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Weather rate To-tlh( aad Tharga7i War
Weather Fair T-lkt ! Ta
Circulation Books Open to All."
Circulation Books Open to All"
.,.,,...,.. gjMygjgatwM NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 2, 1912.
Man War.
War. '
Insurgents Denounce the Judge as
a Reactionary, Oppose His Elec
tion as Temporary Chairman,
But Only Muster 35 Votes.
Staff Correepond.nt of Ta ruin- World
CONVENTION HALL, SYRACUSE, Oct. :. boss Charles P.
e1 t A a j a a .
- t ws. invii Mi iau in' in ' i i
Convention this afternoon by forcing the election of Judge Alton B.
Parker as Permanent Chairman. The insurgents put up Mayor Sague
of Poughkeepsk as their i-arxlidate. There was a 'hot debate on the floor
during tii:h the insurgents denounced Judge Parker ;ls a reactionary
and demanded, in the names of Woodrow Wilson and William Jennings
Bryan, that he be defeated. When the roll was called Judge Parker re
ceived 412 votes to 3S for Sague.
Thar will be a night taaalon of
th coaventlon at which nomine-
Uobs for OoTarnor will be malt.
The situation a tu candidate was
Oil up In the air when eh Convention
i caasemhlcd. It had been th pro
gramme to perfect the permanent or
gn tilsu 1 inn , .vh.pt )M platform and nom
inate a can.ildite tot (lovernor before
tlx close of tlie session To IHU end
the New Vork Connie delegates were 10
have BattOQaed at ! o'clock to MMUll
candidate and drop the inlt rulo.
MENT. Hy oilers frn:n ROOffl 2tn, the CgueUI
ivai pot tpopod until 7 o'clock to-nUbi
Tils :1ic.np that the nomination" cannot
begin to-day unless . night addon Ii
held. On the theory ttiern will he an
tp.-n session, Wlllltttl tulzer remains the
metl prominent candidate, tint another
mag with gulaer! hacking a to popu-
irlty would find more favor with
grphi .
Th names of Justice OowllnB. Jus
re tl era i d and Martin Dlynn are aa t 111
rationed. Murphy would prefer any
of the three to Bullae r, but there are
laatlena f political expediency In
lv, .1 which hundlcap Howling and
. I. nn.
aaf t
Juettci uerard, it t ran rod,
I stamped a. a "hunk roll"
many up-State nsplrant t'.ie
mltttnl arc Charle K. Tr-
a.ian, rormir wipfriiiMMani oji now
Works In Dlx's udrr.lnlatratlon. and
Otorgt B. Purd. State Settator from
Te. Hurd :iaa brought a lot of lib j
rtuence to bear, but the bacatinai or
Tram an, while quiet, la effective.
The platform waa conapleted at 1
n'i lack thll mnrnlnit. John H. Btni li
fleld. Who h'd a part in making It.
ealil: "It 1- a food proureeslve plat
?orm with a punch in It."
. (Jov. Ulx declared over tha telephone
from Albany that berore the conven
tion met M iwattie 'would aureJy
bo presented to the convention, If there
Is only one vote for It."
Vhla Mutemfnt wtt made In reply to
miwvI that he had sent word to
nate chairman Palmar, asnaunclnff I
i, .....ii, .w .i from the lul.ernatorlal !
.. ci, eaatora is at blent. !
is ivldanl
1) wnrali'a overllme," said the fJOV
einor. "W iien the National Demoeratlo
('omin.tt.' or an on ys th.it I n ii
to Withdraw lhy fall I" realize that
lha platform of the Damoerttlo party
Of two years ago and which 1 was ln-
itrumenUI In framing wu the founda
tion of the .'..ginning of progresaalve
llftl In this country. It made It innl-
bia for thi Darnooratlo party in this
Htate to win M ele tlon. I could no
more withdraw than I could lepudlato
I hut platform or prooUlW thut 1 am
l.ot a Pamoorat Tbl alatement that
1 made yesterday regarding mv can
dldavy 1 atund on. My aiame will sure
1 be praaehtad to the convention even
If there l only one vote for It."
i:ver) Incentlvi to rathtiataiW aTM on
1 and at the opening of the second
llOH ot the convention The Immense
PUdltorlUtn was Jammed with ipecta-
lara, lumnla at reamed throtuib wtn-
.loaa and formed long shafts of light
ttirougii blue cloudi oi clgur imokc.
A big band alternated Iaiiii alia in jig
time with ragtime and the crowd
t'heerad everybody of Importance that
IDlered the hall.
mth uiual Dcmocrotlj tardlr.cas the
lissembl.ige did not get down to bus!-
(Continued ou decund Pa-t,)
ii 11 "mc i iii iiit- i in h r ii . irjir
Hughes Close Up to Victor
After Tatzlafl Sets Fierce
Pace for 200 Miles.
Car Drlrsr. aftchaniclaa.
Meroedaa. Da Palma. Alley.
Msrosr. Hughe Oentr. I
Kaos. atuUford. Chandler.
LoiUr. Pelaoa. fontalne.
If eroedee. Wlihart. Brook,
tnti. Anderaon. Hamilton.
Mercedee. Clark. Orahara.
Flat. TetslatT. Kill.
A.M-::nmir ui;P corasi:. MIL
iv.u'KKK, o-t. t.-sltglph He Palma
won the Vender nit Cup race here thll
afternoon, MVOrtggj the M ml: and
a fraction of road In 4 hour. 1 tntnnt
,))d H Moon(,, ,n a F1(lt ,.
llurhei. In a Mercer, was teonnd.
After drivinur twenty-five lane, a dis
tance of 17 miles, and leading almost
from the -start. Teldy T, azl.iff, in a
Flat. was compelled to Withdraw
on socouni of vnfflns tfoublt, n
had driven thll dlstiincp at t'.if. rate
of seventy-two miles an hour, making
only two atopa, the flrst at the end
of tn, nineteenth lap. This put De
Pa I ma In the lead in 171:03. Hufhea
waa aecond and Wlihart third.
Halph de Palma was the first driver
aant away He was followed closely
by Hughl Hughes. Men-r special.
Mulford, Neiso
Wlfthart, Anderson,
Ocorae f'lark and Tetslaff were sent
away at t hlN y-se ond lnUrvali in tl.e
tirder named.
le Palma drme his aferoodel
around the flrit lap from a utandlna.:
atart, in m. i'e.
Tetilaff made the rtrat lap In Cm.
17, full thirty second faster than
De Palma, and aet a killing pace for
the other contestant. His pace w.ix
better than SB mlln an lour.
At the end of the Hrst twinty-ftve
mllea Tetrlnlt wn leading He Pal Dig
by lm. 11. Hughle Hughes, Mer
cer car, threw a tire in the third lap.
He quickly resumed the lace. Harry
Nelaon also loat three minute be
cnuse of tire trouble to hla I. oiler.
Mulford waa declared out of the race
temporarily when hli magneto failed
to work.
At the end of MO mtlOI. Tetitlaff waa
leading pe Palma by " mlnutei 11 soc
ond. 10 t(M ft had driven the MO miles
at an average apeed of 7& I-l miles an
hour. vVltahart had dropped ba.-k to
third place through tire trouble.
At the end of Ikg fifteenth lap, Teti
laff was more than a lap ahead of hli
ne.ireet competitor. He had made lis
miles, 1.23U feet In at.ll, in average of
"4 4 mllei an hour. Wlshar', Ue Palmi
(Continued on Second Page.)
roi it ii a i. rAavrucg amd trniiuig
een rtna en Asisinbly liall In the Fulltasr
Building, statin 3IU. and ons satins TK.
gey or nlibi. Apply S. A. Prstt. Koeel
ggg Pali tear iWerMi faulialaa. .
78-Year-Old Roimo, Who Is
Rich. Hoptd With Fifth
Avenue Shop Girl.
I'm Married," Said Mar;,
Ellen Over Wire to the
Disappointed One.
John iionaidNon Cunntlnt. poasoaaor
Of a forluaie In aacurltli a, ,t--i t: . t
of Ufrlbr land in UlnBtaotA, a atrl-I
BTChal I ar.l and a lieurt that belts
with aprlngllm lervrr after eventv
elitht years of eervlee. tndtd sl-
rr.ontiia' courfhip of .M!- Ml ...
Nolan 'ast n it .' I) eloping with her j
younger sister, Mary lillen.
I an ma road In the bna Ineaa ..r oon
ducting her m'll!nry (Utbllnhmttlt In i
Ttili t-fnurth street, t :c elder Ml
Nolan lld not see tiie pra)gigg of i;,e
lo e affair going on tinder her ey
and she did not Vtiamecl thU! her ag 1
s-.altor iiad selected anbthar until tier j
sister, ealllttfj over thl telephone at", j
ter ill fcccltliai;;, said:
"H'.ta. I nm Mrs. I'uintiilns Hurry j
to 1'ie Hotel Vanclerbllt!"
The romance whb n SteTI td so suspicious.)-
for Mls Itamrei Nolan
and ended so happll) for Mar.-. Pftan -'
until Monday a fioo'- amptoyra in a.
Fifth nvanir shop began at -ee, as I
she was returning from a frintOf so- I
Jotnaa In llrnnuda earl.a thl year.
Cummlne, also a paaaenger on the vf -1
el which brought hr to New Vork.
paid har oonalderabls attention enj
voage, and his ln-l action was to re- .
utiest parmlaalon to call at nor hiinc,
No. 46 Haal Thla ty-foiirth street.
The ptrmiMloB granted, Dummfnt
. -ailed not once, but many times. He
had a habit of 3tioklng his hiaird re
flectively, a If planning some import
ant atep. as he sat and talked with the
s, titer. To Mary Kllen he did not
pay great attention, at flrM. no it
seemed to her slater.
Business and nicasice kept Mr Cam-
mlns out of New Vork a large part of
the time. He made s. veial trips to SI. j
Paul and Utrag voyagei to Buropa, lie-,
lima ba anatat moat of hie anaaa
hOUrt In th Itpag ' Hlg Nolan sis
ters. A week Of two aao Miss Marj- Hlle:i
late, a trouHseau Still she held her po
sition and let drop no hint that she and
Cummins were engaged. About that
time Father Ponuhue, assistant pastor
of St
Stephen s Roman Catholic
. . .. ,r ..,. Mantl ... . ... 1
avenue, received a cail from a man with
a long xr.-.y beard, who Ingulfed if a
special dlipenaatlon waa reipiirej to
enable a Catholic woman to marry out
side the faith,
He was told that the marriage would
he sanctioned In such a oaae only If
the hueband aaireed to bring up hi
children aa Catholics. The caller de
murred, but Father Ponohue waa Aran
The gTay-beaxl said he would call
again Calling a third time, the pros
pective bridegroom yielded.
It was the same caller who got out of
an automobllo In front of the chur-h
Ian night and gallin'ly offered his arm
to a young womati, who itepped lightly
to the sidewalk bealde him, He bad
lli ensc for 'lie ma ' riant; of M.n 1-7,1, . n
Nolan, thirty-five, to John I'mialdson
Cummin, Mrgntylght, and two wu.
neeei. a men and a woman,
i he ceremony performed, th.- party
went to the VgnderMII and gpprUed
mi.s Margarel Nelan. There wa. g
wedding feast at feThgnloy'l and then toe
party uroppeu in.o. s...... inong .mai
Nolan they wuuau sail ror i-.urope on
BglUrday, Where they would spend the
Interim they did not lay.
Papere, Books and I'lrtaree of
Actor llaroed at lliaisard'e nay.
lH'ZZATtr'9 HA V, Mais. Oct. ?.
Many bonks, paper and pictures belong
ing to th'- altate of the late Joseph lef-
f arton. 'n actor, waa destroyed to-day
by th burning of a stable In which thev
were itored. at the Jefferion hums here
Tb s immer home waa leased this
extent of the less to the Jefferson faml y
Is not known
in I 1 1 l.l ll.l li I ill at tiKTTVaH MU.
IIAktrrK s I l kKI V4 AsHINIil ON
escort; $ sU ijiiiimi I-si- W, MM I aka
mj -. JTUI . ,'X, J. H T' V -
nil. I r im, Iti.I ,,. . . .,. .-I,
w ruts At... in v issih m ut c,.i
St., -i,'. Cui-iaitioi
I Usi II.. gisyaua. Jo!
She Said Her Prayers and Then
Went to Operaiiinr Table I
g v
With 0 Smile
She , ts not a bll fr a-- itened ahon the
nurae the pretty nttra with the rod-
dleh hair iaiiii- In. lo d.y and told her
tne doctor was all ready, All B hut
un- Mw "t:1" Br0" Mn. w Md
hr foddlar brothel enough to Up
'Wv "are Inohoa ..r ikin tu iv hli
"'"l" ' ' ' -
'rou cot In a ward adjoining U.at of
the little fellow at Bellevue II Ipllal
The. nurse had a-siinsl hal it wouldn't
take long and that shu was a brav.
glrl. So she got a,, and followed Into
the operatlna; room.
The little brot. r, Wllfre, his been
In the hosplta, sin Auk. t). He w,te
, ,'" , e ....... ,ooUl . .,.,.
K.t.nu 1 a-Ult. ..I .. , W
me in ioi oa.-K oi ins noane at -o
lutfi 'a.sbiugto.i avenue. The dooton
did all they could, bUI his bums erould
not h. al nnd were .-C'Wiy lapping ihu
i.iiid's life gtrey, Tha parents were
told ..kin-graftiiir; oul' .uuld rave him,
and last night t lie matter was lis
Ogejggd by the fa-nily The mother was
more than willing to give akin for her
boy a life, but (be doctors lia.1 said
young, healthy k.n from a oh! Id would
grow much better thai, skin taken from
a grown person. Alice, the tw.lve
y ear Old sister, heard them say this.
Hhe had grieves hersrll almost sick
over the little f- llow'l 0)1(1 ne and
' ahe mad.- a plea for tb. change I a show
i bar gigtarlovei
The mOthel Uol not wai t to give her
oonient and th.- i hlld got neighbor
! "' v " :"MI:ial nBl I,r-
Norrig If gne might tta the one to majig
' rarvloe. The doctor .aid yea and I
""- """ " " a"""""""
"r";f ' "" s" ,ur""1
v td tturg. wJwtook bei Into the
I OllOir-i, m i.ii.ii. f-l.l- 'no lull '' ',
very well :at nlvht gh tol I the ut-
t,n,ittnt, this morning, that gha woke
(,p eveiy Utile whit- and said lior
: prayer over again and attain.
When ghe cem Into the operating
room to-day she was met by more
nurses and several ooetois all of
whom wore long spt'.ns and white
caps that were stiffly stiirched and
looked like bak-rs' caps.
Alice didn't lemember mUOh after
that, sin- wa gh-en an anaeethetle!
and when sh egg safelv under it In
fluencH her little brother was whet-led
n from anothei room an 1 laid on an-
other table . lose bealde bis slater
i Fiom he: left thlKh thl opeiallng
surgeon. Hr. Waller Cramp. I DO It piece
after piece of skin. More than fifty
"""" ,ln' "r "kl'1 w"r r'"
rimveil o i ne Dpereiinp iHilsiin aou
placed on Pgr brother's wounds
i It wns nair an nr.uc later wn.n I le
glil cgmg Ul her senses. In a nice, lean
bed. Her 'high was all wrapped up so
thai she could not move t. but she wai
Toe operation III said n v I hi bag.
Paaai t'o, po irii . n ii.o. ueeaa it-rieet
1 Mvavm iu revovva
j. ,i.. ..i.,i i. ..........a ...
tapioi.. .
Overpower Their Guards
' When The Hear W oman's
Assailant Is in Prison.
Then 300 Prisoners in Wyom
ing Penitentiary Line I In
... j
in Perfect Order.
ignerlal to Ths Rrealne IVerld
dlMTBNNK, tVyo., ttol I. frank
Wlsfsll H .ie;r... WhfJ sttacked Mr
lane illgglus. s..enty v ears old. a.
RaWltnil a few -lay ae, was . ip
tttred last night and w 'Hen i mob
threatened thi county Jail at Itawline
mis morning the prleoner wui trang
ferred to th.- state Penltentlgry there.
When the prtMnere lenrned that I
Wlgfatl was onllned in a call 00 the
nailery they overpowered tha lurnkg)
gnd rushed 10 WlgteYaTl roll. He was
seized, a rogae w ileh suddenly tr.a.le It.. I
gppearinee was thrown ..- i till hegd.
one euu was Hed 10 the railing of ;h"
corridor an.l the man was buried from
the bsl.-o.iv
The penitentiary lyn hug. una of th
mogt remarkable In Hit history of the
Weal, followed the failure of a moo of
several hundred person. In rapture the
man before dgyltfill to- I i
Wlgfglt, who tie. I into the hlbs near
Cherokee after attu. king Mr. Hlgglna
was captured by jiosses last night near
Port Stnte nnd taken back to BaWlUI
A mob of aaigry cltliens, carrying ropes
Hiid shotguiu. iiumetllatelv gathered
about the Jell. They became No threat'
cuing that early to-da the pritegef
was taken to tb. Stale penitentiary , also
at Haw Hail.
At day Ugh I he nov eontrlotg in tiie
penitentiary learned of WlgfaU'a pres.
en. e. At . Sat A. M.. While being
rnarc had to the braoni factory, the prli
oner suddenly legped UBOn tb' KU.irds
and the turnkey, overpowered them and
got the keys to Wlgfull's cell. (Jetting
a rap from th" tin h y'e offlca.. tin y
rushed to the negro's cell. Thi-y loope,.
one end of hg rOP about Wlgfgll'
t.c.-k and fastened tin other end abo il
g railing Aft) feel IbOve, the main doer
of the prlann rotunda
Cursing loudly, their yell mingling with
the pleadinga of tb negro fur mercy,
the convict sell id Wlgfall and burled
him over the rallliat Intu the rotunda
The victim fell twtuty Ave feet and
his neck was broken Inetantly.
A remarkable scene followed. Satis
tied that their victim wa dead, the
prisoners made no effort to recap from
Ihe prleon. lnitead, without a word,
they reformed their lines and waited,
ready to march to the broom factory
At this time additional guarda rallied
to tb cell floor and ordered the con
vlct to their cell. Inotead of atndlng
them to the factory.
"The flrt man that anneal Is th
next man hanged." wa the waintng
whispered to all the prisoner after
the Ivnchln. according to a statement
. rtillted to War den Alston.
Alston at once started an lnetlgo
tlon, but he Wa unable to Identify
positively nnv one participating. He
expressed the opinion that had Wlg-
fgll'g assault been made upon any on
other than Mr Hlgglus. and had he
not laughed and boasted about It, the
lynching would not have occurred.
"ilranny" lllgglns. as she wae know n
among the prisoners, waa known fot
her klndnen to the ck and arTllctnd
The aged woman 1 laid to bt n over
Wlgrall had appeared at the Illggliui
home and. finding only the ggad Mrs.
Hlggina there, deuaaiiileil adinlttanea.
The woman refused to admit him. and,
securing an axe, the negro Chopped the
door down. He then runned Into tin
house. Peeplte her age. Mrs iintgins
fought hltn desperately befui. she waa
ovrpowi d.
( lallat Trampled In Heath hr Horse
Kt e-. ear-old Matttn-w Mori ion v.
plgylsg with a go-.art on tha ihlewglh
in fant of his home, No, g Weal
Tnlrly-llist street, thlg afternoon. Th.
.-art rolled Into the street and atgtlhea
went after It Ag b gtOPged from the
sulewall a boiae dtawlug a Iruck own.
d by lm v.i Urn-tiers of No. KM Third
Avon -won aaouixl the vvrrter. la--forn
the driver could bt-lng the anitnii
to a itop the i in. i hai been trampled
ij Jaaili.
FINE OF $15,000
Freight Agenl of C. & o. Had
Bargained to dive a Firm
Special Rate.
Wllllsin f Plvlne. fnlir'ii .rent for
the Cliesepeake and Ohio railroad ..;
Clnrlnnalli o . pleaded guilt) thla after
noon In the I nit. si Wat.- DtjatrtO! i'oiart
to on P..K-to.- cinarglng him with
grnnUiin aaal giving rebates In Interstate
He was lined tdftgM Judge Mave.-.
imposing the fine. Judge Majer spoke
of IWIne s mer.-l) a s-joordtnaro, who
had to ilo the id. ling of his lUPOfftgrg.
"V'e want to ge' at the blK men be
hlnd lilm." M'ideil J'.i.'g.- Mil) rr
United Hiates I l strict Attorney Wlie,
in reply, said.
We will aiever get at the big men as
long as the little fellow la able tu stand
up and pay his line If, howewr, the
little fellow la rent to tall or Is given
a severe penalty, he Is likely to 'squeal'
on the one higher up ."
Then shall fix a pgflg)t) that a.iall
affect the hlg man," remarked Judge
Mayer, as he fixed the penalty ai 1'
The Indictment to which Dlrln
pltadeil guilt) e-iargnd hlan with hav
ing enteied into an agreement w ith th.
freight forwarding firm of Wakem A
Molatughlln ' ChleggTO and tills city,
by the terms of which the forwarders
were to receive a monthly coueldersi
tlon or "aalary," taaitauiount to a re
bate on shipment!. Wakem Ac Mc
laughlin In return for thl considera
tion promised to illlp all freight they
handled for customer via the Chesa
peake V Ohio Railroad.
Tne Hoxlng Connnlsslon lo-dai sus
paraded Indennltel) Billy Ppk for dls
apiiolntitiK Co- crowd at ih New Htar
a i last night The eomrolaelon gleo
grant", 1 . lit ense to th ForH -fourth
A c. formerly the National .Sporting
0 0 0 2 0
0 1 0 0 0
unci liAslg
1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0
00000 3 00
0 3 0 0 0 0 1
3 0 10 10 0
- 2
- 3
0 0 10
2 0 0 0
EACH GAVE $100,000
Standard Oil Also Contributed Like
Amount and Trusts 7354 Per Cent
of Entire 1904 Fund, Former Treas
urer Sheldon Tells Senators.
Explains Odell's Part in Harriman
Fund and Repeats Talk With
T. R. Dixon Testifies.
WASHINGTON. Oct. 2. Cicnre K. Sheldon, former Tre-osurer
of the UepulMicau N.uiuiul Committee, testiiied belore the Clapp Com
mitted to-day that in tiie 1904 aampaign the Standird Oil Company -
C(intrihuiet ItOO'Xe, J. P. Morgan & Co. 1100,000, H. C Frick SIOO,
(ioo and tjlHHE J. Gotjld Sioo.ooo. Mr. Sheklon said he had no per-
al IcnfiwIcJajir il tliex' ..ontrirnitioii.s but that the late Cornelius N.
IHbs, then Tre.isurer, bad ihoWfl him his report.
"When I t )"k chtrfd f the Tre.iiiirerhip in 1908 Mr. Bliss handed
me a list of lare contributors of t4X)4."
"Whsl percentaRe was contributed by corporations ?"
To be frank, 73M per cent."
"Waa My contribution mad. by the
nouijit Gairnttnta sin Didn't Do
clara in This Country, R
plies Mill MuUfr.
Mies Kllatabeth Muller. the daughter
of a wealthy resident of Palisade Park,
N J., wae summoned before Deputy
Hurveior Sinythe o-da to explain whv
she had Irft undeclared 1170 wortli of
dutkabln material when she came Into
Hits port on the tleorge Washington a
few to s ago.
Due of the garments she failed to de
clare wa a p : .!! lamb nsat, Wbfgh
he ggM she ha.1 be ugh! In this oOggp
try before going abroad. There wers
other Ullgtgg of dot .mg carefully con
realed tn Mlee Miille-'a trunk whi.-h
she had failed to declare, and wl.l h
the Custom men eild were b. eight
abr gad,
The young woman refused to admit
before the lieputj. iurveyor ' in either
the 0g or the other ggrmentl were
DOUghl ahroad. To-inorn.w she will
I,.- given anothsr opportunity lo tle
. lare h.-r oagKage. wnlch Is being held,
an.l if she doe not do so h e will be
ar reeled, Mr. myth ' te day, and
held for the (Irand -I aa r s .
Herman Hagman, a dlainoiit buyer for
th.- rtrtn of Krledlander At H irtmonsky.
at Mal lan lane, who a as arrested at
the Canadian norder while trying to
'.rln In I '.'C woilh of iliaiiioiids. wai
another person
put) Hurie.,r
Imorv 1. w.-d the De-
Jewets were seize 1.
Police laepeetor, Suflferlitg Kroaa
Plaaaalaa, Plaka Rapidly.
PoUce Inspector tleorge McCluikv,
who ha been III at his home, No. Kill
Well Seventieth street, from ptomaine
pullontng. I In a serious condition. It
was Uarned at the hnue early to-day
that ihe linking spell which bgan late
yaaterdgy afternoon and necessitated a
cotisultatlon of phyglolgng last night
had conllnued through thn night. Th
doctors fear that unleas he tallies dur
ing the dg desalt will be Imniineut.
Dr. Charles el. Namnaack. jiolico eur
geon, uf No. 42 Kail Twenty-ninth
street, who has .barge of Inspector
McClueky caa. left the Invalid's bed
aide early ttil morning to uiicnd to
preiiltig duties at llellevue lloapltal, but
he was back at noon
' in ilM.'t I in -a., gurreu, II g'wsr lrais-
lana, sgaaaaaaa grail kmEm Tg.Sir HaTP
standard Oil a'ompanyf
"Vea, ggf.i
How muchr'
Mr. Sheldon iald the attandar I P I con
tribution waia not on Ihe llet as coming
from the Oil Company but I- wa
charged to John D. ArrhboM
"Do you remember any other large
coirtrlhutloneT" aaked eenat.n ttlSer.
' Vea, j. . Morgan da a.'o. gj.e gjgpa
OtW; Hi C. Flick tlOO.Wn. and Oeoig J.
'lo-aid lior.uoo." answered Mr. ghekdog
' I r.-membei thoe becauve o." their
ie. I do not recollect any n'li. ra."
slenaioh I'aynter toatk up with the w t
nese tne Harriman contribution of ram
and asked him to detail Itg ilrigael
tances a he had given them on h
appearance before the eomniltt-c ev
eral weeka ago.
Mr. Sheldon aal.l that hla latter about
tin. Harriman fund was written as ,b
result uf a talk with CoL RWiYeJt
"I met the Colonel al 'he Cnlgg
Lasgiin Club In New Tork," gg el.
" and l said to him: -Colonel, h ; v's
that Ilarrltnan story again. rJon-.e one
ought to tell the truth about that.
Oat l: vtlt told ne he felt rather
ore that neither Cortelyou no.- lillsa
had told what they knew about It
Then 1 told him that I knew ili ab.ut
the matter and would be wiping to
t. ll about IL Aa a reault I wrote lhat
The letter gave an account of II. B.
Odcll getting the late Mr. Bliss to iiUse
i:w,tlOo, which waa turned evt-r to the
New York Htata Committee. Mr. Shrl
tton said the record! of Mr. BUu showed
that the fund of I34U.000 had been paid
.lir.ctly to the national enalrnian, Mr.
Ultii, "and paid by him direct tu the
.State Committee."
He said that the Harriman fun 1 had
not entered Into the fuads col.ectad
for and spent by the Hepubllcan Na
tional Committee (or In Koosevelt oa
Uunal not campaign.
That fund waa collected at the direct
requeet ot Uanjamla B. Odell. said Mr.
"Then It was given to tha flute Com
mittee and In your opinion was in no
way connected with the committee con
ducting the national campaign?" iug
geitesl Henatur I'aynter
That ii right." aatd tha wltneia
Mr. Sheldon could re!aU oo speclfla
contribution! by Ufa inouranre com
panies tu the 1PM campaign, but would
not aay there were none. He couid re
call no contribution by Mr. Havenasyer
or by the "Sugar Truat '
ooaat ahowtag a lafnnd the at4
ard OH Uoaapaay ee gete aV Arckbol
of Ui 1 0O.000 P-
"Po, etr."
"Wotalag of aha MP
"go, ate, aosalag -
U what form waa the
ssMsea. -.
Bg -

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