in. Alderman!- 'nveatlgatlng ci.iwtnll.
,, ronferrel nllh him on the cm '
tnv.e-lsstlnn Alderman nrrnn
HUg to-day that he and I'm Diatrl. 1
Attorney renntn-d an undaratstidlng
with reference lo oo-operatln and a.l I
ed that Mr Whitman aasured him
nothing would be left undone by Ills
olTIre to throw all lh light I'osainia
on police condltlona.
"We are gulnir to work harrnonlouely
throughout," aald the Alderman. "The
District-Attorney Is mors than snthn
ataatlo over the work to lie undertaken
by nur roininliiee aa I -Hews sonalder
ahle mat"rtai win he fauad lis rn
be of great naatatance to tie and we
can lie of errvlcw to him We are going
to Investigate lo the ttn.it We have
heard for yeare of Ilia man "hlKlier up"
and If he exists we are gotim lo net
him this time.
"Tha matter of counsel is one thit la
enginaalng us noe John Purmv Mitch
el haa been anoken if very highly
and may ne the man. I cannot ea . the
DOtlthllttOS muat decide. I have nolllled
every maftlbOt to tic prrastit Mondsv
when we go Into cenfersnoo."
The committee will meet ot t o'clock
Mnrwlay. Aldermen Frank U lMwIInx
and O rirant Ket. rbr are out of
town, but telegrams have been aent
tham. Thsy promised before gninn
nwsy to respond tu any eummona to the
preliminary conference If called, Coun
sel lo the committee will be selected ,it
the Monday meetluK Alderman t'urran
declsred to-day tlial the lawyrr would
prove to be a man who ouutd br de
pended upon to fearlenaly Investigate, ro
matter who is to no i to be Involved.
And." added Cut ran. "he will nave the
full suptiort of every member of Die
committee, with polltlca r'Cetracked and
no other InlluenL's interferinK "
Injured Taken to Constantino
ple Tel! of Disaster Dar
danelles Cut Off.
CON HT A NT I N t PI , K, Aug. in The
sesport of Oalllpnll, lit miles west of
this ally, snd ths luwn uf Tchauak
Kalessl. at the narrowtst vart of the
Dardenellea. have been destroyed by
sarlh'iuakea. Mitny or th Inhaliltiinta
wers hilled or inlurs.t
Another alight sl ock of vsiihquake
was fell here earl to-day Details of the
affects of tslerdai earthquake show
that It Vary severe on lie enulhera
ahnree of the Sua of Marm ire. Tele
geapblo communication with the DaT
danrllee la Interrupted but repnrte re
ceived by wlreleaa telegraphy aute that
the Ureak Consulate was destroyed.
I 1k willaa-oa oil the He., Af U
hind. A special steamer Bas been
chsrtared, and a lorpcdoboat has been
old. ..I to go lo their relief.
dpt. H I. lioxrud of tha n-vl HUr
liner l.apltnd, grhfl sailed in-dly on his
last trip as rommmandar of that vasaal.
waa st se a rousing farswell by numer
ous trl. ims who went te the p.er lor
thai pmpoaa. 1 'apt imxrud Ig tu supui-
inUiid t . muislro Jllun uf three 11.
boalr of the new N jr eg.uti-.1 ivic . .111
. line, and aftri thslr cnmplet on v. Ill aut
I Two inltrosllng pa.ssiigera on the laip
.a.. . .... j .ui a. 111 iiui un n.niifri
1... 1 ....... 1 . . , . ,
of , ,ulln Ambeaeadas. who
have liaen with llialr father la W aahln.
.oll ana iiav
ttemle 1 Ara.en.can ecliouls.
ju,n la ten vars old and tluy is rlcht.
, calls wait with Police ll 'idimartere aad
I aitb tatckefa home on Hilgecomhe ave
I There wss much discission at tks
, West Flftv-fourth atreet Jail as to
iter who presented himself la tha inoi il
nl( ,)Ulirig B , in4at ullt ..W),
um Jones" Just as llernard lto.-,
, brother of Jack Hose, stepped elf a
i ear ths visitor cams up. The two gaga,
I want In togailn.r Rags came out .11 a
I minutes and di-cliiie.l to aay hu
Tie other man stayed for aevara'
knui, ,, plUurt to
sll four prlsotiera. W hen he left the
I Prison ha refused to talk to any pga
i,, ,irv .he offlcs of the Die.
trl- i Attorney show, d he had given
psi mission to no one by the name of
William Jonee to sss ths prlsnnsrs
ha h,d " Iwal who "William
" ' M u Sleuer. aouaiel
f()f tU 4 u huillvan. couneel
fof ,,, bulh piof,,kt, ,,,otanc. 7'
lo the Identity of the caller 80 did
Patrick A Whitney, Commissioner of
Correction, i
"Pink Lady" Beauties Who Charmed
The Boston Ancients on Voyage of Celtic.
SBBBs! saaraV
M mm PiJ I 'jmjM M' m
mWW ' ClfBr1iR
Wmr ' tilTBaOfsasaK M aasVf mBS'L. V
saaaW aaggggggget."" ' HaBlllfMlT 1
WLmmmW Wffc' kW KaaaatL J
yL&LWwW faaa( asaaaW
IT 'j ia ggHMsei- A Wm
s,, aaaaaaaaaaaa .BM
(Conllnusd from First rage )
Appleton commending; Twslfth Infan
try, t el. T. W. Iloston; Huty-ntnth In
fantry, Col. U D. Oenley. and the Sev-cnty-first
Infantry, Cel. W. Y. Betas.
From Conneollout: first Infantry, un
der Col. John Hlghey; leoond Infantry,
under Col. C. F. McCaha: First Hep
srate Company Infantry, i. W. Boaa
Jr.; First Company Signal Corps, Capt
Baker, with Field Hospital and
Ambulance Corps
From Maine Second Infantry, under
Col. P. M. Hume.
From New Jersey, Klrst Troop Cav-
sltv, SJvcond Troop Rivalry, Battery A,
Field Artillery, Battery B. Field Artil
lery, the sikkhi Corps sotapany and
the First Field lluapital.
From Maasacliueetta First Brigade,
under llrla -Uan. F K. I'leree aiul com
posed of the Heoond Infantry, undef Col.
W. C. Hayaa; tflxth Infantry, under CI
O. H. J'rlest; the Second Brigade, under
llrlg.-Qen. W. H few Jr., and corn
lamed of the Fifth Infantry, with Ueut.
at, w. W. Htovsr In command, and the
Ninth Infantry, under Col. J. J. Sulli
van. The First Company Blgnal Corps,
Capt Harry O Chase, Klrst Field Hos
pital and ths Ilrat Ambulance Company
acre with the .Massachusetts quota.
The National Ouard are supported by
tho S. com) Hattallon. Third Culled
Hlatae Irish ArtilLv). must of the
Tenth Halted "tales Cavalry frnm Kort
BthAn Allen. " portion of the I'nlted
Klalee Mnginvere and half the aviation
I'nlted States Army Thi
Iteda" also have a considerable DUmbOf
of other detachments.
The "ftlue" Army Is made up of the
Fifth United flat, a Infantry, tha Sec
ond llrlgade from New York under
Brigadier Ueneral John U. Uddy, and
composed of the Fourteenth Infantiy,
under Col. John II. Fouts: the Twenty
third Infantry under Gal F. 11. Norton
and the Fort. i -seven Lh Infantry under
Col. Hi Q. Hartnian, aiipiau ted by the
llrat Battalion Field Artillery under
Col. Mi B. Thurston, the Bnonnd Bat
tallon Field Artillery under Col. tleorge
A. VYIngatol SoiMnil Iteglmcnl of Wn
glneera, under Cai John H. liotohktn.
First Qkvaury, under Col. Q. B. Brldg
man; and Ibe Wecutid Cavalry, under
Col. 0i I Helievols: I tret ikniianv. Sig
nal Corpg, under ('apt W U. Halllnan.
an 1 tile Svuond QgaYilaaM signal Corp
under 1 an .In tl. K. Muhenk. Tkn Hist
and H... 01. 1 Held huspltals and tha rtrat
and seuund ambulanoe cuinpanles sre
with tin hrlKads.
I'M. 1. 1 New Jeisey eaine the Klrst
Mfadl in 1 le up of the Klrst Infantry,
Kourth Infantry and Fifth Infantry
Vermont sent Its llrst Regiment of
1 Infantry
Moth armlea had esnllarv treopa and
I the naceaaary equipment Held trains
end wagons fur carrying camp equl
The forces srs under the command of
Brig-Hen Taeker H. Hllas, who la
POmmgndee ef the lriartmeiit of the
Rest, and his chief of staff Is Col Will
iam A Mann. The fled" Army la
under 1 mmmind of Hrlg -tlen. Frederick
A. Smuh and ths "gutia" army under
1 Oen Albert I
Mllla H.n llllsa, h.i
Is chief umpire, had under him about
one hundred officers, who will ohsei ve
the operations n the capacity or um
When the verloue communda making
up the two armlea were put in motion
early to-. lay each had It. instruction
to r.suh u deslgiiatud point. Tha I'on
aeollcut Infantry went from their
hunia stall. 11. s to Kin lion, whsr.i nfln
dstralning they 'hiked' 10 hsy.in.ur,
throwing out an advance KUard with
the OOjeol of necurliiK uonliol of (lhf
Brldfa. which la una of the main croa
Inga ot the llousatuelc Hiver, anil ilia
only oiiu for ten miles abut. 1). rh
These regiments also hTOlMtea) Hie
Supply depot which the ' Hi da" had
. 1 it. 11. hud at Darby. Then in. rcai-
lllenlH want Into cenip to av...lt rem
(Orflgrugntr hefnrs iakng fuithei
f.nslye movamantg. Ituliilurcsiiisuis
were U the ehepe of the becuiid Maine
" 1
4 b
Infantry, which was coming by train.
Ths supply depot uf the "Blue"
army la at panbury; but while the
c'onneetlout and Maine regiments wsrs
nsar enough to threaten a flank move
ment on the latter place, the Klrst
Vermont Infantry and othar forces
were theoretically inarching diagon
ally across Northern Connecticut In
order to i each Manhury and enter the
acena of active operntlone. On the
South the Iteda ' had established dlvl
alonul hsadquarlsra at New Haven,
with the Seventh. Twelfth, .sixth end
Mrventy-flrst Infantries supportsd by
..tie battery of Held artillery.
These regiments whlcvh constltutsd the
First Brlgads had reached New Haven
by way of the -Sound, using the stsamer
Hi. heid Peck and two freight stsamers
of the New Haven road. The infantry
were landed and were at once marched
through the olty In a weaterly direction,
the aklrmlsh line Andlng avldaace that
the "Uluea" held the territory lietween
Orange and Bridgeport. These "Blues'
were the two reglmenta of Now York's
Bscond BrlgaJe, which had been landed
M Bridgeport and set up divisional head-
quarters at rarsmee orron. i uia ui
vlslonal headquarters was adjacent to
the quartera of Itytg.-tlen. Bllsa and h"
staff and the fie hi which will be used
by tha aviation corps
To-night Han. Bkee will have under
hja hands a gigantic chaaahoard upon
which are red" and Dlue men or
VBr(ul v.lu. rrom headquarters
taut from 1 A. M until V. M. for a
fsw daya he will move these men
against each other. Then, when ha haa
the blues ' a-no reas in intricate
poaltlnna whsre false move of oik
color will mean disaster to a cheasma
of ths other side, lie will lift hla hand
and let his two subordinate command
era work out the game. Then will cm,
three days of hostilities in wntc-n pr.it.
sbly tislf a million rounds of blank am
munition will tie ueea.
The battle le eapeeted to ae a spec
tacle and tens of thousands of peaceful
ItlaSnl who have not been frightened
l.v the w .ir-lIRe aspect or whul h.ie n4 Corps onipany of Brooklyn en
transpired will go to sea tho atlamul . trained at Mott Haven, the wuKons and
or one tn niv to annihilate ths other. In gnlmala of the company having been
tha early stage of the movement f9rrled over from Brooklyn,
deft. Hllss Will play both sides of the ) The departure of the troupe from New
game hut In tne battle inn entente the. York was one of the most rapid ever
teat of atrategv and military handling accomplished "lu history of the
III reel with (Jen. Smith and Cel. (Juard. Knowing that the regular army
Mills, and ths umpires will make their 1 observers are watching every move, the
notes, iierfettt their reports to Oen.
llllaa. who Is chief umpire, and mm" 1
m 'iithe hence the cltlxens of New York 1
U. learn whether tn-v were captured
by the Invaders or whether a (Jorlousl
battle of defense waa fouitht out on
Connecticut aoll
I ' Errnlnt Werld I
Prisons who were outdoors earlv to- ,IKArigttAtTli;its OUIBF H1IPIRK,
day rubbed their eyes and wondered If stRATFi Htl , Aug. 10 Through ankle
they were back in the spring of H, long,(eup dust over a asure of road from
DOlltmni of khaki clad Infantry woiunliall points of ths lonipass tha troops
through tb streets; tatterles of MM Ol the Red Invaders and the lllu.i de
arUUsM rumbled acroaa town toward fender, are inarching to thslr cawplng
... v,.... ,.... , u. ... .1.. grounds to-day This Is going to I a
New York t'intral Mallmed; cavalry
and ligfial
orpg men clittered by In
close array, followed by hoapllal an.; a,upted by Nature In this section. The
engineer troops with sll lh. panoply awL(aaa wl r,m,n m ramp to-night and
active service. ImgaorPaWi l Bag hot and dusty when
It looked exactly like w.ir, with - I trk ..Uartt Manhattan and Hiuuklyn aol
the gnm trag.ily gnd impending sswaw 7 " ai,ralnal In tha sent- of conflict,
of danger left out. Th yirtl u ,n...te of New York City
Tlia arand Central station and sui-, un(U. n.j ,lf Urlg.-Qcn Hmlth,
rnmidtng sireeta were packed tu wvtL.frf u. boat lo New Haven and found
neas the enlralnlag of tha orggnlaa- fc aalrM 4rrayad against their home
tluns of the itsuond Uilgade of Brook- ,.
lyn. Tlie wharves at ths foot of bast; Thl Seventh, Twelfth, hlxty-ninth
Twenty-second street, where the Man- llml Seventy-first Iteglmenta heve been
hattan reglmenla of the First Brigade ajg,ed to the Red armn of Invasion,
einliarked, wers also vlilt.d by large Th( nIOoklyn Ri ngade, under Ueneral
orewde of spectators devuted to III. UsUy, composing the Fourteenth,
Interests of the several reglmsma. Tne Twy. third and Forty-a.v.alh Regl
aarly hour and Ihe dlfllcully of getting . wlu ,eek to aav. tha inelropjlla
to tha nelgliborliooil of the Ulevriilh Tie pfVenth. Twelfth. Slaty-ninth
avenue freight tracks along the North ; snd Seventy -firs: Regiments began
RWer did not deter the relatives ol the .. . .rtI hike Immediately after leav-
Biumbeis of the field artillery batteiiei
rrmn loiooie ewi m wasee in. aia.uiai
of horses and equipment for tha front.
The task of trunaportlne auch an army
11 a huge one and to Meutenant-Col
A. F. Townarml. Ogjatf Quart croiaster of
tne National Qllgrd, belongs tha credit
of gtaVlhl tba army of dafeut. front Its
ham. stations 10 the battlefield. Cel.
Tow.ia.iid waa up belor. daylight aval
busy al ths fuot of Cast Twenty-second
street, uhrrc the font reglmenta of the
First Brigade acre loaded onto three
boats. UUtaae0tCtl. t'ornellus Ven
d.ibilt aaalsled in this work and waa
juat aa excited over tha departure for
the front as the veriest s.cond lleutinaut
who h id juit won his shouldsr etiaps
l 1KB ri nrxwriBk
' -
rpe loading of the First II. tg.de at
the fuot of blast '.'asmx-secoud slrsst
waa Ilka clockwork. Urlg.-Gea. George
"' : . .J Lal-
jeesBS STnav VTlff
H. Dyer, commanding the brigade, waa
on hand early, and as fast as the Sev
enth. Twelfth, Sixty-ninth and Seventy
first Regiments, composing the com
mend, . arrived, they were merohed
aboard the boats. As soon as each boat
received Its complement the whletle
eounded and out Into tha strsam It
pulled for ths Connectiout battlefields.
Ths Second Brigade, w hich Is eomposod
of the Fourteenth. Twenty-third and
Forty-seventh Infantry Heglmente ef
Brooklyn, under the command of BrlK -Oen.
John 9 Kddy, left by rail from
Orand Central station. Tne wagons,
trains and bnraee of UleN regiments
and ths Second Signal Corps company
of Brooklyn were loaded on ferries nt
the Bridge street terminal, the Nee,
York Docks and the Eastern District
terminal and were transported by water
to Mott Haven, where they were placed
on trains for the scene of action. The
Brooklyn regiments were carried to
Orand Central atatlon by tri ay end
elevated trains They began te grrlve
at tha station shortly before I o'clock
end were loaded aboard three trains. By
IK o'clock tha troop trains had de
parted. The three New York City I glial I II of
the First fleglmant of Field Artillery
were loaded on New York Central ears
at hUatielh stieut and the North River.
Tha loading of the horaaa, guns and
. ila. ms atti acted a larye crowd f early
rlarra. llattei y A of the llronx waa en
trained ut Waal garflM. Mattery B. of
Brooklyn loaded Its guns and wagone
on ferrlesUt ths Ni York Dock Com
pany. Tho guns were transported to
Mott Haven, where they were placed on
the train with tha men of Ike battery
who procetdod by rail from New York.
The Twenty-second Heglment of Kn
glneerg left Sixty-eighth street and
liroadway and marched to tha Third
avenue. ' I. " 'i'he men were put aboard
KPeclal iars and taken to Mott Haven,
where they bourded a troop train for
the front. The Klrat Meld Hospital De
tachment of Manbhttan alao teok the
trgln at Moll Haven. The Second SlK
cltlaen anldlere exerted every effort te
tut snap and vim into then operations
At all entraining points hundreds of
friends and relatives of the spldlcr
gathered to hid their heroes goodby.
Iluaclal froei Hlsff rorraspundant sf T.is
dusty campaign If nothing else. The
li..l iiiolnenta of the soldiers blend
I tha aaaa sal color aolieui.
lUf (hl, ,iree boats that brought them
to New rtavetli 1 1. will lamp auuia
where In the vicinity of Orange, and a
eertlaa of the coiiiinand will act aa ad
vance guard for Ihe invaders.
The Brooklyn Rrlgada detrained near
llrldseport and through a cloud of dust
tl.al threatened to extinguish the burn
1.. .111, hiked eastward toward Mllford.
jtflfor and Orange arc only a few
miles apart and somewhere In this vl
dnlty the first big clash In ths war may
Tha headquarters of ths Bed army
will ba at I'emy near the intersection
of the llouaatonlc and NaiiKatiicb Hlv-
ra rue xjio. iiaaiuinarinri win ne ,11
1. ,0. it Hill, an eminence on the west side
.,1 ih. llodsa'.onlc and commanding ap
prna-'tea from nerih and eeulk
, . ...,k .aaliM.nl nr. rl... .Mdnl , I ...a
1, ., ... met in mi umpire, who xuldeil
SI le... ia. ..."". .re . 'I. w ,
the command 10 Us camp grounds and
inalructed the officers In command
Spielberg Says They Caused
His Arrest Here Because He
Started Recent Investigation.
Nicholas Xplelberr, who aald ha was
a lawyer and axva tola address aa Ne.
47 West One Hundred and Sixteenth
street, was arraigned ehis atterneea
before Magistrate Krutsl la the Cases
Market Court by Detective Kemp, who
charged film with being a fugitive from
Kemp did net knew the nature of
the crime the man waa alleged to have
cornsnlttos, saying only fie had arrested
him ea tdearar from the Chief of
Pol lag af Hetrolt The detective said
he had keen Informed that the prisoner
haa Jumped a il.OW ball bond
Lawyer Aaroa I. Levy, who appeared
for the prisoner, aald unless they emild
charge frla client with eoma spax-.n-crime
be would demand hla release at
once. As the denectlve was unable to
do this Spielberg was discharged.
Altar Ma arrest aptelberaj announced
around the court that hie arrest wee
due to pereariHlon at the hands of the
grafting aldermen el ueuaw.
I was practising law In Detroit." he
said, "and It waa 1 who started the
Investigation that has resulted In the
arrest of sixteen of those aldermen.
Owing to testimony that I gave In the
beginning of the leveattoatlon they
vnade It so hot for me that I was
forced to leave Detroit. Since I left
they have been hounding me and thla
arrest Is only another Instance of
their persecution. They sre trying to
make all the trouble they can for me. '
Taxicab Driver Says He
Wouldn't Even Take Chance
by Hitting Rival.
Richard Jerky, a chauffeur of No. ot9
Kegle avenue, Brooklyn, wns complain
ant against Frank Kelly
chauffeur, of No. MS Atnaterdam avenue.
Manhattan, to-day In the West Hide
Court. Kelly le emrdoyed by "teorge
Heren, owner of the taaicab wtilch was
uaed In pursuing the Rosenthal mur
derers, and Jerby la employed by an
lndepeadnt tomisiny.
Jarby a euscrt Kelly of having struck
him on Tussdsy when he took his ma
chine near a stand used by the Heren
taxicabn In front of the Hotel 'Metro
pole. He explained Mthl Horan .ias a
Stand there and tbwt the chauffeur wae
afraid that he would get eome of tliatr
Kelly denied striking derby, and told
the Magistrate that he had ordered
Jerby away from the eland- When the
man refused to go lie aald he backed
his machine '.n front of Jprby's and
stood thare. Jerby Jumped from als
mac hine, he iaui. and elarted efur him.
Kelly eaid ha was afraid of being etruck
with a tire wrench and Jumped from afla
maohlne and rnlrsd hla elbow to pro-
.'t hlmaelf. Aa he did an Jerby ran
Into him and It waa then that be was
Mnglstrste t'orf gan heard both men
and then said ; o KrlK:
"Do you mean to tail me you wouldn't
strike a man wham you thought waa
carrying a tlrfi wrench to hit yawt"
"Not since trie murder. I wouldn't."
replied Kelly. "I wouldn't with Mr
foneldlne etttlng In the window. We're
nil dodeing trouble and trying to keep
things quiet."
Magistrate Corrlg.tn fined Mm $3.
to his immediate dutlea In Ihe campaign
(treat Interest le b.lng evinced in Ihe
aviation Hon of the regular army
under eemmand of Capt. Frederick 1).
llennessy. which to-day set up two ma-
i. i.e. and tuned them up for flights
thin evening.
Six fiyerg are attached to the avia
tion section stiewti Benjamin d.
Pouloia, Ueut. Harvey Uraham, Ueut
Ruy C, Klrkland, Unit. Harr.v H. Ar
nold, Mailt Harold flerger and Ueut.
T Dewitl Mill na The latter Iwa will
last tha Cunsiecticut air currents lets
this afternoon. 1 inn Arnold KlrllantJ
Will Sltepipt tO fly to the Stratford
headquarters from Marble. n ad. Mass.
Furelgn government okeervera began
ta arrive on the Held of Strife to-lav
They ara Cel. Marlon A. Gaga of the
Biltlali army. Oof. Baronde Bo4e of
ltusala snd Major Jose Avolos ef
Mexloo. i.ieni wslter Krueger of the
Third United Slates Infnntrv has been
aaalaned te oare for tha visitors
Every possible effort Is being mads
to keep seret ths nuvemnt of the
trooni. for the chief umpire la deter
mined t- simulate actual war condi
tions aa far as possible.
The result af thla Is that tba flock of
aewspaper correspondents Is forced to
It about tha hills and deles In auto
mobiles ef ancient make, antique
hueslea said atceda of doubtful age.
While Battery A, Flrat Field Artillery,
wea detraining this afternoon at Bethel
Private Harvey Wlltlemton of New
York Cltv was kicked by a horse His
kivaeeea waa broken age) ha waa aevere
y bruised aegut the body. Ua waa or
dered horns
Color Bearer fatally lajaeea aa
Way ta Was.
BKTHKU Conn, Aug. 10 Charles
Williams of Blnghgmton. W. Y , color
bearer of Batter? C, Second Field Ai
Hilary, waa probably fatally Injured
to-day He waa thrown from hla
- horse Hla ebull way fraturd
lit was removad ta Ihe hospital at
I l nl.lir
Ha If iwenn -eight yeara
old. The battery was detraining here
' and the horss toajb fright at ths noise
as of a train.
Beaumont, on Pari to Lon
don Trip, Rescued When Hy
droplane Turns Turtle.
BOLOONK. Franca, Aug. M-Deaplta
a Mgh wind which was blowing gmsiga
Cone ecu of tha French Navy, who dies
under the name of Andre Baawaiseil,
fade gn attempt this afternoon to fly
from Bologna te tevadon In a hydro
aeroplane. The aviator had hardly gone a hun
dred yards, however, when the hydro
plane turned turtle and he was hurled
Into the sea. A launch rescued Beau
mont, who was not Injured. Ills flying
machine was lowed ashore
Beswmsat, who atarted some days ago
from Perls In an attempt to fly te Lon
don, met with an accident yesterday
when aaweoaehteig thla ally. His hydro
aeroplane struck a fishing smack and
waa damage. I. Hepalrs Were hurried. v
sndg and the night waa again resumed
to-day. with the result stated
California Is Only Place In
United States Where It's
Pure, Says Humbert.
Ttlesieted and all but s physical
wreck because, he aa 1. of the Impure
food served him all over the United
States. Pierre Humbert Jr., a New
Yorker by birth, and an engineer by
profession, sailed for Rumpe on the
laxplend of the Red Star Line tn-dsy, I
with hla wife and four-year-old daugh- I
ter l.yle He Intends to stay abroad
until hla payslrlans suy fiu may safely
return for a time to the "adulterated
uundiUona" that obtain her.
"The food is so bad In Now York,"
said Mr. Humbert, "that no man can
safely eat it for a long time. In Califor
nia one finds the only food fit to cat.
""d" it Is ao there BSjOaOga they do not
1 1 m 11 n.i an inw.i.,i. ifriiuu urivn
baling 11 out to the consumer. In Kng
I. nil it I. not oemiltteil l.v taw to alore '
ftaa for an Indefinite time, or until It
commend hlsTh prices for the benefit
of gsaedy trusts, therefore the food la
good a isd wholesome
"The outrage food In New York and
other great American centres is rapidly
moklna: US a nation of dyspeptics and
mil . - - -
m.i in , " ' ' ' . I o nil.. iair
experts trve. overnment niey put inio
play will never have any effect until I
sonic of the laws are enforced and a '
few of the trust leeders Jailed. 1 an
get gta.d food In California, but I am a
New Yorker and I don't want to spend
imV'fi Vh.rXnp..erp,,,Y'B:t:
anything tit to eat. I want to live In
Vaui VavLt ..nt T au . r I I . 1 .. .1 . .. r a . 1 ., 1 t
the lawma'kere and law enforcers act
with noneety and common sens-
"00-H00!" CALLED
(Continued from First Page.)
board. They wore Jnat it, ahe aald. And
one iionoruble aad Ancient dlgnllled old
chap said. Tbey are the nneat Bins
I ever saw.
Not one of the ahlp news reporters
missed the tug that went down to Quar
antine to meet the Celtic. This Is some
what unusual, itut overy man was on
the Job this morning. Tho Honorable
and At. -la- .t Artillery was put out of
buainese. aid reporters anu pina lautes
paired off nod each man got his own
liaxel Dawn, leaning lauy or tne
company, said that the show was tho
hit of Lamdon.
aaVe never nlaycd to better or morr
appreciative audiences," aald Miss Down.
'They shouted 'gfavo to us anu we
had all the Johnnies with us. There
was a line like a proceeslon at the stage
door every performance. Don't ask ma
to compare the ISngllah Johnnie with our
Johnnie. 1 never mix witn euner au
don't know. It Is always the simple lire
for me and home ntralghl after every
All the girls had nice worda for
Captain Hambleton, who shares the
honors for popularity on the ocean with
Captain Haddock of the Olympic. On
the way over Captain Hambleton was
presented with a handeome silver cup
by the Honorable and Ancient Artillery.
U I . 1 1
k hi. VI 1.1,
elsiels Dealer
levenin Ave .
Phone 710 Bryant
Mew York City
saiwsassseii ts
WM tha gavM perHaafar aeepla ta
pV haartdavxesaarh
sese-3siwteaeasl- M
sT as at. rtUk gsaetasass gaalsa ff
rl Eleventh Ave . r
Refusal by Turkish Ruler May
Bring on War to Set Uf
New Government.
SALONIKA, Aug. 10. -A Tounf Tajrasaw
emlesary left for Constantinople 1
to deliver to the government aa ulfjn
turn the detail of which have aot I
made public,, but amounting In general
tenor to demand hat the pulton dis
miss hit advisors of the Military LeMurue,
replacing them with a grown ausspaSkle
to the eomaettee of union ana pregiass
sleeting with refuaaJ tha Young Turks
will resort to foros sod probably gat op
a new government.
Governor of Texas Awaits Reply to
Notice That He Will Protect '
Border WUh State Troops.
AUSTIN. Tea.. Aug. 10 The Secretary"'
of War early to-day had aent no reply,'
to the meaaage from Oov. Colquitt of,
Texas, which dearrlbes reported raiding
by rebels along the Mexican border. The
Governor haa declared that If the
United States dJd not offer aid to oro-1
tect the people of Texas then State
troops would be ordered cut to Interne
marauders or drive them back across',
the border. j
Sherirr r.owarn or r;i i'aso ounty,
who headed a posse to Hierra Blanca.
wired the Governor that several bands
of Mexicans had crossed the horder, and'
that mounted men would be required to,
control them. '
Kour troops of State cavalry are at
New llraunfels awaiting the Uovernofel
And Culicura Ointment. Forhe-t
; rhSneS, ItCllillKS. SUnbum, wind
irritations, redness and roughness
of the face and hands, Cuticura
Soap, assisted by Cuticura Oint-'
ment, hus no rivals worth men
tioning. No others do so much lor
the complexion, hair and hands.
OatlMr. 8se sa4 uiataaeut ,i,i urmtefcna
vtarld. LlfaaraJ wpll uf .sell mail.
lad fras. s
B-S- ImoS ASSraw "(.tlaurs." Dsnt St
eriridtr r,ii man shave i emsfMt.itbO.ii
s. Hoae Sh.tnaa Oil. k. ' L.uaraJ au.sl.tsse.
riMMM . 1 iin ana.
I.OAT Haa1! tliamrrtiil r a$, cQgrrivrd lfnul), n
M&ri; Dtr tltlMtl'iDs aVsaay.l. .Vtidrega, 14. Ctl
"As Though
Through Magic
H01 MfiVY,
Diitftt'fr iu yai t ) nf.
Ui ItQ walbtr itj
rv. Vu.'.. Aim u, jut:
.trw t ii, n iiu i
1 n Tt in 11
tjhr airt'it itlfsutirw Id ' . m,:i
if tlit iuu'h rtHiilt tt.itattivii br
h!'fr 1. rpipfjt in tha Ton! h1
Tou if i tie i ut
Sl Mlfat i''r for Inh't hat
f.intentr, ai hiilinu lri- ni o ttni,
ktM tvMB ret ui.") In u ,u tb
tmi 'kM 1 oritil mauner, j IhoulU
tlmmjlti aKic
1 ausl"ily iwsHf 1 hr re i urn ol
my ri until a MMn fat ijrvrtl tityt
My nanr ! . i w r td
ua tl. it l.t I f..ufiujt4 to
rlfi1l' anfl fnuui tl.u tJ,t oqIw
Mtirfuet iff uifthml t'lrtmuli ., ,,. w
ubUiHiJ B , Miser ar, 1 kaatc.igM.
J. lllMsAHCO
77 MftaUttM if., II T City
If your "Lost and Found" advr.
tisenint is printed in
The Sunday World
it will beKiveti a conspiaious position
on lirst piiKc of the "Want" Section
and g''t n circulation in New York
City greater than thl SunUay Herakj,
Sunday TirfkMi Sunday Sun and
Sunday Tribune COMBINED.
The World accepts "Lost and
Found" ads. out tiie telephone.
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