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VVBt Til Kit Fair l..-taM anil Tnmlar.
U BtTIIKR-Falr Tn-Hhf anrt Tnea.l.r
Baseball Star Puts Up Hard
Fight Against Three Thugs
and Beats Them Off.
Gets Knife Slash From One of
the Men, Who Stopped His
Car and Demanded Money.
SYRACrSlC, N. Y.. Aug. 12 Ty
Cobb was attacked and stabbed In
the back by three men. stranRcrs to
h!m. in Detroit early to-day while
on hln way to the train whirh til
o bring him and the team to Ihll
ity for an exhibition game this
fternoon. Cobb's fighting ability
ved Iilm from serious injury and
osslble death.
Cobb wna clmlng his au'.omo'.ille to
he station. gCOOmPenlsd by Ml wife..
Allien thief assiiUnts SPPtaWOd frOW
behind a wooden building at the corner
of Trumbull and Bagg streets and or
dered the ear to stop.
The men were partly under the Influ
ence of liquor and when the machine
came to a stop Cobb Jumpsd from ths
nsrnlne and began to argue with them.
The til" tven demanded nvonsy from
the ball player, and with th,. demand
fill thre- mude a lunse at Cobb. The
tUuSWIsd Mai attacked the trio and
then began s battle royal. One man
v as knocked down with a bio on th"
chin, and then one of the others iw
that Ihgf were up against an athleie
r.:;d begin to run, while the thfrd one
rrabbe rulib aiound the neck and the
I air went into a clinch.
Whll" the pgf.r ww wrontllng about
the IhUI pulled a knife and InllK-t.-! I
Wound In Cohh'e ba"k. "TV finally
ihcok olT the arvilUnt before be could
. aiise any further Injury.
COM was treated by Dr. s. W. VM
Leugcn at thl Vatci Hotel to-dny on
t-.e ar.-tvnl of the Detroit team. Two
itltctv had to be taken.
Cobb tried to keep the mitter qu"et
tind would not dlcu the attack on his
i rrlvsl here
Later Cobb admitted tne attack as
detailed above and added:
"After tht thut's had ran off, Mrs.
Cobb and I continued to tha nation.
1 didn't mention the affair la Manager
Jennings and didn't think much about
yt, but I suppose when I culled a doct r
It slarlvd the story."
"Ty" OobD'g career In sHOrWlli -pecla'".j
since he has been a member
of the Detroit 'lub, has bson punctu
atsd by Simla with umpires and specta
tors. Ilc is never so huny on the dia
mond that he. can't find time to air his
trouble with blearherlus. Two months
ago at the America. i League rounds
in New York t'lty Co DC had an alterca
tion with a fan In the stands. It was
this attack .hat pr. 'lultated the fa
mous strike of the Del olt players n
lhlladelphla. Cobb has a habit of
swinging three or four bats while on
bis way to the plate. A man made a
rerun:'., on this which so InOMMOd Colib
I :ut hs ran to the Isfl field stands,
vaulted the fence and assaulted tha
rooter, who happened to DO a cripple.
The feel nt; kgginit the visiting player
was hot and only the Intervention of
the police saved l.lm from the enraged
President Johnson Immediately sus-
oended "Ty" without u hi nrln j, and I
this action on the purt of tha League
presldont caused lb" Detroit players to
rally to the support of Cobb.
While many enperi do not like
Cobb's fiery disposition, they are of one
acoord In declaring he has few If any
equals as a bullr.laycT. Since his entry
Into the big leagues Co li has never
fkilrtd lo bat o vur So" per ''ent., ami
his eseentlonsl plav tin praclicallv won
two pennant, for liwtiolt,
Wacrtd SulMlua Turkish Halk.
Hit ii. inc-u oiiii pnini, rueuis, Ol. I
(ourrlahl. I HIS. hi
... I I It Vrn
Five Pay Lives at Sing Sing for
Brutal Murder of Mrs.
Mary Hall.
Different Set of Legal Wit
nesses Present Each Time
Current Is Applied.
Seven times In the flswn of to-day
Priests milked with a man condemned
to die Into "the room with the little
door" nt Sing Slni prison. Seven times
the murmur of the prayers for those
bout to die broke the silence of the I
1 drith chamber. Justice w is at Its (Trim1
: uslness of demanding a life fir a life j
It wis the first time In the history of
the prison, or of any prison In the I
country, that seven men had been sent
together to the electric chslr. During
the Itttle more than an hour that was
consumed In taking the lives of the
seven condemned murderers th se who
were witnesses to Ihe execution and
there was a different gioip for ea. h I
death had occasion to witness the
whole gamut of human emotion as It
was displayed In tl.os ultimate mo
ments. Five of those who died were men con
victed of the cowardly murder on Nov.
i of Mrs. Mary Hall In the gemote old
mansion where she lived near tne shores
of Croton Lake; the sixth of their
number. Santa Zanzara, had gone to his
fate ahead of thm on July s. One, John
W. Collins, a giant WSl Indian negro,
paid hta life to the State for the cow
ardly murder of Policeman Mlnheal
I.ynoh. whom he killed In a drunken
frenzy last July. Joseph Ferrons had
to face the chair bscauss hs murdered
his wife whsn she refused to support
him at ths expense of her soul.
It was about fifteen mlnutss befora 6
when Warden Kennedy lad the first
group of witnesses through the echoing I
luri.uuia lu mm UU1 nOUSS. J h' fl e '
in ono by one and took t.irlr places be
hind the rope which atparates the wit
ness from ths varnished oak chair.
There was a whlapered signal, one
of the assistants rstlrsd and In a mln
ute there was the shuffle of slippered i
feet In ths corridor outside the death I
chamber. Thoae waiting within heard j
a strong voire shout "(Jood-bye, alii'
Then Collins, ths negro, entered. He
wa. aecompanled by the llev. Dr.
Huumeyar, ths Lutheran clergyman.
(Continued on Second rag )
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" Circulation Books Open to All."
Tim fresa Pobllshlag
lork World),
Mamie Ransperger Holds Up
Man and Two Boys Till
Help Arrives.
Children So Weak When
Brought to Shore They Are
Sent to Hospital.
MlM Mamie Ransperger, swimming
Instructor In the women's section of
the public baths nt the Kiaat River end
of One Hundred and Thirty-first street,
saved n man and two small boys from
drowning this afternoon before the eyes
of rundreds on shore. For many min
utes she t.n.l to light alone axalust ths
strangle grip of all three while the tide
carried her further away from shore.
Albert Nessage of No. 903 K.nt One
Hundred and Thirty-ninth street snd
William HM.jtt of N !3l East Or.c
Hundred and Thlrty-flf.h sti th
one eight and the other elivi.a years
old, found the baths crow led, so they
whllrd away their time while they vere
waiting by slipping the rope which h-.ld
a rude raft of timbers to tha dock nsar
the baths. They paddled out about 110
feet from the dock's end. There little
Albert iJSt his balance and fell In the
Th boy could not wlm. He was
sinking the second time when the Klllott
l.oy, who can swim a little. Jumped from
the raft and tried to keep his compan
ion's head ftbOVf water. But the terri
fied boy hugged his rescuer so tightly
about the neck that both began to go
Then Henry Klchenberg, a dock la
borer, of No. Ill Southern Boulevard
doffed his overalls and Jumper and
ewam out to where the boys weire light
ing for life. Ilolh gripped him hard
about the neck and, thuugli he partially
supported himself by keeping one hand
on the timber raft he could make no
progress shoreward.
Word of the plight of the three In the.
river was carried Into the baths. Then
Miss liansiierger, forgetful of the fact
that she was clad only In a one-plce
suit, ran out to the cud of the dock,
dived In. and with strong, overhand
strokes, made for the three In distress
Klchenberg's grip on the floating planks
r.ad failed before she reached the man's
side and he waa floundering about, the
half-drowned boys tlll clinging to his
The swimming teacher managed to
tow Elchenber and his rrantlc freight
back to the raft and there she tread
water until Frank Cnstner of No. 6
ltrown place, paddled out to her aid
on another raft. Little Albert Nessege
and Elchenberg were so weak from
exhaustion and Immersion when they
reached the shore that they had to
be taken In an ambulance to Lincoln
Fourtecn-Year-Old Girl Is Run
Over as She Crawls Beneath
Freight Car With Brother.
Ilirriet Revllle, fourteen yesrs old, of
No. 119 Bergen street, Harrison. N. J.,
had both her lugs cut off this afternoon
whlls crawling under one of the cars
of a freight train.
The little girl and her brother, John,
were on their way to the Crucible Steel
Works to carry their father his dinner
When they got to the Ksaex street
crossing of the Pennsylvania Railroad
they found ft freight train stalled at
the crossing. They waited a few min
utes, snd when the train did not move
the hoy suggested thsy craw; under It.
He Ind the way and got out safely on
the other aids. Ths little girl was half
way under when ths train started
Tne boy yelled to the engineer, but
before he attracted his attention the
wheels had paassd nvsr both the girl's
lgs, Slitting them off bslow th knee.
The child did not lose consclnusnet'S.
and her llrst words as she was lifted
from under ths car were "Cover up
my lege so mamma won't know."
The mm her had heard the screams
o? several girls who witnessed the ac
cident nd S9 t" th" crossing as
the girl was carried to A nearby
I uildlng. An ambulance was sum
moned from Ht Michael's HospltHi in
Nswsrk, where the child was Iskvn In
dying condition.
Baseball Star Who Was Stabbed
Fighting Thugs
Rohhers Fail to Get S3,ooo
Deposited in Bank Short
Time Before.
Mrs. Patrick Ward, the wife of a
clerk In the Brooklyn Navy Yard, was
found In the parlor of her home at No
4til Klnventh avenue, Brooklyn, to-day
bound hand and foot and gagiteil.
She was tied up with strips of sheets
from a bedroom upstairs. Whin Mrs
Ward's moihvr-ln-luw discovered the
young woman she seemed to be uncon
scious, but soon responded to treat
ment. There waa a cut on her forehead
anil a bump on the back of lo r head.
"I was out in the yard th s morning, "
she said, "taking down theclotheu from
the line and then attending to the Har
den. Later I went In and wiu busy for a
time In the kitchen. When I went to
the dining room, about U o'clock, two
men Jumped out at me. One of them
struck me heavily over toe back of
the head and after that I don't know
what happened."
The elder Mis Ward ran to the stree;
and callsd for help from no ghbors.
Somebody telephoned for the police, and
Dstectlves Oelsler and Dltmar made an
investigation. They were unable to get
from Mrs. Wsrd any description of the
men who had attacked her
81xty-Hve dollars which Mrs Ward
said she had hidden Pa a side oai d was
I The slder Mrs Ward last week re
ceived IS. 000 in cash on account of a
buednrss deal. She was downtown de
positing It In a bank. She believes
1 that because she had talked In the
I neighborhood about having the money
at her son's house, robbers were look
ing for It and uttn ked her daughter
on that account.
Had Clans to Ladder I nder Meter
When She Naslc.
Tjou'.se Brsier, sixteen years old, of
No. ss pynehon avenue, fie Bronx, waa
drowned this afternoon a: llirzu'i
Beach, near Clason Point, lt"r motbsr
! went out to look for the lrl g'htll shs
' did no; return from bathing snd found
I ths water-wings wY -'i i e h i I
Hunting lowttlii me shore. !:;': t oil i. I
IAS girl's body at the bottom of a In I
der near a diving stage llf hid I p.
pxrently sbMPSd the lad.', i ii , -t,
I first sink and preventei Um.vil Lvui
i OtUAlM M U glirfMs,
iiiimiuir niiTMiPPi UKUWN WHILc Lire
in Auto Hold-Up?
Charges Will Be Preferred
Against Guard Who Was
Pushed Into Water.
Victor Koertoe. a fireman of the crew
ot the Daniel H l.amont. of the Quar
termaster's Derailment of the I'ultsd
States Army, was utile i Mining a thiong
of women gathered at the end of ths
recreation pier at the foot of Kast
Twenty-fourth street by fan'y diving
and swimming this afternoon when he
was suddenly llesed with a cramp and
Thomas J. Brennan Is the life saver
employed by the Ixnk Ieprtment on
the pier, und It Is charged against him
by Cnpt. Jack'on of th supply boat
Wahawah of the 1'nlted Jiates Kn-
g neerlng Department that he failed lo
go promptly to Koertoe's rsgCUS .la' k
I son it, lares he had to push ll-ntinan
Into ths water and that no effoit was
made to throw the drowning man a
, life preserver. When Ja'-kt-on tried to
i get down one or the life belts provktnt
i by the city for rescue purpose he
found It so tightly knotted and fagtsnSU,
hs says, that he OOUld not pry It loose.
All of the life preservers, said the army
skipper, seemed to have been provided
tor decorative effect
Koertoe had been swimming In the
river with John Hss and Patrick
Burns, nisi of the crew of ity Daniel
S lAtnunt. They swam In toward the
Twenty-llfth ItTOOt pier. Orhsn Koertoe
slatted for the head of the recreation
p'rr and began perform ng a series of
water stunts. Koertoe WM s.vlmnilng
on his back. Shsn he sodden!) ghol his
nands up snd h i nk
.t first t ie wntohsri thought it was
lull another stunt, but In n few laoondl
he eamo to the surfgoa again, and It
w is seen Ills bodv wai rig d T' on
lookers, who rosllsod thi ntgn'i porll,
s r. .tine i for ggglgtnnoi Bronnnn
nearhv. clad In the garb of a live saver
Cjpt. JaUon was also on r,1 per
fully dressed. Ill gy ne shouted to
felronngn to go nvsrbmird while he r
movsd some of iis 'loilvng t'ist Hren-
1 nan hung bg 'k and would not jump n
1 Untl be was pushed,. U) It,- lime he
did get In the HHlet and :o tt Km r-
toe : h lstter i dea I.
Brtnnnn gsnlss be had to i,. aushsd
Into tin- rlVtr and sgplglni hi hrslta.
t'on on Ihe ground
see shorn i norti .
tnat ie MUI4 tint
went dawn s ol was
uniting for nia body to eom- ip hofOro
he dive I for him Cg.pt, Ja. kson
re port sd the sggg tn sup: Mnnlgy of thg
Dock D. psrtmert Brennan n is bu ll
niiloysd on lbs pier only a snwit tins
Circulation Books Open to
nnwm '""LL.
Boston Express Derailed in
Park Avenue Cut; Many
Climb Ladders.
Showers of Sparks Terrify
Women and Children
Thrown in Heap.
Ths value of steel ears was mads
manlfeat In the Park avenue tunnel to
day when th ninety-ton electric loco
motive pulling the Boston midnight ex
press Jumped ths tracks at ths Fifty
fifth street entrance to ths Orand Csn
tral ststlon yards and plu.iged along
over the ties for one hundred and fifty
feet, pulling a baggane oar and a Pull
man sleeper aftsr It and brsaklng up
the train.
The three hundred passangsrs on ths
train were Jolted about by n series of
tsrrinic Jars, but nuns was Injured Nor
ware any of ths cars damaged aav ths
one baggage ear. which caught fir.
Thsre were, however, n few minutes of
terror for the passengers on the train
owing tn the flnmss that Isaped up from
the third rail and tha cannonading of
cross-circuit that shot sprays of
sparks high in ths air.
The Hre that followed the sisctrlc dis
play as ths big locomotive ploughed
slong over the llv roll, brssklng It off
In ssversl pieces, drsw a relay of ap
paratus, In chsrgs of Battalion Chlsf
Duffy, and scarss of ladders wre 1st
down Into the cut for th frlghtsnsd
psassngsrs to climb up. Practloally all
the three hundred passengers on ths
train made their escape to tha street on
the ledders or by w y of the Flfty-elxth
street stairways.
The electrlo locomotive Jumped ths
trsck at the double cross-over Just
at. .ve Klfty-nrth traet. The locomo
tive wss driven by Frank O'Brlsn of
New Haven, who had hooked up to ths
ten-car express at Stamford. The train
waa a few minute behind schedule, and
O'Brien had come down through ths
tunnel at good speed.
Making toward the yard asrltnhss h
hsd shut off the power, but the momen
tum of the heavy train had curried him
along at above ten inllea en hour. It Is
bsllsved that one of tha frogs of the
iiwltchss cracked snd this threw the
wheels of the locomotive off th trank
and It pounded along over the ties with
a tremendous bumping that ahlverad
through the entire train.
The Jarring threw many of the pas
senger In the seven sleeper nut of
their borth. Men and women standing
In the alb were piled down on lop of
on another and could not regain thalt
feat until the derailed locomotive had
straddled a concrete parapet and exsin
to n full stop. The baggage car an I
in of the Pullmans left th rail after
the loromotlve and Jammed up behind
II. The real of the train ploughed uljng
at an acute angle on ths cross ov.ir.
The explusluns and DTOaSaOJrOUltlng be
gun Immediately Ihe locomotive left the
:rack and continued for fully ten min
ute afterward, when the power was
tUmod off. There wa enough flam to
set th baggage car ahlain end the'
burning insulation flilcd the air with a
heavy, acrid smoke.
As th pangers plied out showers
Of sptrks and Mushes of flame met
them on every hand, but they had not
long to wait for t..e arrival of the flre
i: en. A man on a bridge over the cut
had witii'-ssed the gocltfonl snd jumped
to an alurin box. Klremer and police
men climbed 'own Into tl ut to ns-
nl the women and Children and gul l
tl.em lo the lad Lis and stall ways. A
wrecking crew and a yard gun r rrlved
almost Immediately 0 aid the nrernrn
In putting out the blase
III less Ihun half an hour after the
locomotive had lumped the frogg eight
of the ln cars of the ggpfeag were
Bgobed lo another track aid drawn
Int i the ill m l I'entr.ll Mi llion and the
work of lift ng the derailed sngtns and
cars bai k n to th. rails was begun.
-ti.- i farBlt'a,l 411,1 ii.irt. ita all ItssnV
stas. 1 h.u.i, Mini tsri'n at. I Brsada
.raxu. i. I oeh r . 'ti lot 1 .a..... gag p.) r
.41 j lit 11. In Taae .... K..i.. ni.e.r'.
la an I I r. , II. r 1-l.s.aa. 1 Ue Vi ., trai
Whitman Is Looking Into Sudden
Wealth of Five Inspectors and
Two Civilian Attaches of
the Department
Assistant District-Attorney to Guard
Schepps From Hot Springs Against
"System's" Vengeance.
So close has the graft trail approached Police Headquarters that fire
police inspectors, with an uptown business man as intermediary, haw
approached a leading law firm with an offer of a retainer of 820,000 lo
look after their interests. This fact became known to-day through an
A prominent Republican politician is a member of the law firm.
The police officers,' it is explained, are retaining counsel because they
feel tnat tne lime is approacninjf, when the District-Attorney, with an
accumulation of evidence that has been pouring in from all skies, will
give their names to the press and force them into the open.
When the Aldermanic Committee which is to investigate the matter
of police graft in connection with wide-open gambling and vice condi
tions met this afternoon, it was admitted that Kmory R. Buckner, one
of District-Attorney Whitman's assistants, had the inside track for the
appointment of counsel to the committee
Mr Rucknsr has
been one of Mr.
Whitman's mainstays In the prosecu
tion of bin cases. He Is a Itepuhllran
and before Joining the District-Attorney's
staff was In the office of the
Culled Htalea District-Attorney and
aided In he sugar fraud Investlgstlon
ami other noted cases.
Although at present connects! with the
District-Attorney's office. Mr. Buckner
will bs free to lake up the Aldermanic to New York end says he Is willing to
work, aa hta resignation has been In I waive extradition. Apparently there In
Mr. Whitman's bands sines July 1. At nothing In the way of the Dlstrlot
that time it was Mr. Buckner'a lirtcn- ' Attorney's men making an eerly start
Hon to retire, from the office of the j for New York with their prtsonsr.
public prosecutor on Oct. 1 and enter CHAUFFEUR CONFIRMS ROSEN
PrWh!: "iTuckn.r appeared to be! AL'S GRAFT STORY.
,. choice of the major.,, or fegfrl MfST 1"
llcan-Fu on strsngth of the committee, i " " againei
. .. i ... k.a . , 'Lieut. Becker has been obta ned by
the Democratic minority had a list of,., r.i...i. ... .
! the District-Attorney from Michael
...me. of sm.nsnt coun... to .ubm.t. , rrawUy, a Uslc. chauffeur who
Alderman I rsnk 0g1taf, h Tl fr '
many spokesman of th. committee, ..Id ., at s, . TJL3
th.t any or tn. louowtng uwyer. would
suit him end hi. associates a. counsel
to the committee
William (J. (luthrle
Wllll.m B. Elll-
M. I.lnn Bruce, Samuel I'ntermyer.
W. Oshortie. Ulnar i hrystle.
I'halrman of the uneven, . Committee
of tne Bar Asao.lallon. Joseph II
I'hoate, or Menrge W. Kerrbwey, for
mer Dean of Columbia Law School.
Mr Bu' kner was selected counsel to
1st 'ommlttee by a party vol Tho
Democrat voted for John I'urroy Mit
chel. The flrt pilhlle meeting of the A d '
manb' c'onmilttee will be tield on Friday.
Aug 13 an ominous day aal date for
The appointment of Mr Rueknof
mean that Dlslri t-Allornev Whitman
till he the roal nrSS back of the
Aldormnntg Innulry, He win uo the
Inojulry m help out his own Invogtlgn
lions and at the same lime will ateer
It so tha tthe two proc. sse. win not
MM Ml t.
Jack " Itoae. "Bridal" v7obbgf and
Harry Vallon are to he called bgfofl
Ihe ilr.ind Jury ii-morrow No more
murder ln liciments are likely until the
return of San. S. btg.Bg. as gig testi
mony bofong the liruucl Jury la consid
ered of value
W illiam J Burns, the dele. live, will
ajga ps a Qrbsd J ir gltAeSI to-mor-rnw
A despatch to Tie Kvenlng World
from Hot Spying! stales that District
Altornoi Wh.tman has wire! acting
lli)' 1'tttlt of Hut town to turn Sam
oi.a4iti evav vy u aacta-g bsviMi
credentials from the District Attorney
of New York County. According to th
Hot .Spring Information, a detective
from the District Attorney Is due Is
Utile Itock to-dsy to ask for sgtradttlova
paper, but detail are lacking on that
point, a It la not apparent that Oov.
Dig of New York haa made any rrqulal.
Hon on the Uovernur of Arknnsaa fOr
Kchepp. the Hot Spring, dispatch
, stales. Is Impatient to be on ths war
, rr Wy ,
i Jurjr ,,,,. , ..
will tell that
early In May he was summoned to Ro
senthal's home ill V,. IA1 11'. .. --
I ,. ,,.. , n.,w., . . , ' . ,
I or,ler,.,. . .
apol In Korty-.Uth .treeL a here I.l.ut
Becker, who was waiting, climbed
Frawley wss directed to drive down
Hlxih avenue. He heard Hossnthal and
k' '" blttgf argument in the eab
which lasted until he reached Wash
ington Square. He thought the men
would come to M iws. This absolutely
contirm. Roaantksl'a declsrstlon that
he fell out with Meeker after the April
raid and thai their friendship was nnally
ruptUTi n M argUntSIH during a cab
Dm ItatVtemenl Schepp. has made has
contused the Hot Springs officers.
"Yog -an m.irk the data, on ths Mb
Of I'. bruary all this Invcstlgallon will
Hop," he deciare.1. put refused to am
plify the assertion.
At torn sy Bernard sanji.r, counsel for
H h. pps. showed lo-uny copies of tele
grams SH hanged with his client. Ho
wired Rchnpps ,eslerday a follows
from New London, Conn.. her tho
new of Schepps's arrest reached him
while he w is on a fishing trip:
Do nm talk to any person until
you arrive In New York and see
Whitman, with whum siltsey
arrangements ' .ve been mads In
your behalf
Mr. Sandler recelvt the following
telegram from Schepp. to-day In reply:
Jtour telegraa received. Will

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