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Gave My Thousands
k : - !
WIOA rui n-1 xir to-alahli unsettled lo-Borrnn
ON Itl
iSltte Put Through in a Hurry
When Convention Re
assembled To-Day.
It).n,.l.i: . ... at r ri: o,...
IVCj'UI'l,. ,11 I I I. Ill IUI l)IT ill"
tisan Judicial Ticket Turned
Duwn at To-Day'l Session.
( 'or Vuveruor William Sulcr of
ew Tnrk.
' tor Ucul.-I.mei 1101 Martin H.
! of Albany.
Far clocretary of Mute- Mitchell '
May of Kings.
Vi Comptroller YVMIam Koknier
df Ifew York.
For Treasurer - John J. Kennedy
( trie.
Far Mtornev-I.emrtil - Thomas
(armory of Yates,
Knglticrr anil Surveyor John A.
Ben eel of ! York.
For Judges of the Court of Ap
peals John W. llogan of Onondaga
aad William If t'uddeback of Krle,
By Martin Green,
atsul Correspondent of The Bvenlnr
Oct. 3. Thoroughly well eatlalled
;th themselves, the delegates to the
Democratic rttato Convention left for
their homes this sftcrnoon. They
are of the opinion that they have put
before the people of New York a
strong, vote-getting ticket and a
regressive) platform.
Beiow the top .,r Um ticket among the
nomlneea for position" on the executive
department of the State la hut one new
ranHfiati hfttrhill May of Broattlyn,
who la running f r ftooretarg 01 Stats
In plaee of Kdward l.az.msk. All the
other candidate wore alootod two yearn
ago and lhatf renomlnatlnn la In the
nature of en ry'ng nut the endorsement
of the adn'iuiatr.itlon In the platform.
The nomination of Mr. Cuddebaoti an 1
Mr. Hog.in tor 'lie Court of Appeals
wipes out t)..- hi partisan agreement un
der which th( Republicans nominated
Krsnk H'.nc k at rtara'ona, and left a
place open for a Domoerati supposedly
Morris Spin" ..f Buffalo, The ltepuh
ItCBB cotnml'tee appointed by the Sara
toga ronvention for that purpose wlli
new proceed to name another candidate
for the Court 'it Appeals.
The work of winding up the bu.it
tiasa nr the ronvention proueeded to
day ertth ucutneae and daspatuh.
fjinrt nominating spescheo wars mada
and the rollealll ware hurriedly ar
tompllahed. At mil o'clock this af
ternoon the ronvention, after AXteud
Ing a vote Of "lanka to the city and
Ultlsans of BgraoUat adjourned sine
The Tanimanv apodal train ached
ule called for the departure of tho
'bravea for home at 4 o'clock this af
ternoon. They will reach New York
about midnight.
The consenans of opinion among Dem-
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tnt MVKBT CORN. lie. A CAM.
imp of ssidaa ftgaUbkia. M all anker.
CorulU Co ' tun
Currish!, mist, hr
Co. I The r
omiLuiMULiw :
Pastor and Son Going tf Jubi
lee Among Dead Flying
Wreckage Hits Two.
I'JTTSBflMrll. Orf. S.-F!e Demons
were kllicd and four injured tills after
noon when train No. 47 on the lVnnsyl-1
vani Railroad, wagtbound, crashed into
sn automobile at the Heath Trap"
grade OfOUSjni In Wllkinahuig. a suburb
of tula city.
Tiie dead are:
' tlev. V. I., NfCHOIalOff, pastor
the Kirst Pre.byterlaji Ciurch at W'll
uierdtng, fa
'11AKI KH VICIKU.SI1N, six vens
old. eon of Rev. .Mr. N'leholfon.
lire MARY lIAMt.D. Wlthlngbtiiv.
JOHN R. HK'""K, Wllmenllns
I'nldehtlfle,! girl.
Beck Has drlvtad Rev, Mr. Nlcholaon
and the minister's son to WJkinbuiK'a
silver lukllee celebration when the ma
chine got i-MIed on the crossing and
the train stnuahed it to bits.
Mrs. Diamond was punning a baby
carriage nearby, when n piece of the
wrecked automobile struck and killed
nor, the baby being unhurt
The aatdentlttee
eimllar manner.
Kir! was- killed In a
$100,000 THEFT
Stephen R. Dow, Who Recently
Failed, Accused of Stealing
From Mining Company.
BOBTOMi Oct. 1. Stephen It. low,
head of Stephen II. Dow A Co.. broken,
was arrested to-dav on a warrant chart
ing htm with the larceny of $100,000
from the Franklin Mining Company.
The arreM waa made on complaint of
Asslatant I dstrlct-Attorney Welilisr.
Stephen ft. Dow A Co. made an as
signment on Sept. II to Fred If. Will
iams, owing, according to the estimate
jf creditors, upward of 1500,000. Dow,
who was the only memtasr of the firm,
was expelled from membership In the
Stock Exchange yeaterday.
Row Out Froqi Jones Beach
Station and Take Passengers
Oft Fishing Craft.
l..fe eavers at .Tnnaa Itsach gtatlon
I rescued twsnty-seven persons from
' drowning this afternoon by taking
I them off the Ashing host Mildred of
j Wreck Lead.
The Mildred had become atar led and
wss being badly pounded hy nl wavss
I when the life tiavsra flrat saw her.
I Four of those rescued wore mem
here of the craw, the others being page
eengera out on a fiehlng eicurslnn.
Circulation Books Open to All."
The Press I'abllslilas
York World I.
Pretty Helen Watson Breaks
Down and Admits Robbing
Dying Woman.
TO bf; sentenced again
Prison Robbed Her of All the
(olness With Which She
Tried to Shield Parents.
Attar a year in the pentltentlary, (felon
fiOtthfi Wataon, twenty' four. roar. old
train J nurao, Who tried to keep the
' ferret of her Idem . .md shield the
'family when she v,a convicted i!
shoplifting in a Brooklyn department
ftorr. ami maintained her laaoetnrt
w,,en custsl of stosl'ng from
Mr Mary Porter OfrOgOtT Dovoroauk Ol
M.imarone.-k, N. V, broke dow n In l!n
Mount Vernon court to-day. soe plead.
ed guilty of larceny In the Brgt degree
rrleon pallor showed In the face of
the pretty nurse, and her dl flant man-
ner nt her trial had given way to utter
hopetoSHheaa. She bowed her head on
the table and sobbed. No one expect
ed tte could ever lose Iter nerve so I
completely after the exhibition of cool- j
nesa she display d when detectives
and nil nt . of gaototiaa v.ere trying to'
learn tiie uaine of her parents. Bven ;
warn they had determined to their
own satisfaction the Identity of all ,
her relatives, the gill steadfastly I
sought to protect them from dlegraee .
by reiterated (anlalgi
Wtion Helen Wataoii was nrrestad
deti ctlves found sue had l.een ntut I
I gttpertntendent of nurs-a in the Long j
Island City Vllege Kogpltal and had
hru diaohgrged. Alao they learned I
iliut many valuable articles from iti" I
1 hospital were found at her home. Other
nursee said the young Woman waa
..uffering from kleptoinun.a, ua the ar
tlelea she took sere often VAluelesa.
! fn Haymond atrect jail. Hrooklyn, the
j nurse declared aha "simply had to take
"ertalu things" which ci.ught I'.er fancy.
More aerlous thefts she refused to cuti
1 fess. Investigation showed that llu
, fuller of tiie girl waa dead, lie had
been s piofeasor In a Western univer
sity. One of her sisters Is the wife of
i clergyman in Chicago.
At the time of her arreet Helen Wat
. on waa engaged to Dr. Donahue, a
phyaiclan ut the hospital, lie broks off
the tngageinont.
l'rom the time of her discharge from
the hoapital until her arrest, six montas
latafi the nurse had worked In the homes
of several WL-althy families. At une time
she l.a.l charge of a baby In Hay lUdge
and neglected to report the death of the
child to Its pujer.ta for five hours after
tis child had died. She left, and gj In
hV)iie mid jewelry valued r.t 175 went
with her, Her next position was In tiie
home of a family named F.dwards in
pHatbtth. A"d wnen the nurse left Mrs
Edwards missed PNt, Several other fani-
lltes had cause to ronteniber Helen
When at last the crash came and the
pretty nurse was arreted, the police
carted away u wagon load of wearing
apparel and many Jewels from her
room at No. 137 Congress street, Hrook
lyn. She maintained her Innocence un
der the fire of police questionings.
Never, she protested, did she steal
money or valuable things.
"I Just couldn't help taking little
thing that wasn't stealing," was the
nearest thing to a confession they ever
got from her.
When she was sentenced to the peni
tentiary for eleven mouths mid twenty
nine days she knew that officers from
Mamarone,k would await her release
to serve a warrant charging grand
latency, but she still declared that the
had not robbed Mrs. I'eversaug.
In this case Hslen Watson had ex
optional iv ok at first In avoiding aus
plclon. The wife of W. n. Dsvsreaua,
a mine owngr. had been etrlckan at
her summer home at Uamaronack. A
trained nursa wae callad In hy the phy
sicians, and this nursa was Hslen Wat
son. Mra. Dsverwux was dying when
ths nurse arrived.
In the hous at ths time were (he
(OotttlnUtHl on Potinit rno
ger ell flesai, tiaisl a
hermiida BtMlil' Uom, Ti
Bicn.-T nelm nigsSSt .i 1
t ntri muu fiawitin tk4
i LlUH. TlAICslldtf' . h.e Ba
IUJastr ,ii el
Ssn dtr sn4 alfht
Lill Tlkf
la) w ,ri, Trae
Money King" Who Told Senators
of His $150,000 Gift to Elect T. R.
1 ' "I Was. of C'Hirse.1 l, idRj ' Wt? Never Made a If
Wm. Mn.e-1, I. ..e.ctc fKV ' ' . h. t inr. In!
k: '. I fcg?'. Flection 1 I
W the Campaign, i n With Promise or f I
yr- a Buaines W a .-' I Wi Return. '
v '
'HafaRfsiH , '
Man of Mystery Dies in Nor
folk After Leading Strange
Dual Life.
Isidore Oreblnsr of No. lis ChaUnoOJ
street, Brooklyn, sent a telegram lu
Norfolk, Vs , to-day. mdirlng ;h.it tho
funernl of a man passim un-lre the
name of Harry flreene, who -l!el tltOTg
yesterday, Im postponed until he COUld
errlvo In Norfolk and view the bodlfi
(Irelilnnr has reason to bellove the man
la his father, Hlrer-h Oreblnnr. and that
farts cloaklnic a mysKry will be found
to surround his death
Ieate y.-sterday afternoon. Wolf (ireh
iner, a brother, of the de;id n an lm-lle-ed
to be Oreblnnr, wna 'alle,t to tin
telephono at his place of hualnesa. No.
2S7 Weet Flroadway, ant a vole said:
'This Is a friend of the late Harry
Qreene. who died to-du In Norfolk. I
am telephoning from Norfolk. My
frload'l last wish was that I telephone
you and tell you he Is your brother,
Hlrsch lireblnar."
Wolf OreMnur Immediately o,)mn.unl
ratsd this meaaage to his nephew,
latdnrn The letter sail:
"My fattier was born In Warsaw,
Poland. He ran away from home when
he waa fifteen and wien he was sixteen
he married my mother, Fsnnlo Hchley.
In Parts. They lived happily until twsn-ty-four
yeara ago, when my fnther
dssartsd his wife and the ehlldren and
oams to America.
"fthe discovered my father and he
provided a home for us, sending n-tom-y
for our support constantly. Hut he
would not llvn with my glOtkOf sntn
"We last saw him sis Wookg ag .
when lie waa strong and hearty, tl,e pic
ture of hoalth- We nevor heard of hn
assuming the name nf wreane, Ws ba
Have tie did that to onval Ida where
abouts. I believe there la much for us
head of Standard Repeats His
Accusations on Return
from Europe.
.tohn D. Archbold returned from
Kurope on the White Siar liner Ma
jestic to-day. and bafors ha stepped
ashore reiterated hie charge that Col.
Itooaevelt had knowledge of ths Stan
dard Oil contribution to tbs 104 cam
paign fund when ths contribution was
Mr AlWtnhold refuead to discuss ths
charges contained In ths current pub
lication of ''olller's Weakly, that the
Htandart Oil lettera published In
Hsnr.t's M:Knslnr were fi rre-les. Hi
setd when a OOpf of the Collier's pub
lication wna handed to him:
"This la the first time I have heard
anything about this, and I do not feel
I 'hat I should dlecuaa ths matter at
this tlmo. 1 am still in the hinds of
the Senatorial Investigating commit
tee, and cannot, as a matter of OOUr
tcsy. spe.'Iflci. Ily ans'ver any queetloni
hef,,rs i appaar he f org the eomnttttoa
ugntn I stnnd ready, however, to go
before the cemtnt'tee whenever they
feel dtepn6ed 0 cull ms.
"Zu rsga.-d to my testimony oogt
osrnlnir tbs Standard OU coatrlba
ti u to the Boseevslt eampstgn
fubd Ib 104, Z wtll repeat that
tVr.re le uo uueetloa that Tboodoro
aooeovelt had km wisdgs of ths
oontrthntloBo aad that we were so
Informed. X osnnot add anything
along that Une to what z havo toe
ttnsd bsfors Z am again oalled by
the committee."
Mr. Arrhtiold saemsd In a vsry
genial frame of mlti.l and willingly
posed to be photographed, Mrs. Arch
bold met hint st the p'er, urd his yac'n
Vlseti ss walling nearby to take them
t'i their Tarrytown horns.
Mr Arc, to, 1,1 will lis callad In g
tlfy to-morrow at tho hearing In tin,
suit of the Watsra-Plercn u I',,n,.
pany lo prevent absorption by the
Standard ml.
To Campaign Funds to Aid
The Cause of the People?9
Circulation Books Open to All
After Roosevelt's Gift in T. C.
& I. Deal, Too, Is Sar
casm of Candidate.
WORCESTER. Mass . Oct. l-'T read
tn tho morning papers that Morgan
gavo flOO.GOc o the Republican cam
paign fund.'' sail Oov. Thomaa It.
Marshall of Indiana, Democratic Vlco-
Presldanttal candidate, at a rally hare
to-day, "If thit ts all he gave ho Is
a tight wad He did not glvo half
"President Hoosovelt gave him th
r'.Kht, In violation of tho law, to amal
gamate the Tennessee "oal and Iron
Clomp any With the Htoel Trust. That
goal netted Morgan fW.000,000. I repeat
that if he only gae bock 10,0u0 of It
hs Is s tight wsd "
Oov. Marshall devoted most of his
speech X'i n criticism nf the Progressive
candidal.!. He li lareil that ftOOaogOll'l
controversy with I'res'dent Tafl un,t
other Bepubllcanl was not a controversy
of principle, hut one of personal in.
Oov, Marshall spoke this nfternonn
In Norwich and New London r
punned to go to New York on a late
train to-night.
(..arid Jurr Urova Murder i ha rate
Tho charge against Krsnk K. Andrea
that hs murdered a woman three years
ago was dismissed to-day hy tho Orand
Jury- A Mrs. Kss'er was killed Nov. L
WO, In the bosrdlng house of Mrs
UlUaa Zermack. No. tl Kast One Hun
dred and Twenty-flrot stroat. The
boaPftlPI hoiioa keeper declared the
murder wao committed by a man named
John A. Norman, who disappeared, His
description, even to a tattoo mark on
ths left arm. tallied with that of the
prisoner. Andrea wit: be set f i ag to-
roi-iTiCAL rAttrir.a and onigits
ran rest ss Asssiitbiy Hall In ths fnlUset
Uulidlng, soatlna sSO, and ess aoatliuj J a.
tar nr alowi. Asnlr K. A. Prsti, ft iss
0 Putltssr (Wsrldl Itulteino. .
I : I III: It t air
'Ready to Help Swell Campaign Funds,
Money King Swears on Witness
Stand, and He Would Contribute to
(Election of a Democrat if He Thought It
for the "Best Interests of the Country."
Pin UP $150,000 IN IQ04;
BUT $000,000 THIS YEAR
Taft's Committee Got $20,000 From Finan
cier, Who Says "They Always Sent Bliss
When They Wanted Anything," and He
May Have Suggested Others Harriman
Never Asked Him for a Contribution.
Not Financing 1912 '
Senator Uapp DM you contribute to the
palga nt any candidate!
Hunker Vonvaa No, air.
Senator ( lapp Or any of your associates I
flanker Morgan o, sir.
Menutor t laiiii- Or anybody la your behalf I
Hanker Morgan - So, sir.
WASHINGTON, CJct. 3. J. Pierpoirt Morgan, for the first time In
his life facing tiie ordeal of testifying at a Senatorial inquisition, told,
under oath, wiih apparently the utmost frankness to the Clapp Commit
tee to-Jay of his contributions to national campaign funds since t904,
vhan tlit Roosevttl Qnnmittee, he says, got $l5u,(XX) from him, 150,000
of Brllicll, hi swore, he had reason to believe went to linance the cam
paign ol OdcO in New York, State.
The "Money KiigN" answers
statement ol his contributions was
reported conversations by phone with Theodore Koosevelt. Mr. Morgan
showed his only lapse into excitement during the hour which his testi
mony consumed when he denied
that fool in the White House."
r'or the campaign of 19o4, Mr.
SlOO.OOOon Oct. I and, I month later, added S.So.ooo to his donation
This latter sum was needed in New York State, though both payments
were made to Cornelius N. Bliss, of the National Committee. Payments
were invariably made in cash, and the witness couldn't exactly remember
all of the sums he had given to
"fhey always sent Hli.;s to me when they needed anything."
$20,000 FOR TAFT; NOTHING IN lilt.
Most interesting of Mr. Morgan's recollected contributions was his
statement that in lj8 the year of the Taft campaign his firm had
paic only Jao.ooo, this sum having been given to Treasurer Sheldon, in
cash, as usual. In that year he had given nothing toward a Congressional
campaign fund, that he remembered, or if anything, it was "moderate
nothing of consequence."
The witness rniihatlrall; declared that not a dollar had beoa eaa
tribnted to Ihe pre-onteutlon rampaign fund of any rand Mate la It 11
Then Mr Morgan lidded, with eiual emphaaln:
"I want It (IMIiirtly understood that J. P. Morgan k Co.
never made a single ubrrltion to any election with aay
promises or aiBMlBtttB of any return In any shape or manner, aad
we nerrr made a subscription unless we thought It best far th
Interest of the (internment and the people. He aever had a eoat.
Bleatlri from any candidates we never had an application treat
au) raii!luufr. The only Interest we had was In Ihe welfare of
the public, lie oner asked any riinimitmeuL We never ex
peeled any returns and we never got any."
Questional about the alleged solicitation of Harrim.in in I0o4 and
'rhe feeling of the moneyed interests about the campaign of Roosevelt,
Mr. Morgan said: "If we had thought the election of a Democrat was
for the best interests of the country we would have contributed to his
! campaign."
Mr. Morgun arrived at the committee room five minutes ahead of time.
: He was arrompar.lotl by hie son -in-law , Herbert (e Satterle?, and hia dajifh-
tor, Mr. Ilamlltcii. The Capitol policeman at the door, with a low
how naked Mr. Morgun Into the commlttee'a private room. Senator Clapp
Perhmpm State Gaumed Worry in I90U.
Hanker Morgan- More money seemed to be needed for rurrylng
York for the Hi publican Natloual ticket.
Henator Pnmerene Thoa the Democrats had the KeptibllraM worried I
Hanker Morgan Perhaps they did.
l.....ll.li nnrlllrl I .-mi.r r w.
were ready for the inquisitor and hli
prefaced by an emphatic denial of
having referred to the President as
Morgan declared, he contributed
various campaign. Naively he said,
to learn about how he died,"
..issie. : 'jst " '""Try
1 -jBajsjayJ. tTSr!fSBW

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