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Morgan Tfeeaatomed to It.
Stealer rajnter rrrnM jnu sarprlted that, after making the 1100.-
W0 donation, they wanted ".0,000 morel
her Morgan I had grown arrostoaned 1a It.
Seaator Paynter Were thi t pleased at the 1(0,000 additional!
Ranker Morgan I. latitude bh rather scarce.
greeted the Morgan parly alth a handshake and a mild smile The donr
waa snapped phut v li i lo lhi financier and the Senator hud n pr I veto talk
With Morgan in attraction the committee room wne jammed an hour
before the time for convening. Kvery seat wns taken and a swarm ntood
outalde In the hall, craning and shoving for ierk at the famous "Mouey
The Committee rams In with Mr Morgan at lt-80, The lianker rook a
at at the eldr of the room with hi companions until he wan .-ailed to
the atand.
lie glanced nrottnd the crowded room nervously lie evinced aome
annoyance at being eyed by the crowd. wlilrli atralned and gaped at htm In
a fever of rurlOBlty.
Mr. Morgan waa aworn by Senator Clnpp
"John Pterpont Morgan. No Ti Matt
eon avenue. Sen Twt hanker," waa
hta first answer to an Inquiry.
"On the second of September tiers Bp"
Beared In the New York Tlmea a state
ment by Chariee Kdanrd It nasi 11
Ing: 'I now eharge that Itooaeveit roth
manned that J. 1'. Morgan rale II'".
00S more In 1WH.' " aatd S. nilor Claps,
Senator i ; ! rend Itussell ' slste
men In full, Inrludlng t'ta allegat on
that Morgan talkeil over the teleplin i
ro Washington hall hour, and al. Ida
itatement that Korean call- (toots.
veil "that - fn ii Ml th H kite ItouM
"Do you recall n rlall arlth B I M
MaeVeagh?" Senator Clapp Bs'ieil
"I do not," th nltneet entsrered I
W. DM yau ever talk lo Proalde t
Roosevelt over tn pi N A. I Bevel
laikeit with Iferddenl Roosevelt, at I
aa I ,-an rrmeml.er Thai avru'iistui e
f the loioghoi ivereatlog is sttso-
tutely made out of WbOla cloth, I nevet
had ajajy aapMitmteal an hy mall, tele
graph or tataphOBI wt i Mi ltunsevelt
at the White Hume nt Willi hli secre
taire either.
Q. Old yon coatrtbnte to tho Re
publican oasnpalga In 1904? A. la
October I ceatrlhwteA 100,000, and
ob the firet ef Movembe- gsn.ooo
Q. Dig yon eoa tribute any n-.orsl
a. Mo, met that I knew of.
Q To whoni dbl ygtl make theae
rontrltiutlonsT A. I nomine lo Mr.
I do not rscall the artu.l pBP-1
mant, but my record show It that
way. The payment! (vera made in
Q. Did Harrlman entlrlt any contribu
tions T A. I don't think Mr. Harrlman
aver made any eoUcitmilon to me. The (
ni solicitation waa maai r,y aar. nose,
1 don't know who made the second, but
1 filak It
aams ddr. storgan stoppi
heeitatlocly aa though searching li'.a
menory Well. BHaa waa one of them;
Mr. Udell waa another. My ImerassUin
la the U aaaaiy waa paid to the
National Committee, but (bag a good
deal of the W,0N Item went to New
York, to Mr. Odefl.
Q- Bag yen eanpsssg tha
Oorteiyos kept from
at Beeas trait the fact that
yea eeatrlbated to the ss sag alga
fuadf A. I Smew aothlag abeat
that. Me hat mot dlsrrsaesd cam
paign oOBtrlbutloaa with Mr. Oor
tslyoa la ISO.
W I'o ruu know of any other ewntrl
butlons In Utrtr A- 1 go not.
W ltd you make any Congreastonsl
contributions In 1PM? A. 1 dun'i re
member. Mr. Morgan rsad from a prepared list
hta account of contributions.
"In 1M the only oontrlbutluii I mads
was the gB.000 1 paid to Mr Bhcldon,"
aaM Mr. Morgan. "The only memo
inndum I find la tv- in cash. I
don't rsmsmbsr ths details -whom or
how. I'm only taking I'.sms I find la
caah paid In eaah. Un tns Mth of
October. 190 waa ths Item of 110,000
I don't rsmsmbsr any contributions tu
the Congressional esmpslgn Ig the cent
paten In IMg. Mr. Rhunnaii rallsd to e
sne once. If I did ontrlhuts II was
mod era Is, nothing of any eonssquence "
Q. Bid yoa oeatrlbrnta to ths 11S
pea eaaveauoa eaipalga of aay
elgetet A. Be, air.
Q. Big yoar aaaonUtoat A. Bo, air.
Q. Or aay oae la yoar bekalts A.
Be, ate.
Q. Do you reca:i In the fall of 101.
any one In New York calling on you
by phons regarding s contribution?
A. I do not
U You know of no ttistuuce. thsn.
that could be the baslg of this tel.. 1
phone converastlun" A. 1 do not.
Mr. Morgan evidently did lint relish I
the plctureaiUe Isngtiage with WbUh
Ituessll had desctlhed the allege
telephone aaaeeragtlon, During the
reading of the article arlth Its in
scriptive phrases ghaut plume con
vsrsatlon whloh ' Ira lad out of the
telephone booth" ami which . tggeated
profanity, ths Shahrln looked sg
tremsly uncomfortutilr. All his re
sponses wsis given In s quirt, even
voiced tone.
Senator Oliver was offered s ghaacs
a question Mr. Morgan, but deellued
Then the witness wss turned over to
ens tor fsynter.
Q. You say 'Mill end lit. as were pie
ent at the It'Od aaBferan -e ? NN'sa ariy
gsjg else present? A. Mr ghaldog nmv
have been thsre.
y Was Mr. Cartel yes rheie'' a. i
ilnn't remuiuusr. hevsraJ itticr paraugl
ere present. It was an sgcltlng ggy,
Kstrsme suavmess and Hilliene4
csrked l's liter's attltuds toward the
W DM the lliJ.ii nl"- enl i personal
contribution ? A It Was malii by lbs
tirm. ths I60.00U wss Made tin- aaMia w.c
Mr. Morgan aald the nsceealtles of the
N'ae York Ktate esmpslgn provoked his
sire gW.Oun donation. Kenator Paynter
insisted on knowing shethrr Uliaa ot
odeil sought this eoatrlbutluti n. aid ths
Htale committee. Tile vvltnesa said tin:
ss his Impression
Q. Waa Oortelyoa prsasat at
Democrat Weren't Taboo.
jgBgtrr fomerent Mas anr aoiuuul plt'dged In Hie HeuiorratU1 fund
(IB lew)t
tgBfcer Morgan ct so far gi I haorr. If ne had lliogffhl Ihe elec
tipB af DeMsaerat was for the hegt Interests of the country we
waned have rontrlbuled t his rampalgn.
thoae interviews? A. I had a gre.
many -istlnge with Mi, Cortelyon,
but don't remember If be waa pres
ent when I mage t. e tloo.ooo gift.
My rel.tloas with Mr. Biles ware
of a very eloae character. When
they wasted anything the nlsraya
aent Mr. Bllsa to me
Ml kt Or gall err. tied, ind a litter went
p f-,i. he .!. Then M.irirsn ti'
ua imfortabls again, the note eppar
enti reminding tihai that ha was "on
sliov. "
y Vom Igy y. , talkr,l with t'ortelyouT
A, fee, hut we didn't taiK oo MyfbQ lions.
t ,t n't remembf .n, v conversation with
Mi mi lit regard to MM aubsat p
tion. Pofna e, ng then took up lag
witness' . esstitlii itloti.
Mr Marfan left lbs witness chair, so
kg eotl Id Ket rig It gp Biota to the Ohio
and heai hit questions m ire
ree li and sat let a tile, within arm's
U 'a 'os gnaw If Mr. Perkins mailt
my aaatrlbutloui Ig MN1 a. 1 don't
W Did our (Iffll -ontribufe to any
sibae party in ru ' a. We oid not. i
ltd no; pafgoggtt), My otiverantiona
with Mr, Oaetelyen srera aot raggrsUag
pollers I tall; d wait turn leganllng
-rt' general flnant'ial altnatlon.
U Hid von talk with nlher llnatii-lera
aSM , A , lwvf B, (loub , d)J
y. Ilil you talk with Mr. llirrl.nsn?
A. Vgry likely I did.
Q DM you tslk with snv of the In
surance rumu.-inlea about polltl -a or con
trlbutions? A. That wss a dtmrtilt quea
tton to answer. 1 suppose a t.musand
persona eame to my nfflce to discuss tiie
noJItlrsI sltuatlun
Q. Was there any ennfereno at any
tlntl In 1 tits touehlng tho stir.).- t as to
i Slhii ariii.llil l, en ,.i,'tf1? A ', tin
g. When waa It first determined that
those Interests would aubscrlba to the
nepuhllcaii campaign fund? A. 1 never
conferred with anyhudy on that aub
Q. Dig yon talk arlth Bites about
ether subscriptions to the Mepub
lloaa fuaOT A. Vary likely. S
probably gave htm aoasa advise.
Q. Be you recall aug-geaUag aajass
ef eoutrlbutors. A. Bsgglaly. I
don't rssusmbsr.
Q. Waa atr. Bliss ralalag aay sps
Sial fuad? A. That payment OB Oot.
M waa vromlsed long before.
Q. Ton were much Interested la
the result of the campaign la a
buslaeaa way A t was, af
Q. Waa Mr. Karri an an much la
tsrssteft. toot A. Very likely.
Q. Waa Mr. MeUea? A. Un
doubtedly. Q. Were the Isauraaes com
panleet A I nsesr heart, eaoept
that Mr. Berklae waa directly
latsrsstsd. There was sever aay
concerted action by me or the ia-
eompaalsa or anybody
Q. Did you understand that their
vlsws were the same as yours? A. I
never hail. I never heard their views.
It wss evident that the line of ghees
tinning dlil not please ilw big Auancter.
Ills rolCS I ecamc liruauue.
Q. What facts did I'erklns give you
Sbout the iBgllltln cuinpanlra? A. I'd
aay lo I'erklns, "Well, how do thev
feel around there si I Kg,ultahle
I.lfe?" and he'd tell nie
g. Did you talk wit It Mr lUrrlman
on the railroad sttiiutlon? A It Isn't un
likely, bhl 1 dun t rtunembrr.
J lie wua uctlvely agpportiug Mr.
sTesgggVelt? A 1 guess he was. from
w hat i ai 'V .ii I ll papers
g Do )ou know whether the New
Haven Itsllruad aulscrtbed g the Ite-
publlohn lund.' A. I do not.
g. Did Mi llarrlmsu agy he
had '
talked n It i I'rerlilcn- Rooaevtltl A. 1
ikiui re member any taiu of nueh eon
versulion, lull I have no doubt that he
"Mr. ' amr. ....... i waut to make
a etatsinsnt right hsrs," broke la
Mr. Morgaa. "X want It distinctly .
understood that J. V. Murgsa a
Co. uevsr made a slugls aubecrlp
tloa to aay election with sny
promise or eapsrtstlon of aay .
tn:n, etn ws atvr tnads a snb
scrtvt' nnlsse ws thought It for
the beti Intsrssts hi 'te Oovern
nivnt and ths people Ws nsvsr
hsd . rom'uunlcatlon from any
iaii.it h" Ths only Intereet ws
hsd wss tu ths welfare of tus
public. Ws asvsr asksd sny com
mltmsat; ws asver eapeottd aay
returns and ws asvsr got aay."
i g. DM Judge PgrheVg views on l. e
I Irujglg itffeci f hi .. pi. ilon on his csrnli
i Sggyt A They I'M no'
i g Dal yog ; i;i, BKh llurriman, ml
, wis tlie result tha ' I was decided that
vour Ann and the .illc- lafgf Interests
I won.. I give their support t0 the Hetmli.
: " ans? A. Ngvefi I ra ver had an uii
I i sign ng or met Ms..: of that k 1 i,l
Wilioly ever gut Itloned but what we
Mould slve our suppn1' In the ltepui.lt
PSg cnrupalifti. If ou will allow ine to
Ig) I ggg'l thlnh thete wus a iv
itnblnat on of latereett in favgr of tne
Hsj aaM sBhk asMsaffee JH
eabS sasMBw . Mvl i Bb kaaasMaV ' MsMMU
y.. ij
BllggfaX liutin st'iir" lint! uhin kg MNM "Arwrnfl 7 hird up" he
nnii IJminn jnr morr minify. Ilr aluayx put if.
Iteptlhll- a l
lioin i re
Ig iH-not to.my
ennf'-ten -e of large
Q. 1 tnenn s etnal
Interests? A. Not to my knowledge
W I 1 .1 you and llurrltitnn or Mr
Mellrn nf Hi.- New Vnrk, New Haven
and Hartford rail on any one In the In
terest of tin rtrrmhllrag party in thst
yemrl a No) that i know of,
rj Was iiirre any ronferenee Innklng
to Die nomination of any man on the
ligmocnatl tlcetsi who grovld be suit-
alii,- to the flnnnclal Interests of New
York? t. don't rememlier any.
Wss tiiere liny amount pledged hy
the financial Interests to the Demo
cratic fund" A. Not en far aa I know.
"I asvsr heard of It, If thsrs
was," responded Mr. Morgan, smil
ing "if ws hag thought the elec
tion of a Democrat waa for tha
beet Interests of the country, we
would have contributed to hla cam
paign. Mr. Morgsii said he, never was In
either the office of Harrlman or of the
UnhMI I'aclflo Hallway
U. How often did you talk with Har
rlman f A. Very seldom. I don't remesn
ber any except general conversation
when he came Into the office.
4. Did you tslk over the disposition
of the Administration toward the rail
made or other lntereete? A. Very like
ly; It would he a natural subject.
Q. Did you talk with any one regard
ing the Itapiihllcan nominee? A. Never
except the National Committee. Mr.
'orlelyou was never to my office mors
thsn two or thr-'o times. 1 suppose he
wanted mors monsy.
ij Did he talk about contributions?
A. Very likely.
Q. IV you recsll your talk' A. I go
not. That was hafom 1 talked with Mr.
Hllss. I think Mr. Cortelyou was ihere
when that tfiO.OOO was paid.
Will's Henator Imerene was ques
tioning Mr. Morgan ths latter began to
look Imred. He glanced at his dsugh
ter and son-in-law, as thnuch trying to
send n. wordless measitgs ucro.sa tha
room to them.
Q. Was anything aald as tu the
amount they desired to raise? A.
There wasn't any hint
Q Do you know of uny other funds
which were subscribed to the Itepubll
esna In IM4T A I do not.
Q Do yasj know the amount the He-
publican National Committee was try
ing to ralss? A. I never knew about
It. t didn't know what they wanted.
My Interest was guns when I gave
them my share.
They Tllway Sent Bliam.
.Senator I'gynter Wa Cortolynn present at those Interviews'
Hanher Morgan -I had a great many meetings with Mr. t'ortelyou,
but don't rememlier If be was present when 1 made the I00,(MNI
gift. My relation with Mr. HIImn were of a very close character.
When they nantefl anything they alvrgy aent Mr. Hli to me.
No Record of
$100,000, Says Treasurer
WASinNtJTON, Oat J. Former
Judge DMgH, who, In I km was assistant
treasurer of the Itepubllcsn nstlunal
cninmlttse, In hie exiimlTiallon by the
t'lapp committee to-day, said he knew
of nn contribution by John D. Ar.-.h-bnld,
under that name. Be knew thsre
had bssa 'several ooatrtbntlons of
glOO.OOO saeh and that the Insurance
companies caah had given gso.ooo.
"Did yuu know any rnetubers of Ihe
glandard Oil Company beside .Mr. aroh-
hgM who conn United to the llMil CaBV
patanT" uske I I'halrmau (lnpp.
"I iiiini. ii. ii. lingers oontrlbnted,
hut I do nut know the amount."
Id :
Mr Dueii said Traagurer Bliss
him Unit In "11 Die banlU and most
of the irusl companies In New York
i'iiv ha.i eoo tributes to ttic Republican
natloriHl Phtnpalgn fttttdl In Iras fewer
"f tin n conn Ibuteil, urul In I'm I still
Judge DUgll said Ihe Harrlman con
trllcil. ..n ii.n ralaed for the stair cum
inlttee. gfter he and Mr. Hllss had de
cided that ing national committee need
ed no further funds. Contribution! in
1!ji w.ae collected in Bi T. Btotaabury,
(Pouters With Priendi To
Night in J Then (iocs to
Wwhington to Testify.
The Bui) MoO M la Ht hg at iat,M
Hay lletuining from his 10 Oilri-mlle
agmpglgn hs sxpressed himself as
feeling In 'he best of health out of
sight. He's kepi out of sight all dsy
and Is tsklng the rest cure after the
strenuous tour
'lbs sr lustun nf t'ol. Roosevelt will
not last long. lis will plungs Into
the thick of tha fray again to-ntght.
He has arranged for a dinner and a
conference with nig leaders In thle city.
Q It was ours to give and theirs
tu aek- A That was It
U foill lolnl ailba ul't'oli In Ip.Bk was
rsi.usc A tree, both per'efeTMVlIf snd foi
in;, firm.
8enatoi Paynter resumed u.ieetioning
W DM you remonstrate that you had
prevlouah given flllMJhO when they
askiil for the additional ' A. No,
they knew It. 1 thought It waa pretty
y. Weren't you surprised that after
making the IIUO.OOO donation they want
od eflO.OOO more? A. 1 had gruwn accus
tomed to II.
Q. Were tluty pleased at the IW.OOn
addltloitul? A. (Iratltmle was rsther
Hrnator Painter and Morgan lansThexl
togs-tlter jovlslly.
W. You say you contributed for the
gnod of the country. Didn't yuu expert
some in-unfit'1 A. Oh, perhapa.
Mr. Morgan aahl he never talked with
anyhndv or asked any one aboug aub
ecrlpllons.. "They wanted more money. I e. -d:
) la all I could give,' " said Mor
gan. W Wss It Bliss, Oleii or Corteiyoti
who skel for lt-thls last .' A. 1 think
It canto through Mr- Hllss.
Senator J'irmerene wanted to know
wtiat Ihe "emergency" In New York
Htatc waa that prompted Morgan to
give additional caah.
"More money eeemed to be needed for
carrying New York for the Republican
National ticket." Mr. Morgan explained.
Q. The Democrats had the Ilepirb
fiOBJM worried? A. Perhaps they did.
"fen I go hank tu New York nowT"
asked Mr. Morgan, as aoen aa there was
a waning In the questioning.
"Yea," said Henator t'lapp after a
brief puis,, and glsnce around the
committee tattle.
"You're entitled to your expensee,"
suggested flapp. laughing.
"I guess I don't neeU It." aald Mor
gan, laughing heartily.
Oapp. romersne and Paynter shook
hands cordially with Morgan as he left
the room.
Kx-Judgs Ongrteg TI. Duel!, assistant
treasurer of the Itripuhllcan rarrrpslgn
fund In 1904, waa briefly examined, as
to records of large contributors In that
yesr, after which the Committee ad
journed until to-morrow.
In Philadelphia) Charles CI. Dawes, In
I'hlcago; Ueorge Von fa, Meyer, now
Hecrelary of the Navy, In New Kng
land, and Andrew Mills, In New York.
other contributors he romembered
were: Dr. David Jayne II III former
Ambassador to Oerniany, M.000; White
law Held, Ambassador to (treat lln
tatri. 1I0.(H; I'nlted States Steel Cor
poration, 110,000.
"Waa there ever any refund to Itogera
or Archbold or the Standard Oil Com
pany':" asked Senator l'umerene.
"I never heard of any refuial, and 1
never heard of any receipt," aald the
w itness.
To the "Barrlman fund" Judge
Dnell thought Mr. Harrlman h.a
B.Tvu swv.ww, evnsior oepew, or
csk. a wvauuij aou.iaxj ana air. mor
gaa gSO.OOa H. aid not know the
other eostrlbntora. Be aald he knew
of bo arrangement by which any of
the contributors would have keen kept
by Treasurer Bllsa from the knowl
edge of Chairman Oortelyoa.
Judge Duell sal.t he hail been man
ager of Col, Rooaevelfa preoonven.
Hon empalgn In New York Ihla yeur,
hut hnd luinilled nn funda
Present nt the dinner snd the talk will
be Ueorge Perking, Senator Dixon, W.
II. Mot oh kite. Crank htungey and O. K.
I Davis. The Colonel ggpregged himself
I vesterdav as very much Interestnl li
the Straus campaign.
When later he saw rhalminn riot
Iktag of iha stole Cotuniiiiaa, he evi-
lently heard what he considered ami I
i of Mr Straus At the conl'ev-to-nlght
the ColOnel'g campalkn
be the eutiject ,,f dtaOUgalOA Ki
ea will alao cut a IiIk SgUfe in the
ilellbel-atlohe. Tile lllnlic lutK not gaeil
i Bitting In any too ruat lately, in I
Sfhyg and MaaJM will l.e dlscuaseU lo
nelp along the cause. At midnight the
Colonel iniiHt go on hta way tu Wash
ington, aSh gre he Is u appear before
Ihe Senate Investigating Committee
It Is mora than pruiisble that Roose
velt will lie on the eland ull day, and
some new words may bo coiuud ilurluij
his sxainlnatlon
The piogtuiiime for the present is
to huve the Colonel leave for an
other tour on Monday, ilia Itinerary
wtll Include Illinois. Indiana, Ohio,
Wisconsin and Michigan. These
plans are tentative and may he
changed at to-night's conference.
Another a-page hfagwstas neat Ban
gay. Don't fall to gat It. Order nest
Bandar's World la advance See Tear
sewagaaier to-morrow mora lag.
P R- Nl K K rvi U M 3 E. Y
sWM tpprrri to PtfkHU, Murury
Gaynor Says YV. R. Hearst Is
Real Owner of Property
Complained Of.
Ma OajSJIUff made public to-da the
following letter, which he has sd
d re seed to Police Commissioner Rhlne
lander Waldo:
"Sir: I again call attention to the
houses of Ill-fame at Nos .11. V .117 and
II West Firty-elghth street. Com
plaints continue to be esnt to me with
regard to ttism. Among others an emi
nent Justice or the Supreme Court Iras
recently complained. These placee have
been scandalising the whole neighbor
hood for two yewre or more, so that re
spectable people have to move away
from the ne'ghborhood.
"You will now take the most exgrome
measures to abate these nulsancss. If
necessary you must take proceedings
igslnt tha owner of the property, as
the law preacrlbee. The owner of prop
erty Is given full power by liwtto eje.-t
tenants who use his propsrty for Im
moral pur poses, anil if he does not do so
he Is himself liable under the law.
"The title lo tiiese premise stands In
the name Of Martin . Huberth In the
office of the Register of Deeds since
June 21, 19W. but as I have heretofore
told you orally tho real owner la Wil
liam It. H'jarst. The agBvaygggg to hUn
by Huherth is kept off of record to con
sal ths real owner. Ile&rat lias owiie.l
Ihe properly over three yeurs. namely,
since June 31, ttue. Residents and prop
erty owners In the itelgliborhood have
been Insisting to me for going on two
years that Mr. Hears. 1s the true owner
of the property. To nicer up the gues
tlon. so that the true owner could be
held accountable, Mr. Huberth has been
examined under oath. He testified that
he did not own the premlees but held
them for anotiier. The following ques
tion and answer tiien followed:
la for
In trua
g. Do you onlral telling me who ii
whom you hold these premise,.
" 'A. It Is for a cllen!. William
Randolph Hearst.'
'Ample time lias been given to
alatte the evil In these houses, and
the police must now resort to strin
gent measures. Mr. Huberth gave as
an excuse that the property wn
leased up to Aug. 1 laat. but aa I
have stated the leaponalble person li
the owner. The law rinp.iwera hltn
lo dispossess tenants who permit the
premises to he used for such vicious
puriKisee. Home tensnts of thst kind
1 have been recently removed owing to
I police action and the complaints nf
' clergymen with churches In the vicin
ity and others. Hut do not relax po
' lire vigilance. Very truly yours,
"W. .1. ilAYNOR. Mayor."
Clarence J S.iearn. counsel for Wlll
I lam ltaudolpii Heart, aa aunn aa I
I was BCUUetnted with the contents of
Mayor oaynofg letter regarding me
Hearst nransrtv in West fifty-eighth
Street, Issued a s-,tnient Which was
effi t a general denial of the Mayor's
latter, Ha aald thst Mr. Hubsrtn 'is
llBpoggeaaad nil the iibjjeitloiiable tea
anta tti the house complained of as B0)1
aa there was any objection to then,
and that the police Inspector of the d
trlct had Investigated trie tuoroughm
nt Hi.- house -lcanluK and hsd reported
In the Commissioner In Writing lhat all
bad conditions In them had been elim
inated The Paullst Father! imd otherg
In the nvlghoot iioold sTOUld certify that
sine,- Mr. Hilb.it Ui cgjeoetlod trie leg at
and touk charge himself there had been
no ground for criticism or the tenants
nl any of the houses, M ' S.-iearn said.
i "lie:t-apeake and Ohio PliHI R
Pine Hotfl foi VVhiU Sul
phur Springs.
T i. i '.tesape ifce and Ohio Hatiroad :
planning tu ahead mure than ll.onO.OTiO In
the construction of a hotel and other
Improvements a . white rlulpiiur Sprltta.
Vii . in vol din lo dlsp.ttchea to-day
PrOHB Hut Springs.
Frank Trumbull, Ohalrmgn of the
Hoard of Director., and i.eorge
ste..t., thu president together with
Theodore i Bhonta, a or. ami
Harry S. Ula.-k. made an ea tiiiiatlon
Ot Ihe prnpeis owned by the railroad
in ant around White Sulpiiur Hprluga
last week.
The company owai Myen.thouaaad
aire trhol there, and now has an oi 1
hotel on the property. The plana for the
new stricture Include all the latest Im
provements, both for tho hotel and the
grounds and places of amusement.
White Hulphur Uprlnge In the days
before the war was one of the moot ex-
luslve anil widely known of Southern I
reeort. After the war It. glorl.g faded
Old Hearst Leiden Ire Favor
ing. Sulzer and Convention
Takes a Recess
ISMu ....I t f. ....... ..I....
iii i i iii,. -, , .' " .
IfMch met ul Arlington Hall In ft.
Marks niaee. ihls aftarnoM In nominate
h Slate tlehet, found !tef In n enurl
aa soon as
I ii del, .jute, h HSf-nihle!.
It had to-en SUppeeed that the conven
tion was to Indorse Oaeaf I Straus, the
Hill: Moose i s it'll. late, who has been
much landed In Mr. Hearst's news
papers Soon a'ur 'lie delearsles smt to talk
ing before the) a e-e called to order
pet sona who gauaUy spreail the per
sonal views and wishes 'of -Mr. Hearst
In Indeperalen. 1 larague conventions
began to circulate arguments aaalnsi
the nomination of 'Mr. Straus, saying
that Mr. Strauss had never distin
guished himself by sympathy or ap
proval for Independence league doc
trines, whereas William Sulser, nomi
nated by the Democrats, hail alwave
been an eager advocate of Hearst do -trlnea
u ml had done everything for the
Independence League which he iviuld
do consistently with his loyalty to the
Democratic organization.
The convention therefore contetided
Itself hy electing former AaaemMyman
lames A. Allen its temporary chairman
and .lames A. Donegan as temporary
secretary and adjourning until o'clock
to-night to talk thlnga over before en
terlng on a dertnlte programme.
Jude Lose No Time In Siurting
Trial of Labor Leaders Ac
cused of Conspiracy.
IMITtlsOTAirOlf sTt. Ind., Oct. a -The
jury to try the forty-cUrht labor leaders
uccueed as dynamite conspirators was
completed Ihls afternoon.
The twelve men eelecled are Sam
uel Morrison, North Vernon: James N.
Smith. Winchester; Seneca Chambers,
Anderson; Willlem Jackson, rlreen-
castle: Marion K. Dohbtns. Maxwell,
Frank Dare, New Lisbon, Jo I Thom
as, Jamestown: Allen . pan Id ing.
Sharpville; Martin P. Davis. Forest; T.
D. llrookshlre, Koarhdale, Frank Hut
tott, Nebraska, Jesse D. Ilargut, llldg
vllle. .Iinlge Anderson onlereil the prosecu
tion to begin. District-Attorney MUlr:
Immediately tieitari his opening address.
Fi IlKT Ft A 'K--Three-yea r-ol.
mile.--Star Jaaamlne. 10 (By I
to 5, 4 to & and 2 to K. flret ; Hreaker
Buy. 112 i Hut-well), B to even and I
to i, aeitond : Kind Sir. 110 IMSUUtlln.
ger), 10 to 1, 4 tu 1 and 11 to 1, third.
Time. 1.41. Con C'urran. .Monsieur X..
Camellia. Hubicou II., Sit1 Denrah,
l.ucky Oeorge and Sir Olles also ran.
BWOOrTD H.UIR Steeplechase; threc-year-olds
ami upward; selling: about
two mllag Islgle Flat, VS tBteveneiin).
16 to & and out, first; Shannon ltlver,
UT lAUetil, 13 to ii, even and out, sec
ond; San Angelo, 113 Love). 6 to 1, 2 to
I and out, third. Time, &.04 4-.. Scholar,
Abaconder alao ran.
Third Hace. dlandloap: all agsa ; six
furlunga Yankee Notions, IB (Karric-ki,
It to 6. even, 1 to 1, first; Lahore, 114
(Kutwell), X to 1. 6 to 2, 4 to 5, second,
dlr John Johnson, 124 (Schuttlnger), 2 to
1. 4 to i , ' to :. third. Time, 1 12 3-5.
Light o1 My Life, lllght Kssy. Carlton
;. also ran
I, The entriea fur to-morrow's races
ate as followa:
I HIST KM g Ts.e.es: . id sutMUus: . -..
f'.i" ixjndltl'Kii: fl.e snd a limit fuilongs, Sand
Uo. llli t it,.!,, mi- -miner ni; arewgiow,
ill. llkt Hloi'k. Ill IleaUr 17700.. Ill; Am
iwc. 114. T.n PdUit, 114; ' He 114. It u.
if Kt. Ill loin. III.
HCtjOXiJ gAClB Teo-rsar slsn Bsgae: m'-i
It'll, the fur..,:., jm. Us); " I nl
m inn. Anrlflr, 11X1: l..w.--l lnfi loll.
Hi., rait-. Uric ICS. Utile III. i. ION. - ..:
Ur 111: Chtaniss IJI. Maateil. 111. i..
IA.v.1 lit; nil
' 14
-.111111. K UK
tio, .ii.'el it i.ins;
iJini rsifrr-. nn
Hlus, IM ; -It -i,
ms'. 107; Hun-il
Tin. i-ysar eld maiclrtu; jui s.
i.e nitle. etitMamliUti, lu7
llrh- IIUUUH. II. 1117 ; 1 K'ls
nn. P7uei IMi ii".r
Uuian. 110; I'.iu. Asliert.ai
Oil'. Ill
avnui ftier. in
..iirtii It m sV x iifes-Taar-ekh ami
1 . o Itiisi - ni. tit. ..ii-; nai lull'- liutin, t7 ;
lil'i Kt t 10S; itr Pneaaer, iu.; Ait.ustii..
lot. eetaKi". IflBi Hitaai .tasted, los. Mr Joaa
JulilU'in. Illh.
KU'i'it gACK -iiusM-'eir .iid. nisi upward I
tiiir... s,vsi; iionotUons; sis farlong., 'he roil
vile' iou 'Moutislin. IOsj Psllsst, 104 ti .
r.-urt, 10. l-dv slibll. 10T: Wei, 107: K .
K. 107: '-III.. Uruiav, lot: tlaaatr, ie T
t t Kl.l-I. los. M'Ntlii.. lie: wen tie. M
kii in Msb OTeaasu, 1ft Magtalii.
MXTII RACE n,r v ! . i. ml
utirw WOO: aellln. ass nils nn I
'yt.siks'. I4. fitliitlf. lid. My ...
hen Turner. II.'J; ll I' Iliutsr, t(H: II j
law, M-; utalie. l. : Orsolt, "7. Ml imI v
I la iOll MHIv Vsmlervrer 1011
ABSrsetJes aU.iiic. Trash rest.
isi-- :-.
Ordinary tluslinjr acgttgfg but
dOH not remove dust and gpnn.
Um 0Mwcloth deUSMOM Willi
tepid water tu which a little
has tar-en added. Sweep with a
broom dampened in the same way.
' cngt." TO.. STtm VgU SX "
win i n iii nn niini
- - - - ' av ssr-sas-
a rrrn ifriniti mi
flFTf-B YFflB N A
nl ILI i Lni ill JrilL
(Continued from Ptril fage,)
elder Mr. DgPIPPgUg and hid aott.
I It. lievercaux 1r. Little oonlil be dot
lor Mrs. I tvei eatit. who w:n uneon
getatlg DSOstl of tne time, and the nure, I
. , - ' L ..t . , . I
iiau nmitv nam siotie vun ro,.
woman In her room.
' days after the nnraa'd arrtal
Mrs. Deveroairx died, Helen Watson at
om-e packed up her tielonKiints and left.
In iht-ir grief Mr Dgiafaglll and hlg nog
did not glvo muih attention lo tho stair
of things In the dead woman's room.
When they heard of the arrest of Helen
Watson It ey were Informed that the
young nurse hud dlspluyod dresaes and
Jewell- worth H.fsW to friends after leav
InaT toe Devetea'ts home. Theae, she
hsd said, weie tin- dying woman a gifts,
It occurred to young Mr, Devereairx
that his mother, unconscious for Hie
most pert toward the end. could not
have adven the valuables to her nurse,
of whose presence. In fa' t. she was
probably never aware. He then got a
warrant for her arrest, but the other
rhai-gee on which
she was sentenced
took preeedenoa,
When she was at reigned In Mount
Vernon to-day. Judge Piatt nsslaned
Lawyer Maurice Zuckert to represent
her. She will he Fenrenced to-morrow.
strike Aaalnat Auto I'rueks.
CIIICAOO, Oct. II. A strike that may
eventually determine the attitude of
teamstera In thla city loward the auto
truck was ttrxun to-day when thirty
dtivera of the Chicago Consolidated
llottllng Company refused to take out
their teams. The company recently
purchased six suto truck-. t'nlnn
ottlclals declnre they want the aork of
the truoks restricted to the work for
merly performed by one team.
Small 1 ul 1 brc.
(From the Il.Khan Ale I Eagle I
It Is perteclly natural for old time ed
itors to fall out and cnll names, but
here of late years. It Is a little uncom
mon. But thla. fium the Valdosla
Times, would sei ve to remind one of the
old dnys:
When the Lord got through maklns
the tiniest of living creatures he used
the scraps tn making what "blew Into"
Quitman recently to edit a paper there."
That man muat he of a small calibre.
Windows Down
The Slimmer blessing of
"open windows" has left an
accumulation of dust, dirt
and insects (and possibly disease
germs) in your house.
You can get rid of all these
by a little house-cleaning with
I Power-
At Drue. Deei. sad
Grocery Stores
25.. go, JM
trial alas, Oc)
Weat Disinfecting Company
f. L-AZScesttls CM ssikwg gsJhsM gtliliBiil
REOPEN soon with
a store entirely new
and original in policy
and method.
31st St., at Sixth Ave.
J afaaa rBMaW Bad
ful, yet
to Use
aaaaaaaal aaaaaaaV
Suerlal lor Thnrsday. the 3d
Assoitt KD CK J KKAM ,
I 'KAMKLSl UBc. mine. 1 (l(
Thursday's Oileriao
111)1 OI..1TKNI Me. valoe
elsriehere. I'OI Vl ItOX
l urk Bow and ( iii'Handt street etorrs
All .no stores upea aaturilar
Milk Chocolate Covered
Canton Ginger
A dtliciotii - fi.''- i rtir t j nffrlng.
of dw crop ( ' lit.-11 ) iogtr.
Dtlroljr covrt4 with mr amoui
piant warn MUiv CtiocoUU.
. . e nil vr-n niuni
if i v ul uihiui
:".ni nLU rimrL
. . - -
' Festered and Very Sore. Itched anrJ
3urnpd Co,,IH HirHl
Also Had Sores on Legs. Cuti-
cura Soap and Ointment Cured.
64 White It ( Isrk St. , Saratoga I
N Y. "I had plmplos all over my faoe.
They were very red at first, then they
festered and came to a head.
They were very ac.end Itched
and burned so I could hardly
..I e, ' i.
sleep. My face was so had at
one time f could not go eas
any place. I also bad very
had sores on my legs. I oould
not even wear my rtorUaga
thry Itched eo. Nothing did
one hit of good till I eec
a fke sample of C'utri-ura Soap and
mere I not some more and only used
one week and tbey completely cured ras."
(Signed) Miss Prances Higgle, Mar. 34. 1MB,
licit .t Scalp. Rath Ail Over Head.
21 WcYdon St.. Brooklyn, K. Y.- "I wag
troubled with an Itching and Irritated sraJp
which caused the hair to fall out In bunches.
There waa , rash all ovor my head. Without
any relief 1 used hslr tonics, shampooing aag
I massaging and electric treatment for weeks.
Then I ns.il tho Cutlcura So..p and OtnU
inert . six tAoos In three weeks I used this
treatment and. my scalp waa entirely curaaV'l
(Signed) Mrs. '.vruger. Dor. 11, 1011.
Cutlcura Sooj' and Cutlcura Ointment art
enld throughout, the world. A single set la
often sunt, lent Liberal sample of each
mailed free, with f12-p. Skin Itook. Address
poet-card "Cutlcnra. Dept. T, Pnoton."
as-Tender-fsywl nsen should uas Cut
loap Shaving Stick,. 2Ac. Sample free.
Good, Stylish
F Men,
Women Children
Our now Fall line rcioth
Ing la without doubt the meet
lnterentlnK we have, ever shown.
There la n much wider selev
tlnn than ever before, ajid the
garments have a muoh more
enappy atyle to them. Our
prices too are Interesting. They
nre positively 1-3 lesa than what
you would pay elsewhere.
Clothe made to
same low pricee.
Diamondg, Watch
Jewelry. eaese Teresa.
2274 3d Av. 17 w. 14th St
bet. liCSd A liMlh I bet. nth A Oth Ave.
orF nraTX t P. M.
Why pay room rent or tent a fur
nislicil flat when you can have a cogy
home of your own?
'1.00 WEEKLY
X Opens an Account
$3.00 Down on $50
$5.00 Down on $75 -
$7.50 Down on $100
Thla Hsalen Leather Teach, bsailtl-
folly fcisvlled guartired uak fritue, srttn claV
Hnitsnr eeeatrtietloai full
I bill niled rrfiilitrlr Ii at
Special Thla Week. 915.88
107-109 WEST 125 I II ST.
Open Mondial- mul Naiurilar Kventiura.
CLEAN IN G" 353 Weil 54tli$t.
in. um MArUIUKRlTD, lielnvsd .laugh-
vi jeiui i niiu Msrsuerito ajAasa
mi IK e ul 1 .... . i
1 avail, Ireland,
ruiicr.il l '. t. 4, 10 1
I, J F
her lulu residence. Jalll
Another 94-page Magaxtns neat gan-day-
Don't tail to get it. Order neat
nnday'a World In advance. See roar
newsdealer to-murrosv luuralng.
(Trade Mark.l
Special lor Friday, ihe 4th
ai iim i ri.i) rut ii TAiu.Krsi
IIK-. taloe. lAs
I'oi mi mix JVC
I Mill (II All (DM Kill i 111 M
I'Krl'KIIHIM l,; our ri solar
itr- aoods. rot mi ho
iipeo every evenlns until II a'elaah.
eveiiliuc unlll II elnek.
LV . ''ARK ROW 4, HbSSfd
ii ,
r Lo.7 si i a KVSfft ) !
ilit in rich liiiuii-ei " I
Tti tut ifie.l
in. tin;
: i 1

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