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-.. Whitman for tn hour prior to the
opening of the Orand Jury eeaalon to
day. This I the t'trd lone session the
Ulstrl't-Attornry has held with Burns
a In two .
!(' Rose -.-! nridg.e" Webber
tT were taken from MM WBBI Bid" Prison
" to the Criminal Courte Building IBM
" aftrrn-Ti, 'n flfNIlN of "'aa '
' the Pletrrt-Attornev to use them a. wlt
neeaee before IBB tlrand Jury. The two
" Informers UN In the iiatndy of A Mitt-
ant IiiatrU-l-Altornejr Jama fmlth ai.d
letrtive I,elgh, who had furnished a
tasirah lor them.
v Ai Koee and Webber an jnd out of
the prison door Into 'lent Klfiy-thlrd
street they looked about apprehensively.
A crnwd numtwrlng a OBBSto of hun
dred had gathered, hul ,r was no
rt mnnstratlon Hoth the prisoners n
. attired In nealy pressed garments and
i bad evidently made themselves up eare.
L fully for their Iret public sppraram-a
I. t'.ncf their r mfeeelon.
I Smith and Leigh stepped hark aa Itnw
ajid Webber -llmlied Into tha can and
thrn followed them In. Tha rhauffeur
I started off at a gn at rata, swung Into
Klghth avenue and nwn distanced a
crowd of pursuing boya.
Harry Vallon was not taken from Dal
prlaon. Ha had eaprrted tu go, but the
plaria e-err changed at tha laat nrtnuta.
Bealdaa tha w -t side s ivti n flank
. aocnunt, money belonging to Marker
haa been located In a branch Of tha
Chelsea KsXhungc Hank, In the Kmplra
tlty Savings Hank and In the branch
f tha Corn Kxchange Bunk at linn
Hundrad and Forty-third atreat ami Am
tardan. avanua. Tha IMatrlut-Attornay
has alao discovered a strong box In tha
I uptown- branrh of tha Madison Hafs
7epoaat Vaults nt FteVenty m.l atraat
and Broadway, win ah eontalna elthar
money, accurlttes or papora belonging
to Hacker.
The aafe depoalt vault was ranted na
Hoy. 24. It waa visited fourteen tlrnea
either by Hec ker or hie wife up to
June 11. The laat call waa made on that
dale Although no attempt haa bran
made to reach the vault alnca He. ker
VII Inili tel. tha Hlatrli't-Attnrney hai
pieced a guard at tha entrance of rhe
bank, with tha oonoent of Manager
It la known that the offlelalj of banki
In which Hacker carried aceounta have
' been aurumonrd to give evidence bafora
, the Grand Jury, but other bankera have
alao bean approached by the District
4lJ Attorney. They have not appeared In
I the open, but It la known that they are
connactrd with bank In which certain
jj police officials and peraona cloae to
fr. police official! carry ecoounte or havt
mt, carried aceounta
Concarntni aanaatlonal raporta clrru-
lated within rhe paat wwek William J.
' Huraa. the detective, aald to an Kve-
;' Wkrlil reporter to-day In hla of-
flc Xo. II Park Row:
-They are all Ilea, downright lias and
9aWMM Tou eanniit make my denial
J o atrong. It uaa tha aame way In San
2y Franvleoo during the graft lnveatlga
.Ai "ln" xrT'- Wh"" ' HonveT any evl-
'dence I aha!! tranamlt It to Judge Whit-
mi l and to no one elae.'
. "Have you dierovrred any funda of
two ponce inapcctnra In a aiorage ware.
houie?" waa aaked.
L "Of courae not." waa tha reply. "What
next will they Invent"
Mr. Huina added that bo had nexer
Sfwl a (ambling Lome, aa waa rrported,
and paid graft money to a police In-
' apcetor: further, that ha had never re
ported to Judge Whitman that the men
,; "higher up" were a lawyer, a police
nflltla! and u hotel proprietor. 11a alao
dented other rj-porla, gagli h ha char
actarlaeil ai pure Inventlona.
A former and dlai hargad employee of
Mr. Hurna la believed ly he re-punalbl
for at Iraat two of the acnaatlonal ar
tlclea. No representative af the Police He-
partment haa been aent to ITot Hprlnga,
Ark., after Ham Hcheppa that la, no
police officer has been sent by the
Police Department. Helectlva AI
Thomaa of the Central office la on hla
way to the health raaort to get Hcheppa.
but be la detailed to tha District-At
torneys office and acta as the Dlatrlet
Atmrnej msasenger, with the consent.
Of course, of t'oinmlaaloner Waldo.
"We haven't sent an officer to Hot
Sprlnia for Hrheppa," aald Deputy
Commtaeloner Dougherty to-day, "and
wa .lun . Intend tu. Ucheppa, while he
la warned for a crime, la alao wanted
by the DlaU-ict-Attorney aa a material
.I..- ,,,7 ,( .. ... KITH 111.11
'i. i.- In X'eui Yolk itrirl t.r..iitit ti'it. I
lato Headquarters I should havs turned
him over to the District-Attorney with
out a minute's delay. Ha la Mr. Whit
man's prisoner.
"I got a telngram from ths Chief
of J'ullce of Hut Springs telling me
,.r n .i,. ,, ....... u , .
... ,w n !! neium anaweriTlg
11 1 aent yratarday to ave Mr Whit-,
"man to get hla advice, because 1 am,
working hand in hand with him. He '
waa nut in hla office and I left a note
for him."
It will be Friday before Sam s I,, ppg
fcr strives from Hut Springe In the hands!
of Mr. Whitman's trio of special depu
ties. If tie corroborates the essential !
points In the atorlaa told by Hoa
ebber and Vallon, many bellava there
Will be nolhlng left for Becker, If he
wains to save himself from the chair,
but to make a clean breaat and te I
everything he knows.
Mr. Whitman says he has foun , .
otbar aye wltneas to the Ituaenthai , .
der. lie will not reveal the man'a name '
and will not him before the Orand '
Jury. The first time he iella hla a:ory
... j.a.ou win um uu in., wivneaa aland In
CMcaao Maa Oossilrte With (iorera- j
aneat In Washing Rolled Nnaiy.
OHICAOO, Aug. 13 -A "greenlwck '
Isundry" has been opened In thla ,.ty ;
aa an experiment. The laundry la oper- i
a.ed In tha aamt- manner aa the one In '
tbt Treasury Department at Washing
tou. where greenback wlilch have be
come soiled In trade are washed and
Ironed and returned aa good s new.
give lliuueainl ilunaii in mm ranging
In danomlnatlona from i to tx were
launuarad for one national hank v...
terday. Tba machine la said to b '
capaoie oi launaeruuL iu.uuu per day
aauHi wiua.
Publication of "Jack Rose"
I. f Hers Hreach of Faith,
Says Fugitive.
CeOtdy GuardeJ Apainst At
tempt at Suicide in Hot
Springs Hotel.
HOT sritrvoft, Ark., Aug. 13 -Bam
etcheppa, held n . .at ly by the police
here na a material wltneas In tho Borr'.
t ii i-l murder . aaa, tn-riay authorlled tha
full iwlng statement for the Aaanclated
"I want to aay that every eeneatlonst
atory that haa lytan aent it from Hot
eirlng, no matter try whom, wirh
ouotea me, either d ractly or Indirectly,
aa having made any rnnfaaalnn ef uiv
connection aa regarda tallica craft, white
slave traffic and so on. 1 brand aa ma
liciously false, made out nf whole eioth
and tnanufai tunrd from garbled reports
got t.y i know not wtiom.
"1 want the newapapera to know for
a certain act that thla Intemiaw, which
I am wlUng to dan and swear to. U the
first and only utaUrnetit made by me to
the representative at any newwoaner
preaa aasoclatlon whatever Aa een.nl.
tha killing of Herman Ruaenthal, I have
made no nfaaikn. 1 have nothing to
onfaaa. Mr. WiKman knmva thla Th
newaiiaper man who have asked me for
soma atatemeint know It, but I think
some of them wanted to maks a little
money out of rntasttcm.ntc.
Winn I waa taken In cuatoilv ITae!
master Jonnson took from me a letter
t received from Jack Roae and a rapl
1 had written to him. He nmmiaed ta
eaal them In an envelope and liold them
utiject to Dlitrtct-Attornay Walunan's
oioers. I. rearing some aenteticn la
those letters might be misconstrued by
thoae not knowing everything connected
with tha Roaanthal caaa, raquastad that
they be returned to me or lvnn In tha
oars of Police Oafttain Oeorta Howell
or ollc Chief Leonard. Thla aasa
"I waa jaoworUbs, not knowing
whether any rharstes hail been
against me. I understand theae letters
nave been used. I want to sav that
their use waa. In my opinion, lllagal
and llhelloua My attorney will examine
this feature when I return to New Vork.
"I fear no person or agant In New
Vork Oly, but slnoe It esema to be legal
that Mr Whitman haa a rleh. ... ,a..
mand that 1 be given into hla cuatody
aa a wltneas, I have demanded my right
as a detained wltneis aealnai ,
charge of crime has or can be made.
. .r. ,i,rn me custody of none ex-
epi air Whitman's authorised re.,e
1 want to repent that ihi. i. .. ..i
authorlred atatement I liave made foe
the representative Of aliv n.w.n.e...
or preaa aaaoclallon.
CHlgiiedi "KA m Sanat sxsasMi m
loIlce t'aptaln Howell ...
guard for "cheiios. Item ,.i.. . ....
prisoner tc-.lnv
"Nix, am," Howell wsrri d 'jc.henpe
aa pac ing Iwck ami forth like a . aa-ad
animal ..he prisoner droppe.1 Into a aeut
In a window casement. "Vaj can't gut
close enough to uwl window to all
"All right. Bill." Schepps weartly re
sponded, and again took up hi. patu
long a centre wall, murmuring: "Hot
aa the tllutlo."
H. hcpp. a a. taken for an hour's ride
M" lrug In the mountains at mid.
Developments In Kcheppg'a detention
were expected to take more definite
nrm with u urtvaj to-day or u 3
Rubin, AsaUitnt Dlstrlct-Attorne) , and
lietectlvea . tea.t ailrt Thomas. Kven
-ooiini poneg omcrra from New Vork get
to Hoi etprlnga ahead of Whitman's
rem. -dilative,. it la not believed
Mnappi will M turned over to the
former, a 1 ' .i ...... ... 1..1
MM Hhapfal technically as a KeJ-ral J
, . '. . "iffl 'l he held
for the Hlnrlct-Attortuy'. dUpualtlon
BoSaap, , hotf) n (
town aJatrlOt, but not on Iht Govern,
rnent reaervatlon. While the belief lx
kpraaaad in mi( official quarters ihn
n"ne of the authorities here would con
nan! to his delivery to the NP v,.rS
police, In ra of Whitman', advices
othera aseert that procedure could bt
fought to compel such deltvery.
Itnnard II. Bsndler" counael for Ham
m .-i-i-, ien ii.r not .Siiriiu, thla noon.
Ihe lawyer evldcnty mends to Instruct
I he prisoner aa to hla rights and also
prevent him from idling hla atory
BofOro having hla office. No -t
rtroaawar, Mr landlor sent the follow.
n telegram to Kcheppa. add- -ase.1 In
c . of the Cfciaf of Pduooi
Am leaving f,,r Hot Springs at
opes. Don't talk tj lt.tbln ur any
other person and don't leave for
New York until I arrive.
The lawyer at the same time sent Ihe
following telegram to Chief of I'olic,
Loonnid if Hot Springs:
Hold H,m Sohappi pending niy
arrival at Hot Spiings
The Rubin maiHIonod In th first tel
egram la Aaalatsnt District. Attorney
Itu.iln. ho waa sunt yesterday to Hot
Hnrlnga with let,ttve Thomas of the
District-Attorney's offlee.
Taft llnauvta W. K. I.aadls ua th
Cbaraa of Nealeetlua Uullee.
WAftlllNdTON. Aug. It - President
Taft hn removed from office V. K
I.amlla. PoetiiiuNter .1 u . a. .
. . . . . , . 11 r 10
Rico, and haa nominated It. H. Todd or
Porto Ittco In hla place. Charges
reached tha White Houaa that Landls
waa naglejtlng big duties.
Throng Outside Chapel in Mulberry Street
Where Five Electrocuted Men Lie in State
gV '
Aldermanic Committee Coun
sel Wants Facts and Asks
Citizens' Help.
"It la srlthln the power of every fill
ten who wants better conditions In kdl
city to enroll In a volunteer mlHtla to
aalst our Investigation," to-day de
clared Emory K. lluckner. the young
lawyer wlu liaa been appointed counsel
to the Aldermanic Committee of Investi
gation Into the Police Department. "No
matter what trend our Investigation
takes. It will accept the help of any o?ie,
no matter luw slight that help may
be. W'n want every one who known any
thing about the subjects we delve Into
to come forward and tell u. That's
the only way we oun really accomplish
something big and lasting.
"I was named as counsel less than
twenty-four hours ago. yet I have
been deluged with FOQIsMtg from people
to tell them what I am going tu do.
How can 1? If 1 were to try to work
out a complete plan of oafftpalvn I
should be giving the best poasible proof
of my Inefficiency for the undertaking.
Nobody knows exactly what he shall
"WO are fudng uu anortxtOttg task.
It requtna extensive preparation, close
study and energy to organise a ma
chinery for procuring evidence, l-'or.
althoiiKh, as 1 s.il.l, It Is within the
power of people uenerally to give 11
great help, we c.tn only rely on their
voluntary assistance. We have alao
got to go uut and collect the evidence
' want. Wo will have 10 lot togothM
our own force to do bo-.tseistiint
counael, clerks, stenographers and de
tectives." Then the committee expects to have
Its own dOtOOtlVd force, iBdapondOBI Of
the Dlatrlct-Attoi nej ."' aai. d The Eve
ning World roportor.
"I don't know," Mr. lluckner an
swered. "1 can't say anything ileflnitc.
Why, the MaifOf hasn't OVOB llfnsd the
tntroprlotlon for tho work. Mr. Cur ran,
CkoJrntaa of the committee, gnd 1 will
coneult with Corporation Connsol Wat
son. We'll know inure utter Juil."
"Wo often hear said uf the ,,,r.
than ten thousand polli omofl in N't .v
Work all but a small minority are
honest, courageous, able and lnt.-i-eated
only In doing their uuty f.
rlcltntly. Are they'.- Thia u,, v ,.,
built largely on tradition uuu public
rumor. What gro the tacts behind If
What are the facta boglnd tho..,. fuels.
Arc there 111 tually nine InOttggBd ..11
clem polieomon In Now fork ami a
thousand, or more dlehom-.-t or nogll-
genti' hononl onoot
"We never have had any facts heal
ing upon this point, Just aa we never
have had fgOU bearing upon a Who) I
lot of other points Involvad In similar
Invaattfatluna of tho paot"
"Do ou think yon egg s tpplemenl
the work of the IHrt.-l t-Att irnsy In
laying Vara OOgditlong III the Pollc
I iei I rtinent ?"
"Well. I shouldn't aay OUpplOmgOlt
that's the Wrong w.ird," Mr Huckn r
replied. "The I iiel r.ct - A t torney la
charged with the puntlhtnont of crime
Ha la bound by Ihe rulgi of OVldonet
and court procedure, and DftOg nil
anurta an- Bgrrowod by tgoio faitrlc
lions. In an InvOOtlMllOg inch .1 ... 1
wa ran go as far as we 111 e. In this
freedom of actl m, 1 th.uk, w e ah ill
turn up much evldeti a Ohloh lha D
telet- Attorney will not be Me I. nj
"The committee has the power of
subpoena ami may have a grltnatO ad
Judged In contampt If he refuses to
answer questions. Wa have the author
ity of a court 04 law, without ths ham-
perlng restrictions of court proceeding
Then, .too. we shall be able to bring
more publicity upon tha matters we
Corporation Counsel "Watson, it waa
aald to-day. will not only be represented
at tha Investigation dally by hlmaelf or
an asHlatunt. or both, but hla staff of in
vcslKntorg will be employed to conduot
Independent Investigations and go deep
er Into conditions than might suit tho
"polltlcnl temperament" of certain mem
bers of the committee.
False Alarm That One of Gan
bier's Slayers Had Been Arrested
Causes Big Crowd to Gather.
A big crowd waa collected at tha
Battery to-day by a falae report that
one uf the Itoaenthal murder auapecta
had been arrested at Kills Island. The
fact waa that Domiuick Muslatanl, who
had been In this country three years,
working on railroads In Pennsylvania,
had iiuairelled with an immigration
Inspector who was not quick enough
In helping him llnd a newly arrived
cousin. When tho Inspector pushed
him away from the entranca of the
detention pens Muamtanl put his hand
to his hip pocket. He was seize! and
searched and a revolver was found.
The Kills Island poll-.- telephonel .
the illy for police help, and Detecilve
Sergta Hiommorhnp and Tagllanl were
hurried over to get him. The man said
all the people of hla race carried re
volver In IVnna 1 aula and that he
dl I not know he was breaking tha law
of thla Slate. He was handcuffed and
brongnt back to the Harge Office. The
detectives had to Sghl their way
through the excited multitude which
h id gathered In the lower end of (lat
tery Park before they could get him
Into a patrol wagon to take him to
Police He idii'iarter.
Took His Employer! Auto Out tor
a Spin W ithout Owner's
founts Judge Xaftngg Dike of Itroik
lyn. hnn lid a body blow to Joy riding
chauffeurs In his court to-day when hp
oontonogd RtOhgfd Kenny of No. HtG
Pgclfla itrooi to serve eleven months
and twenty-eight days In the peniten
tiary for taking Ml employer's automo
bile out for 11 spin wllhuut permlaalon.
Thla constitutes grand larceny In the
second dogTOO according to the law put
Into effect lag! year.
.lames Andi roon of No. Sal Fortieth
st net, South Brooklyn, was the com
plalnanl in this cnoo, Ho loaUOod that
though Kenn did no harm to the Car,
h.- h.nl used it without permis
sion and And irsOn said he was deter
mined to make an example of his
chuufft in. In HOAtonolgfJ Kunjiy Judge
Dike said:
"Tour profytgaion hss a large number
of ogsfoluni gnd proftooional otwhg in
lit ranks. Many recent crimes have In
VOlvad rrlm.nal ihauffrurs. I snouid
think the m. n of inur proteas'nn would
null' to nurgo thtlr numbori of the
tlmln ila uat aa th, men of the Police
Departmsnl should purgsj their rauka of
iita ofonhod polieomon.'1
stag oh nao l ta -..i.h,t DtwihsMd) tn
PrlVgtO Oliver ll. Jmica uf Porches-
ter. Miss, g member Of the Signal J
(Tor-Mi waa drown this afternoon I
while trvi.ia to twin the llouraioiilc 1
Itlcr at y.i 11 In tit;-. The euglneeis
eic iiuiiiiiiig .1 pontoon bridge ovor'
the rlv.r, but Jongg waa lnipat'eit to'
gi '. across. Tilli ng off his Uniform.
he plgngod Into the w.itor.
About midstream he began to cry,
for help Sovorgj follow sgiMtuvnon I
awiim 10 nis saaiotaneo. hut he went
no 1. 1 Kfforta are being made to And I
the body. This Is tie fliat fatal. tv of
the e ' mpgldn.
Word has Just been received at head,
quarters of tho rapture of a Hail aa'j ug
train by the Mines near Stevenson, on.
the north of Derby. The Utiles hkVO
formed a Itrond 1 n of difenae against
the Rod Invgdor, who nave baag
'tes- ng the brldl .it Derby sine
oarly morntggf,
111 vli Meat Prices siileld. Cause.
BPR1 aOKIBLD, Ma, Aug. lS.-Pe-
l i Ot, .i fording to his frlen -.,
from worrying over the high price of
nn at, .1 une , N though, a butcher, cut
hla throat with a rasor yesterday. I
dying soon after. lis had been In
business here lor fifteen yeera.
(Continued from First Page.)
gravaten stomach and kidney trouble.
Hla mental condition was not helping
him at all, for he worr ed greatly. Ha
waa despondent.
Uut though he was ay 1 1 paat slity hla
rugged constitution atood hint Ip good
stead. For two months tie waa In tha
hands of Dr. Plaggmeyer. who then op
erated on him. Ills recovery waa alow,
but tha operation waa aaaanssiiri I a
July Mr. Brady fait ao no ba called
jj an tne kids In the neighborhood of
the hospital and fed thorn on lea cream
and sent them away laden down with
When Mr. Brady was discharged from
tha hoapltal Dr. Plagermevee
panted him. .Last week, however, the
specialist threw up tha job, discharging
r. urauy aa a well man and idling
mm ne coum eat anything he wlahad.
Was "Diamond Jim" happy? What's
tha use of asking? The answer is sim
ple: He was. Last Thuradav nirht h.
gave hla first big dinner a. the Van
derbllt Hotel, among his guests being
Charles H. Mellen. President of the New
York, New Haven and Hartford Rail
road; Mrs. Mellen and a number of
other friends. The menu ran the gamut
of gastronomic emotions, from can
teloupe to demi-tasse, with all the rtg
turea In between. Including champagne.
"Diamond Jim" didn't miss a course.
And this from a man whose poor
little "tummy" had previously turned
up Its tig 1r.1t. v.. note at toast, unless
It previously had been well soaked In
aterlllied milk!
It was no wonder to hla friends,
than, when "Diamond Jim" Brady sent
his little tip to Johna Hopkins. Tha
"tip" was In the form of a check for
tfilO.OOttthe biggest "tip" tha world haa
ever known. It la to be applied to tha
ward In Johns Hopkins In which stom
ach and kidney troubles are treated.
"Diamond Jim" Brady gave another
dinner party to his friends last nlgnt.
It was h une dinner, too, acdurdlng to
those who were present, and Mr. Brady
enjoyed every morsel of It. Then ha
went to a show and later IM nice little
"bird and bottle" to prove he could eat.
He got to bed about 1 o'clock.
By H o'clock thla morning Mr. Brady
had left for his office at No. 170 Broid
way. He got there before the earlleat
clerk, read his accumulated mall, sold
a lot of steal cars, attended a board
And then went uptuwn to punish
another big luncheon.
Krllay night he gives another big
dinner at the Hotel VanderbllL He
Isn't going to have to diet until then,
though, to do Justice to that dinner.
He expects to be eating three big meals
every day for the next thirty or forty
Neve .Mikado's Appointments.
TOKIOi -lapan, Aug. 11 Kmperor Vn
ahlhlto to-day Issued an edict addresaeo
to Pyfjroo Kadan.iru Fushlml, I'rlnce
Takehito Arlsug.ova. both elder states
men, and Premier Marquis Klnimaoh.
aialonji, oxpresslng hla gratitude for
their aervlcea to the late Krnpcror Milt.
Ittttltg and reiueatln the lontlnuaiKe
ot their devotion to himself and the Ja
panese nation Prince Taro Katsura,
'uiiiier I'retnler, waa appointed to-dav
Lord Keeper of tho i'rlvy Seal an i
I.md hauibprlsln In succession tu
I'rlnce Ham-nnrl ToltudaUl, who resigned
from the office.
I Iml Put r let I'rielrl'a llndr. I
The body nf Patrkk Krawle. twenty.)
four, Of N" i-t West Forty-n!u I street, !
waa found tloatlng jff Conajy street at j
Itmkawiiy Ueaeh early to-1iv. I'':nwley
an In bathing yesterday and was saatn
to sink. I.lte-savers dived but 'nied to'
find him
The safest and most
refreshing drink theae
hot days is
hot oa 10ID.
..-a jBsTggggl
Fnp nfw wmm
1 uu 111.11 uiumnuii
Thousands Throng Chapel to
Gaze on Mrs. Hall's Slayers
and Chip In for Funeral.
Undertaker Plans Burial With
Band Playing Dirge in
Procession Saturday.
"Povera gentl! Povera allora!" thay
exclaim, which In Rngllah meana "Poor
fellows. It's too bad!"
Candles gutter and flaro weirdly and
tho sounds of weeping arid mumbled
prayers hlenxl with the chink of colna
In tha Improvised chapel at tha rear
of an undertaking establishment at
No. 3M Mulberry street t6-day. Al
ways there pj tha shuffling of feet,
hundreds of feat, of tha grieving and of
the merely curious.
In nve open caskets, draped In black.
He the shrouded bodies of tha slayers
of Mrs. Mary Hall, who Wera among
the sevan that want to death In tho
electric ohair, one by one, in an hour's
time, Just as tba rising lun waa driving
Mia sombre shadows from Slag Sing
prlaon yesterday.
Those nve wera all well known In
Mulberry street and the neighborhood
around tho undertaking establishment,
where thay now lie In a sort of grlxxly
state, tba candles casting a wavering,
sickly light upon their faces.
Tha five wars brought from tba
prlaon yesterday by Fllllpo Latone,
head of tha undertaking Arm commis
sioned by their friends and relatives.
The bodies ware embalmed and arrayed
In shrouds of the blackeat black. The
rear room was draped In crape and
sombre cloth. A black draped altar
was raised. The candles were lighted
and little silver trays placed on stands,
one at the feet of each dead man, to
receive the offierlngs of the living
wherewith the cost of all their sombre
magnificence is to be defrayed.
Then It waa announced in Little Italy
that thoee who wished might enter and
look upon the dead faces of Lorensl
Callt, Salvatore and Flllpo dl Marco.
Angelo Outsta and Vlncenxa Coma. And
there were many who accepted the In
vitation. The plaoa was thrown open 10
the public early laat night. By this
morning fully one thousand men and
women had filed past the quintet of
aofflna. Borne wept. Soma prayed.
Soma knelt and crossed themselves.
Some merely looked about, interested
but unmoved. Others, with a taste for
the grewaome and blaarre, felt a deli
cious thrill.
And the little silver trays were not
forgotten. There was a steady Jingle of
coins there, only upon aome of the
Dlates the pile of coins waa largar than
pn the othera, indicating that this or
ghat one amjng the dead had won a
wider circle of friends before he was
whisked awiy from the world of sun
JUrht and freodotn to die In "the room
with the little door."
All nve fcodlcs with th?ir scorched
foreheads, whitemd over, but at 111 show
ing contact with electrodes, will be
viewed night and day until Saturday
when the pile of coins Is sure to be
enough. During the day mostly women
came, but to-night the men, who were
born under the same blue skies of
Caltanlvtta, for they are all Sicilians
ami know the dead, will come tu aay
farewell. To them the Ave are not
horrible murderers. They have been
loo-;-. I from their sins and one mortal
sin Is as bad as another.
"There will be Individual donations to
the funeral fund by men of meana who
knew the nve," said Undertaker Latone
this morning, "and then there will be
the popular subscription.
If the collections warrant It there will
be a big funeral for the Ave, with four
''Wis III hn mi can't firil"
fhr play -1 mechaniim, combined with
lite instrument it self, takes its place
pre-rminrrtly at thr most ingeniou..
yet timpltit of all that's best in
: .'syer-pisno construction.
Kaay Paymenta. nook nn Request
Pntr.inee .tMth Mt.. M.V. t'lty
PKiNYA pound mnawr
Special tor Tuesday, Ihe 131b
PI N RA rs-VJB l aaa"
u laaKH
J5i. value elsrwhe-e.
I'linciH.ATKai :m klndai
SO.-, value elsewhere.
i-ifi i. i.iix
"fork" ToTniT7rtTBirW
. uur siuttsi Mt W.urusiy
MUk Chocolate-Covered
Assorted Fresh Fruits
More w hmv a chuic Asrtn.iit of
our I'ramluQi Milk Ohooolat f rut r
(; 'litis. Mors dsllrlousnssi ftnd
iMiiiieMiiillirii ill a hin
nit box than can b auit-
MitMl bv words
horses drawing eai hearse and a band
playing a dirge ItfhUng the proceaaion to
Calvary. Ths funeral will be Saturday,
from Bt. Antbony'o Cburoh la Baxter
The body of Joseph Perrons, who killed
his wife because she would not earn
money on the streets to maintain him In
Idlenooo, waa brought from sing Sing,
where ha, too, was one of the seven, ta
No. t F.ast Forty-second Street, hla
horn, ft hss not haen derided whan htf
funeral will be.
Stocks at the outset of the market
to-day were rather pressed for sale,
following their strong advance of
yesterday. Opening sales were gener-
slly lower. The realising tendency be
came strong and losses of about 1 point
In Reading, I'nlon and Northern Pacific,
Hteel, Copper and Wesllnghouse were
established at the end of the first hour.
The lis: eventually braced up, but sub
sequent ohanges still were Inclined
Stocks turned Irregular In the after
noon period. Dullish activity In the
Copper shares monopolised attention In
the final hour. I'pturna In the railroad
department ceased at midday when Le
high Valley mounted to 174 and other
roads acorcd high levels. Towsrd the
end the rails were neglected while buy
ing orders poured In for the coppers
and Industrial issues. Copper finally
establlshsd a top ngure ot V
The closing was firm. -lal
The Muslim Prleea.
To-day'e hernnt, Itrwaal and last prleea ef
locks aad of net chaasel a compared with yes
terday's final fUruraa an aa fUosi:
High. Low. Ua. Chga.
Amal. Copper ft 04 v.', 1
An Car A Fur... 01 01 01
An. Can l 4o 11 te
Am. Can pf 1ISS ljH lH IM
Am. Cotluu tJ. .. M M 'A
Am. lea Co if? M J
Am. EaMfsswri ...' .' UK Js
Am. H. 1st.... S6S '
Km -war I.' l-'T !- j '
An T a T. Co... Ml left's laftis
Anaiimda Mm . 4IIW 4i!S '. 1
A.. Toe. A H. ye. lonkj ions
Atlantic t'oaet .... 14 14CS 147V 1
Dalt. A nhlo l"S lie", 1iik3 . 'a
B klrn Bap Tren.. HI MS wa'
Cent, lawtker ... 2P aa's H lti
Can. Par IRata 27N i'7
Uhea. A Ohio SUV. MIS MB H
Dp. Mil. !t. P. 1WS 107S Has U
Chic. A N. . ... I4.1S UliS 14ll'4 R
Conaol. Uaa 14K' 14 14 S
l)t. Sac. Corp.. . MS Hfl S
trie S7S MS 7 v. IS
iea. electric .... 1J llitt in -1
tit Nor. pf Hit 4 14S 141
Inter. Mat.... ... DOS 'S a
later. Met. pf duS "S tS S
later Pump ?-, irt I?
K CL SooUtern Zl't MS 1"7S 1
Lahlsh VaUey .... 174 172S UU
fcTnu. A Mm..., IS 107 107 J
Mo. Kan. A Tea.. J', WS K
S Fit. u- I6 S H
Norfolk A West.... 1 IM 1ISS 11"S S
i y Ten 1 tu 11 II" - 1
North. Par 1JIH Hi 1 S
Ont. A Wast MS 'US W S
KsaasrltsaU - ljjJS 1J4S lB S
Ren Steel
Rnck lslaail
1llS 113
fssakers rariffc
fl 1 1 1 sal 11 RaIIbtbt . .
r a Mowl
73 72S 7S tf. ll
r. E Httl iw.
la.V. f'nnnsr
Weit'gb'w B. A M. N7 80S
V Ajl'jiicr
Coat B10O to Plneh Woman's eek.
CHICAGO. Aug. 13. For plnclilng the
neck of Mrs. Emma Traut while HI
ting behind her In a street car William
Keating was fined tlOO.
Milady's Toilet Table
"Th clftrtrlc ndl ) a iMlnful ivnd
trxpnlvf proc)fli for rmovlnir iuprfluouBi
hair, and tha lami remit ran ba eaillr and
fpMAVtf achlavarl br applying rtelatonr.
Mis a lit t la ditatona with water; covtr
tha halra with thia paate: let It ramaln
two mtnutea: then wah tha ekta and tha
halrg will he cone.
"To make thin, short eyelashes irnw n
Innr. thick and allky with a br i jtUu!
curl, applv plain pvrnxtn to tha lust roots
with IhUttb an.l foi f I nicer. Auplvlntr py
nxtn to strairRly eyabrowi will make them
lonar an 1 sllkv.
"A aplendld protctlon airalnst tan.
frecklea and aunhurn Is a solution made by
dUsiflvlna; an orlfrlnal paokaaje of mavn
tone In a ha:f-plnt witch haiel. Oentiy
rub over the fare n t!ie mornlna and hII
iav vour skin will be clear, soft and satiny
with no atreakv discoloration. It will
not rub off nor ahow like powder
"Dry ehaninoolna; makes thr hat -taht.
fluffy and clem full of Ufa ar 4 1-jstre!
Put four ounces of powdered orris root in
a fruit Ur and mix It well with an origi
nal parkas of therm. Hprlnklr a tcu
poonful of thr mixture on tba head an1
bruah it out thoroughly. Tnla Ireatment
reuulrra only a fe.v minutes and enlnsT
damonaia will not affect your hair.
It ptiys to pay cask
HaAtlm sO
BflXSOM. on Aug. io. rKTKrt wn.
BOJf, Kunaral from hla lata resldanes, SSO
Weet 7 tat at. Wadnaaday at u. M.
Trade Mark,
Special for Wednesday ,lhcl4!h
assiini i. n it r. (in m
( VltIHISi 'sssasyss
-'.1i . value rlara here.
I OI Ml no
KH a 1111,11 (1 k
MOe. value elaewbere.
1111 Nil BOX
rrwins uiiiii y-j )M'tt
Ths speclflsd weight In each -lacluOas
ths conialnar.
1" "
French Musician, Famous In Oper
atic World 40 Years "Don Cesar
de Bazan" First Notable Work. 1
PARIS. Aug. H -Julian Emlle Frsdarlifi
Maosenet, the well known musical com
poser, died at his regldenoe early to-day
at thr age of seventy. He had been euf
ferlng for a long time from cancer, bug
bis death was sudden and unegpected.
.fallen Massenet waa one of the boot
known French musical composers. Ha
waa bom May 12. 142, at it. Bissnne In
the Department of the Loire. Among
h's more noted works were "La Ctd,"
"Mannn" and "Thais." He established
his reputation In t . with "Don Ceoar
de Hasan " Among others of hla not
ah works were a four-act opera, "La
Hoi de Lahore," and 1st Navarralae."
and he also composed many oratorloo
and cantatas.
Ha waa n tlrand officer of the Leaf on
nf Honor and a member of the tffsnc.h
Broke Out Like Pimple With Scaly
Top. Would Spread. Itched Ter
ribly. Had to Wrap Her Hands
With Cloths. Cuticura Soap and
Ointment Completely Cured.
811 Court 6t., Brooklyn. N. T. "My
tittle girt had enema very badly. It casno
on ber faoo first, then It came on her hands.
It broke out Just like a pimple with a scaly
top to It, then It would spread. The pim
ples used to Itch her terribly and she used to
scratch them and make them bleed. I used
to be up all night with her with Itching and
bad to wrap her hands up with cloths so
she would not scratch them. I used .
but not finding much relief, my friends told
me to try Cuticura Soap and Ointment so
I did. I used Cuticura Soap and Ointment
about three months and she waa completely
cured. Now there is not a sign of ecaema
on any of her body." (Signed) Mrs. Moggie
Cahlil, Mar. 24, 101?.
Pravent falling hair, remove rrueta and
1 srajes. and allay Itching and Irritation of
I tho scalp, frequent shampoos with Cuticura
Roan asatatjad ha is-csslAnsI itiaiaaJusM wl , I,
1 Cuticura ointment . afford the speediest and
1 moat ci onumlceJ treatment. They assist til
j promoting the growth and beauty of tba
hair by removing thoee conditions which
j tend to make It dry. thin, and lifeless, often
j leading to premature grarnass and loss of
1 hair. Cuticura Soap U.VI and Cuticura
I Ointment (AOc.) sold by druggists and deal
' ere everywhere. Liberal sample of each
mailed free, with 32-p. Skin nook. Address
post-card "Cuticura. Dept. T. Boston.''
OsTTrnder-factsl men should use Cuticura
Soap Shaving Stick. 20c. Sample free.
No Pa
No Hisrh Prices
These are beyond doubt
two important uctors In
Choosing a dentist. OUR
METHODS are the up-to-date
painlesi kind not U old
tasliioned nerve wreckinu kind
'.hat made many dread the
dentil chair. OUR PrtlCES en
tirely swei'p away all competi
tion on work of a similar
hih character. Gas aulminis-
tered when desired.
Full Set Teeth, $5,001
Fillings in Gold, Silver,
Platinum gnd Porce
lain, 50c gnd $1.00 Up.
Cold Crowns & Bridge
Work. $5.00 a Toothl
N.w Vnrk
Cnrner llraad
way .'14th M.,
Neil l.iinr to
noti ruitoa at..
Near lb, ml, opp,
Kins g Co.
American liental 1'arlurs, Corner
llroad and Market Mia.
Hems si in in MindHia. ID to i
(Our fulfill Auction teeth, L
nantahes odor of neraplratton. Ahaj.
lutelv harmlaaa. Xample mailed free to
anv adilre.-a.
Jars, Ui Drug and frnartnient Ntorea
. II. Heeler fa.. BOH (allowhlll g.. wVuj'
Of Th
nalaiar eat af inavM .... A- .
mar may nev. in. world
r have The World seal la
sad add rase skaaasJ aa
as dssirl,
srvanwgweria. Oa p
.Baadar Werld. Ba par
rear ramlttaaee Oa
aaa vaaaisr
"K W I T"

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